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Ep. 284 with Lesley & Brad

“Celebrate and be grateful and find happy moments throughout the day.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Brad and Lesley dive into a recap of their enlightening interview with Alice Inoue, discussing the significance of self-care, the art of happiness, and the power of shifting one’s perspective. Discover actionable takeaways for enhancing your well-being, owning your time, and getting to know yourself better. Join the conversation as they explore ways to schedule personal time and embrace the journey to true happiness.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • The value of scheduling personal time for self-care.
  • The ongoing process of self-awareness.
  • How to learn and cultivate the skill of happiness.
  • Changing your perspective on life’s challenges.

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Lesley Logan: I think it’s okay to feel your feelings you all but you have to then go okay well what can I glean from this? What should I do? Like where can I go? You don’t have to sit in it.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:50
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life are going to dig into the discerning convo I had with Alice Inoue, in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, go back listen to it. Holy moly, is she the happiest person on the planet. She is so frickin nice like, and not like a happy person, like annoying when it was like (inaudible). But like just like chill.

Brad Crowell 1:11
She’s just very cheerful.

Lesley Logan 1:12
She’s cheerful. That’s a great word for it. Alright, before we get into everything let’s talk about today. Today is November 2nd 2023. It is the National Day of the Dead. It’s actually probably international actually, since it’s a holiday from Mexico. Mexican holiday. Yeah, but also when you when you look it up babe, there’s also like, it’s a it’s a thing that other people do. Like, if you there’s another day that it’s a hold on, I looked into it.

Brad Crowell 1:40
So it’s traditionally celebrated on November one and two, although

Lesley Logan 1:44
It’s also All Souls Day.

Brad Crowell 1:45
It could have been from October 31 all the way to November 6.

Lesley Logan 1:50
Yeah, yeah. And also it’s like All Souls Day if you’re looking at like Christianity, It’s All Souls Day in Brazil. So anyways, National Day of the Dead to me, like sums up and you could honor your loved ones or someone else’s loved ones by going to a cemetery and, you know, spending some time with them. It’s my favorite thing to do when I was a kid in high school, or I would just go and like trim the grass around people’s tombstones.

Brad Crowell 2:12
I’m so I’m so sorry. Hold on. That was the favorite. That was your favorite thing to do.

Lesley Logan 2:17
It’s a really nice way to like meditate and like be alone. You know, I mean, didn’t have cell phones back then. But I would just Okay, so here’s the thing when you go to cemeteries at least where I grew up, they they mow the lawn? Yeah, but they don’t trim. They don’t go around and hedge. We call it edging.

Brad Crowell 2:35
Yeah. Trimming, edging, it’s not

Lesley Logan 2:38
They don’t do any of that around the actual tombstone. So over time, the grass will just grow over the tomb. Like a, what is it like a plaque, it’ll just like go grow over it. And so then it just, it bothers me because then like, there’s mowing over and like you forget who these people are. And they were all souls and like, I don’t know how I feel about them being buried in the ground and we having like, take up all the space but at the same time that we did so and we’re not going to take them up. So I just think it’s important that their plaques are like there to like, mark that these people lived on this planet and they were part of it. So anyways, I would trim the grass, but take some scissors out from the grass. And I just think it’s like a park. Whatever we met in a cemetery. We made out on one my God. You can think it’s strange all you want. But you’ve participated in like cemetery life. So

Brad Crowell 3:22
Well. It’s November. And this month. We do have a little bit of travel. We means Lesley and Erika.

Lesley Logan 3:31
Yeah, so first of all, like right now we’re in Nashville.

Brad Crowell 3:35
Yes, as this is released. We are. Surprise.

Lesley Logan 3:38
Tomorrow I fly to Chicago. And then I’m in Chicago for a couple days teaching with Erika Quest. If there’s any spots left and you were listening to me in real time, you better hit me up quick. We’ll make sure you get that taken care of. And then I come back. Then I head off to Arizona for a little weekend time with my my mom and my sister. And then it’s the holidays Thanksgiving in the States. And that means Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals. So you want to make sure that you’re just paying attention while our emails.

Brad Crowell 4:03
Oh, yeah, we’ve got a lot of those going on y’all. So one of those Profitable Pilates or OPC. We got stuff happening.

Lesley Logan 4:09
We’re not starting the sale on November 4th. This is like we’re doing it the week of the holiday. Yeah, we’re not those people.

