How to Embrace

the Journey to

Achieve Greatness

Ep. 203 with Lesley & Brad

“If you want to achieve greatness, you must enjoy the pursuit in the process.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Lesley Logan and Brad Crowell present a roadmap for success, sharing powerful insights from the conversation with Jake Kelfer. Discover the ACE Method’s secrets (Action, Connection, Enjoyment), how to build meaningful relationships, and why achieving greatness depends on enjoying the process.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Discover the hosts’ top books, podcasts, and body positivity insights
  • Explore the Lifestyle Enjoyment Matrix for better activity prioritization
  • Uncover the power of 1% daily improvement through focused effort
  • Master the A.C.E Method for greatness: Action, Connections, and Enjoyment
  • Embrace the process and supportive networks for success and fulfillment

Episode References/Links:

  • Jake Kelfer’s Free Book Giveaway: DM Jake Kelfer on Instagram:
  • Autism Supermom Day – part of Autism Awareness Month
  • Live-to-the-Public Profitable Pilates Workshop:
  • MAY: Seoul, POT, flashcards!!
  • JULY: If you live in the UK and want the heads up on our upcoming TOUR there, get on the waitlist at OPC.ME/UK
  • AUGUST: US Summer West Coast Tour, get on the waitlist at OPC.ME/TOUR
  • SEPTEMBER: Poland stay tuned for a waitlist or where to sign up:
  • OCTOBER: Still time to join us in Cambodia:
  • NOVEMBER: I’ll be coming to Miami POT with the famed ERIKA QUEST.

Brad Crowell: Here’s how to do it. You need to focus your efforts. Um, you need to go all in on one thing. Um, shut down all of the distractions. Um, and then his motto is, get 1% better every day. And there’s so many things

Brad Crowell: we can talk about here, but, um, this is something that is particularly challenging for me, uh, because I love to be involved in a thousand different things.

But what he was talking about was. When he realized that helping others get their books created, written, published, and grow their, you know, get that out there, uh, was the thing that he really enjoyed and got the most out of. Then he actually shut down all of his other revenue streams, which is like, oh wow.

That’s crazy. Um, that’s, that’s daring.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap, where my co-host in life Brad and I are going to dig into the literary convo I had with Jake Kelfer in our last episode.

If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now. Go back and listen to that one, and then come back and join us. I’m just gonna say, first time ever that I’ve said this intro without bucking it up, so we’re all gonna give me a round of applause. Anyways. Okay, so guys, today is Autism Supermom Day.

Um, so if you have a friend in your life who is a mom whose child is autistic, please give them a hug. Tell them they’re a supermom. Tell ’em tthey’re doing amazing things. Um, it’s, it’s,

Brad Crowell: it’s

It’s actually part of the Autism Awareness Month. Yep. Um, and this day was created to celebrate the strength, courage, and determination of mothers of autistic children.

Um, if that is you, um, you are amazing. Yeah.

Lesley Logan: We’ve had, uh, we have a, an episode coming up with a guest who is a mom of an autistic child. And, um, again, if we are screwing up how we’re saying that, please feel free to correct us. Just don’t yell at us, just say, this is how you say it. But, uh, I hope I’m getting it right, um, because I do know that there is so much, um, awareness that nese brought around neuro divergent children and, and that whole thing.

And so. Please be there for those who have a kid on the, um, who is never neuro divergent because it’s hard, it’s hard to be a parent in general. It’s even harder when your child has a different way of learning and a different way of sharing those things. And people look at you like they should be normal.

Uh, so we should just get rid of the word of normal anyways. Yeah. Um, that, that’s, that’s the today’s holiday. Uh, this week, earlier this week, we hosted our first live to the public profitable Pilates workshop. You guys, we. Um, it’s been, uh, many, many moons since we did anything like that. And really, if anything, this kind Yeah,

Brad Crowell: probably like 48 moons.


Lesley Logan: How many years is that? Four. Yeah. Five. Yeah. So, um, and uh, so this one was on, um, how to raise your rates and you will be able to, um, basically we did it because we’re filming an older course and I wanted to make sure that as many people as possible could have access to this teaching, this learning, because it’s so important that y’all know how to do this without cringing and freaking out, so at any rate, um, it will be a course that it’ll be available for you to get on profit-wise dot com at some point soon. And next month, uh, is Pilates day on May 6th, and you should save this date because I’m actually going to teach on Instagram.

