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Ep. 253 with Elle Russ

“Confident people encourage other people’s success.”

Elle Russ

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Elle Russ is a #1 bestselling author, world-renowned thyroid health expert, and master coach. She is the author of Confident As Fu*k and The Paleo Thyroid Solution – a book which has helped thousands of people around the world reclaim their health. Elle has written for Entrepreneur magazine and has been featured in Success, HuffPost, Mind Body Green, Prevention, and more. Elle offers online courses and free masterclasses at
Show Notes

Elle Russ knows firsthand the confusion and heartbreak of thyroid issues. With top experts failing her, she took matters into her own hands. Walk with her through a story of transformation into a thyroid expert, and tireless dedication to helping others find their path to wellness.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How getting your thyroid health in check is key to feeling top-notch.
  • Why do you need to test your thyroid hormone level?
  • Understanding the impact of hormonal imbalances.
  • Six essential thyroid tests to assess thyroid health.
  • The importance of being proactive in checking your lab tests.

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Elle Russ: So when someone comes to me, and they go, I’m hopeless, I’ve been struggling for 10-20 years, I need to adequately tell your audience this right now. There are only two reasons, one of two or both reasons why you are suffering or have suffered for a long time. Number one, you’re dealing with an uninformed doctor that does not know how to test, assess, and treat you to help you. Number two, and this is harsh one, it’s the worst one. You’re uninformed. You don’t know about your disease, and I didn’t either. And that’s why I suffered for two years in my life. And that’s why you’ve suffered for 10 or 20. It can end quickly. You have to learn it.



Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan
All right loves, I’m going to keep this intro short and quick because our episode is full of information to support you and your thyroid. I have Elle Russ back you guys loved her we got so much love from her Confident podcast and we had mentioned that she is an amazing thyroid expert, she has a book, she has of course, she has all these things and so today’s a whole episode is to support you. If you have felt like you were unseen, unheard, when it comes to your thyroid, maybe you’re on thyroid medication and you still don’t feel optimal. So you’re not crazy. You are not, you are absolutely somebody who is looking for information and unfortunately not all of your doctors are as informed, So, this episode is here to arm you with the tools you need, the evidence you might need to go into the doctor or provider that you have to support you on your journey and also all the free and amazing tools that Elle has, she’s got a book, she’s got a course, and she’s got free tools and all that is at the end, so take a listen and let me know how this goes in your body and in your life. Tag the Be It pod and until next time, Be It Till You See It.

All right be it babe, I’m so excited. We actually have a guest back. We had so much love we had so much love pour in for this woman that and at the end of the episode we are gotten into thyroid, we like, didn’t have time to get to that. So we had to bring her back to talk about thyroid as I’m in hypothet, all the things she’s the expert in it. So she’s gonna use all the right words. But Elle Russ will you tell everyone who you are in case is their first time hearing your name on the show? And what you’re rockin at?

Elle Russ 2:19
Yeah, hey, so Well, I’m rocking out a couple of things, life in general. My name is Elle Ross and I am a number one best selling author. The first book I wrote is called the Paleo Thyroid Solution. And I’ve been coaching people all over the world for over a decade and solving thyroid issues. And I also have a really in depth course on it, a free masterclass, which we’ll get into later. And then my second book is competent as F U. C. K. And so that’s why you know, you swear, but whatever, just Yes. And so we talked about confidence and stuff last time, which is great. And something I know you are just such a firecracker inspiration on that side of things too, for people. And then I have more books and more courses coming out. It’s like, you know, endless amounts of, you know, wonderful things. But that’s how I got into it because I suffered and no one could help me and I live in Los Angeles and I went over two dozen endocrinologist and experts and nobody helped me, they misdiagnosed me and they steered me wrong. And so I had to become an on thyroid expert. By the way, I have a philosophy degree. Okay, so you’re talking to someone here who hates math and science. If you ask me what 15% of 70 bucks is I’m like, I don’t know, someone get a calculator. I don’t like it. I was horrible at in school teachers would be like, Oh, you’ll you’ll be sweeping floors at a amusement park if you don’t get math, science, right. And then I write a best selling book on science. So everyone can eff off from grade school on that one, all the teachers. But but but the truth is, is that you don’t you don’t need to be an MD and have organic chemistry salt problem solvability you know, abilities. And you don’t have to, like take the you know, MCAT to be able to understand on a theoretical level how this works. This is actually quite easy. But it’s confusing at first. And there’s so much misinformation out there. So 200 million people in the world have this 2 million plus people 25 million. Yeah, well, it’s gets worse. 25 million plus Americans have it. It used to be like 10 years ago, it was the number one prescription in America. Now the number one prescriptions in America are all based on autoimmune disorders, not a shocker. And so and 60% are undiagnosed. So it’s like there’s so many more people suffering. Now there’s the other situation. And this might be some people listening, you’re on thyroid hormone replacement, but you never felt great. And you will feel right, you can be hypothyroid on thyroid hormone replacement, it means that you are not on the correct amounts or dosages, etc. And I’m going to say one more thing here, which is this, I’ll just go on or I don’t want to lecture the whole time, but the thyroid which is your gland right here in your neck, if you’re a man it’s below your Adam’s apple is a butterfly shaped gland and it is responsible for everything okay? It’s the master gland for a reason. It’s responsible for the production and regulation of all of your sex hormones. So, you’re 30, hormones are off, and your doctor is like, oh, we need to give you progesterone, you have estrogen dominance, bla bla bla – check the fucking thyroid? Okay, that was my first symptom. I started bleeding all the time at age 30. I have perfect gynecological history in my own life and also in all the women in my life, like my family. Yeah. Okay. No one asked the question. Why is she bleeding every two weeks? At 30 years old? They gave me a birth control pill to patch the symptom of the thing they didn’t find the root of. So you have to always check the thyroid. So not only production and regulation of all your sex hormones, which is everything right? Your heart rate high. Yeah, that’s everything, your blood pressure and your body temperature. And so you know, these things are all very important, right? to regulate who we are. We’re not too hot, not too cold. Or too hot, let’s say right. You’re hyperthyroid. But the predominant issue was hypothyroidism, Graves disease and or hyperthyroidism the overactive is less common, okay? And it’s just, it disproportionately affects women, we’re talking one in eight women in their lifetime will have a thyroid issue.

Lesley Logan 6:02
This isn’t safe to say, because I have had many people tell me, they’re getting their thyroid removed. And I’m like, That can’t be like, that’s a big decision. I feel like that’s a big decision to remove it.

