How to Take Fast Action
Against Limiting Beliefs

Ep. 5 ft. Amy Ledin

“You can still ask the why, but rephrase it to “How is this for me?” instead of “Why me? Why me?”

Amy Ledin

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Amy Ledin is the Co-Owner and Operator at Lean Bodies Consulting. has been in the online wellness space for over a decade. Her coaching in this space has led to her passion in helping women build strong personal integrity. Fighting cancer for now close to 7 years, Amy loves sharing her mindset hacks and strategies that helped her through her fight to not just be a survivor, but an overcomer.

Show Notes

Amy Ledin, a 7-figure earning fitness, fat-loss, and mindset coach, met up with Lesley Logan to talk about how to battle those limiting beliefs. She’s a walking, talking example, having defeated stage 4 lung cancer, been a single mom, and gone through losing 90+ lbs. herself (and keeping it off!) They cover the stories we tell ourselves, how to gamify your success, moving forward one day at a time, shame, dwelling on fear… you’ll take a lot away from this one!

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Amy Ledin’s background, how she is the “Queen of Struggle”
  • Limiting Beliefs
    • everything in our life is just stories we tell ourselves
    • find proof on the other side
    • what you see is possible, that’s what your brain will start to chase
  • Master the mindset to help you become the fighter
  • Find one good thing in the middle of the mud
  • Take it One Day at a Time
  • How to “Gamify” it…
  • What are brain “Software Updates”
  • The value of taking faster action
  • It’s not a loss, it’s a learn
  • Asking the question: Is this thought serving you?
    • Shame does nothing for you
    • Dwelling on fear
  • Asking the question: HOW is this for me, not WHY
  • What are you learning in the moment?
  • If you lose the weight get rid of the clothes
  • Inner bitch vs inner boss


Mind Movies by Joe Dispenza



Hello! Welcome back to the BITYSI podcast.

I can’t freakin’ wait for you to dive into this interview. Amy Ledin is one of my dear friends, and you’ll hear me totally mess up her name in the very beginning because we are not perfect. Have you ever. Okay. Have you ever had that time you’ve convinced yourself you’re right about a word, and then someone else says no I think it’s the other way. And then, you can’t remember which way you think it is nor do you know which way it’s right? That is exactly what happened. My husband and I used to go, No, I think you say it like this. No, I think you say it like this and that’s why I just put her on the podcast and she said it like this, and when it came time for me interview her myself, she means so much to me I was like so excited to like honor her and like edify her, I totally got it the way that I had been fighting to say and it wasn’t. So, just proof. And I love it because, here’s the thing, y’all, it’s not gonna be perfection to being it till you see it, the thing that you want to have, the life you want to have, the relationships you want to have, the health you want to have, the goals you want to have, the blanket you want to knit, it’s going to have mistakes along the way. But that’s where the journey is and that’s where the story is and that’s where you learn things about yourself and about things, you just like never even knew.

So, I had to share that with you, cuz I like you to be super super honest with you and so I would love to know, hit me up on Instagram…If you have ever totally biffed a dear friend’s name in an introduction because we’ll you’re not alone, and that’s important, you know. I want you to check out the show notes and learn all about Amy Ledin. She is beyond a badass. She has her own podcast called F* It. You are going to want to listen to it after this. She is a health coach, and she is a survivor of so much. But as a cancer survivor and I know that for me, you know, I have not yet had to survive something like that and so sometimes it’s really easy to think like, Oh wow I haven’t had it so tough, so I really have no excuse. And the truth is that we all have our own obstacles, and we all have more to conquer as we’re on this planet for however long, and it’s the mindset you have going through the obstacles that feel small and like maybe you shouldn’t be whining about. That is practice for if you ever have those times where you need a lot more support from yourself. And Amy shares how she survived cancer and how she used her mindset to do that and also she uses it every single day, in that she does and what she teaches her kids. So I can’t wait for you to dive into this. Be inspired by her. Please check her out on Instagram and on her podcast.

Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and business fitness coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to out yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.