Brad Crowell 4:16
We’re not the two weeks before Black Friday, Cyber Monday. We are Black Friday Cyber Monday.

Lesley Logan 4:21
But if you’re on our email list, you will hear what those deals are ahead of time so you can plan when you’re going to do your shopping around spending time with your family because that is important. Then, after that I actually we actually we both go on our tour.

Brad Crowell 4:35
Yeah, in the first after the first week of December, we’re hitting the road. We’re gonna be on the tour. The winter tour. This is going to be east coast. Y’all. Here’s the deal. We are driving from Vegas, to Boston to Miami, back to Vegas, and it’s going to take us 27 days we’re going to do (Lesley: I’ve never been to Boston.) 7000 miles. We’re going to do 14 cities. 28 or 30 classes or events, I don’t even know it’s all coming together right now we’re gonna have our dogs with us.

Lesley Logan 5:06
We’re gonna kick it off in Las Vegas.

Brad Crowell 5:09
Yeah, that’s right. Everybody demand that on the last tour.

Lesley Logan 5:12
I know, I was kind of shocked. I was like, Okay, I will do it. Not that I want to see you guys, but I just didn’t think like, you want a tour slot, but you do. So we’re doing that and you’re gonna be the kickoff, and then we’re gonna play the song Leaving Las Vegas, because come on, that was my request as the talent and then it’s also the first city we did the first tour. So 2019 is our first tour and we kicked it off in Las Vegas, and we’re doing the exact same studio we did before. So thanks, Ali Fitness for being our host. Anyways, go to opc.me/tour to see which cities we’re gonna be in. You guys are not you’re gonna want to make sure you’re spotting the van. You’re at the very least you want to make sure you’re in a class because there are some epic things happening there. (Brad Crowell: We got something special.) We can’t announce it now. (Brad: Take pictures of the van.) Yes, take make sure just come to the fucking cities we’re going to be in. (Brad: Yeah.) Just come. (Brad: Come to the cities.) I don’t want to hear it’s two hours away. I’m driving 7000 miles. You can do it.

Brad Crowell 6:03
I agree. I definitely I definitely agree. If you want more information on all the tour stops, they are literally open available now for you to pick up your tickets. Go to opc.me/tour

Lesley Logan 6:15
Bring your friends. Bring your family. You know those ones that you’re like, oh my gosh, spend time with that time ever bringing them because guess what all entertain them for you for an hour? Yeah. It’s gonna be awesome. All right, Brad. Before we get into Alice’s amazing interview, we’re doing audience question.

Brad Crowell 6:29
We do. We’ve had obviously we’ve been in Vegas now for a couple years. And when you’re in Vegas things it’s pretty funny because people come here all the time. I don’t think I realized how often I would have friends in town when we were moving here.

Lesley Logan 6:46
We see our L.A. friends as much as we saw them in LA because they come here.

Brad Crowell 6:50
Yeah, pretty pretty frequently. So one question that we have been asked a couple of times is like what should we do when we get to Vegas? What’s your favorite thing to do when in Vegas? So if you’re a tourist and you’re here for a few days and you’re not quite sure what to do, here are our two favorite things one each. Go ahead.

Lesley Logan 7:08
Oh, are you gonna make one each? Okay, okay. I’m a list here we go. Mob Museum. Absolutely must do, you must do the Mob Museum and in preparation listen to Mobbed-up Season One your fucking wild Lesley loves this stuff. Everything. Las Vegas Review, General High High all the season four if you want I’ll recap all the seasons if you want. So it’s a must-do and then also the Arts District is going to be like I’m just gonna blanket statement the artist artists are because there’s great shops, all local owned, great bars, great restaurants. You cannot make a wrong decision in the Arts District. Yep. And so, really worth doing. You can get facials, you can go shopping. I’m not going to name all I don’t want to leave into my friend’s out. So just the arts district. The other way of looking at Arts is it’s called 18 Ben, you can look those two things up. You can look up DTLV on Instagram. There’s so many things you can find a list of this but you’re talking local owners of Las Vegas and if you have ever want to do that, and then not in the artist but in downtown great place to support local shops small is Ferguson’s downtown. It’s just really awesome. So yeah, I will stop there and let Brad share his favorite things but I know it’s kind of crazy. I know people come in for the shows or to see a dowel or whatever. I’m telling you what else do you do in the middle of the day besides sit at a pool? Go to Mob Museum. Okay, go.

