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Ep. 314 with Lesley & Brad

To be in a position to see other women really succeeding and really kicking ass is inspiring

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

The episode revisits Monica Linda’s contributions, highlighting her dedication to elevating women’s roles in business. Listen as the hosts discuss challenges women face in setting rates and the importance of aligning the quality of work with premium pricing, touching on the drawbacks of offering too many discounts in business services.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Why you need to build a portfolio that reflects your desired rate.
  • How to align work quality with your service rates.
  • Embrace women’s empowerment and encourage seizing opportunities.
  • Understand the importance of regular self-evaluation.
  • How to build a routine to regularly assess if you’re on the right path.

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Brad Crowell: She doesn’t get to choose when she dies. Right? Right. And I think that for her it was incredibly real because what set her down this journey in the first place was the near fatal near-fatal that she had where she said somehow she walked away from it. Everyone imagined that she wasn’t going to, you know, and so of course when she made it home everything had a new perspective and so but also made her reevaluate everything.

Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guest will bring bold, executable, intrinsic and targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.

Lesley Logan 1:02

Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It Interview Recap where my co-host in life, Brad and I are going to dig in the empowering convo I had with Monica Linda. Captivating convo. I mean like amazing convo. Second time Monica Linda is to be back and if you missed her first one, well,

Brad Crowell 1:15
Shame on you.

Lesley Logan 1:15
Shame. Oh my God, with that, that’s terrible. You should go back and listen to what we just had and then the first one and then both recaps.

Brad Crowell 1:25
She was in episode nine, I think it was.

Lesley Logan 1:28

Brad Crowell 1:29
We’re gonna look it up. I’m pretty sure you said nine in the last episode.

Lesley Logan 1:32
Did I say nine and I was right?

Brad Crowell 1:33
I don’t know. I just took your word for it.

Lesley Logan 1:37
I am really awesome. The other day we look something up and how fucking amazing was I on it? I was so right on it because it was I’m just sometimes I’m just really (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 1:45
Nine and ten.

Lesley Logan 1:46
Nine and ten. I was right. Okay, I should never doubt myself. Anyway. You can you know, if you’re listening to this on the Apple, then of course Apple, it’s gonna show you the latest one. So listen to these because they’re awesome. And then go back and listen that one. If you’re on the app, you can see a bunch of episodes and then you can choose whichever one you want to listen to based on the title. Like a roulette game.

Brad Crowell 2:12
Yeah, before we get in.

Brad Crowell 2:13
Before we get into that episode. Today is January 11th 2024. And it is Step in a puddle and Splash Your Friends Day. Claire Solly, is this your day? Like did you submit this day? Shout out to Claire if she’s listening, because that’s who I pictured with this one. If you are a rain lover, a child or a child at heart you should definitely not miss a chance to have fun outside on January 11th, which is Step in a Puddle and splash your friends day. Jump in the puddle on wet some friends. Oh to be a child again. I you know what my brain is pictured? Like, what if it’s not a puddle of water?

Brad Crowell 2:48
What? What would it be a puddle of milk?

Lesley Logan 2:51

Brad Crowell 2:52
Pee? Like what are we what are we stepping in a puddle of? What is happening over here? Where is your mind? Where is your mind?

Lesley Logan 3:04
Okay, so you guys, when it rains here in Vegas, it’s like monsoon-like rain. And it’s not actually cold even when it’s like cold here when it rains like it’s not actually cold rain, right? So I’ll just walk in the rain because I’m not I’ll look at the lightning and I’ll count the thunder and I’m like damn good, right? This is my scientific strategy perfect state to be at.

Brad Crowell 3:22
Perfectly proven.

Lesley Logan 3:25
Also trees taller than me. So anyways,

Brad Crowell 3:31
I just lick my finger and I hold it up and I’m like the wind’s coming from that way.

Lesley Logan 3:36
Stop it right now you come out in the rain with me. Stop it right now. So okay, so anyways, um, so one day, Bayon and I were coming back from a rainy walk. And we’re crossing the street and let me just tell you because of how much rain happens when it rains here. It’s like flood and the way that the streets are built so that the streets won’t flood they’re really high in the center and really low on the sides. Which means when you get to the gutters, it is a river. Okay?

