How to Curate a Wardrobe That Reflects Your Best Self

Ep. 317 with Lesley & Brad

“It’s okay to find a wardrobe that makes you feel your absolute best.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Delving into how fashion can significantly influence confidence and self-expression, Brad and Lesley recap the interview with Jessica Papineau, founder of CSJ Styling Company. They explore her philosophy of “get up, suit up, and show up in your power,” her take on wardrobe functionality, and the psychology of dressing well. The conversation covers practical advice on wardrobe management and the emotional impact of our clothing choices.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How your clothing choices can affect your confidence and self-perception.
  • How to focus on pieces that mix and match well to create a versatile wardrobe.
  • Insights on selecting steps that align with your overall aspirations.
  • Strategies for aligning your wardrobe and simplifying fashion choices.

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Lesley Logan: Y’all, it is not superficial to do things that make you feel like the person you want to feel like, if it helps you show up as the person you believe you are and want to be in this life. It’s not harmful to other people. So why does it matter?


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 1:08
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad and I, are going to dig into the transformative convo I have with Jessica Papineau in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now go back and listen that one and then come back and join us.

Brad Crowell 1:24
Do it.

Lesley Logan 1:24
Or just listen to this one. And the goal is now but you’re gonna listen to both because you are a Be It Till You See It listener and you listen to everything.

Brad Crowell 1:31
What a transformative convo. I mean, really inspiring. Amazing. Not only is she a sweetheart, she’s also a badass.

Lesley Logan 1:39
She’s a badass. Her app is probably out as we speak. So like she’s just she’s really, she has I love that this is right after like Monica Lynda, these two women are like they just don’t stop. They keep going. They believe so much in what they do they just keep going. And you guys like we’ll get into the interview in a second. But can I just say if you don’t believe in your own shit, no one else is going to Okay? Like maybe your mama. But like not Monica’s mama. So like, you know, so like

Brad Crowell 2:12
I don’t think, I don’t think Jessica’s mama either.

Lesley Logan 2:15
Yeah, no, no, actually. So no, probably not your mama.

Brad Crowell 2:19
Probably not your mama.

Lesley Logan 2:21
No offense to moms out there. Because there’s some really epic like evolve moms who listen to this show. But like the other, the older moms. Anyways. Today is January 18th 2024. And it’s National Gourmet Coffee Day.

Brad Crowell 2:35
That’s right.

Lesley Logan 2:35
National Gourmet Coffee Day is celebrated on the 18th every year. While all kinds of coffee are what dreams are made of, gourmet coffee is something exceptional. And the quality and consistency of gourmet coffee are distinct from your regular cup of Joe and the secret lies in its beans and creations. Can we just say there are some gourmet coffee that is out of my price range. And we experienced that in Singapore.

Brad Crowell 2:58
When we were in Singapore.

Lesley Logan 3:00
We went to (inaudible). And we went to I was like finally it’s open. We’re gonna go. We’ve been watching this place being built for years, you guys, it was being built before the pandemic it’s being built after the pandemic. And so we went and it’s beautiful like we’re talking like they spent millions on this store. It is, the storefront is stunning.

Brad Crowell 3:19
Stunning. Yes it’s beautiful.

Lesley Logan 3:20
May still be dripping in gold. And actually this is in line with last week’s episode. Not only is their decor stunning and luxury, it matches their prices. I was like oh what (inaudible) non dairy milk do you have? And they said we don’t have milk here. And so that’s how gourmet their coffee is. There’s no milk.

Brad Crowell 3:37
There’s no milk.

Lesley Logan 3:38
And the coffee was $100 for a cup of coffee.

Brad Crowell 3:43
But the most expensive cup of coffee was $142 Singapore. Yes. Which is like more than $100 U.S.

Lesley Logan 3:50
Yes. And then there was another cup that was 80 something and the lowest was still like 50.

Brad Crowell 3:55
And it wasn’t even like the you know the, drawing blank on it right now. But what’s the one?

Lesley Logan 4:01

Brad Crowell 4:02
No, the one where they poop it out?

