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Ep. 344 with Lesley & Brad

“Every year we choose a new charity to support and we’re stoked to be effectively helping bring books to schools.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Explore the groundbreaking work of Rebekah Borucki in making the publishing industry more inclusive and equitable. Through her founding of Row House Publishing, Rebekah provides a platform for marginalized voices, promoting diversity in children’s literature. Brad and Lesley covers her dedication to social justice, the impact of her initiatives on communities, and her advocacy for a more inclusive literary world.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Impact to community when sharing and redistributing wealth.
  • Rebekah’s approach to empowering marginalized voices.
  • The value of sharing and developing ideas openly.
  • Rebekah’s emphasis on the strength in collective actions.

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Lesley Logan: Your country cannot be wealthy if you do not take care of your poor. And the more poverished people are, the less wealthy a country is. And until and this goes for every country, not just I mean, obviously we live here, but like how we take care of those who have less than us is how we take care of each other truly.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 1:01
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the inclusionary combo I have with Rebekah Borucki in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened that episode, go back and listen to it because holy frickin moly.

Brad Crowell 1:14
She is a powerhouse.

Lesley Logan 1:15
She is a powerhouse. She’s a badass, she’s like, like just all things amazing. Just all things amazing. So you should just pause this, go listen to that and come back. Or you can listen to this first because you’re here and maybe you’re you know, got your hands wet. And then make sure your podcast plays right into the one from Tuesday. Before we get into Rebekah’s amazing words, today is March 21st 2024 and it is both world Poetry Day and Companies That Care Day. So I couldn’t pick because I like them both because one, poetry, Rebekah is a founder of a publishing house. So like and she’s a writer, so that kind of made sense. And then companies that care. She is a company that cares. So I kind of liked they both landed on this day. World Poetry Day was actually invented by UNESCO in 1999. So it’s all here to like protect poetry. And I’m not a good poetry writer. But shout out to Alison Whipple, who is one of our agency members who is like, very humble, but also a very, very published poet, and does some amazing work. And then companies that care, you know, what you tell us about your company that, you know, that cares. But basically what that is, is like, companies are supposed to start to recognize that it’s their employees that are if their employees are happy, they’re a better company, so they should give some it fucks about the people that they hire, period. End of story. Okay, so upcoming events and travel and such. I’m actually getting on a plane tomorrow to go to Dallas. Yeah. But when I get back, Brad has an amazing two-hour workshop for Pilates instructors and business owners.

Brad Crowell 2:45
Yes, I do. It’s called the Studio Growth Accelerator, and y’all should join me. So basically, we are going to be digging into our new Accel formula, A-C-C-E-L. It’s going to be a deep dive into how we can create jumpstart, kickstart, actually generate the growth that your studio needs to have. So if you are feeling like you have been stuck, you’re looking for clients, you make the same money you got last year, you just can’t get the get the ball moving forward. This accelerator is for you. And you can join me by going to that’s It’s gonna be a two-hour workshop. So, you know, our two-hour hangout we’ll probably talk for about 90 minutes and then we’ll do Q&A or something. So yeah, come join me.

Lesley Logan 3:39
And then we have we’re getting up we’ve been playing all day today that we’re recording this summer camp. Oh my gosh, so last year at OPC, we had our first ever summer camp there’s six teachers was super super fun. This particular year I want to do it bigger and better and better and more think just like true summer camp vibes without the bunk beds without the without the bugs without the travel and there is access

Brad Crowell 4:04
Without the terrible roommate.

Lesley Logan 4:05
Yeah, you won’t have a terrible roommate, you won’t have like crappy food.

Brad Crowell 4:08
Your parents won’t be dropping you off.

Lesley Logan 4:10
Like fake cheese you know like, no, no, no, it’s gonna you’ll be able to attend from the comfort of your own home with your camera off if you want to. And you’ll have lifetime access to the replays which is super, super amazing. So you want to go to,, you want to be on the waitlist if you want to get the best. I’m actually you want to be an OPC member if you want to get the best OPC price (inaudible) they are and then people on the waitlist get the next hookup and then those who are neither of those get the next hookup which is not as good as the first hookup or the second one. So just so you know. And then finally as we’re recording this we actually only have like how many spots left in Cambodia?