Brad Crowell 4:03
It can be a river, it’s crazy.

Lesley Logan 4:05
I had made the decision this day to wear my knee-high galoshes, which I know Brad looked at me like I was a weirdo when I first bought them but let me just tell you, they are needed because I walk (inaudible). They’re needed for me to get through these gutters because I walk in the rain. Okay, so I’m good. Everything’s good. We’re drenched. It’s fine. No big deal. I have an umbrella. Okay, got an umbrella. Doing great. We are crossing the street to come back into our neighborhood. And I have to go through literally a four-foot wide, it’s not a puddle, I would call this a pool of water okay, and it is rushing around the corner like it’s a it’s a straight it’s a river and a big city vehicle drives by. You guys, they hit, whatever they hit, I am stepping onto the sidewalk and a waterfall of water comes over my umbrella. Down, down. Somehow part of it splashes on my face and goes up my umbrella. It’s unclear how there was a wall of water. And I’m not being overdramatic, this really happened because I did yelp out loud. And then the water went down my knee-high galoshes. They weren’t even tall enough.

Brad Crowell 5:29
That bus driver must have been laughing so hard.

Lesley Logan 5:32
I mean, I wish someone had a ring light

Brad Crowell 5:34
The people on the bus must have been laughing so hard.

Lesley Logan 5:36
I really wish that there was like a ring light for like, what happened. Bayon sort of barking of course, because I was like, ah! I did yelp out loud. Anyways, so instead of being the puddle, go splash in one, preferably with knee-high galoshes. Okay. Oh, to be child again. So, um, you guys, it’s just the beginning of the year. It is my birthday coming up. So feel free to send me gifts.

Brad Crowell 6:02
Yeah, so you can mail them to… come on.

Lesley Logan 6:05
Okay, but you guys there, I just met a guy who was wearing this gangster-like diamond 20-inch thick chain with diamonds on it. And I never ever want (inaudible) exactly.

Brad Crowell 6:17
But yeah, it was thick.

Lesley Logan 6:18
I really want it. And so if you want to send me one, you can. Okay. But anyways, aside from my birthday, eLevate round four, the first weekend kicks off in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited to kick off this round for we’re only offering at one time next year. So if you are interested in my mentorship programming, go to

Brad Crowell 6:35

Lesley Logan 6:36
If it’s full, you will get to talk about 2025 because actually, we have a lot of people already signed up for 2025. So

Brad Crowell 6:41
Yeah it’s kind of crazy this is starting to sell out for

Lesley Logan 6:45
I know further

Brad Crowell 6:46
Into the future.

Lesley Logan 6:47
Yes.. And then Agency Mini number 10.

Brad Crowell 6:51
I can’t believe that.

Lesley Logan 6:52
Isn’t it insane? Because Agency Mini just turned six. First of all, let’s just celebrate that. Just turned six

Brad Crowell 6:59
this month. I know that’s crazy.

Lesley Logan 7:01
Just turned six.

Brad Crowell 7:02
I mean, we’re talking 1000s of people have gone through the Agency program, y’all.

Lesley Logan 7:06
Yeah, yeah. So Agency Many thousands have gone through and we only offer it well, right now we only have for twice a year, but it’s quite possible once a year, you just don’t know. So you definitely want to be in Amany number 10 If you’ve never done it, or you’ve only done it one time, if done two times, so sorry. Um, let’s talk about it. But Agency Mini 10 is gonna start on February 11th. And what that means is right now you can actually sign up for it.

Brad Crowell 7:31
That’s right, right now.

Lesley Logan 7:33
Right now. So

Lesley Logan 7:37

Lesley Logan 7:39
And then, as we speak, we’re getting ready to actually open up the doors for the Cambodia retreat.

Brad Crowell 7:45
Yeah. In just a few days, those on the waitlist, only those in the waitlist are going to get the information about our upcoming retreat that’s going to happen in October of this year. So yeah, get on the waitlist if you want that deets.