Elle Russ 6:14
You want to keep the gland if you can, so the times that it’s okay, so here’s the thing, the times that it is, and people with thyroid cancer would hate that I say this because people with thyroid cancer because they’re always told, Oh, it’s the best cancer to have. If you catch it, you just take off the gland, right? If it spreads too short, but you catch it soon enough. And they’re always like, I’m tired of hearing that it’s the best cancer but technically, it really is. So in the case of thyroid cancer, they just removed the gland, which, which then makes you hypothyroid. And now you have to go on thyroid hormone replacement. The other thing that they do, sometimes they’ll remove half a thyroid. Yep. Okay, that’s probably going to need some help, too. Yeah. All right. And then you also have a situation where people who had uncontrollable hyperthyroidism, okay, which can lead to heart attacks. And if it can’t be controlled through meds, or diet or other things, eventually what they do is they go, you know, what, we have to basically blast your thyroid with radioactive iodine to kind of kill it, again, making you hypothyroid, much safer, okay. But now you are also in my world, now you’re gonna have to be on thyroid hormone replacement for the rest of your life. And you have to be, so if you have your thyroid removed, and let’s say you’re on a so because it’s the master gland in control of all of these things, all right? if you’re on an Australian Island, and you don’t have a thyroid gland, you don’t have your medication, you’re going to be the first one to die.

Lesley Logan 7:28
This is so crazy. This is so because…

Elle Russ 7:31
So what do you think life’s gonna be like? if you have subpar, or you know, really bad levels of thyroid, it’s a slow death. And that’s what it feels like, it’s accelerated glycation and aging, it’s horrible. And then then you have all these things that happen. And Doctor is like, Oh, you got depression (…). And they’re trying to patch this stuff. And so here’s the thing, it’s not just the master for these hormones and the hormone problem, and they do the wrong thing. Now you’re depressed, they go, Well, it’s not your thyroid, because we’re not testing earaches, I don’t know what’s up. And then you go to the therapist, and they’re gonna give you Prozac, it’ll last for three months, and then it will work because you never got to the root of the problem. We have more receptors in our brain for the biologically active hormone than anywhere else, you can treat depression, I have been coaching for 10 years, when anyone starts to get better, because they’re getting more levels of T three, the active hormone, they’ll call me and be like, this should make you happy. And I’m like, yeah, it does. Because you cannot access happiness. When you are hypothyroid. Literally cannot, it does, you, it would mean nothing to say to someone like well try to think of a happy thought. You can’t do it. So again, have you gone to a psych I’ve asked, I asked the head of a LA psychiatric hospital. Hey, dude, before you pit people on, you know, SSRIs and medication, do you check their thyroid? They don’t.

Lesley Logan 8:42
This is and this is I mean, this is definitely something like I for sure, in the States, it’s like, oh, you have these symptoms, let’s fix this problem. But they’re not looking at the root of the problem and going higher up the chain. It’s, it’s kind of like, you know, when someone who wasn’t able to class and the person was saying that their shoulder hurt and the in the front, and the yoga teacher said the problem is in the back and off and he’s like, look, the problem that is causing the where the pain is, is not where the problem is, the pain is just like, Hello, you’re not listened to me for a long time. And so now I’m down here, but the problem is further down the chain or up the chain and we tend to focus on No, My knee hurts I go the knee doctor, I’m bleeding too much. So I go to the gynecologist and we it’s unfortunate that the medical world is so siloed because it would be nice if somebody knew it all.

Elle Russ 9:31
Really you have to find like a DEA or a functional medicine doctor that takes insurance and if not, you have to go above and beyond and pay for it. If you go to your regular insurance Doctor down the street, you’re looking for a prescription or surgery. They don’t really have anything for you. They have 10 minutes. They’re dictated by insurance companies. They practice medicine under the guise of saving money for everyone else and also the fear of getting sued. When you have your own practice as a doctor you don’t operate that way. You don’t, I mean, you you’re like I don’t I’m not beholden to anybody and I don’t have to worry about like, right? So, um, so we know…

Lesley Logan 10:03
Real quick, just in case anybody is like, do I, how do I know if I’ve had if I’m hypothyroid? Like what are just like signs symptoms?

Elle Russ 10:09
Sure. So I’ll give the test that you can take, you know, and also have a free thyroid masterclass which has all this stuff in there. Okay, so the main symptom, all right, like one of the main symptoms, there is that there’s like a, there’s like 30/40 that I listed my book and I had 30 of them, okay, like,(…) exactly. Real long list. But it would start with, you’re exhausted and you have the inability to lose weight no matter what you do. Now, for the people that don’t have the weight issue. It’s going to be exhaustion, brain fog, and you will have issues like constipation, gut digestion, you will be freezing. What do I mean by this? Look, your hands and feet are always cool, you know, usually, right? Like, I’m not saying you need to have hot hands and feet, but even for the person that’s always freezing all the time. And here’s the thing. My hands and feet are cold right now. I’m not cold inside. If I took my temp, it’s fine. You feel the chill. You’re freezing all the time. So for example, when I was hypothyroid, my body never got above 96 frickin degrees. In the middle of summer I was wearing socks to bed I was freezing. 96 degrees. Were supposed to be 98.6 at in like three in the afternoon. Okay, the morning it’s different. We’re supposed to be maybe between 97.7 and 98.2. I was never above 96. So you’re freezing all the time. And it’s diagnostically you can tell you just (…). So you’re freezing all the time, dry cracked skin, hair falling out, losing the outer eyebrows, curly hair, turning straight, just clumps of hair falling out. This is one of the biggest things everyone notices, horrible constipation that no amount of coffee colonics and laxatives will help you with. That’s a horrible, frustrating symptom. I’m just going to tell you that right now. Because I did, I tried all those things and nothing. Meanwhile, you just keep getting fatter and fatter, more bloated and more bloated. And so the brain fog part is the only way I can describe it. And it’s the easiest way to describe it. Everyone in the world has had a head cold, right? You know, when you’re blowing? You’re like, where’s it all coming from? How is it all day long, right? That day, when you’re just like staring in space. Nothing’s fun. Nothing’s interesting. Brain not working. No, you don’t want to watch a movie. That’s brain fog. Except you don’t have the stuffiness and how horrible is that, everyone knows how that feels, even you know how that feels, Lesley. You’ve been there, that day, that moment, you’re just like, brain dead, your, your frickin brain dead. That’s like 24/7 The other thing too, is that it takes you like two three hours to get out of bed. You know, I mean, you have almost no cortisol because when you have no, your adrenals will ultimately fail. And because people go undiagnosed for so long, they get really bad. Usually people don’t catch and fix it when they feel the cold, right? If you were able to catch it right there or on the first couple of symptoms are caught up and exhausted for, then great, but it goes on. And as it goes on. Your body’s, like, this bitch needs energy. So the cortisol gets pumped out, you get fat around the middle, and now your adrenals are fatigued and you’ve got adrenal fatigue too. But the adrenals in order to produce cortisol need T three. Okay, so these things go hand in hand. Sometimes you have a doctor trying to treat the adrenal sore, and you’re like, dude, let’s get with the program here…(Lesley: and T three is the hormone that we’re talking about, the thyroid hormone) it’s just, it’s the biologically active thyroid hormone. And I’m happy to get into the others because it’s not something that you, it’s not something you take necessarily directly, I do, but some people do a combination of T four and T three, but it’s the act of hormone where T four is the storage hormone. It’s the thing that it’s like a slow release mechanism. It stores up and as you need it, it converts into the gasoline that you need. Right? So there are so many problems that can stem from this. Also infertility, miscarriages, so lots of people have had hysterectomy unnecessarily by the way, that’s always a terrible call when the person is realized that they never needed to have a hysterectomy. And that is a Hashimoto success story in my course,Barbara. She had that happened her and she desperately had wanted kids back then she’s now 57. She’s over it. But these are hard days, man. My friend came home she had two miscarriages, she had an endocrinologist completely contesting the wrong test discounting her. She’s getting fat, she’s all these things are happening. And she’s depressed. She’s got two miscarriages and you know what? It was all a result of hypothyroidism. So if you can plan a pregnancy, you must, don’t get like, don’t head towards an unnecessary miscarriage you don’t need to have. If you can’t plan it, okay, then get on it right away. Because when you are pregnant, I have articles about this on my blog on my website, you’ve just typed in thyroid on the blog and the tunnel come up. But when you’re pregnant, you now need more. Right? Because the demands of the fetus, you, everything else you might need more and more and more and then at the end you kind of taper off or you know, but you have to check it more often. So if you haven’t checked your thyroid yet, you’re having a great pregnancy you’re probably fine. But you’re probably also like, oh, no, my my OBG tested my thyroid and they’re not doing it right. Because that’s what I’m here to tell you. And they’re not doing it right. So I’m this is one of the easiest quickest things to fix in life. Yet 99% of the doctors are uninformed. And they’re steeped in 40 year old outdated protocols and taking tests that don’t matter. And so, yeah, so that’s where I started.