Lesley Logan – 00:03

Okay. Oh my goodness! Y’all, this woman that I have for you today. I have to say this, we’ve shared this right before on her podcast. But when she got up in the front of the room of this mastermind, my first mastermind I’ve ever been in, and she spoke, I was like, Oh, my God, this woman is amazing. She’s so powerful. I have to know her. I have to get to know her. I have so many questions for her. And then when we were asked to get accountability partners and she looked right at me, I was like, Oh, my God, she wants to be my accountability partner! I’ll let her finish her side of the story. But in the last couple of years, I’ve gotten to know her. We’ve been through so much together, we talk about everything.. We have bi-weekly accountability talks, and really just help each other out. And I just enjoy her as a friend, as an accountability partner, she’s a mentor and a friend. We can just go off and talk business with each other, and she’s taught me so much. So, Amy Ledin. How are you today?


Amy Ledin – 01:00

Oh my gosh! What an intro? Well, let’s just say the other side of that story, because I was intimidated as hell seeing you because you were so, what I loved about you, Lesley, was you were to the point, you are very direct. And you know, you just know how to consolidate it. I remember when we got into small groups you were so great at the problem solving, and I’m like, I am intimidated by her because I want to be her. You know, when you kind of have triggers that you’re like, this is because I’m seeing something that I really want to have. Because you were just so cut to the point. And so I love that we both when I saw you, like I want her as my accountability partner. Because I wanted someone that, you know, with coaching, it’s like, you want to respect and that you’re a little bit afraid of and not like it’s negative afraid, it’s like afraid of disappointing, afraid of, you know, so it was I knew it would be the perfect fit.


Lesley Logan – 01:54

Yeah, that is so that’s so funny. Because I have to say, like, y’all, when I had to go up into this in this room and talk in front of 50 people, and I just was like, Oh my God, this might, I’ve never been a mastermind, like, you know, these people are throwing up numbers I’ve never, I’ve just only dreamed of, and you’re supposed to go up there and brag. And that is like the epitome of like being it. Like, I was like, Okay, get up there, you better be bold, you better just like brag your ass off. And so putting yourself in those situations that scare and intimidate you in a good way I think it’s so great. Thank you for being here. For people who don’t know your amazingness, can you tell everyone a little bit about what you do?


Amy Ledin – 02:35

I am an online, you know, I would say fitness coach, but I always say you know, mindset because the front door is that I’m selling you on losing fat, but the back door – because I know that’s the door that matters – is I’m changing who you are. So I, I rope you in with the fat loss, but I actually really get you to change your identity.


Lesley Logan – 02:57

Yeah, because that’s an interesting thing. Because I’m in fitness as well, Pilates teacher, and the truth is, is that if we were to come at you and say, here’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna actually help you. Like, we’re gonna help you change your mindset so that you approach your health and wellness better and differently, very few people would sign up. You actually have to, like rope them in to use your words to like, with the thing that they think that they want, which is the fat loss, and maybe that is what they want. But so much of it is like, what’s going on in their head and like how they’re talking to themselves and how they treat themselves and, and you have so many amazing ways to help women specifically with their mindset. And, you know, I’m sure that comes from self practice, like, from your own life.


Amy Ledin – 03:43

Absolutely! I mean, I’m the queen of struggle, some brought on by myself. And I think, you know, I’m going to share… I had stage four non-small cell lung cancer for over seven years. But the first two years was accidental mindset, you know, finding hacks because I really just had no choice because if I stayed in my fear, I wasn’t going to be able to accomplish much of anything. And, you know, I was a single mom at the time and building my brand and, you know. I finally got to the point where I’m like, okay, I may have cancer for a while and I need to actually start adapting some mindset tools versus just kind of compartmentalizing it, which compartmentalizing for seasons can be okay. But eventually, you know, you have to tackle it. And so then I just became obsessed with really chasing a future self that stayed out of the fear because I didn’t want to just be a survivor. I really wanted to be like someone that is the thriver. I mean, I immediately Googled like, stage four Iron Man winners like I wanted to find like the extremes because I feel like you know, it is the power of belief, right, that once you see what’s possible, then that is what your brain will start to chase and so, I thought that there were a lot of people that weren’t just like cancer survivors they were dominating you know their businesses so that’s where it started for me.