Lesley Logan 7:59
Yeah, if you’re not on the waitlist you won’t get those deets, you’ll have to wait and see after the earlybird is over. If there’s any spots left, and then you get to pay full price, which is totally fine. We don’t mind.

Brad Crowell 8:09
You can do that.

Lesley Logan 8:09
We can also save you some money. So that’s

Brad Crowell 8:15

Lesley Logan 8:15

Brad Crowell 8:16

Lesley Logan 8:18
And then because it’s on my mind since I just wrapped the first draft of the copy.

Brad Crowell 8:24
Yeah, this is exciting.

Lesley Logan 8:26
I know the fifth deck, you guys

Brad Crowell 8:29
OPC’s fifth flashcard deck.

Lesley Logan 8:31
Number five. I did half of it in Cambodia in a week and then thought I’ll do three cards a day. No problem. Did that for one day and had a problem. I actually

Brad Crowell 8:43
You slayed that one day.

Lesley Logan 8:44
I had too much to do get ready for the winter tour. So the team and I were like okay, well she’ll do that while she’s on tour and I did and it’s done and now it’s going through the editing process which means the presale will open up in a couple months and only those on the waitlist will get the presale.

Brad Crowell 9:01
That’s right. So if you want the presale rate get on the waitlist.

Lesley Logan 9:05
You guys, are you (inaudible) something?

Brad Crowell 9:06
The waitlist.

Lesley Logan 9:07
If you’re on business feel free to steal this thing.

Brad Crowell 9:09
The waitlist.

Lesley Logan 9:11
The waitlist for the flashcards what is it?

Brad Crowell 9:15
Just DM us. Go to and we can get you on the waitlist for the cards. I don’t actually remember the link (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 9:22
Yeah, I don’t either. It’s all good. You can do a little extra work and you will get that best, most amazing deal. And this is our fifth of six decks. Okay. Before we talk about the amazing one and only Monica Linda do we have an audience question?

Brad Crowell 9:39
We sure do. All right, today’s question. I started renting space at someone else’s studio. I need to get my own clients. What should I do?

Lesley Logan 9:51
This is such a great question.

Brad Crowell 9:53
Yeah, I mean, that is and what an awesome predicament to be in. That’s super cool that you have a spot that is all yours?

Lesley Logan 10:00
To do, to build your own business? Do you know I did that? I rented space for a really long time built a business so big that I could actually have my own brick and mortar and make the same amount of money.

Brad Crowell 10:10
Yeah. Well, like, how long did you rent that? Two years?

Lesley Logan 10:13
Two years.

Brad Crowell 10:14
Yeah. So two years, you had enough clients to be consistent enough to feel confident taking on your own lease? Pretty cool.

Lesley Logan 10:23
Yeah. When I started to see that my rent check was actually the same as renting my own space.

Brad Crowell 10:27
That’s, that’s true.

Lesley Logan 10:29
Yeah. I probably would have kept renting if it had been easier. But you know, anyways, um, what should you do? It’s about you. Let’s answer your question. Okay. So, here’s the deal. You can sign up for Agency Mini because that’s just going to help you. The first workshop at Agency Mini workshop we’re going to talk about your ideal client and that we, here’s the thing, guys, you, I know, you want to help everyone, I don’t care if you’re a teacher, I don’t care what you offer. If you have a service or a product, you build it for a person with a problem that that thing solves. And you’re like, everyone should do my thing. I agree. I want everyone to buy my flashcards. But if we’re actually honest about it, a person, a random person on the street is not going to buy the chairs deck, I’m like, not happening, doesn’t matter how cheap it is never gonna happen.

Brad Crowell 11:16
They probably don’t even know what Pilates is.

