Practical Steps And Tools to Manifest Your Dreams

Ep. 319 Nikole M. Mitchell

“When it comes to the art of manifestation, there’s a lot of grit and tenacity that is required.”

Nikole M. Mitchell

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She is known as the pastor-turned-stripper. She left a religious community for the adult industry and has never been happier, healthier, or wealthier. She transitioned from food stamps to 7 figures by embracing the truest version of herself, even if it meant being misunderstood. She is an expert in pleasure, power, and profit, as well as self-expression and being an online sex worker.

Show Notes

Dive into the world of manifestation with Nikole Mitchell, who narrates her transition from living on food stamps to achieving a seven-figure income. This episode breaks down the practical strategies and mindset shifts necessary for manifesting financial freedom and personal success. Explore the role of integrity in your aspirations, the importance of believing in your vision. 

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Misconceptions of manifestation
  • Concept of ‘calling in’ manifestation
  • Embracing the audacity of your dreams
  • The power of illusion
  • Hearing and trusting your voice
  • Hiring mentors and experts
  • Nikole’s tools to manifest
  • Integrity in manifestation
  • Where to find Nikole
  • Put money where your mouth is

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Nikole M. Mitchell: People get really frustrated and they burn out and they say it’s all a hoax. But really when it comes to the art of manifestation, there’s a lot of grit and tenacity that is required like you absolutely have to have a vision. You absolutely have to believe like the loose stuff is real, but it has to be backed up and substantiated with action, and ongoing action, especially when it looks like it’s not working.



Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guest will bring bold, executable, intrinsic and targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.

Lesley Logan 1:02
Hi, Okay, you guys. This woman needs no introduction. You’ve already heard her on the podcast before but we’re already having her back because she’s phenomenal and multifaceted in so many ways. Nikole Mitchell, thank you so much for being here. One, we had the best time in person with you last time and we talked about so many things. So if you missed that episode, it’s linked in the show notes go listen to it. However, one of the things that I have been following you and just loving you talk about is manifestation like making our visions happen. And so I wanted to bring you back and I wanted to like nerd out and go deep because I think people can get a little woowoo on the manifestation thing. But I guess before we go right into that, maybe just a quick little two-second, two-minute intro like who you are and what you rock at. Just in case you haven’t listened to the last one.

Nikole M. Mitchell 1:49
Yes. So thank you, Lesley, for having me. I’m Nikole Mitchell. I’m known as many things one of those things is past return stripper. I’m a life coach. I’ve gone from food stamps to seven figures, and I’m really good at helping people unlock their power, their pleasure and their profit.

Lesley Logan 2:04
Yeah, I I love how concise all that is. And like each one has its own like life story. I guess like, the I feel like the only way any of those could have happened was because of visualization and true, like clarity around what you want. So maybe, I hear people say I’m manifesting this. They throw that word around a lot. What are some, like myths around manifesting that you hear are some misconceptions about it?

Nikole M. Mitchell 2:33
Yes. I think one of the biggest one is like if you just say it, it’ll happen. If you think it once, it will happen. Yes, it’s just like a one and done kind of thing. And people get really frustrated. And then they burn out. And they say it’s all a hoax. But really, when it comes to the art of manifestation, there’s a lot of grit and tenacity that is required, like you absolutely have to have a vision, you absolutely have to believe like the woowoo stuff is real. But it has to be backed up and substantiated with action, and ongoing action, especially when it looks like it’s not working. That to me, I found my own personal journey the manifestation is right when everything looks like it’s falling apart. That has always been my catalyst to the greater things. But most people freak out, everything’s falling apart, you’re thinking this doesn’t work. Not only does it work, it’s made everything worse. And that’s when they bail. It’s literally three feet from the goal. They’re right for like right there. And they quit right before the finish line. And it kills me every time. So like I’ve seen this happen so many times that shift that rearranging that feels like a disaster. It’s a divine rearranging means you’re right there, stay the course.

Lesley Logan 3:35
Yeah, I can I like so when we, this house that we’re sitting in, when I like I spent time in April with one of my coaches and when she had this whole, like quantifying your vision, so it wasn’t just enough to like have a vision like she had all these questions. All these prompts. We’re to quantify it, we had actually go How much does all these things that we want in this dream life cost? Because not to scare you to be like you can’t ever afford that. But to like, have clear goals around what that is you can actually say yes to that. And so I was very clear on this, like five bedroom house, I had this yard like I would be had it all pictured and Brad and I were on the same page and we came to Vegas, you guys and the real estate agents took all these houses and I was like none of these are the vision and how did I get this so wrong? Like I felt like I was so wrong about it. And we got in the car kind of bummed because we first we rented a car to come to Vegas to see these houses cuz we didn’t have a car. And we got in the car we’re like, let’s just drive to where we fell in love with Vegas first and then like drive around until we find something. And I remember being on the phone with someone and I was just kind of like at a loss. We came back to LA we hadn’t found anything but I just hadn’t couldn’t give up on this goal. And I wanted to move by June 1st and this is like nine days before June 1st and I’m on the phone with her I’m like I can’t be wrong about this. Like I know I have had the vision I’m so clear and I know everything that I it’s going to cost we can afford all of this like everything is ready. But I didn’t find it and I don’t understand. And I got off the phone with her. And I was like, I just can’t be wrong. I know I’m not wrong about this. I opened my phone and there was an email from a real estate agent like, I think I found this one house for you. And you guys there were staying in the house. And you know, no one was everyone said, you can’t move in nine days. I’m like, no one moved in nine days, we moved in nine days. But I think there was that moment where I could have just given up and we we did not we like we kind of get through so I feel like that is the heart that is the hardest part. What do you do when you are like in everything is a mess and like you’re like, you I mean, you’re, you’re so equipped that you know that it’s going to work out but like what did what are some tools that you use to like, when everything feels like it’s falling apart?

Nikole M. Mitchell 5:42
I still panic. Like, as a professional manifester I do feel like I’ve really nailed the art of it. I still panic. I call it my holy tantrums. Like I throw divine fits where I like, I’ll punch pillows, I’ll curse the universe. I’ll be so mad. I was like I know these laws. I know how this works, why the f this is not happening yet? Why the f does it look like everything’s falling apart? Why do things have to fall apart like I am so like, direct with the divine because I know the universe can handle it first of all. And second of all, it does something in me when I can get all that rage out and not have to pretend like I’m okay with it. It does something to me, once I get it out. I come back. But I found when I tried to keep in to be proper and to be appropriate and to like be a person of faith and trust, like it would just boil under my skin. So I’ve really found that having a tantrum really helps me get it out of my system without letting me quit.

