Toothpaste for

Your Soul

Ep. 69 ft. Jeanieva Faith

“Feel it until you free it.”

Jeanieva Faith

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As the ultimate creator of safe spaces, Jeanieva Faith is a Reiki Master Teacher, founder of Tales from the Stripped LLC, and a heartbreak/ breakup coach. From dancing your way to confidence to working with your energy, Jeanieva helps individuals get bold and honor every piece of their story.

Show Notes

What happens when you get clear on your vision? In today’s episode Hilary Hartling and Lesley Logan swap stories about building their careers in LA and share wisdom about confidence and to how to figure out what you really want in life.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Reiki is energetic toothpaste
  • Beginning a Reiki business
  • Meeting your spirit animal
  • Mental diets
  • Being emotionally constipated
  • Can you compartmentalize heartbreak?
  • Showing up authentically to create magic




Lesley Logan 0:00
Hey you, welcome back. Okay, so I just want to say, I’m over the moon about you, and what this podcast has been able to do in such a short period of time. When I’m recording this, well, it’s probably a couple months before you’re gonna hear it, but it is a couple days after we hit 10,000 downloads, and I’m such a goal getter in a lot of ways. But with this podcast, I’ve just been trying to honor what it’s purpose is, which is to inspire you, to do it scared, take messy action, Be It Till You See It. And so I never, I just knew I was like, “Okay, when when it’s span of three years, we’re going to look and see what how this is going.” (Lesley laughs) And it’s three months this week, and we hit 10,000 downloads, and that’s a huge deal. And if you’re not in the podcasting world, you might not know but like, it really is, like very few podcasts make it past seven episodes, 10 is a lot. And you know, we’re gonna be hitting 50 before the end of the year. And that to me was an achievement. But actually, seeing that we hit 10,000 downloads that was a bigger achievement because had nothing to do, well, I’m not that have nothing to do with me. It’s a lot to do, I do the podcast, but had everything to do with you. We hit 10,000 downloads because you are downloading the podcast because you are pressing play, you have so many other things you could be doing. And instead you’re like, “No, I need I need this podcast in my my life right now.” And I don’t take that lightly. In fact, I take it very seriously. I’m super, super honored. Ask Lori Harder pod… Lori Harder’s podcast, about a month before we went live. And I said that “I was really nervous.” And she was like, “What you nervous about?” Like, “What if people, what if I waste people’s time?” And she said, “Well, then they just won’t listen and that’s okay.” And I was like, “Oh, that’s right.” And so getting that download mark, it just, it just, it’s like the, it’s like a lovely gift because it just means that what we are doing here is making a difference in people’s lives. And, and you are loving it. And I’m just it’s like, that’s a conversation, that’s how we’re having a conversation. So, I just want to say a big thank you at the top of the show for that. I know, it’ll be a little belated, when you hear (Lesley laughs) this from the moment, but I also just wanted to say, “It’s okay to not know what things are gonna be like before you get started.” And that’s maybe exactly what I’m trying to say with this whole gratitude is that like, “I didn’t know what this podcast could be so quickly but I did it anyways.” And if you are struggling to figure out what your next thing is, you know, I definitely would dive back into some of these past guests. We’ve had also today’s guest which is @jeanievafaithofficial on Instagram, Jeanieva Faith. She’s a Reiki Master, and you’re going to hear what she did before. She said he Reiki which might surprise you, definitely surprised me. I think sometimes we look at people I know I did when I was a Pilates instructor. I didn’t, I didn’t think before I became a Pilates instructor excuse me, I didn’t think I could become one. I didn’t even think that that was an option. Right? Like I was like, “Well, I have a job. It pays my bills, and I kind of like it.” And similar to Jeanieva, I did my first class and I was like, “This is amazing.” But I really love her story. I really, really love what her mentor did for her. And I think sometimes we just need that, we need someone in our life, to nudge us a little bit more to being it till we see it, and not getting in our own way. And I hope this podcast is that for you. And if it’s not, I hope one of our speaker guests, or someone in your life is that person for you. And so maybe just like, take a look around and to see who’s nudging you to be it till you see it, to do it scared, to take some messy action. So anyways, I am done taking up your time, I know that you’re here to listen to Jeanieva. It’s really fu… it’s really fun. We nerded it out and we got a little on the woo side. And I can’t wait to hear your takeaway. So please, please, please screenshot this, tag tag us and let us know or if you’re not into Instagram, if you’re like, “Lesley, I’m like not even sure what that even means.” Just text a friend this podcast so that they listen to it. That’s how we get this word out. And also how people can be inspired by someone like today’s guest, Jeanieva Faith. So, after this message here’s Jeanieva.

Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.

All right, BE IT listener. Ah, I’m so excited. I met Jeanieva on a random panel podcast. Like I was late to that podcast, by the way. So just another thing that you can be a little bit late, a little bit messy and great things to come out of it. But Joanna Vargas who was our first guest on the BE IT pod, had me on her Get Up Girl podcast and I meet Jeanieva and because I was late I had no idea who she was. (Lesley laughs) I was just listening to her. And that’s what’s so fun. Like it’s okay to show up late to a room and just sit and listen and be an observer because you will hear and meet some amazing people. And so Jeanieva, I’m so excited to have you on the podcast. Can you tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Jeanieva Faith 6:56
Hi, I am so super excited to be here as well. Thank you. My name is Jeanieva. I’m a Reiki Master Teacher. I’ve been practicing Reiki since 2016. I recently opened up an LLC called Tales from the Stripped to incorporate different healing modalities. I do Reiki, I also do heartbreak mentoring slash breakup coaching. (Lesley: That’s so cool) And yeah, and like da… dance classes to just bring out like, your inner sexy and confidence. So it’s just uh …

Lesley Logan 7:35
Okay, (Jeanieva: just) that I had no idea and that … Okay, so Monica Linda, who also knows Joanna. I don’t know if you know a, Monica. She lives in LA as well. (Jeanieva: Not yet) Oh, you got to meet Monica. You just have to. So Monica is also on the podcast. And she just sent me pictures of myself. I don’t sorry, listeners I’m make this about me for a second. She sent me pictures of myself. I didn’t know her at the time. But it was probably like 2018 as of the Bliss Prodrick… Bliss Project. And I was like really kind of embarrassed to be in this class. It was like a sexy workout. And I was like, “I don’t dance. I definitely like I’m like, like a robot like Elaine in (Lesley laughs) Seinfeld, like how I dance.” And she was going through some pictures for Lori Harder. And she sends me these pictures. And I was like, “Oh my God, who is that girl?” I was so nervous. No one would ever think that about me. But I was so nervous that I was trying really hard to like act as if and I was just like, “Oh, I don’t even know how to act sexy.” … So, I was I saw these pictures of myself dancing this room. And I was not being it till I mean, I was trying but like I’ve just a different person. So the fact that you’ve teach people how to do that. I just want to dive into a little bit how did you start teaching when do that? And like what did you see happen when they like, found that inner sexy? Like what did you discover?

Jeanieva Faith 8:50
Um, well, how I started teaching people to do that is I actually was a dancer for 11 months, about 10 years ago. And while … (Lesley and Jeanieva laughs) (Lesley: I love it so much.) I have a very colorful, colorful past that led me to where I am today. And I am so grateful for all of it. So while I was there, the whole experience I was like, “I’m going to write about this. I am here because I need to do something with this information.” And it was such a such a beautiful experience and it you know there were not great aspects of it, of course, but also I because like you like you were saying like you feel like you know you don’t know how to dance. But really I bet that you do. I bet you know I bet it’s in there because like that’s how I felt like I always thought that I was awkward. My sister is a brilliant and beautiful choreographer and like she got it all. I always joke like, ” She got it all.” (Lesley: Right, right) (Lesley and Jeanieva laughs) There was there was absolutely none left for me.

