Do It For Yourself To
Get Through It

Ep. 8 with Lesley & Brad

“Sometimes you might not be ready and, you know, you flub it halfway through, but you did it for you.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Before Brad & LL go back through the previous episode’s interview with Alex Street, a storytelling coach for entrepreneurs, they answered the question of why they moved to Las Vegas. Then they dug into the gold that Alex talked about confidence, how to move through fear, merging two different worlds in your life, and much more.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Confidence
  • Ripping off the bandaid
  • Education vs Experience
  • Support from others
  • Getting a coach or mentor
  • Doing “it” for you




Brad Crowell

For those of you who are fitness instructors, you know, it’s, think back to when you were going through your program, you know where they required teaching hours, you remember the first time that you had to teach a body, and you were like…

Like, a real body,

Yeah, yeah, like, you know, all the things that I think I know that I don’t really know now that I’m trying to call on them, you know, and, you know, you know, at the end of the session, the person was still okay, you know, they might have actually had a good workout. Who knows, you know, and for you, you know, now you’re going away from it going, alright, here’s what I’m gonna do next time.

Lesley Logan

Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.



Lesley Logan  00:39

Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the profound conversation I have with Alex. In our last episode, it was freakin’ profound (Brad: Alex Street) Alex Street. (Brad: Yes) Absolutely. And if you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now, go back and listen to that one and then come back and join us, or be like me, listen to this whole thing, love him so much that you have to go back and listen to all the other gems that we didn’t bring up in this episode. So, okay. Several of you have been Instagram dm-ing me on the @be_it_pod because you’ve been seeing all this awesome stuff with the 100withme challenge happening, and I wanted to just tell you the 100withme challenge is awesome. It happens a couple times a year, we will do it again this year. So, no FOMO, just make sure that you are on the list, it is one of my favorite things to do. It is a 30-day consistency challenge. So you, it’s one of the most funnest challenges out there because you decide how often you’re going to do Pilates, you make a schedule, and every single week we do a live class together, a hangout session together, we give away prizes, people share how many times they’re gonna do their workout and it’s basically you deciding what your new routine is going to be, and then practicing it.

Brad Crowell  01:59

Yeah, and look, depending on when you’re listening to this, you probably could still jump in, although it might because at the end, but like Lesley said, it’s definitely something that happens, two, three times a year, and you can get on the list and join us for the next round, but it is, it is pretty awesome. And, and I do Pilates during the challenge too.

Lesley Logan  02:21

Yes, he does! He picks how often he’s gonna do it. He makes a schedule, he posts when he does it, and it’s, it’s just really fun and the whole idea is just to help you have accountability and showing up for yourself. So, yeah, so that’s the answer to that question, and I’m really excited about it. I love the 100withme, I can’t wait till the next one.

Brad Crowell  02:44

Awesome. Well, I think we had an audience question. This week (Lesley: We did.) my dear,

Lesley Logan  02:52

I love audience questions, you can send us your questions at the @be_it_pod on Instagram,

Brad Crowell  02:57

Yes, you can just send us a DM,

Lesley Logan  02:59

Yeah, just any DM. Ask any question you want.


Brad Crowell 03:02

Questions can be about anything


Lesley Logan  03:03

Anything. You can ask us about our dog’s (Brad: life), life (Brad: business) business, (Brad: sleeping). Oh, I have so many things on routine sleeping, water intake, I’ve got (Brad: water), Brad and I are on a three liter minimum take a day right now. Welcome to desert life, which brings us to…


Brad Crowell  03:23

Why did we move to Vegas?


Lesley Logan  03:25

This is such a good question, I think, and I hope we don’t disappoint the person who’s asking this only because we had…I remember coming to Vegas and going, I will never live in Vegas, it’s…why would anyone live here? Do you remember why we’re here? I don’t know what year it was, maybe a year after we’ve been married, maybe two, and we came to see your friends perform. Both of Brad’s friends were headliners on the strip in two different shows like badass couple.


Brad Crowell  03:55

Yeah, they’re married, both the leads in shows here in town. (Lesley: Yeah), in Vegas and separate shows both the lead,


Lesley Logan  04:02

Both the lead. (Brad: Pretty amazing) And they had this their dream house everything and they were like, and their shows, they both found out were being cancelled at the same time.