Like, so if like, we know that, because I do, I help like, the listeners who’ve listened episodes before, like, I end up having to fly to LA to have my holistic doctor do my blood draw, because I tried twice to do it here. And like, they sent it in without spinning it and like it. Sorry, that’s the job you do. Like that’s literally your job. So sorry. It’s like, like, you do two things. You draw the blood, you spare it. Two things of your job. Yeah. I don’t understand. I could have like public figure to draw my own blood. I need the spinner.

I could have learned in the amount of time that it took, right?

Lesley Logan 15:45
So for sure, like I you know, it’s, it is not, I experienced how inept people can be. If we are we’re like, is this a test that we can get done ourselves? Like, can we order online?

Elle Russ 15:59
Yes, you can depending on what state you’re in. Okay, so some states don’t allow you to test your own bloodwork. A lot of them are on the east coast, but you have to just check. So California, I can check my bloodwork anytime I want, you can go to, you can go to And they’ll they always have like coupon code somewhere online. So just search for them because they often have a 15% off or something. And you could choose your own test that you want. But what I want to tell everyone, and again, this is all in the stuff that have for free on my website, but just if anyone’s listening right now, whether you’re on thyroid hormone right now, I need you to go back at some point after this, and you look at your labs, okay, and if your doctor never or doesn’t currently, test what I’m about to tell you, unfortunately, you’re dealing with an uninformed doctor. And you’re gonna probably run into some issues if you’re not already in the issues, or you’re one of those people who keeps complaining to your doctor about depression. And then they’re the Dum Dum that goes, Oh, well, yeah, you have a thyroid problem? No, because if you treated me right, and I was optimized, I wouldn’t have the depression part of the problem, I wouldn’t have any symptoms, zero, got it. So the whole point of getting optimized or treated on thyroid hormone replacement, by the way, you can do all this naturally, my book, The Paleo Thyroid Solution is all about him and fixes should first naturally if you can’t, at least you’ve primed your body to receive the hormones that can be to metabolize properly. You know?

Lesley Logan 17:12
I love this because it is I just want to highlight, you’re saying this, because I do think a lot of like, Oh, I’m on, I’m on hyper thyroid medication. That’s why I feel this way. It’s like, well, actually, you’re on hypo thyroid medication, because you need to be and you, you could be feeling like a person who’s not on it, who has normal levels. That’s what you’re saying.

Elle Russ 17:30
That is literally achievable for every single person who has any thyroid problem. That’s amazing. They’re all fixable, and they’re all solvable. So when someone comes to me, and they go, I’m hopeless, I’ve been struggling for 10-20 years, I need to adequately tell your audience this right now. There are only two reasons, one of two or both reasons why you are suffering or have suffered for a long time. Number one, you’re dealing with an uninformed doctor that does not know how to test, assess, and treat you to help you. Number two, and this is harsh one, it’s the worst one. You’re uninformed. You don’t know about your disease, and I didn’t either. And that’s why I suffered for two years in my life. And that’s why you’ve suffered for 10 or 20. It can end quickly. You have to learn it. I don’t want to learn this shit live, or you can make it really go

Lesley Logan 18:19
Into philosophy. I wanted to talk about like why like why do people do what they do that way?

Elle Russ 18:24
And I’m gonna became a copywriter. I was like, oh, no, like, I’m not a health person. I don’t want to know, so you know what? I wouldn’t be alive right now, if I didn’t do this myself. Now, my story is that unfortunately, I had to doctor myself, actually didn’t have a doctor to help me. I ordered my medication online from places like Cambodia. No, for real, like Thailand and other places. And I dosed myself. I actually did it myself. So I had and I had to do it twice in 10 years because I ran into a second thyroid problem, which probably in hindsight, makes it great because I’m one of only two authors or three people in the world really like to do this that have ever been had that problem and know how to treat it. It’s called the reverse T three issue. So I had to hypothyroidism issues in 10 years and both times I was left in the dust yo, I remember I was in LA, I go to, I went to this doctor who literally is currently the doctor for every, so many famous celebrities. I can’t even, I won’t mention him. Crazy time celebrities that you all would be like, Oh my god. Well, of course I would go to so and so’s doctor. Okay, that doctor. I was having the second problem. I learned what it is. I explained it, showed the evidence and I took off my clothes in front of her, now at this time I had gotten so fat again on thyroid hormone replacement, but so hypothetic. I had gotten so fat again, that my bra looked like something Playboy Bunny would wear where it’s just like the tiny triangle on it. That’s how fat I had gotten that like the bra, and I said, Look at me, like look at me, and I did it. And she literally this doctor I’m telling you about who’s like famous has like, threw up her hands and she said, Oh, it’s too complicated. What? And you know, it almost makes me want to cry because how and I said to her this and that this is what I did say to her, I was so pissed. I said, So medical school wasn’t complicated. So doing organic chemistry, like problems on the MCAT, what, medical school, this is complicated, not even willing to go find search help, nothing.

