Ways To Step Into That
New Version Of Yourself

Ep. 386 with Lesley & Brad

“You can take responsibility for the things that go on in your life.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Ready to transform your life? Lesley and Brad recap powerful takeaways from the interview with fitness professionals and motivational speakers Danny-J Johnson and Jill Coleman, co-hosts of The Best Life podcast. Learn how these inspiring women overcame personal hardships to empower others and discover actionable steps to heal past trauma, kill your ego, and become your best self. Plus, get expert tips on using Pilates flashcards in your practice. Tune in for an empowering and educational episode you won’t want to miss!

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How to take action, ownership, and responsibility in your life.
  • Understanding why transformation is a slow, steady process.
  • Jill Coleman’s principle of making decisions as your future self.
  • Insights into freeze responses and how to overcome them.
  • Practical tips on letting go of the ego and embracing personal growth.

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Brad Crowell 0:00
When they made the decision I can control what I can do, that’s what really gave them the power to move on with their own lives. And then, now, today, kick ass and take names. It’s one of those moments when you’re forced to realize that you can’t control what other people think, say and do. That sucks. It’s really, really probably a hard thing. But you’re gonna be better for it.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 1:03
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the liberating convo I had with Danny-J Johnson and Jill Coleman. I think the J is for Johnson.

Brad Crowell 1:14
J is for Johnson. So you just call her Danny-J. Danny-J and Jill Coleman.

Lesley Logan 1:18
In our last episode, if you haven’t yet listened to that interview, go back and listen to it. These women are badass as they’re so fun and they’re doing amazing things. And I just, I like, I love watching their stories all the time. So anyways, you can listen to that now or you can listen to this now and you can listen to that later, it’s fine. You can do whatever order you want. If you’re listening to it in the OPC app, which is free by the way, you can actually just see them lined up with each other, makes it super easy because I’m just gonna say a certain fruit phone does not make it easy to figure out which episode to listen to, in which order because it just automatically downloads the next one and you like are out of order sometimes.

Brad Crowell 1:53
It’s true.

Lesley Logan 1:53
I’m just saying.

Brad Crowell 1:54
That’s true. That’s happened.

Lesley Logan 1:55
So today is June 27th 2024 and it’s PTSD Awareness Day. About this day, on June 27 we talk about PTSD, a complex disorder caused by experiencing or witnessing trauma. The trauma necessary to cause PTSD can originate from many events — potentially an accident, combat, a natural disaster, or an assault — but there are other ways PTSD symptoms can arise. A trained professional must diagnose PTSD, based on symptoms like hypervigilance, mood swings, recurring and involuntary flashbacks to the trauma, and avoidance. The National Center for PTSD declared all of June to be PTSD Awareness month — you can help their campaign by educating yourself and others about the illness, and sharing help with those who might need it. Very important. We have been trying to get my dad some help for his PTSD, which he is like in denial that he has, and we’re like, here are all how (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 2:45
Here are all the symptoms that we’re self-diagnosing you in but yeah, one of them is not sleeping, you know, and all like all sorts of different things like that (inaudible). PTSD is post-traumatic stress disorder. But this is actually something that has been really

Lesley Logan 3:01
But it’s not just for people who’ve been in combat, you can have PTSD from from a car accident, like they said, or an assault or natural disaster.

Brad Crowell 3:08
You can certainly have PTSD from those things as well. You know, any traumatic experience can create that, can create PTSD. The very first movie I ever acted in was about PTSD.

Lesley Logan 3:21

Brad Crowell 3:22

Lesley Logan 3:22
That’s interesting.

Brad Crowell 3:23
Yeah. I was, I was working at a film school and one of the students who was a, becoming a director, did an entire movie about it, and he cast me in one of the parts.

Lesley Logan 3:34
That’s so, it’s so cool. I had no idea you were ever in a movie. I know, a lot of first ones. So, there’s others.

