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Ep. 77 ft. Lena Franklin

“Resistance points are really access points into transformation.”

Lena Franklin

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Lena Franklin is a Modern Medicine Woman, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, and Transformational Speaker, offering the ancient practices of meditation, energy medicine and psycho-spiritual healing in an accessible way for a modern lifestyle. Formally trained with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Social Work, Lena is dedicated to guiding others on a journey of embodied purpose, presence and liberated wholeness.

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Lena has taught transformational workshops and retreats all over the globe, guiding thousands to transform their suffering into strength by accessing their multi-dimensional existence. Raised in a hybrid Buddhist/Christian home, Lena was introduced to meditation as a young child and now integrates Eastern philosophy with Western neuroscience in her healing and teaching work.

Lena is the co-founder of The East Institute, a global organization that exists to support the healing and awakening of humanity and the planet through ancient embodied practices, plant medicines and cutting-edge science.

Lena is also the creator of The BEING Method – a systematic method for igniting your highest human potential through meditation and The Meditation Membership – a global community for awakening where members receive weekly meditations and transformational teachings transmitted by Lena.

Lena has been featured on Bravo, Lifetime, the cover of Yoga Magazine, and in The NY Times, Telegraph, World Travel Magazine and more. Visit her website to learn more about her practice and schedule of meditation journeys, transformative workshops, corporate and continuing education offerings:

Show Notes

How can pain become a power tool? How can the experiences that create resistance lead to transformation? Lena takes listeners through the BEING method and tips to becoming more mindful every day.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  •  Knowing your passion, but waiting to know how to apply the passion
  • Your soul’s purpose is not a coincidence
  • Pain is a teaching tool, suffering is optional
  • Processing the pain to transform yourself
  • The BEING Method: Being aware of your thoughts & Enlightenment comes through awareness
  • Cultivating a more mindful present life with intentions
  • The fear of power and owning your own power
  • The Three A’s: Acknowledge, Accept, Alternative Action




Lesley Logan 0:00
Hey, Be It listener, how are you? Ah, okay, I can not wait for you to hear this episode. So I am going to try not to ramble because I just want to get into it because Lena Franklin is just, she’s amazing. Like, here, a woman who’s just so in touch with her, her purpose on this planet. And there’s something about being around people like that, that makes it so much easier to step into your own power and awesomeness. And we talk a lot about stepping into your power and the fear we can have there. And I just share this with you. Because here’s why, I didn’t grow up with people around me who were doing things that I wanted to be doing. I didn’t, I didn’t know a lot of people who were being their true selves and unapologetically being that I didn’t know a lot of people who weren’t being in their eat, like working with their ego. I didn’t know a lot of entrepreneurs, I didn’t that this didn’t happen. I didn’t see that. And so I can, I understand if you’re someone who is walking through this life and just going, it must be so easy for them. Because it wasn’t I don’t, I don’t know that I don’t recognize that. And I say this to you because what I did is, was scary. It was really hard. I felt like an imposter all the time. But I constantly tried to seek out people who were doing or had done the things I wanted to be doing. I kept seeking out those relationships. And here’s the thing, every single one of us has a gift. And so what I learned in doing that, and putting myself in rooms and putting myself in conversations, putting myself in places with people who had a quality or a skill or had done something I wished I had. I had some that they wanted, because we all have amazing gifts. And I say that to you because this this new year it can be anything you want it to be and if you’re listening to this, and another year, this day can be anything you want it to be and I can’t wait for you to listen to her be it tips because she’ll explain how you can do that. Because I don’t I know I say that people go, “yeah, right Leslie like today’s a bad day for me.” But like get to the end of this podcast cuz you’re gonna freakin love that you can. You have every day to have an opportunity to step into the person you want to be actually multiple moments in each day. And Being It Till You See It is not like a light switch. “I’ll just turn it on, and now we’re it.” And it’s not that it’s going to be easy, everyday. Some days, it’s going to be easy to Be It Till You See It and other days. It’s gonna be like “what in the world I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m scared. I’m afraid I’m tired. I’m freakin exhausted. Hello, like I can’t be it today.” But it’s a practice. Everything we’re doing is a practice and it’s about the reps. And, and I just challenge you to keep listening. And keep Being It Till You See It and take those tiny action steps each day because they add up they add up it’s like a snowball effect. So I love you. I’m so grateful for you. Thank you for listening to this podcast. Thank you for sharing it. You you need to know that every single download you do is a massive impact on so many others because every single download you have actually helps other people find this podcast every time you share this podcast, whether you text it, tweet it, Instagram at all those things. It is how people’s lives get changed and if we’re all Being It Till we See It doesn’t make it easier for you? Right? It does. So thank you for being you. And after this quick message, Lena Franklin…