Brad Crowell 4:50
Two, two spots left.

Lesley Logan 4:52
And actually before this episode comes out, (inaudible) someone’s already, somebody’s already doing an email, a mass email to their people. So it’s quite possible by the time you listen to this, it is actually sold out.

Brad Crowell 5:06

Lesley Logan 5:07
However, we’ve already planned 2025.

Brad Crowell 5:10
That’s right.

Lesley Logan 5:10
Yeah. So you actually can purchase your spot now for the February 2025 retreat.

Brad Crowell 5:17
And I would recommend you do it because this one sold out real fast.

Lesley Logan 5:21
It didn’t even take two months. It’s insane. And so we’re super, super excited about this. It’s our very special retreat. It’s really magical. And we actually got to hang out with a couple of our Cambodia retreaters in real life here in Las Vegas. And they were talking about all the amazing stuff that they took away from it and like implemented right away. So I just love that. So anyways, Crows (that’s a plural) All right, before we get into Rebekah’s amazingness. What is our audience question, Brad?

Brad Crowell 5:54
Yeah, we had a great one from Angela today on Instagram. She’s asking, Have you any experience with upholstery cracking on your reformers, the studio I work for has Merrithew reformers and it seems to be a recurring issue. I’m wondering if the cleaners they’re using are too harsh. And the boss says it’s just human skin oils. But I’ve not had this problem with mine at home, nor have I heard about it from other teachers who use other brands like Legacy or Balanced Body.

Lesley Logan 6:22
Okay, Angela. So here’s the deal. If it was body oil, it would not be cracking it, it would actually be like white moisturizing it or like oiling it like it’s actually like oil is actually really great

Brad Crowell 6:36
The oil isn’t gonna dry it out.

Lesley Logan 6:38
Now, I will say this, you didn’t ask for this. But there are some manufacturers and I won’t name names because I’m not interested in being yelled at. But where whatever they used to coat the wood of their, also, it was not, it doesn’t happen on my Contrology but there are some wood push-through bars, and also wood reformers that whatever they use to like, shine up the wood, when you use cleaner on it the human sweat makes it sticky. So that is awful and gross. And like, I will never buy that brand of equipment because you can’t unfix that. But as far as upholstery cracking it is 100% the material you’re using, and or not material, like cleaning supplies. Yeah.

Brad Crowell 7:24
Like if they’re using Pine Sol on it.

Lesley Logan 7:26
Well, yeah, you should not be using that. Also if you’re using like a like, you want to make sure that any of those wipes you’re using because now that we’re in a post-COVID world, everybody wants to use these wipes. The thing about those is one, it’s a lot more trash, two, it might not be allowed on your equipment. Just because it’s allowed on gym equipment doesn’t mean it’s allowed on Pilates equipment. And so I like Balanced Body’s cleaner, it’s really easy, you get a big bottle, you take a cap full, you get some water and it’s super, super easy to clean. A lot of people will use tea tree oil and I know I said oil and oil makes it oily but the truth is that there’s something in the tea tree oil that actually will dry out equipment overtime and make a crack or upholstery overtime they can crack. So I don’t have a ton of people coming to my equipment. So I do use a method spray on a towel because again, it’s not it’s happening like once a day if that on my equipment. In my old studio, I would use like a method soap if I ran out of the Balance Body and I put a few drops in water and that got really clean. But also, you will always need to use a little soft bristle toothbrush with a microfiber towel to get the skin out of your equipment because oh my gosh, there’s little groups and like it’s gross, it’s so gross. And just because equipment is a darker color doesn’t mean it’s not happening it just means you’re not seeing it. But 100% whatever you’re using is too harsh for that upholstery and you may want to go to the manufacturers of that upholstery and find out what they recommend you clean it with because it’s quite possible they’re using different material than what you mentioned the other brands.

Brad Crowell 9:01
It’s also possible that maybe it’s in direct sunlight.

Lesley Logan 9:04
Oh that is also so what happens with direct sunlight is and that’s why we put blankets on our equipment in the house because the sun here it actually so I don’t it’s like there’s a sheen

Brad Crowell 9:16
Because it’s wrapped around a little bit around the edges and it can become brittle if the sun is baking baking and baking it and then the and then it will crack along the edges.