Live a class, which is something I haven’t done in what, 48 moons. Um, I’m teaching a, um, a workout on Instagram with, uh, TAVI Noir, Toesox and Vooray. So, uh, save the date. It will be in the morning Pacific time. Um, all those dates will be on my Instagram, so make sure you’re following me. And you can also win some badass stuff.

So I’m just saying. Um, and then here we go. Uh, this is, the countdown is on you guys. Yeah. We are less than a month away from being in Seoul. Uh, which by the way, I didn’t tell you this, but when I was in. Um, when I was getting my hair done, a girl from Korea was like, it’s all if they call it”Seoul.” So it’s like, so yeah, we’re just saying it wrong.

So I, I sound like a white girl when I say it, but we’re wearing soul. Uh, but I think it’s so, um, Pilates on tour. Nailed it there. Nailed, nailed it. Great job. I’m gonna learn, I think it’s, Anyways, I’m, I’m bucking it up. However, Duolingo has a Korean, uh, lesson, so I feel like maybe I should dumb download for, for Korean, just so I can get my directions around.

I really like it. Um, anyways, we’ll have flashcards there. We’ll be with the POT there, which is was almost sold out the last time I checked. Um, And then I will also be teaching a couple different workshops, uh, in Seoul, uh, uh, before we head home. Uh, so if you have, um, any questions about either place where you can take workshops with me, please set us up.

Okay. July, um, we are coming to the uk. We have very, very few spots available for the Mullet Tour. The business in the front, the Pilates in the back. Oh yeah. Um, so those on the wait list were getting, um, first tips. They’re also getting the early bird price, and then we’ll open that to the public. Yeah. Um,

Brad Crowell: and that’s coming to O P C.

Dot me slash uk and take it on the wait list. Yeah.

Lesley Logan: And if it is after April when you hear this, you can still go there. Yeah. Uh, the early bird will have passed, but you can still go there and get the information. Uh, September we’ll be in Poland. Um, you actually can, um, start snagging your spots right now.

So if you get on the wait list there, I’ll send you to the place where you can go. Um, we’ll make sure you get information and you can take privates with me what, uh, during this conference and they’ll be flashcards as well. Yeah, so if you’re in Europe and you’re tired of the shipping, two awesome options to save a talent shipping and hang out in real life, which is way more fun

Brad Crowell: going back one month.

Going, going forward one month, going back one month to August.

Lesley Logan: Oh, and before we go to Poland, Brad, myself, and our dogs are going to do a West Coast tour. Um, so you want to get on the wait list for this Um, you guys, we are super, super excited about this. We’re working with people to pick locations, states, um, make this a big, badass circle, uh, just sort truly a summer party of Pilates.

Brad Crowell: And it’s looking like we’re gonna go south to from Vegas, south to San Diego, and then up the coast, um, all the way up to Seattle. Yeah. So if you’re anywhere in that route and, you know, within a couple hour drive and you wanna come hang, uh, we’ll be posting all the dates mm-hmm.

And specifics, um, as we get closer. But to make sure you get that information, just go to

Lesley Logan: Yep. And then. Jumping ahead. Um, after Poland, we go to Cambodia, we will come home in between, but …(Brad: that’ll be in October). Yeah. And there’s still a few spots left. Um, although it’s filling up really fast and just gonna be, this gonna be an amazing, amazing time.

…(Brad: I’m so fired up). Oh my gosh. We already know who’s coming with, who’s signed up, and like we’ve got Australians, we’ve got some people from the States. We got a, uh, is Ainley Ainleys from the UK or is she from Yeah, so we are like, We’re going global. We’re gonna all meet in one amazing jungle. So,

Brad Crowell: so yeah.

More info on that. L e s l e y. Logan,

Lesley Logan: if you’re a type eight person trying to remember all these links, you’re just gonna the show notes and just, yeah, just on the

Brad Crowell: show notes.

They’ll be on the show notes

Lesley Logan: Uh, and finally, uh, November. Um, I’m coming to Miami for POT and um, I’ll be with our amazing friend Erica Quest.

And we’re also doing a fun little workshop around there, so if you want more information on that, just hit me up and then yeah, just stay tuned. Stay tuned. We’ll get you more links. We’re clearly good at that. Okay, we’re almost to talking to Jake Kelfer. Sorry guys. I got excited about like all the European vacations.