Lesley Logan 10:00
Right. The genetic pool of dancing went to one sibling only, and that was that there was like no more left to give, which, when you say out loud, it’s like kind of hilarious. It’s like, that’s not even how genetics work. (Lesley and Jeanieva laughs)

Jeanieva Faith 10:12
I know. So I found that like, holy macaroni, like, I can dance. Like, I can, like, I was able to tap into this inner goddess, I guess. And if I was able to do it, the girl who was super awkward, or who believed she was super awkward, then anybody can do it. So it’s just, it’s really nice to have groups of women in here, or maybe even one on one, to just, you know, have them be like, “I don’t feel sexy at all. I don’t know how to dance at all.” And it’s like, “That’s okay, we’re just going to turn on music that makes you feel good. And we’re just going to play, we’re just going to play” and just to watch these women transform is so beautiful, and so fun. And what I like to do to make their experience authentic, is, you know, like, sometimes I’ll change the lighting, I have a strobe light, like, I’ll have like, some Prosecco or something just to really get them to, to feel into it, to feel into their sexy.

Lesley Logan 11:17
And what have like, like, what have they said afterwards? Like, is there been any, any transformations? Anything that they’re like, “Oh my God,” like, can you tell me because I’m like, maybe I need to turn on my lights off and turn a strobe light on and turn on some Lady Gaga and get my dance on. (Lesley laughs)

Jeanieva Faith 11:32
Um, I, the feedback that I get was, “I felt really good. I feel really good. I got I went home to my husband, and he noticed the difference. Or the next day, like I went to work, and I just felt sexy. And I just felt confident.” So, it’s mostly that which to me is, “Wow! Which is exactly what create and do for these women.”

Lesley Logan 11:56
Yeah, that’s beautiful. Okay, so for the listener who is like, “What in the world is Reiki?” Can you tell us a little bit about that and and kind of dive into what they can do for someone because I, I’ve told people to go do Reiki, I think someone was like, “Can I practice on you?” But actually, I couldn’t define it. I’d have to look it up. So can you tell us a little bit about Reiki and like what you do?

Jeanieva Faith 12:22
Yes, absolutely. So Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality based on the principle that the practitioner can transfer, lifeforce energy into a client. And it really helps with, you know, cleansing energy, I like to describe it best to people who aren’t really familiar with it is like an energetic toothpaste. Just like how you brush your teeth. And, you know, you’re just kind of cleansing all the gunk away. That’s how I describe Reiki …

Lesley Logan 12:52
It’s so cool. (Jeanieva laughs) That’s a really great description of it. So wait, it’s Japanese … Like, how did you, like did someone give you like, how did you go, “I … to study Reiki?” Like, did you know it your whole life? Like, what was that like?

Jeanieva Faith 13:06
Well, I knew I wanted to do something in the healing arts. My grandma was a incredible intuitive. And I had, you know, very keen intuition as well. And I remember being younger and thinking, I would love to do something with this. How can I, how wonder like, “How I could make this a job?” You know, I always wondered that. And I think it was about like 2014 when I met someone who was a Reiki Master, and she ended up being my teacher, but at that point, I had no idea, I had no idea what it was. I was you know, like, “That’s weird. Okay.” And that …

Yeah. I think and … be like, “Hmm. Really gunk your like toothpaste off, the gunk off my body. (Lesley laughs)

Yeah, like you’re gonna like toothpaste, my spirit. What? (Lesley laughs) So, so then, like I saw, like, you know, good old Facebook. I saw a friend from high school was like she was looking for people to practice Reiki on because she was studying Reiki and I’m like, “Huh, this is interesting.” And during that time, I was going through something where I was feeling emotionally constipated. I’m a crier. I cry all the time. That’s how I, you know, I feel I feel things to free things. And I was so stressed that I could not cry and I’m like, “What in the world?” Like, I need to cry, and I could not. So I’m like, “Well, maybe Reiki can help. It’s free. Let’s see what it can do for me.” And I was hooked. I thought that maybe it would release emotions and I would cry. I didn’t cry, but it felt like I had cried. I was (Lesley: ohhh) so free. I was so like, like, like, a relaxed or rejuvenated or I can’t even think of the right word right now but I was like, I need to learn …