Lesley Logan 9:26
And also it makes it really hard to spin around on so like I used to (inaudible) a ladder barrel that was in the wind in a window and you could never slide on the ladder barrel because it was like had just like dried it out. So yeah, you guys, this stuff is amazing. This equipment’s amazing, will last you years if you take care of it, but if you’re using the wrong cleaner, you’ll have to re-upholster it. And that thing about upholstery is eventually, if you re-upholster, I bought extra shoulder blocks because you know, you hit it the wrong way it could definitely hit a tear so

Brad Crowell 9:55
We dropped our reformer box and it split the corner unfortunately, you know, stuff happens.

Lesley Logan 10:00
So yeah, if you have a question you would like us to answer, it can be anything doesn’t have to be Pilates.

Brad Crowell 10:07
It could be anything.

Lesley Logan 10:08
It could be anything. We’re happy to answer it and see that you send it to the Be It Pod.

Brad Crowell 10:13
All right now let’s talk about Rebekah Borucki. Rebekah is the author of children’s books founder and president of Row House Publishing and has been transforming the literary world by fostering equitable practices for marginalized authors. With a background shaped by adversity and activism, she passionately redefines publishing norms, she ensures access to diverse books for children in underserved communities, embodying the change she seeks in the industry.

Lesley Logan 10:39
Yeah, she’s cool.

Brad Crowell 10:41
This was a really inspiring interview. And I just really felt empowered by the decisions she made. The frustrations that she felt frustrated me too. And then hearing what she decided to do about it. was really cool to hear. I also was laughing because she was like, Yeah, I definitely, definitely didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I was like, well, I’m gonna make my own publishing company.

Lesley Logan 11:10
I know, I think it’s probably better that she did it. Because you know what it’s like, as you if you know too much, you it’s like becomes overwhelming. So if you don’t know (inaudible). But you guys, if you did not listen, you have to listen to this because Brad and I talked about values a lot, like what are our values and like, how we filter decisions through our values, and like, not everything’s gonna go the way you want to. But like, she was sitting in a room realizing like this is, they’re not doing right by, by people.

Brad Crowell 11:38
She was signed to a publishing group, she had an agent, all the things going well, and they were dickheads.

Lesley Logan 11:44
Yeah. And she did like, and this is like something like so because I mean, so many writers would be like, Oh, my God, I got a publisher, I got an agent, I got all the things. I made it, and she got published and she stuck with her values and she marched off and she created Row House publishing and I also it’s another thing just to like another little highlight, you also picked up which is like niching, to a specific type of genre, which is you can write about any kind of genre, as long as it’s in the lens of social justice.

Brad Crowell 12:16
Yeah, I thought that was pretty cool. Because a lot of publishers will pick, like, we do fantasy, or we do science books or whatever, you know, but her her niche is, can cross multiple genres. Yeah. Because it’s about a topic or standing for something. And I also thought she niched down even more, she said, you had to further a conversation in a way that hasn’t been, you know, furthered yet. So it’s not like she’s intentionally trying to move the conversation forward with the books that the company’s publishing, which I thought was pretty, pretty cool.

Lesley Logan 12:53
I mean, so cool. Like, just I mean, I feel like I don’t know, maybe she sat down one day, and was like, wouldn’t it be cool if and then that’s what she created, because it’s freaking cool. And I actually reached out to Kelly (inaudible), who is a romance novel that we’ve had on and I was like, I don’t know if you want to write a romance novel, in this lens. But I think you’ll really love Rebecca. And I think you’d love Rojas publishing, so just saying. Anyways one of the things we talked about that I really liked it, she’s, this is her words, so I’m gonna make sure you know that she’s like, she’s like, it is up to us to stand up and say something. And then also said, it’s up to us to share and redistribute wealth. We had nothing and we were constantly giving, so I can’t resonate with her life in that way, but I remember like, my family didn’t have any money. And we were constantly taking people in and feeding people. And I’m like, we have no money, what are we doing, but my parents never let that stop, making sure people got taken care of. And it’s really interesting. I think a lot of people don’t realize how important that is. And they don’t do it. And she, her family had nothing. And they were constantly giving. And she took that redistribution of wealth as part of like, how into her values and how she does what she does. And that’s why her publishing company actually pays authors a wage that they can live off of, because like, I mean, that’s the biggest thing we hear with all of our friends were authors and like, you sell a book, which you like, make nothing. Yeah, like you make speaking, you make money off of speaking later.