Lesley Logan 4:06
Oh, the poopy one was the $80 one.

Brad Crowell 4:08
No, that was 132. That wasn’t the most expensive 142 was something else and it was like grown when wine like stems I don’t remember anyway. Yeah, mind blown. Pretty insane. National Gourmet Coffee Day.

Lesley Logan 4:20
Brad me because he had no idea what was happening. And I was like ah so so that gourmet coffee somebody will buy from you someday but I am not there yet. It’s not where I’m spending my money and know how I said that.

Brad Crowell 4:34
It’s not how we’re spending our money however there are amazing local coffee shops here in town that really do an incredible job and (inaudible) and I’m sure there are similar places near you.

Lesley Logan 4:45
So I’m going to shout out to our favorite gourmet coffee places in Las Vegas they haven’t asked and they’re not sponsoring, but we can talk about it. Bungalow Coffee is where I like to work. Vesta Coffee, our neighbors own that one. We’ve talked about them before and congrat they just opened their fourth location yesterday. Third and fourth location. And Mothership Coffee is where we actually get our beans to make our coffee at home.

Brad Crowell 5:06

Lesley Logan 5:06
So go support a gourmet coffee place in your neighborhood because you want to know something you guys?

Brad Crowell 5:11
You want to know something?

Lesley Logan 5:13
Your locally owned coffee shops actually, that money, almost all of it goes actually back into the community because the people that they hire live in the community. And the money that is made usually goes back into it. So go support your locally-owned coffee shops.

Brad Crowell 5:30
Do it.

Lesley Logan 5:32
Okay, before we get into Jessica’s interview, eLevate starts in like two weeks.

Brad Crowell 5:36

Lesley Logan 5:37
I know, round four. I’m so excited. These women are just epic. So if you are a Pilates teacher who is interested in mentorship with me. You can see if there’s spots left in 2024. Once this kicks off, that’s over, and it will be only 2025. We already have like more than half the spots reserved for 2025. So you don’t want to wait to reserve your spot. If you want to find out if it’s right for you, you can just reach out and go to and you can get more information. We are two weeks-ish, three weeks, I think, three weeks away from Agency Mini Number 10 fitness instructors, Pilates instructors, pretty much anyone in the service-based business. It’s our seven-day coaching program. Our dog does stretch so cute. So cute. It was adorable, August. Anyways, we usually offer it two times a year, but this year we’re unsure. So we’re definitely offering the 10th one, and it starts on February 11th. And you want to sign up because you guys, our seven-day coaching program is like $67 or less depending on when you sign up for it. So just saying

Brad Crowell 6:52
It’s kind of a no-brainer.

Lesley Logan 6:53
It really is. It’s seven days of us (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 6:55
Even if you can’t make everything live like you should do it anyway. Because, duh.

Lesley Logan 6:59
Yeah. Duh. And we are getting really close to the barrels deck presale, really close. I mean, it’s a couple of months away, but I’m talking about it now because of a bunch on the waitlist. Because only those on the waitlist get the best deal.

Brad Crowell 7:13
Wait just a heads up. We’re, this exact moment, today, right now, we’ve been sharing information about our Cambodia trip coming up, but only to the people on the waitlist.

Lesley Logan 7:24
So the wait lists are where you want to be.

Brad Crowell 7:27
Yeah. If you’re interested in joining us in Cambodia later this year, and you want to get the early bird, go to right now. Right now. Drop your email in and you’ll get information on what is happening, that is only going to be happening for like another week. And then we’ll close the earlybird on that.

Lesley Logan 7:50
Yeah. And so then everyone pays full price.

Brad Crowell 7:52
Yep. But the barrels deck is coming out in like, a couple months, and then it’ll be shipping in the summer.