Brad Crowell  04:12

Yeah. Well within weeks of within a week, two weeks of each other, they found out both shows were closing.


Lesley Logan  04:16

Yeah, so we, we wanted to see them so we came out to Vegas to see them both perform before the show’s close, and I remember being, it was a Labor Day weekend and I remember it’s like so hot and it’s so smoky and like who lives here, right?


Brad Crowell  04:32

I do remember thinking it was oppressively hot.


Lesley Logan  04:36

Oppressively hot.


Brad Crowell  04:37

Right? But I also remember thinking that they had a really beautiful home.


Lesley Logan  04:40

They had a gorgeous home and we…like, living in LA, their home was multiple millions of dollars and I liked it because it had a pool and it had the view and it had a bungalow…


Brad Crowell  04:53

A garden with a water fountain in the middle of it, I mean…


Lesley Logan  04:55

Yes, and they had like this, it’s like a guest house, like a carriage house or your mother-in-law suite or whatever, it’s like a separate room that we stayed in with our own bathroom. (Brad: Oh yeah). And so, just coming from LA that exists in the multiple millions. It does not exist in the 1 million or under. And so anyways, it was 2019 at Christmas we were doing our Pop Up Tour for OPC so we were literally driving across the country to get home for the holidays and stopping in eight cities to teach Pilates which was so much fun. And our first stop was Vegas because my brother lives here. And I remember we’re sitting on the strip having breakfast and we asked my brother, Do people live here and not work on the strip? (Brad: Right) Which is such a dumb question because we lived in LA, and people live in LA who are not in the industry. (Brad: Of course) But, like, you know, you just can’t fathom it and he’s like, of course, totally. And so we started doing some research. And we’re like, well, we’ll probably move here and like 2022.


Brad Crowell  05:51

Yeah, well I think also before we decided that we then went to teach at that workshop and when we found the arts district we were like, this is so cool!


Lesley Logan  06:02

This was true and it was so cool. We had this great coffee, it was amazing, they still are here and they have great coffee and. And so we were like yeah you know what, probably let’s start looking 2021 2022 (Brad: Yeah) Because (Brad: We are not really in a hurry), no, our 2020 schedule was so packed. Every single month we’re in a different country. And so we, well, we all know what happened in 2020. And we, y’all, we lived in a 500 square foot apartment with ourselves, and two dogs, and when you can’t go sit at a bar and work and you can’t go to your favorite gym and you can’t go to your favorite Pilates…


Brad Crowell  06:39

Or a coffee shop or even a friend’s house or my (Lesley: friend’s house is like), like, like everything changed, and our entire world revolved around our 500 square foot apartment, (Lesley: and we) and made no sense.


Lesley Logan  06:50

And I was sitting on my meditation chair using suitcases to make a desk, and I was like, we’re moving now. So we were, you know the reality is that Vegas is a four hour drive from LA, we could get so much space for what we were paying in LA, and it was such an easy decision because we still go to LA.


Brad Crowell  07:14

Well yeah, I mean, 100%. We, I miss LA, I love LA, it’s my favorite place, but Vegas is not far, and Vegas also has an International Airport.


Lesley Logan  07:25

Yes, it was very…we had a couple decisions. Like, we did contemplate like Hollywood, Florida and then our friends who we love, flew from Hollywood, Florida, to our house in Cambodia and their route sounded tragic.


Brad Crowell  07:38

Yeah it was it was a bit much, I was like, wow, ours is so much better.


Lesley Logan  07:42

I was like, can’t do that and, and you can fly from Vegas to Asia, in a stop, so that was pretty much the killer of Florida, being an option for us but, um, so yeah Vegas, we’ve moved here for space, we moved here because we could keep so much of our LA life. (Brad: Yeah), like, some of the best LA restaurants are here.


Brad Crowell  08:04

Oh yeah, there’s tons of food here. There’s you know the only thing that we didn’t have here really was a community.


Lesley Logan  08:11

Oh I was going to say humidity, but..


