Why Feminine Energy
Is a Superpower
Not a Weakness

Ep. 368 with Lesley & Brad

“Bringing feminine energy into your world does not mean you can’t be badass.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Explore the transformative aspects of feminine energy in this insightful Recap episode with Brad and Lesley. Together, they debunk common misconceptions and underline the significant benefits of feminine energy in empowering women to lead with both vulnerability and confidence. Focusing on critical life areas—love, career, and friendships—this episode invites listeners to evaluate their own beliefs, values, and the energies they embody. Discover the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies, a key to achieving both personal well-being and professional success.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Recognize the benefits of employing feminine energy.
  • Identifying your core values by reflecting on what you don’t want.
  • How to examine your masculine energy to shift into a feminine space.
  • Why managing your energy contributes to creating a positive environment.

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Lesley Logan: What I would say is see your feminine energy as a superpower. And be okay being in it and then also be okay tapping into the masculine energy and just go back to last week’s episode and realize if you got stuck in one of those energies, pick the gas pedal off the floor, unstick it from your cyber truck and, you know, shift gears a little bit.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host and life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the transformative convo I had with Mary McMonagle in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that episode, feel free to go back and listen to that one and then come back and join us. Or you should just listen to this one and then like roll right into the next one. You could add it to your queue. There’s different ways to listen to podcast. So thank you for being here.

Brad Crowell 1:25
Queue it up.

Lesley Logan 1:26
Today is May 16th 2024. And it is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. So this day is a focus on accessibility and Global Accessibility Awareness is celebrated every third Thursday in May. This year, it takes place on May 16th. People are encouraged to discuss, debate and educate themselves on access issues on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. You know, I’m just going to add to this. It doesn’t have to be digital. Make yourself aware of things that like would be inaccessible to a lot of people. We were in Nashville and I noticed there are no sidewalks in most of the neighborhoods. I’m like what if someone is in a wheelchair? How are they getting around in this neighborhood? They’re not. They’re not. You couldn’t even walk. And then we were in Mexico. And I was like, how? How is this person going on this sidewalk? So like just you know, different things. Also shout out to Jane Fonda. Who was like doing activism for blind people. I think it’s blind people might have been deaf people. No, no, it was deaf people. She learned sign language so she can accept an award in sign language. So she’s freaking awesome. I’m not saying you have to go learn sign language, although that does feel like a really cool skill set to have. But just you know, make yourself aware of accessibility issues that could be where you are we can affect places that we are available at and around is a key event that spotlights digital accessibility and inclusion for persons with disabilities to raise awareness and inspire action. Increasing the usability and accessibility of digital products like websites, mobile applications and other online tools is important as everyone needs to have access to the same information no matter what their design disabilities may be. So you know, if you have a website, it’s you got to do all the things, guys. You got to, there’s an ADA compliance in the United States. And if you are in a different country, it’s probably called something else. So figure out what that is. But yeah, I just think it’s really cool to just think about because we don’t think about things that don’t affect us. So try it sometime. It makes you feel like you’re part of a bigger community.

Brad Crowell 3:18
It’s true. Let’s get into here’s what’s coming out.

Lesley Logan 3:22
What’s coming out, babe? You take it.

Brad Crowell 3:23
Okay, okay. Next up is OPC Summer Camp. Y’all were really, really fired up about this. June 1 and 2 join us live for the party. We are going back to camp and it’s going to be the best one because you don’t have to get dirty. You don’t have to use the buddy system to go to the bathhouse you don’t have to worry about creaky cabins. You don’t have to worry about terrible food. No mosquito bites. No one’s going to try to drown you in the lake.

Lesley Logan 3:49
Brad and I are your camp directors.

Brad Crowell 3:51
Yeah, there’s nobody accidentally archery practicing like shooting at kids. You’re good.

Lesley Logan 3:57
Yeah, we are the camp directors and you have 14 camp counselors. Well, 13 because I’m one of them.

Brad Crowell 4:02
Because we’re gonna be on Camp Zoom, y’all.

Lesley Logan 4:04
Yeah, Camp Zoom. And if you are not catching the vibe of what we’re throwing down, think Wet Hot American Summer y’all like it is but without the sexual innuendo jokes. At any rate, we are having a great time. We have seven classes and seven workshops over two days. It is done live but there will be replays in perpetuity for those who purchased them. So if you cannot join us live, you are going to miss out on Camp Zoom, but you are still going to be able to be part of summer camp in a way that you never ever could before because you know if you, in camps, usually you have to be there.