Um, but before we get into Jake’s interview, uh, recap, do we have a question to respond to Mr. Brad?

Brad Crowell: We sure do. Uh, the question is, what are your favorite books right now, or favorite podcast beside your own? …(Lesley: Do you wanna go first?) Oh yeah. First? Sure. Okay. Yeah. Um, uh, so I love to read, uh, non-fiction, or sorry, fiction books.

Um, I don’t really read non-fiction

Lesley Logan: very often. I’m gonna out him every quarter. He goes to this gentleman’s hang and they all talk about the books that they bring and everyone brings like some sort of non-fiction political book that’s like life-changing, award-winning. And they had these deep discussions and Brad is like,

Brad Crowell: and I was like, I read, I reread Harry Potter for the 75th time.

Um, I’m a big, massive fan of an author named Michael J. Sullivan. He is prolific, he’s written like 20 plus books. Um, and I’ve listened to ’em all multiple times. Um, it is one of my favorite go-tos. It’s one I am winding down at the end of the day and I want to listen to some ear candy. Um, and not stress about anything or think about anything else that can get lost in the stories, um, that he writes.

There’re amazing. So, um, anything he’s written is really, really fantastic. Michael J. Sullivan, so he’s one of my favorite authors, um, and podcasts. Um, I’m. A big fan of Smartless. Uh, I love, uh, uh, just kind of goofing off with those guys is what it feels like. Um, but I know that leads directly into one of your new pods.

Lesley Logan: Okay, so we are listeners, smartless, and I do love Smartless, but I go back and forth because sometimes I’m like too stressed out for them. I’m like, dude, they not understand the world right now. I don’t, so sometimes I’m like, I just want someone to tell me that I’m not crazy. Uh, but we were listening to ’em the other night and they actually interviewed Jameela Jamil, and she’s a comedian who has a new podcast called Bad Dates.

You guys, I’m so pissed that there was only three episodes. Do they not know how to drop a podcast? You have to have 12. You have three on day one, and then you do every other. And then after two weeks you start going into your regular cadence. And I’m just gonna say that’s my feedback for Jameela Jamil’s podcast called Bad Dates because it is awesome.

It doesn’t matter what,

Brad Crowell: despite that, they still hit the top lessons.

Lesley Logan: Yeah, they’re in, yeah. Yeah. They’re in in New and noteworthy with not Paint Lane the game. So good for them. Uh, also Smartless, which is the number one podcast in the world, like, told them, everybody listened. But um, so you guys, what I love about it, It is, there’s nothing about it that makes you think of work or politics or the world. You are just listening to comedians mostly, and writers and really just good storytellers who are gonna be fairly famous or you might recognize their faces, talk about bad dates they’ve been on, and it’s not that the person on the date is the bad one. They could be the bad one. Yeah. And I’m…

Brad Crowell: Unfortunate incidences. I mean, it’s, oh my gosh,

Lesley Logan: hilarious. It’s hilarious. I cried laughing. I’ve listened to every episode two times because I couldn’t wait for Brad. So I did like little pot adultery and then I made him listen.

I made him sit and listen with me watching him because it was so funny. So that’s my fair pod. Besides my own right now and book, give the book. So, of course, um, I’ve been talking about creating super fans. We have the author of that coming out really soon. And then, um, Jake’s, uh, I’ve got his book, Big Idea to Bestseller, so I’m loving that.

Um, and then I’m gonna pull a book out from like mini moons ago. 48.

Brad Crowell: We’re on this moons thing today. We are,

Lesley Logan: we’re all, um, uh, at the time we’re recording this, just the full Moon into it was epic. So it was epic. Oh my gosh. You guys it’s stunning. Anyways, back to one of my best favorite books that everyone should read is called The Body Is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love by Sonya Renee Taylor. And. You guys, it’s just a beautiful book. You can listen to it on Audible, you can read the book, you can check it at a later library. Uh, a must listen to, uh, in today’s day in a world where we should all stop being so perfect about our bodies and love the ones we have, so, okay, those are my books.

…(Brad: Love the one you with. Love the one you with. Love the one you with.) Do you know the rest of the lyrics? …(Brad: No).

Brad Crowell: Yeah, I think they repeated like 50 times. I’ll find out.

