How to Conquer Your Own Mountain in Life

Ep. 308 with Lesley & Brad

Boundaries are key. Meaning you’ll work when you want to work

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

This episode explores the metaphorical mountains we all face in life, drawing inspiration from the extraordinary journey of mountaineer Jenn Drummond. Brad and Lesley discuss the importance of resilience, balancing personal ambitions with family responsibilities, and redefining what success means on a personal level.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How to balance family life, career and personal goals.
  • The importance of prioritizing human connections over personal achievements.
  • How to transform everyday frustrations into moments of gratitude.
  • The importance of values over achievements in decision making.

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Brad Crowell: She doesn’t get to choose when she dies. Right? Right. And I think that for her it was incredibly real because what set her down this journey in the first place was the near fatal near-fatal that she had where she said somehow she walked away from it. Everyone imagined that she wasn’t going to, you know, and so of course when she made it home everything had a new perspective and so but also made her reevaluate everything.

Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guest will bring bold, executable, intrinsic and targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.

Lesley Logan 1:02
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life dig into the impressive, I will also say, rockstar elevated like seven points. How many other words do you put in here convo I have with Jenn Drummond in our last episode, if you haven’t yet listened to that one, you are missing the fuck out.

Brad Crowell 1:30
She’s a badass.

Lesley Logan 1:31
She’s a badass. And I’m just gonna say has seven kids. So moms listening us that want to listen to this? Because there’s a really oh my god just like, well, we’ll get into in a second but just amazing. Awesomeness. So totally Today is December 28. If you’re listening in real time, if you are traveling home for after the Christmas before the new year, or if you’re in traffic or whatever. Hi, we are in. Where are we at?

Brad Crowell 2:00
28th. We’re in South Carolina?

Lesley Logan 2:02
We’re in Charleston, South Carolina at this moment, but let’s actually talk about what today is. It is National Download Day. Ooh, tell me more.

Brad Crowell 2:11
Yeah, as it should be.

Lesley Logan 2:12
Once slow and cumbersome, cumbersome, cumbersome, cumbersome?

Brad Crowell 2:17
Once slow and cumbersome.

Lesley Logan 2:19
Oh and cumbersome. Smartphones have become a ubiquitous part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine going anywhere without our phones, which now also serve as cameras, maps, guidebooks, banks, personal assistants, entertainment centers. So today, you should go down, I thought this is gonna be like a put your phone away thing. It’s not you guys go down to OPC app. It’s free. Clearly didn’t read the show notes over I got excited. But anyway, it’s a download date, download all the apps, you should definitely download the OPC app because it’s free. And you can listen to this podcast on it for free.

Lesley Logan 2:52
It’s Cumberbatch’s Day.

Lesley Logan 2:54
Oh we love Cumberbatch. We miss him. Is he doing anything? Let’s look it up.

Brad Crowell 2:58
No, idea.

Lesley Logan 2:59
At any rate. That’s an inside joke between my husband and I. He’s a person. But if you don’t know, we’re not here to explain it. Because it’s not his day. It’s National Download Day. So go download a app

Brad Crowell 3:11
The OPC. app. It’s free. On it you’ve got like, you can actually listen to this pod right on the app.

Lesley Logan 3:17
Yes. And it’s really easy, because you can just see all, a bunch of episodes, so you don’t have to go. It’s not just like the most recent one.

Brad Crowell 3:24
Also, we have the YouTube channel releases on there. We have a bunch of stuff guides and free stuff. And our Tour map is on there if you’re interested in following along.

Lesley Logan 3:37
And if you are an OPC member, you can take classes.

Brad Crowell 3:40
Yeah, right in the app and the community as well. Lovely.

Lesley Logan 3:44
Go do that. And then also, if you’re like Lesley, I’m like you though I like as few apps as possible. Well then delete an app you’re not using, you can see it on your phone, because it will have a little cloud with an arrow button. If you have an Apple iPhone. And it means you haven’t used that one in a while. Delete it.

Brad Crowell 4:00
Like a month, I think and then they just like undownload. They don’t delete it.

Lesley Logan 4:06
They don’t delete it.

Brad Crowell 4:07
So they cloud it.