Lesley Logan 15:00
It’s whelmed, it’s that whole thing. Like, that’s that word that doesn’t exist. We’re overwhelmed or underwhelmed, but we’re never whelmed but like sometimes when I can’t figure out how I feel, “It’s like it’s because I just feel whelmed.” (Lesley laughs) (Jeanieva: I love that.) I’ve been sent the TikToks on this, y’all. That’s it people know, I’m like, “No, that wasn’t mine but that’s exactly how I believe.” I know what you mean that’s kind of how I felt when I did my first Pilates class. Like, I was just like, “I feel muscles. I didn’t feel, I feel like this. I felt these things, but I felt like I meditated, but I didn’t.” And it’s a little hard to describe and like, you know, takes up some time. Okay, so, I do think that you should have a definition on your website, like, “Reiki toothpaste for your soul.” I think that’s … our spirit. But okay, so what were you doing before you became a Reiki instructor? Because I, I was a jewelry store girl. Who was like,” Can I be a Pilates instructor?” So like, what were you doing before? Can you share that with us?

Jeanieva Faith 16:00
I was an Instructional Assistant for Arcadia Unified School District in the special education department. And …

Lesley Logan 16:07
Woah, so like nothing in the healing arts. (Jeanieva: Nothing) So when you when you had this like experience where you just were like, “I felt like I cried, but I didn’t have to cry… I didn’t cry” like you felt this experience. Like, when did you go, “I want to learn this to teach it.” And then what was that ne… what was that like?

Jeanieva Faith 16:26
Immediately, immediately, I was like, “I need, I need to learn how to do this.” And then it was the next day where I contacted the the friend that I met. And I was because I knew that that she taught it and I was like, “Okay, how do I get started?” And it was, I hit the ground running.

Lesley Logan 16:43
That is super cool. That is so cool. What I love… So maybe, was there any part of you that was like, “I can’t do this.” So there any part of you that’s like, “No, this doesn’t make sense or like who am I to do this?”

Jeanieva Faith 16:57
Oh, yeah, totally, you know, I, I didn’t give myself a lot of time to process it. Like I said, I just hit the ground running. And once you take your second level, you can start practicing. And I remember being there in my class, and we were finishing up and she said, “Okay, we’re going to order your business cards.” And, and I’m like, “But I don’t even want, I don’t even know what I’m going to call my business.” And she’s like, “Your Reiki by Jeanieva for now. You can think about it later because if you think of it… because if you think about it, you’re not going to do it. Like you’re going to spend so much time thinking of this creative name and you’re just not going to dive in.” So right then and there, we ordered the business cards, and I’ve been Reiki by Jeanieva ever since.

Lesley Logan 17:38
I’m obsessed with this person. I freaking love it. Your to… 100% right. If you think about it, you’re never like, that’s insane. That’s so because we we almost if we give air oxygen to that thought it like, it like takes a life of its own. And so she’s like, “No, we’re just ordering your cards right now, you’re just going to be this, this is fine.” And that is like it’s that messy action. It’s that doing it scared. That’s really, really cool. So okay, so you’ve been doing this for five years. (Lesley laughs) And you weren’t even given a moment to go, “Hmmm. Maybe I can do this.” So, like what did aside from ordering your business cards before you’re like even knew what your name was going to be? What was some other things that came up from like, stepping into this Reiki Master? Like, because that I imagined like because you’re supposed to, as a Reiki Master your your toothpasting the spirits (Lesley laughs) to people. But like, what did you have to do to make sure that you felt strong and confident in doing that? Because you kind of have to be in your own, like two feet to do to take energy from people, right? Or to clean their energy.

