How to Turn Reading Into an Enjoyable Habit

Ep. 335 with Lesley & Brad

“Tying something emotional that you already enjoy is going to help you [build habits].”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

In today’s recap episode, Lesley and Brad uncover Danny Brassell’s innovative approaches to cultivating a love for reading. From understanding the unique reading levels of every individual to integrating reading into daily activities, discover how to transform reading from a chore into a cherished habit. Get ready to inspire a new generation of avid readers.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Why exposure to diverse materials enhances reading skills and fosters a lifelong love for books.
  • How making reading fun can dramatically increase reading speed and comprehension.
  • Recognize students’ unique reading levels and interests for tailored learning experiences.
  • A free formula to craft compelling, personalized speeches from Danny Brassell.

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Brad Crowell: Making it fun I thought was interesting. He said, yeah, you know, I eavesdrop on my students. I was like, okay. He’s like, yeah, if I hear him talking about cars, I introduce him to a book about cars. You know, if I hear him talking about whatever, sports, I introduce him to a book about sports. He’s like, they’re, they’re only going to read the stuff they’re interested in.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:58
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the enriching convo I had with Danny Brassell in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause us now. Go back and listen to that one and then come back and join us. He’s so fun.

Brad Crowell 1:13
I love this guy.

Lesley Logan 1:13
He’s so fired up.

Brad Crowell 1:14
He’s amazing.

Lesley Logan 1:19
And also I was like, like timing would have it, we’re talking about reading and we’re talking about reading again in March, guys, because we have an amazing guest who is like, literally getting books into schools where they have lower income and less resources. So like, I’m all about reading right now. And I, you all should be, too. And then we just talked to Nick who’s going to teach us how to read. We’ll have him on the show. So you guys have been wanting to retain your reading skills and we are here to talk about reading.

Lesley Logan 1:43
So, today is February 29th and it’s a Leap Year Day.

Brad Crowell 1:47

Lesley Logan 1:48
What? And you know what’s so funny is I feel like I’ve, in my entire life, I’ve never remembered a Leap Year Day before and I’ve

Brad Crowell 1:53
Not really paid attention.

Lesley Logan 1:54
No, but I’m excited for this one.

Brad Crowell 1:56
Oh, good.

Lesley Logan 1:57
I don’t know why. It’s just nice to have a longer month.

Brad Crowell 2:00
It’s great.

Lesley Logan 2:01
I need more time. Thank you, February, for time.

Brad Crowell 2:03
More time.

Lesley Logan 2:04
More time.

Brad Crowell 2:04
Hell yeah.

Lesley Logan 2:05
Thank you.

Brad Crowell 2:06
Here is that extra day in the week.

Lesley Logan 2:08
So let’s talk about why this happens in case you haven’t been in school for a really long time. Or, you know, you were self-leading yourself during school, we use leap years to keep our calendars in sync with the seasons, which I think is bullshit because the seasons are no longer lining up with (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 2:24
No, the seasons have changed.

Lesley Logan 2:25
The seasons have changed. In case you noticed. Okay, our common calendar is actually 1/4 of a day short of a full orbit. Over time that would throw everything off, so that’s why we add an extra day into the shortest month of the year, February, every four years. Keeps us on track. You want to know why I fucking know?

Brad Crowell 2:44
Tell me.

Lesley Logan 2:44
Why is February so fucking short?

Brad Crowell 2:46
Yeah. What’s up with that voice?

Lesley Logan 2:47
Who decided why some months are 30 days and some months are 31 days and only one month is 28 days? (Inaudible) Why didn’t we make several months only 30 so February could be 30?

Brad Crowell 2:58
I mean, then you wouldn’t have that really cool song, 30 days in September…

Lesley Logan 3:03
Do you, did you learn like you do the knuckles? (Inaudible)

Brad Crowell 3:06
I learned them all and I’ve never retained any of it.

Lesley Logan 3:10
September? No, that’s wrong. How? Would you start on the thumb? Or do you start on the first finger?