Lesley Logan 20:28
that’s so inferior, I do want to cry for you like that’s, we’ve had several episodes about advocating for yourself in the health care industry, because and the reason we’re talking about this is like, you can have all the goals in the fucking world. You couldn’t listen to ELS confidence episode, like, Yes, I got it. This is what I know I want but if your hormones are off, if your thyroid is not working optimally, it doesn’t matter.

Elle Russ 20:53
It doesn’t and your brain is not right. And your emotions aren’t right. And nothing’s gonna be right. Yeah, can’t you can’t do life right. And so what happens is, is so and I have a chapter in my book, and even a module in my course about loved ones. This is what’s really tough because of all the diagnosis because of the people not being mistreated. So even the ones that are hypo still on medication. You know, they’ve got a spouse who’s like, this is not who I’m married. You know, you’re you’re a downer, you’re a Debbie Downer party pooper, you got promises, you got adrenal issues, like sensitive delights, sounds and smells, you’re overwhelmed. I mean, you have no energy, you have no zest for life, you’ve given up on half the shit you thought was kind of fun, and you wanted to go for in life, this is how it goes. Also, I want to mention one of the symptoms, you can have some cognitive decline that seems scary and something you don’t want to voice. So I want to say it now, you will have the thought that you feel you’re getting dumber, and it is a horrible feeling. Because technically you are, it’s happening, you’ll have handwriting that you can’t, it’s so messy, you’ll have brain to hand dexterity. Normally, like I’m an athlete, I’m really coordinated. I was dropping water bumping into things constantly. Okay? Because again, we have more receptors in our brain than anywhere else, these things are all motor skills, all the things. So you know, it’s a really scary thing. It’s not just the depression, it’s the forgetting words, it’s the not being able to retain a paragraph after you’ve read it. Someone has said something to you, I just interviewed. Recently, I put out an extra module in my course with CJ Hunt. He’s about seventy years old, but he’s a filmmaker of The Perfect Human Diet and the book, and I helped him with his thyroid problem. And he describes it as like, you know, it’s just so tough, because every year inside and you don’t even you can’t even like check an email. You just so overwhelmed. So you have this malaise where you know, you need to help yourself, but you’re also kind of having problems and the people around you’re like, you’ve gone to 500 doctors and you know, yeah, no, I, I had a friend this does turn me up. I have a friend who still really good friend now. But when they lived here, we were best friends. And they called me up after this all happened and everything got over it and figured it out. They called me up and they were crying, a guy. And he was like, Oh, I’m so sorry. Because I was so resenting you and mad at you that you were such a party pooper. He never wanted to go out. He didn’t want to hang out and do stuff. And like all that shit. And I just like lost it. Because you know what, that’s what it is for people. That’s how it goes down. People around you don’t understand. And you’re trying to go into everyone, and then that’s what happens. And then people lose their jobs, or they quit. I had someone who’s a success story about books, she quit her jobs in accounting, she couldn’t remember numbers anymore. You’re gonna get fired. You know, a fellow author Paul Robinson, who wrote a book called recovering with T three, he also helped me save my own life. He to this day, he lost like 20 years of his life, he actually was given the wrong hormone the entire time. And he lost his family. He lost his job. He couldn’t work. He was debilitated. And then he fixed it, of course, and it wrote a book. He’s helping people, but it ruined the relationship with his sons and you can start to help to this day when he talks about it that it is so hard for him. Yeah, it’s like it’s a well, so it ruins lives. This shit ruins lives, because of all of these things. And I’ve coached lots of families. And sometimes if you’re in this situation, you might need a friend to kind of like who is better brain to help you understand but the way that I explained everything in the course and in general my masterclasses, again if if you kept it on repeat, even with a hypo brain, you’re gonna get it.

Lesley Logan 24:20
Yeah. Well, It’s so tough. And like, you know, when I have my stomach issues, like I, you get to the point where like, you can’t have gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol, oils, all these things, you know, gosh, oh, my goodness, when they try them out of SIBO diet. I was like, Well, this is there’s nothing fun. This is like even worse, what am I supposed to show up and eat? And you start to feel like you start to withdraw because you’re like, I’m not the fun person. Nobody knows where to eat because I can’t eat there. She can’t eat here. We can’t go here and it just becomes like, you just start to feel like well, I’m just not going to go out because I don’t wanna be that person. And so then you don’t know who you really are. You feel more and more alone and It is awful, if you if you’re lucky to have a partner who’s willing to like, go to the mattresses all the time, that’s fine. But if you have kids, if you have a stressful job, if the partner that you have the best friends, you have other things going on, it’s like this still and 20 years. That’s a long time, I was very lucky that I found someone in seven years to help me with mine. But like, even then that’s so much time that we can lose. And it’s unfortunate because for whatever reason? Well, for many reasons, I think we’re very all aware of the medical industry, especially in the states and my listeners who are in Australia and Canada and Europe. You know, you do you, let me know if I can get a passport.

Elle Russ 25:38
But like, well, they actually have terrible thyroid care in England and other places. So it actually really it’s like, yes, your healthcare is better.

Lesley Logan 25:44
Yeah. So it’s almost like the world is just like, not educated on what this is. And it’s it sounds like the one place if they could go do that they could solve fertility, and they could solve depression. And not everybody guys don’t don’t come running at me. But like for a lot of people, we instead of putting band aids on things, we could actually create a solution for someone.