Lesley Logan – 05:08

Oh! This is so great. So I mean first of all can we.. we can share that you are cancer free and…


Amy Ledin – 05:15



Lesley Logan – 05:16

Yes! And we can dive more into the more recent news on that soon but I really love what you said. You were searching for evidence of what you wanted to see, wanted to see proof of, which is people thriving people doing iron man’s and having these crazy businesses and all these accomplishments post-cancer so that you could see that and be that for yourself while you’re going through your cancer. That’s amazing!


Amy Ledin – 05:45

It’s such a game changer. I mean, I say to anyone that’s having because it’s like everything in our life is just stories that we’re telling ourselves. It’s how we’re defining it, right? And one, we can realize that we don’t even need to put definition onto the stories that are coming our way. But two, it’s if you’re having a limiting belief or something that’s holding you back from your greatness because I do believe we are all destined for greatness and you have to at least start to believe that first and foremost. So when you’re starting to have primal feelings of fear, anger, anything that’s negative, you got to stop yourself and go. Okay, I gotta find proof on the other side. So if you’re like a single mom struggling right now, it’s like, find every freaking story of a single mom that’s overcome. If you’re going through a divorce right now, it’s finding people that have thrived through that because it’s one thing to tell it to yourself. But you got to see it because you will become that. You will start to chase that. Your body will, you know, gravitate towards that. I had a guy on, Chad. Chad Wright came on, he’s a former navy seal and he’d said, he goes, you know it’s so powerful when you see that your physiology will even change. He goes, I do ultra marathons and you know the crazy thing about ultra marathons is it’s not until they get about two mile 95 that it’s actually new territory for them, which is insane. That means that they’re always practicing and training for something that they don’t even get any new direction for like a while, right? And he was training with his mentor and they were racing and his mentor made the comment about that he was going to…his body was starting to like…he’s like, Oh I don’t know, you know, we’ve got former hours. I don’t know.. And he goes, in that moment, I actually knew that Greg’s body was going to start to break down and within an hour, his physiology just started to change. So, I’m always like I want to hack it for the positive. I don’t look for the side effects. I asked my doctors not to tell me side effects of my medication. I don’t like to hear that kind of stuff because I asked myself, does it serve me to know? No. I’d rather actually go look for all these amazing stories so that when I’m taking my medication I’m not even thinking about that. And it really does make your…I mean, I’m not a unicorn, I always say to people like I’m not special I’ve just learned to master the mindset in those ways that’s helped me become the fighter.


Lesley Logan – 08:06

This, exactly. I used to be a marathon runner and I ended up being a half marathon runner because it’s way easier to stay in shape for half marathons. If you are thinking about being a runner let me just say you can easily do a couple six mile runs and an eight mile run and like you’re good in a week. So, but it’s true, like, if I remember I did this one marathon a couple years in a row and I had the same thought at the same mile and at the same end I can look at my times and it’s the same exact mile that I got the slowest mile of the entire race. It’s only not because I wasn’t trained for it, not because I wasn’t ready for it, but because I was like this is the hardest mile. This is the mile with the hill on it. And if I didn’t know that there was a hill there, I probably wouldn’t have even thought that. And then the next day I was like, well this is where I had my slowest time and like again I didn’t actually set myself up with the mindset that I could do the thing. And so when I started doing other races I would not, I would purposely not look at where the hills were, where the things were. I’m like, It’s San Francisco. It’s gonna be hard. I would just go without knowing what the race was because I could just go, I’m gonna…this is what I want to do it’s how I’m gonna feel, this is what I want and I had the best races in my life when I stopped figuring out like where the hardest part was or looking for the negative thing. I really liked that you pointed that out because we are also you know thoughts become facts. The end. The problem is that what you believe is what you perceive, right? So if you are like, Oh this divorce is going to be hard or starting my own business is going to be hard or changing my wellness routine is going to be hard, then you’re only going to see all the things that make it hard. I love it because you’re like, look for the people that are doing the thing you want to do because then you’ll see that it’s A) possible and the you can actually look for the evidence of that. So that’s, that’s really, really awesome. Did you? I mean, like, when did you start doing this in life? Is this something that you’ve always done? Did someone teach you this?