Lesley Logan 3:38
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and business fitness coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 4:21
Alright Be It listener, what’s up! Okay, so I’m so excited for today because I was listening to this amazing woman, when you hear voice, you’re just gonna be like, “Okay, I could just listen to for hours.” But I was listening to her while on my holiday vacation and she was talking with my dear friend Amber Shaw, we’ve had on the podcast so if you haven’t listened to that when you go back. But I was I found myself talking to the two of you on the podcast and I wasn’t not involved in the conversation. So I was like I just have to have her on so we …(Lesley laughs) so I’m so excited to have you on here Lena that this is amazing. Can you please tell everyone who you are? What you’re rocking like what you’re doing in this world? Because it’s beautiful.

Lena Franklin 4:56
Mmhm, Thank you Lesley. I’m so grateful to be here. with you. So I’m Lena Franklin. I’m a modern medicine woman. I’m a transpersonal, psychotherapist, and transformational speaker. And my work is really all about sharing ancient eastern practices and ancient healing approaches, modalities here in the modern world in an accessible way for anybody to really optimize their human embodiment, to really be the best, most expansive versions of themselves. And I am honored to do this work. So I actually learned meditation originally, when I was a young child, my mom taught me meditation because I grew up in a Buddhist Christian home. So my whole life’s journey has been this kind of interesting integration of East and West.

Lesley Logan 5:51
That okay, so first of all, that is an incredible, interesting childhood to grow up with, and I think (Lena: yea) it’s so amazing how things set us up. But I, you know, I, as I mentioned earlier, before we start recording, but also our listeners have heard like, Brad and I go to Cambodia a lot. And there’s something when you go to a place where they practice these eastern practices, like really practice them. You can be you can come and be stressed out. And then that plane lands, it’s like, you you’re going to get ground. They’re grounding you. Like it’s happening. And you can go with it, or you can fight it. But I remember when I landed there, we got in the, in the tuck, tuck, and I was like, “Babe, My soul is home”. And he goes, we haven’t even it’s dark. It’s 10pm. We haven’t seen anything. And I was like, “No, I feel so at peace right now.” And then you go and you like, we’re so great when they teach us a few things on, on honoring the Buddha and the temples, but also, like, just sitting still, and it is so it’s so it sounds so common sense to sit still. But like it’s so hard for us here to do that. (Lena: uhhu) And so I think it is so cool that you grew up with both of those as parents and your life. Because I think you can relate to people so well, because I mean, if you I was raised Christian, but even if you’re not like just being in that Western society with one pair, and then having the Eastern practices from the other, like, you can actually like translate it really well.

Lena Franklin 7:14
Totally, totally. I mean, it was so interesting. My dad’s Christian, he is Presbyterian. And it’s… we need I feel these eastern practices now more than ever, because of the the state of the world. And just it kind of feels like we’re living in a pressure cooker. But yeah, I grew up witnessing my mom sit at our ancestral altar and light incense and all the rituals. And you know, when something horrific or painful was going on in the world, she would make us as kids sit in silence and tune into the compassionate heart, the energy that flows through our heart in really sharing it with the world in this intentional way. So, you know, at the time, I thought it was kind of strange, obviously, weird, like “mom’s being weird. And her monk robe again doing, doing her, all her little woowoo spiritual things.” But it planted these incredible, just powerful seeds within me, that didn’t blossom until much later in my life.

Lesley Logan 8:18
And I want to talk about that. Because like, I can imagine as a child, you’re like, but none of my friends moms do this. Like my friend’s mom, something bad happens. And they’re like, probably panicked, like, and you think that that’s the normal thing to do? Like, Mom, why aren’t you doing this? And so, did you? Did you grow up knowing you were going to go into teaching this? Or did you kind of like, wind your way and come back around?