Lesley Logan 4:07
They cloud it. At any rate

Brad Crowell 4:10
It’s a technical term.

Lesley Logan 4:10
You’ve learned something new, Also, what is happening today, as we mentioned, we are in Charleston, South Carolina. So excited to be here. Because can I just say, I’m just gonna shout out to Diana. We were struggling to find a stop somewhere between Greensboro, North Carolina and Miami. I know you’re thinking what, Miami? You couldn’t find a stop? I would have done it. Well, you should have raised your hand. Because this girl saw that we were looking for some stops. But she was like, I don’t know if I should say anything. I really love for her to come Charleston. And then we called her. We’re like, Hey, we’re coming to Charleston. Would you like a stop? And she was so excited. Yeah, so Anyways, you guys dreams do come true. And also, you can raise your hand for things. So I’m so excited we’re here.

Lesley Logan 4:10
And sometimes we need a place to go. So, let us know where you are, y’all.

Lesley Logan 4:22
We want to know where you are.

Brad Crowell 4:31
We do.

Lesley Logan 4:32
We’ll go where people want us to hang out.

Brad Crowell 4:36
That’s right.

Lesley Logan 4:43
And so we’re so excited to be here. It’s her new studio. It’s been open for a year. So congratulations, Diana. Then we’re headed to Miami. There might be some spots left in the Mat Class at this point, but everything else is sold out Sarasota. The class is sold out guys. I got a waitlist an arm’s distance long. I don’t know what to do. I’m feeling really bad.

Brad Crowell 5:21
I know. I wish that we could have gotten a bigger space even but like it just the way it worked out was amazing. But wow, what a response.

Lesley Logan 5:29
Thank you, Christina Fenton. And also like, we, another spot that we like super struggled to like find a location and Christina Fenton, shout out to her who made a spot happen. And then we sold out so quickly.

Brad Crowell 5:43
Yeah, I didn’t, but there may still be spots in the workshop. After that. We’ll be in Austin. We’ll be there all day.

Lesley Logan 5:50
All day. New Year’s Eve.

Brad Crowell 5:51
First of January.

Lesley Logan 5:52
That’s Gaia. She’s so excited about Austin. She loves Austin, she’s been there before. So Austin, we got four events, you have to come, it’s the best. You want to start your day off, you’re in New Year’s off, right? You hang out with us. And then we’re in Dallas, class sold out. But there might be spots in the workshop, and then it’s Albuquerque and Sedona and then we’re home. And then I kick off eLevate as soon as we get home. Round four. At the time that we’re recording this, I do have a couple spots left. So if you are interested in a mentorship, if you’re wanting to not only learn, like accessible and fun approach to classical work, it’s still classical, but you get to be a human being. Hi, I’m your girl. So you go to And then at the end of the month around my birthday, probably before we are going to (inaudible). Okay. Well, it’s, I mean, as of right now, it’s one month to my birthday since my birthday month. But halfway through the month. You are if you’re on the waitlist for the retreat, you’re going to get an email, let you know that you can lock in the best, the lowest price of the retreat.

Brad Crowell 6:58
Only those on the waitlist.

Lesley Logan 7:01
Only those one will get that. Just so you know, if you’re not on the waitlist, you won’t get that email.

Brad Crowell 7:05
So get on the waitlist. Go to

Lesley Logan 7:09
Yeah. And then in after my birthday. We’ll do Agency Mini Number 10. Number 10.

Brad Crowell 7:16
Yeah, that’s crazy.

Lesley Logan 7:18
Fuck, it’s crazy. Well, Agency turns six in January. Yes. So it’s number 10. And we only do it twice a year. And we’re working towards once a year. So just so you know,

Brad Crowell 7:28
It’s quite possible that next year will be the last twice a year.

Lesley Logan 7:32
Yeah. Or who knows, it might only oh, but (inaudible) happened.

Brad Crowell 7:35
It’s also possible that next year, maybe like the beginning of the year, we’ll see. We’re trying a couple of new things that going to happen next year.

Lesley Logan 7:43
We’re also doing like calendar light, guys, like we are

Brad Crowell 7:46
We are really trying.

Lesley Logan 7:48
So do not wait till next time because we can’t promise it. It’s actually not in the books yet. Just let me know.