Brad Crowell 4:38
And speaking about making accessible. Our whole goal with this was to put you all who are probably, many of you are probably way into Pilates because obviously that’s most of the community that we speak to but we’re putting a bunch of classes and workshops in for people who might not be Pilates diehards, right, but this will be a really appealing topic to them such as.

Lesley Logan 5:01
Every single class and workshop is meant for whether you’re a Pilates lover or a Pilates teacher so, because everybody is a Pilates practitioner. Yeah, so the topics include pelvic floor, knee pain, hypermobility, breast cancer survivor. We have endurance athlete workouts. We have a happy hip workout. I’m super excited about we have a workshop on modifications for the Wunda chair if you have back issues, we have Rachel Piper’s doing the long stretch series. We’ve got Control Your Balance on the Mat. So many. Oh, Tammy is helping us build strength on the reformer.

Brad Crowell 5:37
Love it.

Lesley Logan 5:38
So many I mean.

Brad Crowell 5:39
And we have a happy hour. So if they don’t want to do anything else tell them to come to the happy hour.

Lesley Logan 5:43
So tower power happy hour’s Liza (inaudible). It’s a class. She said bring your, bring your own bubbles and so I’m sure she means she’s doing sparkling water but that one you’ll actually like feel you’re laughing the whole time. Like Lisa just makes me laugh. So at any rate, come. Come, sign up.

Brad Crowell 6:01
So go to opc.me/events, opc.me/events.

Lesley Logan 6:04
And you can buy ala cart or you can buy the day pass. Savings is at the day pass but get it while it’s on Early Bird, guys.

Brad Crowell 6:10
Do it, do it, do it. All right, next up, we got Cambodia. We are going back again to Cambodia. We’ve been talking about it this trip, this year for our 2024. But guess what? This year is sold out. What? So we decided to add early next year, February 2025. We’re going to be going it’s also another amazing time of the year this is actually the two times a year that we historically had gone until COVID really jacked everything up. But we would go in Feb and we would go the end of the year.

Lesley Logan 6:38
Except for that time we did March and it was really hot and it was right before the pandemic so we were alone in the country. It was amazing.

Brad Crowell 6:45
That’s true. But, go to lesleylogan.co/retreats with an ‘S’ to get on the waitlist. We may actually be on early bird right now as you’re listening to this. So when you sign up for that waitlist we’ll send you an email right away telling you hey, actually, it’s open check it out. But, lesleylogan.co/retreats.

Lesley Logan 7:03
And the OPC Summer Tour is around the corner you know.

Brad Crowell 7:07
Yes, not to be confused with Summer Camp.

Lesley Logan 7:09
No, these are two different things.

Brad Crowell 7:10
This is Summer Tour.

Lesley Logan 7:10
Summer Camp, you join us on Zoom. Summer Tour, we’re coming to you.

Brad Crowell 7:13
We’re coming to you.

Lesley Logan 7:14
And our headline sponsor is Balanced Body again. So lots of good things are coming from that.

Brad Crowell 7:19
Yeah, it’s gonna be great.

Lesley Logan 7:20
So you want to go opc.me/tour so that you can find out what stops we’re going to and I’m just saying if it’s under four-hour drive, you should do it and we did have people who did six hours just to come to class so just.

We definitely did and it was a party.

No pressure.

Brad Crowell 7:32
We had a really good time. And okay, next up. Y’all know how much time and energy I have spent trying to write all these damn flashcards for the barrels?

Lesley Logan 7:40
Zero for me, but for me, we’re over 400 hours. So you want to go to opc.me/flashcardwaitlist this might be the last chance to get on that waitlist to get the presale price. We are

Brad Crowell 7:50
We may be in presale for this right now as well.

Lesley Logan 7:52
Yeah and it’s a short window. So opc.me/flashcardwaitlist for the barrels flashcards.

Brad Crowell 7:58
If you missed the barrels window, just add yourself to, we still have one more deck coming up next year.