Brad Crowell 3:17
I don’t have an answer. I don’t know the, I don’t know the answer. I literally look it up every single time.

Lesley Logan 3:21
Well, I also have to say I before E except after C. So there’s just some things that never stuck.

Brad Crowell 3:26
No, that one, I before E except after

Lesley Logan 3:28
But I have to say it after every time I write the word so it’s not sticking. I have to say the mantra. It’s not, the word didn’t stick.

Brad Crowell 3:36
That’s fine.

Lesley Logan 3:36
Okay. So for those who were born today, Brad wrote this.

Brad Crowell 3:40
Sucks to be you. Slash.

Lesley Logan 3:42
But you actually get to pick February 28th or March 1st on your non-birth date years. As if you didn’t know, you could pick your own fucking birth date. Happy birthday to you.

Brad Crowell 3:52
Well, they don’t get one. There’s no Feb 29. So, what are you gonna do?

Brad Crowell 3:53
I, the same thing people on April 15th do, pick a fucking different day. Tax Day. No one likes April 15th. No one does. They pick.

Brad Crowell 3:57
So people change their birthday?

Lesley Logan 3:59
They just do a different day.

Brad Crowell 4:02
Never heard of this.

Lesley Logan 4:03
You know, you can do a different day no matter when your birth date was.

Brad Crowell 4:12
Yeah, mine is December 33rd.

Brad Crowell 4:29
Yeah, go to

Lesley Logan 4:15
No, no. You have to pick an actual date of the year. At any rate, here we go. OPC Summer Camp. We are doing that in June. More information to follow but if you are on the waitlist, you’ll find all information first and probably get some bulk extra bonuses and goodies and discounts.

Lesley Logan 4:32 OPC March Matness, because March Matness starts tomorrow.

Brad Crowell 4:38

Lesley Logan 4:39
And so you can get free mat classes with me.

Brad Crowell 4:42
It was supposed to start today but we just decided to add an extra day in this year, so.

Lesley Logan 4:46
Yeah, we decided. We decided. The world does revolve around the we in this room. So March Matness starts on March 1st, I think, so go to and you will see the first class it’s up there. And if you’re listening to this randomly on a different day, you can still do that and you can still sign up and you can start the challenge whenever you want to.

Brad Crowell 5:08
Yes, you can.

Lesley Logan 5:09
That’s how we do things around here.

Brad Crowell 5:10
Yes, you can.

Lesley Logan 5:11
Be it till you see it. So, also

Brad Crowell 5:14

Lesley Logan 5:14
Also an OPC situation we are still working on those Barrels Flashcards, they are still TBD on when their presale is but if you are on the waitlist for that you are going to get to know when those discounts are. And if you’re noticing a theme with the waitlist, it’s because we reward people on waitlist, so we don’t have to promote stuff publicly.

Brad Crowell 5:33
Do you know what the waitlist is? Anybody? Anybody? Anybody? That’s right. That’s the one. You got this.

Lesley Logan 5:41
You have to figure this out, guys. So anyways, you want to go there to get on it if you are wanting to nerd out about the Barrels Deck and get the best price ever because we will not promote it on social media. We don’t promote it on any other newsletter list. It’s only gonna be on this one.

Brad Crowell 5:55
Yeah, the presale is only going to waitlisters.

Lesley Logan 5:57
Also, we value your time and your inbox. Okay. eLevate round four is really kicked off. Amazing, amazing group, you are missing out 1,000%. So if you want to hear about eLevate five or six or any of those other ones, you want to go to our waitlist for that. You can start, you can go to the site now and you can actually check out what it’s all about and get on a call and see if it’s right for you that we can make sure you save up your money and you schedule the time to really, just a wonderful program that I absolutely love doing. I had the best time and for those who were like, I don’t want to do virtual, you can fly to Vegas for the in-person (inaudible) you can do that.

Brad Crowell 6:30
Yeah, come hang out.