Brad Crowell 3:41
So yeah, there were. One of my really close friends was in the military, multiple tours in the military. And then obviously, like you said, you know, Lesley, Lesley’s dad. So, you know, lots of family and friends.

Lesley Logan 3:55
Yeah, so I think like, it’s really important to make sure that they have the help that they want, they might not be able, it’s really easy. I find like my dad would say like, he didn’t have as bad as other people. So he, so I think it’s really easy for people to compare their own experiences to someone else’s and, and make it smaller, like (inaudible). Yeah. So like, it’s not PTSD, because, I can’t have it because it wasn’t as bad as this person, but you can have it. And I read this amazing book, what happened to you, which also explains like based on how you were raised as an infant, your resiliency levels, and it’s possible that like, you might not have those tools from being so young, that you might have PTSD over on something that someone else who’s sitting right next to you might not have had it on. So like it’s so important to not belittle it or shame yourself, please get help or help someone in your life who has it, like find out the areas in you’re in your communities that can help them.

Brad Crowell 4:52

Lesley Logan 4:53
All right.

Brad Crowell 4:54
Coming up.

Lesley Logan 4:54
Coming up. We’re a little over a month away from leaving for our sixth tour, our Summer Tour powered by Balanced Body. We’re so excited.

Brad Crowell 5:03
That is crazy.

Lesley Logan 5:04
I know. It’s so, it’s great. It’s our sixth tour. It’s our second Summer Tour. It’s our third tour powered by Balanced Body and Contrology. And that allows us to do lots of, lots of cities we probably wouldn’t be able to do and meet some incredible people. So we’re doing 13 cities. Let’s see. Here we go. Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Lincoln, Nebraska, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Ohio, Dayton, Ohio, Indy, Kansas City.

Brad Crowell 5:33
Kansas City.

Lesley Logan 5:34
St. Louis, Colorado Springs.

Brad Crowell 5:36
That’s right.

Lesley Logan 5:37
Way, I did a great job.

Brad Crowell 5:38
Slayed it, slayed it.

Lesley Logan 5:39
I slayed it. I do wonder if I got the St. Louis and Kansas City in the right order. Because but I just don’t actually know.

Brad Crowell 5:45
So actually, St. Louis, I think

Lesley Logan 5:46
Is first I don’t really know (inaudible). You know, the middle of the map is confusing, like Nebraska is more North than I thought. So.

Brad Crowell 5:53
Yeah. St. Louis is east of Kansas City.

Lesley Logan 5:56
Okay, so then that definitely has a (inaudible). Go to opc.me/tour to get your tickets because it is selling really fast. And we are not hitting (inaudible) any of them. We’re not hitting most, most of them again on the winter tour. And our summer tour will not be these cities. So.

Brad Crowell 6:13
Actually, none of these will be on the winter tour.

Lesley Logan 6:14
Oh, we’re not doing St. Louis either. Are we doing Denver? Maybe.

Brad Crowell 6:19
Man, that’s debatable.

Lesley Logan 6:21
That’s debatable. Okay, so just know that it’s possible. We won’t hit any of these cities again, including Las Vegas. Who knows?

Brad Crowell 6:27
That’s true.

Lesley Logan 6:28
Yeah. So OPC.me/tour to get your tickets. Yes, you can come to multiple events do not worry about like, oh, I want to make sure (inaudible), come to ones you want to come to. I mean, some of these are only two hours apart. So like come party with us, come home with the dogs. There’s lots of fun prizes. elevate applications are probably open right now. And the reason I say probably is because at the time of recording we have not picked the dates but they open for two weeks. And I want to say it’s now because I’m pretty sure the following week is when I’m doing the call. So let’s just say they are open. You want to go to lesleylogan.co/elevate, it is my mentorship for Pilates instructors. So if you’re not a Pilates instructor this is gibberish to you. If you are a Pilates instructor, this is a master’s program, mentorship program, it allows us to spend nine months together really diving deep into the method and ditching the imposter syndrome, ditching the over talking, ditching the hours of prepping, and really helping you connect to your practice, connect to your teaching and also this method. So lesleylogan.co/elevate, I can only take 12 people per group. So just so you know, the next one would be 2026.

