How To Bring Hope And Happiness To Others

Ep. 322 Sandy Joy Weston

“My whole goal was the vehicle for you to find joy within you.”

Sandy Joy Weston

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Sandy Joy Weston M.Ed., a celebrated figure in Philadelphia’s fitness scene, holds a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and a Bachelor’s in Dance. Her career, which started with her in-home training company Specialty Fit, led to the successful launch of several Weston Fitness health clubs. Recognized for her dynamic presence, she became Philadelphia’s NBC 10 fitness expert and created the Philly Street Line Dance. Currently, she heads SJW Productions, focusing on spreading positivity through her podcasts, books, workshops, and global keynote speeches on wellness and women empowerment. Sandy’s journey, marked by dedication and a passion for spreading joy, is a source of inspiration.

Show Notes

Sandy Joy Weston explains how she transitioned from owning a gym to becoming a renowned speaker and author, emphasizing the importance of mindset and positive thinking. She shares her journey of discovering the power of mental and physical alignment and how she helps others achieve their goals by training their minds to create positive outcomes.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Sandy’s transition from business owner to motivational speaker.
  • Why nurturing a team culture that thrives on positivity and support is important.
  • The effectiveness of visualizing success in life pursuits.
  • Practical tips for incorporating joy into your daily life.
  • Sandy’s traits of effective leadership that inspire and motivate.

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Sandy Joy Weston: Every single one of them, no matter what it was, whether it was a few minutes or a few hours, did something every single day to happen to life. They didn’t just go, let me see what life is going to bring and what kind of mood I’m in. They did something to get in this positive, powerful mindset. Now, they may not call it that. But you could see there was nothing more important than how they showed up for the day.



Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 1:08
Hi, Be It babe, how are you today? I really love this conversation you’re about to hear. Just gonna say it. I will be honest, like I started this morning with a lot happening. Like I try not to wear too many hats in one day, just because it does help me show up in a better place and, and we just have a meeting at eight o’clock, which is going to be a different hat. And then it was me podcasting, which is what I love to do. I love everything I get to do, actually. But I normally just, if I’m gonna podcast in a day, I just podcast in a day and I don’t do anything else. But obviously that’s two hats. And then later in the day, I’m actually leading my mentorship. And it’s weekend three for my round two of my eLevate mentorship. And it’s a big weekend, there’s a lot of moving parts, there’s a lot of preparation. So I started this morning and like a little stressed out like oh my gosh, I have so many things I have to do, I feel like show but this way for this meeting. And like this is the goal of that. And I have these podcast interviews to do I want to make sure I show up for them. And then I have these eLevate members. And it’s like a big weekend, how many (inaudible) was done with a one-hour break in there. And so I showed up to this interview, and I was you know, reminding myself of like, who the guest was why I have her on. And I was like, oh my gosh, this is gonna be lovely. Like I this, this is going to be a joyful interview. And guess what it is. And I am sitting here talking to you just after hanging up with her. And I’m just gonna have to I have to tell you, like, thank goodness she was on today because she truly helped me be so present or reminded me like, why the hell do we do what we do here?

Lesley Logan 2:38
And, you know, I just want to share that with you because like, you’re gonna have days where you forget why you are doing what you do, or that you get to do these things that you want to do like, and not in a negative way to some like, it’s life. It’s busy. We’re human fucking beings, right? Like, it just takes time. And so it’s important that you have people in your life, whether you know them already, or that you meet them on the streets being present enough to let people pour their energy into you so that you can pour into others. It’s always really, really an amazing thing. And so I say this, because I know that right now you’re listening to this and you’re probably trying to race through traffic and try to get to a coffee shop or get back in time to do something else. And don’t be afraid to say hi to the person who’s making the coffee, and just, you know, hearing what they have to say or reading the motivational sign on a wall somewhere, or, or just reminding yourself of something, a word, you’ll hear that come up a few times in this podcast that helps you remember like, why that you do what you do. And we do get to do this. And now you get to listen to Sandy Joy Weston, who I think is going to just enlighten you, inspire you, make you laugh, she is a lovely person. She has, she has done so much in her lifetime. And I love that because I think it can be really easy for us to get stuck and like feel like we haven’t grown somewhere or we like are trying to make something happen. And I hope that she shows you that like a door can close and other doors can open. And then also you could think that you’re opening a door for someone else and they actually open a door for you. So without further ado, well, you know, there’s that little ado, and then Sandy Joy Weston.

