Is Coffee Your First

Daily Domino?

Ep. 50 with Lesley & Brad

“Be grateful for what you’ve done for you.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Episode 50?? Wow! Thanks for joining us on this journey so far! Today Brad and Lesley recap her freeing interview with Emily Coffman, covering everything from the “domino approach” to how to start without the commitment. Sprinkled in is some Thanksgiving traditions and why to say “thank you” to yourself.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Thanksgiving traditions
  • drinking cavities
  • Saying thank you to yourself
  • Transitioning your competitive nature into something else after sports
  • “It” might look a little different than you thought (and that’s OK!)
  • The domino approach to your day
  • Whatever you’ve been putting off… start it today!
  • Start WITHOUT the commitment

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Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:46
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co hosts in life, Brad and I are going to dig into the freeing convo I had with Emily Coffman in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now, go back and listen to that one. And then come back and join us here. Because this is episode 50.

Brad Crowell 1:04
50! (Lesley: What?) (Brad laughs) That’s kind of insane.

Lesley Logan 1:08
I … nuts. (Brad: Yeah) Insane.

Brad Crowell 1:11
Yeah. We’re at like five months, I guess.

Lesley Logan 1:14
Yeah, I think so.

Brad Crowell 1:15
June, July, August, September … Six months.

Lesley Logan 1:19
What? Oh, my gosh. Well, (Brad: How … is that?) there it is. So, um, y’all, we turned 50 because of you. I mean …

Brad Crowell 1:25
We at least 25 weeks if we did two per week. So yeah.

Lesley Logan 1:28
Yeah. Good job, good using your math. So …

Brad Crowell 1:30
That’s how I do. (Lesley: That’s great) Six, six months and change.

Lesley Logan 1:33
So it’s episode 50. And unlike other podcasts, where they are perfectly aligned with knowing what number they’re at, and they have edited all the best of their first 50 episodes, we’ve done none of that for you. In fact, we’re just gonna do enough more episode. But we …

Brad Crowell 1:50
Oh like like recapping greatest hits (Lesley: Yeah, we do) from our episodes.

Lesley Logan 1:53
So let us know if you want that for episode 100 or 75. Or just if that matters to you, like we want to know. I mean, we might probably do that because it is kind of fun. But that requires a producer which we are in the process of onboarding. So we will see what she has the …

Brad Crowell 2:09
It also requires a dog not whimpering in the background because he wants to go for a walk.

Lesley Logan 2:14
Oh my God, he’s an hour or oh, we fell back.

Brad Crowell 2:17
Oh (Lesley: So he’s …) they’re on time.

Lesley Logan 2:20
He’s on time. (Brad laughs) Oh … what’s wrong with these dogs. Y’all, these dogs are like, trying to get our attention. They’re like army crawling across the floor. But they clearly don’t know it’s episode 50. (Brad: Oh, yeah) 50, 50, 50. So anyways, just can I just say big thanks to each one of you who listens to this podcast, because otherwise we be talk… talking in a dark void to the ethers. But I know you listen to this. And your share …

Brad Crowell 2:46
We know that you know, because you chat to us on the Gram. (Lesley: The @be_it_pod and at …) So thanks for that.

Lesley Logan 2:52
And at my personal Instagram and just all that. So thank you so much. Thank you for sharing this podcast with your friends. Thank you for your written reviews. Keep them coming if you haven’t written one, and, you know, keep Being It Till You See It. Happy 50th episode. (Brad: Whoa!) Okay, what’s our audience question this week, Babe?

Brad Crowell 3:07
All right, I think that it’s time appropriate here. What are your Thanksgiving traditions? (Lesley: I know) For those of you who live in the United States, we obviously celebrate Thanksgiving in November …