Lena Franklin 8:42
Yeah, that’s a great question. So I did not know as a child that I was going to be teaching this, but my mom did. So she would say things like, you’re meant to bring people back to my homeland. So my mom was from Vietnam. Okay. So that’s, that’s where my maternal lineage is from. And I’d be like, “okay, Mom,” you know, I have no idea what you’re talking about. But just, she had that mystical, kind of healer energy, but because we were in a very conventional Western, you know, society in town. It wasn’t fully acknowledged it wasn’t fully honored. And so I didn’t really realize the gift she was sharing with me at the time. But, you know, as I continued to, to evolve on my own path, I realized, you know, people will just gravitate towards me naturally. Not school, when when friends would be having issues or problems or you needed some support emotionally. I was naturally the person they would gravitate towards. So eventually, I realized I was meant to help other humans. I just didn’t know exactly what that looked like.

Lesley Logan 9:47
Yeah. So how, because I, I mean, I don’t know. I don’t want to like insert my life, but I think of like, I had no idea what that heck I was gonna be. So (Lena: yeah) like, and so as your as you’re doing this, like, how, how did you go from like, “Okay, people are coming to me.” And then to where you are today, which is you teach people like you’re a life coach and you teach all these practices like, what was that shift? And then? And was it easy for you? Like, you’re like, Oh, this is natural for me like, of course I’m doing this or did you feel like you had to work towards it in any way?

Lena Franklin 10:23
Yeah. So most of my childhood life, like, even through high school and into college was very focused on physicality. I was a high level athlete, I played soccer, I got a full ride to play soccer at the University of Georgia. So it’s all about physicality, competition, sports. And what, what really changed the trajectory of my life, Lesley was, was really my own pain and suffering. My mom actually suddenly passed when I was in my first year of grad school. So actually, you know, at that point, I knew I was meant to help people. I was in grad school for social work. So I was getting my master’s in social work. And she suddenly, you know, died of a stroke healthy, you know, didn’t have any any health conditions, but just had a sudden stroke one day literally I had talked to her earlier that day, she had been to a friend’s horse farm and had the most beautiful, joyful day. And she had a stroke that evening, and was in a coma for a few days until we could see her and then she transitioned. So it was really through my experience of grief and loss and pain, that I fully committed to my yoga and meditation practice. And that’s, that’s what sent me on this trajectory, I realized, you know, sitting like you said, sitting still, it was more healing than the traditional therapy I was in at the time, because I could see myself in a way I’d never seen myself before, I was so much more expansive than the pain I was experiencing was almost like I was having this existential experience through the pain I was experiencing. And my mom, in that moment of her transition, she became a spiritual teacher in soul form, outside of, you know, human form. And so it was our souls contract together, you know, she was she was meant to transition when she did. And that’s what sent me on my journey of helping, you know, so many other humans on their path

Lesley Logan 12:31
That is so powerful, because I think so many people like, of course, my instinct is to say, I’m so sorry, because that is a terrible, tragic thing to lose that someone who’s such a person in your life, such as support, but then also for that to be the reason why you are, who you are and doing what you’re doing. It’s almost like, if that didn’t happen, how would we get how would you get here, you know?

Lena Franklin 12:55
Exactly. It’s like, you know, what you see in the Buddhist temples, the mandalas, and all of the, like, everything is shifting in divine sequence. And that was what was meant to happen, like a domino effect to set me on this, this path of really living out my soul’s purpose in this particular lifetime. And then now, it’s no coincidence that a big part of my work is teaching people how to alchemize and transform their pain and suffering into their greatest strength because those resistance points are really access points into our deeper healing and transformation.

Lesley Logan 13:35
Okay, thank you for bringing that up. Because I was like, “How do I get the listener at home? who’s like, okay, Lesley, that’s great. She was set up her mom totally trained her set her up for this, it was, but that didn’t happen for me. Like, that’s not how like mine was so…” Like, how, how do you like, what is the thing that you can use to get people that you use to help people see that this great pain is actually their greatest default resource? Or? (Leana: Yeah), yeah. Like what? I don’t know. I don’t know if you can answer that. But like, do you know what I mean, like, how do what how do you tell someone who’s sitting there and pain and suffering like this is actually going to be the greatest thing that ever happened for you?

