The Truth About Staying in Alignment With Your Purpose

Ep. 380 with Lesley & Brad

“They have regrets because they’ve spent most of their life not on purpose.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Lesley and Brad reflect on key insights from Rodman Schley, an entrepreneur, investor, and public speaker, about living a purpose-driven life. They explore startling statistics about how few people truly know and live their purpose. Emphasizing the importance of focusing on purpose over profit, they share strategies for overcoming regret and societal pressures. Listeners will also learn about managing overwhelm and prioritizing self-care to stay aligned with their goals.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • The importance of identifying and focusing on purpose over profit.
  • Strategies to handle feelings of overwhelm by redefining obligations.
  • How to clearly communicate your purpose clearly to others.
  • Creating your own “sacred checkboxes” to find your purpose.
  • Discover the importance of self-care and setting personal priorities.

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Brad Crowell 0:00
He said, There comes a point in your life where you need to just pull the brake on that train because we’re adults, we’re adults. Why are we doing things because other people are telling us that that’s what we should be doing? Right? We are able to make conscious decisions and we can change these paths if we want to, for ourselves, if we make a decision about it.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 1:07
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the intentional convo I had with Rodman Schley in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, go back and listen to that interview and then come back and listen to this interview or listen to this one and listen to that one or binge out on the entire week at one time. Who does that? I want to know. Today is June 13th 2024. And it’s Random Acts of Light Day. About this day, as part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s ‘Light The Night Walks’ fundraising campaign, Random Acts of Light Day is celebrated every year on June 13th. This day encourages us to do a random act of kindness to bring light into the life of someone suffering from cancer. People observe the day by volunteering at hospitals, reading up on treatments and cures for blood cancer patients, or joining the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s ‘Light The Night Walks’ to raise funds and increase awareness about leukemia and lymphoma. Random Acts of Light Day aims to make the world a kinder place for cancer patients and their families. So really, if you don’t want to do any of this logistical stuff, you could just do something randomly nice for someone with cancer in your life. I’m sure you know someone, we just had a friend, listener and member of our group whose husband passed away from cancer recently, and he’d been fighting for many years. And then Heather Ingram, who is one of our eLevate grads, Agency members, she actually taught a mat class for people after breast cancer, which I’m so excited that is now on the OPC site. Yeah, so getting people who have gone through it something for them, so.

Brad Crowell 2:38
Well, I just wanted to say something about all this, I can’t remember the name of the guest that we had, who gave this advice as an action item, but as a Be It Action Item. But it has stayed with me since the interview. And it was when somebody is in need, you don’t want to just say, “Hey, let me know if I can help you,” or “Let me know how I can help.” Because 99% of the time, they’re not going to actually know what they need at the moment. And instead, if you know someone who needs help or suffering or some kind of thing like this, you can actually volunteer something specific that you know, you can do really well. And do it well for them. Right? So instead of it being like this open-ended let me know when, you know, if you need anything, you know, you could say, “Hey, let me know when I can come over and wash your car.” Something specific, you know, something that’s like tangible, and like, oh my god, that would be fucking awesome. I would really, really appreciate that. So I just want to throw that back out there because it’s really impacted me in how I respond to people who actually are going through something and I wanted to remind all of you as well.

Lesley Logan 3:50
Yeah. We had two guests within the same summer on grief.

Brad Crowell 3:57
I do think it was the grief one, you’re right.

Lesley Logan 3:58
And I can’t decide if it was the wife does the books that had the book about 100 acts of kindness. Or if it was the coach on grief

Brad Crowell 4:09
Bree Gordon or Kim Hamer.

Lesley Logan 4:11
Yeah. Both are great guys. Both worth listening to. Bree has a quiz that will tell you which episodes to listen to based on like where you are in your grief. Anyways, there was a coach about a month before Kim Hamer. But Kim Hamer, I think was one who was like, very specific.

Brad Crowell 4:28
She’s a consultant in grief management.