Lesley Logan 3:17
Yeah. Canada already had their Thanksgiving. (Brad: Yeah) And I don’t know if anyone else has something similar. So if you do (Brad: Couldn’t tell you) let us know what the name of that is. We’ll forget but it’s nice to know what’s going on up there. And we’d love to know your tradition. So, um, you know, I grew up going to my dad’s family’s house for Thanksgiving, sometimes. And sometimes I went to my mom’s Thanksgiving house. And let me just tell you a little difference, just so you could understand the life I grew up in. So my dad’s family has like traditions with Thanksgiving like the same person made the stuffing and the same person made the turkey and like everyone had the dish was like, couldn’t have been more perfect with the football games in the background. And like don’t interrupt the games and we ate at a specific time because it was like with whatever the I don’t even understand it all. But then there was that, right. And then my mom’s family, whatever they want for Thanksgiving. I’m not really sure how they won but somehow ended up at their house. This was a Raley’s dinner. So they would go to the grocery store. And they would get the dinner and they would make it and I will never … do all you know what do you call it Martinelli’s. What’s that sparkling? (Brad: Yeah, yeah. The apple …) This sparkling an apple. It’s like so much sugar. It’s like … (Brad: It’s just like drinking syrup.) It’s like drinking cavity. It’s like putting cavities in your mouth as you drink it. (Brad laughs) Anyways, so my grandparents like had the plastic, you know, fancy shampoo … (Brad: Oh) you know when the ones you put the top to the bottom, the top to the bottom on …

Brad Crowell 4:40
Yeah. And when they fall apart while they have liquid in them, it doesn’t go well.

Lesley Logan 4:44
Well, how did you know because they did it throughout all the Thanksgiving plate. So the turkey ended up floating in Martinelli’s. And anyway, so do I have Thanksgiving traditions as an adult? No, no, I do not.

Brad Crowell 4:58
I have a story to share … Well, Thanksgiving traditions is definitely how I got in with your family.

Lesley Logan 5:07
Oh, yes because there was this one favorite dish …

Brad Crowell 5:10
Because there was this one recipe. It was grandma’s recipe. It was an artichoke recipe. (Lesley: Like a torta. An artichoke torte) It was an artichoke torte. And, and no one in the family had the recipe (Lesley: I have it) except for Lesley had it.

Lesley Logan 5:22
I also have the chocolate cake recipe.

Brad Crowell 5:24
And she never talked about it. She never told anybody. (Lesley: No) And then the first year that I went to the family dinner that I didn’t know anybody. I made grandma’s artichoke torte recipe and everyone freaked out. They are all like, “Where did you got …”

Lesley Logan 5:39
Tears everywhere … tears.

Brad Crowell 5:40
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So I made it for a number of years in a row. And that became my dish that I had to make. (Lesley: Yeah) Until we stopped going to Northern California for Thanksgiving altogether …

Lesley Logan 5:50
Because we stopped. Because traditions are also made to be broken. Y’all, like, let me just tell you the pressure of making this artichoke thing and also the nine hour drive that should only be five hours. (Brad: Yeah) it just became a lot. So our Thanksgiving tradition has been the last several years. We sit at home. (Brad: Yeah) And we make our list of things we’ve been wanting to buy. And we enjoy every single sale online. We are big on it. And then we make up the list of things that we need to buy for the holidays. And we watch Home For The Holidays. Which you’re freakin’ welcome. Best holiday movie ever made. I promise you it’s 90s glorious in it’s and it’s prime.

Brad Crowell 6:30
But we might we might start some new things here because we now have had some family move to town. Ah, so we shall see …

Lesley Logan 6:36
Well, my brother already was here. So in full, like, we have to give him props. He brought us here. (Brad: That’s true.) Then my dad came. (Brad: Yeah.) And so I think this will be the first Thanksgiving in a long time we will listen to football games on an iPad cuz we don’t own a TV. (Brad: Yeah.) And we (Brad: That’s true) my dad suggested Chinese food. So (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 6:56
Love it. I’m so in on that. That’s amazing. (Brad laughs)

Lesley Logan 7:00
So, we’re maybe this year is the start of new traditions. At any rate, whatever you do for Thanksgiving, please remember to be grateful for what you’ve done for yourself. (Brad: Yeah) And you can also be grateful for what others have done. But I think often we do not say thank you to ourselves. So please give yourself some gratitude because you are amazing and you’re here because of you. And then also to take care of those in your life and give them big hugs this Thanksgiving. Okay, or if it’s Thursday, where you are and not a holiday at all. Be grateful for what you’ve done for you. (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 7:31
Okay, now let’s talk about Emily Coffman.

Lesley Logan 7:34
I know, she’s so cool …

Brad Crowell 7:36
Emily Coffman is the fastest growing advocate for athlete wellness in life after sports. She’s a former NCAA division one athlete, creator of the top one 1% health and fitness podcast, Live Your Personal Best. And she’s the author of Elite to Everyday Athlete. She educates and encourages others on how to live their best and healthiest lives.