Brad Crowell 08:14

Yeah, yeah, there’s lots of differences but I think when you’re, you know like, like we, there were all these positives for moving here, but the true negative of moving here was community. (Lesley: Yeah), We didn’t really have friends here.


Lesley Logan  08:30

Yea, no. And LA is this interesting mirage of a community because you have a community but it is as transient as Vegas is, and people move all the time. And what we also realized within a lockdown was like how easy that community could just kind of go away to and so we’re still building


Brad Crowell  08:49

Oh sure, even in LA our community really


Lesley Logan  08:52

Had really dwindled


Brad Crowell  08:54

Yeah cuz we weren’t the only ones moving away, (Lesley: no). Right? So, (Lesley: no). Yeah,


Lesley Logan  08:58

So I mean we’re still working on the community here. I had a great coffee date the other day. I feel good about the community we’re building, and our neighbors are awesome. So if they’re listening, we love you.


Brad Crowell  09:08

I would say, I would say it’s unique in that we have neighbors that we actually know. That wasn’t something that we had in LA. Here, I mean, we know, almost all of our, we know all of our neighbors, so it’s very interesting.


Lesley Logan  09:22

They bring us bread, they clearly don’t know that I’m gluten and dairy free but,


Brad Crowell  09:27

But they’re friendly, what a weird concept.


Lesley Logan  09:29

But they’re so friendly and also, side note, when we are traveling last Christmas and there was like a water situation happening on our roof, our neighbors, like (Brad: Oh yeah) call us up, and they’re like, hey, there’s a water thing happening on your roof, we know you’re not there and we’re like, that is so cool. Do you know what no one would have done (Brad: Yeah) in LA? No one would have called.


Brad Crowell  09:51

The man, we would have gotten a call from the manager when the downstairs neighbor had a leak coming through their ceiling, (Lesley: Yes.)


Lesley and Brad  09:56

Okay. Anyway


Lesley Logan  09:56

That’s, thank you for that question. (Brad: Great question) You’re awesome. That was so fun. We actually haven’t talked about that with many people, no one really asks so thank you for that. Alright, send your questions into @be_it_pod on Instagram and we will talk about them in the next episode. (Brad: Yeah) Before we talk about Alex Street, I love him so much. I just want to remind you that it is important to prioritize yourself, and it is really hard to do that until you practice it, like prioritization of self is like anything – it’s a muscle – especially if you’re not used to doing it. And so I want to help you do it, and by that I mean, I want you to go to and sign up for a free class, it’s 30 minutes, you can do 15 minutes if that’s all you want to do, but the act of you logging in, pressing play and moving your body, it is not only connecting your mind to your body and helping you do life better, it is telling yourself that you come first. And so go to, that’s e i t to get that class and practice your prioritization.


Brad Crowell  11:06

Awesome. All right, time to talk about Alex Street. I really love this guy. He’s so gentle. (Lesley: I know) His demeanor and everything about him is friendly and approachable.


Lesley Logan  11:24

I just, like, he’s like a teddy bear, but he’s not…he doesn’t look like a teddy bear, but like, do you know what I mean? Like you just want to bring him with you. You just want to have him there, like


Brad Crowell  11:30

He’s, he’s just a lovely human being, and we had a chance to meet him in 2019, and I must say, I wrote this bio myself, I did not take anything from any bio that he had given us,


Lesley Logan  11:48

Check out the show notes if you want the real one. But this is gonna be so good because Brad is the best edifier of people


Brad Crowell  11:55

Alex Street was born to be on stage, (Lesley: Totally) his acting career took him into the ministry where he became a youth pastor, teaching teenagers, which put him on stage every single week for more than 10 years, every single week, he was on stage for 10 years. He has since become a speaking coach, working with everyone from those working in sales, to those who are pitching products to executives leading teams, and he’s so darn good at it. I’m not kidding, every time we talked to him, (Lesley: Can’t believe you said it darn, he’s damn good) he’s damn good. Well, we have had him. Okay, first off, we’ve seen him speak, a couple times at that conference, we’ve had him two times as a webinar guest.


Lesley Logan  12:41

Yes, he has two courses on Profitable Pilates.


Brad Crowell  12:44

And then now, yes, two courses on and then now a podcast. (Lesley: Yeah) Okay, here is what blows my mind,


Lesley Logan  12:51

Tell me.