Lesley Logan 4:29
Yes, yes. For corporations. Yeah. So she wrote the book on the 100 Acts of Kindness and 100 Acts of Love something like that. And it was like different things you can do to be like for ideas on what to suggest and what to do for you can do for people it’s really cool. She had the neighbor who like detailed her car and put oil in it, gassed it up, things like that. So yeah, today go do something active and random and nice for someone in need. There you go. This is your, this is your reminder. Coming up, we have Cambodia Retreat February 2025. October as you know, if you’ve been listening for a while is sold, sold out, so sold out. So February is our next opportunity. If you’re like when’s the next one? You know what? Don’t know yet, and also stop postponing your joy. Stop postponing having a retreat. Some of you have been saying I’m gonna go to the next one for years now. This is your sign. Sign up for the February 2025 one. And then summer tour just launched and tickets are going like crazy. We have 13 cities. It is going to be amazing. We are going to kick it off in Las Vegas

Brad Crowell 5:28
I just wanted to throw out the URL

Lesley Logan 5:31
Oh, for the retreat. for the retreat and then the Summer Tour is You can check out, get your tickets, get your tickets for a friend, invite a friend, your friends do not need to have done Pilates to come to these things. There are really, there’s usually a math class. There’s a lot of fun things going on. So definitely do that. And then my mentorship program is, the applications are opening soon. It is possible we’ll have opened them up, I don’t think so at this point. I think it’ll be opening towards the end of June and early July. We’re rolling, we only can take 12 people in a group. We, around four is wrapping up, actually, this weekend when this episode comes out will be their fourth weekend. That’s crazy. So crazy. I’m so excited for them. They’re just amazing women. I love them so much. And then as you go to to get on the waitlist because there’s a waitlist. Get the application invite. If you’re not on the waitlist, you don’t. It’s probably why you don’t, if you’re like, I follow you on Instagram, I never knew. I don’t know how about what there’s a lot of other things going on. And we only can take 12 people, so there you go. Barrels flashcards, Brad is insisting that you get an opportunity.

Brad Crowell 6:39
This is your last chance to get on the waitlist, 100% the last chance. The presale is gonna open up in just a couple of days.

Lesley Logan 6:46
Yeah, this is the last chance. It’s the last time we’re talking about it. You don’t hear about it again until they’re printing.

Brad Crowell 6:50
Yeah, or not until a year from now when we’re doing the next step.

Lesley Logan 6:54
Yeah, so at any rate, you’ll want to get on the waitlist for that.

Brad Crowell 6:57,

Lesley Logan 7:03
And finally, many of you have been like, oh, how do I actually sign up for OPC I really want to actually have consistency in my practice. I want to be someone who takes care of myself all the time. I want to be someone who is priority number one in my life. And if you are an OPC member, you learn how to do that because you have tons of people around you reminding you to do that. So four zero, gets you 40 days for $40. So that’s $1 a day of Pilates.

Brad Crowell 7:32
$1 a day.

Lesley Logan 7:33
Come on now. Come on now. Some places charge $400 a month, we’re, you know, so here you go. Here’s your opportunity to get the Pilates you can afford. It’s very accessible, really awesome teachers, really awesome community. It’s an awesome vibes all the way. Before we get into Rodman, we have an audience question.

Brad Crowell 7:50
We sure did. This is from YouTube, stella633 asked, “Hey, I love your channel and all the knowledge you share. I’m trying to buy a spine corrector. But there are so many different spine correctors on the Balanced Body website. Could you do a video comparing the pros and cons of the different spine correctors? Oh, and can you advise what East Coast West Coast barrels mean?

Lesley Logan 8:10
I know. So we’ll do

Brad Crowell 8:13
That’s a great question, stella.

Lesley Logan 8:14
We’ll do a YouTube video on this so you can have pictures I feel like we almost need to do a long-form team versus a live on this because I don’t have the other barrels. So I would want our team to put pictures of the other barrels on there. But let me just like answer what I can East Coast versus West Coast. So there’s this world of Pilates that was like was we called East Coast and West Coast East Coast being classical, West Coast bidding contemporary.

Brad Crowell 8:37

Lesley Logan 8:37

Brad Crowell 8:38
I didn’t know about that.