Elle Russ 26:05
There’s a I have x bribed for hours with the doctor and my course is a 30 hour course. Okay, I mean, this thing is, you know, like a semester in college and one of the modules is Palmer Kybella, who wrote a book called Beat Autoimmune, and she is about 55 years old or something like that right now. And she struggled for 20 years of her life, she got diagnosed with MS and 19. She felt like she was plugged into a light socket. 24 hours a day for like a year. Okay, horrible, horrible symptoms. She searched, she searched, dah, dah, dah, and got into some functional medicine stuff. She quit gluten. Within one week, her stomach issues went away. But then within a month, all of her MS Symptoms went away. She hasn’t had one since. Okay, and they’ve even done brain scans on her where they you know, they could see like the scarring. And it actually, it’s not even supposed to go away somewhere. Hers is even gone away. That’s crazy. You can beat autoimmune. And you could beat thyroid autoimmune, which is Hashimotos. Absolutely. And part of that is diet. One of the things that we know with autoimmune diseases is gluten igniting antibodies, but particularly Hashimotos. But definitely the other ones too. So yes, we know it’s possible to get to the root instead of putting someone I mean, you know, I know two people that have cured themselves rheumatoid arthritis through food. One of the most famous ones is Seamus Mullen, who wrote a book. He was a famous chef, and he is a famous chef in New York. He was on medications over 18 prescriptions for I interviewed him for like, God years, like, seven years or something like that, total, debilitated disaster, changes food changed his life, and he’s on off all the medications and never and if you tested his blood, RA is gone. You test another friend of mine blood is also chef RA gone. But they both went to the doctor and the doctors go when they diagnose them and dealt with them all those years, those two people. The other one is Chef Courtney (…), they’re both chefs. The doctor said, it is what it is, you’re just gonna end up in a wheelchair. And one of them was in a wheelchair like they that’s it. And I remember my friend going well, would you can you just test it? They’re like, No, no, it’s going to be positive, you have rheumatoid arthritis.

Lesley Logan 28:11
That’s not what’s been fortunate. And this is where the advocacy for yourself comes in. And that’s why I’m so excited that you have this course.

Elle Russ 28:17
That’s why patients write books, because our test is our testimony.

Lesley Logan 28:20
Yes. And you have your book, but also like, so I hope this inspires people. And also, like, when we had Lindsay on, y’all can listen, we’ll put the episode in the show notes about advocating for yourself, because she gives you tips on how to know, if you have the right doctor, like, your doctor should be doing the best they can. And that best might not be good enough for you. But they should also be willing to help you have another solution, whether it might be for them. And if they are not doing that you have to advocate and say thank you, I see that I’ve gone as far as I can with you, where else do you recommend that I go? Or if they’re not going to give you that then you have to be your own advocate, you have to do the research to figure out who are the doctors that do this because, and I know this can sound really privileged. And all those things. It fucking sucks how much it would cost to be a healthy, healthy and air quotes person to be an optimally moving person, it should not be privileged to have health in this world, but you do have to do these things because it is your life. And as far as we know, we only get one time on this limit. Some people might say this is your third or fourth time but just valleys for right now. You know you I would hate for you to go 20 years failing in some way. Because those are yours you don’t get back, you just don’t.

Elle Russ 29:30
And I’m gonna add to that because there’s another thing on the advocacy, which is if you learn and you become knowledgeable about what you got going on, you might be able to make a doctor who’s an uninformed one, practice medicine with you. This happens with all of my clients, they have tough doctors. I’ll then be like, Look, I’ll talk to him. I’ve had doctors call me and be like, I don’t understand this and I’m like, You know what? Thank you for not being ego ridden and thinking maybe I might learn something from someone who’s not an MD, right? So I love those doctors because they’re willing to learn. But a lot of them is because they’re gone back and then they’re pushing. They’re like, Hey, this is what I learned dah dah dah. And then the doctor is kind of like, I don’t know, I guess it can hurt and they try it. So you have to be forceful, but there are certain times when you have to go, you’re, you know, You’re terrible. I’m out of here. But you know, listen, I mean, I’ve I’ve gotten into some pretty intense conversations with some doctors over the years. And one of them I was able to convince them she was the most indoctrinated, but I think it was just my persistence. And my probably confident, demanding, like, did it ah, that made her and she was scared because I caught her in something she didn’t know. And so and I just want to tell the story. This is great. By the way, when I tell the story, you don’t need to know anything about what the tests I’m mentioning mean, okay, you’ll get the story. I asked a doctor, I was with a patient who worked for our company who didn’t speak English very well. I knew she had a reverse T three problem. I sensed it. I just knew it. I’d go to the doctor with her. The endocrinologist was, didn’t look at her didn’t ask any questions how she was feeling. I said, Hey, I got a request for you. Can you please test this patient’s reverse T three test. And the doctor said, we don’t do that. That’s old school. And I said, what’s really interesting, because I just got over reverse T three problem myself. So it’s pretty new school to me. All I’m asking you is to take a test. She said, Well fine, but I don’t know how to evaluate it. And I said, Did you just patronize me for asking you about a test that you’re now telling me you know nothing about? That’s how this goes down. Lesley, you want the patient’s bawling her eyes out? And she’s like, Well, fine, I’ll test it. Can you believe it took all of that for me to, you know, that is that’s me calling him God, Lesley do not see the new Star Wars movie and you go I was bad. And I go I haven’t seen it yet (…) You see how like you don’t even know anything about the test? She goes, No, that’s old school completely discounted because she’s got too much ego to admit she might not know something. Okay? And then when I push her, she’s like, Well, fine, but I don’t know about it. Why? What are you? Yeah, I mean, by the way, by the way, the patient had a serious reverse T three problem, guys. And I could have bet a million bucks on it.

Lesley Logan 32:14
Yeah, you know, this is where like, it used to be, it’s still supposed to be called practicing medicine. And as Pilates instructor, we don’t do perfect Pilates, we practice Pilates. And so like that, to me means that like, the doctors and affirming doctors who are listening doesn’t mean I expect perfection. What I expect is that you are willing to practice and continue to learn because there’s new information out all the time, we find out that things that we believed, decades ago that something is wrong. And so I don’t believe and this is why my friend isn’t, teaches people that patient advocacy. She also speaks to doctors and she says you are providers. Let’s just change your name your providers and they’re q1121112q1qqwq clients. And when our client, you have empowerment, you have choice, you have agency, and then you can work together in collaboration with the provider. And so as a provider, if you don’t know an answer, it is actually to me, and I think too many people listening to go you know what, I don’t know that. Let me do some research. Let me get back to you. Let me look into this. That is better than going you don’t need that. And then to find out you don’t actually even know how to evaluate it. That’s like, you know, and that’s not everybody, but that in that situation that you’re talking about. It’s an infuriating story that I think too many people probably can know someone or it happened to them. And it’s either way