Lena Franklin 14:13
You know, it’s important for someone to get that message. But they’re not actually going to see the fruits of their pain until the fog subsides a bit. So it’s what I would say to those listening because as humans none of us are exempt from pain and suffering. I mean, our the pain is inevitable suffering is optional, because the suffering is us fighting with ourselves not wanting to feel this present moment experience. So in that, whatever you’re experiencing right now, whatever challenge, painful situation, piece of suffering. The most important question that you can ask yourself is, “what is this pain trying to teach me”? And if we If we think about that, like that everything is working in support of our evolution, even the most dark, painful moments, then we can flip the perspective and transform our lens to receive life in this much more easeful way, because of we’re here on this planet, and we’re going to feel challenging moments, then why not transform them into our greatest lessons, because that’s actually why we’re all here. So it’s, it’s trusting something that is beyond you, it’s trusting the, that you’re supported, and that you’re loved, despite the pain that you’re going through. And it’s also I think, this is a really important piece, it’s like getting out of our own way, releasing that victimhood that you know, we all actually possess during our life at some point. And then when we go through our deep healing, we can transform it, but this is not happening to you, it’s happening for you. And that universal truth is so key. In all of this.

Lesley Logan 16:02
You know, it is so key. And it’s, I think it’s like, I wish people I wish, like when you’re young, and it’s like I wish my parents had said, this is happening for you, you know, as opposed to not say anything at all, because having to unlearn that victim stuff. And some for some people, a victim mentality gets them attention. And so then they learn behaviors. Now, this is the thing that they’re keeping. And so like, I think I would be the first one to say like, I have a really I have a hard time meditating, like, sitting still, (Lena: yep) like, yoga practices. Like, I finally found a teacher who talks the whole time I’m like, thank you so much. Like, please, my chatter is you got to talk over this. So. So I that’s why I like found myself with breathwork. Because I really, when you talked about that expansiveness, you’re like, I have felt that and like until you feel it, it’s kind of like, what are they talking about these people? Right? But it is, it is a breath. That is a way I’ve been able to meditate. So how do how do you help the person who’s like, “Okay, ladies, I’m hearing this. I’ve heard it many times. I’m ready to buy in. How do I sit? Still? How do I do this? Like, do you have tips for that?”

Lena Franklin 17:10
Yeah, so okay, what I’ll say is some, okay, we only use such a small part of our, percentage of our human brain, you know, like, 3% something very, very small. So much is happening within your consciousness within your body, beyond your human awareness. Every time you sit so many times, and I tell this to my meditation students all the time is a successful meditation is sitting still, from the first bell when the first bell rings, to when the last bell rings, it’s a commitment to stillness, even if you’re not perceiving anything, we’ll say expansive happening. So for someone who’s like, okay, that’s, that’s great, but like, I, when am I going to feel the benefit? It will come, you know, it’s like, trusting this process that is deeper and more multi dimensional than what you can even perceive. So as humans, we know so little part of this is like just admitting, like we know so little. And going back to the basics is one of the most powerful things we can do. Connect to your breath, breathe deeply into your belly, sit still. Listen to your inner self, and cultivate the greatest relationship you’ll ever have, which is the relationship you have with your soul. And I promise you, if you commit to that every day, you will begin to feel different, and you will begin to deepen and expand and transform yourself.

Lesley Logan 18:47
Yeah, I mean, I, you are correct. And it’s interesting. I was telling someone earlier today on another person’s podcast asked me like, how did you even get into Pilates and I said, “It’s the weirdest thing. I really didn’t think I was gonna love it. I really thought this is gonna be this dumb thing.” And I went, and in one moment, for the first time, even though I was moving, I wasn’t sitting, I was doing the 100. But my brain and my body like had this like, it’s like they saw each other for the first time and like, I felt parts of my body I never felt and I, I that that led me to be able to sit still from at least one belt to another, but it’s the practice of it, right? It’s like trusting like, Okay, I wasn’t really good at this today. But I got down on the ground and that I do it again. And I do like it’s your give. I giving my body confidence that I can do this. And so when I started doing breath work and mindfulness trainings, I was like, “Okay, I’m not going to be great. I’m gonna be a beginner at this.” And I’m not, I’m not going to have the expanse of things because just like when I was beginner Pilates, I couldn’t do the roll up. But you you do get there and it is this interesting thing because your brain is eventually going to once you get past like sitting still from bell to bell and going okay, so nothing crazy happened. I just sat here and like, nothing bad happened either the ceiling didn’t fall in the world didn’t float, I think that’s another thing that people have to get used to is like, it’s gonna be okay. (Lena: Yeah) If I just sit here for this amount of time. So you know, you you work with so many people and and you do some really awesome work and just helping people. I was listening to Amber’s relationship with you and like what you’ve helped or do. And is there a framework or a system that you like to use with people? Is there something that you do that really helps people kind of step into their own power? Like, what is that something that you work with?