Brad Crowell 7:28

Lesley Logan 7:29
Yeah. So (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 7:30
This enrollment would be for 2025 kicking off in January. So yeah, so don’t sit on that one. Next up, we got Cambodia. February 2025. We are taking an amazing group of women with us so far. There may be a

Lesley Logan 7:46
A few good men.

Brad Crowell 7:47
There may be a few good men coming with us too. But there are room for that.

Lesley Logan 7:50
You can bring your partners.

Brad Crowell 7:52
Yeah, we actually have a ticket specifically for the experience only for people who are like, hey, Pilates isn’t my thing. But I want to go do the trip. Absolutely. Welcome to join us. Anyway, go to crowsnestretreats.com, crowsnestretreats.com.

Lesley Logan 8:05
If you keep saying I’m going to the next one, I’m gonna go to the next one. Take this one, as we learned from Kel Cal.

Brad Crowell 8:12
Yeah, that’s right.

Lesley Logan 8:13
Tomorrow doesn’t exist, only today does. And so there are future trips don’t exist yet. Just the ones we’ve got planned.

Brad Crowell 8:19
That’s true. That’s true. Very, very true.

Lesley Logan 8:21
Very unlikely.

Brad Crowell 8:22
Why would you come to Cambodia with us? I’ll tell you it is an experience of a lifetime. And I don’t say that as like a, as like a

Lesley Logan 8:32
Every one of our retreaters has, like, I’m gonna come back like it’s

Brad Crowell 8:35
In fact, we’ve had multiple retreaters join us more than one time. It is just an incredible, incredible trip. The people are lovely. The environment is incredible. The jungles, the temples, I’m not even kidding you, it’s The Jungle Book in real life. We literally get to walk around these incredible temples. You know, we’re allowed to walk on them, around them, in them through them. It’s, I, it’s just mind-boggling. We get to eat incredible food. We practice Pilates, we build relationships and friends and fun. We get to go do a lotus farm we get to go like actually on a pond with all these amazing lotus and see the process (inaudible). There’s so many incredible experiences in this trip. It is, I think of all the things that we do, what we do a lot, this is hands down my absolute favorite thing to do. And when we are retired someday, I will still do this.

Lesley Logan 9:30
Yeah, yeah. No, it’s true. It’s part of the retirement plan. So crowsnestretreats.com, crowsnestretreats.com

Brad Crowell 9:38
That’s plural, crowsnestretreats.com.

Lesley Logan 9:41
Yeah. All right. And lastly, in case you didn’t know, all of this happens because of onlinepilatesclasses.com. And if you are not a member yet, we want to know why. But also we want you to try it out.

Brad Crowell 9:53
Yeah, go join us.

Lesley Logan 9:54
Yeah, it’s OPC.me/40 it gives you a 40-day trial for only $1 a day. So 40 days for $40. And why are we doing 40 days? Because the reality is, is that like, it does take time to start something new. And it’s not that it takes 40 days to (inaudible) happen in two days. But also like, we want you to experience two different monthly themes and multiple weekly classes and potentially join us for a live class and get feedback on your form and meet the community. So we want you to be able to have all the amazing experiences because we know that if you do that, you are an OPC life for like so many of our members. So OPC.me/40 for the best, most amazing community in the Pilates world. All right, before we get into Danny-J and Jill Coleman’s episode, do we have an audience, a listener question, Mr. Brad?

Brad Crowell 10:41
We sure do. Today, Tamara Gomez wrote in and she said she’s hesitant to reach out with this question and really tried to figure it out on her own but for a 30-minute Pilates class how many cards would you pick out from your mat Pilates flashcard deck. I’m having a hard time designing the class around the amount of time that I choose.

Lesley Logan 11:05
Yeah. So if you haven’t yet gotten our mat flashcards, you should get them.