Lesley Logan 7:58
Yeah, I, I find I I met her randomly, like on a zoom call. So weird. And then she reached out to me in a random email from a different site. And we ended up on a podcast for her podcast, I’m looking at her face and like, “I’ve seen this girl before.” And then when we were done recording, I’m like, “Were you on this such and such zoom call?” And she’s like, “Yeah,” and I was like, “That’s hilarious.” And so you know, the world is small. But I think that’s really cool. Her book is really great and I really do… There’s a lot of conversation about elite athletes becoming you know, everyday people. And there’s a lot of pressure and a lot of …

Brad Crowell 8:36
Especially after the Olympics, this past (Lesley: Oh my Gosh) you know, this past Olympics.

Lesley Logan 8:40
Y’all, if you haven’t watched Michael Phelps’ documentary, it’s going to depress you. But it’s also like so, so important, because if you are … (Brad: It’s called “The Weight of Gold”) Yeah, if you are raising children, or if you have an elite athlete in your life, there is this like expectation hangover that happens. And I think it’s just really important. So I’m really grateful that she wrote this book, because I think it really does help people who maybe didn’t make it all the way to the pros, or maybe they didn’t make it there, have some sort of structure and ideas of how they can funnel that energy and that commitment.

Brad Crowell 9:10
Whether or not you made it all the way to the pros is irrelevant. If you’ve dedicated your life to becoming an athlete and did that from you know, like t-shirt league through college and then maybe even beyond, (Lesley: t-shirt league?) yeah, you know, when you’re like six, right? (Lesley: Oh … t-shirt on a Jersey got it …) Yeah. So, you know, the point is, if you’ve lived your entire life that way, that transition for like, suddenly it’s over and you’re like, “Um, I guess I’m not going to play competitively anymore because of…” whatever the thing might be. And so but how do you how do you like take that, that intensity that you had brought to your sport, and transition that into another activity in your life and find fulfillment in it? So, you know, that’s, I think that’s exciting. That’s kind of what her book is about. And, and anyway, we’re excited (Lesley: Yeah) the book is out. It is now out as of the last episode, I think at the beginning of last episode, we didn’t know if it was out yet, but towards the end we realized yeah, by the time the episode was airing, it was gonna be out (Lesley: Yeah) so you can find it. The link is in the show notes.

Lesley Logan 10:18
Yeah, it’s out now. Sorry, y’all, we interview some of these people way back in the day, and now they’re coming out. It’s just how it goes. Welcome to the podcast world, I’m always shocked.

Lesley Logan 10:29
Anyways, I think that brings me to something I like that she said it might look a little different than you thought and that’s okay. And for my recovering perfectionist and overachievers. And those of you who haven’t yet put recovered in, in front of those two words. This is so important. This is something that’s so it’s still so hard for me. It’s still something I’m still practicing. Because I also have a team who does things for me. So I’ll tell them something, and then it comes out. And sometimes it looks different in the best way and sometimes looks different in the “Oh my God, I’m gonna cry way,” and, and it’s okay! It’s okay, because it’s really, really important that we get, we do things so we can get to the next step. And not try to like, just continue to mold it till it looks exactly the way you thought because you know what I didn’t, I had no clue that I would live in Vegas. Be married to a musician and have three dogs, two of which are like really trying to go for a walk right now. (Brad: Yeah) So …

Brad Crowell 11:27
I have a head on my leg. (Lesley: Yeah, yeah) He’s staring at me forlornly. (Lesley: I know.) Yeah. But you know, it’s funny. I think that I one of my recent rel… relation connections to, to what you’re saying is when we hired the artists to paint our mural in the back. (Lesley: I know) And you know, it was lovely …

Lesley Logan 11:49
I really, we wanted her to do what she already did.