Lesley Logan 4:12
All right, Be It babe. I’m super excited to have our guest on today. Mostly because I just love when I find somebody that I’m like, oh my God, I really want to talk to this person. And that’s kind of what happened. I came across Sandy Weston’s information, what she’s up to and I was like, yeah, you need to talk to our people. So Sandy Weston, will you tell everyone who you are and what you’re up to these days?

Sandy Joy Weston 4:32
Oh, well, thanks for having me. And I love that intro. What am I here? Here I am thinking what am I up to these days? Oh Lesley, you never know. But I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life in the health and wellness business. I did not have a magic crystal ball. But I sold them in 2019, yay.

Lesley Logan 4:56
You did?

Sandy Joy Weston 4:58
I did. I’m thinking and screaming, let me add, I did not want to go. My one lease was in downtown Philly. And it had three and a half years left on it, I wanted to stay, the landlord came in and said, I’ll make you a great offer and I’m like and he kept making it more and more difficult. And finally, with two and a half years left on my 20-year lease, it was a decent offer. And what I did is I thought, okay, well, I still have my wellness company. But then I sold that. And my business partner, I thought, how would I feel if I had been running really the wellness gig forever? And now Sandy’s going to come in and get her fingers into it? That would be good. So I sold that to him.

Lesley Logan 5:54
Oh, my goodness. (inaudible) Also it sounds like right before the pandemic?

Sandy Joy Weston 6:00
Yes, it was. (inaudible) And, you know, after through some years, it was huge, a big difference. The good news, it was at the beginning of 2018. So took time to travel and all that when we could still travel. But I always had a side hustle or a side gig with my health clubs, because I built them up enough that I had a great team. So I could do a lot of other stuff. So my side hustle was, I was doing radio shows and podcast way back years ago so I can meet awesome people around the world, you know, who were making a big difference. I was an author of different books and journals and traveling around speaking. I was able to do that still virtually. And I did a lot of teaching gigs and workshops, all with train your head and body will follow. So I just took that side gig and pushed it up.

Lesley Logan 6:59
Yeah. So this is so first of all, like, wow, I mean, like, way to just go, you know, way to also just think about the other people involved like, oh, this person, all of a sudden, she’s going to have full time in this and like just to go, you know, why don’t you just enjoy it because you’ve been enjoying this whole time. But to have the have the heavier hands and like allow the little project little side gig where you’re speaking and doing things like that, that took a lot of trust and building up of a team. Did that, was that easy for you to do were you were like so excited to have people take over things about at the Wellness Club so you could do this, like how is that process so you could actually go into speaking?

Sandy Joy Weston 7:38
So one of my strengths, which could be my weakness, too, at times, is I can let go of the reins. I love building a team. I love supporting people, I love mentoring people. And in the health club business. I started back in 1985. So I was young at the time. But as I kept going, a lot of the people that were my employees were way younger, which was exciting. Because they would always come to me for advice and business and personally and I love it. And I love seeing them grow. And then I go, okay, fly off, butterfly and you’re on your own. And that was amazing to see how much they grow. But even more importantly, not that we didn’t have turnover. But we didn’t have a lot of turnover because people like that, like I’m (inaudible) good in sales, good in marketing. And I had a bunch of health clubs, so I could put them in different locations. It was incredible. And I have to tell you, that’s the thing I miss, I’m sure we’re going to do something else because as much as I’m busy. I don’t have I don’t need a big crew right now. And I really miss that. Yeah, yeah. And managing people and other people are like, No, that’s a thing they hate the most is the managing of others. And I liked it. Yeah, they didn’t do things exactly like me. But I hired people that were like-minded and have the same value systems.