Lesley Logan 7:59
Yeah, well, here’s what here’s where we’re at with that one. Just a little peek behind the curtain. So Contrology is my favorite Pilates brand. And if you ever want to buy it or anything from Balanced Body, I got a discount code. So just ask the team. At any rate, they are coming out with their spine corrector. And I have been waiting for this, I’ve been kind of stalling on this fifth deck because I need this barrel and it’s coming out this month. And then I can do the photo shoot. And so we’re basically waiting on the photo shoot for this deck, we have, we’re going through the editing process. And once we have the photos, then we can double-check that the right photos as well as right cards. And then we go through the pre stuff and all that things anyways, the pre-sale will come up and once when the pre-sale goes, ends, that means we hit print on that deck. And the people that are in the pre-sale price get the best deal ever they’ll ever, ever have on this deck, because they’re going to wait three months for this to print. And so we like to reward them. So you’re gonna just chat with the team at to get on that barrel stack. Before we get into Jessica’s interview, we always answer one of your questions. And so we have an audience question from you guys. We’ve been saving for this episode. Brad, what is that question?

Brad Crowell 9:07
Yeah, so hi, help. I am short-staffed and I need teachers. Yesterday. They said ASAP. I said yesterday. What should I do?

Lesley Logan 9:18
Yeah. Oh my God, I feel for you.

Brad Crowell 9:20
This is tough.

Lesley Logan 9:20
I used to. I actually used to run nine studios. One time I took over a studio that was doing terribly. And I took it over. And it had 14 teachers and within one week of me taking it over. They were like Lesley, what are you doing? You’ve lost 10 teachers and I’m like, yep, yes, I did.

Brad Crowell 9:39
Get them the f out of here.

Lesley Logan 9:40
They shouldn’t be here. They’re actually stealing from you. So they’re gone. And we it’s just me and three other teachers and within 80 days, I had that studio hitting its goals and I’d hired more teachers and when I left that studio, I had 14 teachers and it was making $50,000 in 400 square feet. So here’s the deal. You are probably going to be doing all the wrong things right now. The first, the first thing you really need to be doing is, if your watching this in real time, sign up for Agency Mini, we need to help you with your systems. As many things as possible need to be organized. Because when you bring someone in, you’re not going to have the time you want to train them properly. And if you don’t train them properly, you will lose them quickly. So you need to work on your systems.

Brad Crowell 10:29
That means the systems have to be in place before you train them.

Lesley Logan 10:32
Yes. And I know you need them yesterday, and you’re losing money, you’re gonna lose more money, because teachers do not grow on trees. And this goes for any kind of business. You have to have systems in life and you should have hired earlier. And I know you’re like duh, Lesley. But no, seriously, most people wait to hire people.

Brad Crowell 10:49
Till they’re already past the need for it and there’s drowning.

Lesley Logan 10:53
Yeah, and they’re drowning. And then you like have emergencies happen, people move, people have, like, people have medical emergency and you lose teachers. So systems are really, really key. And then the next thing that’s really important is getting right with yourself and your vision. Because I don’t want you hiring anyone whose goals don’t somewhere intersect with yours.

Brad Crowell 11:11
Both of these things have nothing to do with actually the act of going and finding and hiring a teacher. They’re prepping you for that step. Because then when you bring on the right person, to meet your team to be your team, that is going to help create stability, longevity, excitement from your clients it’s gonna be the right match, and presumably, that sets you up to have a great relationship with that teacher and they’re gonna stick around.

Lesley Logan 11:39
Yeah, but if you skip these steps, you could have the most amazing people dropped in your lap, and you’ll lose them. And also then go back to last week’s recap episode, we talked about getting new clients, same information, because you still have to get out there. And so that means that you have to take some things off your plate. And that might mean postponing some goals. And that’s gonna suck. But you got to create time for this. So if you can sign up for Agency Mini now we actually work with tons of studio owners, and also some solo people who end up hiring. And we are really big on hiring before you feel ready. And also, we really work with them on different ways to hire, fire, interview and the whole thing. So I want to help you, I want to pour into you, especially when you’re short-staffed, no one’s pouring into you. And it’s going to feel crazy to slow down, but just slow down to speed up. So yeah, sign up for that and

Brad Crowell 12:34
Go to

Lesley Logan 12:36
And if you don’t want any of that, that’s fine. But please get your systems and your vision in place. (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 12:43
And if you know any studio owners who need Mini, send them that like.