Brad Crowell 11:54
Well, so we hired her to paint this mural that we designed with her and she started off she said, “I think it’s going to take me about a week.” We’re like, “Okay,” and because it’s hot here she decided she wanted to start at like 9pm. And she would work until two in the morning. And so, I mean, I my guess would be four five nights, she spent five plus hours on it. So 25 hours or so. And, you know, I mean, it’s a it’s beautiful, it’s lovely. But the last night, I was watching her nitpick. Right? Noodle the … (Brad laughs) Sorry …

Lesley Logan 12:29
Sorry. August is losing his mind. He wants the blue cheese bottle …

Brad Crowell 12:34
I was watching, I was watching her nitpick the colors on the wall. And she, you know, she would go in. She would “pssht” and then she would back up and then she would go in and “pssht” write and we started we started a conversation “pssht” (Lesley: Spray paint) Yeah, that’s a spray paint “pssht” That’s what that means. And the we we started a conversation about that. And she said, “You know, I really could, I really could stay here and keep tweaking this forever because I’m never satisfied. I can always see, I can always spot something else that could be better, could be, you know, adjusted, or, or whatever.” You know, and she and I started to talk about music being similar to that where you can always noodle with a song a little more or make the lyrics a little better, adjust the production, whatever. And but there comes a point where you have to go, “Okay, I’m putting it out into the world now.” It is, it is as good as it should be. It is as good as it needs to be. You know, and provided that something catastrophic isn’t tied to your work, like, you know, then then you can you can feel satisfied.

Lesley Logan 13:42
If you are a surgeon listening to this, please do the best you freakin’ can always but if you are not … (Brad: Right) You know, I just think, “Done is better than perfect” and … (Brad: Right) Also, you will always be able to see those things. I can’t see the things that that she could “pssht” more on…

Brad Crowell 13:42
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I look at it on websites, too. Like there comes a point where I’m like, “Oh my God, like we need to stop because I’ll just nitpick this to death.”

Lesley Logan 14:09
Yeah. So, you know, I think that for those of you who practice Pilates, the beautiful thing is quality over quantity. And yes, you could always do an exercise better, but that’s what the next rep is for. And if you hit three reps and you still haven’t gotten there, move on, because that’s what the next time is for. So anyways, I hope that … helps you get your shit done.

Brad Crowell 14:30
So, I really loved what she was talking about when she said the domino approach. I thought this was really clever. And I almost named the entire podcast after this, this conversation, or the episode I mean, because she was talking about how you you pick one thing in your day, and that’s the top domino the first domino and she said it’s better … She she prefers to start with the first domino, then try to make you know, starting with like, all the dominoes at the same time where she’s like, “I have to do these 75 things tomorrow,” you know, and instead she said, “I start with one and that one domino for me is my workout.” And she said, “When I work out, then all the things topple after it in a positive way,” after she works out, she gets a shower, then she can feel refreshed. And then she goes and gets her coffee. And then she does this and then she whatever. You know, and it becomes this marker that you can use if you know what your first domino is, and what you were talking about last episode was your workout when we travel. So you know, she starts, you start you were talking about you’re waking up with the sun when we travel. And basically, you know how that can how you get your workout in. And that will allow you to still have a solid day even though you don’t have the rest of your normal morning routine. (Lesley: Yeah) And I just thought that was clever to think about it that way. Like the domino approach, because I don’t actually, I don’t really have a marker in my mor… in my day, in my morning. That’s like, “Okay, cool. Now I can, you know, now the rest of my day is going to follow.”

Lesley Logan 16:14
I mean, your coffee. I think I mean …

Brad Crowell 16:16
Yeah. Okay, I coffee. That’s true.

Lesley Logan 16:18
Well, I will you know, there’s very interesting actually, because Amy Ledin who is one of our original, like, first guests, who is a dear friend of ours. She recently put a post on her podcast when for like five minute downloads, which is like, “Don’t hit snooze in the morning.” And so for those of you who wake up to an alarm clock, if you refuse to hit snooze, by, like, by committing to waking up when you said you’re gonna wake up, it is a domino effect of competence in your day that you keep commitments to yourself. And so I think that just goes along with this. Like, it doesn’t have to be a workout. It can just be something small that you do every every morning that you’re like, “Okay, this, this sets the domino, have an amazing day.” You know, BJ Fogg has his Maui habit where he puts his feet on the ground and goes, “Today’s gonna be an amazing day.” And then he celebrates that right? So it could be your workout like, it’s for me and Emily, I, I definitely beat the sun this past week with the fallback, I’m gonna be honest. I was … an hour before the sun. So there’s that and that was amazing. But find something to be your domino, give it the name of the domino and let us know how that goes … (Brad: Love that.) Okay.

Brad Crowell 17:31
So let’s talk about the BE IT action items that you discussed with Emily Coffman. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items, can we take away from your convo with her?

