your practice, your teaching and your connection.
This is your private invitation to

A Classical Pilates mentorship with Lesley Logan

Five weekends of training!

Learn all the exercises as taught to me by Jay Grimes and how to teach them confidently.

Be ready to grow…




You’ll gain confidence in both teaching Pilates and doing Pilates.



Deepen your understanding of the Classical method and how to apply it in the real world.



Erase fear of client boredom and know how to progress yourself and your clients.

Make Pilates accessible to all bodies!


(But it doesn’t have to be this way.)

I feel like an imposter.

I’m not confident teaching all of the exercises I know… am I really an authority on this anyway?

I don't know how to progress my clients.

I’m afraid my clients will get bored and I’ll lose them, so we progress too quickly.

I'm feeling stuck!

In order to become known or teach workshops someone else needs to give me permission.

I can't practice what I learn in workshops.

I keep taking workshops to learn more exercises but I don’t have a setting to practice these in my own body.

I'm so frustrated.

I feel like I’ve spent so much time and money to learn Pilates and I still don’t quite get it.

I thought it would be more fun.

I have become my own harshest critic. If it’s not perfect, it isn’t good enough.

It’s time to eLevate your practice, your teaching, your connection, your confidence.

Lesley Logan of Profitable Pilates

Lesley Logan, founder of OnlinePilatesClasses.com


When I chose my first Pilates program I didn’t know there were different styles/forms of Pilates. I was made to feel as though I had to follow a script and I wasn’t taught to think on my feet.

I also felt like if I couldn’t do an exercise I couldn’t teach it. So I signed up for a 2nd program to gain a better understanding of what it meant to “teach.”

Still, something was missing. I ended up in a 3rd program with Jay Grimes (he studied with Joseph Pilates) and finally I felt like I understood. I understood what Joe wanted… I understood the patience and grace that is in the practice. And the incredible creativity of his method, meeting our clients and ourselves where we are.

Ever since, I have been on a mission to help teachers understand this – and hopefully for way less money, tears and frustration!




Get the why behind the what.


Break it down, reintegrate over 9 months


Mat, Cadillac, chairs, barrels, reformer, accessories…

Learn every exercise that Joseph Pilates taught Jay Grimes that he passed to me


From me and your eLevate partners in a safe, private space


Learn to see what a body needs to connect well. Move your clients forward.



Endless opportunities!

Support your clients’ needs with confidence in what you already know. No longer feel like you are going through the motions.

Inspired teaching

Use your new understanding of the method. You don’t have to take program after program to be “good enough.”

Ease in programming

Goodbye imposter syndrome! Program on the fly and get time back in between teaching clients.


Discover pride

See yourself as the authority. Take confidence in listening to your gut making decisions.




I’ve done a Master Program with Amy Taylor Alpers, Rachel Taylor Seigel, done The Work with Jay Grimes and Sandy Shimoda. I’ve taught workshops for Balanced Body, Best of Pilates tour, called “The Bridge” by Balanced Body’s team when it comes to teaching teachers the Classical Method.

I’ve taught more than 60 workshops around the world to teachers in Poland, the UK, Brazil, Cambodia, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and all over the US. I was the lead teacher trainer for Equinox for 5 years, have trained hundreds of people to become Pilates teachers and thousands of people on how to do Pilates.

xx~Lesley Logan


A nine month advanced Pilates educational program for teachers only, virtually hosted by Lesley Logan, including 5 weekends of training, teaching partners, homework, assessments, weekly live Q&A, and ongoing feedback on your practice and teaching.

There are a max of 12 spots, so don’t wait!