Lesley Logan 8:03
Yeah, so just add yourself to the waitlist anyways, for that. I’m not telling you the thing that we got

Brad Crowell 8:07
Next up we got eLevate. So Lesley is going to be doing eLevate round five in 2025. Right? So we’re going to be figuring all that out and doing enrollment and everything this summer. But if you’ve ever wanted to know all the things that Lesley has learned from her teacher, Jay, who was a student of Joseph Pilates, this is where Lesley gets to actually pass on all this information. It is a nine-month program. It is incredible the transformation (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 8:34
And when you graduate, you still chat with me, I actually tell a few girls today about some stuff that’s going on in their

Brad Crowell 8:39
There’s a thriving alumni community. But the transformation for you as someone who was like already teaching Pilates is you will be connecting the dots on all the pieces of equipment. You will be understanding the Pilates method at a higher level. You will be confident when you meet a client that you don’t have to spend an hour preparing for them before you teach them, right? You’ll be able to look at their body and understand this is what they need to get them to the goals that they have, right, and it takes away all the class planning time. It’s just been amazing for me to hear all the feedback from everyone who’s gone through it. And then really what isanother incredible thing is you’re building new relationships with amazing women all around the world that are gonna last you for a lifetime. Right? It has been so fun for us to see people partner up, go through this program together. And then they’re besties it’s like, you know, like how often does that happen?

Lesley Logan 9:36
Heather and Christine actually teach each other every single week. Every single week.

Brad Crowell 9:40
Yeah. Amazing. So go to lesleylogan.co/ew that’s for eLevate waitlist. E-W

Lesley Logan 9:48
We’ll be opening up the application this summer for 2025. So and it’s limited. I only take 12 people in a group.

Brad Crowell 9:54
That’s right. All right.

Lesley Logan 9:56
All right. Before I go into Mary’s amazingness Do we have an audience question?

Brad Crowell 10:00
Yes, we sure do. This is from Prada.

Lesley Logan 10:03
Prada and Pilates, Brad.

Brad Crowell 10:05
Oh, Prada and Pilates. Yeah, I thought it was Pilates IG. Yeah. Prada and Pilates from Instagram. When is your next in-person event, Dear Lesley?

Lesley Logan 10:16
So it’s going to be the Summer Tour. Yeah, that’s our next in-person. And then there’s a winter tour. And in between there’s a retreat. But if you didn’t, if you’re not signed up for that, you can’t sign up for that yet it’s in February. So yeah.

Brad Crowell 10:30
Yeah. Sorry you missed it. No, so Summer Tour is going to be in August. Winter Tour is gonna be in December. Summer Tour, we’re going through the Midwest. Like we said, winter tour we’re probably going to do.

Lesley Logan 10:39
We’re doing a lot, everything but the West Coast.

Brad Crowell 10:41
Yeah, we’re going all the way up. We make all the way to Maine, y’all. Working it out, working it out.

Lesley Logan 10:46
You’re asking because I don’t do a lot of in-persons anymore. And I just had someone asked me when I’m gonna come to Greece and teach. So here’s the deal if you were wanting me to come somewhere to teach, and you do not live in the continental United States, where I can put it on a tour. I don’t know. Because I’m not doing a lot of in-person pop ups all over the place. Unless I can actually connect a bunch of cities at one time. To be honest, I love going in and teaching around the world. Like I’m so blessed and honored that I get to do that. But pre-COVID, every month, every two weeks, I was flying to a different country. I like I literally went to Spain, came home for five days and then went to the UK. That’s stupid. It was amazing. But it was crazy. And I’m 41. And I love where I live. And so I want to come and see you. But I have to put things together so that Brad and I can like make the most of a 12-hour flight, make the most of an 18-hour flight. And so if you want me to come where you are, let me know. And what we’ll do is we’ll gather up all of you I’m gonna come to a similar area, and we’ll figure out a way to make a European tour or Canadian Tour or Australian tour. It’s definitely that I want to do it. I just also want to honor my family and my dogs and my business. It’s whenever we leave, the whole business actually like stops and they, our team makes things go but like, it’s really hard.

Brad Crowell 12:11
So get yourself on a waitlist of ours, right?

Lesley Logan 12:14
Lastly, I just want to say, it would be weird of me to coach you on being it until you see it and having boundaries and taking care of yourself first if I didn’t do it first. So this is not, I don’t like you or I don’t want to. I absolutely want to. I want to make it work for everybody.

Brad Crowell 12:28
It’s not you. It’s me.

Lesley Logan 12:29
It really is. And it’s, it sounds cliche, those people, you know, people fuck that up in the dating world. It is okay for it to be you. It is okay for it to be me. And it’s okay for us to figure out a way to make it work together. So thank you for this question. I hope to see you on Summer Tour.