Elle Russ 33:36
Yes, or because they don’t know how to do their job and they’re like your thyroid looks fine. I had a doctor do this to me. And by the way, the thing that I’m about to say has come out of people’s mouths all over the world. This has been just workout more and eat less. I had a doctor tap my gym shoes and go just use these more. I said mofo I’m working out two hours a day, I went hiking for an hour every morning. By the way, shouldn’t have been doing all that. Okay, shouldn’t have. Now I know I’d be like, Oh man, dial it back, don’t do anything get tested, right, do the things but I was trying to get ahead of this weekend, which by the way, none of that working out work. Two hours a day, like 1200 calories. I was doing all the stuff I went swimming, hiking and to the gym every freaking day. And I kept getting weight. And so to accuse me of not working out. But again, this is what happens and like (…) success story as well. She tall skinny, wrong endocrinologist the miscarriages, she starts getting fat and they’re like, you just need to eat less. She’s like I’m training for a marathon. I know what I’m doing. I’ve been tall and skinny my whole life like what do you talk..? So it’s again, it’s coming from an uninformed doctor who’s like, well, I’m looking at labs in a way that is so outdated. So I’m saying you’re fine. Meanwhile, you’re telling me that you have hypo symptoms. Now it’s the smart doctor that goes why does this keep happening? Like my doctor and the doctor on my book and in the course Dr. Foresman, who did say hey, there was a day when I screwed up people probably because we didn’t know better and then you have clients keep coming in. They’re complaining that they’re not well and they’re still on thyroid and he goes home Hmm, just like you said, He’s curious. Still, he’s still geeking out like doctors used to in medical school trying to figure out a problem. And he’s like, right. But when you have 10 minutes with someone, and you’re in a factory thing with an insurance company, you don’t have the time for that. Now I did go to my, I have insurance, and I went to my local uninformed doc. You need to go in there. And yeah, here’s the Pap smear. Here’s the thing. Here’s the mammogram, all that stuff. And I went into her with a list of tests from my functional medicine doctor, and I said, Hey, look, I don’t want to offend you, I just want to let you know, I wrote a book about informed doctors. Like, here it is, gave her the book. And I said, Listen, I work with a functional medicine doctor that doesn’t take insurance. Can I give you this list of tests? And would you mind taking it? You know, yeah. Now this is what I appreciate. She looked over the list for a few minutes. And she said, I’m happy to get these tests. And I just don’t know what some of them are. But I’m happy to get them tested. Okay. That’s a start admitting but here’s the problem, Lesley. I would bet you a million dollars right now she did not after work, go and go, What are these lists of tests that some other MD is telling me to get that I don’t know what they are? I went to medical school. Maybe I should look into that. I guarantee she didn’t. I guarantee, I bet money on it. I know she didn’t. Yeah. And that’s the thing, right? Because she didn’t have time either. Well, so when she’s like, all fine, but she’s not trying to investigate.

Lesley Logan 36:19
And that’s just it. Like, that’s everybody. The problem is that we’re all so busy, because we don’t have time. And that and we treat people like they are in the factory, we treat the doctors like they can just like they could see that many patients like I don’t even know how they I don’t know how they could do that I would. So the people who’ve listened for a long time know that I still have yet to find an actual primary care doctor in Vegas. I’m just working with my amazing doctor out of California. And I do have a female doctor here that I actually like, who likes to learn and likes to teach. And she’s the only person who could find my IUD, which had like, moved its way to the right side flipped upside down. Like she’s the only pro it took me two years to get someone to fight to find it. So it was insane. It was I was like, look, it’s in there.

You’re like I’m telling you, I can feel it.

So it’s in there. So anyways, I do appreciate her a lot. But when I went to primary care doctor, and I knew what tests I wanted to take, because I talked to my listing doctor. And so I was like, why wouldn’t I have this primary care doctor call them in? Because they’ll go through my insurance, right? The thing I pay so much money for. And she literally poo pooed every test I wanted. Every single test I said I want my hormones check, oh, those change all day long. I want it depends on the day of your cycle. I’m like, I still want them check. I want this checked. Oh, did it look fine. All these things. And I’m like, do you, like, are you paying for this? Or do I not understand who pays the bill here? And she was just like, well, I can order them. But they’re not going to tell us anything. Well, guess what I posted doctor ordered them because she can. She’s an MD. (…). They told me exactly what I was already feeling. They told me why I was feeling down and depressed. They found, they told me exactly why I felt like I was losing strength. And my holistic doctor was able to, thank goodness she an MD, to prescribe the peptides that I need to take. And we have to watch two numbers and to see how those change in the next three months beyond this stuff. And hopefully, they get better on their own. And if not, then we’ll go do those things. But like, it’s a little chicken, the egg thing there. However, it’s just a little unfortunate that like, unfortunately, some people are just not going to listen to you and you just have to go okay, this is not the right doctor for me. She’s just not you know, it’s it’s never gonna work. I’m never gonna trust her. And so I have to find a news writer.

Elle Russ 38:33
Yeah, yeah. Or you have the insurance one and you run stuff through them and deal with someone else. You know, I mean, there’s there’s also, there’s some really great doctors that do take insurance. But yeah, so listen, everyone just right here. I know, I didn’t mention the list of tests. I just want to rattle off the six tests that everybody you know, you can go back and go, and I bet you they’re going to be missing one or two. I’m gonna guarantee that right now. Alright, so here there are there are six tests. Two of them are antibody tests. So you know what if you’ve already ruled out that you don’t have Hashimotos, then you don’t need to take the extra two. But if you’ve never gotten tested for Hashimoto, you want to rule it out, because there are some other modalities and things you can do with Hashimotos that you wouldn’t apply to someone like me who does not have Hashimotos. I just have hypothyroidism. I don’t have the autoimmune form of hypothyroidism. So, TSH, free T three, free T four, reverse T three, that’s the main four. Now that’s due I have a thyroid problem however, you want to get two antibodies checked if you’ve never gotten them check. Now, some doctors if you say only to test my Hashimotos antibodies, they don’t know that there’s two of them they only test one you could be positive for one or not the other or both. So you gotta get both. The first one is called T P O antibody that stands for thyroid peroxidase antibody and the second one is tg antibody and that stands for thyroid globulin antibody okay. So TSH, free T three, free T four, reverse T three, the TPO antibody and the TG antibody that is, do I have a thyroid rpoblem? If you think you’re hypo thyroid, okay, do I have a thyroid problem? Start there. Now, would I add other things like yeah, you’re gonna get should probably get an iron panel. If you’ve been feeling hypo for a while, like, you can also take five days of basal and afternoon temperatures and not spend a dime, you can diagnostic diagnostically assess a thyroid problem from temperature. So what does that mean? That means you can look it up. But basically you have to when you do basal, you lay down, you don’t even get up to pee in the morning, you don’t sit up in bed, you reach over and you put the thermometer in your mouth. That’s your basal temperature. Right when you wake up. So again, that’s like you have to plan for that it because you’re so used to get up and go to the bathroom or something, you know what I mean? So you just have to lay down, it’s okay that you’re on your covers, just reach over that your basal. That should be between 97.7 and about 98.2. Yeah, okay. Now, if you’re hypothyroid, it’s going to be lower than 97.7. If you were hyperthyroid, it would be like 98.2 or three, it would be really top over or be overkill.