Lena Franklin 20:35
I do, I would say, you know, one of my specialties and parts of my purpose really involve coaching and stepping people into the fullest expression of who they’re meant to be. So in essence, like their daring, authentic power, and one of the portals into that is meditation, because that’s, you know, that’s a way that we intimately know or get to know ourselves. So there’s a method that literally came through me one morning in meditation, and I have a, we have a meditation temple here at the house, and I was sitting there and you know, it’s like, amazing, when you do open up and you become a clear channel, what, what moves through, because you actually have the space to hear it and to listen. So it’s, um, it’s called the Being Method. And it’s a way that we can work with our in our life, our emotions, our thoughts, in order to kind of what I call like, clear the space and to embody this authentic power that exists has always existed within us, but maybe has been tamped down by different thoughts, belief systems, different dense energies. So kind of briefly, I can move through it, (Lesley: Yeah) that was the Being Method and it’s really helpful, you can use it outside of traditional meditation. So the B of being is become aware of your thoughts, you know, becoming aware of what’s moving through your mind, we can’t hear what we’re not aware of. So what are the default modes of thinking that you experience on a day to day basis, because you have to begin identifying that so I teach a lot of kind of conscious mindful journaling, as people are on unveiling deeper layers of awareness. So become aware of your thought process. What are you thinking in a pattern way. The E is Enlightenment begins at the moment of your awareness. So I like this one because we think enlightenment is something outside of ourselves, something that is so far away that only Jesus, Buddha, other Ascended Masters were able to experience. No, the moment that you become aware of something that’s in your consciousness is a moment of enlightenment. So we can have many moments of enlightenment throughout our day. So when you’re becoming aware, it’s you. Yes, you are in an active process of transforming yourself and healing yourself and you become aware. So it’s like to me that that one gives a lot of hope.

Lesley Logan 23:03
Cool, because yeah, we know you said enlightenment, I’m like, “Okay, I know, I don’t know, that’s like Navanna, that’s like your floating on clouds.” You’re like, no, actually, won’t you just became aware, like, enlightened? I’m like, “oop, I’m in.”

Lena Franklin 23:18
Yeah, I mean, and we can enlighten ourselves all day long, because we can become aware all day long. So I think that’s a really important distinction, for you know, for for anybody, you know, in this realm, who wants to really cultivate a more mindful present life. Yeah. So the I is to ignite intention, you know, being so committed to what you want to call into your life, how you want to live, how you want to feel, and committing to that every day through thoughts and action. So what is your intention? What are you going to ignite in your life, for me this year is all about expansion and expansion, unapologetically in all ways. So my thoughts, my words, my actions are going to align with that intention. So being getting very clear, and of course, our intention shifts over time, you know, one month or one year, some intention may serve us but giving ourselves permission to allow that intention to, to evolve as we evolve. So, the end is all about non attachment, which is, you know, is actually a very traditional Buddhist psychology tenant. So and it can be one of the most challenging steps because when we desire something, we have an attachment to the outcome. But as much as you can, when you set your intention, and you commit to align to action, if you can release, you know, align with the energy of release, releasing that intention into the universe, to unfold in its own timeline, than that is key to creating the inner and outer life that you deeply desire. So that non attachment piece because your Higher Self operates from non attachment, it’s your ego that operates from attachment.

Lesley Logan 25:08
So that makes me think of just really quick side note, we had a guest, her name is Hazel, and she talked about miracle goals. And like, like not just going, oh, I want to have a house. She’s like, I want to have a pimp mansion. I want movies and music videos, a film, I want to have big parties, right? She had no money, like, none. And then she’s like, and but she’s like, I’m gonna have this, I believe it. I have that intention. And then she like, did the first little tiny step. Right. And then nine months later, she’s freaking in this mansion there. Yeah. But like, I when you say that, like I because I’m in a process of like a really big goal. And I’m like, I am really that’s one I struggle with. Because it’s like, I have to take the action every day. And so like not letting the action taking get attached to the you know what I mean? Like, it’s like, because you got to do the things that some…you know …(Lesley laughs) So that’s a challenge.