Lesley Logan 6:36
Okay, thank you for saying that, I have I have to throw the tantrum. And then sometimes I’m like, why do I throw tantrums all the time? Like why can I just like, get to the point where it’s after the tantrum. But there’s something about like, if you’re not going to fight for it, you know, like

Nikole M. Mitchell 6:53
It shows how much you care about it. It’s like we have this idea like Zen, like I’m just always gonna be at peace, and it’s totally fine. But when you really care about something, and you’re so passionate about it, and your your heart is screaming, that this is meant for you. It doesn’t make sense that you’d be calm, it makes sense that you would panic and be mad and fret because you care so deeply. And this is what I love about it. It just that tantrum communicates how committed you are to that vision. And it’s it’s, it’s really is a genuine spot of misery to know what it’s meant for you and to not be there yet. And it’s in that state of misery. It’s temporary, but gosh, it feels eternal. When you’re in it. Can you stay the course long enough to not quit nine days before that house showed up or whatever the goal you’re calling in? Because it is temporary, but it’s because you care so much, you know that is meant for you. It’s gonna cause you to throw some tantrums.

Lesley Logan 7:44
Yeah. I love that. Okay, you said this calling in? Yeah. Can you explain what you mean by that? Because I think that that’s probably a part of manifestation most people don’t do.

Nikole M. Mitchell 7:55
So for me. So I think we’re maybe a little different. I do way better manifesting things, I don’t know the logistics around things I don’t know the numbers like I like to get so dreamy in my head that I have no idea how on earth this could ever happen. And the more I try to figure out the how the more I go crazy. So then my goal is to be like such a magnet that it just it is forced to shoot my reality like literally pulls it in. And I almost view it as like the split through fabric in time like this whole visualize it. And like my hand grabbing the future and pulling it for like it gets to be mine now. It was interesting, when I was flying into Vegas, today, I always journal on my flights, or I read old journals. It’s like my time like as I’m elevating literally, I elevate energetically.

Lesley Logan 8:38
Oh, that’s so fun.

Nikole M. Mitchell 8:39
It’s my favorite ritual. So like, I’m very careful as like, as I’m with you rise up higher and like I am rising higher my life and making more money, having more success, I’m having more fun, like it is such a symbol for me like what’s coming my way. So it says reading an old journal and I read what I’d written in 2021. I’m like in 2021, I’m going to be a million dollar woman. And it was in 2022 that I became a million dollar woman. But I was like, Oh my gosh, like back then I had no concept of how I’d make a million dollars. I just knew I was meant to make a million dollars, I had a heart for it. I had a vision for it. And I declared it and over time as you take inspired action and you try different things and you put yourself out there like it will find its way to you so for me it’s less about me trying to chase it down and force it to happen. It’s more of like I surrender to this desire. I show the f up for it. And then I let the universe surprise me with how it shows up.

Lesley Logan 9:29
Yeah, I think I’m I definitely do the big picture vision. And the only that quantify was the first time I ever did it. The only reason that helped me is because I actually grew up since I grew up with no money. I’ve never had money and actually six so this year was my 10th year anniversary when I was homeless for the third and last time. So like I actually was just like you know when you like I’ll buy a house like I never even knew like how much money one would need for that. So doing that has allowed me to know, okay, I have to make X number of dollars. And y’all, we made it the next weekend. So like, but like, I didn’t go into that with the I’m gonna make this like I was like, we have this thing and it can do that, and I’m gonna keep that vision in life. So I think, but I do, but I do like that youI like that elevating up, I’ve got this new, I got a new remarkable tablet guys here to hear me talking about all the time because I can’t read my own writing, which is why I’ve had I’ve stopped journaling because I can’t read it. But I hate that I’ve stopped journaling, because that’s when I have been the most clear about what I want. So my we had (inaudible) on the show, and she has one I was at her house in the UK. And she’s I was like, Can I just try it? You guys, it can read my own horrible writing. I’m lefty, itcan read it. So it’s on its way to this house right now. And I’m like, good. That’s what I mean. I knew ritual on planes because I love that.

Nikole M. Mitchell 10:50
Do you know, the reason I actually started this is back. So I was on food stamps for nine years. And I made this intention that because traveling, I couldn’t afford it. And I was afraid that when I would travel, I was losing money, right? This was my mindset back then very traditional, very lack based. And I want to believe the principle right of the law of multiplication, that anytime you circulate, spend or invest money, it always comes back to multiply so very much direct that towards travel. So I very intentionally said whenever I travel, I always make more money, I have money making ideas, I make connections clients hire me like so I very intentionally every time I feel I’m journaling and I’m journaling kind of saved my life because I’m like, I’m spending this money. I’m on food stamps. This is so irresponsible. My heart says this is what I’m meant to do. So I’m journaling like, I’m a wealthy woman, I make millions of dollars, massive success, like massive fame, like almost as like a plea to God. Like I’m doing this as a commitment to my future self into who I’m becoming I refuse to stay where I am. And that ritual is now carried on for five years. Like it’s become my most sacred time to remember who I am as I elevate as a reminder that we are always evolving and transforming and I’ve only just gotten started.

Lesley Logan 11:57
I love that. Okay, so I want to know how what, because I feel like I can picture you there and I am because I’ve had similar situations. How do you write I am this when you’re not that yet? Like what is the what is what do you have to tell yourself or believe like, what’s that? Because I feel like that’s being it until you see it. And that’s my manifestation like so many people like I believe I am a million dollar person. But if you are on food stamps, like there is there’s dissonance there that the brain is you know, there’s a brain there that means like you’re not so how did you how do you overcome that?

Nikole M. Mitchell 12:30
So for me for my truth, let me know if this resonates with you, Lesley and those of you listening? I actually find when I get still and I declare these statements. They feel like the truth is truth I could speak me on food stamps felt like a fraud. That actually felt like a fraud me wanting a million dollars did not like when I got really still since I was a young girl. I’ve wanted to be famous, I wanted to be rich, I’ve wanted to be successful, it was never allowed in the spaces I grew up in that was never looked up when I was very much looked down upon very much shamed and shunned and so I quickly and quietly stuffed those desires down. So when I got older and started learning manifestation, and owning these desires have always had it felt like coming home. And sure this was your brains like you’re not that but more than not it was like It felt good to breathe until breathe life into and speak into existence what I’ve always wanted. And the frustration the frustration was, why am I this when I meant to be that? Why am I in food stamps when I meant to be a millionaire? Why? Why am I struggling at home when I am meant to be a CEO? Like this. this is the fraud. This is truth. And so it became easier like to really own it. And I think that’s what people need is permission to own the audacity and the size of your dreams. Because we’re always taught to shrink to make it palatable for me to be like I want to be a millionaire would never have flown in my family, in my circles or in my church. So I keep that quiet. But what would it look like for us to believe in each other’s size of our dreams and our audacity and ability to manifest it to become it to achieve it? It would make it so much easier for people to speak it aloud own it and I think call it in.

Lesley Logan 14:06
Okay. So many just different gems. Everyone has to rewind and go back because I want to listen, I love all of it. But I love that you share what it is that the life you’re living was actually the fraud. That I think is actually most people’s existence, but they don’t they think it’s real.