Jeanieva Faith 18:46
Right. Right. And there were times when I started and I just I wasn’t really guarding my, and protecting my own energy. So I’d have a client and I’d feel sick. And there were times where I’m like, “I don’t know if I could do this. I don’t know if I could get sick every time I practice Reiki on someone,” which was interesting. And there were I think what I did was really dive deep into my my spirituality or I let my spirituality evolved. I grew up very Christian and and there’s no deity attached to to Reiki. And so I really had to like, let like let other things in. And what I did one time and this is an interesting story. Maybe it’s a little bit too out there. But my friend facilitated a shamanic drum circle, shamanic journey. (Lesley: Cool) And I was like, “Cool. Well, I’m a you know Reiki practitioner now. Let’s just dive deep into the weirdness.” Cool … (Lesley laughs) (Lesley: I’ve been there) So you know, so, so I went on a journey and this you know, this is you know, people always ask like, “Well, did you take anything” and no, that wasn’t anything like that at all. And I, I met my spirit animal, and he was a deer. And the deer told me, “You have everything you need and punched me in the chest.” (Lesley and Jeanieva laughs)

Lesley Logan 20:12
That’s so funny.

Jeanieva Faith 20:14
In so, in my office, I have deer stuff everywhere. And so I just had to remind myself, “Constantly, you have everything that you need, you have everything that you need, you wouldn’t have been, this desire in your heart would not have been given to you if you didn’t have everything you need.” And just kind of being on a mental diet of when a negative thought comes in, or when I feel like, “I can’t do it.” There … there’s a balance of like, “Okay, you feel like shit today. I’m going to honor that, but you’re not going to stay there.” So, you know, just to kind of have that like, “I’m, I’m not good enough.” And then you know, the other thought of “Nope, you’ve got everything you need just kind of whisking it away.” So kind of a mental diet. I guess.

Lesley Logan 20:58
That’s really cool because that that helps you I’m sure that whole thing helped you in your healing people. And you’re like, “Oh, I’m sick” and your brains like, “Well, you have everything you need.” And you’re like, “Oh, like you don’t have to keep this sitting here. We don’t have to stay with this, like we can let (Jeanieva: Yeah) this pass through us as well.” Okay, because our listeners are probably like what is a spirit animal. I have a spirit. I, the crow is my spirit animal. And I’ll tell you that story about. (Jeanieva: Oh) Yeah, but so that’s just like, can we kind of like do a little like, one-o-one on what a spirit animal is, for those listening. (Lesley laughs) (Jeanieva: So what would you… I …) I mean to me like I think spirit animals just kind of like, it’s not like a like a guardian angel of anything like that. But it just kind of like whenever I like, okay, this is how I discovered my spirit animal. I had this random client when I was learning to teach Pilates. It was such a weird, like, she still pops up in my life. And if she’s listening, “Hi, Sue, you’re amazing.” But I was on my way to teach her. And I’m driving from Venice to Beverly Hills, which if you lived in LA, like no one does that. And I had to do it every day. And then I had to drive from Beverly Hills to Santa Monica (Lesley laughs) (Jeanieva: Oh my God) to go to work, but I was wanting to become a Pilates instructor and these crows which LA is covered in crows, as you know, Jeanieva like they’re big, they’re beasts like and there’s no crows in Vegas, which is a little sad for me. But anyways, these crows like this “Murder of Crows” that’s what they’re called, flew in front of my car, like in front of my car. And I was like driving I was like, “Oh man, I’m gonna hit these crows.” And then then they flew up and then one circled back. I’m not even kidding. And I almost like I almost ran it over with my I’m like, “Oh my God, why are you doing this?” Like why would, no bird dives in front of a car, right? And no crow was hurt in this moment. But when I was really shook up about it, like the whole drive I’m like, “that was just the weirdest experience.” Which is also so weird because it’s like how often have you driven in a bird is like almost flown in like I don’t worry about like, I don’t know why but that just really shook me up. Lady Gaga song was playing “Just Dance” which is like my favorite song. I the only time I’ve ever discovered an artist I knew about her before she on the radio. I felt really good about myself. So anyways, listen to that song. This crow thing happens and I get to her and she’s like, “Are you okay?” I was like, “I’m just really weirded out by these crows that like dive bomb my car and like tried to like you know I don’t know what they were trying to do but they really scared me.” And she goes, “Oh, I think like maybe the crow is like your spirit animal just kind of show up, that that’s what it is.” And it’s it’s really interesting thing the crow a lot of people think is like not so good but it’s like a really good spirit animal to have. (Jeanieva: Yeah, yeah.) Yeah. So whenever I see a crow whatever thought I’m having I’m like, “Oh noted. That’s good… like we’re on the path.” Or (Lesley laughs) so I would just say like I think like a spirit animals almost like a guide or just like a reminder that like something is happening for you.