  • Kickoff call before the training
  • 60 hours of virtual training across 5 weekends
  • 6 weeks between each weekend training to digest what you learned
  • Access to each weekend for 6 weeks (until the next training)
  • 5 Assessment calls with Lesley to review your teaching progress
  • A private Slack group (with early access) to turn in homework, connect with the group and ask questions
  • Bi-Weekly Live Zoom calls answering your questions (replays available)
  • A 1-on-1 graduation call with Lesley
  • A certificate of graduation
  • CECs for the training hours you attend live

Note: All Assessments must be completed to “graduate” or “complete the program”


Not Included

  • Training Manuals (see FAQ for explanation)
  • OPC membership
  • Private sessions
  • Biz coaching



(additional expense)
  • Lifetime access to all recordings – opportunity to purchase at the conclusion of the program
  • Private sessions
  • In-person workshop weekend attendance (limited spots available each workshop weekend)


We know investing in yourself can be scary (we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on ourselves over the years.) And maybe you’ve spent time and money in the past on other events without seeing the results you wanted. This won’t be like that, let me assure you.

These 5 weekends, if we offered them individually, would cost $14,920… but by creating a group setting I can host it for far less.

By taking me up on this offer you’ll avoid having to deal with…

Multiple Programs

Avoid taking yet another program that teaches you choreography but not an understanding on how to feel and be the expert you are.

Hours of Research

Skip having to sift through the thousands of tutorials out there. Even though you can see how the exercise works you’ll still feel like you don’t know how its all connected.


Years of Time

Other programs could take you years to complete, and you’d have to travel to be in the room. You have to test into them, and test out of them…

I want to make this a no brainer for you! I know there are so many workshops, programs, and decisions to make. I’m creating a mentorship that is affordable and has as much coaching with me you want!



Replay of Saturday’s Workout & Happy Hour Hangout

Here’s the replay of our quick movement session and happy hour hangout where we talked all about eLevate. If you have any questions about the program, the payments, or what you take away from it, you can chat to us here.


  • I’ve been to training programs before, how is this any different?
  • I don’t have the TIME to set aside 5 weekends next year.
  • I wish I had the money to do this…
  • I’m just not ready for this with my teaching yet…

I promise you – you’ve never been to an advanced teacher training like this before. My background of programs and teachers put me in a unique position to pass along Classical Pilates to you.

The weekend trainings will be recorded and you’ll have access to the replays until the next module. So whether you truly can’t make it or you are just on an opposite time zone, we’ve got you covered.

Remember, you would spend many, many times this to get this information and learn how it feels in your body. This program will change your teaching game like no other.

Feel like you’ve not been teaching long enough yet? Don’t worry, that just means you get to avoid bad habits for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reserving Your Spot

Here's why we have an interest form and fee

We know applications can be scary, but this interest form is easy! Our interest form is a few questions to ensure that we put the right 12 people in a group together. And it makes sure that everyone who is interested has seen all that eLevate entails.

We have an interest form fee because if you are not one of the 12 invited into the program, you will get feedback directly from Lesley about why, as well as suggestions for how to prepare for when the doors open for our next eLevate. For those invited to eLevate, the application fee goes towards the eLevate program balance.

How do I guarantee I get a spot?

All candidates will need to go through the application process. After that you will need to pay the deposit to secure your spot.

Omg I can't this year. Maybe I'll wait until next time... will you be doing another one?

This is only going to happen once a year… And as much as I love this program, I can’t guarantee I will host another program in 2025, so don’t wait!

If you are 1000% sure that you can’t join us and you want to know about future eLevate programs, join the waiting list here.


General Overview

What can I expect during the 9 months?

We’ll be going over all the exercises based on the equipment assigned to that weekend. But my goal is to give you time to feel it in your body, see it in others (that’s why virtual is so amazing because you can watch and do as you wish) and time each weekend to teach what you’re learning.

See our timeline outlined on this page above to understand the program flow.


Are the 5 weekend trainings virtual or in-person?

Virtual! Woohoo! No need to travel to make this work! NOTE: All Workshop Weekends are 3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

(If during the program you want to attend a Workshop Weekend in-person, you may submit a request to. A request form will be provided. This is 100% Optional and seats each weekend are limited. You are responsible for your own travel, housing, food, entertainment before and after the workshop hours. All related costs are at your own expense.)