Brad Crowell 8:31
So I really love the Neon Museum. For if you like history, aside from the Bob Museum, the Neon Museum is actually really close to the there it is all of the old signs that were on the strip for all the old casinos all those neon lights that you see. Vegas is famous for they’re actually

Lesley Logan 8:35
You can get married there.

Brad Crowell 8:50
Yeah, you can and also they have tours guided tours. We recommend doing a

Lesley Logan 8:54
Do the guided tour at the dusk. I think the the when you’re looking for tickets, sorry Gaia is trying to navigate her new bed underneath a dry erase board so you’re hearing

Brad Crowell 9:03
So I love I love the I love the Neon Museum. (Lesley: Take it at dusk that’s what you’re looking for.) Yeah, you want the guided tour at dusk so you can catch it when the sun is setting and the lights are coming on. It’s really cool. Okay, I also love food. So I am a big fan of the Chinatown Spring Mountain Road. There are a gazillion restaurants out there. There’s Korean barbecue, there’s Chinese food, there’s Japanese sushi. There’s all sorts of stuff over there. (Lesley: Bourbon’s and Rye. Good luck my motivation.) Oh, yeah. Really great Steakhouse.

Lesley Logan 9:08
They run the bar well, so you can actually get a seat at the bar to eat some food.

Brad Crowell 9:42
If you like cheesesteaks. I’m a huge fan of Pops cheesesteaks. And so obviously I’m talking about food right now. But I’ve been hiking near Red Rock. There’s a lot of free hiking out there. It’s within 15 minutes, 20 minutes drive from The Strip Um, I’m a huge cactus nerd so go to FLM’s cactus garden. Go out to (Lesley: That’s free actually.) Blue Diamond and go to Cactus Joe’s it’s a 10-acre cactus farm out there. What else do I like to do? Honestly uh Lesley and I really love posting up at a bar and drinking while we just (Lesley: We work out at Trailer Hideouts shout out to our friends.) Yeah.

Lesley Logan 9:47
And then also for the gym, we work out at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. Yeah, you heard that right. We do. It’s a phenomenal jam. So if you’re looking for a hotel with a great gym, I would highly recommend that if you want to stay on The Strip, then Aria’s gym is actually really great.

Brad Crowell 10:30
There are tons of live music in Vegas as well. And it happens all the time. Yeah, so

Lesley Logan 10:35
You can’t go wrong here. And I just want to say as someone who’s just shit on this place, I’m forever an eating crowd because I fucking love the city. And there’s so much to do. And you can you can, you can, you know, just have some fun, but truly check out what the local owners are doing.

Brad Crowell 11:02
Yeah. Also PS none of what we just mentioned was actually The Strip.

Lesley Logan 11:03
No, I mean, I mentioned ARIA I said is a hotel on The Strip for the gym.

Brad Crowell 11:11
I guess it’s true. But like things to do, like there’s so much off The Strip that you can do in Vegas. Yes. And so yeah, it’s four.

Lesley Logan 11:20
I love that question. Thanks for letting us like think about what we want to do before the end of the year because we will go to FLM’s at Christmas because they actually decorate the the cactus and do Christmas lights. It’s fucking amazing.

Brad Crowell 11:30
Yeah, it’s a good time.

Lesley Logan 11:31
Okay, you can send your questions in to the Be It pod. We love to answer them. So whatever you want, obviously, we’ll answer anything. So just send it in.

Brad Crowell 11:39
Okay, now let’s talk about Alice Inoue. Alice is a passionate founder of Happiness U where she employs a holistic approach to help individuals find clarity and answers in their lives. She has transformed countless lives by guiding people towards their path to happiness. And Happiness U is the letter U, it’s like short for university. Yeah, so

Lesley Logan 12:04
Yeah, I just love that she. I mean, of course, I’d love this. Giving yourself permission for downtime allows you to be more productive and bring your whole self to the table. Oh, my God, who would have thought? What? If you actually take a break? You could actually be a better person later on?

Brad Crowell 12:21
Well, I guess I mean, yeah, 100%. But I think what you were specifically talking about was people take a break, but then they’re constantly still thinking about their work, while they’re taking a break, and they didn’t really give themselves permission to take a break. They feel guilty taking a break. Hi, that’s me. So you know, I really struggle taking breaks or taking downtime, I feel like I should be working the whole time. And so what you know, this, this is really interesting to me, because it’s effectively, like I need to make a, just like, you may have mentioned heard me mentioned this before, but for me, in order for me to sleep, I have to make the decision to go to sleep. If I do not decide to go to sleep, I will not sleep, I will just stay awake, I will actually have a restless night’s sleep if I finally do fall asleep. But it’s the same thing with taking a break. And I think this is going to be something I’m going to try working in where I’m like, I’m taking a break and I’m giving myself permission to take that break. You know.