Lena Franklin 26:05
It is a challenge. Yeah. And so that’s why it’s a practice you you work with it every day, you set the intention, you make the aligned action. And then I love and this is a very kind of shamanic practice, but literally breathing, using your hands out from your mouth, from your body, and really aligning so deeply with that non attachment piece, that release piece, it actually creates a swifter result. It feels counterintuitive, but it creates a swifter result.

Lesley Logan 26:34
I love that. I’m doing. Yeah, I’m borrowing that. Thank you so much …(Lesley laughs)

Lena Franklin 26:38
You’re welcome. And then the last step is, is just what naturally happens, growth naturally happens when you practice the steps before in the Being Method. Your true nature is expansive evolution, your true nature is power, its success, its abundance. We’re simply getting out of our own way, by working with our thoughts and reprogramming what’s not in alignment with what we deeply desire. So the Being Method to me is, is such an accessible way to do some of this work.

Lesley Logan 27:13
Okay, this is beautiful. I mean, I couldn’t think of like it, that’s a great way to be until you see it, because it’s like, become aware of your thoughts. Yes, enlightenment, which have awareness, and then, and then you keep going through it. And I just What I also like about it, thank you for making remind people to practice because I do think that everything really is, isn’t it? And we get hung up on, I didn’t do it right. Today. I didn’t do it. Oh, that’s not working. And it’s like, no, actually, that’s part of practice, like, you’re gonna stumble, you’re gonna make mistakes, you can make tweaks and you’re going to realize, “Oh, I’m totally attached today, I’m really attached. And now I’m aware of that thought.” And, you know, so I think this is really helpful, because I do think you said fullest expression of ourselves. And I, I find that a lot of people struggle with, with either trusting that that’s a possibility for them or being comfortable with that.

Lena Franklin 28:10
Yes, yeah, I believe that, you know, one of the things that we’re most fearful of is our power. It’s really our power. And that’s, that’s where we carry so much resistance is like in that metamorphosis expansion, because all of our, all of those old, outdated belief systems get triggered, you know, “who am I to fill in the blank”. And that’s where I think we can’t practice these things without compassion, self compassion, because we are imperfectly perfect humans, we’re gonna falter, we’re gonna make mistakes, we’re gonna have heavy days. But this if we treat our whole life, like as its own living meditation, that our whole life is a practice, I think we can have more grace with ourselves. But this, you know, it’s not, it’s not easy. These practices may be simple, like, some of the concepts are simple, but they’re not always easy to implement.

Lesley Logan 29:07
Isn’t that the truth simple is rarely easy. I, I’m so grateful we’re having this conversation. Because it’s like my first like, my second day back in my office, and I. And, you know, we’re doing a big scary thing tomorrow, like I’m, we’re, I’ve been wanting to expand on one of our companies big time, and I had to get away of like, the attention of when that was going to happen, because like, I wasn’t seeing the growth that I needed to see. And so I was like, trying to like, control that growth. And I was finally like, okay, we’re just going to pick a date. Where we’re going to bring on these new teachers into the program because I do believe that if everyone has a Pilates practice, even a 15 minute one, they get connected to themselves. They connect to themselves and connect more to others, right? And they’re practicing doing hard things through movement. So if you can’t do it that day, how you talk to yourself on the mat is information for you. If you can’t do it, but you pick something else, you just told yourself, I can do hard things I can find another way I can do this stuff. And so we’re constantly reminding them. But I needed to have other people, other voices, because not everyone can hear mine. Not everyone’s gonna understand the words that I use versus someone else’s. And I’ve been scared to death because I’m like, of course, there’s that ego. But what if no one likes him? What if people don’t like that? What if this and this all this stuff. And I’m like, okay, hold on. We were feeling so good about this yesterday. You know, and so it’s like, knowing that, you know, it’s, it’s not, it’s not like when you get that enlightenment on that one Awareness Day, it’s not the end, it’s like, tomorrow’s a new day. And there’s a new thought later on and, and just being kind to yourself, and I love that you talk about grace, it’s like, it’s really not easy to work on this, but it gets easier, the more you do it.

Lena Franklin 30:53
Totally, totally, it’s almost like, like the client I had right before I jumped on with you. We’ve talked about this being her spiritual training, you know, like, training. Whether you’re training your mind, your soul, your body, you’re going to go through resistance, you’re going to have sore muscles, you’re going to feel creaky sometimes. But it’s pushing through that resistance in order to discover a power that maybe you haven’t tapped into yet. That’s why I think I love what you do, because it’s, it’s all integrated. This mind, body, soul existence, whatever the access point is, it’s all very, you know, can be a lesson that we take in every domain of our life.