Lesley Logan 11:17
If I gave them the chairs deck, they would probably give it back. So they’d re-gift it to a friend. So you have to be really honest with yourself about who you want to serve. And, and not just everyone like, but like really who and you can get to the psychographics. And that’s what we do in Agency Mini, we actually talk about this more psychographics and demographics. And then we do get a little demographicky on the ages. And not because of our ages. But because Brad was just talking to someone the other day who’s like, I can help everyone and he’s like, so a 75-year-old has different problems than a 21-year-old. They get their information in different spots. And you guys, you I promise you don’t want to be on every platform. You don’t. You don’t. I’m not on TikTok, we have tick tock accounts, I don’t know the last time we updated them, because I don’t care. I don’t, I don’t find it’s not fruitful for me. And also my people aren’t there. So like, it’s really important that you know who you’re trying to serve. Because until we know that I can actually help you.

Brad Crowell 12:12
And like like Lesley said, this is going to be something we’re diving way in on inside of Agency Mini during day number one of Mini, which will be on February 11th. So for sure, you should get yourself set up with that go to But there’s another step that I’ll share briefly. And then we will wrap this up.

Lesley Logan 12:37
I had one more step. You tell yours.

Brad Crowell 12:38
Oh, I was gonna say, you know, in order for you after you know after you have identified the person that you’re wanting to serve, the one that really lights your fire, you got to get yourself out there. But, the fastest way to bring in private clients, or any money to pay for the studio that you’ve just taken responsibility for or the space that you’re renting at least is to be in the community, meet people in the community, you have to be out there in order for them to know that you exist.

Lesley Logan 13:09
You want to tell (inaudible) something? Right, this has happened to us, we have spots left, current time of recording this, in my math class in Las Vegas. We were getting our teeth cleaned. And Brad talked to our dentist and got our dentist to sign up. Right there in front of us. You got to talk about things more than you think you just have to be unapologetic about how awesome you are. Because it really does pay off. And Brad has an amazing course. So should you listen to this and Agency Mini number 10 is past. But he has an amazing course on 200 rejections to success. So get that. And then I have a course on how to get clients you actually want to teach. Both of those things, if you are an Agency member, you get a discount on, if you join Agency from Agency Mini, you get. Or you can buy them all card if you totally missed the boat on when this came out.

Brad Crowell 14:00
Maybe, maybe.

Lesley Logan 14:01
Maybe that’s right, we’re making changes. Don’t quote me on that. Don’t quote me on that. But those are the things like get rejected. Talk about it more than you think. But it’s so important, especially if you have anything that is in person, you have to get out into your community. It’s not I know

Brad Crowell 14:17
And be unapologetic.

Lesley Logan 14:19
Right. But I just want to, I know we have to move on. But I just wanna say this because this kind of goes into what Monica Linda, you know, she’s amazing. You guys. The more you can talk to real humans about what you do, the easier it is to fill your business, your clientele list of any service of any product, any kind. I know we’re in the age of like, the internet, and oh my God, the world is (inaudible) and there’s the 8 billion people and so you can sell to anyone. You have to go where your people are. And so many people are hungry for like actual three-dimensional experiences. So go out there because you’ll really learn a lot more about the people you’re trying to help and where they’re at when you get out there. Thank you for this amazing question. I hope to see you in Agency Mini.

Brad Crowell 15:04
Okay, welcome back. Now let’s talk about Monica Linda. Founder of Girl Squad Media, Monica is renowned for expertise in personal branding, photography and videography dedicated to enhancing the businesses of entrepreneurs. She specifically loves to work with women. Her impressive portfolio includes work of Beyonce, the NFL, Live Nation, and she’s showcasing her ability to capture and tell powerful stories. Her vision to empower women entrepreneurs drives her continued success and influence in the media industry. And we’ve been lucky enough to work with Linda, I mean, Monica Linda now for I mean, since 2019.

Lesley Logan 15:47
2019, yeah, 2019 Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Brad Crowell 15:51
Well, that’s when we met her at least. Did we work with her that year?

Lesley Logan 15:54
Yeah. Also, you guys, she has a photograph of me from 2018.

Brad Crowell 16:03
Oh, right, because of another event you were at.