Amy Ledin – 10:09

You know, well, my, I’d asked my mom that because I’m like I did a podcast once on, like looking for the silver lining. And I do think it’s something that, you know, I definitely was raised to in every negative situation, stop and go, okay. But there is…you gotta find one good thing in the middle of the mud. Like, there has to be something good in the middle of the mud. Because again, then your brain does start to focus on those things. And I definitely think that I at least have a little bit of that armor to help me through my cancer. But you made a good point, it was literally just seeing it one day at a time. Because if you would have told me I had to fight this for seven years, would I have necessarily showed up working as hard as I did? Maybe not. That’s a really good point. Because this is why you do have to just say it’s one foot in front of the other, versus anticipating the hard points. And just going, I can make it through today. Because everyone can make it through a day. I mean, I’m preaching this to myself today on this day, especially that I can make it through today. I don’t know what next week is going to necessarily look like. And I didn’t know what it was going to look like. But I knew that I could get up and crush my business in isolation in that day. And just doing that day after day is what made the business continue to go because I didn’t look ahead at like what was going to be here next year, it was more like, you know, yes, creating your future self. And I think that’s super important in like designing a map for your future because you do chase that. But in isolation of waking up every day. It’s truly just saying, I can do it today. And it gets the deprivation mindset away because you get a lot of that in fat loss where I’ll hear clients like it’s so hard and like, yep, now it’s gonna be hard for you because that’s what you’re telling yourself. And the more you state those things to yourself, it just comes true for you.


Lesley Logan – 11:58

Yeah, I am, there was a time when I, I still have things that I can’t eat with my stomach. But I had 10 years of stomach issues. And in trying to figure out what I could and couldn’t eat, you go through elimination diets and things like that. And, and you know it, my body would look super one way in the morning, I thought I could be like a swimsuit model. I mean, the way I would wake up and then I would go to bed looking like I was nine months pregnant. And it was freaking crazy, messes with your mind. But you have to go through. And figuring out what you can and can’t eat. It’s just a process. So it’s hard. But when I wouldn’t know what I could eat, I hated going to restaurants because people will go, I would say, Oh, can you take this off, take this off. And the servers in LA are so used to every weird diet that comes through there, like whatever…If you want to pay two times as much for this burger that you’re not going to get the patty on, that’s fine. Like, they don’t care. But people would always go, Oh my god, well, what can you eat? Like when I tell them what I can’t eat? They’re like, Oh, could you like, that’s just like, what else is there? And I’m like, Well, if you go at it like that, it does sound like I can’t eat a lot of things. But I just ordered a dinner at a restaurant. So I just couldn’t. I told I told Brad…I said I just don’t, I would rather not eat when we go out. Because it’s almost easier for people to think that like I don’t eat than for me to hear to have to like challenge that I have plenty of food that I can eat that I’m not limited that I that I’m not you know, being deprived that that mind..because I can’t be around that kind of mindset, because it’s already hard. And I don’t wanna make it harder. And so I think that is…we do really set ourselves up for the success we can or can’t have. And so I’m like that looking for that silver… that something nice in the mud.


Amy Ledin – 13:43

Yeah, Always. Always. I mean, it becomes almost a game in that, you know, like, Alright, we’re, you know, you could be I remember John Maxwell saying like, his flight had gotten canceled. It was like a big event. And that’s an easy time to be like, Oh my gosh, you know, like I need to be… and he goes well, it’s an opportunity to talk to someone, you know, like, I now have a few extra minutes. And it may seem so small, but it is just like the power of gratitude that this just magnifies in your life. That I’m going to walk into the same exact grocery store that someone else walks into, I’m not going to see all the shit that they see. And altercations or the yucky produce or whatever. I’m seeing everything amazing. I’m seeing the person complimenting another and that’s just me with a filter on our brain and you know, it’s going to show that to you.