Do I have to attend each weekend live?

I’d love for you to attend live. It’s best for you!

The dates and times are picked so you can plan ahead. Because anyone in the world can participate I did keep time zones in mind when scheduling in the middle of the day, however time zones are a thing so you will have access to the recordings until the next training weekend.

Could you tell me more about the CECs?

CECs they can only be given to those who attend live hours for an entire Workshop Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

To give them for those who will miss the live and watch the recording I have to create quizzes (aka pay people on my team) and it makes the whole thing more expensive.

But, if you just attend 1.5 of the weekends live, you’ll have all the CECs you need for 2 years.

Is there a training manual?

There will not be a formal manual. However, you will have access to all the exercise tutorials for free. And, as we go through every exercise you will be able to create the notes that help you remember the exercises and allow you to keep things in a way that helps you grow and learn and come back to. I have found that manuals make it easy to not take the notes you need so that things make sense to you when you review. My best learning was when I studied with Jay Grimes with just a pen and paper.

Again, everyone has different learning styles. From my experience, when you write your own notes, you’ll sound like you. I do not want you to sound like me! You will become the best version of YOUR teaching!

That said, my OPC Flashcard decks are as close to a manual as we will come. Many of my eLevators use these as a study tool.

Do I have to own classical equipment?


You do not need access to classical equipment or to ALL pieces and props of equipment in the moment of the workshops. However, when your partner is practice teaching on you, you will need to have/find access to at least the main pieces (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac or tower, Wunda Chair, barrels). If you can get access to more things great! And well before each weekend you will be given the road map of what equipment is on what day of the training so you can rent a studio or rent the equipment if you want. You won’t need the access for YOU to teach but for your partner to teach them.

Do I need to be Classically trained?

No, as long as you have been teaching this program is designed to bring everyone from any program onto the same page with the method and allow you to understand the Classical method even if you have been Classically trained.

My goal is for this to help teachers feel more confident teaching, understand the freedom in the method, especially a classical method, be in a safe space they can ask these questions, get feedback on their teaching so they have more confidence, and share all the knowledge I have from Jay Grimes that is almost impossible to get nowadays.

In what ways would this masters program differentiate from a comprehensive program?

In some ways it will be similar because I want to make sure I pass along everything I have learned from Jay Grimes and what I know is important for teachers to understand. In other ways it’s not at all because every person being invited will have to be a teacher so they will have gone through a program. And, there will more discussions vs you just sitting there writing notes. There will not be a manual. You will be creating your own version so you can reflect back on it.



What level is the curriculum (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)?

I will not do beginner/intermediate/advanced. But I will teach ‘why’ in the program and help teachers get comfortable with that.


Will all apparatus will be covered?

ALL of them.

You do not need access to ALL pieces and props of equipment in the moment of the workshops. However, when your partner is practice teaching on you, you will need to have/find access to at least the main pieces (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac or tower, Wunda Chair, barrels). If you can get access to more things great! And well before each weekend you will be given the road map of what equipment is on what day of the training so you can rent a studio or rent the equipment if you want. You won’t need the access for YOU to teach but for your partner to teach them.


What is the homework?

My team has created worksheets for you! Following each Workshop Weekend, you will be provided a worksheet to fill out within a few days. You will fill in your worksheet and submit it to me. I will then review it. Don’t worry! It will be very helpful and inspire you to think about how you will progress your partner in their practice.

You mentioned partners?

Yep! Before each weekend (2, 3, 4, 5 and at the end of 9 months) you’ll teach a partner based off of what you’ve learned. I want to see you progress one person over 9 months, so your partner will be who you teach and film for your Assessments. I will pair you with a partner based on time zones.

That said, you can be a body or practice teach ANY of the other members of eLevate! 

What do you mean by "get feedback on your teaching"? Will we record ourselves teaching privates or group class and submit it for review?