Brad Crowell  12:55

Each time, each time he is speaking. He’s so amazing at starting with an idea, and then revisiting the idea, and then revisiting the idea and then revisiting the idea, and then closing his conversation. And the whole time he’s not like, it’s like, like for those tech nerds out there it’s not keyword stuffing like you would with Google, and like just putting the same word on the page 50 times. He’s very eloquent with how he does it. When I was listening to his interview between the two of you, I was laughing because he’s like talking about, you know, how bold, you know, intrinsic, executable and targeted, he was bringing it back into the conversation without you, prompting him.


Lesley Logan  13:39

Oh I know


Brad Crowell 13:42

And that’s, but that’s because of his skill, his talent of being on stage. He’s just so good.


Lesley Logan  13:48

He’s so good at it and we’re gonna get we haven’t gotten to our favorite parts yet but I just have to give him a little bit of a plug because he 100% deserves it. Many, many, many of my agency members, which is our coaching mastermind for fitness instructors, have hired him for one on one. They have joined his mastermind and they are going on the radio, and they are doing amazing posts on their social media, and he, he makes speaking… Well, he makes speaking magical which is his fucking thing so, somehow he made me say that without even knowing. Okay, so let me get into what I loved about the interview.


Brad Crowell  14:27



Lesley Logan  14:27

You’re not born with confidence, showing up creates confidence. I think I need to say one more time, you’re not born with confidence, showing up creates confidence. So, this actually is a really interesting thing because I have so many people who asked me, How are you so confident? I wish I was as confident as you and I am scared to death most of the time, like, doing the interview with Alex, y’all, I had not been a podcaster before the interview. I was so scared, I was like, I literally was so grateful that Alex was the person because I knew okay he, he can carry a conversation if I totally freeze up, he can carry it, the act of doing it is what’s made me confident. Right? (Brad: Sure) So what I think people see in other people that is confidence is probably just higher self esteem or a little bit of courage and bravery that you can have, it’s the, you know I was, you can you can be confident on skis and not confident on a snowboard. Right? How do you get confidence on a snowboard? You show up and put your feet on a snowboard. I have not done that yet but this is how it works. So I really challenge all of you if you’re seeking confidence in an area, it doesn’t come from waiting. It doesn’t come from thinking about it, it doesn’t even come from plotting about it. At some point, you’re gonna have to just fucking do it. And then when it’s over and you realize you didn’t die. You’re gonna be so much more confident, the next time you do it. Brad, what is one thing that you love that he said?


Brad Crowell  16:01

I mean, I think it’s, it’s really incredible to just conceptualize the showing up part of it. (Lesley: Yeah), you know, because I, you know, I know that there’s this idea of like education versus experience. (Lesley: Yeah), you know, and, and you can be, you can study and be completely, you know book smart and all the things, but until you actually go out and you do it, you know you’re still going to have this fear. Alternatively, you can never study anything and just go do it, and like, you know, I mean you can still have fear there but like you can learn it on the job. Right? That’s the kind of the way I think about it is like, I didn’t go to college for it but I learned in my job right. (Lesley: Yeah), from a career perspective, (Lesley: yeah), that, that… going through and doing it actually being in it and doing it is going to create that confidence for you. And so it’s so funny when we’re contemplating, you know, talking to a stranger. How do you get over the fear of it? You got to just go talk to a stranger. (Lesley: Yeah) Right? And when you do that the first thing you’re going to realize is, you don’t know what to say, you know, and you, you sound silly and you, you know, you forget things and like nothing makes sense, but at the end of that conversation. They didn’t punch you in the face. Like, your, your, you know, they slashed your tires, everything’s fine, like, you know,


Lesley Logan  17:32

Who’s dramatic today?


Brad Crowell  17:36

Basically, the world did not end, you’re fine. Like, even though you might have made a fool out of yourself, even, you’re still alive, you’re still breathing, everything’s gonna be alright. Probably if it’s a stranger you never have to see that person again anyway. And it’s no big deal but you walk away from that thinking, okay, I can do this again. Next time, I’m going to be prepared, but I can do this. (Lesley: Yeah), it wasn’t the end of the world. (Lesley: Yeah) So I love that, you know that idea of showing up creates confidence. But one thing he talked about a bunch, which I thought was interesting, he kind of hit on it a few times during the interview.  First, right out of the gate, he said he felt like he was living two different stories.