Lesley Logan 8:39
Yeah. Yeah. So whenever you see East Coast or Clara, it means classical. And everything else is gonna be a contemporary and I can’t tell you why there’s different sizes in contemporary I don’t know that world very much, but what you’d want to get is a Contrology one. Contrology Spine Corrector is a spine corrector to get and you’ll find that on Balance Body’s Contrology website so it won’t, probably won’t even be under all the barrels that Balanced Body is showing because it’ll be on the Contrology website. It is amazing. It is the closest to Joseph Pilates’ spine corrector that there is and if you were listening to last week’s episode, I talked about how important the spine corrector is because it really does help you teach you the back bend that you need. Brad has been using the ladder barrel.

Brad Crowell 9:22
I sure have.

Lesley Logan 9:22
Like, guess what? That hump on the ladder barrel is the exact same as the spine corrector.

Brad Crowell 9:27
Nice. Okay.

Lesley Logan 9:27
Yeah. So that you can actually work and practice your back bends and build extension into your thoracic spine.

Brad Crowell 9:33
You know what I’ve actually been doing?

Lesley Logan 9:34
He’s been hanging on it.

Brad Crowell 9:36
No, yeah, well, I’ve just been laying over it and holding on and like, it’s, you know, if you’ve ever done yoga, y’all, and you ever get a backbend headache, there’s like this weird pressure that builds and like, it like, the blood flow is like really messing with your brain. And I literally just hold on until I’m through the chaos which takes it could take like the other day I did it and literally I got weak trying to hold because it was such intense pressure. But like, I feel like I’m supposed to be able to do that. And I shouldn’t have to have that insane pressure the whole every time. So I’m going to keep doing it every day. Until that happens less.

Lesley Logan 10:18
Yeah, I think that’s fine.

Brad Crowell 10:20
That’s what I’m doing.

Lesley Logan 10:22
Yeah, so (inaudible) so the long, the long and short of it without the visuals is the Contrology is the one you want buy, just saying. And our Barrels Flashcard Deck is actually going to give you all the exercises you can do on it, and you’ll see me and my hot pink one. If you want a discount link, you can use our special link to Contrology Spine Corrector. And the difference between East Coast and West Coast is just the schools of thought. Don’t you love how nerdy it is as if anyone who’s not trained could even attempt to buy their own thing. And then people who are trained are like, what’s East Coast or West Coast? Yep. Welcome to another inner circle.

Brad Crowell 11:04
Definitely, we’re so inclusive here. Well, hey, great question, stella. Thank you for asking that. Thanks for posting that. If you would like to ask us a question. Stick around to the end of this episode, we actually are gonna mention our phone number. You can just text us and ask that question or we are on Instagram you can send us a DM or obviously we’re also on YouTube. So the show is itself is on YouTube. You can ask any questions there as well. Stick around. All right, now let’s talk about Rodman Schley. Rodman Schley is a dynamic entrepreneur dedicated to helping individuals break free from unfulfilling work and discover their true purpose. He’s passionate about guiding others towards building a life by their own design. As the author of The Outlier Mindset, which comes out on June 4, Rodman shares his insights on achieving a fulfilling and successful life through purpose-driven living.

Lesley Logan 11:54
Oh his, his book comes out.

Brad Crowell 11:56
Yeah June 4.

Lesley Logan 11:57
That’s so cool. So it’s out.

Brad Crowell 11:59
Oh, it’s out.

Lesley Logan 12:00

Brad Crowell 12:00
It’s already out by the time you’re hearing this.

Lesley Logan 12:01
Oh, that’s amazing. Go Rodman.

Brad Crowell 12:03
Yeah, that just dropped on June 4.

Lesley Logan 12:04
That’s so funny. His Instagram handle’s Go Rodman and I just said go Rodman. I now understand why he does that.

Brad Crowell 12:12
Well, listen, I think this is like a humble bio here that we have of Rodman.

Lesley Logan 12:15
That we should like (inaudible) it up.

Brad Crowell 12:17
Yeah. So Rodman actually has, at one point, owned, like, I don’t know, a dozen companies at exactly the same time, which is chaos and insane. And I can’t even imagine that. He owned everything from like a chain of pizza stores, to like tons of real estate opportunities. And he actually was the host and star of a television show for multiple years running, and it involved his whole family and what they were doing, which I thought was so cool, was they were talking about living sustainably. Right. So it was a show about being conscious about building a home in a way that is sustainable and beneficial. And I just thought that was so cool. So they actually rebuilt their house. It was, they got an old house, and they rebuilt it from the inside out on the show live over multiple seasons. And you can still go watch that show. now. I think he just got an offer from Netflix or something to like, re-air it. I can’t remember if it’s Netflix or (inaudible) yeah, it’s just fucking insane. It’s so cool. Anyway, you’ll never know. He’s just like the chillest guy, so.