Jeanieva Faith 23:53
Yes, absolutely. That’s how I feel spirit animals are as well if I see a deer, a deer image or you know deer in real life. Like I’m like okay, like I’m I’m watched over. I’m on the right path. (Lesley: Yeah) And I love I love that crow is your spirit animal because they’re one of my favorite creatures and in that journey. Crow was there also and crow said, “Why do you doubt your magic?” So … (Lesley: Oh, chills) I know me too. (Jeanieva laughs)

Lesley Logan 24:20
Wow, y’all just so you know. No, we had there’s not a question in my podcast thing like, “What’s your spirit animal?” I had no idea that we would talk about crows today. (Lesley and Jeanieva laughs) Gosh, okay, so that’s really cool. I think that so many people could really learn a lot from that because even though those are our spirit animals and even though yours told you you have everything that you need and the crow came and said “why would you doubt your magic?” Like everyone can take that with them like you could like you know like if you don’t want to go through a shaman situation, or have a crow dive by, dive bomb your car, you could literally take those two sayings with you. And like, kind of embody those. Okay, so I want to know, you know, I know you tried to do Reiki because you were just feeling a little stuck emotionally or you, I like that you said constipated. That’s really funny. But I, I’m wondering like, why would people seek out Reiki and like, what can it help them do because I do think that so often people get in their own way, emotionally versus actually physically. Like, as we said, we have everything we need. I think any person listening to this could be it till they see it. But there are things that get in our way. And one of those could be an emotional block. So can you tell me a little bit more about that?

Jeanieva Faith 25:37
Yeah, I think a lot of clients, a lot of clients come in, because they’re feeling overwhelmed. They’re feeling stressed, a lot of them come in, after experiencing a breakup, a heartache, things where they’re just completely stressed out, or they can’t focus. So that’s the stuff that they come to me with mostly, and then there’s people who have physical ailments as well. And Reiki really can help with that, you know, it’s energetic toothpaste that knows where to go and can, you know, shed some healing light wherever it needs to be. So mostly people come in here because they’re feeling stressed. But a lot of times, it’s because they’re feeling pain on the, on the physical level, on the emotional level. So usually, they leave here feeling lighter. I love when they come back. I love when they’ll call me just to tell me, “I feel so good. Or I was able to do that. And I didn’t think I was able to do that before.” It’s just so, it’s so fulfil… It’s so yeah, it’s so fulfilling. It feels really, really good.

Lesley Logan 26:45
I, I, I understand that. I would… So when you when you do do Reiki … well the co… pandemic, were you doing Reiki via zoom? Like, do you have to be in person to do Reiki? What’s the situation?

Jeanieva Faith 26:57
No, not at all, we can definitely do distant Reiki and that’s what I was doing during the pandemic, was distant Reiki. And before you know, like, you know, when I was learning it, you do it on the phone, you call the client, they tell you what they’re you know, needing from you. You make sure that they’re in a safe, quiet, peaceful place. You give them Reiki for 45 minutes, and then you call them and see what they felt on their end. And then I didn’t tell them what I felt on my end. And a lot of times, it really just connects like, they’ll be like, “I felt a tingles on my crown chakra. I felt tingling on my head.” And I’ll be like, “Yeah, your head is totally where my like, hands like cut the warmest.”So yeah, it works, it works distantly works. You know, you know, of course in person, a lot of people like the experience of coming in here and having the aromatherapy. But when we weren’t able to do that, distant Reiki works just the same.