Lesley Logan  18:19

I know, this was so fascinating.


Brad Crowell  18:21

And I didn’t really understand what he meant until later on in the pod where he started talking about his transition from being a youth pastor to being a speaking coach.


Lesley Logan  18:34

Such a great story, you’ll definitely want to listen to this one


Brad Crowell  18:36

And it may, I mean it made sense to me at that point was it. Oh, I totally got it, he, he was clearly confident being a pastor, being on stage, you know, teaching, leading, you know, whatever, all the things, and then when it came to selling himself as a speaking coach, he was not confident, and he, he was like it put me in a position where I felt out of sorts. You know, where I felt like I shouldn’t be introducing myself, as you know, a speaking coach, I should be introducing myself as a youth pastor. Right? And so then, later on in it, he actually said, you know, I probably, like, since, since the great story that I’m not going to repeat, you got to go back to the other pod listen to it but he had this experience of telling everyone he was youth pastor, even though that wasn’t his plan. And afterwards, he realized he should be marrying the two. I am a speaking coach, because I was a youth pastor. And suddenly, it validates, like it’s the authority, you know like, like, you know when it comes to social triggers and proof and all the things like, why would he be a speaking coach? Oh, well, because I’ve been a youth pastor for 10 years, I’ve been on stage. More than 500 times. I have spoken to 10, groups of 10,000 like mind blown validation, all day long. (Lesley: Yeah), you know, so this idea of being in two different worlds I thought was really interesting.


Lesley Logan  20:19

I really, I totally resonated with that because when I was learning to become a Pilates instructor and I was managing a retail shop, and I had a really hard time telling people that I was becoming a Pilates instructor, (Brad: sure), and A) because I didn’t, I didn’t know if I could make as a Pilates instructor I did I just was like taking the classes and B) like, I just felt like, well, I just started so maybe I shouldn’t be, uh, maybe I can’t call myself that, and it was like such a weird thing and then one day, a client that I was teaching came to my shop. And she brought her friends up and here’s all the girls that work for me. There’s a couple customers there and, like, this is my Pilates instructor and like ‘cat was out of the bag’, and then it was so funny.. It’s like, You teach Pilates? And I’m like, I couldn’t believe it because more people were so excited I don’t know what I was thinking that people would think and I think that was fascinating but it’s like you don’t know what people are gonna say, so then you just think, assume the worst which is such a weird thing like,


Brad Crowell  21:25

Or we have this idea that we need to separate two worlds (Lesley: yeah) somehow. I’m never gonna tell anyone here about, you know that I, whatever, play, play sports or that I do this or that I am podcast host or whatever, you know, they get, you get stuck in this, this idea of lanes (Lesley: yeah), but, no, you’re still you.


Lesley Logan  21:44

You’re still you and people love you no matter what it is you do, and also people inherently want to support you. (Brad: yeah) Like this woman who I was teaching…she didn’t think, Oh I’m blowing her cover. She thought, I love this girl and how she’s taught me Pilates. And so and then everybody else is just like, I just, this is so..we love you and this is so cool that you’re doing this. They didn’t go, Oh she’s gonna leave us and well my boss wasn’t there, but the other people weren’t like she’s gonna leave us, you know, they were just like this is so cool. Good for you, like, I think we underestimate how much people want, you want us to be like in air quotes successful. I think it’s happy. They want us to be happy. Alright, so,


Lesley Logan  22:26



Brad Crowell  22:26

Tell me


Lesley Logan  22:28

In the action items.


Brad Crowell  22:29

Yeah, let’s talk about the BE IT, let’s talk about bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items that we took away from your conversation with Alex. I was actually, this is not something that I guessed he was going to say.


Lesley Logan  22:50

No, but I love that you chose this as your thing because. Are you going to tell your story?


Brad Crowell  22:57

I can.


Lesley Logan 22:57



Brad Crowell 22:58

I wasn’t planning on it but I certainly can.