Lesley Logan 9:14
Yeah, that’s huge. That’s huge. We’ll definitely have to dive into that. But I want to go back to you said it. You said you’re working on things where you train the body and train the mind and the body will follow. That is so interesting for me because I mean, I’m in the health and wellness, I teach people fitness and like it’s so like it’s so true. People come to the to the gym for the body. And when you’re a trainer sometimes you’re like, oh my God, if we just could get you to commit with your mind, if we could just get this head right you wouldn’t even need me. How did that come about? How did you like figure that out in your own life and like how, like what’s your what’s your method around training the mind so the body follows.

Sandy Joy Weston 9:53
For me. My mission has always been to spread pure joy. I didn’t care how I was a dance major didn’t have any idea I’d end up being an entrepreneur. I’d be happy to dance and entertain you Kumbaya. But I was always fascinated by how quickly if you were in the right mindset, you could shift other people’s energy. And I was also fascinated by others that I felt exuded pure joy. So, I ended up, I was gonna call Guinea pigs but I had members of my gym, you know, thousands of people coming in and out and I decided I was going to study and interview those who would let me the ones that I felt exuded pure joy, you know, people you want to be around and what’s their secret sauce, but there’s something about them, that could be taught. And for the longest time was, I didn’t see anything. I mean, they all had so many different things going on. And I have everything from moms, dads, CEOs, chefs, entrepreneurs, police officers, all different people but all you’re like, oh, there’s something about and then maybe after a year or so one of my colleagues said, there it is, there it is, there it is. Every single one of them, no matter what it was, whether it was a few minutes or a few hours, did something every single day to happen to life. They didn’t just go let me see what life is gonna bring and what kind of mood I’m in. They did something to get in this positive, powerful mindset. Now, they may not call it that. But you could see there was nothing more important than how they showed up for the day, whether it was baking Muffets, you know, petting their dog, jazz music, working out, meditating journal, it didn’t matter. So I was like, whoa, that’s what I’m doing. Because when I would train people back then I always got results. And I couldn’t figure it out. Like I really wasn’t putting it together. But really, I was resetting their brain and their mindset, and then their body was coming along. I didn’t think of it that way. So now, after realizing, okay, there is something that could be taught. I then spent the next few years with what I call highly intellectual people, the powers that be that exercise physiologist, neuroscientists, positive psychologists, sports psychologist, spiritualist gurus and I had room in my downtown office in Philly. And we’d get together, they would argue, they would fight, they would agree, but I’m like, wait a minute, wait a bit, there’s something in there. And what happened is, we ended up after a lot of trial and error, a lot of fails, creating a guide, that would only take one to three minutes a day to get your head in that positive powerful headset for those people that already didn’t have routine. Like if you have a routine great, but this was for people that just got woke up.

Lesley Logan 12:57
Some people have such a hard time creating a routine. I’ve got kids, I’ve got dogs, it’s chaos, no day is the same. And you’re like, we actually figured out a way to do that for you in one to three minutes.

Sandy Joy Weston 13:09
I tried five, and it failed miserably. People didn’t do it. Because if you didn’t already have a belief system, you weren’t gonna waste five minutes of your day to do something that may or may not work. But they were willing to risk. All right, Weston, I’ll do it for a minute to three minutes a day. And they had to pick one area of their life that they wanted to uplevel. So and these were highly motivated people that weren’t going to take five minutes they had, but I’m like, Okay, let’s work on the one area that is what I used to call your sticky wicket, or you want to uplevel and I said, let’s break it down three areas. One is money career, the other one is body health or love relation. Pick one, and just for 30 days. And we got it down that if they did that and focused in and it only took a minute, three minutes, they were willing to do it. Now they might have done other things after that. But it started to create the habit.