Lesley Logan 41:04
I think this is just fun just to do.

Elle Russ 41:09
Yeah, and then, I’m talking about a schedule for people that normally would wake up between six and eight. So then, at that point, you would do a 330 ish, three 330, afternoon temp, this is when you’re just sitting around, okay, so you have to figure out when this is but like when you just sit around, you didn’t take a hot shower, you didn’t eat you didn’t rip up a flight of slabs or a smoke bomb hit like, okay, like whatever the don’t do stuff just hang out. You can drink some water or whatever. But like for the most part, don’t you just been doing nothing for 30 minutes, you’re just sitting up? That’s when you also take your time. It should be 98.6. If it’s 98.4. Are you in a crisis? No, no. Okay, there’s some fluctuations, hurray, 98, you know, but that’s what you should be. Some people will never get above 98 Or even above 97 in the afternoon. So you could do like three, five days of this and go, now you still need to get the test. Because if you don’t get the test, we won’t know how to treat it in the right way. I guarantee out of the list that I just told you guys, your doctor said probably not tested reverse T three is the one that most doctors really don’t know about. And it’s one of the most critical tests. The other thing too is you will give this list. This happens all the time. And this is an advocacy thing. You will give the list to your doctor and go hey, do you mind like you heard my thing and you write down all the tests and you go, Hey, can you test these for me? And they go Sure. You go into the lab and then you see the results? And you’re like where’s this where’s that? And they didn’t test that instead of testing free T three they tested total T three or T three uptake instead of and they didn’t just test the reverse T three in your life. But I asked them and they said, here’s what happens guys. They, if they disagree with your list, they don’t call you to tell you they disagree with you. They just go, You’re a Dum Dum non doctor and I’m gonna do what I want. I don’t think they need them. They don’t, if I asked you, Lesley Hey, can you give me that favor? And you said yes. And then you didn’t do it? And I go, why and you go I just disagreed with it. I go, Well, it would have been nice if you told me that. Yeah, before I expected you to do the thing. So you cannot trust that they even, so what do you do? You ask the phlebotomist, Hi, are these tests on this list? And if not, I just need to know, I don’t want you to, I don’t even put the rubber band around my arm. You know how many people have called me crying, is horrible. Cuz it’s like gaslighting, Lesley. Yeah. Because you’re like I asked them. They said yes. And then they didn’t. Because just like that endocrinologist, they’re like, they don’t even know reverse T three. What do they know? And so this is something you have to do, because now you’ve got to go back in and get tested again. And who wants to have a needle in their arm ever?

Lesley Logan 43:30
Like, it’s such a hassle. Like, it’s just such a hassle. Even if you have to be fast it’s even worse. If you have to get there. It’s because I’m like, Okay, I’ll just get their first appointment. And then you’re (…)

Elle Russ 43:40
Your whole your whole morning screwed, like, the whole thing, right? So that happens all the time. So please check that list. Because I guarantee you, they’re gonna go, yeah, like, laugh at you about it. This happens, by the way, with everything. Let’s say you’re starting to date someone you’re like, Alright, we’re gonna start to do this, and we’re talking about it. And maybe we’re gonna get sexy together. And let’s get tested and make sure everything’s cool. And you call your doctor and you’re like, hey, I need an STD pouch, or like, I want an STDs test. Like, if you ask them for a list of tests, you’re like, oh, here, I want all these tests. They’ll just test like two of them. They go, Oh, you don’t need HPV for that because or you don’t need this for that like for herpes because if you’ve never had it, then it’s not like that. You’re like what? Like, they just don’t. And that has happened to people that I know who’ve gone in there and they’re like, I just wanted to like, get a simple, my doctor said it was fine. They go in there and only took like 2 of the 10 that was requested because they, that is so crazy making to me if that happened in my everyday life. I would not talk to people, continue to talk to people who operate it like this. Yeah, it’s lying to you. And it’s gaslighting and it’s also just so that’s a real painful thing too. And now you are a couple of weeks behind on getting better because (…)

Lesley Logan 43:40
I remember I was crying in the kitchen when I found out that they didn’t spin the blood, I was like just crying and then I, so that I went to different locations, the same company, because that’s the company that’s in town to different location, because that’s like, well, obviously that locations no one’s doing. The second location was like, Oh, we don’t do the kits, because I brought a kit that you have to ship, brought the kit and like we don’t do the kits on Fridays. I’m like, it doesn’t say that on your website. I’m so sorry. Like, it doesn’t say they do it. They better have done it. I said, Well, I said, I said, I’m here because you already have screwed up before. So I’m here. I said, Well, I was going to tell you that we could do it, but you have to ship it yourself. And I said, Okay, sure. I’m like, Well, okay, we can figure that out. But like, will you spin the blood? And she said, Oh, well if you want it spun, I will literally took everything in me. I’ve swear to God, it’s 7am I haven’t fucking eaten anything. Right? I haven’t eaten since the night before. I love breakfast. I love my coffee. I love my ag one. I love it all. She goes if you want us to spin it, and it’d be another hour and I was like, I seriously you. I cannot tell you. You all terror like I’m done. I’m done with life. I’m so dumb. I like I’m believing. I’m like you are incompetent. And I hope I never have to come to this place ever again. Because I can not trust any work that you do. And I said it loud enough. I’m like, I’m sure I sound crazy. These people on the waiting room. But like they need to know that this place doesn’t know what it’s doing. And so I flew, I use points, everyone I use points to fly to LA, use points to get a hotel, booked myself stay, a nightmare total for blood tests. I mean, I mean, like, you know, so I’m sure I’m sure my Vegas listeners but like, let’s just go to this person, please send me your favorite doctors, I will happily go to them. It’s I’m sure there’s other great places. But like, I’m a little shocked. And also not. And I and I and I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer on all of the doctors who may listen. Hi, thank you for listening. But I do hope that every single person is like, let’s, what if we were all curious. I’m curious on my Pilates practice. I’m curious about learning. I’m sure. I’m also sure doctors want to be curious. And also they’re fucking tired. So I feel like it’s there’s a there’s a problem from the top of squeezing all of us. And and unfortunately, the people who lose are the clients, are the patients. And that’s, you know, so I feel more badly for the clients in this case, but I do understand that like it is a issue that we all are dealing with. And in some ways, some people are doing better. And I’m so grateful for you Elle, so you have you actually have an amazing course that you mentioned.