Brad Crowell 7:53

Lesley Logan 7:56
Yeah. Before we get into Jenn Drummond’s question, Jenn Drummond’s interview, we have a question.

Brad Crowell 8:01
That’s right. Yeah. I was gonna say, Wow, she wrote in a question? Amazing.

Lesley Logan 8:05
She did. Well, you know what she did, because she’s got a book launch. But we’ll talk about that in a moment. We have a question from one of you all, this came on Facebook.

Brad Crowell 8:14
Yeah. So the question was, I just bought a studio, what are some do’s and don’ts that I should consider?

Lesley Logan 8:21
Yeah, I love this question. Because it came up in a Facebook group, which I’m not in. I mean, I’m in them, but I don’t participate. And we had five different Agency members comment and they tagged me.

Brad Crowell 8:32

Lesley Logan 8:33
Yeah. All of them are, so fucking proud of them. They’re like, hire coach. Lesley Logan. I bought a studio. I own a studio. I work with her. And Agency Mini is in February

Brad Crowell 8:46
You should screenshot this conversation.

Lesley Logan 8:48
It is so great. Well, you should I don’t know how.

Brad Crowell 8:50
I’m gonna find that. I need to know where this is.

Lesley Logan 8:52
Yeah. So at any rate, my post response back was what I’ll tell you here. If you’re buying a someone else’s studio, congratulations, I’m so excited for you. We’re so excited for you. There is not a one size fits all anything.

Brad Crowell 9:08
It’s true.

Lesley Logan 9:09
And if anyone tries to sell you that run the fuck away. Yeah. Because that means whatever their system is, doesn’t include your dreams, your mission, your values. It’s not possible.

Brad Crowell 9:19
It’s highly unlikely.

Lesley Logan 9:21
Okay, it’s highly unlikely, but it’s true. So what we what I would say is do’s and don’ts. Do’s – hire a coach. Do’s – really understand what to charge so that you are paying your employees and yourself correctly. We have a free tool. It’s called the magic calculator. There’s a studio owner version, which includes the salary you’re gonna pay. Pay yourself. And that is on Another do – get a lawyer. We have two amazing ones, Danielle Stead Blanton and Conscious Counsel with Corey Sterling. If you want those hookups, just ask for us. Those are

Brad Crowell 9:54
We’re happy to make the intro.

Lesley Logan 9:56
Have boundaries. Boundaries are key meaning when you’ll work and when you won’t work. And beyond that, I actually need to know what your goals are, as far as don’t – don’t get jealous of other people’s businesses. Don’t. That is waste of your time, you don’t even know if they’re profitable, I don’t care if they look busy.

Brad Crowell 10:12
I got a don’t. Don’t price your classes based on other businesses in the area.

Lesley Logan 10:19
Yes to that, because you don’t. Okay. I was talking to a group of studio owners and they were bulking at me because I wanted them to charge 45 Euros for up to six people in a class per person. And then I was like, but that’s what you need to charge. So you can pay yourself and pay your employees, you can stay in business, you want to stay in business. If you want to be a charity, go file yourself. Here’s the thing, y’all I’ve had many people go, I want to make accessible. Then, go file yourself as a 501-C3. Do not file yourself as a business because of you’re business, you have to be profitable. Period. That doesn’t mean you can’t be accessible. But you can’t be you. Somebody, you either have to have 1000 clients, or you have to have 20. Like it’s it’s you have this decision. This is where coaching comes in. Because we’ve actually figured out my mission is to make things accessible. Okay, how can we do that? Right? My mission is to get paid myself this much. Okay, how can we do that? So the don’t that you, Brad just mentioned is super key. You don’t know if they’re profitable, you don’t know if they’re just filling their classes with ClassPass, things like that.

Brad Crowell 11:20
You don’t know their story, you don’t know if they need to be profitable, maybe they’re intentionally not being profitable.

Lesley Logan 11:25
I have so many girlfriends in L.A. who are teachers whose entire role in their family was to not be profitable, because their family needed a loss on their taxes.