Lesley Logan  23:01

Tell the Blink, tell the Blinkist version.


Brad Crowell 23:03

I’ll tell the Blinkist version. They’re not sponsoring this but I’ll still tell them. Well, first off, Alex said, straight up, get a coach. And he said if you can’t get a coach, put yourself in a room where you can connect with people who maybe they could become a coach, right, and he said it was bold, and that he had to spend money to do it. Right? And executable was just simply getting there. I can’t remember what he said about intrinsic and targeted, but he literally spelled out why getting a coach, (Lesley Logan: I know) was all four things (Lesley: He was so awesome) was amazing. (Lesley: Yeah), but I was surprised that that was what he chose, until I realized that I think that was for him and his experience, that was the point of change (Lesley: Yeah) for him where his belief, his confidence, everything about it, really shifted. And I agree with him, I mean, when you put yourself in a position to be coached. I mean we all went to college, we all you know high school college, we all, we’ve all been a student before, you know, and then we get past, we get out of that and we think like, alright, I guess I have to go figure it out on my own, you know or you learn on the job, or whatever. You know, maybe it’s been 10-20 years since you’ve been in school, but when you put yourself in a position to be coached, it’s this interesting mindset shift, you know, where you can suddenly change your life. And that coach could be, you know, dedicating yourself to a podcast, that coach could be actually getting a coach, maybe that coach is someone in your family, maybe you’re hiring someone, you know, it could be a mentor, whatever,


Lesley Logan  25:00

It could be your Pilates instructor.


Brad Crowell 25:02

It could be your Pilates instructor. But whatever it is you’re trying to do, having a mentor, having someone, someone who has been, where you’re trying to go is so valuable. Because you’re allowing them to be an authority. And obviously, hopefully, you trust them.


Lesley Logan  25:23

Yes, you should definitely pick someone who understands, like you’ve resonate with, that you vibe with. Don’t pick someone that you don’t, you know, but I think, like, I think that you have, I love that he said get a coach because I think so many people are like, I’m gonna do it on my own. And it’s like, something that I, okay this is really funny. Somebody bought me a birth chart reader for my birthday back when I was like, just coming out of being homeless. And I was like really, that’s what you want to do with 170 bucks? Like, I’ll take it. But I did this, so I sent this guy a picture of me, my birthday, my birthplace and the time I was born. And then we did an hour long call where he basically told me all the stuff about myself. And he said, you’ve gone as far as you can on your own. Whatever, what ideas do you have that you can partner up with? And like, this is at a time I had, I had some friends but it’s LA acquaintances, and I lost a lot of my air quotes close friends when I left my ex and so like I was building my friendship up and I was like, I don’t know I’m blogging on dating with a friend, and there’s this other thing, he’s like, you need to say yes to anything that’s in collaboration, you are, you can’t go any further. And so that’s when I started looking at some collaborations and I started looking at coaching and I couldn’t afford coaching but I would listen to any podcast that had any coaching advice whatsoever. And I would just pretend like I’m in partnership, we’re a duo, this person is my friend, is my coach. And I love that you pick this because it’s so easy for us to say, oh I don’t want to…I can’t spend that money and I’m not saying go out and get yourself a $10,000 coach or hire us or like that. A coach can even be like setting yourself up for a membership of some kind that holds you accountable, it can be it can be it can be a mentor that is just someone you, you say can you be my mentor, my friend has a mentor. She doesn’t pay him, she has dinner with him once every four to six weeks, and she can text them if there’s a problem. Some people like to be mentors and she was a lawyer and he was a lawyer and so you know there’s these different things and some people like to do that so I love that because it’s basically, you don’t have to do this alone. (Brad: Yeah 100%) Yeah.


Brad Crowell  27:55

So I mean, I think, I think there’s so many, so many positives to getting a coach so it was great to hear him say that.


Lesley Logan  28:01

Yeah, I agree.


Brad Crowell 28:03



Lesley Logan 28:03



Brad Crowell  28:04

What about you?


