2 Steps to Manifest the Best Version of Yourself

Ep. 383 with Lesley & Brad

“When you take a lesson and you go through something, you learn it, you embody it.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Join Brad and Lesley as they revisit Kel Cal’s life-changing takeaways and her powerful 2-part manifestation process, along with her thought-provoking insights on self-love, identity shifts, and overcoming limiting beliefs. Kel Cal, author of How I Cured My Resting Bitch Face: Your Guide to Stop Settling, Fall in Love with Yourself, and Create a Life You’re Obsessed With and host of the Dear Dumb Bitch podcast, offers practical advice on integrating new habits into your daily life. Lesley also answers an audience question on the best breathing techniques during Pilates, filling this episode with transformative advice and actionable tips.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Lesley answers how to properly breathe during Pilates exercises.
  • Why you need to shift your identity and embody what you learned.
  • Becoming the best version of yourself and who you desire to be.
  • Creating opportunities today that make you feel stable and secure.
  • The importance of allowing music to manifest your future dream self.

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Brad Crowell 0:00
She said when we make that decision we get closer to a change, we get closer to the being what we’re seeing for ourselves, we start being it when we start making that change today.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:53
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the life-altering convo I had with Kel Cal in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this down, go back to listen that one and then come back and join us or you can listen to this one and then listen to that one. It’s really great. Kel’s awesome. She’s a fabulous, fun woman and very interesting.

Brad Crowell 1:14
Pretty determined.

Lesley Logan 1:15
Very much so and I wish we had a reason to go to Bali right now so we can all go hang out and then we can talk her into coming to Cambodia. All right, before we get into the interview, we have a couple things first, Today is June 20th and it’s almost Summer Solstice, which is tomorrow. And so if you’re listening to this on Summer Solstice, hello, happy Summer Solstice Day. What does that mean? It is the longest day. Summer Solstice is observed on either June 20th, 21st or 22nd. But this year it falls on June 21st. The timing shifts because it depends on when the sun reaches its northernmost point from the celestial equator. Anyways, it’s the start of summer I’m gonna be telling you, I’ve been telling you when it’s summer already, so I’m clearly wrong. As a result, the days get shorter as summer progresses, first gradually but then at increasingly larger daily intervals as the September equinox approaches and ushers in the beginning of fall. Because the Sun travels across the sky in its most elongated path during the summer solstice, that day has the most daylight hours. So enjoy the longest day of the year, you guys and also, apparently, official day of summer. And apparently it’s now only summer. You should tell that to the Vegas Sun.

Brad Crowell 2:20
Yeah, right. I agree. But what do we got coming up?

Lesley Logan 2:23
So we are, we are going into our OPC Summer Tour on August 4th and tickets are already selling very fast. Some locations are on top of their game, you guys.

Brad Crowell 2:35
Yeah, watch out.

Lesley Logan 2:36
We have some groupies who are hitting several locations. I love you ladies and I can’t wait to party with you in multiple places. Like it’s just like they may as well get in their vans and follow us around like how fun we can be like a group. Not a cult, a group. So yeah, we’re a band. Opc.me/tour is where you get your tickets, 13 cities, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Lincoln, Nebraska, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Indy.

Brad Crowell 3:14
I think we’re doing Dayton in there.

Speaker 1 3:16
Dayton? Oh, yeah. There’s a 13th that I forget, Dayton, Indy, Lawrence, Kansas. St. Louis and Lawrence, Kansas?

Brad Crowell 3:26

Lesley Logan 3:26
Kansas City.

Brad Crowell 3:27
Before Kansas City, we go to St. Louis. We’re not in Lawrence this year we’re in Kansas City and then we go to Colorado Springs.

Lesley Logan 3:35
And then we’re done.

Brad Crowell 3:35
That’s right.

Lesley Logan 3:36
And it’s in like two weeks of days. So it’s like

Brad Crowell 3:39
15 or 16 days. Yeah, we’re gonna be hit and clip, pretty quick clip.

Lesley Logan 3:43
Some of these places only two or three hours apart from each other.