Lesley Logan 16:05
And yeah, there was and a year later, a year later, I ended up in the (inaudible) program. And then we met her, she was a photographer for that. But I didn’t actually connect with her. She wasn’t in the group. And then she was in the group, but her group was her company was photographing it in the fall one. That’s when we did photos with her, and we started working with her ever since. So, you guys, she’s phenomenal. As you know, she’s just an incredible person. And one of the reasons I wanted to have her back on is because we were talking about, you know, growing your business as a female and like really understanding just the hardship, like, there’s a lot of things people don’t tell you. And whether or not you’re in the photography industry or the Pilates industry or just like, hi, you’re from any industry. I think it’s really important that we talk about money more often, and rates more often. And she noticed this amazing thing where like, she was hiring some photographers for an event. And the men were like this is my rate, and the women are like, what do you want? What are you gonna pay? And it’s like, whoa, because the men got what they wanted, right? Like, that’s how it worked. But anyways

Brad Crowell 17:14
She also said it was like consistent that the men would ask for 500 bucks more than the women.

Lesley Logan 17:20
Oh, yeah. Well, this goes back to total sidenote, we talked about this on an episode. But we all live in L.A. when Sony emails were hacked. And when the Sony emails were hacked

Brad Crowell 17:29
You mentioned that, yeah.

Lesley Logan 17:30
So if you didn’t listen to it, we mentioned it. All the men’s rates were out.

Brad Crowell 17:36
For all the actors.

Lesley Logan 17:37
For all the actors. And you could see every single one of them renegotiate their rate. Many of them had less lines, less time on camera, less everything. And they were making not just a little bit more, significantly more. And so, but, so it’s so important. So she talked about that, but I’m going to talk about my other favorite thing is like, how she actually said if you want to charge premium your portfolio for her, but your work has to match that rate. So if you’re charging if you want to be a luxury service provider, and this goes back to Joanna White, yeah, and you were talking about our business card, yes, your your product has has to do that. We do this with flashcards, like it’s very important to me, you guys. I fight tooth and nail all the time and the team is really good about honoring this. We’re the only client of our printer that prints on the inside.

Lesley Logan 17:39
Yeah, they have like thousands of clients that they’ve print, they print for and have printed for. And we’re the only one that pays the extra money to print on the inside of the boxes. And it’s not cheap to do it. It like, literally changes our cost of goods.

Lesley Logan 18:45
It changes, but I won’t let it go. I will not let it go.

Brad Crowell 18:48
It looks good.

Lesley Logan 18:49
It looks so good. And so so it’s the thing is like you can charge premium prices Absolutely. You also have to have everything has to be that experience. So if you also that goes with if you wanna be cheap and cheerful then it shouldn’t look like a fucking Apple Store or like the wind on the inside go out and be cheap and cheerful you know like it’s totally fine but let your

Brad Crowell 19:10
I’ve never heard that phrase before.

Lesley Logan 19:12
Cheap and cheerful?

Brad Crowell 19:13
Never heard it.

Lesley Logan 19:14
Welcome to retail. We had some cheap and cheerful stuff because it allows you to have a price range of $5 to $40,000 but cheap and cheerful, yeah, I did that that’s my old job. But cheap and cheerful

Brad Crowell 19:29
$5 to $40? How is that cheap?

Lesley Logan 19:32
With, well $5 to $40. Cheap and cheerful stuff but it’s like $5 like $20 like

Brad Crowell 19:37
Oh, I see.

Lesley Logan 19:38
Like it’s cheap and cheerful is also like it’s a candy. It’s like easy it’s there. I’m gonna toss this in it’s cheap and cheerful. So your price has to represent, the work you put out there needs to represent the price you’re charging. And she talked also about doing discounts and that they never worked out. You guys, I have never had a discounted thing work out. Now as someone who has been given discounts from many people, I go above and beyond. We’ve had friends of ours give us discounts. I have been given discounts on hotels, which means I tag them on everything like, I’m that person. But I’m also the person who never like, I won’t ask for the discount every single time I was given a discount. They just gave it to me. I didn’t ask. People who do ask for those things. I’m not saying that all of them are like that. But I will say is like, anytime that I’ve given a client a discount, they have texted me the same day, want to change the client monitoring session, they want they late cancelled I want to pay for their late cancel. James Patrick has always been a photographer who’s on on the show. He has talked about people asking for discounts and what how he’s really hated it. And so I’m not saying you can’t be affordable for people. But also, you just need to know when you’re discounting your product. Eventually, you get discounted, and there they discount you. Not because they’re like, when you discount your product to them. They’re like, Oh, it’s only this much. I’m gonna sell them. I’m just gonna make them do this. I’m gonna do this. It really does change things. So it’s really, really important that you understand. And Sheila she said if Lily sucked the life out of her. That was the hardest lesson she ever learned. And it’s our job. And this is where it’s our job to ask for the right rate.