Brad Crowell 14:20
Yeah, I mean, that’s the big joke in the publishing industry, unless you’re like, you have, you’re on the news every day, you don’t have enough reach to, to generate the demand, so that you can go to a publishing company and say pay me upfront, you know, X amount of dollars. So, you know, for this book, most publishing companies will be like, I’ll give you, I’ll pay you a little bit and it’s not much, right? So, everybody that we talked to, in our circles says yeah, I use my book as my loss leader. I use my book as my lead magnet, you know, all this kind of stuff because they’re, it’s it seems dim You’re gonna get something that’s like, oh, legit.

Lesley Logan 15:02
And you know, here’s the thing, that whenever I hear that it kind of pisses me off a little bit. And publishing. Yeah, it just kind of pissed me off, because I’m like, it’s kind of like when I started teaching Pilates and I was like, oh, no, you just charge less than that person, and they charge less than this person. And we all are just happy family of no one making any money and always, like, not having enough. And I kind of, I kind of love that she’s bucking the system, stay true to our values. And then using the money, her company’s making to redistribute wealth, to put it in hands of people who are furthering conversations, who are bringing things to light, who are getting things into becuase you know, here’s the thing about books you guys. Like, there are things that happen in books have changed your perspective of how you think about something, how you see something, I’m listening to a book on Audible right now that I just, my mind is blown in every single chapter. I really just think it’s cool how she’s gotten to where she is, and she’s just hitting the ground running and not stopping until she gets this message out there and changes the publishing world.

Brad Crowell 16:05
I really loved when she was talking about the old guard versus the reality of life today. You know, for me, I struggle, I struggle with this a lot. As you know, Lesley and I follow a lot of politics. So I’m actually I stay aware of what’s going on in the US Congress, in the Senate, in the house, in and then also internationally because we traveled so much to Cambodia. And it’s really frustrating when someone who, you know, has like generational wealth, who’s a billionaire, and has an opinion can just write a big fat check and then it like, throws a wrench into supporting people and that makes me angry. And (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 16:56
It’s so fucking frustrating. Since you brought it up. Here’s what’s frustrating. Because your country cannot be wealthy, if you do not take care of your poor. And the more poverished people are, the less wealthy a country is. And until and this goes for every country, not just I mean, obviously, we live here, but like, how we take care of those who have less than us is how we take care of each other truly. And it’s really frustrating that like some of the things that change what happened, even the people we voted for, it’s like, okay, so we’re just gonna take this little morsel, because that’s what we got from the old guard. You know what I mean? Like it changes so freaking slow pisses me off.

Brad Crowell 16:56
Yeah. And that’s where like taking a stand in her choice to work with a company that was literally the old guard. And, she said, five of their authors were the biggest disinformation books when it came to COVID. vaccines. Yeah. And she said, I had a problem with that. And you know, but the people in the room were like, yeah, but it makes us money. So we don’t actually give a shit.

Lesley Logan 18:02
And here’s the thing, that’s crazy. This is why I truly believe her publishing company is going to be doing amazing things because the way that the old publishing houses were doing it, and the way the old media outlets are doing it, they’re all dying. They’re not making money, because they were always trying to please the people at the top with the money. And they were not actually paying attention to the people who watch the programs, who read the programs.

Brad Crowell 18:28
Yeah. And so you know, and, you know, what was crazy to me to hear at the end, like, so obviously, she started Row House Publishing with a mission and they’re definitely, they’re not I, she said, they’re an activist, company, but they also, they’ve grown right? So they have had small donations to get the ball rolling, but they clearly had large donors, because one of the things that they decided to take a stand for the large donor decided to pull a half a million dollar contribution from from what they were trying to do. And that’s fucking terrifying. But it’s also insane. It’s also crazy that, you know, someone has that kind of leverage that kind of power, and how dramatic that can affect a small company, and kudos for her for, you know, buckling down going back to what they do, which is reach out to their community and rally around each other and support each other. That is really inspiring. But, she said, ownership really needs to be in the hands of marginalized people, just because they know how to get things done, because they don’t have the luxury of being like, well just reach into my empty $8 billion pocketbook thing.

