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Remote – Part-time Position

As The Crows Fly believes that Pilates makes us better people. The entire purpose of our company is to empower people with the ability to take Pilates. That could be through our online class platform, our podcast, or by helping others further the fitness/Pilates business they operate so they can make more money – thereby increasing the influence they have in their communities. We believe in community over competition. We’re all in this world together, and together we can make it a better place.

We are growing and want to hear from independent, progressive people who believe in equality and change. And who love animals (seriously, our dogs are our kids.)

Job Description

As The Crows Fly is looking for an Executive Assistant to Lesley Logan, the Chief Vision Officer.

The ideal candidate has a passion for helping people achieve their goals, demonstrates excellent judgement and critical thinking skills, possesses deep emotional intelligence, and is highly detail-oriented.

This role involves tactful client-facing interactions, as well as collaboration with a diverse international team, and one-on-one calls with Lesley. The ability to thrive within a dynamic organization is essential, as is the willingness to balance shifting priorities with patience and flexibility.

This position would involve using our company project management tool, chatting with the team in Slack, management of more than one email address due to multiple brands, and the foresight and awareness needed to protect Lesley’s calendar to make sure she has the space she needs to be creative.

A sense of humor is welcome, but not required.

This hourly position requires a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week, working remotely as an independent contractor. Your formal role would be “Executive Assistant” to the Chief Vision Officer.

How you’ll spend your time

  • Coordinating collaborations with external partners like coaches, webinar/podcast guests, or sponsors

  • Assisting members of our business coaching program by answering questions, scheduling calls, etc.

  • Scheduling community events, such as webinars or Pilates workshops

  • Booking travel for CVO, CEO, and possibly for other members on the team

  • Aid in new member onboarding and retention strategies/best practices

  • Assisting the CVO with special ad hoc projects


  • Kindness
  • Self-starter/self-motivation
  • A proactive nature to make sure tasks get done on time
  • Exceptional written communication skills, including the ability to capture a variety of brand voices/tones
  • Experience in complex calendar coordination
  • Experience in booking international travel
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Moderate technical internet skills
  • A minimum of one year of VA experience with positive references
  • Proficiency in a project management software platform (Monday, Trello, Asana, etc.)
Lesley Logan - Author, Mindset Coach, and Fitness Guru in her green jacket against a bright yellow wall

About Lesley Logan, the CVO

Lesley Logan is the co-founder and Chief Vision Officer of As The Crows Fly, alongside her husband, Brad Crowell. She is an author, teacher, speaker, podcaster, ideas machine, and world traveler. She interacts directly with the clients of all three company brands, OnlinePilatesClasses.com, Profitable Pilates (fitness business coaching), and Lesley Logan (her personal brand). Lesley is incredibly motivated and has a passion for more bodies doing Pilates, which is what drives everything she does to connect with those who don’t yet know about Pilates and those who are currently teaching. Read Lesley’s full bio and story here.

About As The Crows Fly

We’ve designed and encourage a culture of creativity, teamwork and progress at As The Crows Fly. We hire the best talent, make sure they have the tools and training they need, and provide them the freedom they need to crush their role. If you are responsible, self motivated, and want to work with others who go above and beyond, you’ll love working and growing with our team.

We approach remote working with the expectation that we will all do what we’ve committed to – considering and supporting the others on the team. We constantly adjust our process to make everything flow, creating efficiency (and fun!)

We welcome everyone and want you to be exactly who you are! As a new, growing company we are creating an inclusive workplace. We encourage everyone on our team to be their true, authentic, whole selves at work as we build a culture that respects people from every nation, race or ethnicity, belief, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, and/or disability. We value you for who you are and for your unique contributions to our team and company.

We have three requirements for joining our team.

  1. That you are awesome to work with,
  2. That you are amazing at your job, and
  3. You laugh out loud!
Lesley Logan - Author, Mindset Coach, and Fitness Guru with her husband Brad Crowell

Perks of the Job

Flexible Work Schedule

Being at your desk doesn’t mean you are being productive. Outside of meetings on your calendar, you work when you work. So take walks, start early, or work late…. Our expectation is that you communicate your schedule with us and  get your job done on time.

Work From Anywhere

We encourage a work from anywhere environment. As long as you have an internet connection, are on time, and get your job done, travel away!

Use Our Travel Agent Platform

Taking a vacation? Get access to our travel agent plaform that shows you hidden rates for locations all over the world.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Free Pilates Classes

We know that Pilates (and movement in general) helps us do life better, and we encourage you to take our online classes for free!

Free Webinars & Courses

Curious about a business topic that we have on ProfitablePilates.com? We encourage our team to constantly be learning. Take our courses for free.

Other Courses & Certifications

Looking at a certification or an online course that applies towards your career? Love it. We’re open to working with you to afford furthering your expertise! Make your case, let’s talk!


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