Brad Crowell 6:30
Changed it up.

Lesley Logan 6:32
And lastly, Brad, take us home.

Lesley Logan 6:30
You don’t have to but you can. So it’s super fun. Yeah, you thought you knew what it was didn’t you? Thought you did? But you don’t.

Lesley Logan 6:37
you knew what it was? Didn’t you? Thought you did? But you don’t change it up. And lastly, Brad, hey, get home,

Brad Crowell 6:44
We are going to Cambodia. Actually, we’re really proud of this trip that we’ve created over the years. Obviously, we’ve talked about this before. But I’m just really fired up that this trip this upcoming year is going to be some new stuff added in. Plus, we’re almost sold out. And, we almost sold out because of the waitlist and I’m just really fired up about that we have a great crew, it is going to be a heck of a trip.

Lesley Logan 7:11
I know, Brad’s talking to all of them on the phone already. (Inaudible) met several of you on the tour. So we’re gonna have a blast.

Brad Crowell 7:19
Yeah, it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be amazing. So we’re really, really fired up about that. And there are still just a few spots left. So if you’re interested in that.

Lesley Logan 7:28
Literally just a few, like, no, you can’t even count them all in one hand.

Lesley Logan 7:31

Brad Crowell 7:31
October 6th to 11th, this year, and you can go to

Lesley Logan 7:38
Yeah. All right. Before we talk about Danny, what’s our audience question?

Brad Crowell 7:43
All right, Maria, from Instagram, thank you for this question. She said, Lesley, where do I get a spine corrector like yours?

Lesley Logan 7:50
I know, because it’s hot. It’s so Barbie. So I’ve, I’ve had this hot pink on my window chair forever. And it became available. And my person and Contrology was like, hey, you got this hot pink and you can get on that spine card when it comes out. And she like was holding my invites ready to go. So I was one of the first spine correctors to ever get from the Contrology line.

Brad Crowell 8:18
Lucky you.

Lesley Logan 8:19
Also have a demo center guy. So okay, don’t get, don’t be jealous. But, what does that mean? It means any of the equipment that you see I have, you can actually get one like it, you can get whatever color you want. And we have discount links. So if you’ve never purchased from Balanced Body or Contrology, or it’s been several years, you can use the link. You can also, if you need to do a special order where you want a different color like a hot pink like mine, then you can talk to my salesperson. So what you need to do is just

Brad Crowell 8:46
Chat to us.

Lesley Logan 8:47
Yeah, If you say I want this piece of equipment, my team can just give you the direct link with a discount on there. But if you are going to want to chat with a salesperson (inaudible) special, then just let my team know like I’m gonna want to do a special order and they’ll make sure you have my salesperson’s, I’m not shouting her email on here for y’all to like, bombard her. But she’s amazing. And she is the only person who can give you my discount link. Technically, if you can’t do it on the site. You can’t get it but it’s me. And I got hooked up. It’s me. I don’t know why that

Brad Crowell 9:22
Cause it’s pink…

Lesley Logan 9:23
Yes. Yes. It’s a Lizzo song. Yeah. Yeah. It’s so fun. If you haven’t seen it, go to my Instagram account. I gave it its own real and it’s just she’s beautiful. And I love her. So you should get one too and then you should get ready for the Barrels Cards because I will teach you how to do all the different things you can on it.

Brad Crowell 9:45
All the things.

Lesley Logan 9:46
I have warmed up on it for my workouts every single day since it arrived. So I am obsessed.

Brad Crowell 9:51
I love it. All right, now let’s talk about Danny Brassell. Renowned as the “Jim Carrey with a Ph.D.”, prolific speaker and author of 16 books including ‘Leadership Begins with Motivation,’ Danny shared his insights on the importance of reading, and how he applies these principles to improving communication skills for entrepreneurs and executives. But mostly, y’all, talked about kids.

Lesley Logan 10:16
We talked about so many kids.

Brad Crowell 10:17
This guy is astounding to me.