Brad Crowell 3:46
Yeah, once we get to the true like, like, Midwest Midwest. We’re gonna be couple of hours (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 3:52
You know what, I heard people say, oh, but sometimes we lake it. Well, guess what? I’m not coming to Minneapolis, Minnesota or Milwaukee anytime soon. So you can go lake it the weekend before or the weekend after.

Brad Crowell 4:04
That’s right.

Lesley Logan 4:04
You now know the dates in advance.

Brad Crowell 4:06
Pilates at that weekend. Lake it another weekend.

Lesley Logan 4:09
Yeah. And also, we might not even be there on a weekend. I’m not even sure what days were there. But it’s on the sheet, opc.me/tour. So go check it out. Also, at the time that this is coming out, it is possible that eLevate applications are possibly happening. It’s also possible that they’re almost happening. But you should, you should check it out. Because we only open up these registrations once a year. We have hundreds of people who are interested (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 4:32
I think, I think it’s important to stress that there are hundreds of people on the waitlist.

Lesley Logan 4:36
Yeah, I think the last time I checked it was like over 500.

Brad Crowell 4:38
Yeah and so what this means and there are only 12 spots, okay, so yeah, in a group, so if you, if it’s something that you’ve been thinking about doing, this is kicking off January of 2025. You know, right now what would happen is you’d be looking at a deposit, but then the money for the balance payment will be before the program kicks off at the end of the year or very early the beginning of next year.

Lesley Logan 5:03
So unless you have time to pay and plan if you need to, save up, plan ahead with the schedule. So you can, you know, you can get things sorted.

Brad Crowell 5:11
If you have no idea what eLevate is, and you’re wondering what the heck we’re talking about.

Lesley Logan 5:13
Oh, they’re probably wondering, it’s my mentorship program.

Brad Crowell 5:16
It’s a nine-month program.

Lesley Logan 5:18
Yeah and if you saw the OPC summer camp, we had a lot of eLevate grads.

Brad Crowell 5:22
We sure did.

Lesley Logan 5:23
In fact, almost all of them.

Brad Crowell 5:24
Yeah, I think they were all. It was super, super fun. So during those nine months, you’re going to do five weekend workshops, all virtual, all on Zoom, well, you will get to go through each of the different pieces of equipment, and Lesley’s passing on the information she learned from her teacher, Jay Grimes. And, yeah, it’s really an opportunity for her to sow into you and help you develop the confidence to teach anybody that comes through the door without having to worry about it, without having to spend a gazillion hours in prep time, without having to do class planning, without having to feel like you have to talk the entire time of the class. I mean, it’s just dramatically changed the people who have gone through this program and it’s a pretty small club. There’s only been four rounds so far. Right? So you, you’re going to be part of an amazing crew of incredible women. We’re open to there being some men but there haven’t been any men so far. So it’s an amazing group (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 6:17
Might be, might be in, might be in the next one I already have someone who’s interested. So here we (inaudble).

Brad Crowell 6:20
Love it. Amazing. So, go to lesleylogan.co/elevate. Lesleylogan.co/elevate.

Lesley Logan 6:27
Yep and then our Cambodia February 2025 Retreat is filling up quickly.

Brad Crowell 6:33
Sure is.

Lesley Logan 6:33
So it’s really exciting. February is an interesting time of year because it is after the rainy season has had not been happening for quite some time. And so the sunrises look different. The sunsets look different. The landscape looks different. The humidity levels are way different. And so if you go to

Brad Crowell 6:52

Lesley Logan 6:55
crowsnestretreats, plural?

Brad Crowell 6:56

Lesley Logan 6:57

Brad Crowell 6:59
That’s right. Yeah. Anyway, February we

Lesley Logan 7:02
There’s some great women already signed up.

Brad Crowell 7:04
Yeah, we got a really fun group. starting to come together here. I’m really, I’m really excited about that. If you were on the waitlist and you feel like you missed out, just reach out to me. We still would love to have you join us. Also, we would love for you to join us at OPC. OPC is onlinepilatesclasses.com. We have a, basically, a way you can try it out for 40 days for only 40 bucks.