Brad Crowell 11:37

Lesley Logan 11:39
So, you guys like that. So don’t don’t base your services, your rates, your schedule around others, you have to go with your mission, vision and values. And beyond that, we actually need to know what those are. So we can actually coach you on do’s and don’ts for you. So if you want that you can go to You can also go to and find out on the next thing. You know, I know coach is an investment and it’s, it’s, you know, it’s hard to know if you’re making the right one. We hope it’s us, but you should try people out. If you have a question for us to answer just send it to Be It Pod. I love this one. And I know most of you listening are not studio owners. If you are a business owner, everything we just said applies.

Brad Crowell 12:22
It’s true.

Lesley Logan 12:22
If you are in the service industry, it all applies.

Brad Crowell 12:25
Yeah, it doesn’t have to be Pilates. It could be yoga, boxing, any kind of gym.

Lesley Logan 12:30
Can be a retail store.

Brad Crowell 12:32
Could be. Yeah, totally can. That’s true. All right. Stick around. We’ll be right back.

Brad Crowell 12:40
Okay, now let’s talk about Jenn Drummond. Jen Drummond is an extraordinary adventurer, and a mother of seven, who, after surviving a near-fatal car accident embarked on an inspirational journey to climb the world’s most challenging mountains. In 2023, she won the Guinness World Record, a first female mountaineer to seven second summits. So what that means, seven second summits. Second means they’re the second tallest mountains on the continent. She summited the second tallest mountains on all seven continents.

Lesley Logan 14:50
Also, first woman to do it.

Brad Crowell 14:51
First woman to do it.

Lesley Logan 14:52
And also you guys, they’re apparently often harder than the K ones.

Brad Crowell 14:57
Yeah, and that’s like a lot of technical stuff. And there, but basically, they’re not nearly as well mapped. They’re not nearly as popular. The trails aren’t nearly as consistent.

Lesley Logan 15:06
What if the one she did, because of COVID, no one had even been there for years. And because of the snow, because like, what is it Antarctica she went at, (inaudible) it’s like, years outdated map. And I’m like,

Brad Crowell 15:16
Yeah, that’s crazy.

Lesley Logan 15:18
I’m gonna just say, no, no. But I love that she did it.

Brad Crowell 15:24
It’s pretty. It’s ambitious. It’s amazing. And you know, I thought what was really, like, what really, really inspired me was she said, you know, look, I was a full time mom, and awesome, love, love doing that. But when I started training for this, I had a chance to be showing my kids, you know, what it’s like to live a busy life. And do you know, be a mom too? And I thought that was really inspiring to me. Because, you know, that’s, that’s reality.

Lesley Logan 16:01
Yeah, I, I’m actually gonna go off off off the grid here, because I’m actually gonna talk about something I really, really, really loved. That she said, so here’s she has seven kids. Okay, I got three dogs. It’s already too many. So, I don’t even know. But I asked her like, how do you? How did you even train for this? And this, to me is one of my favorite takeaways from the whole episode. Because she talked about finding a way and you guys, if you really want something bad enough, you find a way like, yeah, there Brad can tell when I want something bad enough, because I’ll set up a car because I really want that. But that requires, like consistent things over time. However, I wanted this one chair so bad. I was like, I’m gonna sell my peloton. I’m gonna sell it. I want

Brad Crowell 16:51
It’s exactly what I was thinking about.

Lesley Logan 16:52
I also sold a bunch of stuff in my closet. Like, there’s this interesting thing when you want something bad enough, like the thing that the lengths you’ll go to do something. And I was trying to figure out like, how if you’re a mom of seven kids, you’ve got to choose a job. She’s, you know, it’s like she’s like at home just taking care of seven kids. How did you train to be a mountain woman because like, that is, if Jenn lives in Utah, but also that’s hours, hours a day, right? So she actually brought up she’s like, you can find a way she’s like, there’s no takers for every phone call you’re on. And that just takes notes for me. And so I’m physically on the call, but I’m on a treadmill at an elevation so I can get my time under my legs at elevation rock climbing. And I’m still working. And I can go back to the notes because it’s high like you guys, there are so many great tools out there that will highlight will pull the questions up you can search on makes it so easy, right? The other thing she did was at the kids’ soccer game, and she brought a stepstool and water bottles and water bottles. And she just did

Brad Crowell 17:50
She would wear them like I’m guessing she would wear them?