Lesley Logan 13:14
I do this how I did this yesterday. I was like, I am taking a break right now. Because I am not I clearly I knew this break this break is long overdue. And I’m taking it and I’m not gonna feel bad about it. And I literally went and indulge myself an overpriced latte and sat on their bench. I just sat there just sat there just sat and sip my coffee and was like, this is right, this is lovely. This is my life I live. But also just like personal time to be scheduled in like an appointment. That’s what she said. And if you know, my, the way I do my schedule, which is like with rocks, glitter, gemstones, like type of scheduling, I am very like one of the rock the rocks that goes in first is your personal time. That would be when you sleep when you wake when you work out like that stuff is really important to me, that stuff I never fail on but sometimes, you know, we’ve just been trying to get ahead lately, because of our big trips. And I like kind of just did twice as much stuff in the same amount of time that I do half of it. And so you know, I like oh, I actually need twice as much downtime then. So I need to do that in the future.

Brad Crowell 14:19
Yeah, I mean, you know, when you obviously we like time marches on, right? We only have so much time. Yeah. And I think that you know, living she she was talking a lot about like worry and looking forward and looking back and there’s a there’s mindfulness, you know, being in the moment being present. It’s weird to say that doesn’t really I don’t even know what that means half the time but like it’s

Lesley Logan 14:48
I think it’s hard if you’re like especially like if you’re ADHD that’s can be really hard or if like there’s a lot going on if you’re stressed like, it’s part of me sometimes gets a little annoyed because some of this stuff. It’s like yeah, duh. I’ve also like worried about my bills, and I’m worried about these things. But I think it’s important that like, maybe you take 15 minutes and you and you consciously make the decision to not worry or not focus on the shoulds and actually talked about focusing on the currently I’m lost in the shoulds and so we’ve had this story dating on and he has this whole thing about should he like, if you just like if you’re doing this, because you should you should this because you should you just become a should-head. And that it’s like such a dad joke, but it makes me laugh. Like, yeah, so I, she said owning your life, owning your time you create your moments. And I think like, I think sometimes we do a lot of stuff, because we should do it. And we’re not actually owning our time to own our life. And it that might mean boundaries, or that might be disappointing people. But it’s really important that you take stock and like, you don’t have to go 100% the other direction from what you’re doing today. You can just do okay, this 15 minutes, I’m just going to focus right now on what I’m doing in this moment.

Brad Crowell 15:55
All right, well, one thing I loved was her stand on happiness. She said, we create our own happiness based on our perspective, and how we look at situations. And that life is always bringing you exactly what you need. Not really what you want.

Lesley Logan 16:14
Is that the song like, we get what you need, like, like, okay, keep talking, I’m gonna figure out what the song is called hold on. It’s like, don’t, you don’t always get what you want, no you don’t always get what you’re right, get what you need.

Brad Crowell 16:34
Get what you need. Oh, it’s so true. That Okay, so I’m just gonna read it again, we create our own happiness. First off, that’s interesting. We create our own happiness. Based on our perspective. We create our own happiness based on our perspective. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 16:53
So you can just change your perspective.

Brad Crowell 16:55
Yeah, where was I. A whole conversation about that, and how we look at situations. So the perspective, the perspective on how we look at different things, and that life is bringing us exactly what you need, not what you really want. Right. So, you know, I mean, the genie in the bottle thing, though, the three wishes, Aladdin, all the things. The three wishes were, you know, what they thought they wanted, but it’s not really what they wanted, you know, what they needed, you know. So basically, this also comes back to, like, you know, life doing things to you or for you. Right. And that’s the thing happened. Whatever the thing is, but it’s your perspective of whether it happened to you or it happened for you. That is what changes the way you embrace the thing, because the thing is happening no matter what.

Lesley Logan 17:51
Yeah, I think like, oh, my gosh, I just think, just think about some of our Agency members and some of the challenges that they’re like, still going through and, like, remembering like, one of those challenges we went through this like, would not fucking stop and we’re like, What the fuck is going to be over? Like, when am I going to be done with this learning lesson? And the reality is, is that like, it everything we learned from that we will be able to use in our life and how we make decisions in our business. It’s not happening to us it’s happening for us and even if it’s for me to sit there and go, I understand how sucky the situation.