Okay, now let’s talk about Jake Kelfer, inspired by Kobe Bryant and beginning his career with a Los Angeles Lakers, Jake Kelfer is a lifestyle entrepreneur and bestselling author dedicated to helping others write books to leave a lasting impact. He’s the creator. Big idea to bestseller program and the life enjoyment matrix, which we’re gonna talk about today cuz it’s so cool.

Which helps individuals grow a business and live the life that they love. Yeah.

Lesley Logan: So this is so fun. We actually did this interview on the road, uh, we did it from our hotel room. Yeah.

Brad Crowell: In Monterey. Monterey.

Lesley Logan: Yeah. And also we, um, got this guest because of UK Claire. Who, um, obviously we’re gonna go see when we’re doing our mullet tour, but she had her an amazing episode on the pelvic floor, so she’s been working with Jake.

Um, she’s gonna get her book out, so she’s, it’s amazing. I actually know that her first draft is like, ready to go, so …(Brad: I did not know that). Oh yeah. Hello. This is how, this, how all happened. Although it could have happened because. Jake knows all of our other friends. I know as

Brad Crowell: soon as you started talking, it was like, oh yeah,

Lesley Logan: course we, we, we know all these people.

I guess we should have been friends already, but thanks Claire. Um, so, okay, let’s talk about the life enjoyment matrix. Um, so this does take, you have to like sit down and do this, and I think this is where people get a little like, oh, I just wanna know and they wanna skip this over, but when you do this, it’s gonna be great.

So first, decide the type of life you want to live, and then that’s your life enjoyment. Yeah. And then ask, how am I making decisions that lead to greater enjoyment of my life? So like, maybe you go through your day and is, is this morning habit that I have, is this routine? Is this actually creating the life I wanna live?

Is this actually helping me? Like, go through it and then ask yourself how you’re making these decisions. Are they happening to you? Are you just like, let, are you just like a people pleaser, just doing things like ask yourself that. Then this is cool. So let the, he uses numbers to take up the emotion. Uh, sorry guys.

My dog moved and it shocked my ears. I just need to take a moment.

Brad Crowell: You, um, you might wanna go watch that on YouTube. Yeah. …(Lesley: I like jumped outta my booster). Shoot. She jumped out of her booster. Yeah.

Lesley Logan: Okay. So, Let the numbers take the emotion out of it and go for what is going to bring you the most joy. So like this is actually really great because I think sometimes we get a little emotional when it comes to our goals or it comes to certain things and he uses numbers to kind of put things on a scale so it’s less personal, it’s less like there’s something wrong with you.

And he talked about like how when he eats dairy pizza, it’s like nine outta 10 on life enjoyment. Like it feels, it tastes so good. He gets stuck at home feeling nauseous, which makes his life a one. And the average is like a five. I would call that average maybe a four. But, but at any rate, um, so. That is like one way to like look at something or he can make a decision like, okay, if I eat a dairy free pizza, it’s a seven.

It’s not the most exciting thing, but then I can keep hanging with my friends, which is a 10. Now I’m averaging 8.5. So you’re making decisions based on the enjoyment you want to have in life versus this tastes super good in the moment and then I’m paying for it later. Um, I’ve done that.

Brad Crowell: Yeah. Well, I mean, I think it’s, uh, I think we’ve all done that.

I think the most obvious one is like, should we have that extra glass of wine. Right. And you’re like, oh, I’m, I’m feeling high right now. This is great. I want to maintain, I’m just gonna keep on going cuz I’m at a 10. This is so good. And then the next morning you are at a negative 10 because you’re like, oh, I can’t even think, move cloud brain not functioning.

Yeah. So, you know, I mean, if it’s a, if that’s a one. 10 and five, you know, you’d be back at a five. Yeah. On an average

Lesley Logan: there. So like, not great. So I think what this will go, kind of this matrix will help you do is like, as you’re planning things, before you even say yes to something, just go, yep. Let me get back to you.

And then ask yourself on a scale of one to 10, where’s the enjoyment of hanging out with these people? Yeah. And if you’re like, well, or whatever

Brad Crowell: it is that you wanna do, like maybe it’s, um, you know, staying up late to watch another episode of your favorite show mm-hmm. And then you don’t get enough sleep.

So how do you feel the next day you can weigh those two things against each.

Lesley Logan: By the way, if it has to do with the, um, white lotus, you will never regret the sleep that you let go of because then the next day you don’t have to worry about spoilers. So this is, I, I, however other things we do, do this unconsciously and I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun to us to like, Put numbers to a lot more things because I have definitely been like, oh, do I wanna do that?