Lesley Logan 14:03
Yeah, I think like, it’s, you know, when I started with BJ Fogg on his Tiny Habits, it’s like, you have to look at things and just because somebody wants to do it, if they don’t have the ability to do it, it doesn’t really matter. And if they don’t believe that they have five minutes, that doesn’t matter how easy the thing is, it could just be like sitting still, it could require nothing, but just to sit in the bed for five minutes. If they don’t think that they have five minutes, they’re not going to do it. I’m going to stress them out even more, they’re just going to avoid it. So by making something so small, it’s kind of silly, like, if I don’t have a minute to just like, you know, make the bed then like do like what am I doing? So I think that’s really, really cool. Yeah, so, you know, obviously you saw them, even though they’re already highly motivated people you saw that change. And then is this something that like you incorporate it with every client who came through your gym or is it something you ended up like just teaching people outside of it? Or both?

Sandy Joy Weston 14:55
You know, so (inaudible), I could just hear my members yelling at me. I got things in through the back door with my members. So the people, I took my classes, I taught everything, you know, from kettlebells, to spinning to dance, I was very high energy, and somebody that wanted to entertain you. So if you didn’t like that you weren’t coming to my class. But my whole goal was, like I said, was the vehicle for you to find joy within you. So there was always a theme, and a word. So I’m very into words. So every month in my gym, I put up everywhere the one word of the month. And then in the classroom, I couldn’t make you do it out the weight room. But in the classroom, we would focus in on that one word, you know, power, fun, courage, confident. And I’d say, okay, focus in on this word, while you’re having, and they would just, you know, go along with it. But I felt at least I was getting that in their day. The second thing is, as soon as they crossed the line into the room, they knew, okay, no negative energy, no complaining, no gossip, no negativity, and somebody in the room has to start with what’s one positive thing that happened today. So I kind of trained them to do that.

Lesley Logan 16:16
I actually love that you, like, had some rules around that. And also some visual prompts, because like, everyone learns a different way. But having a visual prompt can be really good. And also, it’s like, just, you know, whatever space we’re in, like, whatever you’re creating, whatever the community your’re creating is like having rules about what is not allowed is as important as what is allowed. And if not more so that people because it is so easy, you know, I don’t teach as many privates as I used to, but like, it was so easy for my clients to come in and like, my goodness, I would fear whatever was on the news that day, because it could just like, it’s like, well, we’re gonna be talking about this topic for seven hours. And I love them. And I love that every single and like, it’d be seven different perspectives from seven different walks of life. And I’m like, left, like, at the end of the day going, oh, my God, I feel like I’ve just been on the news, just like and so having, you know, having to create rules, it’s like, okay, here are the topics that are never allowed in this space. We are never allowed to talk about it. So no negative no gossip. No

Sandy Joy Weston 17:17
No politics, no religion. We love each other here.

Lesley Logan 17:22
But also, it forces people to come together on different topics that they actually are more like in than they might not have been. And also like that actually, do affect your daily life in a more important way, like how your plants are succeeding in the house is really going to make a difference in how you feel about things that you do in your house you know, how, how the roses clicked on Sunday so that your mother in law actually doesn’t like, have a side eye is actually really important. I’m not thinking about my mother-in-law, I don’t cook anything. So I don’t have to worry about that.

Sandy Joy Weston 17:54
I thought you were in my house on Sunday and knew this one happened.

Lesley Logan 17:59
I have a lot of friends who have a lot of interesting mother-in-laws. I’m so grateful for mine so, um, so I think that’s really cool. So now, like, now that you don’t have that gym to like, have that impact on a thousand people in-person all the time. What is it that you are doing to help train the mind so that the body follows?

Sandy Joy Weston 18:18
Yeah, by the way, I just want to back up just so you know, shout out to the West Coast. When I first came up with these ideas train your head body will follow. It took me a year and a half to get an agent another year and a half to get a publisher to back then who didn’t think I was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. And then the only people that would book me for book signings and speaking gigs where was out west. Because here, and now it’s mainstream. Like oh, I’m not so wackadoo, you know?