Brad Crowell 11:09
Yeah, go to opc.me/flashcards.

Lesley Logan 11:12
Yeah. So here’s the thing. When Joseph Pilates created his mat work, if you did it on your own, and really, even if you’re advanced, it takes you under 30 minutes to do all the cards.

Brad Crowell 11:21
All of it.

Lesley Logan 11:21
All of that.

Brad Crowell 11:22
Yeah. That’s gonna be two exercises in the official.

Lesley Logan 11:24
I had someone reach out to me on YouTube going, can you create a 50-minute beginner workout on the Tower, Wunda Chair, a 50-minute on the reformer and 50-minute on the mat for beginners. I said, no, it’s impossible. There’s not even enough beginner exercises on each one, even if I combined them all together it wouldn’t be 50 minutes. So like, no, without knowing the level of your class, I’m just going to assume they’re all levels. So I’ll have a class. So you probably will take out any of the overhead exercises, just be say, on the safe side. And so you’d be left with about 26-27 cards left, that actually could be 30-minute class right there. And if you just leave them in the order that they’re in, it already has a set of action transition for you. So you don’t have to do any work. You don’t have to like reorder it at all. Now if you wanted to shuffle them, and like treat it like a tarot deck and see what comes next. You totally can there’s nothing wrong with that. But I would say about 20 to 27 cards would be a 30-minute class without a problem.

Brad Crowell 12:19
Yeah. And that’s if you’re not moving quick. Which was why I was laughing. Do you remember the year that we were at momentum fast and all the teachers were doing the close-out? Yeah, well, how many minutes? Did they give you? Five? Ten? Ten minutes. So and.

Lesley Logan 12:33
And people were doing huggy and stretchy and Kumbaya and like all this and like they were you know, just all this stuff. And I was (inaudible), what are you gonna teach? And I was like, well, clearly, I’m gonna do some Pilates because I have it hasn’t happened yet. So I just did the whole order.

Brad Crowell 12:52
In ten minutes.

Lesley Logan 12:52
In ten minutes.

Brad Crowell 12:53
Ten minutes.

Lesley Logan 12:53
I think I did it in less than that, because I’m pretty good at it. We did one rep of everything in under 10 minutes. The whole thing. And that’s when I coined you can crab sooner than you think. And people loved it. And they all crab sooner than they were ready. And also they had done like 14 or 15 events over two days. They were like so sore. They’re like, oh, but also like they all did it. And I was so proud of them. So, anyway, Tamara, I hope that helps.

Brad Crowell 13:17
Great question.

Lesley Logan 13:17
Great question. Thanks for getting the cards also, it really means a lot to me. I love that you use them to class plan. I love that it’s helping you nerd out. And if you have any questions, you guys, about the flashcards you can certainly ask us. You can also go to opc.me/flashcards and you’ll see all of the decks. Our fifth deck is in print as we speak.

Brad Crowell 13:36
Yeah. It’s gonna be released this summer. I guess technically it’s summer. It’ll be released in August or I guess could it be in September? We’ll see how the printer is going. I’m pushing for August.

Lesley Logan 13:48
He’s pushing for August. I’m realistically saying September. I don’t like disappointing people. If you have a question you want us to an swer we can answer anything. It doesn’t have to be Pilates, it can be all the different things, we have different guests on, so feel free to send your questions in.

Brad Crowell 13:59
(Inaudible) ask about all my amazing hats that I wear.

Lesley Logan 14:02
Brad really does change his hats and he hopes you notice.

Brad Crowell 14:05
But if you only watch on YouTube, then you’ll see it. You can DM us on the gram or you can text us at 310-905-5534 to ask your questions. Stick around. We’ll be right back.