Lesley Logan 17:54
So she would like do her, for 90 minutes, just step on the stepstool. And she’s fully present for her kids. But she is training for her event. And I just want to bring this up because I think we make a lot of excuses for ourselves.

Lesley Logan 18:11
Well it’s very creative, first off.

Lesley Logan 18:14
It’s very creative, but it’s also I’ve got the soccer games I can’t do I’ll wait till they’re older or whatever. You are, if you’re, if your goal and your passion happens to be a physical activity, like mountain climbing, and maybe it’s not, you actually want to do that when you’re younger. Not when your kids are older. But also she pulled up like what if I die tomorrow? And I think it’s really cool what she was able to show her children because she showed her seven children that she could still prioritize her goals. And them and so anyways, just like I was like, mind blown. Yeah, because I do that shit. But I don’t have seven kids.

Brad Crowell 18:54
I just Well she started talking about she doesn’t get to choose when she dies. Right? Right. And I think that for her it was incredibly real because what set her down this journey in the first place was the near fatal near-fatal that she had where she said somehow she walked away from it. Everyone imagined that she wasn’t going to, you know, and so of course when she made it home everything had a new perspective and so but also made her reevaluate everything. And this is pre-COVID when COVID made the world reevaluate everything right? So this for her was you know the moment the wake up call.

Lesley Logan 19:37
Yeah, yeah. What did you love?

Brad Crowell 19:41
So I really loved it when she was talking about putting people over peaks. Now of course she’s like, so polished in her presentation here that everything ties together she talks about conquering your own mountain in your life. But putting people over peaks was really interesting. She was a, she was on a mountain where there was a terrible accident that happened with one of her, her climbing mates died in an avalanche.

Lesley Logan 21:48
I can’t even imagine that I don’t even like that’s devastating.

Brad Crowell 21:52
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, she decided not to continue the summit, which means she got part of the way up, and then decided to come back down. And she said, the reason was what I thought was really I was like, could I make this decision this way in this moment? She said, the mountain is always going to be here. So I can come back. But this is more important right now.

Lesley Logan 22:23
Yeah, I think like what’s beautiful is like, achieving that climb on that day wouldn’t have been as special.

Brad Crowell 22:35
Well, yeah, there’s that too. I mean, it would have always been tied to that, that terrible memory. So yeah, that’s another I mean, in hindsight now, like, wow, what? That’s definitely the right move.

Lesley Logan 22:45
I mean, what I’m also impressed by is that she still went and did it because like, I’m gonna be really honest, people dying in front of me, I’m like, I’m out. But I’m out. All right. I’m out on the climb. Like, I thought we hiked. I’ve decided we (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 23:09
She said, who she believes that who we are as people. That’s more important than what we achieve. Yeah. And I think that is so counterintuitive to the way we live in our society today, that we only value achieving the next goal, achieving the next thing and like, or the credentials, or you know, what’s on a resume.

Lesley Logan 23:34
You know, but this brings me up because I this morning, the day that we’re recording this, I had a call with Jonah White, who is on the podcast, she’s the one who’s like recovering from a brain tumor everyone, right? And she went to some event and the person did the thing. Like, if you really, really wanted these goals, that would happen already. And she’s like, like, I heal myself from a brain tumor. And I don’t have the things that I want already. And it’s because I’m holding myself back. And I’m like, I call bullshit. I call bullshit. Yeah, because there are things I really, really want. The G Wagon in the driveway. I also wanted this house. I also like, and I refuse to burn myself out. And I actually want to take this back to it. Like I think it’s really, I think quotes like that from self-development gurus can be great for the person who needs to get the fuck off the couch. But I also love that in this instance, she could have been like, this is my goal I’m going and you know, but she actually chose to go off of her values. And she really values people and human life. And, and one, if you don’t know what you would do, check your values. I bet you would. I want you to do the exact same thing because I know your values, you know, like, and if you don’t know what your values are, this is your call to action. Sit down, there is actually, you can just Google list of values. (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 25:06
Just ask chatGPT.

Lesley Logan 25:07
Yeah. (inaudible) 54 and then go through and pick out the ones that stand out to you. And then notice which ones are duplicates, because you want to get down to five, three to five, you otherwise won’t remember them. And I bet you’d you’d make the same decision. But I think it’s really important. Like, there are obstacles that are

Lesley Logan 25:07
Wait, there are 54 values. Where, what? Tell me more about this.