Lesley Logan 18:50
West Coast to west coast. I’m just saying I’m not trying to offend any of my East Coast listeners but as a Californian I’m like, of course train your mind so the body will follow. Hello.

Sandy Joy Weston 18:58
They got me, California, Portland, they all got me. All right, so although I’m so so, so grateful for virtual when I’ve had a little bit up to here with teaching workshops, online. I love them. They were good. Reached a lot of people around the world. Somebody nominated, you have to be invited in to this heroic public speaking course that was approximately eight months to take your speaking gigs up to the next level. Okay. long commitment. I had no idea about 20 hours a week, focusing on rewriting, redoing your keynotes and what impact it would have in the world, what’s your big idea? And my husband’s like, you might have to do it now like during COVID. So that’s what I did. And I started perfect timing that it was some of it was online. And then we got to go there in person and I was lucky people were traveling from all over the world. They pick 40 people, and I only had to travel an hour. That was great, and we went there four times. And they I didn’t know, let’s see how much I didn’t know. I mean, I’ve been speaking forever. But this was a whole new thing.

Sandy Joy Weston 20:12
What it allowed me to do, which was beyond challenging for me, is to impact more people with my keynote, because for the first time in all my life, in a fun way, I was going to tell my story. And who I was, which was freaking me out, like, I’m just like, everybody just assumes Sandy had great parents, came from great people. And, you know, must have had money, house, before she gets started. And so a lot of it was behind the scenes that I would never, ever put out there because it would be too deep and wouldn’t serve others you want to serve others. But then I came around how to tell the stories in a fun way. And the person that nominated me. That’s why she did it. She’s like, oh, I know you have to speak, you need to change it from just rah, rah. So in my story of I didn’t even know this, like, this is the weird thing. So here I am figuring out pure joy, and that it only takes a minute to three minutes. And I realized, holy moly, I’ve been doing this since I was nine years old to get out of a difficult situation. I was using movement, words and laughter to get into a certain headspace not knowing it, visualize where I want to go. And it took me far, it was only a few minutes every day. And I grew up in the projects, which, okay, not cool. But if you tell people who grew up in the projects, or like, oh, respect people, you know, you got out, you drown out the negative chatter. That wasn’t the part that I’m scared about.

Sandy Joy Weston 21:57
My mom spent 50% of her life in mental institutions like poor silence, like we were poor, so they were not good ones. But when I went, even though my brother was older, he had a more challenging time, you can imagine going to me, so I had to do things to shift the energy. So since a kid, I would bring my blue box, throw my tap shoes and dance to entertain these people. So now you can see why I believe in the most desperate situation I could put a smile on someone’s face. I may not cure them. But I knew in that moment, I could bring them hope. It could bring me hope. And here without thinking of it. I’m just doing bringing joy because it saved me. It was saving them. Nobody expected me to graduate high school. I’m like, yeah, I probably will. Here’s my life. Here. I was applying it. I’m 63 years old, I had no idea that’s what I was doing. Is that wack? I’m like, wait a minute. I’ve been doing this my entire life.

Lesley Logan 23:06
I actually think that this so I love that you bring this up because I actually think one of the hardest things for people to be it till they see it as they’re like, I don’t know what my purpose is. I don’t know my why I don’t like horses. I like like, so many people do not go back and like think about their life because they want to avoid whatever part of their life maybe because let’s just be honest, whether you’re in the projects or not. Most people who are trying to better themselves had something traumatic, traumatizing happen to them at some point in their life. And they are and whether you’ve healed from it, or you’re just avoiding it, you’re like, I’m good. I like got out of that. And I want, there’s some skill set that you have that you don’t even recognize because it comes so easy for you. Because it’s just like such a natural thing. It’s like taking a breath like, of course, you just are like, of course I’m gonna like tap dance and help these, you know, like, you weren’t, like you weren’t cognizant, like, oh, it’s I’m gonna just like you’re nine years old. So you’re like, what can I do to like, you know, make this more fun? And it’s so easy for you. And too often people complicate it, they think whatever their purpose is, whatever they have to do, it must be something, it must be something they have to invent. It must be something that like, doesn’t exist. It’s a thing that you’re doing every single day that like, makes people like you. Like that’s why this podcast exists.