Lesley Logan 13:24
Yeah. So, one of the things that we talked about is he believes that the tragedy that only 5% of people are actually living a life based on their purpose. Just 5%. And he’s, only 10% know what it is. And so

Brad Crowell 13:37
Meaning they don’t, they know their purpose.

Lesley Logan 13:39
Yeah, they know their purpose.

Brad Crowell 13:40
Ninety percent of people don’t know their purpose.

Lesley Logan 13:41
Yeah, he’s trying to help people figure out their purpose, because he’s trying to solve regret, like people get to the end of their life, or they get halfway through their life. And they’re like, they have regrets because they’ve spent most of their life not in their purpose. And so he’s trying to solve for that, which I think is really generous and kind and hard to do, because so many people postpone things till tomorrow, because they have other pressing things today. And so he says, time flies by us, we get caught up in this garbage that’s not really relevant to who we are, or in the life that we want to be living. And he actually was like, just stop focusing on the profit and start focusing on the purpose. And this is something that we try to focus on our businesses, it gets really easy to focus on, like, are we making enough money, we’re making the money we want to make and when we actually remember to focus on impact, the impact you want to have, that helps us stay in alignment with our purpose because then the money will follow right?

Brad Crowell 13:41
The money will flow.

Lesley Logan 13:41
And he said, you want to be able to say I have no regrets. I have everything that I wanted to do, failed but learned and pivoted. And I think that that’s also like, I love that he brought up failure because like sometimes it’s easy to think if I’m in my purpose, then I must be perfect. And everything is gonna be right and it’s like actually going to live in your purpose and there’s going to be a lot of lessons along the way in your purpose. And that’s really cool too. So I just, I enjoyed him so much. I’m so glad he’s got a book coming out because he, his podcast, you guys, is so great. He’s got like, he’s like, get your mind right, get your mind right.

Brad Crowell 15:12
Yeah, mind body money. And there’s one, there’s a fourth pillar I can’t remember. Well, I’ll tell you why I thought it was really cool when he was talking about feeling overwhelmed. Because it was a, it was kind of a unique perspective on being overwhelmed. I mean, we’ve all been there, we all understand what it is to be like, oh, my god, I have so much, I don’t even know where to start. It’s debilitating, right, you just do nothing. For me, what I used to do, when I got overwhelmed, was stop and just play video games and just do nothing literally sit around and pretend that it’s all going to be okay. He said, the thing about overwhelm, that I thought was a unique perspective is obligation. And effectively, it’s a whole lot of obligations all pulled into one, they’re all piling on top of each other, and they’re getting in their own way. And it’s the worst feeling. And he said, it’s just struggle, because effectively you’re doing things that you feel obliged to do, committed to do. It’s a thing, you just have to do it, right? And ultimately, to live a life of freedom. He wants to help you shift that so that you’re doing things because you want to, not because you’re stuck doing with them, or you’re over-committed a thousand times over and you’re doing the PTA meeting and the art committee and going out and helping out do the soccer field and line in the soccer field and all this stuff, which sure there’s a there’s a bigger purpose for it all. But ultimately, it leaves you last on the list. Right? And you never you never actually have time to take care of yourself. It’s just frustrating. Right? So he said, he said the hard part is we have this idea of what we are, quote-unquote, supposed to be doing because that’s what society tells us to do. And he said, there comes a point in your life where you need to just pull the brake on that train. Because we’re adults, we’re adults. Why are we doing things because other people are telling us that that’s what we should be doing? Right? We are able to make conscious decisions, and we can change these paths if we want to for ourselves, if we make a decision about it. Right? And I know it’s harder. It’s, it’s easier said than done. But I just thought it was refreshing to hear that, be reminded of that. Right. You know, maybe I’m still doing something today because, you know, it’s what my parents expected of me when I was a teenager. But now I’m still doing it today. Why? You know, do I agree with it? Is it actually causing conflict in my life? Is it creating an obligation that I’m now you know, adhering to? Or it’s one more thing I have to do. Maybe, maybe it’s time for a change.