Nikole M. Mitchell 14:23
Yes. And this is the power of the illusion. Like it’s strongest fog. It’s like when you’re on food stamps and you can’t pay your bills and you’re crying I would cry myself to sleep I’m starving except such severe anxiety from not able to provide for our family like it feels as real as anything. And so this is where I had to work really hard at finding two minutes of peace to find the the teeny tiny kernel of truth and my soul. Where like that whisper that would not go away that said you were meant for more than this, Nicole. This is not all there is but it was quiet enough to where I think a lot of people stuffed it down, ignore it and convincing them selves. This is as far as they’re gonna get. This is how it’s always going to be. But for those of us brave enough to water, that kernel to water, that seed to let it grow a little sprouts within you, and you’re going to feel crazy, people are going to tell you like, don’t don’t raise your hopes be willing to lose them. Like, be realistic. Yeah, I don’t want to be realistic. Because at the end of the day, I don’t want to realistic life. I want a mind-blowing life. So I’d have mind-blowing beliefs about mind-blowing possibilities, if that’s what I actually want. So the more I watered it, the more I started to feel it, the more I started to identify it, the more I started to experience it. But you have to intentionally cultivate that, because it will not happen on its own with all the odds you’re facing.

Lesley Logan 15:37
Yeah, because your internal voice is just yours and every other voice around you of all the people and all their fears and all the protection all those people who haven’t listened to their voice and generation. Telling you something (inaudible) I think that’s so cool. Okay, so how did you listen to your voice? Did you know it was your voice like this might sound crazy, but like, I feel like when I first heard my own voice, I remember who is that? You guys, I remember driving on the one on one freeway, as in my last relationship. And I heard myself say, Dear God, can you just have him break up with me because I don’t actually know how to get out of this. And I’m going who is talking?

Nikole M. Mitchell 16:20
But it’s so true. Like, we’ve become so disconnected from our own truth and our own voice that it does feel foreign. And then we’ve been taught to not especially as women, and if especially if you’re from a marginalized community, if you’re a person of color, if you’re queer, if you’re disabled, like you’ve been taught to not trust your body, you’ve been taught to not trust your desires, you’ve been taught to not trust your intuition. So when you’re working, you’re trying to find your voice again, there is a lot of doubt, and there is a lot of confusion. But the more you just practice and try it will become clearer and clearer. So what I did in the beginning, when I didn’t have my voice, I clung on to the person whose voice resonated with me. And that like kind of woke up my voice the more I heard them speak the more I read what they wrote, the more I listened to their live streams on like, I could feel her coming alive in me. And then back then I had my kids were really little have three kids and I was exhausted, and I’m still nursing and all were so broken, everything’s so stressful. And I’m not a morning person. So the only time I could afford peace and sanity in my life, I would set my alarm two minutes, literally two minutes before my kids got up. I couldn’t do five I couldn’t do 30 minutes, but I’m not I’m not that extreme. I’m, I need my sleep. But then I laid two minutes. And I would just I would visualize being a wealthy woman, I would visualize the big home I would have I’d visualize living in the state of my dreams. And it felt crazy considering my circumstances. But those two minutes eventually became five minutes eventually became my tradition back then was every time I was at a red light, because driving all the time, I would stop and I’d visualize and I would start crying because I could see it and feel it and smell it and taste it so clearly, the light would turn green, I’d snap back to reality and go so I would incorporate these moments is trigger it’s like a red light or flying on a plane. Who are you really Nikole? What is your truth? What do you want? Remember that above all the noise that you’re facing right now.

Lesley Logan 18:07
Okay, so some of the things I love about this first of all, y’all, when you if you do this right before you wake up, there’s a reason why morning pages are called morning pages and you’re supposed to do them as soon as you wake up. And I have people go, what can I do after I have coffee? No, you’re because it says in the morning, why? Your theta it’s like there’s a wave. It’s the it’s you’re almost still in hypnosis. So it’s actually when the best time to do meditation, visualization, journaling, because there’s just the the part of your brain that’s actually still kind of doing the work is the one that’s in that’s I’m gonna be wrong. But I had a hypnotherapist on here. It’s it. It’s like almost hypnotic. And so you can actually really retrain your brain rewire your brain to what it is you want to see. The other thing I love about it is you’re doing small doses, so it’s not, you’re not changing your entire life. 30 minutes is way too much. Y’all retiming habits, he will even tell you, you cannot go from zero to 30 minutes on anything, no matter how much you want it. The other thing I love is that like you’re spending more and more time trying to hear your voice and see your thing and it throughout the day because that’s the only way to find the evidence that the universe is out there. So you can be the magnet that you’re saying and like to go back to manifestation the only way you can magnet anything in is if you can actually see that oh, that’s that’s the turn I’m supposed to make. And you can only trust that turn because you’ve seen it so many times in your in your visions.

Nikole M. Mitchell 18:07
I would write affirmations down on sticky notes and plastered them all over my kitchen, my bathroom, my hallways my bedroom literally everywhere I walked because I just I had to inundate my psyche that was convinced I would be poor for the rest of my life that possibilities exist up leveling exists. Manifestation exists. Wealth exists for Nicole not just I felt like it existed for everyone but me and then friends would come over and I’d tear through my house to tear all the sticky notes down because I couldn’t afford anyone’s kickback. I couldn’t afford anyone making fun of me because I was so fragile at this and I was such a baby like it not an insult like a beginner. And so I would take them all down and no one’s ever left I’ve classroom backup like I was very protective myself the first year when I was learning how to manifest and visualize a different future for myself. So anything you can do count every small thing and I teach to my clients it will compound like your cup is going to fill fill, fill, fill fill, and then it’s going to spill over into up on it. So if you do those sticky notes, you take two minutes here a minute at the stoplight, it all adds up and it will help you get where you’re meant to be.

Lesley Logan 20:26
Yeah. Thank you for bringing back up and we talked about this more in the first episode we had you on was just like protecting you have to you have to protect this beginner this new version of you, whatever it is, because you we are you don’t have the muscle to like articulate always, like, why you’re doing what you’re doing. And anyone who could act like even if it was a simple question, like why do you do this and it doesn’t even have to have the tone of negativity. It could just be curiosity. But if you’re if you don’t feel like you have the words to say it in a way that feels confident that could actually keep you from putting them back up. So I love that brought that back up. Okay. So manifesting. Obviously you do visualize there’s that but like, it can’t just be okay speak into existence like the secret which everybody was like all in I think my own family gotten to the secret which I thought was very interesting for a moment there like speak it out, guys speak it out. But what, but it’s also combined with as you said, grit and tenacity. So how do you do you you write these things down? Do you put them somewhere? And then you call them in? Like, what are those looking like.

Nikole M. Mitchell 21:32
So it’s easier to call something and the more it’s normalized in your brain in your body. So when I was poor, I wanted I had no idea what wealth was like. And so I started going to like fancy cafes just to sit and I’d order the cheapest thing on their menu and then I remember one time, like I’m going to order the most expensive and is a latte that had gold flakes on it, like 24 karat flakes. I sat there I’m like, I’m so rich right now but like just to normalize oh, people do this every day. I can afford one latte a month people do this everyday. I go to the lobbies of super rich hotels. I felt like such a fraud. I was like waiting to get caught like you miss what are you doing here? Like I no one cares. It’s a freaking hotel. But it just showed what an outsider I felt like when it came to beautiful things to wealth to elegance to glamour. And so like I started to expose myself, I would make vision boards right literally like old school sky. I’m like printing off million dollar homes from California and printed off beach sunsets and plenty off dollar signs and productive number of money I want to make some day. I started like, one time to my girlfriend. I’m like, I want to meet a millionaire. I never met one before and that felt like an alien from space. Like there’s so few and far between. They probably don’t exist. I hear they exist. I’ve never seen one in my real life. And now, almost everyone I know in my life is a millionaire. It is crazy.