Lesley Logan 19:49
They’ve always had to like figure it out. And so they figure it like they can figure it out. And it’s, they can figure it out in ways that can take big dollars and make them go further than people with the big dollars could ever have done.

Brad Crowell 20:01
And honestly, not only that, I really think that when you go through, like the fire and come out the other side, and then can make money, raise money, have that influence, you will do different things with it. Yeah, you just appreciate it differently.

Lesley Logan 20:19
Yeah. Well, also, I mean, like, you know how important even a little bit can impact someone’s life. Like, Rebekah has the charity that brings books to children, right? And like, the power of reading at a young age and having access to books, it like though, these are big deal things. They’re not small. And the things that get cut for places where there is not enough money, are the things that actually can change the world.

Brad Crowell 20:50
I’ll tell you like it blows my mind because, you know, many years ago, you’ll hear me talking about Cambodia ad nauseam. But many years ago, a friend of mine moved to Cambodia. And he made it seem impossible for me to get there. And years after being there, he said, yeah, you know, every family that works for me, I require them to send their kids to school, and they have to check in. And the school tells me if the kids don’t show up for school, he said, I, he said this is a country of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. And he said I believe wholeheartedly that education is going to be the factor that changes that. And unfortunately, it’s just slow going, but that’s what needs to happen. And as an American, I was like, well, we got that fucking box checked. What good kudos for us over the last, you know, eight years, really paying attention to politics and starting to learn more about the education in our country. I’m shocked at the the lack of consistency across the art, you know, we have 50 different states, and we have 8000 different, literally, 8000 different municipalities that have different laws and it’s crazy, crazy to me.

Lesley Logan 22:15
Yeah, it’s really it is. And it’s really sad, because the way that education is paid for is based off of property taxes which means if you live in a poor area, there are no property taxes, people are renters, which means the schools get the least amount of support are the ones that if you gave them the most, they would change the world. It’d be generational change. My mother is a teacher. I have a special place in my heart for teachers. You all do so much, you get paid so little. And now they don’t teach cursive anymore?

Brad Crowell 22:50
Yeah, no.

Lesley Logan 22:51
I don’t even understand like, why not? Why just anyways, we can go on and on. I fucking love her. And I do agree with her that when you give people who have been marginalized, when you give them ownership, they will make absolute amazing change.

Brad Crowell 23:07
She said when that shifts for everyone, when there are more female leaders, black, brown, disabled queer leaders, she said when that shifts, everything is going to shift for everybody.

Lesley Logan 23:17
For everybody. It will really, truly well. So I can’t wait to see that happen. You know, maybe I’ll pray.

Brad Crowell 23:25
Okay, finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items, what bold, executable intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your conversation with Rebekah Borucki? She said as soon as you have a dream or an idea, start talking about it. Talk about it, do not wait until you have the perfect presentation. Start ideating, dreaming, discussing, it will help you figure that out. It’ll help it come to shape, come to life. When you have other people to help bounce ideas off of she said, enlisting, it will help effectively to enlist an accountability partner and she said, Rebekah did the same thing when she wrote her children’s book, she said I’m gonna write a children’s book by X date and then she called a friend and said here’s what I want to do, hold me accountable. Right? And by talking about it, she was able to make it happen. I think the hard thing about this is the fear of failure. Right? You know, the fear that like this grandiose dream that you may have that honestly, maybe it’s not even that grandiose, but this dream that you have, if it doesn’t come together, you’re gonna let yourself down, you’re gonna let others down, you know, all those kinds of things. And I definitely, I definitely understand that. You know, I really wanted to go to music school and I was auditioning to get a scholarship and I was really afraid that I wasn’t going to get into school. So I didn’t really tell that many people that I literally was taking trombone lessons. After high school, I would go and take, like sessions with a professional player, you know, and I would go practice on my own. And people were like, where are you going? And I wouldn’t tell them. Because if what if I, what if I auditioned and I failed? You know? You know, but imagine if I had instead shared and said, I’m gonna go do this because I want to go get the scholarship, the encouragement and support that would have helped me.