Brad Crowell 12:42
Yeah, go to opc.me/tour. All right, now let’s talk about Mary McMonagle. Mary is a New Jersey-based intuitive healer and feminine energy coach specializing in guiding high-achieving women from masculine-driven control to a life lead with heart and vulnerability. Founder of True Tribe and host of the Living Your True Vibe Podcast, Mary empowers women to lead with their feminine energy, ensuring they remain grounded, yet flow effortlessly to achieve their aspirations.

Lesley Logan 13:15
Yeah, I’m actually going to have an episode on her podcast that should be coming out at the same time that this one is.

Brad Crowell 13:21
Oh cool.

Lesley Logan 13:21
Yeah, it’s really cool. We had a really great conversation, I really enjoyed the questions she asked. So she’s, she’s a cool chick. And she’s done some amazing things. And she shares a lot of vulnerability. So I love that. She, one of the things I liked that she said, it’s so important to really look at your values and ask yourself are you being that. And I think a lot of times when we’re really frustrated with ourselves, we’re outside of our values, we are not in alignment with our values. And that is when things can get a little frustrating. And when we are within our values were aligned with our values, it makes it so much easier to talk ourselves off a cliff. We’re like, Oh, my God, I didn’t do the thing over there. It’s like, well, if it’s not aligned with your values, so you didn’t do it. So you can actually just live confidently in that. And I think, I think a lot of ways to actually have confidence is going back to last week’s episode for a second is, knowing what your values are. And if you don’t know what they are, it’s really hard to be in alignment with them. So homework, if you don’t know your values is to do them. And if you came on the business retreat we did this year, you got your values, and it was so fun to see those girls get their values. And so at any rate, I thoroughly agree with that. So yeah, I thought that was really fun. What about you?

Brad Crowell 14:27
Yeah. Well, before we even go into that, this has been a couple times that we’ve had this idea of feminine versus masculine energy on the podcast, and

Lesley Logan 14:38
Oh yeah, people love episode 346. Shout out to Cassie.

Brad Crowell 14:41
They did. Well, you know, when I heard this again, I was like, huh, we’re going to talk through this again. And I thought it was interesting to hear her talk about the benefits of feminine energy versus just feminine versus masculine. The way that I imagined feminine energy is it’s not, it’s not a good thing. It’s not a win. It’s not a positive, right? And she she kind of broke down the misconceptions, the preconceptions that we have, between the two, the two things and why you would want to incorporate feminine energy in. And not only that, that bringing feminine energy into your world does not mean that you still can’t be a badass, you still can’t be a supermom still can’t be, you know, taking names. It’s just a different approach. And I thought it was, I thought it was revealing, I thought it was really helpful for me to kind of understand that a little bit better. So I appreciated that. One of the things that I loved, she said, we figure out what our values are by identifying what we don’t want. You know, like, if you feel stuck, when someone’s like, what do you want to be when you grow up? You’re like, I don’t know. But I definitely don’t want to be this other thing over here. That’s a great place to get started. You might not know what you want. But you probably can say, well, I definitely know what I don’t want. And so if you’re ever feeling stuck, you can flip it on its head and ask that question of like, what’s the opposite here? Maybe I can identify what I don’t want. And that can help me slowly piece together this bigger vision for my life?

Lesley Logan 16:22
Yeah, I think we’ve had that same sentiment come up before in the podcast on different things. That’s like, Who do you want to be? It’s like, Who don’t you want to be? What do you want? Sometimes it’s hard for us to envision, like, I think the other day you mentioned, like, what do you want, and you’re like sleep. And it’s a little weird that that’s the first thing that comes up. It’s like, for me, it’s a G Wagen. Clearly, but sometimes we don’t know what we want to get, we get so out of alignment, that it’s going to take us a while we have to start with what we don’t want to help us envision that. I want to just highlight like, I just want to go back to the feminine/masculine energy. I think society will say that being in your feminine is a negative thing. So I just want to clarify that you, Brad don’t think that the feminine energy is a negative thing. But like that, the people will say, oh, like because people will think that you have it’s weaker or like it’s wrong to show your feelings.

Brad Crowell 17:12
Yeah, there are negative connotations associated with it. And no, I don’t think I mean, you know, that, that having feminine energy or focusing on feminine energy is bad. And I also

Lesley Logan 17:23
I think, because it’s like a superpower to be a vulnerable person who can also receive, receive support, receive love receive?