Lesley Logan 7:29
I know. At an OPC summer camp we found out that you can even buy a lemon for $1. But you can do Pilates or OPC for $1 a day.

Brad Crowell 7:36
I did not know that.

Lesley Logan 7:37
Yeah, they said that. They said they went to the store and there was not a single lemon that was under $1. And I was like, wow.

Brad Crowell 7:44
So cheaper than 40 lemons, y’all.

Lesley Logan 7:46
Yeah, yeah. And then you don’t have to worry about them going bad. So, opc.me/40 is how you get that trial offer. Okay, we’re about to get into the interview with Kel Cal. But first we have a question from one of our listeners.

Brad Crowell 7:58
We sure do. Lily Bay from YouTube asked, “How do you know how to breathe in Pilates exercises?”

Lesley Logan 8:05
Well, Lily Bay, the good news is we actually have a whole video where I explain the breath. So I’m not gonna go into as deep detail because we’ll just link to that video below because it’s actually many, many minutes long. But I want to give you permission that my teacher taught me he’s like most, there’s very few exercises where Joseph Pilates had very specific breathing. And most of the exercises, it was just important that you did breathe. And so don’t hold your breath. Unless the exercise says to hold your breath at a certain time, like you will on the exercise called breathing you will hold your breath at specific times. But, all the other ones breathe in and out through your nose, take up space laterally with your ribs breathe into the lowest ribs in the back. And what that does is it allows your abdominals to stay connected and contracted. While you’re still getting full deep breaths. You’re still moving your diaphragm, but you’re not letting your abs disengage and engage so that you can go through all these exercises. That’s how you’re going to breathe in all the Pilates exercises. But if you want to know more than that, go to our video on How to Breathe in Pilates on my YouTube channel.

Brad Crowell 9:10
Yeah. Awesome. Great question. Thanks so much for asking. If you are interested in leaving us a question. You can DM us on the gram or you can text us at 310-905-5534. Anyway, reach out if you have questions. We’d love to answer your question on the pod and we’ll be right back. Okay, now let’s talk about Kel Cal. Kel Cal, a survivor of a toxic and unhappy marriage. That on paper looks really amazing. Cal deeply understands the importance of self-love. As the host of the Dear Dumb Bitch podcast she shares her journey of healing and self-discovery. Kel is also a life empowerment mentor, speaker and author of the book How I Cured My Resting Bitch Face: Your Guide to Stop Settling. And check it out, Lesley’s holding it up for those who watch on YouTube. Get it closer here. Oh there it is. Go higher. Yeah. So oh, sorry, the title is actually much longer How I Cured My Resting Bitch Face: Your Guide to Stop Settling, Fall in Love with Yourself, & Create a Life You’re Obsessed With. Her mission is to help people heal from their past, believe in their worthiness and become the best future version of themselves. I love that. This is a really intriguing conversation I, when I was walking in, when you’re interviewing her, I walked in the only part of this that I walked in on was the, “And I trusted my intuition and then I moved to Bali.” And I was like, oh my God, what is this interview going to be about? Right? And I was like, is this gonna be the wooest of the woo thing that I’ve ever heard? That wasn’t what the interview was, like, at all. But that was like a hilarious just snippet for me to walk into. So, anyway.

Lesley Logan 10:52
I know because well, that’s because we met this one person. And we’re like, oh, you live over in Boulder, like, what made you move there? My intuition and it’s and then they just put a period on it and didn’t finish the conversation. It’s like, okay, so I don’t really know how to content like (inaudible) are you here right now? (Inaudible) Are you like in this, but we’re having a conversation. You know, so her sole purpose is her soul’s purpose.

Brad Crowell 11:17
That I thought was super cool.