Brad Crowell 21:19
Yeah, I mean, I think just commenting on that. I think it’s okay to give like, your mom, a one time discount kind of a thing, be family and all that stuff. But if it’s like a standing appointment, like that’s discounted, they’re not going to value it as much as someone who’s who’s paying full price. And so it can become a problem because it will it will build resentment from you going I’m not even making the money I’m supposed to make during this hour right now. What the hell, you’re late every time. Right, whatever, whatever the situation might be, but it’s gonna, it puts it just

Lesley Logan 21:57
Resentment will build up.

Brad Crowell 21:58
sets you up for a bad, a bad experience. You know, so, yeah, I mean.

Lesley Logan 22:03
I understand, like, look, we talked about luxury stuff. And I just want to say, like I do, as someone who has been homeless and poor, I’m very grateful for the opportunities I had, where things were either discounted or at a discounted rate that I could afford, or there was a payment plan that was there. But also, I am really proud of the work that I did to get to the place where I could afford things that I couldn’t afford before. And it is okay for people to aspire to work with you. And when I could barely pay for all my bills in Los Angeles. When I first moved there. I cancelled my unlimited like yoga, whatever membership because I had Pilates classes, because the classes weren’t at times, I could go. And there was a studio where the teacher was able to, I said, I can’t afford your privates, like, do you have any other options to work with you? And she said, Oh, I have another girl who wants to do duets. And I said, okay, how much is that? She told me I was like, okay. So two of those a month equals the money I was spending on the gym to go unlimited, you guys. And I looked at her and I liked her. And I said, I can come two times a month. And I took, I was there early. I was there. I learned. I took notes. At the end, I asked questions.

Lesley Logan 22:04
It wasn’t discounted though, you you made that a high priority for yourself

Lesley Logan 22:32
I made it a high priority. It was not discounted. It was the same it was I was paying the same amount of money and getting less opportunities to go. And then when I would go home, you guys, I would do the exercise I could do at home. I actually took it very seriously because I could only afford those two. Do you know what happened? And within three months, I somehow could afford every week. Because I figured out my budget. And it’s it’s okay. It’s really okay to go. I want to work with you. Here’s how you can work with me. Here’s the option so but just going back asking for the right price, Brad and I actually if you’re a service-based business, we actually have a free tool that will help you do this. And it pays for your time off and your sick days. And you can get it on It’s called the magic calculator. What did you love?

Brad Crowell 24:05
Yeah, so I felt listening back to the conversation. Monica talked about being the biggest person in the room, or the most powerful person in the room and how there is definitely a preconception that it’s going to be a man. And she really was encouraging women to be that massive personality in a room. She was really talking about. She made a prediction that in the future here, the women who are entrepreneurs who are out there guiding, teaching, coaching, building businesses, they’re turning into the celebrities, because she gets the chance to photograph them on stage. She gets to see these women and I think it’s had a huge impact on her because, you know, she talked about just the common perception or the common response that she hears from women, when they see a guy come in to the room like that. And she also said that it stems a lot from how she, for her, how she grew up, for sure. You know, and this is something that she’s had to learn herself. Because, you know, our mom said, hey, you know, we don’t do that in this family, or while we really let her be too much of a free thinker, you know, with her, her creativity and her, you know, just off out of the normal, quote, unquote, bounds of what’s acceptable, you know, and she, she was frustrated about that, that, especially as young girls, she and you know, societally they’re constantly taught to, you know, get feedback from others and to not be willing to make a decision, right? It’s like setting people up for second-guessing themselves their entire lives. And I think that’s, that’s a shame. To be honest. I really think that doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, if that’s the way that you think it’s not putting you, it’s not empowering you. Right?