Brad Crowell 12:49
Yeah, or if you’re a teacher join us anyways. Come on in. It’s for everyone. Wait, let’s talk about Jessica Papineau.

Brad Crowell 13:16
All right now let’s talk about Jessica Papineau, founder of CSJ Styling Company and a fashion consultant with over 25 years of experience specializing in transforming women’s wardrobes to boost confidence and self-expression. Her unique upbringing in Buckfield Main shaped Jessica’s view of fashion as a tool for empowerment. Renowned for her skill in creating functional, stylish wardrobes, Jessica helps clients embrace their individuality and beauty. And I think it’s really interesting. She said something that was like she had like a phrase of three words or just like, step in, step out, step up or something like that, where she’s like talking about what she really helps people do. I can’t remember don’t quote me on that. But it was something like that, where she’s really helping empower women to feel their absolute best. With the clothes that they feel confident in that makes them feel they look good.

Lesley Logan 14:20
Well, actually, it leads into what I love. So let’s just talk about what I love. Because she actually said as, as women, we perceive ourselves the way we perceive ourselves as tied to confidence. So if we feel like we look shit, it ruins the whole day, the whole day, it’s messed up and then we start looking at all the things that are wrong with us. And like actually, I’m going to just side note Jenny Schatzel posted today on her Instagram account, she was on the show you guys and I fucking love her Instagram pep talks because she’s got her coffee and just like ladies, stop wearing clothes that are too small. Because when you wear clothes that don’t fit you, you’re telling your body there’s something wrong with it. And so it just feels like so appropriate for this episode because as a woman, the way that we perceive ourselves and our looks is really tied to confidence. And so, what I actually love about what Jessica does, it’s like it’s okay to find a wardrobe that makes you feel your absolute best because then you’re going to do your absolute best when you step out the door and maybe you don’t feel like ready for that job interview, but if you dressed up into this, the person that is ready for that job interview, you become that person. Hello, be it till you see it that’s why she and I are good friends. And so I really really love this because we’re told too often that the clothing is superficial. Makes it superficial. Dr. Celeste Holbrook talked about

Brad Crowell 15:45
What do you mean you’re getting your eyelashes done? Like what what why do you even need a haircut, I can cut your hair?

Lesley Logan 15:50
And and Dr. Celeste Holbrook was talking about the things that we do to prevent harm, right, perceived harm. Y’all, it is not superficial to do things that make you feel like the person you want to feel like, if it helps you show up as the person you believe you are and want to be in this life. It’s not harmful to other people. So why does it matter? You wearing a dress that makes you feel fucking badass harms no one else, doesn’t hurt anyone else. And if anyone goes, oh, my God, you were really overdressed, because they’re a dick. And you’re making them, they’re

Lesley Logan 16:02
They’re feeling insecure.

Lesley Logan 16:27
They’re feeling insecure because you are looking so secure. So and that they need to go to a therapist, that’s not your job to fix their problems. So.

Brad Crowell 16:37
Yeah, I always liked the idea of like, be your best self today. Right? That sounds cute and fun. And like, you know, annoying. But what if you, if you were to be your best self how would your best self set themselves up? Yeah. What were the things be that they would do in order to be their best? Right. Would that be? What if you could scrap your entire morning as it is today and change that? What if you could, you know, be seen? What if you were seen in the morning, right? Many of us now work from home. So it doesn’t really matter, because I’m not on conference calls yet. So I could just whatever the fuck, you know, like you, you know, it changes the perception of you, you know, you change this perception of yourself based on how you dress. And I know this, like the other day, I was about to host a webinar. And a couple of hours prior to the webinar I went and I got ready and changed for the webinar. Because during my prep time, I was I wanted to be on it. Right? I want to be ready for it. Like I have kind of to say like personally, I have like two wardrobes in my closet. One is I don’t give a shit wardrobe. And the other is, I want to look good wardrobe. Right? So I totally got up. And I just threw on what I normally throw on, which is like whatever sweatshirt and a T shirt, didn’t even think about what they actually are, and then shifted that because that changes how I function.