Lesley Logan 27:59
That’s cool. I’m glad that it’s possible. I mean, I imagine that and we talked a little bit about on Joanna Vargas’s podcast, but I imagine that with a pandemic, it really did require some creativity. On (Jeanieva: Yeah) on your end, as much as many other people’s um, you know, as we’re as we’re currently recording this, y’all, it’s October. So, or September, it’s September still, oops, let’s not skip to two more days. But um, you know, we’re 20 months into this, and there’s been so much that you’ve probably had to go on a rollercoaster ride with your business and like what you want, and I’m just wondering, like, what you’re what you’re kind of excited about right now. What you’re contemplating? Like, what is your next step with everything?

Jeanieva Faith 28:44
Well, I am seeing a clients in person, still, but you know, not as many because we are still in a pandemic. And I’m still being careful. I still have children in my world who can’t get vaccinated yet. But I am I’m excited. I’m excited to you know, do the classes again, you know, the dance classes and more virtual sessions. And also, I really want to create an online class for, you know, Reiki one, Reiki two and you know, Reiki master, or at least want to start with Reiki one, because I know a lot of clients really want to learn it. And I’m just not ready to spend that much time in an enclosed space with someone (Lesley: Right) which is, okay. So if I can do that, if I can do that online, that would be fantastic. And also create a program for healing through a breakup. So those are the things that I’m working on right now that I’m super excited about.

Lesley Logan 29:38
That’s so cool. That’s really so okay, I wanted to talk about the healing through after a breakup because I think I know when I when I broke up with my, my ex before my husband, it was freeing in a lot of ways and I had a lot of friends who like “what is wrong,” they’re like, they thought I lost my mind. Like, “No, this is I’m great.” Like, I don’t have a house and I have a car. I’m couchsurfing, the studio I rented closed. But don’t worry, I’m like the universe has just taken away what I don’t need to take with me. Right? Like, that’s how I was. But I also know that that’s not normal for a lot of people to see breakups as like a positive. So, when people are struggling with a breakup, what do you see that… How do you see that affect their lives negatively? And like, what is your goal, helping them heal through it?

Jeanieva Faith 30:29
A lot of times, they’re very, it’s very shocking, sometimes like, it’s, it’s very scary. And, and so painful sometimes, you know, like, I’ve had, I’ve had experiences like yours, where I’m like, I know that this is a good thing. And then I’ve had experiences where that have absolutely crushed me to my core. (Lesley: Oh) So you know, usually when people are seeking my help, it’s because like, they have been crushed to the core. And sometimes they don’t have, you know, there’s a lot of well meaning friends and family, they mean, well, but they’re not gentle. You know, it’s like … (Lesley laughs)

Lesley Logan 31:09
… I love … I think that is the best way to phrase that. “They mean well, but they’re not gentle.” (Lesley laughs)

Jeanieva Faith 31:15
Yeah. “Are you still crying over him? or “He ain’t shit.” Like, why are you like, you know, like, and which is all true, he might be garbage. But, you know, you’re, you’re still mourning him. And that’s okay. So what I want to create is a safe space to process it. (Lesley: Yeah) You know, feel it until you free it, you don’t have to rush yourself to be over it, you know, because he did a bad thing to you, or because she did a bad thing to you. You can feel all your emotions. And I’m that gentle person who will listen to you, and love you through the process. And a lot of times, that’s all that somebody really needs. Because, you know, your friends and family don’t want to see you hurting. And like I said, they mean well, but they’re, you know, saying things like, “Are you still crying about it? Or get over it? Or he’s not worth it.” Or, you know, things like that. And it puts pressure on the person going through the heartbreak because they’re like, “Well, why aren’t I over it yet? Why am I still crying about it?” And then they’re struggling to move through it when they’re not quite ready so it’s creating a resistance. And then therefore, the process, the healing process takes longer.