Lesley Logan 26:30
No, in fact, it’s making you be a tulip. Don’t get taller. Don’t get taller than tulips. I mean, I

Brad Crowell 26:37
We don’t do that in this family.

Lesley Logan 26:38
We don’t do that in this family. I think like, I think back to like, if my mom’s listening, please, (inaudible) I had a birthday party, I’d invite, everyone couldn’t just have a couple people because people feel left up. My brother, she’ll say my brother had never had birthday parties. He had birthday parties, which is a lot who invited whoever he wanted, and they just weren’t big. I remember I remember he had a birthday party, he could invite his friends. And he invited his friends. He didn’t have to invite the entire Sunday school. And everybody in class. And not that I want to because obviously, like, as an adult, I love having everyone in the community come. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t a choice. I choose to make communities happen. That was like, I had everyone there. And I’d be at my birthday party. And there’s like people clicking off and doing things at my party. It wasn’t about me anymore. Which is like you’re allowing

Brad Crowell 27:32
It wasn’t about you at the beginning if that’s, the invitation list is like everyone, right?

Lesley Logan 27:36
There’s that. So I do think like, there is special I hope it’s changed. I don’t have children. So we have no idea. But like when, especially for women born in the 80s and 90s. I really do feel there was a lot of pressure to just be perfect and quiet. And don’t ruffle feathers.

Brad Crowell 27:53
Probably goes back a lot further than that.

Lesley Logan 27:55
Probably ever. It really does, actually. Yeah. So I love that she brought that up. And she is a free thinker. And I think she’s changed her parents’ perspective.

Brad Crowell 28:05
Yeah, I mean, also, I didn’t know this, but she grew up in a trailer park. And now she lives in a, you know, in Los Angeles and runs her own business, like what a dramatic change to life as a whole for her. And a complete reversal of that perspective. And to be in a position to see other women really succeeding and really, kicking ass is inspiring.

Lesley Logan 28:34
I know. I mean, what’s so cool about what she does is she’s literally able to be in rooms by people who are constantly pushing themselves to the next level. And so she, they’re showing her that there’s another level, and it’s so easy. This is another reason women and the few women who listens to this podcast, to all, she’ll make room for people below you. Take yourself to the next level. You know, like if you want to become full, that’s fine. But like if there’s like this inside of you to do more, do more because what you do is leave room for people who are below you to come up. And if we hold ourselves back, it means the next people, there’s a ceiling for them. They can’t go any higher with you. Or they think they can’t go any higher until they meet someone else with like the ceiling is higher. So

Brad Crowell 29:23
Totally. All right. So finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Monica Linda?

Lesley Logan 29:33
Hmm, well, you go first.

Brad Crowell 29:34
Yeah. So she said, it’s important to just get into a room that’s a little bigger than you are. And she specifically said, a room that feels that feels a little bigger than where, you know a little bigger than you feel you are. So what does that actually mean get in a room? There’s always a moment of where you feel like, should I be actually doing this? Am I allowed to do this? Who am I to do this kind of a thing.

Lesley Logan 30:06
Like every single coaching group wherein I know we’re in the right space because I’m like, I’m intimidated. That’s right. That’s the best.

Brad Crowell 30:12
Am I supposed to be here? Am I like all these other women…

Lesley Logan 30:15
Are they gonna find out who I am?

Brad Crowell 30:16
Yeah, she actually referenced Jim Carrey, he had some advice on seizing opportunities and trusting the process, she advised you, you know, you just have to walk through the door, because the universe, all the things on the other side, if they open the door for you, they’re going to take care of you. And she said, you need to pick a room and you need to walk into it. And, you know, I think that comes easy for some, and is a challenge for others, for sure. But it’s something when you do that, when you put yourself in a position. It really allows you to learn more about yourself. And also see possibilities, you know, when we, we talk about our coaching experiences all the time, where we’ve been in rooms with other business owners who are doing amazing things, and they’re selling gazillion dollars and all that stuff, you know, and they’ve got these great ideas. And, you know, like, initially, you’re like, am I, do I have great ideas? You know, like, what is happening here? Why am I even here this room, you know, but then you start to see, well, they’re not perfect, either. There are things they’re still working on, which is why they’re here in this room. And that was revealing to me to go like, okay, they might have, they might have it together over here, but they clearly don’t have it together over there and this other thing.