Lesley Logan 18:13
Yeah, well, actually, I love that you brought this up because I have to say it’s good for people to hear a man talk about it. But we would never expect a cross a marathon runner to wear sweatpants and a ratty t shirt. Marathon runners, if you look at elite marathon runners, y’all, they don’t wear a brand new pair of shoes, they wear shoes they run and before that they’ve tested out, they’re wearing specific shorts so that they don’t have chafing. They actually put on you guys they put stuff on their nipples so their nipples don’t rub against their shirt too much and bleed. Like there’s some weird stuff that happens. And we don’t think that’s superficial. They dressed for the race they wanted to have. Putting on the outfits that make you feel on the outside, what you want to feel on the inside is okay. Putting on clothes that make people perceive you on the outside as who you want to be perceived. It’s okay. Because it’s a be it till you see it way and you do show up as your best self. And you know what? You you become that person. You’re a happier person generally, you’re a more confident person. And my goodness, most of you have some badass things you’re out there trying to change the world and I want you to feel fucking confident. I want you dressing like that person so that you go do the things and change the fucking world you’re around stop playing small and wearing clothes that like hide your body. She is she’s awesome. Anyways. I can keep going on. I love her goes to the whole episode. What did you love?

Brad Crowell 19:41
Well, I found it interesting. She threw out this statistic about the amount of clothes that women typically would wear in their wardrobe, which is about 15% is what they’re wearing on a consistent basis. Which I don’t know I’ve never thought about wardrobes, y’all just bought some clothes that look good or don’t look good. Usually, it’s the clothes I buy the ones that look, the clothes that I’m given, or the ones that don’t look good. The turkey trout t-shirt. Why do I still have that? I don’t know. But I do, you know? So like, but basically 15% of women wear their wardrobe. Only 15% of the wardrobe was being worn. Sorry. And

Lesley Logan 20:27
But if only 15% of women wore clothes… (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 20:29
Not what I meant. If, if the common, you know, like theme is like these, this is my, these are my go to’s, and you’re hardly touching the rest of it. You actually like, she talks about how certain clothes in your closet, literally make you feel shame, without understanding it small, too small stuff, stuff that like, you know, is like maybe stuff that’s only for special occasions or stuff that you know, you’re going to fit into someday, she said, take that stuff and move it out of your closet, put it somewhere else, so that you’re not seeing it because you’ll end up beating yourself up. She also talked about how do you buy clothes that fit into your wardrobe. And she talked about her process, which I thought was really cool that she I mean, she’s a stylist, she’s been doing this for 25 years, I didn’t, I didn’t know there was a process for buying clothes. I just thought like, Oh, that’s a cool shirt, I’ll buy it. No, she helps you craft the foundational pieces that fit in your wardrobe that allow you to wear the majority of your wardrobe mix and match those things. And then you have some accent pieces that would go on top of it. So what if you could reverse it and be like, I wear 85% of my wardrobe. And then that 15% is the stuff that I only go out on like a fancy dinner, or like a wedding or whatever, you know, and kind of reversing that. And I thought that was interesting. Because when, imagine being able to walk into your closet, and it doesn’t matter what you put your hand on, you’re like yep, yes. Done. Awesome. Amazing. I know. I’m gonna look good. Because you grew up the top and a bottom that fit.

Lesley Logan 22:08
Yeah, no. And also like, it allows you to stress less. Oh, yeah. Because you can focus on the things that are really, really important. Yeah.

Brad Crowell 22:16
I mean, I used to get upset at me that it doesn’t matter what I pull out. You know, I know I’m going to look good. And for me, I never thought about the way that she’s talking about it. I always thought about it as like, Is this my in my house clothes? Or is this my I’m going out clothes? And so I always just reached to the going out clothes and effectively. I’m gonna grab a top and the bottom of the going out and I’m fine.