Lesley Logan 22:44
It’s crazy. Y’all it is insane. How many millionaires are out there? In fact, now it’s like that’s not even enough. Like the billionaires like,

Nikole M. Mitchell 22:52
Yeah, millionaires. I’m like, that’s cute. Before it was like, woah

Lesley Logan 22:56
No, but, if you haven’t like I only got it. You’re taking me back in time because I there’s certain things I would do to like, make sure that I could tell myself I was wealthy like even when I was homeless. I ate at Whole Foods. Yeah. And I went to the I went to the salad bar guys, and I have no idea how much it was gonna cost. But like I was like, nope, I am not. I am not someone who is going to have ramen. I don’t even know how I get gluten-free ramen. But I’m not going to have ramen for lunch. Like, I’m going to have a regular meal. I’m going to sit out here in Brentwood, while celebrities walk out of that Whole Foods. Not because I wanted to be that was I wasn’t actually manifesting being famous, but I wanted to live and be welcomed in that neighborhood. And I wanted to stop like my manifestation was like, I will no longer get an apartment somewhere because that’s what I can afford. I will get an apartment somewhere because that’s where I want to live. And that was like my thing and I would so I would sit there and it was this way of taking action in like, action towards the vision like this is going to be comfortable. In fact, it’d be so normal for me to park and this Whole Foods it’s not gonna go like who is this person here? Is she selling like signatures on the front of the Whole Foods? No, I don’t work here. This is where I shop. This is where I eat. There was somebody who used to write their scripts I think at it wasn’t the Waldorf. There’s a very famous hotel that’s escaping me over on Sunset Boulevard. It’s a, if Brad was here he could tell he’s like probably he’s trying to tell me what it is to my brain but like where script writers would go to write their scripts because they wanted to someday be staying be famous enough and rich enough to stay at that hotel. All I can think about you guys if you’re trying to like which hotel? It is the one Lindsay Lohan was at there’s been other famous people I just can’t think of it right now.

Nikole M. Mitchell 24:39
I love it. The other thing that’s really helped me manifest and normalize my goals is hiring those who already have it. So hiring mentors or coaches or guides, people who have the lifestyle you want them when you want, the business you want. Even today I was interviewing a business owner. He’s been a restaurant and gambling owner for 20 years and I’m like If you need to mentor people that like opening a restaurant, a brick and mortar business is absolutely terrifying, huge risk lots people don’t make it, you’ve had a massively successful for 2020 years, you need to mentor he is like I want to mentor people. So you want to gravitate towards those who have what you want. If you can’t afford them at first, read everything you can on them online, watch their podcasts interviews, like do everything to be in their energy. And if there’s ever an opportunity to take a free masterclass or a small price best, like, do whatever you can to learn from them. I would say that’s been one of my biggest hacks isn’t trying to fumble along and figure it on my own. I hire people who are already where I want to be like, Tell me everything you know, and then being in their energy being in that like being learning their understanding how they approach things. makes it so much faster for me to get there.

Lesley Logan 25:45
Okay. Yes. Okay, that is awesome. Because you are skipping the line. You’re not because also when you’re especially when you’re new to manifesting, you’re, especially when you’re new to like calling in what you want and haven’t gotten tenacity. Nothing sucks more than trying to like fumble along, and then realize you’ve been going down the wrong road this whole time. It is and if you don’t have the strength and that muscle believing like no, I do believe this, it could be a setback that just takes you out. So I do love that I um, the first time I hired a business coach, and people are like, why do you need to hire a business coach? I’m like, I’m taking my business to private school. And they’re like, What am I? Why does everyone pay for private school for their kids? It’s not like they’re learning anything different. They’re learning the same things that every other kid is learning. It’s just that they have smaller class sizes. And what a network. And so that is what happens and I need my business to be in private school because you get to skip the line. You get more connections and and, yes, I everything I did before I hired a business coach, I learned from a podcast and I like I treat a podcast like I paid for that education I’m like, I had a notepad out every time I listen to certain podcasts. I was like, what are my three takeaways? In fact, I found a podcast where the host actually goes, here’s my takeaways. And I was like, great, I’ll just write yours down. That sounds great. Thank you. But like so that’s what’s so crazy in the world that we live today that there’s actually so much that you can do if you can’t afford to hire anyone. In fact, every, every single one of these multi-figure coaches out there have podcasts or have free content. I’m gonna tell you right now, I promise you, they’re giving their best stuff away for free. If they’re doing it right. It’s just out of order. So if you can take the time to reorder it, you you can get an MIT to education without paying for MIT. Now, as all their education is free, the only way you get the degree is if you pay them. So if you want the certificate, you pay them but like, it’s all out there, it goes back to that grit and tenacity like are you going to be willing to like, stop just thinking about it and actually, like, take some action towards what you’re thinking about.

Nikole M. Mitchell 27:43
I will give that feedback once awhile, like, why do you charge for this, this should be free. If it’s if it matters so much you shouldn’t make it available to the masses. So a couple of thoughts on that, like I put out so much free content that if you if you consume my free content and implement it in your life, it will change your life period. Second, we take for granted things that are free. If advice worked, the coaching business wouldn’t exist. Obviously taking free advice does not have the same impact as hiring a mentor who can guide you through real real shit in real time. So just trusting that there is enough information for you to get started. And then I will say this because it’s really important because woo and manifestation and personal love is so popular right now. Don’t let yourself get scammed. There’s a lot of people who can make you big, lofty promises, you’re gonna make $7 million in seven weeks, it’s like, and it gets you excited because you feel like anything’s possible. But if your gut is saying something feels off, your gut is always telling you the truth. So I would much rather start with someone smaller, someone more grounded, someone who’s not as big because it’s like, there’s something I can relate to this and I can connect to so really trust your intuition. Don’t get caught up on the gimmicks and the bells and whistles of people trying to like dazzle you into the program. Hire the person or the people that you really resonate with. You can tell they have integrity. You can tell they’re legit. Those are the people to learn from.

Lesley Logan 28:58
Oh, yes. Yes. Because I mean, even some of the really big name coaches out there that you know, everyone knows who these guys are they have they sell people courses, but if you don’t actually have an idea, if you don’t know how to, even if you can buy it, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna make you money. In fact, there’s like a shout out to this podcast it’s my favorite I listen to Queen of the Con Season Four is all about the real housewife from Salt Lake City. And she had these companies that would, they look legit, you would like Google like work from home course. And then you know they had all this stuff but they were like oh well if you want that, buy this. Oh, that only works if you buy this and it was like all these things. It’s truly like as a business coach, we’re very honest. We’ll tell you what’s right for you. What’s wrong for you. Like oh, actually, this is not gonna be the best thing for you. You go do these things. Here’s why we think your ideas amazing. Here’s what it’s gonna take to get there. Super, super honest. Even in the 15 minute consultation call with Brad does you’ll get coaching because we’ll be like, I love that idea. Here’s why you need to have anan assistant to do that. Like just really honest information you got to find coach like that because you can get you can buy the wrong course or be scammed or also, you got to know yourself do you need like I, I bought a course recently and I’m halfway through it and I have six more months to finish it. And I had to make appointments of myself to do it because I actually show up better when it’s live.