Sandy Joy Weston 24:20
I will tell you something. So one of my biggest speaking gigs I ever got was in 2000 and end of ’18 in Thailand. And it was to be the keynote speaker for this International Women’s Conference. Don’t even ask, I don’t even know people thought it was white trafficking. They’re like, you’re not Hillary Clinton. How did you get it? I’m like, Well, doctor, you know, Dr. so and so. Women astronauts, you know, people discovering the cure for cancer, and there’s Sandy Joy Weston. I get in there. And I spent six months on it. Because I’m going to know the neuroscience of the brain and they’re going to understand I got my master’s degree, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I’m gonna go through it. I spent months and months drilling this 90-minute cube again up there, I realized, 15 minutes into it, some of these women, although it was an English-speaking conference, spoke broken English, so they were not understanding everything. And so I said, how many of you understand only every other word and like half their hands went up? I said, how many of you would rather have the universal language? They go, what is that? I go, we’re gonna dance. And I didn’t have a song. It wasn’t in my routine. I picked Meghan Trainor. Somebody said, oh, I have Meghan Trainor on my phone. I love me. And I got them all up dancing to I love me, Meghan Trainor. Created a, you know, little line dance. Let me tell you something. I did go back and do some of the speech but half of it got thrown out the window. I was trying to be something I wasn’t my gift to the world is shifting energy using my dance. They did that dance four days of a conference and they would go, Sandy, I Love Me, I Love Me. And they would do that. That was the biggest gift I could give them because they were so scared to speak and how to connect with one another. And guess what? All the women who were like not so nice to me, like, how did you get keynote came up and go. We know why you got keynote. And I didn’t think that I was in until to this day. I’m like, I got to do more. My keynote is gotta be more.

Lesley Logan 26:39
Isn’t that such a weird thing. Like, we’ll get chosen for something. Somebody will ask you, this happens to me all the time, someone’s like, oh, I want you to like speak at this I’m like, oh my God, okay, maybe I have to change, maybe I have to do this thing. It’s like, no, they actually picked you based on the work you already did. So they’re actually expecting the work that you already did.

Sandy Joy Weston 27:01
They kind of looked you up. They know what you’re about.

Lesley Logan 27:03
Well, if we went to go see, I’m just like, I was just driving by Ellington stadium, y’all. You know, I live in Las Vegas. And I was like, Who? Who is performing because wow, this, this crowd is vastly different in age. I was like, I was driving by and it’s like Taylor Swift. And like, of course, Taylor Swift. Can you imagine if Taylor Swift showed up to 55,000 fans was like, Hey, I’m gonna play stuff on the album I haven’t released yet. Yeah, they might want to hear one or two songs to feel special. But the whole point of going to a concert, is so you can sing along and dance along to the songs you already know and love. Nobody wants to hear brand new stuff the whole time. Because they’re just like, am I gonna like this? Do I? How do I fit but if you hear, you know, we saw Sting. And one of his songs he’s most famous for is not his own solo song. It’s a song from the police. But I was like, no, I want him to sing that song. That’s why I’m here. He did at the end. I was like, this is the best. I don’t want to hear your new stuff. I want to hear your old stuff. So I think that like, we have to this the same goes for us as human beings like that imposter syndrome that comes in or that thought that like, oh, my gosh, I need to like level this up. Yes, there’s some things you can get better at speaking to a group you can work on that skill set, but they actually want the person that they saw do the thing. That’s what they Googled. That’s what they were like, oh, yeah, this is the one. And if you were to change that, they’ll be like, I’m like, what happened? What happened up here? Joy?

Lesley Logan 27:29
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Crazy.

Lesley Logan 28:33
So what are you I mean, like, obviously, it’s been like such a transition in 2019. You sold it all, and you changed things and then a couple of years, like you’re doing this new thing virtually. Now, hopefully, you’re back to traveling. What are you being it until you see it right now?