Lesley Logan 22:38
Now I upstage you. Last time I wore an outfit from Jessica didn’t people start staring at me and walked down the street. That’s right.

Brad Crowell 22:45
Looking good.

Lesley Logan 22:46
And I actually cleaned out, did a big closet edit because of her and then I when I did that, I realized oh, I could edit this down even more. I know. There’s nothing in the closet which is true, then I’ll go buy the shirts that she keeps saying goodbye.

Brad Crowell 23:00
I have I have the problem with that too. Like I have amassed a collection of clothes that are just kind of like blah, that are the I’m not gonna go out clothes and they’re just taking up too much space. It’s time I don’t really need to have, you know, five gray T-shirts. But I have them.

Lesley Logan 23:19
You do you actually have two of the same gray t-shirt.

Brad Crowell 23:21
No. I bought five of the exact same gray T-shirts.

Lesley Logan 23:24
What’s the one with that blue tag. It’s a V-neck.

Brad Crowell 23:26
It’s a V-neck. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And also had those for like 12 years.

Lesley Logan 23:31
Yeah, yeah. Well, that’s gonna go into the Be It Action Items. Um, so let’s move on to that.

Brad Crowell 24:21
All right, now let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Jessica Papineau? She said something that I thought was really cool. She started talking about daily actionable steps that align with one’s ultimate goal. And I thought it was interesting. She tried to narrow it down to three things. Three, right? When we do a brain dump in the morning what ends up happening is we you know if you’re familiar with GTD it’s like a philosophy on getting things done, GTD. The idea in the morning is to get out all of the things so that you’re not trying to mentally hold retain any of that information so that you can use the maximum capacity of your brain to focus on the task that you’re actually working on not use your brain to try to remember shit, right? So you dump it all out, bam, all on a sheet of paper, right? But what ends up happening then, is most people are like, oh, my God, I have 37 things I have to do now. And so you build this epically long list. Right?

Lesley Logan 25:31
You will never get done.

Brad Crowell 25:32
You will never get through it all. And what ends up happening is, you don’t actually let go of those things. So what happens the next day you write down, you know, 36 of the 37, because you really only got one actual thing done yesterday, right? But you still retained it up in your head. And what she’s started to talk about was slowing that down. So that it’s three actionable steps, three things that you can chip away at, or if you need more clients, calling three clients, or going in meeting three people. But what I thought was really cool was, she said they should align with your ultimate goal, right? Imagine, we were just listening to a workshop on this where the host of the, you know, interviewed one of the people on the call, and said, Hey, right, I want you to talk about the your to do list that you just made for yourself today.

Lesley Logan 26:22
They made her read off the whole list.

Brad Crowell 26:24
The whole list, right?

Lesley Logan 26:25
I was impressed that she had the list in front of her.

Brad Crowell 26:27
Well, also that she was willing to read it. Because some of the stuff on there was like, you don’t need to fucking do that. That’s not even like not even why is that even on the list? Why did they make the list?

Lesley Logan 26:39
Do this, get this back, go this, laundry…

Brad Crowell 26:41
Return this item? Do this. (inaudible) It was fascinating, right to listen to someone else and like be the person who’s like, why would you make that list? But then looking at our own lists? It’s like, oh, well, we’re kind of doing something similar. Oops. You know, imagine if you were focusing on the things that are actually going to help you reach your goals.

Lesley Logan 27:05
Yeah. So that person actually asked them, How do you what do you like, how do you want to feel at the end of the day? What is most important thing that you do today? And that person was like, oh, I want to be done with work by this time. So I could be present with my wife. And I like I want to I want to do this. It’s like, okay, then what’s the thing that you have to do?

Brad Crowell 27:24
Yeah, does making a return happen? Help you like be present for your wife later in the day? No, no, it’s not.

Lesley Logan 27:32
Yeah. So it’s really interesting. I really liked this Be It Action Item. That’s just I liked that she simplified it to three things. I think that’s actually really fun. And then and reflect and base it based on your dreams.

Brad Crowell 27:42
Yeah. What’s your biggest takeaway?