Brad Crowell 18:25
What are we what are you talking about?

Lesley Logan 18:26
Oh, well, we it took us three years to prove we can own a house that we could we literally are in, right, three years of literally any obstacle. We’re like, Okay, we found a doorway through. And I like actually, that was a wall too. Yeah, sorry. And then like, this was just this three years of it. And it was so exhausting. But going through that, and all the things it allowed us to really learn how we set up businesses how to do these other things that for future investments you want to do? Yeah, we are not guessing we are very much we’re not going to be we’ve hit all the walls, we know where they all are now. So we’re good. But I think at the when you’re going through it, it’s easy to go Why am I still on this challenge? Like why is this happening to me? And,

Brad Crowell 19:11
And we also had a hard deadline, it was super stressful, because, you know, like, there came a point where it was like one of these obstacles would potentially have put us past our contract deadline. And yeah, we had to figure out a way through before the contract was up or we would have lost the house.

Lesley Logan 19:30
It was like added pressure. Yeah, and it was so I’m not gonna sit here and say that we didn’t go it just happened we never said why is it happening to us? Of course, we felt that like there’s of course there’s a moment like what the, but then it’s like, okay, hold on. What there’s a lesson to learn here. The universe is not going to be homeless. I’ve been there three times. So this is all going to work out I’m supposed to get some information. But it’s important I think it’s okay to feel your feelings you all but you have to then go okay, what what can I glean from this? What should I do? Like, where can I go? You don’t have to sit in it.

Brad Crowell 20:04
Yeah, well, here’s why. And this is really interesting. I mean, this was new information for me. In 2008. There, there were studies that were done that indicated that happiness is a learnable skill. Happiness is a learnable skill. So again, she said, we create our own happiness based on our perspective, right? So, in 2008, there the studies were saying that happiness is a learnable skill, that to me, is really interesting. She has this information available on her website happiness, you, I think it’s Happiness, the letter U will put it in the show notes. But, you know, she said, practice improves your happiness, similar to learning a sport or a task. Right? And so that I just found really cool. Yeah, really interesting. And she has a whole bunch of practical tools, you know, on her website that you can go through and use, you know, and so one of the things though, she just gave us a practical tip was to reflect on three specific positive events every single day. Three specific positive events every single day, right? And we, we love this, we embrace this fully. We, we have, obviously, for those of you who are in our coaching group, you understand that we have a wins channel, and we

Lesley Logan 21:24
on the show, we have FYF on Friday.

Brad Crowell 21:26
FYF on Fridays, we celebrate wins inside of our group, because I think we’ve gotten somehow in this like societally, we’ve gotten to this, like, oh, you’re bragging, you’re bragging this, you know, you’re arrogant. You’re like, all this kind of thing. We never actually take time to look at the good things that have happened to us.

Lesley Logan 21:45
I always also like people wait till it’s finished. Because like, I remember growing up and like happened for us. Yeah. I remember growing up and like, you know, celebrating when the report card came out, but not actually celebrating like I like, like I actually studied, I actually put in the hard work to study for the test. So like, to me, it’s something I’m trying to really change in my life is like, it’s hard. It’s really hard to recover an overachiever in fact that recovering overachiever really pissed me off yesterday. I have, but like, is like really going? Okay. Like? Is that is the process that I’m doing right now? Am I celebrating that like that I showed up today? And that I did the thing today and that this like, or am I just focused on the result? Because that is not actually happiness. And so it’s I don’t know, I think it’s just really important to just celebrate than and be gratitude and find happy moments throughout the day and not go oh, I can’t be happy until I’ve actually finished. Could you imagine if we didn’t allow ourselves to celebrate this house until we bought it three years of just like sitting here not being gratitude first thing? Like, yeah, it’s going to be terrible, I know probably wouldn’t have had, if I had gotten it, we probably like well, it’s not that great anyways.