Lesley Logan 10:20
I know.

Brad Crowell 10:21
Yeah. You know, he does 100 speaking engagements a year?

Lesley Logan 10:24
I know.

Brad Crowell 10:24
That’s, that’s incredible.

Lesley Logan 10:26
It’s insane.

Brad Crowell 10:27
That’s two a week.

Lesley Logan 10:28
Yeah. And then when we’re done, he’s like, how can I help you? And I’m like, I mean, I think that how can I help you like you’re doing the world like the Lord’s work right now.

Brad Crowell 10:37
He has four major projects and one of them is like, helping kids with

Lesley Logan 10:42
We should connect him with Rodney, not Rondney, Rodman.

Brad Crowell 10:45

Lesley Logan 10:46
I think they live close to each other.

Brad Crowell 10:47
Jake. All of them. I mean, yeah, I was just super impressed by him, trying to help change literacy.

Lesley Logan 10:57
Oh, yeah. So he said, people who read more, read better. And his job is to really expose his students to all kinds of ways to love reading. He likes to teach kids why to read and he wants kids to want reading and to choose it on their own. And I think that’s like, really especially

Brad Crowell 11:13
That was the thing that I was like, oh, my God, this is the fucking most obvious thing ever. That he’s like, yeah, you know, they go to elementary school and they learn how, he’s like, but they don’t want to do it. So (inaudible) how do you get them to want to do it? I was like, oh, that’s duh. He’s like, yeah, so I teach kids what to read. I was like, wow. Okay.

Lesley Logan 11:35
Yeah. And he believes like one of the most important things is we have to learn how to make reading fun for you. And I did this earlier this year. I read the best book. And it was so fun. I read it in three days.

Brad Crowell 11:46
Yeah, you slayed that book.

Lesley Logan 11:47
I know I need to get a library card. Not waiting on that so far. But I slayed that book. Because I like, I made it fun. I like, played some music, I sat in my reading chair, you know all the things. And it really, it really, what I realized is that I read really fast because like I can read really fast because I’ve read so thank goodness for being a child who read, but like, I love this because I know that the person I am today is because of the books that I read. And I read books because my mom made sure I read books as a kid like she was so we would (inaudible) the library every week. And we could check out however many the max number of books was, and we went every week. Why? Because the library is free guys. Free. (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 12:30
We did exactly the same, you know, and we had books that we would read as a family, we’d have books that we’d read on our own. And what I thought was really interesting, he said, hey, listen, you know, the I’m sure you all have heard this, the statistics, but you can change your kids’ grades from an F to a C, if they read nine minutes a day. And he said, from a C to an A is not like 47 hours a day. No, they they literally they read 20 minutes a day, 20 minutes a day.

Lesley Logan 13:03
And he also said you don’t have to do it all at once. (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 13:04
Those are the kids that are getting grades. Not only you see, you don’t have to do it all at once. He said it doesn’t matter who’s doing the reading. The parent can read out loud and that counts for the kids. I was like, that’s cool. So yeah, I mean, making it fun, I thought was interesting. He said, yeah, you know, I used to eavesdrop on my students. I was like, okay, he’s like, yeah, if I hear them talking about cars, I introduced them to a book about cars. You know, if I hear them talking about whatever sports, I introduce them to a book about sports. He’s like, they’re only going to read the stuff they’re interested in. So if you can get them into, you know, like, understand what they’re interested in. You can give them material. He said, there are 4 million books written a year in the United States. I didn’t know that. That’s just astounding.

Lesley Logan 13:45
You know what’s so funny? Is that like Brad will say he never reads, okay, he says he’ll never read. Okay, so we’re sitting in Austin at a random restaurant and he overhears something. And he was like, oh, you read that? So, have you heard of this series? Oh, and then Brad shares some of this whole series I’ve never even heard him fucking talk about. Then he talks about a different series and a different series. So the truth is, Brad reads a specific genre of book and this guy was like, so excited and this guy’s sharing Brad with all these different books in that same genre. And so what it is, is that Brad doesn’t just read books outside of that genre, and that’s okay.