I do want to quickly tell everyone that I had done plies many years ago, then you interviewed me and I got so inspired to do Pilates. And I manifested the most awesome situation. I had done Pilates near me and I knew what was available. So I was like, alright, well, I’ll go check back into those places again, and see if I want to go back to same place or whatever. Turns out a new Pilates studio had just opened seven weeks prior. It’s in the perfect location. It’s the exact kind of thing I want. Their pricing payment structure was like so great, not some bullshit that they replaced it and all this stuff. So I started doing it like you know, a couple of weeks out I reached out to and I was like, oh my god, I love it so much. I can’t even stand it. Oh my god, wait to have one of those machines. It is so much fun. So I am, thank you for inspiring me, really inspiring me. And then when I looked for it, and then very shortly after that their monthly unlimited. She’s like, hey, Valentine’s Day special, like 60% off our monthly unlimited. I was like, Oh yeah, we’re doing that. So I did. Like I’m just gonna do it for now for a while and just here it goes but so so much fun. And I I love it. So thank you.

Elle Russ 47:28
Oh, you like my pleasure. I’m on a mission for more wise do Pilates. So that makes me so happy. And I love to do it in person and it’s close like, and that you’re going as often as you are because that’s like, that’s where you fill out the good stuff. I mean, just Yeah. Yesterday, I was like in a bad mood because I couldn’t get on my session with my teacher. And I and I that was not that was technology’s fault. So I went and did my own session and I had so much fun and I felt a much better mood afterwards. I was like, This is why Pilates exists. So you can just feel better when you’re done.

Absolutely. Yeah, I love it so much. It’s so good and especially you know, like I’m in my late 40s, like this is yeah, yeah, you don’t take care of this stuff. Now the flexibility and all the different stuff like it’s a forced way to get the stretching the core that everything is you know, it’s just anyway it feels so good. I say thank you so much. But yes, I do want to do is I have everyone can get 15% off of my thyroid course if you really need to dive into this by using the code Lesley at checkout just Lesley’s first name the way she spells it. L E S L E Y. Yeah, that’ll get you 15% off, you can go to the, you can just go to and check that out. Now here’s the thing when you go to There is juicy stuff on that page that might help you solve your problem without even taking my course guys. Okay, like not kidding. There are some testimonials or doctor clips there’s there’s some things that might spawned something for you to go. You never know I’ve had people hear interviews with me and be like I heard you I went did this did that fixed it. Thank you. I’m like great. (…) everyone wants to sell books and stuff and products, but we’re, and I know you if there was someone struggling, you would help them recover with Pilates probably out of the kindness of your heart because whatever, right you just want, like, I just want people to be better. Yeah. So, so yeah, so that was, anyway, you can just go down the page all the testimonials, audio clips, etc. Then I also have a free thyroid masterclass, as well, I still want to go to the ultimate thyroid course page because there’s great, you know, audio clips on there. But you can just go to And that is a two hour video of me explaining the thyroid, all the hormones, everything, all this stuff. And it involves a free thyroid guide that also includes the guide all the healing diets like paleo, carnivore, low FODMAP, low histamine, it gives you a Guide To Paleo, some exercise regimens, some potential meal plans based on you know, male, female, sort of give you an idea how would a week or to look like doing paleo or a carnivore or whatever. And it also in that free thyroid guide, with the free thyroid masterclass, it’s just part of the downloads that I have. There’s a down healing guided meditation download, but there’s also this free thyroid guide with the diets. And in that guide, is not only the test, it’s here the list of questions to go call it office to even suss out whether they are Dum Dums, or whether they might know what to talk about. It’s not foolproof, but it’s enough to go well, I can definitely cancel that one because they definitely don’t know that. So it’s a guide to like, how do you get your blood tested? Should you take your medication before what time of day, everything that you need to know. And that’s all free at But if you really have been suffering for a while, you really need to dig into this, then you need to take the course and it’s less than, especially with the discount, but it’s way less than a functional medicine appointment with a doctor. And it’s also a way to get discounted sessions with me because otherwise some people, it’s expensive to coach with me privately if you want to call me to talk to me one on one flat rate. But if you take the course, you’re getting the knowledge plus, then you’d get like 85% off an hour with me, like a 30 minute session. It’s like 85%. So you’re getting both, that’s what I would prefer. Yeah, now it’s fine. If someone was to call me and pay a big hefty sum for that, that’s fine. But I want you to learn this. Because if you have this thing you need to go and you might need to go back to it. You might have a second problem a few years from now, maybe the thyroid hormones, you were taking work. But now something went wrong, I gotta go back to my course. And I got to fix that problem because I had to, ya know, fix that second problem. So it’s just this, honestly, everything I’ve ever and it’s me going through, it’s over 30 hours, right? There’s like 22 modules. In some of those. There’s me literally going through all of the thyroid hormone dosing protocols for all of the different hormone combinations. It’s me going through 25 examples of bloodwork showing you this is, here’s this person, she’s 45. This is what’s going on. How do you look at this? that you start to learn, You know? you’re like going oh, okay, I get it. I get it.

Lesley Logan 52:55
You are phenomenal. Thank you for this generous offer everybody who if this touched you if this makes you curious, go check it out. Or and also check out the free stuff like I am someone who also has like, like, life has changed by just a nugget of information. So really quick before I let you go, you’ve given us so many things. But you know how we like a bold, executable, intrinsic, targeted step to be until we see it, what do you have for us Elle?…(Elle: for what?) just like anything like to there what it’s like for the even the thyroid, or just like to take messy action, you know, they’re the quick little action stuff they could take for themselves today.

Elle Russ 53:36
Perseverance pays, always, the only reason I’m here is because I would not let up and it’s usually people that end up with me, they’re also that they’ve been searching, searching. They found it, right? I was not willing to give up on myself and you can’t either, okay, but if you’ve already found me and you’re listening to this, then you don’t need to because you’re getting the right information, but spread the word and also, I would say once you heal from something or you gain something that’s knowledgeable, just help someone with that who’s suffering with that, you know what I mean? I’ve done so many interviews I’ll hear someone say they got a problem and I’ll go oh, you know what, hold on a second. I interviewed someone wrote a book on that. You know what I mean? So just do your best, you don’t have to coach everybody but help people out because you’re going to meet, especially if you’re a woman listening, you’re going to meet tons of other women with, I bet you half your friends are on thyroid hormone replacement or you don’t even know it.

Lesley Logan 54:20
Yeah, yeah. So we can share this episode with them,everybody. Go check out her freak tools, her book and also her course if this is something that speaks to you or share it with a friend. And you know let us know how this affected you, let us know what this, what changed you, what maybe sparked something a conversation with your doctor. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Elle Russ 54:41
Thank you.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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