Nikole M. Mitchell 30:26
I’m so that is gonna say the exact same thing. And like you have to know what kind of learner you are. I will ship something live, I will not ship something pre recorded. I just know myself and the only way I will ship something pre recorded is just like you said, I literally put my calendar 4pm on Tuesday watching module ones program, otherwise I never get around to it, but live in it. Which is why to this day even though I’ve been in business for five years, I could automate and sell all my programs forever and ever never teach live again. I teach every single one live, because I know I’m a better learner when it’s live energy, I love be able to like meet you in real time. Like talk to me. Where are you at? I’ll give you feedback right now. Like, yeah, there’s benefits to both. So I have people who thrive in courses, and I’m the kind of person who thrives on live energy. So just know your style and support yourself in that direction.

Lesley Logan 31:05
Yeah, and like, and then also, it’s okay to be where you are like, yeah, for example, the particular course I bought, the reason I bought it was I was like, I liked this idea. I’ve listened to a podcast, issue is valid information. I don’t want to spend, like I love spending money but I was like, I don’t want to spend that money on that thing. What I think I just want this module. So I’ve had to go, Okay, it’s in my calendar, I had to literally tell Brad, okay, this is Mondays at 10am. I’m going to watch the thing, I’m going to do the thing. And then I’m going to do these things. And so I’ve had to do it and tell them every Monday, okay, here’s what I learned today on this course. Because otherwise I know myself, but if I, if I can I love a live event, I love being in a room with people, even if it’s a Zoom Room. And even as a presenter, like, one of the things we did this year was were we a bunch of courses, they’re not outdated, but like the technology is better. And so it was like, you know, I want to update the content, we’re filming them live. And we’re selling the tickets to come live for like nothing 25 bucks. So if I can give this information away, but I know that the recorded content will have the energy of how I show up when it’s live. Because if I if I pre-record stuff, it’s like you’re like talking to a white wall in this room. So it’s not fun. So that but I I would prefer more people to come to the live one, and pay less amount and get all that information. It’s just how I am. So I began to do you have to like a learner and you have to know what you have access, what’s accessible and what you’re valuing right now. And it’s okay to go. Oh my god, I would love to spend that. But this is all I have who does that? But there’s a couple people who are into the coaching industry who are like, well, why don’t you just spend the money if this is like the the new secret where it’s like you say it out loud. Now there’s people who are like, just once you invest the money, that’s the same, like you basically have done it. It’s like, no, you should get coaching for the money that you’re investing. Like, yeah, there should be calls, there should be some sort of something that’s going to help you it can’t just be like putting the money out there. It’s like those old church shows of like, send your money and we’ll pray your bills away. That’s the same thing. It’s still not going to work. Their bills are still there.

Nikole M. Mitchell 33:10
Totally. Yeah. I love that you said that. Like you just start where you are. I know we all wish we’re further down the road and we wish you can do this and I want to give you this piece of wisdom is like you are the only one who can save you. And that’s like both good and bad. It’s bad because we want someone else to save us it just feels easier if I can throw money at you and Lesley can save me hallelujah. That’s not how it works. I’m the only person who can save me at the end of the day so if there’s a mentor or guide or coach who’s like if you don’t hire me you’re not going to make it, run. You are so brilliant, you’re so capable, you come from the Divine, you’ve got this, you’re gonna make it and it might take a little bit longer but you you’ve got this on your own you only want to hire someone not because you need to need them not because you’re pressuring you not because they save you don’t buy the highest ticket you’re not actually committed I see all this kind of bogus stuff on the internet is like you want to hire someone because there’s there’s there’s no electric charge there there’s an alignment they’re not because they’re gonna save you but they represent who you can become. They’ve saved themselves and us now see oh, I can save myself so just be aware of any coach or leader who’s like well if you don’t hire me or if you don’t buy my highest ticket you can’t make it that’s all BS you’ll make it and just you’re going to hire the right person the right amount the right price for you.

Lesley Logan 34:18
Yeah, there’s something to every level there because there’s just always is and I love that you brought that up because it’s it is all in you like the coach the coach is a thing that people I think fig get wrong with coaches, they are a guide they’re not the hero.

Nikole M. Mitchell 34:32
Yes. You’re the here in your own story.

Lesley Logan 34:34
Yes, yes. Yes. And like I think that’s what a lot of people if you’re listening if you are in the service industry of some kind whether you’re a coach or a teacher, whatever that we also get wrong. We think I like as a Pilates instructor I used to think I have to be the one that helps them get that exercise. No, they have to show up. They have to do their part they have to, they have to get their mind in the moment. All I can all I can do is choose the exercise I think are the best for them. But they have to do the work. And once you can change that, it helps you have so much ownership nothing. It’s, it’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you. And then you can also go okay, what am I supposed to learn from this? And how do I grow from this and you I don’t know, it’s very more empowering to figure out like you have it all in you, and this person can help you because it’s a nice reminder, like my most recent coach, she was not even that many steps ahead of us, she was just enough ahead of us that I could learn a lot. She had grit and tenacity. And she, she pushed me to dream even bigger. And then she showed me how she was even doing it in that moment. And I loved that because it was this, it was, it was helpful. And it has accountability. And I couldn’t let the old stories ever show up, because I kept surrounding myself with her. So I just think that it’s really, really important. But she always reminded me, she’s like, you are the one doing the work. All I can do here are the tools and tips. If I was in your shoes, here’s what I would do. But you have to show up and do it, you have to believe that you’re going to do it. And I think that’s where a lot of people get it wrong, because they they either hire a person who tells them it’s my way. And that’s the only way you can make it or they stop believing and they stopped doing it. They think that if I spent the money it’s going to happen because I I put the money over here.

Nikole M. Mitchell 36:17
It drives me crazy crazy when I see coaches promote that. And it makes me so mad because like you said, it’s the same message just wrapped in different clothing or you know, it’s like, just give me your money. And you’ll somehow miraculously make it it’s not that simple. Like if it I’m like run, run run because you have to show up and you have to save yourself and I think a really good coach or guide like, reflects back to your greatness and also like I can, you’ve learned things about business, I learned things about this, I’ve so much business sage and wisdom I can give you that I knew nothing about a few years ago. So we have a lot of practical stuff. We have a lot of energetic stuff that I tell my clients, you’re gonna think long term, when they first start we’re gonna be there’s a lot of information, there’s a lot of knowledge, and then it elevates and evolves into energetic transmissions, and then it evolves into vibration. So now people come to me further along in their journey less for the information and more for the vibration. Like when they come into my world, they feel me they feel and they they feel them shifting. And then when situations come through in their life or their business or finances, they show up differently because of this vibration, they feel so big, it becomes more woo and it becomes incredibly effective. But it can be different for you along your journey if you’re in a journey of like you need lots of information you’re going to hire coaching give me a lot of information if you’re in a season of like I just need you to infuse my days with like energetic laws then do that. I see you crushing it I want to be a mentee under you’re watching you live your life absorbing the way you do life because that’s going to meet you and serve you massively so there’s like different phases you’re going to find yourself in, which is why there is no like just pay here and you’ll you’ll be saved. Where are you? What do you need? What do you desire? Hire based on that.