Brad Crowell 23:04
Well, so one thing that we instead of agency, if you’re in there, we have a moment we have a I need a moment channel. So like, if something goes wrong, you we created a space for you to vent, complain, bitch, moan, whatever you want to call it about the thing. But we have a rule that you have to then go over to the wins channel, and you have to write down something that happened, that is a win for you. And what Alice was saying is focusing on the specifics of what is good, it is going to help you create balance, right? Because we get so sucked into what is not good. We dwell on that thing. And we never actually look at the other side of it. You know, and it might not be associated even with the thing. It might be something completely different. But there is good that is happening as well in your life. And it’s important to make sure we’re identifying those things, and acknowledging those things. And that’s going to help change your perspective about you about life.

Lesley Logan 24:04
Yep, yep. I really hate when I have to go. I’m so sorry. But you have to go to a win. And then it went two days ago. I’m like, no, no, today got to do it. And at the same time, same time, you don’t do it later, same time. Should I show Meredith that I need a moment. Our project manager that I need a moment? No. In our company Slack. There’s no I need a moment in my company Slack. So she went to random and she did. She said I need a moment and then she complained about something. And I had I had not been to random yet. I went to wins first and I was like, Oh, I now see why you wrote a win.

Brad Crowell 24:38
Isn’t that funny. I’m a day behind here. Yeah, well, yeah. So anyway, you know, thanks for hanging with us through this. Stick around. We’ll be right back and we’re gonna get to those Be It Action Items.

Brad Crowell 24:50
Okay, so finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Alice Inoue? She said, to schedule yourself in.

Lesley Logan 25:04
Are you gonna do that? How’s it going?

Brad Crowell 25:09
You’re asking me if I’m gonna do that? Yeah, maybe I will. Because she said get to know yourself again. Right. So scheduling yourself and I’m scheduling my lunches, I scheduled in my sleep. But I don’t schedule in like me time.

Lesley Logan 25:23
No, you don’t. And although the other day I did see you get up early and do some yoga on your own. Yeah. So I think you should celebrate that.

Brad Crowell 25:30
Yeah, well, so she said, because we center so much on others that we forget to center on ourselves. Right. And so scheduling yourself out, I mean, it’s pretty, pretty, it’s a pretty quick and easy thing to do. To pull out your calendar schedule, schedule yourself in, we encourage every one of our OPC members to do this, so that they take time for their own self-practice, schedule yourself in. So I couldn’t agree more love that. What about you?

Lesley Logan 25:59
Give yourself permission to get to know yourself, I feel like this is actually really poignant. And apropo of the time that I’m in, because I feel like we lived here three years. I know some of the street names. A lot of stuff in the business is automated. And, you know, so there’s like, I still have a ton of work to do. And I still have a ton of deadlines, but like, I actually do have, like, in the morning, I have like two or three hours just like do my thing. And there’s a lot of my morning that I know I love to do. But there’s other things I’m like, I mean, if you’ve been on this podcast that long enough, you probably know, I’m hobby hunting, we’re still doing that. We are still doing that nothing is stuck. And so I first of all, I find like, getting to know myself more is because like, we’ve achieved a lot of our, like, 10-year goals together already. And so it’s like, Okay, so what’s, what’s the next thing like, what? And not like, what’s the next thing? Like, I’m not gonna celebrate the moment that we’re in, but like, okay, but where are we pointing the compass to, at some point to take another step to? And so I’ve just been like, doing more journaling and doing more like reading through mantras and like enjoying some tarot cards. And I think it’s really important. I think, sometimes I don’t know, I feel like some people think that once you know yourself, you know yourself. And I actually think we’re constantly changing in where we are. And so we’re not concrete, we are constructs. That’s what humble, the poet says. And so she said, she asked people like, what do you want? What do you want to be happy? And most people don’t know. And I think that that’s sad. I know what I want. I know what makes me happy. And I feel very happy in most moments, but just like kind of knowing what I what I want next, where I want to go next. What do I want to like, explore with my time and so yeah, so I think that’s a great, great Be It action. It was pretty bold, and it’s going to take some intrinsic work.

Brad Crowell 27:55
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I remember someone asking me a similar question that had me stumped. Like, this was what do you want to be happy? And that one was what’s what is enough? Yeah. And I was like, like, in my life in my career, and my vision and my goals, like what is enough? And I was like, I don’t know the answer to that. That’s weird. So yeah, this is and honestly like to dig into those things you need to set aside that time for yourself time, schedule yourself in.

Lesley Logan 28:36
Schedule yourself in. All right, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 28:38
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 28:39
Thank you so much for listening. How are you going to use these tips in your life? What are you going to do to get to know yourself more and take time for yourself? We want to know. Tag the Be It pod. Tag Alice. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 28:50
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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