Lesley Logan 18:00
Yeah. Yeah. I love that. I think that’s good. I think it’s good to evaluate, you know, it’s too easy for us just like, keep going with it. And, you know, we have a coach who says makes you a shithead.

Brad Crowell 18:12
It makes you a shithead. I love it. All right. When we come back, we’re going to cover those Be It Action Items from Rodman. Stick around.

Brad Crowell 18:22
Okay, so finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic, or targeted action items, can we take away from your convo with Rodman Schley? He said, if you want to change, the first thing to do is start with a purpose. Whether you get a guide to do it on your own, or do it on your own, you should establish what is important to you sit down and do that work, right, sit down and identify what is important to you. I think that’s, well, that’s the place to get started. Right? We may have never actually clarified what is important to us. And so we think we know, but we’ve never actually conceptualized it in a tangible thought about this is important to me. And so therefore, this is helping me, this is helping me find purpose.

Lesley Logan 19:13
But also, you might have clarified it with yourself, but not with the people around you. And then you get resentful, like, why aren’t they helping me do the thing that I’m here on this planet to do? And anytime we assume that people understand why, what our purpose is or why we’re doing things, it makes it difficult. And it’s like, you know, so I even have to remember to like clarify, here’s why I want to do this thing. Here’s why it’s so important that it happens right at this moment, and here’s why I’m doing it. Here’s what it’s gonna do for me, or here’s what it’s gonna do for us or here’s what it’s gonna do for others. And when you do, that people go, oh, okay, I see why this has urgency around it, you know, because sometimes we don’t and we go, why is this person bothering me? Why is my family wanting me to make dinner? I’ve got this big project coming up. But if you’ve never said, here’s why this big project is so important to me. I’ve been wanting to do this at work for a really long time I finally have this opportunity to present it in front of people. And it would, it’s, it’s really truly like the thing that I’ve been wanting to do for so, so long. So what I need from you is to not expect me to make dinner this week because I’m working on this thing. Because this is part of my purpose. It’s part of my plan. And, and here’s why I’m doing it.

Brad Crowell 20:20
Yeah, I mean, or even, you know.

Lesley Logan 20:22
Spell it out.

Brad Crowell 20:22
It could also be use that same logic for your self care, right? Because people would look at you and be like, Why are you getting your nails done? Right? And you’re like, this is important to me? Because it makes me feel better. Or maybe it’s working out your Pilates routine, or getting your hair cut, or whatever it might be. But what I thought was really cool is Rodman had this idea of the sacred checklists, the checkboxes, sorry, he has four, after sitting down and running this exercise himself, and really trying to figure out, he considered things like, what are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What do I love? What do I hate? Then take those things and put them in order into what is the most important to you and he came up with four things. One was travel, two was actually can’t remember what his four were off the top my head right now. But he said it allowed him to then make decisions based on are they meeting these four checkboxes? If I’m gonna go do this thing does it fit into what is what, what I have now decided is my purpose and allowed decision-making to happen that way? Because for him, especially for him, he was overcommitted. He was overwhelmed, right, obliged to run, he was doing 12 or 13 companies at the same time. He wasn’t doing them for any other reason then, he could, right, and they make money. So sure, I guess I should do these things. Right? And he said, when he sat down, figured out what his purpose was, then started making decisions based on if I do this project, is it going to meet these four, the four checkboxes that are helping me decide my purpose, you know, or to find my purpose? Does it fit? Is it a match? Is it aligned?

Lesley Logan 22:05
Yeah, I like that. Because we, we filter things for our values. And this is sort of, very similar, but also like, you know, we’ve, we’ve heard, we recently did something and we’re like, okay, in the future, we won’t say yes to these things unless they meet this criteria, because we show up exactly as ourselves, we do not downplay ourselves, we do not go half ass on anything. No. And so if we are going to bring our whole asses to things, then they need to be these requirements. Otherwise, we don’t bring our whole ass and we say thank you, here’s how else we can participate. And that’s it. You know, so, super, and you don’t always know these things until you go through them. And you’re like, what the fuck? How did I say yes here? So then you just, don’t, don’t get mad at yourself. Just go, okay, new rule, new bucket.