Brad Crowell 17:30
Well, also from Kelli Adame what she was talking about with it, is that there are times when men are also employing feminine energy. Right? And that is also a positive thing.

Lesley Logan 17:40
Because we have both energies inside of us.

Brad Crowell 17:42
Yes, yes. We’re not one or the other.

Lesley Logan 17:44
Yes. And, and so.

Brad Crowell 17:46
But again, that’s a preconception.

Lesley Logan 17:47
Yeah. And I, 100% what I would say is see your feminine energy as a superpower. And be okay being in it. And then also be okay, tapping into the masculine energy. And just like, go back to last week’s episode. And realize, if you got stuck in one of those energies, pick the gas pedal off the floor, unstick it from your cyber truck, and, you know, shift gears a little bit, you know, we’re allowed to flow between the two in your day.

Brad Crowell 18:16
Well, that takes you right back to the second part of what I wanted to talk about, which is, you know, just, it is important to identify if you if you’re feeling stuck identifying what you do want, then maybe you can employ identifying what you don’t want, but you don’t wanna get stuck in what you don’t want. Right? The idea is that planning negativity, and that whole energy is it’s easy to tap into that and then we we end up staying in that. So don’t do that. Okay.

Lesley Logan 18:45
Don’t do that.

Brad Crowell 18:45
This, this is what I don’t want. But it’s going to help me identify what I do.

Lesley Logan 18:50
Yeah, I love it. All right, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. Because I took over Brad’s role, hahaha.

Brad Crowell 18:56
What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items, can we take away from your convo with Mary McMonagle? She said, do something you are avoiding. She talks about how like something that you might be craving, somehow you could also be avoiding that. Be specific. When I think of something I’m avoiding, it actually causes stress, like in my gut, in my heart right inside of my chest, actually. And because I know I should be doing the thing, but I just don’t want to do it. Right? Whatever the thing might be. And that could be you know, it’s probably not like tackling a project in the shed that doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t really affect things, but what it could be is, you know, booking a doctor’s appointment, you know, because whatever reason, it’s just the last thing on my list that never gets done. Right? And I’m not craving booking my doctor’s appointment, but it is something that I might have been avoiding. Right? So the idea is ultimately be specific. You know, you don’t want to say I want to be better at you know, I guess what you could say is I want to be better at community right? So if you want to be better at community, that’s not specific enough. You want to say, alright, what are some things that I could do to further that? Right? So maybe it’s I’m going to text a person, what to think about them. And that could be as simple as that. And it just takes two seconds of like, hey, I’m thinking about you hope you’re well, right kind of a thing. But that’s being specific that will help you in your overall journey of, you know, working on community.

Lesley Logan 20:25
Yeah, I think I really enjoyed that. Like, I think it’s a really good place to start. Okay.

Brad Crowell 20:32
What about you?

Lesley Logan 20:32
So she brought up the masculine and feminine energy for Be It Action Items. I mean, she was like, a way to start shifting into your feminine is to examine your masculine first, and we have another mirror, be it, which is really funny that these are two happening two weeks in a row. But this one is to examine three areas in your life, love, career and friendships, and start to think about your

Brad Crowell 20:51
Love, career and friendships.

Lesley Logan 20:53
Yeah, love, career and friendships, sort of think about your beliefs that are around feminine energy. Two, is to focus on what will be your values around feminine energy, meaning what foot the focus on the being. And then three, let go of the title, mom, business owner, etc. and ask, what is that vibrational frequency? And are you allowing yourself to receive that first and so there’s a lot here to unpack. To me, I think it’s going to take some time. But I think if you actually I’m gonna bring in Norda Kaiser’s amazing little are you a star athlete or are you a fan? And so if you look at love, and you ask yourself, am I star athlete or am I a fan? Here’s how do you know. A star athlete would actually look at the areas that they did really well and examine how they did that. And then they would look at the areas where they didn’t feel they did well and then they would go and do practice to get stronger at that. A fan is who are, oh they missed that. Super judgmental, super excited about things when they go well, but if they don’t go well, they’re like, he missed that. And it’s very judgy. And so just notice where you are judging yourself in the love, career and friendships and shift into being that star athlete. And that is going to actually, when you put yourself in that place, yes, it can be more masculine the way to think about taking action, but the way to actually take the action is to receive, receive feedback and support and be in a more feminine space to actually get into being an observation and not being like super judgy. So that’s just that’s just a way that I interpreted how to like, examine those two, those three areas. And then I loved, I really loved the part where it’s like the vibrational frequency because we when we put titles like mom, entrepreneur, you know, different titles, wife, we actually often put definitions that we didn’t actually take the time to create. And we put, we use the title has different definitions that the world has told us what a mom is, you know, if somebody’s friends who like

Brad Crowell 22:53
Let’s break this down, I’m a little stuck on this concept of a vibrational frequency. Ask what is that vibrational frequency? I don’t know what that means.