Do I wanna watch one more episode of this thing? Or do I wanna walk the dogs? Or if I watch one another’s a thing, then I can’t walk the dogs. Which one is gonna win right now in the enjoyment field? Sure. And you get to decide it can change day to day. So I thought it was

Brad Crowell: cool. But also I think it’s funny because, you know, we, I think that there’s like a short term versus a long term that he could overlay into this concept too, where, you know, in the short term it’s a 10, but in the long term it’s a one or a five, you know? Mm-hmm. In the, in the short term, it’s a, um, uh, you know, he’s feeling like he’s sacrificing. Uh, by eating that dairy free pizza. But in the long term it’s even more beneficial because it’s benefiting us’ life.

So, you know, the short term versus the long term, uh, enjoyment. I

Lesley Logan: gotta be really honest. I just got my blood results back. Um, and I can tell you right now my short-term decisions of some things that I don’t do are having some crazy amazing long-term decisions on my blood work. It’s pretty awesome. Nice. I do like add one thing to my life after this blood test.

So, um, well actually a few things, but nothing outta my, like the, the one thing that’s in my control, the hormones were not, so that’s different, but like of the eating things, of the choices on the enjoyment scale. So, um, which means I get to have more avocados because they are on the antioxidant list and I was like, oh, I was gonna say no to more guacamole.

Brad Crowell: I love that. Well, so for me, I, he kind of said something in like a offhand comment and he kind of rushed through, but I just thought it was so visually poignant that I wanted to call attention to it. He was talking about his personal story and he just kind of said, yeah, you know, well, I wanted to get through that, that ceiling and make it a floor.

And I thought, I’ve never actually thought about that before. That’s so funny. We talk about the ceiling, the glass ceiling, breaking through the barrier, all this stuff. And he said he wanted, not only did he wanna break through it, but he wanted to make it his floor. And I was like, wow, okay. And he said, here’s how to do it.

You need to focus your efforts. Um, you need to go all in on one thing. Um, shut down all of the distractions. Um, and then his motto is, get 1% better every day. And there’s so many things we can talk about here, but, um, this is something that is particularly challenging for me, uh, because I love to be involved in a thousand different things, but what he was talking about was, when he realized that helping others get their books created, written, published, and grow their, you know, get that out there, uh, was the thing that he really enjoyed and got the most out of.

Then he actually shut down all of his other revenue streams, which is like, oh wow, that’s crazy. Um, that’s, that’s daring. And he said, he, he said, you know what? Let’s just give it a try and see what happens. And over the next year when he was able to focus his efforts. Uh, they had a record breaking year. Yeah. And, uh, you know, that’s the going all in on one thing.

And, uh, so shutting down all other distractions, even revenue streams, that can be really challenging. But for a lot of people, I, I know this is hard for me because there’s so much fear in that. Like, when I, I remember when I was working my full-time job and I was doing web development like, you know, at lunch and, and after in the evening, like after I got home, um, It felt like how am I ever gonna replace my full-time income with my part-time gig that I’m, you know, my business that I’m doing.

And um, uh, there was a lot of fear of letting go of that distraction cuz that was what it was turning into was my job was turning into, like, I wasn’t enjoying it. That’s for darn shore. And it was not, you know, like I couldn’t be doing client calls because I was at the office doing my job. And um, you know, but letting go of that job really was a challenge cuz the golden handcuffs feeling and you know, just the simple fear of what if it doesn’t work, you know, but, uh, …(Lesly: just that little thing, fear). You know, minor deeds. But once I, you know, once I did, I, I didn’t end up making this a career, but, you know, we made way more money when I had the time to focus on talking to our clients, getting new clients.

Pitching new clients, building new websites, um, than we did when I was just working at, you know, once or one or two, three

Lesley Logan: hours a day. Yeah. And then when you got rid of all that stuff and just went on, on our thing that we now do together, we make more. Yeah. I mean, there’s less distractions

Brad Crowell: actually.

That’s like a really, um, compelling story because, uh, with when, when I was doing, uh, the websites, importing all those products and selling on Amazon and doing like filming events and stuff, like I was making enough money to live and eat and pay the bills and whatnot, but, Uh, when, when I got rid of all that and focused, you know, my efforts with you on our company, then it paid for both of our lives.