Brad Crowell 22:58
Yeah, yeah. What about you?

Lesley Logan 23:00
So he said, go get your mindset and your body right. If you’re gonna go on a journey to start changing your life, and you don’t have your mindset right, you’re going to fail because you’re not sitting there with the right perspective on the way.

Brad Crowell 23:13
The way you’re going into things.

Lesley Logan 23:14
The way you’re going into things.

Brad Crowell 23:15

Lesley Logan 23:15
And if you’re not physically feeling good, how are you going to be at your best when you are trying to do the things in life that you really want to be doing? And I love this. So this is the Be It Till You See It. If the version of you that you are trying to win purpose, walks every morning, how can you walk in the morning? You don’t have to wait till you get there to start walking. You can start walking, if you’re like Les, I’m so busy, I don’t have any time. You can walk outside your front door and walk back in like you can do it, right? So I want you to really think about that. And I think it’s so, so important. So many people just push their bodies to doing things and then they get to where they want to go and their body can’t keep up and they will, why is this happening to me now? I finally got what I wanted? Because you didn’t take care of yourself on the way there. Just didn’t do it. You know, and I, I want to say like, Brad mentioned like your getting your nails done can be like taking care of yourself. So many people put a lot of things in the vanity, privileged, I must earn it bucket. If getting your nails done actually makes you feel good and helps you show up 100% yourself get your fucking nails done. They are not a when we did my scheduling thing, my how to design your ideal schedule to live life when I have, someone said oh, are getting my nails done glitter or gemstones meaning is it something I can do anytime? Or it’s gemstone time meaning it’s helping me move my business forward. And I said is getting your nails done like make you feel like your whole self and she’s like, yeah, like it’s a rock. It’s actually part of self-care that is a priority in your schedule. And so I’m not saying everyone has to get their nails done to be taking care of themselves. That’s not it at all. But they’re, make a list of things that you’re like, these are the things I want to do for myself care, and let’s see how different versions of them could exist in your exact life right now. Maybe you can’t afford to get your nails done right now, guess what, you can get, we’re not sponsored by them, but Dazzle Dry for 20 bucks as a kit and you can paint your own nails and they look like gel nails without the UV and they dry in 10 minutes. You’re frickin welcome. You’re welcome. Right? So you don’t have to go spend 50 bucks on a manicure if you don’t have that kind of funds and you don’t have that kind of time. But just being it until you see it is not waiting until it happens. It’s turning. It’s taking what you think that your version of you is going to be doing and finding ways to do that right now. And you’ll get there quicker so I freaking love it. I love all of it and go, Rodman.

Brad Crowell 25:44
Go, Rodman.

Lesley Logan 25:45
Congrats on your book, man and your podcast and what you’re doing. And you guys, if you love gardening, you have to check out his wife’s channel as well. So like she’s doing some beautiful things.

Brad Crowell 25:54
She has a three-acre flower garden. Pretty cool. Pretty cool.

Lesley Logan 26:00
I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 26:01
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 26:02
Thank you so much for joining us today. How are you going to use these tips in your life? How are you going to find your purpose? Make sure you tell us at the Be It Pod. Tell Rodman, @goRodman, and send this to a friend who’s feeling a little bit down or lost. This is how we can help people. Sometimes we don’t have the words to help people. We think of them when we’re listening to a podcast. You can choose to send it to them.

Brad Crowell 26:20
Send it.

Lesley Logan 26:20
You don’t have to have the words so you can let the other person who has words be inspired for them. All right, thank you so much. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 26:27
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
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Lesley Logan
‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of The Bloom Podcast Network. If you want to leave us a message or a question that we might read on another episode, you can text us at +1-310-905-5534 or send a DM on Instagram @be_it_pod.

Brad Crowell
It’s written, filmed and recorded by your host, Lesley Logan and me, Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan
It is transcribed, produced and edited by the epic team at

Brad Crowell
Our theme music is by Ali at APEX Production Music and our branding by designer and artist Gianfranco Cioffi.

Lesley Logan
Special thanks to Melissa Solomon for creating our visuals.

Brad Crowell
Also to Angelina Herico for adding all of our content to our website. And finally to Meridith Root for keeping us all on point and on time.

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