Lesley Logan 17:40
I’m going first. (Brad: Do it.) My biggest takeaway is whatever that one thing is you’ve been wanting to do. Maybe you’ve been putting it off or you don’t feel ready for it yet. She says, “Just go for it now.” And y’all, I mean, could we not pick a better BE IT action item for Be It Till You See It podcast. (Brad: I know) I was like, “Ah, yeah. Hired you want to host with me? Okay.” (Brad laughs) Because y’all, I swear to you, life is really really really is like trying on a pair of new jeans and you’re wondering if they’re in style or not. I was just opening up one of my emails and there’s this like high waisted baggy jeans. (Hello, 90s.) It made me think of Sister Act 2, you know, Lauryn Hill, and those baggy jeans. And I was like, “Look at those jeans, maybe I need those jeans.” Here’s the deal, because I’m not going to do put those jeans on my vision board and hope that those jeans someday they are on my body, I’m going to go try the jeans on and see if they look good or not before I find after them. Too often, we’re like, “Someday, one day. I will, when I have this. I’m gonna do. Blah, blah, blah.” Do the thing and see what happens. Just see what happens. You may go, “Oh my God, I hate that.” And I don’t know maybe these jeans I’m gonna hate but we’re gonna find out because I’m going to order them and try them on. (Brad laughs) Alright, what’s your BE IT items? (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 18:54
That is amazing. All right, so just kind of actually hand in hand with that. You can just start now, start basically she was talking about how you don’t have to make it this massive mountain of a thing. You can start now start without the pressure, start without the commitment and just start just because you’re interested in it. (Lesley: Yeah) And I thought wow, that is a that’s really interesting. I remember I mean think back to when we were teenagers or in middle school or whatever. And you know, we we liked music or we liked art or we like sports or whatever and we’re like reading or like video games whatever it is you you ended up dedicating more time to because you enjoyed it not for any other reason becau… just because you dug it. And so when it comes to this bigger stuff, I know that we have finite amount of time, but maybe you know it’s maybe you wanted to learn sign language. Start! You know, maybe you wanted to learn another like spoken language, maybe you whatever maybe you wanted to, you know, start building a studio in your house, maybe you know, whatever it is, you know, (Lesley: Yeah) you can start it without the pressure and what she was talking about, (Sorry to cut you off.) She said she started her podcast this way. And, you know, half dozen episodes in she was like, “Actually, I love it. I’m gonna keep doing it.”

Lesley Logan 20:16
Yeah, well, and I think like also without the pressure, it’s like, you don’t have to go, “Okay, I’m going to like learn sign language and I’m going to teach it in front of like, the entire city” and go, “I’m just gonna like, put go on YouTube and like start it and see if I like it and see if it’s good.” And just keep the pressure off of it because it’s way more fun. Like, especially what you brought when you were kids. We, we didn’t go, “Oh my God, when I am the star pitcher of a team,” we like went out and pitch with our friends. Like …(Brad: Right) and maybe you thought someday, “I’m gonna be the star pitcher.” But you didn’t go, “Oh my God, I can’t throw this pitch until I’m the star pitcher.” (Brad: Right) That doesn’t happen when you’re like take … be a child when it comes to things people because (Brad: Also to you know …) the way more fun.

Brad Crowell 20:58
Think about especially the athletes in the room. I would bet any amount of money that you didn’t just pick one you were like and baseball and then next to soccer and then next is you know, track and then next is volleyball and then next is and then it was cycle back and forth and back and forth. And there came a point where you were like, “I’m just not into you know, baseball, I would rather focus on…” whatever.

Lesley Logan 21:20
Yeah, my Dad put me in every sport hoping that I would get a scholarship. I did not, (Brad laughs) I’m not that athletic, but there was not a lot of pressure on any of it and that’s what made it really fun. (Brad: That’s good) So anyways, I just really enjoyed her, her outlook on all this and I really excited about her book that it’s out there and I hope y’all enjoyed this. (Brad: Awesome.) Okay, well, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 21:43
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 21:44
Thank you so much for joining us today. We are so grateful, like so grateful for you. So keep us posted on how you’re using these tips in your life by screenshotting of this episode. Tag us and the @be_it_pod and our guest and let us know how you are using these takeaways in your life. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 22:02

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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