Lesley Logan 25:29
Oh, my gosh, it’s so true. It’s so true. I loved when she talked about community, of course, I think that Be It Action Item is amazing. So she said be in community, on any level, with others in the practice of giving, but also, and this is the part I loved, receiving. Because I think a lot of people will like, oh, I’m doing this thing. And I’m doing this thing I’m giving, giving, giving, but you’re never receiving. And it’s really important to receive because you learn so much more about yourself and others. And then you have the ability to give when it’s when you have the ability to give. She also said build those relationships, there are ones that will sustain you mentally. And then there are some that can sustain you financially if you need it. That puts you in the spirit of feeling that you’re doing good. And then also she said this, also advocate and be an activist in your own way. And I think that’s really cool. I think we sometimes we think of the word activist, and we think we have to like be out screaming with a poster somewhere. But you don’t have to be that you can be an activist in your own family and making sure they vote, I can be an activist right now I’m gonna advocate for all of you, wherever you live, if you are allowed to vote. If you are actually allowed to vote where you live, you must do it, you owe it to yourself to do it. And for those you who live in the States, I’m gonna tell you right now, make sure you’re registered. Double check, do all the things. Make sure your family is I don’t care if you don’t like all options. You have like, I vote in the advocacy of others, of always thinking of other people when I choose the person I’m voting for. And like that is my way of being an activist and advocate. And it’s not big, it’s not huge. And other ways you can be an activist or an advocate is like charitable work, like you can actually donate. Like, if you don’t have the time, if you have some money, you can give it to them, right? Or you can connect people who might have the money that this charity needs. There’s like so many ways you can act as an advocate. You can like so never ever think like, oh, I don’t I’m not I’m not someone who can, who can stand up to a crowd and like tell people things, you can do it in your own way. And one of the things I’m excited to share is that after listening to Rebekah, I was so inspired. I was like, how do I talk to this woman all the time? And I still haven’t figured that out. So but what I can tell you is she told me she told us about Little Readers Big Change, that organization. And I know the power of reading for me when I was a little kid, I know what it did for me and what it did for my creativity and my imagination and all that stuff. And so OPC’s charity for this year is Little Readers Big Change. And I just found out from our team that we are making our first, our Q1 payment to that charity. So I can’t tell you today how much it is because I wasn’t told that yet. But I can tell you that we have them slotted I’m so excited. We will be donating each quarter to them. And I think that is a really cool way to give back.

Brad Crowell 28:14
Yeah, every year we choose a new charity to support and so yeah, we’re stoked to be effectively helping bring books to schools.

Lesley Logan 28:25
Yeah. So thank you, Rebekah, for letting me know about this amazing charity it’s so cool to learn about it and it’s really cool that we can we can donate to that charity this year. I’m Lesley Logan.

Lesley Logan 28:35
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 28:36
Thank you so much for listening to this. Shout out to Roxy Menzies who was a guest who was the one who connected Rebekah. She knew I would love her. I do a lot and I’m really so excited to hear what your takeaways are, how are you going to use these tips in your life? Please let the Be It Pod know. Let Row House Publishing, let Rebekah know, like, tell her if any of these parts is really took because you know what, it’s really hard to run a company and I bet you today she might just need to hear that like something she said just blew your mind, changed your life, inspired you to do something big. I’m sure it would make her feel incredibly amazing. So, go do that and until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 29:11
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
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Lesley Logan
‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of The Bloom Podcast Network. If you want to leave us a message or a question that we might read on another episode, you can text us at +1-310-905-5534 or send a DM on Instagram @be_it_pod.

Brad Crowell
It’s written, filmed and recorded by your host, Lesley Logan and me, Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan
It is transcribed, produced and edited by the epic team at

Brad Crowell
Our theme music is by Ali at APEX Production Music and our branding by designer and artist Gianfranco Cioffi.

Lesley Logan
Special thanks to Melissa Solomon for creating our visuals.

Brad Crowell
Also to Angelina Herico for adding all of our content to our website. And finally to Meridith Root for keeping us all on point and on time.

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