Lesley Logan 25:19
I Googled it a few years back. It might be more, but I Googled like, values. And it was like the ones that I found like, 54.

Brad Crowell 25:37
Yeah, I think there are more than that.

Lesley Logan 25:39
I’m sure there’s more. The ones that I’ve found were like, 54. So whatever, doesn’t matter.

Brad Crowell 25:44
There’s a lot. Here, 50 common personal values. Here are 200 values explained.

Lesley Logan 25:49
Great. That’s too many.

Brad Crowell 25:50
Twelve universal values. What are 20 types of values. That’s interesting.

Lesley Logan 25:54
So 200 is too many.

Brad Crowell 25:56
James Clear, 50 common personal values.

Lesley Logan 25:59
Start there. And then like, there’s other there’s also tons, like Jill Coleman shout out to her, had us go through how to come with our values was a really, really fun, post it note thing at all, to go back to Jenn Drummond. If you know what your values are, you will know what you do in certain situations, and you will love hitting your goals while you’re with your values intact. You won’t love hitting your goals with your values out of alignment. So I think you would know what you’d do.

Brad Crowell 26:38
All right. So finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Jenn Drummond? She said, this was really fun, y’all. She said she had a major reframe on something that made her so angry. There was a red light in front of her house, a stoplight and she said she would always hit this damn light. And it would just like, it’s probably in my mind. I was like, we all know it. There’s the one damn light that takes five fucking minutes to go. And you’re like, why am I sitting here and the stupid light there aren’t even any cars?

Lesley Logan 28:02
Every light in Vegas is the longest light I’ve ever experienced in my life, like four minutes.

Brad Crowell 28:10
So when she’s talking about this, I was imagining, you know, us here in our town. And she said that she had the story about when she decided you know what I need? I need to reframe this. And she started to take that time to pause and use it as a time to be grateful for things in her in her world. And then she taught that to her kids. And then her kids said they began to enjoy the reframe. So whenever they would hit a red light, it’s like I imagined it being like the punch buggy game. Punch buggy. You know, punch backs where you drive past a VW bug.

Lesley Logan 28:50
Slug bag bus, it’s what we called it. Okay. Now, there was an entire lot of that (inaudible) cars.

Brad Crowell 28:57
Did you say slug blast?

Lesley Logan 28:59
Slug bag bus. Slug bag. Slug bag was the car and slug bug bus was when you saw the VW bus. And there was a whole parking lot of used cars. And when we were in (inaudible), my parents drove us up my grandparents house, right to school, and we would be doing slug bug, the whole drive right? And we get to this part of this car lot. And it was like we get out of our seatbelts to like start counting. And my mom was like, stop, we’re gonna drive by, you’re going to all count and then you can divide it by three and punch each other.

Brad Crowell 29:03
Ah, that’s hilarious. No, I feel like we at one point had to call that game because my brother and I were getting stronger. And we were hurting each other. But anyway, I thought it was that’s what I was comparing it to and her kids started to flip it around where they were like, oh, the light’s green. We can’t do our grateful thing now because the light’s not red. And I just thought that was what a fun way to reframe something that normally would get you aggravated. And then also to pass that along. I thought that was really cool.

Lesley Logan 30:04
Can you imagine if we tried to do it with my dad?

Brad Crowell 30:06
Yeah. Your dad, he would just (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 30:11
He would like, yeah, he would let us do it and he wouldn’t do anything. It’s fine.

Brad Crowell 30:16
What about you?

Lesley Logan 30:16
I do love that that one has really stuck with me, I have to say like, after how many interviews have I done? Close to 150? Not really, maybe like 120. I, that is one Be It Action Item. I think of her often I think of her at red lights. And I just love it. So I hope that one sticks with you. I actually really love this. She talks about taking a gap year. And I’m not saying to take a gap here from achieving a goal. But I do think y’all, it’s so important to take a break after you achieve something. Because otherwise you’re just like achieving and achieving, achieving it. And if you’re not achieving, you’re like, Fuck, I’m not doing anything with my life.