Lesley Logan 23:00
Yeah. So okay. The way I understood it, the way I’m taking it is, it’s a be it till you see it kind of thing. How do you want to feel, what is the energy you’re going to bring to the title before you put the title in front of it. So if you are a mom, there’s all this mom guilt that’s going the fuck around. And it’s like, as soon as you’re, as soon as the baby is born and they hand you the baby and a load of mom guilt. And it’s kind of crazy to me, because like, who is actually doing that? Who is actually putting the guilt on you? Right? Those people shouldn’t be your friends. But if you were to take mom away, and you ask yourself, Who do I want to be in this role? And how does that, what is that frequency? So going back to Gay Hendricks because we talked about frequency with him, fear and excitement are on the same frequency. It’s just that like, you actually are going from worry to joy. So if you actually can think about like, some feelings have a lower vibration, right? A lower like negative, like heavy, some things have a higher vibration. That doesn’t mean you need a high vibration all the time and low, like high and low don’t mean bad or good. But like, what, how do you want to feel? What is the energy you want to bring to the role that you’re doing? And then you can actually put yourself in that position versus if you put the title on it sometimes we put that title comes with the definition and it comes with expectations that are not the same as what you would bring to that. So that would be the more masculine energy around like trying to be what the, what society tells you a mom is or business owner is versus like how you want to have, how you want to be at that moment and then that could allow you to be in a feminine energy around that thing or masculine depending on what you want to do. It’s complicated.

Lesley Logan 24:45
Well, that was just a lot. I mean, definitely little more clarity on that.

Just over here trying to define woowoo words.

Brad Crowell 24:54
Well, I appreciate it.

Lesley Logan 24:55
Everything has a frequency, though.

Brad Crowell 24:57
It does.

Lesley Logan 24:57
Yeah, and that’s why I like, also, you know.

Brad Crowell 25:01
That you were talking about your feeling, you were talking about with the dog today when you were out. Like my own response to some people versus others. Don’t even pay them any money.

Lesley Logan 25:10
Oh, yeah, like this one woman, we were standing in line, and there’s one right behind us. And he didn’t even like go to her and another woman got in line and he went right up to her. And she was like, ready to receive him. Like, just like, how does he know that she’s a dog person, right? So we all are putting these frequencies out. Also, you got to notice like, sometimes if I’m in a low vibration, I am aware because I, you start to respond differently to me. And vice versa. Sometimes I’ve had to say, you need to leave the room because your vibrate., your energy is changing the vibe.

Lesley Logan 25:42
Yeah, we also associate this with charisma.

Yes, yes.

Brad Crowell 25:47
Yeah. Totally.

Lesley Logan 25:48
I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 25:49
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 25:49
Thank you so much for listening to this episode today. How are you going to use these tips in your life we want to know. Make sure you tag the Be It Pod. Share this with a friend. That’s how the podcast grows is if you share it with a friend. We, podcast need reviews and listeners. That is currency for us.

Brad Crowell 26:02
So dial up your frequency and get it out there.

Lesley Logan 26:04
Yeah, you’ll have to step into your masculine to send it out but then let your friends be in the feminine and receive. Boom, there it is.

Brad Crowell 26:11
Solve the world’s problems.

Lesley Logan 26:12
Right there. Have an amazing day and until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 26:16
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us and others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of The Bloom Podcast Network. If you want to leave us a message or a question that we might read on another episode, you can text us at +1-310-905-5534 or send a DM on Instagram @be_it_pod.

Brad Crowell
It’s written, filmed and recorded by your host, Lesley Logan and me, Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan
It is transcribed, produced and edited by the epic team at Disenyo.co.

Brad Crowell
Our theme music is by Ali at APEX Production Music and our branding by designer and artist Gianfranco Cioffi.

Lesley Logan
Special thanks to Melissa Solomon for creating our visuals.

Brad Crowell
Also to Angelina Herico for adding all of our content to our website. And finally to Meridith Root for keeping us all on point and on time.

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