Lesley Logan  28:05

Well, so I love that he said sometimes you have to do it for yourself to get you through it, and I. Okay, so this is Being It. Right? Um, one of my questions I ask myself whenever I’m scared to do something, or whenever I’m not really sure if I should do something is I really just asked myself, what’s the worst thing that can happen. And when I realized that I’m not going to die…


Brad Crowell  28:29

I think we covered that. (Lesley: Yeah), no one’s gonna slashed your tires.


Lesley Logan  28:33

No one’s gonna. I know. I know


Lesley Logan  28:36

This is a competition of who can be more dark. When I realize I’m not going to die, that it makes it like, it almost kind of makes it less scary because…like fear is this funny thing in our brain. Everything sounds like the end of the world but when you put it out there, you’re like, well, the worst thing that can happen is I embarrass myself, it doesn’t work, blah, blah. But if you can’t die, then, really, you’re just gonna, like, like maybe you fall, but you don’t like nothing actually structurally damaging forever is going to happen to you. It kind of takes the edge off and it makes it easier and, you know, it goes back to if you listen to one of our first episodes where I talked about Amy Cuddy and like Being It Till You See It and why this thing is here, it’s like, you got to go do the thing and just get through that first one. (Brad: Yeah), because then you’re on the other side you can look back and go, Oh, that wasn’t so bad. (Brad: Yeah), it can get better and here’s what I learned.


Brad Crowell  29:38

Yeah. I think it’s like, I mean really it’s like, it’s not that practice makes perfect, but practice will put you in a position where you are gaining confidence. Right?


Lesley Logan  29:48

No, practice makes habit and habit makes more confidence for sure.


Brad Crowell  29:52

Yeah, so, so like sometimes, you know, even if you’re not ready to, I just go back to selling because that’s what I, you know, do, but you know sometimes you’re not, you might not be ready and you know you flub it halfway through, but you did it for you. It’s a big step in your own growth to go get out there and go do it. (Lesley: Yeah), I mean come on, I think I think for those of you who are fitness instructors, think back to when you were going through your program, you know where they required teaching hours. (Lesley: Yeah) Do you remember the first time that you had to teach a body? And you were like,


Lesley Logan  30:34

Like a real body? Yeah


Brad Crowell  30:35

Yeah, like, you know, all the things that I think I know that I don’t really know now that I’m trying to call on them, you know, and at the end of the session, the person was still okay, you know, they might have actually had a good workout. Who knows, and for you, now you’re going away from it going, Alright, here’s what I’m gonna do next time, right?


Lesley Logan  31:00

Oh, totally. And here’s the other thing, it’s like, if you’re not a fitness instructor you’re like okay how does this apply to me. Just think about if you’re trying to start something that is a new routine. For example, just think back to the last time I tried a new routine that you have to go back to, like, if you’ve been running every day like, when did you start running. Yeah it was freaking hard to get up that first day and go for a run and you probably are panting more than you wanted, you might have even gotten lost, maybe I’m just speaking for me. Right. And you may have realized like, Okay, that didn’t go the way I wanted, but I’m still here. And I kind of enjoyed it, so I’m gonna try get…


Brad Crowell  31:36

Remember where you got lost in St. Louis in like 30 degree weather with the dog? 


Lesley Logan  31:40

Oh my god like I was running around in circles everyone. It was one of those developments and like every house looked the same, and I literally got lost and I had to go search through a text message. I did text you for the address like, Where are we staying? Whose house are we at? And then I had to google maps that thank God we were in the country and I wasn’t in Cambodia with no Wi-Fi like out lost. (Brad: Yea) Anyways, the point is, the point is that you need to just do it for yourself to get you through it so that you can take the next step and whatever it is, rip the frickin band aid off the sting only hurts a little bit.


Brad Crowell  32:17

All right.


Lesley Logan  32:18

All right, that’s, that’s the name of this episode, rip off the band aid. Well, my dear. Thank you for listening. Thank you for joining us today. We are so grateful you’re here, and please just a huge favor, screenshot this, share your takeaway, tag the be_it_pod, let us know what you loved about it. Send this to a friend who needs a little pick me up or a band aid rip off moment, and keep us posted on what you’re doing and by sending a DM on Instagram, we will catch you on the next episode, until then, be it till you see it. Fight!


Brad Crowell  32:49



Lesley Logan

That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast!

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