Lesley Logan 11:18
Yeah, I thought that was great. That’s a great, that’s great alliteration or whatever it is. And I also love that she talked about how we shift our identity, we take what we learn, and we actually embody it and embodiment is, it’s actually taking these lessons and making them truly part of your being. And so like, which can sound a little bit like the definition was just used in a sentence. But here’s the deal. Like, when you take something you’ve learned, and you integrate it into your life, it is, it is something you can take action on. And you’re kind of almost using in your life, to make decisions to do different things. And so it’s kind of like the intro to the show, it is like action brings clarity, it’s the antidote to fear. Or, like I’ve said in the podcast before information without integration is constipation. When you take a lesson and you go through something, you learn it, you embody it, you are no longer like, constipated your move, it’s moving through. It’s actionable. I like that. So we also talked a lot about limiting beliefs and self-doubt, which I thought was really cool. I don’t think I’ve had a lot of people share self-doubt on the pod in a while. So I thought it was really cool for someone to share their self-doubt. What do you love?

Brad Crowell 12:28
Yeah. So she was talking about two times she had this major realization, the first time was in the toxic relationship, which she got away from. And then she moved. And she realized, after moving that, she was still like, super unhappy. And she said, wow, the common denominator here is me. So that means I have to go, you know, work on me, right? And then she started asking the question, what does that even mean? And she was like, well, maybe I’ll do it later. And then she had this realization that like, actually later is, is kind of not real. First off, it’s not easy to change the way that you see yourself, the expectations you have for yourself, or the habits that you do, it’s not an easy thing to transition away from what we’re used to. Like, it’s, that’s your worldview. It’s literally how you view yourself. That’s tough. She said, we have to become the version of ourselves now because the future doesn’t even exist, right? Tomorrow doesn’t exist. Because when it arrives, it’s called today. You know, which is kind of, you know, she pointed those things out, it’s pretty funny when you think of it in, in that context. But ultimately, what the point of this is, is we need to start making decisions and changes now. You got to do it now, right now in this moment because when we tell ourselves that we’re going to do it in the future, or someday or down the road, that’s not real. We can begin to become the version of ourselves, who we desire to be, today, right now. And she did give some actual practical advice on that and we’re going to cover that in our Be It Action Items. But she said when we make that decision, we get closer to the change, we get closer to the being, what we’re seeing for ourselves we start being it when we start making that change today. So I thought that was pretty cool.

Lesley Logan 14:15
Yeah, she’s really cool. I was on her podcast, Dear Dumb Bitch, which I actually thought was such a fun, such a fun name because sexually with lots of lovingkindness towards your, like, yourself. And she asked some really great questions you guys and she and I both read the same like morning books that like where you can journal on. So I highly recommend if you really like her, check out the episode I was on with her. And you can get to know more about her and myself and like what we’re, what we’re doing. It’s really great.

Brad Crowell 14:44
All right, so finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Kel Cal? She said, “We don’t manifest what we want. We manifest what we are.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard this before. And I thought it was, was pretty cool. So, you know, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about manifestation. And like I have said numerous times on this podcast, I’m a one-woo guy.

Lesley Logan 15:12
I feel like people are actually manifesting things all the time, even when they’re not being intentional about based on what you just said. Because if you’re a negative person, then you are manifesting negative shit. Like all the time, it’s just happening.

Brad Crowell 15:24
Yeah. And actually, you’re bringing that negativity into your world, like, so you’re manifesting who you are. You’re a negative person, in that case, right. But she said she actually broke it down. She said, It’s a two-part process. So the first part is to identify the emotions that you think you will feel once you have achieved or reached the things on your vision board. And I thought this was super cool. She specifically said, “Imagine you have a six-figure bank account. Why do we all want that? What is it about having a six-figure bank account that makes it the thing? It’s security, it’s an emotional stability, feeling of confidence of knowing that like, ‘Oh, if everything hits the fan, I still have this bank account that can pay my bills for X amount of time.'” And she said, “Identify the emotions that you think you will feel once you have the things that are on your vision board and then create opportunities to begin to feel those emotions right now.” So you want that six-figure back account, how will that make you feel? Start creating opportunities to feel what it’s like to have stability and security in your life today. And I thought that was, that was actually pretty profound. Actually. I thought that was amazing.

Lesley Logan 16:34
Yeah, I really liked I thought that was very tangible. Yes. The second part of the process is to pick a song and make it your Be It theme.