Following each Workshop Weekend, you will record an Assessment (parameters will be provided). An Assessment is you teaching your eLevate partner, which you will then submit to me for review. We will jump on a scheduled call and I will talk to you about what I see.


What does the final project consist of?

The final project is just you teaching a final session based on the material you’ve learned in the 5 weekends of training with your partners. An exit interview will follow just like I did with Jay Grimes and I loved this because it was a great time to have one on one with him and for him to tell me what I still needed to work on.

I do not ‘test out’. I don’t love that method because it makes people study for a test.

What are the requirements to "graduate"? I see there's a call.

I don’t like tests or performances. The program requirement is that you must participate in both parts of all 5 Assessments: 1) Submit a video of you teaching your partner and 2) Taking a 20 minute call with me to review your video.

As mentioned, you’ll have to teach someone in the group before each weekend (starting after weekend 1) and then one final teaching session before the end of the program. But it’s all for you and your feedback/learning. I have been in programs where I have to test (perform or memorize) and that isn’t what I want this program to be.

After Program Completion

Would we have lifetime access to recordings?

During the program, the recordings will be available in between weekends. I want to make sure people watch them before we go into the next weekend.

At the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to purchase lifetime access to all recordings.

Will I be considered a Classical teacher after this?

Yes, if you would like to say that you 100% can. However, you can absolutely call yourself a movement professional, a Pilates teacher with a Classical background (add Contemporary if you are trained in it), a master teacher, 3rd generation. The purpose of this program is to elevate your practice, your teaching and your connection to the method.

Would I get the title of "master" instructor? Is this just a level up your teaching?

Yes, we would create a certificate so that you can say you went through a “masters” program. I have done several masters programs myself and what I see is still people trying to be “good enough” to get in and “perfect” at teaching. This causes stress, uncertainty and imposter syndrome.

My goal is that at the end of this not only will you know everything I know but you will feel the freedom and confidence in your practice and in your teaching. That you will trust your gut in your teaching and not worry about people getting bored and feeling like you’re stuck in a box.

Is there an actual certificate besides CECs?

Yes, there will be a graduation certificate!

I literally created this program with you in mind. I am on a mission of “more bodies doing Pilates” and I am not the teacher for every body. You are the only person who can do what you do the way you do it. I want to help you find confidence and your unique voice in this method. I want to pass on everything I know to you so that you can elevate to the teacher you want to be.

I created this because I had to! For too long I have seen teachers hold themselves back because they don’t have the confidence they should in their teaching and practice. And its not your fault! Your first programs can only do so much. There is soo much to learn. But then you get into FB groups, and then you find out more of what you don’t know and then you feel like you’re an imposter. You start to think you have to be perfect. That you have to be trained by someone specific and because you weren’t you are not enough. You are 100% enough and simply need a safe container to get the feedback to help you organize your thoughts, and learn the exercises in a way that allows you to be creative and patient in the process, in the method.

If I had known that there is freedom in the method, if I had known that scripts are not what I need, if I had known that I could be in the process just like my clients – I would have had SO MUCH more fun in my first 8 years of teaching. I wouldn’t have spent thousands of dollars taking sessions from someone who wanted me to teach and look a certain way. I truly believe each one of us is the best teacher for your people. And it’s key for me, for the mission I am on to help you feel confident, see your uniquness and elevate your teaching so that your clients, the ones you have and the ones who don’t know you yet, get to feel seen, get the help only you can provide.

Brad Crowell and Lesley Logan Profitable Pilates


Lesley Logan, a certified Pilates teacher, habits and mindset coach, fell in love with Pilates after her first 100! From side-hustle to full time, she jumped from teacher to manager to running multiple studios. She wrote a book that focused on the business of Pilates, which grew into ProfitablePilates.com and is now a business coaching program called Agency. Later she created OnlinePilatesClasses.com, which includes the first free online catalog of Pilates tutorials. When not in Las Vegas she travels, leading workshops and retreats around the world. Connect with LL on IG @lesley.logan & @profitablepilates

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