Brad Crowell 14:20
No, I don’t actually pick them up and read them. I listen to audio.

Lesley Logan 14:23
Well, guess what? Danny said you could do that, too.

Brad Crowell 14:25
Yes, he did. Yeah, I got excited about that. That was really helpful.

Lesley Logan 14:29
Yeah. So anyways, I’m in. I just think it’s really, really great. And if you missed it, if your kid’s grades suck, get them to read a book they’re interested in and make it fun. You know how my parents made it fun? We can have a gummy worm for every chapter of a book we read. And obviously there’s gonna be like two-page chapters that were like, you know, full on like The Baby-Sitters Club, you know, Nancy Drew, Beverly Cleary. So like, but, we can have a gummy worm and so I would just read a whole book and I got 13 because you don’t want just one. I had 13.

Brad Crowell 15:07
Mom, there 13 chapters in this book, I put a photo at the corner of every single one just to show you so I can prove that I get 13.

Lesley Logan 15:15
No, I didn’t have to do that. But I, she just trust me. But I also like, because no one wants one gummy worm.

Brad Crowell 15:20
No one wants that.

Lesley Logan 15:21
You want, you want all of them.

Brad Crowell 15:22
You can’t just, not just one.

Lesley Logan 15:25
What did you love?

Brad Crowell 15:27
He shared the problem that he saw in most educational systems that we think that every kid is at the same level and he said there actually are different levels of reading and they have different interests. He’s, this is a really cool story, because he talked about a high school kid who is like, clearly the football player who is a stereotype. amazing athlete, not a great student, right? Well, maybe he’s a great student, but not a great reader. Right? So he’s in 12th grade, but he’s literally reading at a first grade level. Right? And he said, he said, the problem is that when you are in 12th grade, the first grade level books are like basically picture books with like four words in them. And he said, that’s embarrassing as hell for a 12th grader to be carrying on school. So how did he, how do you get around that? He said, all right, we’re gonna write a book for first graders. And the guy was like, okay, sure. He’s like, but do you know anything about books that first graders would read? And he’s like, No, he’s like, all right, well, looks like we have to go read some first grade books. In order for us to write a book for first graders. And he’s like, do you see what I did there? I was like, yeah, of course. I mean, that’s, that’s like, that’s like, such a great excuse for this senior to be carrying around a bunch of kids’ books so that when he’s teased about it, because he will be, because kids are dicks, he would be able to say, listen, I’m doing homework for me to write a book.

Lesley Logan 17:01
I want.

Brad Crowell 17:02
I’m so inspired.

Lesley Logan 17:03
I want to I want to shoot this (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 17:06
Obviously a dick.

Lesley Logan 17:07
Kids are dicks.

Brad Crowell 17:08
Kids are dicks.

Lesley Logan 17:09
When you listen to a podcast and they’re kind of like dual income, one kid. It’s like a dink or a dank or something like that. And then she’s like, yeah, like, we used to be a duldo which is like dual income, like, one dog only or something like that like

Brad Crowell 17:29
DINK, dual income no kids.

Lesley Logan 17:32
No kids.

Brad Crowell 17:33
Yeah. Dual income, let’s see, I don’t know, one kid, DISK, dual income single kid. That’s a DISK. SISK, single income single kid.

Lesley Logan 17:46
Yeah. And then there’s like also like dual income like dog only. So that’s a DILDO. And I don’t know why they came to me when you were just saying that. Anyways, you guys, that’s a plug for another podcast (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 18:05
I can’t even come up with that on Google search without coming up with a bunch of garbage. (Inaudible)

Brad Crowell 18:16
Oh, here we go. Here it is. Here it is. We’re no longer DISKs. We’re DILDOs, dual income little dog owners.

Lesley Logan 18:22
Little dog owners.

Brad Crowell 18:26
Oh my gosh.