Lesley Logan 31:37
So I want to thank you, I, and I think it’s like, you know, whatever gets you in, like, you start to get on the journey, right? So I want to go back to the afraid of our power. Because I do think like a lot of people here like often, like, because the reason I named this Be It Till You See It is because people ask me all the time, like, “how are you so confident?” I’m like, I’m freakin scared. I’m scared to death. I’m scared. People aren’t gonna like me. I’m like, literally afraid of what people are gonna say. So I just Be It. I’m like, “well, if I wasn’t scared, if I didn’t care what people thought what would I do”? But I, I think a lot of people nod and go, yes. And then there’s that fear. A lot of people don’t talk about but that fear of the power of like, what they’re capable of? And? And is that that because of the learn behaviors as a child? Or is it that we just haven’t seen a lot of good people step into there? Like, what, what is that? Why are we so afraid of that?

Lena Franklin 32:29
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… so it’s a big piece of it, I would say the predominant piece is the ego, the individual ego, but also the collective ego, because we, the ego thrives on fear, and are the systems and you know, so much in society is thrives on fear. And a lot of the well meaning, you know, not always but but generally well meaning parents that we’ve had, they try to teach us things, but a lot of the lessons a lot of the belief systems are based in fear, you know, and some rightly so to try to keep us safe. But when we then are on this path will say, you know, spiritual growth or personal development, trying to be the fullest expression of who we’re meant to be. Those outdated, I call them viral systems that we’ve been programmed with get activated, because our ego is the one that continues to keep us small to keep us in the, what I call the illusion of safety, not actual safety. And so inevitably, in order to embody your, your authentic power, we have to be willing to do the shadow work of unpacking, what are the belief systems that are still entrenched in my fear based ego? But I think a lot of it is conditioned, is programmed. (Lesley: Yeah) Throughout our life.

Lesley Logan 33:58
Yeah. No, it’s your so correct. Because I, I had an accountability coach from a program I did. And I was telling them what I was worried about. It’s like, three years ago, I just started the company. And I was like, “well, I’m so afraid, because like, if my pl… my platform gets really big, then my friends who own their platform when they get mad at me, because I’m not trying to take their people.” And she’s like, and I heard myself say it right. I said it out loud. Yeah. Which is always interesting. And then she’s like, “you have such a fear of success”. And I was like, who would have a fear of success? Like, right, that sounds so dumb, but like it as you say, like a fear of our own power, it that’s it. Right, like, because why? You know, like, for whatever reason I was I had this belief that I like I bragged, or I did better than other people wouldn’t be able to do but who knows what that came from. But as you say that I’m thinking like, how interesting it kind of correlates. It’s like, if you haven’t seen it, if you haven’t seen that around you or if you if for whatever reason you were told, like “hey, don’t you’ll hurt people’s feelings. If you talk about the good things that you’re doing.” You know, that’s bragging. Like, we, we do get that and then the ego is keeping us safe. Because it’s like, well, don’t do that cuz you’re gonna get hurt, like you’re going to hurt someone like all that stuff. And it’s so interesting because we don’t even know it until like we’re going through life. And then it gets it causes issues, it causes friction, it causes us frustration in us and, and so it’s just it’s so fascinating, but I’m just going to this thing and I’m like, oh my god, it’s such a, like, as I say, who have a fear of their own power. I’m like, Well, I have such as fear of success that I have to call it all that like, “oop, this is my fear of success talking”.

Lena Franklin 35:31
Totaly, and I know it’s so interesting, because our, our initial response is like, who would be afraid of that? Like, who would be afraid of success or expansion or power or whatever. But when you really unpack it, it’s like, oh, yeah, that’s like a deep part of our core, you know, growth area is owning is owning our true power. Because true authentic power has nothing to prove. You know, and I’m sure you’ve, you’ve because you’ve interviewed so many amazing people. It’s like when you’re in the midst of that, of someone’s presence, that that embodies that, there’s like this lack of striving or just lack of pushing, it’s like, they just are because they know their worth, and they love themselves. Deeply.