Brad Crowell 30:53
Well, it’s what we talked about earlier in this episode, where, you know, that’s how we measure success is the achievements that we the our credentials, our accolades, or whatever. And, you know, that’s, that’s this weird to (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 31:10
Yeah. I think it’s really, really cool. Like, something I’m so proud of us, at this point is like, we have the fewest amount of events next year that we’ve ever had. And it doesn’t scare me. It doesn’t make me freak out. It’s actually like, I love it. I like how do we make less? How do you make less than that? Because I think it’s so it becomes a thing. Like, for example, I saw a girl last night at an event and she’s engaged (inaudible) I don’t know her, beautiful ring, gorgeous girl. And I legitimately didn’t ask when are you getting married? They’re celebrate her engagement. I didn’t even ask because that is the next achievement. She just got engaged. And I was like, oh, my gosh, tell me what you’ve done. How did he propose? Like I was like, and then it’d be like, When is the wedding? What is this? What is this?

Lesley Logan 31:11
When are you having seventeen kids?

Lesley Logan 31:18
When are you having kids? And I, I was I’ve refused and I, only thing I said was I was like celebrating her engagement. She said, yeah, it’s really stressful. I’m trying to find someone who just wants to do it for me. And I said,

Brad Crowell 32:17
To do what for her?

Lesley Logan 32:18
To do her wedding for her. Yeah. And I said, you know, if you want a simple piece of advice, I’ll give it to you about wedding planning. But if you don’t need it, I’m not gonna give it to you. And she’s, well, I want it, and I said, use a project management tool and hire someone out on the stressful day. Period. Everything else is gonna be fine. And she was looking at other girls were like, looking at me, like, what and I’m, like, I was so proud because I was like, I’m not we need to stop going when are you getting married? Are you gonna have kids? Were you gonna buy a house? Like all these things that achievement, achievement, achievement, and like, it’s just

Brad Crowell 32:54
Just make sure that everything is the color blue and your wedding will be amazing.

Lesley Logan 32:58
Watch Eliza slashing her special about weddings, you’ll be fine. But like I, you know, there’s certain things that I want to break as a habit. And I think one of the ways to take a break is also to give people permission to take a break. And so maybe that’s when someone’s celebrating engagement. Don’t ask them when the wedding is. Let them tell you. They’ll tell you.

Brad Crowell 33:23
Oh, well, if they want to talk about it, they’ll find a way.

Lesley Logan 33:25
When people get married. You don’t have to ask if they’re having kids. They will tell you, Okay, it’s like a vegan. They will tell you, you don’t have to worry. Don’t yell at me vegans. I am also a vegan who eats meat. But like I think it’s really you can practice taking breaks and I just really love this as a Be It Action Item because like, how can you schedule in breaks after an achievement? We’re doing a massive tour. Our biggest yet. We come home 24 hours later I’m on vacation. I’m on break. I’m on a break.

Brad Crowell 33:59
Yeah, me too.

Lesley Logan 34:00
You too. You will be you’ll be on a

Brad Crowell 34:03
This will be a break at home.

Lesley Logan 34:04
You’ll be on break at home you’ll love it. Before I let you go.

Brad Crowell 34:09
Before she lets you go. Oh, right.

Lesley Logan 34:11
She’s got a book. It’s called, Breakproof. That is the title and it’s available for pre-order. I’ll tell you right now I’m gonna click a link. Hold on.

Brad Crowell 34:35
Official Breakproof book.

Lesley Logan 34:36
Yeah, Breakproof by Jenn Drummond. It releases on January 9th, we will make sure that this link is in the show notes. It’s J-E-N-N, two Ns dot com slash book. We’ll put it in the show notes. Seven children, seven continents, seven summits, so seven strategies to build resilience and achieve your life goals. Let me like fucking how cool is she? She got all those sevens. It’s a lucky number. Anyways, so we’ll put that all in. June 9th is the day it is released but you can pre-order the book now. And let’s make her a bestseller you guys because she’s a badass.

Brad Crowell 35:14
She is.

Lesley Logan 35:15
Can’t wait to read it.

Brad Crowell 35:16
Love it.

Lesley Logan 35:16
All right, I want to hear how you’re using these tips in your life. So let us know and until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 35:22
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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