Brad Crowell 16:43
Love this.

Lesley Logan 16:44
Your Be It theme song.

Brad Crowell 16:45
Yes and music is powerful.

Lesley Logan 16:46
Yeah, because it’s energy and energy carries a frequency, which also allows us to calibrate. So pick a song that really embodies the energy of how you want to feel in the future, play that song every single morning, it’s important to do it in the morning, because it’s easy to just have the day go on and on and you forget to actually do it. Feel the emotions that the song is allowing you to connect with. And that way you can have that energetic connection because that’s how you are able to become a match for what it is that you desire. So you put your Be It theme song on in the morning, you allow that energy to take up your space and then you go on your day with that Be It energy and you’ll, from the start of the day, you guys, this is amazing. You can make it your alarm clock music if you are not good at remembering how to play a song. But I bet you, you could tell your phone’s name to play x song at x time in the morning every day. I’m sure it would.

Brad Crowell 17:37
That’s not a bad idea. I haven’t thought about that.

Lesley Logan 17:40
You try it, you guys, and you tell me how it goes. I mean, like we probably tell Google, “Hey Google, play blank song at this time in the morning, every day.”

Brad Crowell 17:51
Yeah, I mean, I think there’s a

Lesley Logan 17:53
I’m gonna play my Be It theme song when I am in the cold plunge.

Brad Crowell 17:58
I think that’s a great idea.

Lesley Logan 18:00
Now I gotta figure out what my month, my theme song for this season is.

Brad Crowell 18:04
That’s really fun. I think that’s a great idea.

Lesley Logan 18:06
I love that.

Brad Crowell 18:06
Because it’s roughly three minutes, you know, the song, I mean, usually, and.

Lesley Logan 18:11
By the time I hit the timer, then I get to the song, well, hopefully I’ll get my phone to play the song at that time, and then I can just yell at my phone to play the song. And then I’ll be in the water. And I’ll be like, feeling though it goes through the water into me, this is amazing.

Brad Crowell 18:25
Oh, geez. Here we go. It’s gonna be good. Awesome. I love that. Yeah, I mean, I know. I know what it’s like to be connected to music, obviously. And I know how much I enjoy when a song comes on that gets me super fired up. And yeah, I love this idea because it really does help anchor your day, set your mood, set your, you know, point you down the path of being excited and positive and hopeful and energetic and ready to go. So what an easy fun tip.

Lesley Logan 19:00
Fun tip. You guys, tell Kel Cal what your takeaways were. Tell the Be It Pod. Get her book, How I Cured My Resting Bitch Face: Your Guide to Stop Settling, Fall in Love with Yourself, & Create a Life You’re Obsessed With. Boom, you can get this on Amazon wherever books are sold. And you guys, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 19:22
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 19:22
Thank you so much for joining us today. We are so grateful for you. We hope this was really helpful in understanding manifestation and more about being until you see it. So make sure you share this with a friend and please leave us a review. If you haven’t done that yet.

Brad Crowell 19:35
Yeah, do it, do it.

Lesley Logan 19:35
Do it. The last time I checked, we’re almost at a hundred. You could be the 100th person. I know (inaudible) you don’t win anything but you get to have been part of the growth of this podcast and that, that’s winning my love, that’s winning, you’re putting that energy out into the world. So thank you so much and until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 19:50
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us and others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of The Bloom Podcast Network. If you want to leave us a message or a question that we might read on another episode, you can text us at +1-310-905-5534 or send a DM on Instagram @be_it_pod.

Brad Crowell
It’s written, filmed and recorded by your host, Lesley Logan and me, Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan
It is transcribed, produced and edited by the epic team at Disenyo.co.

Brad Crowell
Our theme music is by Ali at APEX Production Music and our branding by designer and artist Gianfranco Cioffi.

Lesley Logan
Special thanks to Melissa Solomon for creating our visuals.

Brad Crowell
Also to Angelina Herico for adding all of our content to our website. And finally to Meridith Root for keeping us all on point and on time.

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