Lesley Logan 27:44
Oh, you see guys, ladies, does it fit you? Go into your wardrobe? And just that like, this is not a Marie Kondo thing, it’s not like does it bring me fucking joy, this is does it fit you?

Brad Crowell 27:57
Today. Right now.

Lesley Logan 27:58
Right now.

Brad Crowell 27:59
Does it actually fit?

Lesley Logan 28:01
And does it fit well now? And she actually talked about how fabrics can go bad and you could love those pants.

Brad Crowell 28:09
This was interesting to me I had not heard of that.

Lesley Logan 28:09
But if the fabric is bad you gotta let it go.

Brad Crowell 28:14
I have a pair sweatpants that I

Lesley Logan 28:16
You guys, you guys, these sweat pants

Brad Crowell 28:19
They’re so thin in the knees. You can literally see my skin.

Lesley Logan 28:23
Like I swear to God, he’s gonna sit down and the whole crotch is gonna (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 28:28
But they’re my favorite.

Lesley Logan 28:29
They’re his favorite. I think they’re fucking free. I don’t even think you paid for it.

Brad Crowell 28:33
They’re free. They’re free. And I’ve won them all around the world.

Lesley Logan 28:36
Are they the ones from Germany? Renee shout out to you and your husband. But yeah, you need new ones. Hopefully, your brother got you some for Christmas. But anyway, does it fit well right now? And she we brought this up earlier but like you don’t need them to be in your closet seen everyday. So if you want to save them because the fabric is great. And for whatever reason, they’re not fitting you right now and you want to fit into them. Then she said to remove them. That’s a Be It Action Item to remove them from your closet because it is going to bring you shame. You’ll shame yourself. So the the actual outfit won’t because it is an outfit. It doesn’t actually have the ability to shame you, you do.

Brad Crowell 29:16
No, but your perception of I’m gonna fit into this someday is like it’s not actually motivating. It’s shaming.

Lesley Logan 29:23
I actually was doing a closet clean out as I mentioned, and I found some shorts that you guys are from when I was 20 pounds lighter. Why the fuck have I been keeping those? Like I’m gonna get back into that. I…

Brad Crowell 29:36
You better not.

Lesley Logan 29:37
I know, I know. So I got rid of them like they’re gone. They’re out of the thing but like, it’s easy. I know we have these like memories of them. You guys. You will have a whole lifetime of memories you will have a whole lifetime and if it’s a really a memorable piece, memorable, frame it. Take a picture of find a picture of when you wore it, and then frame that you don’t need to look at it in your closet. It’s not a museum. That’s not what your closet is.

Brad Crowell 30:04
Your closet is not a museum y’all. That’s the quote of the day.

Lesley Logan 30:07
That, that maybe, that’s the title.

Brad Crowell 30:11
That’s a great title.

Lesley Logan 30:13
All right, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 30:14
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 30:15
How are you going to use these tips in your life? We want you to let us know and tag Jessica Papineau and also go see what her app is about. And you’d be surprised like I never thought I could afford a stylist, I’ll be completely honest. But like

Brad Crowell 30:27
CSJ Styling

Lesley Logan 30:29
Yeah, but actually she’s really easy because she has her own boutique. So she just it’s like going to a store we have a personal shopper. So check her out. But also even if you don’t shop with her, just go in your closet and do the action items she gave. She gave some very clear things that will save you so much money and do those and let us know when you do them. Tag her, tag the Be It Pod and until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 30:55
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of ‘Bloom Podcast Network’.

Brad Crowell
It’s written, filmed and recorded by your host, Lesley Logan and me, Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan
It is produced and edited by the epic team at Disenyo.

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Our theme music is by Ali at APEX Production Music. And our branding by designer and artist, Gianfranco Cioffi.

Lesley Logan
Special thanks to Melissa Solomon for creating our visuals and Ximena Velasquez for our transcriptions.

Brad Crowell
Also to Angelina Herico for adding all the content to our website. And finally to Meridith Crowell for keeping us all on point and on time.

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