Yeah. You know, where I was struggling to make ends meet when I was doing all that other stuff, so. You know, it’s, this is like, uh, I just thought it was really cool to call attention to this again. Mm-hmm. Um, you know, if you’re doing like a dog walking business and trying to teach Pilates or something, what if you focused or what if you’re doing, you know, I don’t know, babysitting or something, whatever it is.

If you’re distracted in that way, um, trying to, you know, um, what if you let go of something and focused on the main thing?

Lesley Logan: Yeah. We have an agency member who put, um, put, took a leave of absence at her. It was a part-time gig, but like, it was more than 20 hours a week of employed because she’d have to drive almost two hours each way.

Yeah. Plus full day. And so then, while that doesn’t sound like a lot, she still had like her farm and she still had, you know, her business. And so you start to go, well, where’s the time to promote the business that you wanna be having, that you wanna be teaching? And so, It took 90 days to go full on on her pilates business and she’s able to go to networking things.

And also to be honest, she couldn’t have gotten gotten to a real job anyways cuz of all the snow that was there. But it’s just like snow. The snow that was there. Snow, snow, they had tons of snow. That but any, the point is, is like it is so scary, but you don’t have to like, You don’t have to like rip the net away.

You can actually do a leave of absence and try things out. Or you can, you know, you can give yourself like, okay, I’m gonna do it for this long and I’m gonna see what happens. And, um, if that’s an acting career in LA I’m gonna tell you right now, six months is not long enough. Just, just so you know, just giving you that.

But if it’s something else, you probably can start to see possibility in six months, uh, of just dedicating yourself to one

Brad Crowell: thing. Yeah. And, and another like side note to all that, his motto is, get 1% better every day. And I thought, wow, that is really, uh, like that, that doesn’t seem too intimidating.

Lesley Logan: It makes me think of Allen Stein Jr’s thing too, which is like at the end of each day he asks himself, if he’s closer to the person he wants to be, right?

Which is like closer, can be 1% is closer.

Brad Crowell: Totally. And, uh, you know, like adopting that, it, it allows the perfectionism, uh, you know, to kind of be sidelined because you don’t have to, um, you know, it doesn’t have to be a hundred percent better. It can be 1% better. Mm-hmm. You know? Mm-hmm. And, and if, especially if you are, you know, going back to this, uh, lifestyle enjoyment matrix are, uh, if you are, you know, making one micro decision each day, that helps.

Bump those, uh, averages up. Uh, you know, that’s, that’s gonna be, over time it compounds, it’s gonna be amazing. Just like you were talking about with the long term in your life. So how can you turn your ceiling into a floor? Yeah,

Lesley Logan: it’s like a snow globe.

Brad Crowell: Okay, so finally let’s talk about those, Be It action items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Jake Kelfer?

Lesley Logan: Okay, here we go. If you want to achieve greatness, you must enjoy the pursuit in the process. (…) Space for that, because I feel like a lot of people complain about the process, are frustrated with the process.

Even I’ll sometimes go, I’m so tired of this being so hard, but you have to enjoy it. The process, at least some of the process, part of the process, the pursuit of it. Um, so here’s how he suggests to do it. It’s called the ACE method. Um, so easy to remember. A is action. Take positive and intentional action in the direction of your dream.

Yes. So, hello. Being kind to yourself and having positive thoughts around those actions and taking that action is gonna distill the fear, right? Um, connection is C, build meaningful and intimate connections to find the right people to support you. This is huge. Like every, the reason Jake is here is because of connections.

Yeah. He could have been here sooner with other connections, but he was here when he is here because of, of a different connection, right? Like one. Jake and I probably would never have thought would’ve been one. Um, but such a huge thing. And so all the different things that we often happen, this house we live in is all from different connections.

And so oftentimes we like shy away from making those, or we think, who am I? But you have no idea who you, who you are to offer people things. And it’s actually a lot of fun to connect to other people, to different things. Um, and then what you should then do is typically, how can I help you? And then you can ask for the connection you need, um, enjoyment.

Um, That’s e, e for enjoyment. Um, can you imagine if I was like, like say, you know, when you like say a letter E for N for Nancy, it’s like E for enjoyment. E Um, how do you spell your name? Lesley. L, E for enjoyment, S, Okay. Um, you must enjoy yourself in order to achieve the life you’re destined

Brad Crowell: for. Yeah, I think I, I think that was probably the most common thread through this whole thing is his, you know, the life enjoyment matrix.