Brad Crowell 14:20
Okay, now let’s talk about Danny-J. And Jill Coleman. Danny-J and Jill, co-hosts of The Best Life podcast, began their careers as personal trainers and fitness competitors. They bonded over shared experiences of discovering their husband’s infidelities and their evolving views of fitness and nutrition. They aim to help women feel less alone. embrace change and let go of past identities to become the person they are meant to be. Yeah, and I I knew, I knew that story, (inaudible) but I forgot that story. Yeah, I totally forgot that story and, and listening to them rehash that, the experience of how a how they met and how their podcast came to be, was, was a little bit sad, but also a little bit amazing because it brought the two of them together. And, you know, they’ve been really close friends now for many years because of that. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 15:17
Yeah, I think so I think like, I don’t know, every time we say this, somebody gets mad and goes, I didn’t want my dog to die, that nothing’s good gonna come with that. But like, really, everything does happen for a reason, like, good, like you, there’s, it’s something is going to come out of this new journey that you’re having. So this sucks that they are both cheated on. But they ended up having this new, amazing friendship. And now look, they both have amazing dudes that they are with. So like it all, it all works out, and they probably would not be where they are had it not happen. I really love that they share their story. And I love that Jill said you can’t control what your spouse and other people in your life are doing. But you can always control what you decide to do. And we decide to make of it.

Brad Crowell 16:02
What you decide to do and what you decide to make of it.

Lesley Logan 16:04
Yes. So she went, like, that’s what like Danny-J did by moving to L.A. and that was really, really hard for her to, the hard part of her life, hard time in her life. And so, but she was able to take some action. And then I liked that they talked about like always being focused on moving forward. So taking action, taking ownership and taking responsibility. So like we talked about like, you know why they started their podcast, but where they are today. And that’s part of like, they’re taking action, they’re focused on moving forward, they’re taking ownership and responsibility. It’s not easy to do. Like we make mistakes all the time. And we kind of get embarrassed, but you feel like you can take responsibility for the things that go on in your life and how you can control what you’re gonna do in that situation.

Brad Crowell 16:46
We’ve definitely talked about this before that you can’t control what others think and say and do. You can only control your own actions. And the way that you think, you know, in this case, it was it was really challenging for both Danny-J and for Jill to to empower themselves as their relationships or after their relationships. As they were ending or after their relationships. When they finally realized there’s no change, the guys in the relationship, were not interested in fixing it. And both Danny-J and Jill couldn’t, you have no control over them, right? So you can’t change what they’re going to say and do. Even though you felt like you guys have made a decision together to commit to each other, to do all these things, this is actually really challenging for me, because this is literally what happened to me, too, where I was pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing to fix it. And my ex finally said, I don’t want to fix it, I will not fix it. And that was really shocking for me. Because why did we even do this in the first place? You know, and that was really, really hard for me to wrap my head around, you know, and I, just listening to their stories that made me kind of relive that a little bit in my of my own story and, you know, relate to them a little bit. And when they made the decision, I can control what I can do. That’s what really gave them the power to move on with their own lives. And then now today, kick ass and take names. It’s one of those moments when you’re forced to realize that you can’t control what other people think, say and do. That sucks. It’s really, really probably a hard thing. But you’re going to be better for it.

Lesley Logan 18:22
Yeah, yeah.

Brad Crowell 18:24
One of the things that Danny Jay was talking about, was that transformation actually comes slowly. Sometimes it comes slowly, to the point where you don’t even notice it. This was after the, you know, after the separation with her ex. She said the last couple of years have been challenging for her. She, her mom passed away, she has like some people broke at her house. You know, she.

Lesley Logan 18:51
She was robbed in Mexico twice.

Brad Crowell 18:53
Oh, it was, it was in Mexico. That’s right. Sorry.

Lesley Logan 18:55
I don’t know. And I think she was brought up there (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 18:57
I thought there was one in Vegas?

Lesley Logan 18:58
But there was twice in one week in Mexico.

Brad Crowell 19:00
Yeah. And then she, she actually did have she does have PTSD, from childhood trauma. And, you know, she got stuck in a couple of interesting places to that. So she, you know, she decided to start really tackling that internally. She did ketamine, and she’s done a lot of therapy sessions. And one therapy, one therapist told Danny something that I thought was, was interesting for me, because we’ve all heard of fight or flight, right? Or it’s like the two things like you’re, you’re either running or you’re fighting. Well, there’s a third one that nobody ever talks about. And that’s freezing.