Lesley Logan 37:46
Yeah. Okay, so something that like there’s a I’m one of those people who’s like, I love to know a little bit more about the manifestation to you. So you journal and you you elevate, you elevate on the plane all that stuff. Do you vision board? Do you like vision board? Do you think that’s part of it? Like what are some tools and tips that people who are wanting to make manifestation because I, I’m like, I feel like that is anytime I’ve ever had gotten what I wanted. It’s because I was I got clarity, I had the division and I took the action. And then anytime I’m not where I want to be I’m like oh, when’s the last time you actually thought about that? When’s the last time you actually took some time to to remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing what you want, and maybe even dream a little bigger because sometimes we get we get a little small on that and then call it in. I I’m very clear. I’m like, Oh, we’re we’re not happy because we didn’t do the vision mark. So what are what are your tools?

Nikole M. Mitchell 38:43
I do all the things so I journal. I used to not be a journaler. It’s annoying. I don’t have time what my hand gets cramped rather tight, but I am just, I’m left-handed so when you said that I was like she’s left-handed, too.

Lesley Logan 38:54
I just watched her do it with her hand. It crimps because no one taught us how to hold a pencil. And also if you’re using the pin, you can just smear it or a pencil like you can’t read it.

Nikole M. Mitchell 39:02
And because you’re not, we’re raised in a right hand society, you’re you use your hand right hand for almost everything. So you just don’t utilize your left hand as the same amount like you. Yeah, yeah, I feel you. So for those of you who are not journalers there’s hope for you is what I’m saying because I was not a journaler but now I’m very intentional about it. I did sticky notes. I definitely believe in vision boards. Like when I was living in Midwest and the food stamps and we’re struggling to make our 700-dollar mortgage payment. I didn’t know how on earth you’re gonna move to California that has $5,000 lease payments, and like so I printed like these gorgeous, huge California homes to start normalizing my psyche. I’d watch YouTube videos of the ocean crashing because I so badly want to get out of the frigid weather for warm weather I’m like I’m gonna be selling beach every day like this is gonna be my norm someday. I make playlists of music that makes me feel so alive and powerful. I have a money playlist and I have an unleashed playlist the money’s about all about becoming rich. And then my unleash is like feeling expressed, empowered. I say what I want I do what I want I wear when I would listen to that. Working out used to be a big component. My first a few years ago, whenever I work out, I’d feel so powerful and as often when I’d go live on my Facebook sweaty, no makeup, gross and so fucking charged and alive and like that’s how I started joining some of my clients because there’s no pretense there’s no perfection, there’s no perfect post, it’s just like real-time to call in the flow and in the zone. And that helps call in. The last thing I will say in addition to visualization. So back in the day when I was poor, and I was like, someday I’m only going to fly first class, like that is a dream. Well, it’s one thing to say that visualize it, it is another thing to fork over the money for it. And so I remember the first time I paid for first-class ticket was like, Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh, my gosh, this is irresponsible. Because I’m, I’m on food stamps. But it was such an expander for me. So I flew the first flight that offers first-class, totally life-changing. A month or two later on my next flight, and I was like, oh, gosh, and this one I went to look at the first class, it was four times the price of the economy. So it wasn’t even double. My last one was double. This is four times the price. I’m like, oh, no, that I can’t. So I chickened out, bought the economy. I could not sleep that night, because I was out of integrity with my identity. My identity says I’m a first class woman then why on earth did you buckle because I believed I couldn’t make it like what if I pay for it, and then the money doesn’t show up is all fear based and lack-based. The next morning, I called the airline and like, I need to upgrade to first class like good, you called within 24 hours, we can upgrade you. I paid four times the price for it. It’s freaking out. I’m like, how can I say I’m gonna become a woman who flies first class, who only buys it once and never buys it again. You have to have integrity. And so even now, this iteration of my journey, I want to fly private. And so I just bought a month ago my first ever private jet plane ticket for me, my partner, mind you, which is so amazing to be able to pay for two people. And I had like it was a chance to normalize my nervous system like this is this is safe. This is allowed. It’s more than I pay for a regular ticket. But like, this is the life I want to be and have and like came out here today, I bought another private jet ticket just like I have to be integrity with what I say I want

Lesley Logan 41:59
So I just wanted to know, on your suitcases, the house, I looked and saw the JSX and I was like, yes, she did. I love you. I love that you’re in my life so much because like it’s so there’s, I think there’s there’s different each person in our life gives us a little nugget of something right? Our mutual friend Michael like he’s, he’s like, the drive he has like he is like, I feel he’s a hummingbird. He just doesn’t stop. But there’s a couple things about you that remind me of things that like sometimes in my busyness, I can forget the manifestation, the showing up, getting dressed up, like planning an outfit, I’m like, look at her earrings, they change every time I see her, they’re a different pair. Like there’s just certain things I know I don’t I don’t want to be able to (inaudible) earrings, but like, there are things about people that are reminders of like the things that we want. And just to go back to manifesting like putting people in our lives that are reminders of like, that’s who I am. That’s actually who I am. This this person over here I’m not a fraud, but I’m just saying like the like when like going back to like when you are living in a place where you’re like nothing about this makes sense. Nothing about this is the life I want to live, like putting those people in your life. And I’m just so glad you got into like you came into ours. Because you’re there’s so many things about your love. And I just I love that you have a different you have different things, you have sound, you have pictures, you have things you can touch, all of that. That is so cool. And then yes with the action and I think like you guys it is it is really true, like putting the money putting on the line. It does come back because there’s a part of you that like will fight to make sure that happens you will look for the evidence to make sure that happens. Because you won’t if you just bought the economy ticket you actually wouldn’t probably worry about making sure you can pay for that. But holy fuck you spent four times the price you better put out the email or go meet the person or go to that networking event or or do the buy the domain you might as well do the thing to like actually get that money back. I love that.