Lesley Logan 31:39
At our last event with our coaches, like I’m at this table, and one guy I know is, you know, his company is going to sell for multiple, seven figures. And another guy’s at the table. And he has been able to sell his program in two corporations where they’re gonna hit 50,000 employees. And then this table, and there’s been two other people. And they both actually want to talk to us about how we were able to do something, because they need the knowledge that we have, you know, like, so it’s really

Brad Crowell 32:14
I mean, imagine if there were 50,000 OPC members, like holy hell, it’d be amazing.

Lesley Logan 32:18
That can wait. And we actually are like, but like, it’s, it’s really funny. Like, we tell ourselves that, oh, I shouldn’t be here. But it’s really you, every single one of us have an experience that no one else has had. And because of your experience, you can share that that allows the people who you might have put on a pedestal randomly, just by because we do that with people. And they actually want to hear from you. In fact, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be there. If they were arrogant dicks, they wouldn’t be in that room. That’s not how it works.

Brad Crowell 32:50
It’s true.

Lesley Logan 32:50
So I love that it goes back to that plus minus, you know, it like, equals, we need to have people who are above us, because they show us that there’s more opportunity. Okay, I loved that she asked herself, am I still on the right path? She regularly, she says to regularly check in with yourself. And I think this is really important. It’s really easy to only do this at the end of the year. You guys, this is coming out at the beginning of the year on purpose, just in case, it’s been a few weeks, and you already lost your check in from December. Find different opportunities like create them, maybe it’s maybe it’s on Fridays, you go for a walk around a park, and you just like check in with yourself. Maybe it’s every morning, maybe it’s at night, Allen Stein, Jr. and we caught him all the time. Because his his Be It Action Items was so perfect. It was so simple. It was am I 1% closer to the person I want to be?

Brad Crowell 33:42
One percent a day.

Lesley Logan 33:42
One percent a day. One percent a day. So I think this is really awesome. And my challenge for you is if this is a Be It Action Item that you want to do is like, how are you going to check with yourself and how often and may I suggest it’s not just a reminder on your phone, because you’re gonna ignore that. Gonna be something that you build into a routine of some kind. You can make or make a ritual out of maybe like when we lived in L.A. when I did these check-ins. It was when I was with the Korean spa. And after I got scrubbed down and I got massage, I lay in the Himalayan room because by then I was like Zen, Zened out. And I would start to think about like, what am I liking what’s not working? Because now it’s not like fresh in the body. It’s kind of like out of the body. And I would eat some bibimbop and just like oh, yeah, I don’t do that anymore. Oh, that client’s bothering me and I could check in with myself and I did that every four to six weeks. So make a ritual with yourself. I really love this, Monica. Monica. I love you.

Lesley Logan 33:43
Yeah, you’re amazing.

Lesley Logan 33:46
You are she knows that.

Brad Crowell 33:48
She’s kicking ass. She’s photographed Coldplay, y’all.

Lesley Logan 34:07
I know. After this recording she like literally got the contract signed. And then the last time she photograph me she actually got the contract to film Candy Motzek and Ed Mylett. I like, so I told her I’m clearly good luck. She has to keep photographing…

Brad Crowell 35:04
You’re good luck?

Lesley Logan 35:05

Brad Crowell 35:06
You’re clearly good luck.

Brad Crowell 35:07
Clearly good luck. You guys, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 35:10
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 35:11
I’m your good luck charm. Thank you for joining us today. How are you going to do these tips in your life? We want to know. We want to hear from you. We want to hear your favorite Be It Action Items. May this be the year that you actually send us your wins send us a question. Tag Monica Linda and Girl Squad Media and tag the Be It Pod with what your favorite takeaways were. Until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 35:33
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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