Lesley Logan 32:24
Yeah, and then that’s just so much harder for them to show up in other areas of their life. Because we cannot compartmentalize like ourselves as much as we think we can. You know, it’s like, “Oh, I’ll just put that emotion over here on my shoulder and I’ll show up for work and I’ll be awesome, courageous.” No, that that shoulder is gonna bother you. (Lesley laughs)

Jeanieva Faith 32:43
So yeah, (Lesley: … back to. ) Yeah, I’ve been I’ve, you know, long, long time ago, I remember being at work. And I’m like, I have to go to the bathroom and like laying in the fetal position, like on the floor, because I had I had nobody to talk to about it, that would understand it. And you’re absolutely right. We cannot … (Jeanieva laughs) compartmentalize.

Lesley Logan 33:05
Yeah, it’s okay. I struggle with lots of words. (Lesley laughs) That’s hard. But yeah, we can’t.

Jeanieva Faith 33:12
Yeah, so, just to have just having a safe place for someone to process their emotions is what I like to be, you know, my tagline is, you know, “A safe space to bare your soul and, and heal your heart and tell your story.” Like this is this is the space that I’ve created is is safe.

Lesley Logan 33:32
That is so freakin’ beautiful. You are amazing. You’re like, (Jeanieva: Thank you) it’s like a well of like a like amazing transformation. So we can (Jeanieva: Thank you) we can get, we can get our soul toothbrushed and we can (Jeanieva laughs) … we can learn to dance sexy and show up confidently. And also we can overcome those. It’s so we’ve we’ve talked about this before on a couple episodes like Tina Tang, and she was talking about her going through divorce. And like what to say and like what not to say and then Danielle Pascente was on and she talked about how like family, you think they’re gonna be the most supportive people in your life and they, not on purpose, they’re just not. (Lesley laughs) (Jeanieva: Yeah) They’re just not. So I think it’s really awesome that there are people like you in the world that we can reach and then also people our listeners can reach you from anywhere because you do it virtually. Okay, Jeanieva where can they follow you? Where can they become a master Reiki instructor from you or heal through a breakup, dance with you? What do you got going on?

Jeanieva Faith 34:30
You can find me on Instagram on @jeanievafaithofficial. And on my website or they go to the exact same place. So (Lesley: Perfect) there … Yeah, there you can book your book your sessions or contact me. All my information is there.

Lesley Logan 34:49
You’re amazing. That will all be in the show notes everyone and please follow her and let her know about this podcast what you took away from it but before then, okay, so we ask everyone. What bold, executable, intrinsic, targeted or targetable (Lesley laughs) (see can’t do words) tips you have for prioritizing ourselves? Like, what what do we got from you?

Jeanieva Faith 35:14
Prioritize yourself? Yes, I think we talked about before that before the show started or is about loving yourself, self love. But that’s, that’s easier said than done. (Lesley: Yeah) So I think that something that my Reiki teacher told me, um, that I think about often. Oh, I have so many little like, little gems that I use. But what she said was, “I don’t give a fuck is where all the magic happens.” And I think that encompasses a lot, showing up as yourself authentically is going to get you, the people that you want, the clients that you want, and to the place that you want. Because people can tell like, when you’re not being authentic, so to not be afraid to, to live authentically and to show up authentically, because that’s where the magic happens.

Lesley Logan 36:05
Ah, I love that that no one has said you got to like it to not don’t give a fuck. So by without without fucks to give or however you, that’s amazing. I think that’s true, I think because we tend to like, think we got to put ourselves together in a certain way we end up just not being authentic and then we we actually care what people think. But if we let go of that we can actually just show up as our authentic selves and like take it or leave it and that’s okay, if you don’t want to take this. Yeah. (Jeanieva: Yeah) Jeanieva, this is so fun. It’s so great to get to talk with you. And also thank you for answering all of my questions. I really have always wanted to know (Lesley laughs) more about this. Everyone, here’s what you need to do. We are this podcast grows because of you and our guests, come on because of how amazing and lovely you are to them by taking a screenshot of this. Post it on Instagram, tag @be_it_pod and also tag @jeanievafaithofficial with your takeaway. What did you take from this? Are you going to use the tips she gave. And how are you going to use it, we want to hear about it. And it also really helps other people find this podcast. So thank you for doing that in advance. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast! One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over at the @be_it_pod on Instagram! I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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