Lesley Logan 18:27
I love it so much (inaudible). Anyways, but I think it’s, I also just think like

Brad Crowell 18:33
We’re DILBOs.

Lesley Logan 18:37
Large dogs only?

Brad Crowell 18:39
Big dogs. Big dog owners.

Lesley Logan 18:41
Yeah. Large dog owners.

Brad Crowell 18:44

Lesley Logan 18:44
Yeah, no, you just said large dogs.

Brad Crowell 18:46
Oh, we could be large dog owners.

Lesley Logan 18:48
It’s the same acronym. (Inaudible). If you read more, Brad, I’m just kidding.

Brad Crowell 18:54
Get that up to an A?

Lesley Logan 18:55
Yeah, so anyways, I but I do think that’s really cool. I think it is interesting. I remember like, when I was in junior high, we took that reading test and one of my friends was like, a college reading level and I was only a junior, like a junior in high school reading level. I’m in the seventh grade. And I just remember going they’re so much more than me like they’re higher than me. I didn’t as a perfectionist. I wasn’t thinking about the kids who like got hit with you’re-lower-than-your-grade-level. Like how, how depressing is that? And I wonder if the teachers had a like a way around that other than what we have to do take like the grocery store paper bags to cover our books in?

Brad Crowell 19:37
Yeah, well, I mean, you know his conclusion at that whole thing was that you know, teachers, good teachers will basically help you progress to the next level.

Lesley Logan 19:46
Yeah, pay your teachers more.

Brad Crowell 19:47
All right. So let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Danny Brassell? Honestly, I thought this was so genius and you were laughing at the end of it because for the first time ever, we got an action item that said, go watch television.

Lesley Logan 20:09
I know. We’ve never had that before.

Brad Crowell 20:12
I was like, really? And he’s like, yeah, you want to know why the highest reading averages are in the country of Finland? Like yeah, I want to know why he said because they watch the most TV. I was like, okay, and he said, and they have closed captioning turned on. So they’re reading the entire time they’re watching television. I thought that is so fascinating. So go watch television with the captions on, right? And I thought something else like just to throw this in there too. Y’all talked about habit building and tie, tying it to like something that’s emotionally, tying it to something emotional that you already enjoy is going to help you and he said yeah, you know, for me, I actually don’t get out and do enough movement. I don’t walk enough I don’t have enough exercise. So I started walk I started I made myself I only gave myself permission to watch my show when I’m on my treadmill. Right? And I thought that’s pretty cool. So what if you’re on a treadmill while watching your favorite show with the captions on? Way to go.

Lesley Logan 21:21
And if your dog isn’t my own you probably can do that without barking. (Inaudible)

Brad Crowell 21:29
Yeah, well, aside from the treadmill. What’s your biggest takeaway from his Be It Action Items?

Lesley Logan 21:34
Okay, this is really cool. So those of you who are (inaudible) wow, he’s a hundred speeches a year. Oh my God. He actually shared how to create a formula for your speeches. This, you guys

Brad Crowell 21:45
Totally dug this. Totally dug this.

Lesley Logan 21:48
Yeah, get a pen and paper out right now because that’s step one. And also (inaudible) that’s strep one. You don’t want strep one

Brad Crowell 21:55
That’s the D in delta one.

Lesley Logan 21:59
You, so step one, is that but also go get one because this is freaking gold. I think we paid our coaches about $15,000 for this information and he gave it to you all for free. So here it is. He said get a pen and paper. Write down every life story that’s ever happened to you. Not the whole story just like the triggers like he said the example the time I locked myself out of the car in front of Costco or the time dad spilled mustard on his tie at that fancy restaurant. Like, if you are unsure how to do this, you guys, another way to do it is like go through your photos the other day, babe, I came across our first Valentine’s Day.

Brad Crowell 22:33
That’s a genius idea going through photos.

Lesley Logan 22:35
And like, I went through the photos and I was like, where are we? And I was like, oh my God, we were on this hike that has like all this graffiti, it’s like this crazy place. And then I, I actually because of that I wrote an email today that’s going out on Valentine’s Day.