Nikole M. Mitchell 44:12
It makes me want to read something I read yes so this is one of my old journal entries and I’m like this is so appropriate because it’s about this next version of ourselves and having integrity and alignment and acting as though you’re already her. This is another key part of manifestation is like there’s this idea like oh, I’ll act like an actor once I win an Oscar. Well how the f you begin to win an Oscar you first have to identify as an actor, you have to show up as an actor even before you get your first acting gig you have to show up in the identity before the thing is ever here. Right. So when I was flying here, I was reading my old like, when I money’s my big thing right I am. I was so familiar with poverty. I only want to know well from now on. And because there’s a lot of people in poverty. There’s a lot of people I want to help so it’s really important for me that I stay connected to my desire for why I want more money. So this is just one of my journal entries and I hope it like serves everyone and blesses anyone who’s listening, I wrote, I am a mother fucking queen. I am a child of the Divine who is worthy of all her desires, who is supported in all of her desires, who receives all of her desires, because she is open to receiving, open to having open to more, she knows she is safe in her spending and safe in her having. And anytime she spends money, she makes more money every damn time. Any feelings of loss or lack or not being able to finish pain is just an illusion. Fear trying to convince that it’s real. When only love is real, and love leads, guides and provides always love is infinite. Money is infinite. I’m infinite. I can afford anything and everything and always have extra surplus excess always. That was me manifesting calling it in before I even had it trying to imagine what would it look like to live in a world where every time I spend money, it always comes back to me multiplied, where I identify as a queen who receives everything she wants, because she feels worthy of it. And now I feel like I’m there and I’m now taking it to the next level.

Lesley Logan 46:04
Yeah. Oh my god, I love that. And I like it thing is like I’m gonna I think I would transcribe the podcast because y’all it’s on you can just like

Nikole M. Mitchell 46:12
Copy, paste it, paste it.

Lesley Logan 46:14
Put it up, put on little Post Its around where you need it. There’s a Abraham Hicks has a money rampage on YouTube. And whenever I’m feeling a little lack, I play it. It’s five minutes long, you guys, I’ll put it in the show notes. It is it literally, I can’t not think about how wealthy we are. As soon as I’m done listening to it, because I just like it like it’s like, she’s, it’s just so it’s so good. When it comes on. I can actually quote it. I can’t quote it in this moment. But like it’s so good. And I light the money candle.

Lesley Logan 46:43
Yeah, I light the money candle.

Lesley Logan 46:45
I love it. Oh my God, I love my money candle. And it’s, and it’s because I really, I think a lot of people can listen to this. And they might be like we’ve said many, many times you guys money is the is energy that allows us to not only show up more fully as ourselves, but allows us to be there to give to the people that we love around us. I love when I can hire someone whose strength is a weakness of mine. And I love when that they’re when I get to pay them. And that strength they have allows them to support their family. Like I believe so fully in that. I love that. One of our assistants has been with us, she built a fucking house, you guys, she built a house, she’s having her second kid, like she can do this one of our other people where he lives. He is upper middle class where he lives because he works for us and I get to pay him. And you know what, when he got sick, he didn’t go where people who are poverished go he got to go to an actual doctor and get seen. And that is a difference between life and death sometimes and so like I make I love making money because I can then give it away to these people who who’s who get to do their thing that they love so much. And and it just makes me feel really good. So if you are listening to this and still at this point, after we said money all the time, and you’re like I don’t know, try to hope find other reasons to don’t like us, I’m gonna tell you right now. You you need to understand that you deserve all the money you want. It’s not a bad thing. And someone told you a story a long time ago and you can do really amazing things. We coach a lot of women whose partners make a lot of money and so that sometimes they’re like, oh, I don’t really need to make any money. And there’s so many things I just say that one you don’t know what’s gonna happen to your partner. So you just

Nikole M. Mitchell 48:29
Death, divorce, disability happens all the time.

Lesley Logan 48:32
All the time. So unless your life insurance policy for that person is going to afford you the life you’re accustomed to for many, many years. You you need to make money. Second, then make a money goal to give away just like, what if you could give away $100,000 this year? What if you can give away a million dollars this year? What would that look like? Well, how could you show up? Because you know what? It is really fun. Like we give to the cupcake girls, I fucking love seeing that money leave. I love it. I love giving it away. I wish we can give more away. I’m always looking for different charities. I’m like, oh, what can I how much have we give them? I love it. So it’s you can also have a money goal that gives things away that you deserve. You don’t have to like you don’t have to be barely like okay, I’m fine with all this. You don’t have to and go well, I’m lucky my partner makes a lot so I don’t, you’re not taking you are not taking money away from people because you made it so just because you’re living the fine life doesn’t mean that you you don’t have to you can’t want more or you can’t want to do something to provide for your children in a different way.

Nikole M. Mitchell 49:37
Yes, ultimately money doesn’t come from people it comes through people. So like that can just eliminate guilt because if it doesn’t come to that person the Divine is gonna find another way to get that money to me but it doesn’t come from them. It comes through them their channels or portals from the Divine to give me my birthright which is abundance. I always tell my people if you have a good heart you actually have a responsibility to get rich. Might be offensive or polarizing but it’s like the amount of good you can do if you have a good heart is more is exponentially more when you have resources. And so when I first started wanting to make money, I the only way I felt worthy of it was knowing I would give it away. I didn’t feel worthy of it, but I felt worthy of passing it on. So if that becomes your only way to feel connected to money, let that become your portal for now. And then my hope is over time, you directly feel worthy of it, whether or not you give it away, because eventually wants you to feel so worthy that you have as much money as you desire that you can do whatever you want with, you can invest it, you can give it, you can build a company with it, you can hire employees with it, like you can do so many things with it. But sometimes, especially for women, I find, they first have to justify, they’re gonna give a lot away to be able to call it in, which is great. But I don’t want you to stop there, I want you to get a point where you can be like, I’m a motherfucking, queen, I deserve all the money, I’m going to make millions of dollars. And then I will decide how I’m going to use that because I trust with your good heart, you’re going to make the right decisions.

Lesley Logan 50:49
Yeah, thank you for saying that. Because I do think like, there’s plenty of people who have shitty hearts, you guys who are making billions of dollars.

Nikole M. Mitchell 50:56
We can come up with a long list.

Lesley Logan 50:58
You actually just Google billionaires, you’re gonna know all their names, and you’re gonna know that they actually are assholes, like we can we can name a bunch of them on the top of our heads y’all it’s so but it is true. It’s like these, most of these good people are like, oh, I’ll just go volunteer. And it’s like, what if you made fucking million dollars, and you could just give them that. And then you also and also, by the way, you could afford to go and travel to places and see who else you could help. And you could there’s just I think it’s it’s really unfortunate that, for generations, people have been told how bad money is because it has kept people from manifesting and has kept people from calling in the life they want to live.

Nikole M. Mitchell 51:32
We’ve been given a false dichotomy, you can either be rich, or you can be good. And so if you’re a good person, well, of course, you can choose being good, and not rich. But I’m a big believer in both and you could be good and rich. And so what I had to do, because my goal is to be a billionaire, I already am a billionaires, it’s manifesting that I actually had to reclaim that because there is such a negative connotation and judgment and hate towards billionaires. And it is impossible to become something you’ve been taught to hate, it is impossible to become someone you’ve been taught to judge. So I had to start researching good billionaires who are good billionaires doing good work in the world. And I saw, there’s so many of them, but they’re never talked about. So like the patriarchy, designs that on purpose to like, keep all the good people frayed and small to never become resource to rise up and change the freaking system. And then paint all the rich people as bad. So you never want to become them. When the opposite is true. There are so many good people are super rich, doing tons of good work in the world. But we’re never it’s never talked about. So you’re gonna have to research and I know we’re on this money kick. But this is true about anything. If you want the most loving relationship there is if you want the most high profile relationship there is like you have to Google and find people who are embodying that, living that having that in a way that is aligned and true for you. Because if you think it’s impossible, and if you’ve been taught to fear it, you won’t be able to call it in.