Lesley Logan 19:40
There’s also fawn. There’s a fourth. Fawn, a lot of women will fawn. So fawn

Brad Crowell 19:46

Lesley Logan 19:47

Brad Crowell 19:48
I didn’t even know that.

Lesley Logan 19:48
Yeah, so fawn is like it hap- Megan Fox talks about this when she was abused in a relationship. She was abused and what she did was like fawn which is like it’s okay, you’re okay. Don’t worry, that was my fault, you start to make them feel better and you kind of like, not Damsel, but like you, the way to take control of the situation is to kind of like, it’s not to fight back or do nothing. It’s the play, yes, yeah.

Brad Crowell 20:16
Yeah, this is really hilarious. I was actually going to tell a story about my fight, flight, or I experienced the third one, freeze. When I was camping when I was a kid. I was up in the upstate Pennsylvania, in the, in the woods, like hardcore in the middle of the woods. I was with the scouts and the Scoutmaster said, hey, there are bears here. So, you know, don’t carry around food. Don’t be stupid. If you see a bear, you know, get loud, right? And my friend decided to play a joke on me. I was adamant that I could walk through the campsite without using a flashlight, because I like night vision and being able to see the stars and stuff. And I was coming back down from my tent to the camp to like the big camp area where all the people are. And he snuck out from behind a tree on all fours pretending to be an animal. And I, I found out what I would do now moving forward, I would freeze and do nothing. Because that’s what I did. I was like, like what? You know, and, and so I just looked up, fight, flight, fight, freeze, and fawn. And the examples that they came up with are all about a bear flight, run away from the bear, fight, fight the bear, freeze, play dead, fawn, keep the bear happy. And so I didn’t know that. That’s actually really, really interesting to me. Anyway, Danny-J was talking about the freeze response. And she said her therapist was, basically said, she’s frozen, right? She’s stuck. She’s stuck in this this moment. And so she started doing more therapy and ketamine, and she had started to have some baby steps, which started to loosen things up in her life and allow some forward momentum to happen. And she said she’s really proud of the shift that’s begun to happen in her life, because it also sounds very healing. You know, ultimately, so I think that’s amazing.

Lesley Logan 22:13
Yeah. I just love these ladies. They’re just so great.

Brad Crowell 22:16
Yeah, both incredibly powerful and exuberant, they’re just so fun to be around. They have great energy. Yeah. Love it. Yeah. Also, both of them have incredible minds for business, which is super fun. Because obviously, that’s what I love to nerd out about. So, you know, we’ve, we’ve worked with both, both of them as coaches in our business over the years, and it’s been exciting to take the things that they’re suggesting and have experienced and are doing and incorporate them into the some of the things that we’re doing, too. So, yeah, anyway, stick around.

Brad Crowell 22:53
All right, so finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items, what bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Danny-J and Jill Coleman? Jill was talking about her coaching experience and she starts talking about this as if principle.

Lesley Logan 23:10
I had, by the way, I had not heard of this as if principle till after I named the podcast, Be It Till You See It, and it really is the as if principle.

Brad Crowell 23:17
Yeah. So she has been working with a couple of coaches herself. And one of them, you know, sells millions of dollars a year in sales. And she started to think about this idea of like, what, what would my, you know, what would my coach do in this situation if he was going to make this decision? How would someone who’s making millions of dollars in sales make this decision? Right? And so she began to think I need to make decisions as if I am a millions of dollars business owner, right? Because that’s where I want to be, right? Which is, be it till you see it, y’all. So she said, there’s going to be a gap, however, between where you feel comfortable and where you want to be. And she said, you need to ask yourself, what is my action here? If I were already the person that I’m trying to become what decision would I be making? What’s the way that I can sort of step into that new version of myself, even if I’m still scared, because I am still me today. She suggested to picture the person that you want to be or, or the person that you look up to, that already has accomplished the thing that you’re trying to accomplish or achieve the thing you’re trying to achieve. And then filter your decisions through that lens. So she said also, she’s been making some decisions that scare her, because they’re out of her comfort zone. She hasn’t made decisions like this before. And she said by committing to actions that scare you, you actually force yourself to follow through because you know, if you make a decision and you’re like putting everything on the line, you have no choice now, suddenly, right?