Sandy Joy Weston 28:47
I journal every day, right? So you don’t have to? But if you didn’t journal that would be weird. But I realized, I for the last few months, was phoning it in meaning like, okay, my word of the day, okay, this is my thing. This is my like, you know, it’s like some people who go to church and they go, here’s (inaudible) okay, now, I didn’t realize that I was phoning it in meaning like just going through the motions because I had to take all these actions. I was getting caught up in the groups that I’m in because I’m in a lot of mastermind groups for keynote speaking and TEDx and stuff like that, that I was doing, okay, this is what I want this is what I want and then but the action that I was taking was like, okay, did I cold call these many people? Did I three people this? And then one of my colleagues said he wants to start journaling and I want to help him. And when I started telling him the importance of embodying it and feeling it I’m like, you gotta be kidding me. I mean, this is not me. This is not how I do things. This is like, I know that it’s better to do less and really feel it. So what I started doing is writing down that and envisioning me being on these really big stages during the keynote known as I’m closing my eyes like I’m doing it. The mental and physical fitness visionary, and how that feels is what I’ve been doing and it’s worked for the last month is getting up my family’s like she’s lost it and pretend I’m on stage. So I can feel that joy. Hey, everybody, thanks for coming. Like, so I’m like, looking over at Tony Robbins, go yo, dude, what up? Thanks for having me. I have this reoccurring dream at night that I’m speaking in Las Vegas at one of the you know, because there’s so many conferences there. And Tony’s in one of the conferences. So I’m like, yo, Tony, how’s it going and tell everybody how we met and I do that. And then I put yourself on a TEDx stage. And this is my big, and I go through and now I’m like, okay, what else do I want? Yeah. And I’m telling you, it’s the weirdest thing. It’s not weird. I should know it. But something that is not your normal somebody saw me on LinkedIn, and reach out to me do it speak speaking gig in Philly, which you never have the big gigs, right in your own hometown, who saw me perform six years ago in Atlantic City. And now I’m speaking May 11 at this, you know what I’m saying somebody called me. I thought I was interviewing them for my life. Hey, I got something to say show. I’m not kidding you. And this woman comes on she goes, okay, well, what’s your pitch for my TEDx? I go, excuse me? I go aren’t, aren’t I interviewing for my life woman show? She’s like, oh, okay, but I thought you would like to be a part of my TEDx. I go, uh-huh, uh-huh. She’s like, what’s your pitch? And I’m like, here it is. She’s like, okay, well, all the paperwork has to come out. But 97% I love you. And I want you there. I’m like, all right.

Lesley Logan 32:10
Oh, my goodness. I love this so much. I hope every hope you’re hearing this, y’all like, being it, like, being it till you see it, like, first of all, you are embodying it every single day. Like, you’re, you’re picturing yourself for a few moments every single day, what it’s like to be on stage what’s like to feel what it’s like to say these things so that when these opportunities, there’s no such thing as luck it’s when preparation meets opportunity. And like had you not actually been spending time with yourself, she could have been like, yeah, so what’s your pitch for TEDx? And you’re like, if you were to say, let me get back to you, no, like, she was like, okay, maybe next year, like no, like, if you if you’re listening to me, you want to have a TEDx. You should know what that TEDx is about already, you should like, take some time so that you can enjoy yourself doing it. I have a little funny story. There was a TEDx here in Las Vegas, it was at my favorite little shopping area, where I get my hair done. And the whole theme of the TEDx is were lights like global like global warming, climate change type of stuff. And the wind had picked up to 70-mile-an-hour gusts. And they’re trying to they like, I kudos to them. They kept the TEDx going, even though like their displays are being blown. It’s outdoors. It’s being like blown over like the weather was like, like having its own TEDx moment. And like, they had to cancel entire an entire event. 10,000 people’s tickets were canceled for maybe 20,000 people’s tickets were canceled for this like email thing. And we were young concert people now. Anyway, I just laughed so hard because I’m like, this whole thing was famous on like global warming climate change and the weather is like canceling everything. So alright. Anyways, hello, (inaudible) but I just I think like, it’s just so cool. These things don’t just happen to people. If you’re looking at people and like, oh my God, how did they get there? Like, it is, it is taking the time to do the work of the hard stuff and showing up and like really noodling in on the craft that you want to have. And I think that is I love that. I love this. So you’re gonna do TEDx at her place? May 11th?