Brad Crowell 22:47
About Nazis?

Lesley Logan 22:52
No. So I hate to tell them about the Nazi part. It was a Nazi sympathizer campground.

Brad Crowell 22:58
Yeah, in the 50’s, in the hills of Los Angeles.

Lesley Logan 23:01
And it’s and by the hills I mean, like the valley the

Brad Crowell 23:05
Yeah. Like, buried away from civilization.

Lesley Logan 23:08
Really, really cool hike and people take spray paint and they spray paint over each other. And it’s like, they’ve like just they graffiti this campground. And because it’s like art, and it’s really cool to do that. And anyways, that’s but beside the point, I came across that I had to write an email for Valentine’s. I’m like what the fuck am I gonna write for Valentine’s Day? But I remember this. And so I told that entire story about how on that day on our first Valentine’s Day, it was a really hike. And then you decided to cook two special recipes. And the first one was amazing. And the second one is

Brad Crowell 23:38
Yes, stuffed, shrimp-stuffed avocado. I remember this.

Lesley Logan 23:40
Yes. Yes. You put it back in the cup and microwaves the whole thing. It was like really beautiful. And then he made this shrimp avocado salad. You’ve seen the theme, but he misread the cayenne pepper amount. And so I shared how we ended up at Whole Foods and prepared food. And then I led that into coming on a retreat. And don’t worry, Brad’s not cooking we haven’t (inaudible). But the point is, is that if you go through your life source and you write them down, just the triggers these little, little captions, like you said, that after an hour, just like an hour, like if you even just like went through your photos, you’d have three to 400 stories with these things. Because like, shit happens to you every day. You guys, the amount of shit we go through every day. Like I just like sometimes, like if someone followed me around, they would never believe what I go through. So then you can associate step two. What’s the teaching point? What’s the learning lesson from the story?

Brad Crowell 24:35
What’s the high level theme? Is it loyalty? Is it friendship? Is it kindness? Is it happenstances and whatever it might be? Leadership, responsibility.

Lesley Logan 24:47
And then you put them in folders in your computer based on the teaching point. And the next time you’re asked to speak anywhere you have, oh, do you want to talk about leadership? I’m gonna tell you this, I’m gonna tell you this and you’ll have a story to tell.

Brad Crowell 24:58
It’s genius.

Lesley Logan 24:59
It’s so genius.

Brad Crowell 25:00
It is so genius especially because you know, you and possibly even me are about to embark on this podcast toward journey where we’re trying to get booked on these other pods to start sharing more about, Be It Till You See It sharing more about some of the other things that we’re working on in our lives. And, you know, the reality is they’re always prompting you well, what are you going to talk about? And you’re like, I don’t know, I’m gonna talk about some things but, it’s gonna be good conversation. Just book me.

Lesley Logan 25:27
Don’t worry. I was homeless three times (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 25:31
So, you know, having this like, out of your, in your bag of tricks is it’s crazy. It’s amazing.

Lesley Logan 25:36
It’s brilliant. It’s amazing. And also like for those who think I have nothing to talk about.

Lesley Logan 25:43
Yeah. Bullshit.

Lesley Logan 25:44
You have so much. (Inaudible)

Brad Crowell 25:46
Yeah, we call it DILDO.

Lesley Logan 25:47
I’m sure Danny doesn’t call it bullshit. I’ve got (inaudible). Anyways, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 25:54
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 25:55
How are you going to use these tips? You got to do it. Danny is amazing. I really want to introduce him to Rodman so we just need to make that happen.

Brad Crowell 26:02
Yeah, we’re gonna do it.

Lesley Logan 26:03
And we are so freaking grateful for you. So make sure you share the Pod because especially this one, a lot of parents can hear it and help their kiddos go from a C to F to a C and a C to an A and read more and have a lot of fun. And tag us on the Gram, send your questions in and until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 26:25
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
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