He talks about including enjoyment in the Be It action item, like how do you achieve greatness? Um, uh, you know, and, and just consistent throughout the whole thing was the pro the idea that you can, you should, you must enjoy what you’re doing in order to achieve the life of greatness that you want.

Lesley Logan: Yeah. And like, you’re not gonna shame yourself to being at the top. And if you somehow do, like we’ve heard athletes who get all the way to the top. And they hated the whole way there. You don’t end up staying at the top going, this is a party, right? You kind of have that like, like expectation hangover. So, so it’s, the more you can really enjoy yourself, the easier everything is to, to put one step in front of the other, to show up and do the scary thing.

To have the life you wanna live, to have people in your life that you wanna be around. Because people wanna be around persons having a good time. Um, you guys, you sure do. Jake is, he’s like a book papa, like you guys, he’s, he is gonna help you take your big idea and make it a book. And if you’re like, I’ve never thought I was gonna be a writer, um, go listen to Roxy’s episode.

Um, I love it when you call

Brad Crowell: me book pop.

Lesley Logan: Put your hands in the air.

Oh my God. That’s the best. Um, okay, so anyways, uh, if you are wondering if you have an idea that’s worth writing about, talk to Jake. His team is gonna take care of you and really help you understand how you can go from saying, I’m not a writer to having a book. People are reading books, guys. Yeah. And, um, totally.

And, and, and, and more people should be writing books worth reading. And that includes if you’ll listen to this, that’s you.

Brad Crowell: So Yeah. And if you, if you, uh, do take, uh, start a convo with him, uh, let him know that you heard him on the pod

Lesley Logan: Yeah. And what your takeaway was. Yeah. Because people need to hear that their words made a difference.

Yeah. So, um, it makes them feel awesome and seen, and don’t we all wanna feel that way? I’m Lesley Logan. …(Brad: And I’m Brad Crowell). Thank you so much for joining us today. How are you gonna use these tips in your life? We wanna know Tag the Be It pod, tag Jake Kelfer. Oh yeah. And you know, oh,

Brad Crowell: and PS he is gonna, he offered to give a free copy of his book to you.

Oh. If you DM him on. Just DM him on ig. Tell him that you heard about the pod and say you’d love a free copy of the book and he’ll send you it.

Lesley Logan: Oh, well we should have said that at

Brad Crowell: the top. I know. I just remembered right now and I forgot to put it in the show notes. Okay, so in the notes, we’re gonna,

Lesley Logan: we’re gonna also say this, you’re gonna hear this at the end, and we’re gonna play, we’re gonna, we’re gonna record again.

For the beginning because this is too good. So DM him if you want his book. Who doesn’t want a free book? We all need to read things. And if you liked my list of books, his was one of ’em. So there you go. Oh yeah. Um, all right. Loves, well, we’ll see you tomorrow cuz now we have Friday episodes.

Brad Crowell: That’s right.

FYF coming your way tomorrow.

Lesley Logan: Yeah. And we wanna share your wins. So you can send ’em to the, uh, Be It pod on

Brad Crowell: Instagram. Oh. And stick around to the very end because we got some outtakes that’s been happening. There’s

Lesley Logan: always outtakes. Um, and the team does collect them for bloopers on the YouTube, but uh, we’re adding them into the end of the pod because you know what you need to know that we are not perfect.

You’re not perfect. …(Brad: And we’re enjoying the process.) And we are enjoying that. So have a good laugh on our behalf. Love you. I know.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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It’s like Choco tacos, stop selling, but then people get upset so they’re gonna bring ’em back. Why? Cuz people finally let people know we actually like the Choco taco.

Interesting. Okay. Ready? No, you look really short for some reason. Are you? I’m sitting up. Yeah, my feet are on the ground. It’s just the weirdest thing. I dunno why I am shorter than you.

You just have like a lot of space over your head though. I don’t know. Like can the chair, can the chair go up? I don’t know.

No, didn’t go here.

Sit on a pillow. I got one. Oh, there you go. I feel super tall. No, you actually look normal and you can bring the mic up slightly if you want. I’m on a booster seat. That’s what I feel like. I never got to sit in those when I was a kid, cuz I was already too tall, didn’t need one. I have no idea if I had a booster or not.

Worth asking your parents.

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