Sandy Joy Weston 34:12
Oh, well, May 11th is my big keynote. That’s a definite I got a check in the mail and I signed the contracts. The other one I will announce in I think I’m gonna be able to announce it in a few days because she said unless I’m a serial killer. And I fill out the application on it comes out tomorrow, officially.

Lesley Logan 34:31
Oh my God.

Sandy Joy Weston 34:32
She only had 10 spots. I was second. It wasn’t even official. I’ve reached out to her to be on my hey, I got something to say show. And she read my profile. But she thought that I was reaching out to do her TEDx.

Lesley Logan 34:46
I love this. I love it. I love it so much. Well, you’ll have to do this because this air the show will air after you know you’ve heard you’ll have to let my team know if you got it. So we on the recap episode we can update people. Sandy Joy, I mean you have just brought so much joy into this space. I’m like feeling 10 times higher than I did when we started this. We’re gonna take a brief break and then find out where people can find you, follow you, hear you speak, all those things.

Lesley Logan 35:11
All right, Sandy, where do you like to hang out? What’s your social handles you like to be on? Where can people book you as a keynote speaker?

Sandy Joy Weston 35:18
So my website is my name, Sandy Joy Weston, And everything is there. So any speaking gig that you want to book me for, workshops, coaching, all the tabs are there you can check me out and go that’s a little too much or yeah, I can’t wait to have her. Also, I am on all social medias I hang out on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, I always put up a daily joys like our one-minute or 90- second little fun things daily. And same thing, Sandy Joy Weston, you can find me everywhere.

Lesley Logan 35:59
Thank you so much. Okay, before I let you go, you’ve given us so many great tips, but Be It Action Items – bold, executable, intrinsic, targeted steps people can take to be it till they see it.

Sandy Joy Weston 36:09
Okay, this is what I want them to do. I want them to think of that one area of their life that they want to uplevel. Now they might say it’s all three, I get it. But pick one. Remember, it’s either money career, body health, love relation, pick one, that even for a week, try a week, I don’t want to go crazy and say 30 days, go a week. And this is the area you want to uplevel and then all I’m asking you to do is before you get out of bed before those feet hit the floor. Think of one word, just one word of how you want to show up that day in that area. What would you do? What would you say? How would you act if you had ease and flow, power, joy, confidence, courage? It’s not gonna take much time it’s gonna give you 30 seconds. Come downstairs, write it somewhere, scribble scrabble? And then throughout the day, say am I feeling ease and flow in that area? Am I feeling joy? Am I feeling confident? And if not, don’t take action from there yet. Take a step back. See what you can do. Maybe it’s just walking outside, stretching, petting your animal and then come back and take action. That’s all. Easy peasy.

Lesley Logan 37:23
I love it. I can picture it. And I I think it’s so fun because it’s like if you want to have more fun, and but you’re like like in your day, and you’re like oh my God I have all these things doing around the house. It’s like well how can you make picking the house up more fun? Like what can correct what can you do so you take that step back and you ask the next question all of a sudden, you might have some like 90’s rap on and vacuuming you know, I’m just saying, you know, I do that. I don’t vacuum but I put the 90’s rap on cleaning. Sandy Joy, I’m so glad we met. Thank you so much for saying yes to this podcast. Y’all, how are you going to use these tips in your life? What are your takeaways tag Sandy Joy, tag to the Be It Pod. Let us know which of these list down the words you used and how that goes. I’m sure Sandy wants to hear that I’m sure I want I know I want to hear that. So not even sure I’m positive. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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