Lesley Logan 52:47
I love that you brought up love, too. I mean, I know we’ve been

Nikole M. Mitchell 52:50
Even even there we’ve been taught to settle.

Lesley Logan 52:52
Oh my gosh, people oh yeah, there’s a whole fear of like, there’s fear of divorce, like, you know, (inaudible) was on the show, like, he was so embarrassed when he had divorce. Like, he was like, that was like, just, I don’t wanna put words in his mouth. But like, I there was this like, fear of, like this failure. Yeah, you know, and, also, there’s so many people who don’t go through divorce, like, well, I committed to this and I’m supposed to stay married, because that’s the thing and it’s like, every single one of us just deserve to be loved the way we want to be loved. Every single person and there there are people out there who want to love you. And and that you until you deserve it. But if you don’t believe that if you can’t visualize what being loved is, if you can’t visualize all like having that true fam, that family that that is, you know, if you I grew up in a household that had arguments, so like, I have, of course, I was like I don’t have kids, I don’t want to grow, I’ll be angry, I’ll just fight all the time. Well, but there are loving families that actually talk to their children in an appropriate manner about what they do and don’t like it does happen. And so I love that you call of researching out the things that you want to see you have to. Okay, one last question on manifestation because I can’t I mean, fucking you’re thank God, you’re gonna come to Vegas more often we’re gonna have the Nicole, you know, everyone’s so what about, you know, you know, you and I had a childhood and a life where it’s like, it’s hard to manifest things you’ve never seen before. So is it as simple as researching, like, what did you do to cause like, sometimes you can. I’ve heard people go, I’m just so stuck. I don’t even know what I want. What is that? Because you’ve got to get out of the stuckness to manifest because if you need grit and tenacity, so you can’t just be stuck.

Nikole M. Mitchell 54:35
Yes. Yeah, I think I think we actually do what we want. It’s just been covered in muck, right. It’s been covered in doubt, judgment, fear, years of poor bad experiences. And so it’s so buried so I think really, it’s reminding your body it’s safe to remember it’s safe to remember your desires, it’s safe for them to come forward and and the beautiful thing about our desire’s you are not required take action on it right away. I think it’s another few people have well if I find out my desires, I have to go after it. Like you’re allowed to sit with it as long as you want. I mean, there’s people who sit with it for the rest of our lives and never do anything about it. Right? So that’s one extreme, but it’s like, the more it’s my body, what do you want? What would feel good to you? What feels supportive? You’re gonna at first feel like there’s no answers and then you will also likely find yourself the other side where you can’t write them down fast enough. I read first like I don’t know. And then I sat down thought about it. I wrote the longest list I want this I want this and I almost felt overwhelming because I have all these wants. How the f do I go after them says for me, where I felt like the the number one common denominator for almost all of it was money. So that’s what actually drove me to become wealthy because becoming wealthy is what allowed me to be able to pay all my bills each month it would allow me to give my children a vacation for the first time. It allowed me my partner to not scream at each other because we’re fighting over who spent the last dollar that month like money for me it was gonna be the the biggest changing factor in my life’s like, if I can just focus on knowing how to generate and call in money, all most of these wants will will happen. That was just for me, though. So it’s like, you have to let yourself let it all out. And then see if there’s a through line. Maybe it’s love, maybe all your situations reflect back to you love and you you feel so unworthy. And there’s been such a lack of it, and you’ve had poor examples of it. So it’s like, okay, I want to know what it’s like to have a love filled life. Let me research people or relationships with people who have it. Let me look for it. Let me tell the universe I have the eyes to see it, the ears to hear. Bring it into my world and it is amazing. Well, you will now see that’s always been there. But you just didn’t have the eyes for it before.

Lesley Logan 56:35
I love you. Okay, we’re gonna take a brief break. It’s really brief and then you’re gonna we’re gonna find out where you can follow Nikole, work with Nikole. I know she’s got manifestation stuff, I’m sure. And then it actually lives. Okay, Nikole, where do you hang out? Where can people find you follow you follow up with you?

Nikole M. Mitchell 56:55
Yes, come hang out. I’m on all the socials, you can find all my links on my website, Nikole is N-I-K-O-L-E. I do have a manifestation called manifestation course called master the art of manifestation. If you like money, I have a great course on how to monetize your your passion it’s called monetize your shit. I have all kinds of courses available. I give free content away all the time. So come say hi. And if there’s a way I can support you or point you to the right direction or talk about working together, I’m happy to do that.

Lesley Logan 57:22
Yes. Okay, you’ve given us some great ones on last episode, but any bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted steps we can take to be it till we see it.

Nikole M. Mitchell 57:30
Yes, I feel like something that’s like really resonates my souls we have this conversation is okay. What is required in manifestation is what we talked about, you have to have integrity. So I want you to take action aligned with who you’re becoming. Because if you keep doing it, like, if you make decisions based on your current circumstances, you will stay in your current circumstances. So if I’m trying to become a millionaire, but I keep thinking and acting and deciding as a woman on food stamps, I will never make it to millionaire I have to think and I have to act like a millionaire. So whatever it is you want to desire and become I want you to make a decision as though you’re already heard as though you’re already him as you’re already them. I want you to put money where your mouth is and like live in integrity with that it’s terrifying. For me, that has been my most one of my most effective portals to getting where I want to be.

Lesley Logan 58:20
Hmm. I love that you brought me back because, I mean, this has been until we see it. So I remember like there was a situation with work and I was like, what would a millionaire do right now? Like what would this person who like runs $1,000,000 seven-figure company do? Would they be stressing about this thing in the customer service department? Or would they be like making sure the systems were in place so that this thing didn’t happen again. And you guys it was like literally it took me out of being like in the nitty gritty keeping my business where it was and took me to the next level which is like I can’t if the CEOs are not involved in these things, people come to them they present problems the CEO goes here’s a solution they go away so how do I put myself on that part? And that is everything I just said I was like oh so again like if it’s guys have to like being until we see it and manifesting is like becoming the woman who’s already that and act and taking the steps from that place.

Nikole M. Mitchell 59:20
That’s how you clap Simon space you be her you act as her you show up as her you that’s quantum leaping and I love that you share that because my partner works for a huge global company that makes bajillions of like billions of multi billion dollar company and I’m in the seven figure range as a millionaire and I like to like he’ll give me his perspective from a billionaire billionaire perspective like oh my god like I feel the same way like up levels it completely changes the way I show up so again the value of mentorship the value people who are already where you want to be and then take action as though you’re already there.

Lesley Logan 59:52
Yeah. All right, you guys how you going to use these tips in your life. Make sure you tag Nikole. Tag the Be It pod. Share this with a friend. Share it with those who they are you know, here’s the deal. You want the people around you to have better stories and feel like you can go places with them. They all need be on the same page of how this manifest is. So share this with everyone. And let us know how you use these steps in your life. This is what you manifest. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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