Lesley Logan 36:14
Yeah, it’s your that is so true. Like I would, I remember in my, like, major hustle days, not the fun hustle, not the like hustle that kind of has to like, come like you have to do a little bit of work. But like in the striving, like, I just got to push this boulder up a mountain, I would look at some of these people that I like, admired so much. I’m like, they just look like this. They just make it look like they’re at ease. Like they are like, like, so chill. And it’s. And it’s, I thought maybe it comes with time or practice. But I the more I dive into this and like listening to you, it’s like, no, they just start getting that ego out of the way more often than not …(Lesley laughs)

Lena Franklin 36:51
Corect, yeah, exactly. Exactly. It’s like, okay, we don’t want to demonize the ego, we just want to soften it enough. So our true authentic self empower can shine through.

Lesley Logan 37:02
Oh, my gosh, girl, I could talk. I feel like I could talk for hours. I’m like, how do we just.(Lena: I agree) Like, when do I get, how do I get to work with you more? Okay, so where do you like to hang out? How do people get to work with you?

Lena Franklin 37:14
Okay, so you can check out more of my work on my website, l e n a And also, my husband and I just launched the East Institute, which is a learning institute that embodies ancient healing modalities. And we support people and work with people through the East Institute as well. And that’s the and (Lesley: oh that’s so cool). Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s, um, it’s been amazing. It’s a global organization, that really, we think of ourselves as a bridge between East and West, and really bringing ancient practices to the West in a really accessible way. So check it out.

Lesley Logan 37:58
Oh my gosh, I’m going to also anytime I hear someone works with her husband, I’m like, Oh, hi, me, too. (Lesley laughs)

Lena Franklin 38:04
Yeah, I love that we have that parallel. Because it’s, yeah, anyhow, that’s a whole another conversation. (Lena laughs)

Lesley Logan 38:09
Yeah, yeah well, someday we can go. This is how you work with your husband.

Lena Franklin 38:14
This is how you work with your husband and survive. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 38:19
Well, amazing. Everyone, check out Lena Franklin on Instagram and the East Institute. Before I let you go. I mean, you’ve given us so many great tips that Being I’m gonna like, put on my wall. But any other bold, executable intrinsic or targeted tips that people can take away and take some action on in their life from this conversation.

Lena Franklin 38:41
Yeah, there’s a call like a mindset mindfulness hack that I use every day throughout the day. And it has been one of the tools that has been so accessible and transformative for my own life, my own growth, but also for my clients and students. So it’s called the three A’s and it’s, it’s a way for you to reprogram your thoughts and align more deeply with what you truly desire. I mean I’ll just run through it real quick. So people have it. But the first the first A is to acknowledge. Acknowledge the thought you don’t want to feel, acknowledge the judgment, acknowledge the negativity. So again, with compassion. The second A is to accept you’re just having this thought because you’re human. You know, this is a part of your human humaneness. We all have thoughts we’re not proud of that we don’t want to think or we don’t want to own. So this is like the action piece of you know, shifting into your heart and just acknowledging that’s a part of your humaneness. And then the third A is the transformative piece piece and that’s alternative action, what are you going to do differently? So it could be implementing a mantra, a thought that you want to feel that you want to embody. It could be changing your habit, you know, little micro shift every day to shift a habit. It could be grounding yourself in the moment to shift from that hyper mental energy into your body, that that alternative action piece is the transformative piece of change and transformation. So the three A’s, it’s like how I work with my own mind on a day to day basis. And it’s really, it’s really helpful, very powerful,

Lesley Logan 40:19
So powerful. I like envision myself just going through those steps in that alternative action. It’s like, that’s the best part because it’s like, you can actually, like, make the decision to change in the moment. (Lena: Right, exactly) That’s so empowering. Thank you. You’re amazing, beautiful, I hope to we have to figure out ways to run into each other I’m going to definitely become your new best friend …(Lesley laughs)

Lena Franklin 40:45
On this day, let’s do it.

Lesley Logan 40:47
Wonderful. Well, the listener thank you so much for listening to this. How are you use these tips in your life? Do me a huge favor. Screenshot this tag, Lena Franklin, tag the Be It pod and let us know. And and you know, what do us a favor send the link to this pod to a friend because I I If this changed for you and something in your head. It’s going to change for someone else. And if we as a collective even just actually understand being aware of the first part being aware, we can like really change the world there. Thank you so much for being here, everyone. Until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Lesley Logan
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