Lesley Logan 24:54
Yeah, it’s kind of like when we even I know she hired more team when we are working with her and it’s like you hired them and you’re paying them do a job so you gotta give them the job to do so it’s full steam ahead even if it scares you because

Brad Crowell 25:06
You better make enough money to pay everyone you know so yeah. Exactly. What about you?

Lesley Logan 25:12
Okay I’ve Danny-J’s she said kill your ego and kill the old version of yourself so you can become the person you’re meant to be. And I’m like this hard.

Brad Crowell 25:20
Kill that ego.

Lesley Logan 25:22
Danny-J’s the hardest to be (inaudible). But she said, because if you cling to your old self, and how people perceive you, it’ll hold you back. And people are gonna try to pull you back with your, into your old identity or be critical of your evolution. This happens. This has happened to me as like, I’ve evolved people like, oh, you’re, you’re not like this anymore. You’re not like this anymore. I’m like, yeah, no, I don’t have the time. I’m not doing that anymore. You know, so I cannot do that anymore. And it’s you know, and then if you’re a people-pleaser, that can be really easy to like, fall back in line, but you got to kill the ego, and kill the old version of yourself. And she said, stop beating yourself up for wanting to change or be different. And I think that’s really, really important. It’s okay if you want to be different. You just got to do the things you can be different. But she said, in order to be different, you have to be different. Which seems obvious, but guess what, you might forget that you can’t just do the same morning routine, same work, same clothes, same friends, and then expect the day to be different, that is the definition of insanity. And she said you have to be able to let go of who you are to become the person you want to be. So go kill your ego, everyone, that is your Be It Action Item from Danny-J.

Brad Crowell 26:30
I love it. Well, I want to know, actually, I want to know how do you kill your ego?

Lesley Logan 26:37
I feel like that is the Ego is the Enemy book. And he kind of repeats himself 17 times so I feel like if you listen to the Cliff’s Notes version of that, you are totally got it. Um, but yeah, I think that or it’s therapy, lots of it, you know, or maybe it’s like, honestly, you might not be giving a fuck about what other people think so it might actually be The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, instead of the Ego is the Enemy.

Brad Crowell 27:04
That’s both great books.

Lesley Logan 27:06
Well, one or both of those books was in If Books Could Kill. And to be honest, I think you just need one sentence from each book. And you’ve got, you’ve got the whole book, so you don’t need to go buy them. You can just like get the Cliff’s Notes, I swear. And that is how you’re gonna kill your ego, I think, but also, I’d really think it’s going to be part of being it until you see it. It’s gonna take kill your ego isn’t me going back to Jill’s and like, what are the things that you’d be doing if you weren’t letting your ego drive you (inaudible) things.

Brad Crowell 27:34
Yeah. And ego creates fear. Ego creates that lack of confidence or the other end of the spectrum, ego creates arrogance, or, you know, short sightedness, blindness, those kinds of things. So, you know, ego covers the whole spectrum. Yeah. All right. Fair enough. All right.

Lesley Logan 27:51
I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 27:52
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 27:53
Thank you so much for listening to this episode. I hope you got out of it as much as we did. I hope you loved Danny-J and Jill Coleman as much as we do. They’re so fabulous. Go listen to The Best Life podcast. And make sure you share this episode with a friend. That’s how the podcast grows. So my big ask of you today is to share this with someone you love or someone who needs to hear it. Please, please, please, pretty please. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 28:14
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us and others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
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