Lesley Logan – 14:32

Oh, yeah, yeah, I’ve definitely experienced that. When I moved to Las Vegas, most people were so excited and I didn’t really know what to expect because I’ve never lived here. I’ve actually not moved in how many years…I lived in LA for like 13 years. I hadn’t moved, you know, in so long. But I didn’t remember what it’s like to be new somewhere. And everyone’s so excited. And then I got this message from someone saying everything I would hate about Las Vegas. Like everything that I would hate about, like all the bad things that are happening in Las Vegas. All this stuff and I literally just wrote thanks for thinking of me and like period like close it out. Because I don’t want to know this because like I don’t want to be looking for that stuff when I’m new somewhere. I want and it’s very true, like if you can see the blessing in what’s happening it does make it easier for us to have an opportunity to learn something about ourselves, learn something new and and really see how everything happens for you, right? Like it’s like not that you would ever wish cancer on yourself ever again but the people you’ve met and the experience you’ve had and what it’s done right you’ve changed to how it’s happened.


Amy Ledin – 15:40

I say it’s for me 100%. I tell that to people. I’m like, it’s actually to my advantage. And they’re like what? You’re actually happy? Listen, my perspective is completely different than yours. And I say that meaning you haven’t had to have the same thoughts that I’ve had. So, I see it as my advantage of having a little bit of that veil lifted of the what if you’re not here. And it’s made me take faster action because I do see that time is our biggest commodity. But like everyone else, we get guilty of forgetting this. You know, I’ve gone through the honeymoon phase after I was in remission that you’re, like yes you know I’m gonna do it all I’m gonna ask all the people and be bold, and then you forget. But like you’ve mentioned about the person that gave you the list of all the negatives. I’m a big believer in these…I call them software updates. And we need to do them on our brains often. And I make lists of everything. Like when we moved down here to Florida not knowing anyone I knew that I was going, I know my brain well enough that I’m going to have days where I don’t like it as much. So, I create these lists that helped me in those low times. I did it during cancer. I’ve done it for let’s say that you’re struggling with – fat loss. You need to make the list of all the things that you gain by getting to your goal. All the things that you gain so that when you are in you know hurting yourself, you’re in front of yourself, and you’re not working as your best self. You go to that list and you give yourself the software update. Like I recorded our new house and every little video of it so that on the days that I’m like, “man what are we doing down here? Like this is not our home. It’s not our place, we’re kind of in between homes.” I go watch all that. That’s my software update to remind me of what’s to come. So, for a person in the middle of the starting of their business, go look at that list. You know, make it a mind movie. I love the mind movies app that Joe Dispenza owns, and that it actually adds music to it because again your brain doesn’t know the difference between the imagination and reality. And it’s actually going to start to see like, “oh my gosh this is what’s happening to me this is what’s possible”.


Lesley Logan – 17:47

That I love! That is a really amazing thing. And, y’all, she does do software updates on her podcast. F* It! So, if you forgot what that podcast was in the beginning, gotta check it out because she’s these little doses of reminders. And it’s true especially on your hardest days. If you got to have those lists or you have to have that go to song or that go to podcast it’s like oh that’s the one that reminded me of why I’m doing what I’m doing what I’m doing all of this for. Yeah! I just love that so much. I mean I lived in a 500 square foot apartment for seven years with my husband for six years with two dogs in L.A. And I would just go, when I would be traveling I would look at my goals. I had my big vision out whenever I came home and I’m just really feeling small. And I’m like well this is why you’re staying in a small place. Here’s what we’re doing here, you’re reinvesting everything and like because otherwise, you just start to like, you start to focus on the wrong things. And that takes you out of everything. But I do want to go back to that one day at a time. You know, I had an interview with Rob Mac. And he says, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase. You just have to see the first stair.” So, I knew what I wanted to be doing. But I couldn’t see how to get there from where I was. But I could see the next step, and the next step was moving, and so then I moved. And I think that is really important. I think sometimes we get stuck in having to know all the things. And you said it like, if you knew that you were going to have cancer for seven years, you probably wouldn’t have done all the things in the beginning. Because like well, you know what differences they make. I’m gonna have this for seven years.


Amy Ledin – 19:23

Exactly, exactly! I think it’s an advantage not to. And then the key like you said is to take action. It’s like, when you go to uh you know, a good coach or a good mastermind is usually going to say to you what can you do before you leave here this weekend. Because those are signs to yourself, that you’re telling yourself you’re doing things. You’re telling yourself that you’re believing in yourself. Because a lot of us it’s just lip service, right? I mean I hear it a lot and that was like, “Oh yeah, I was just stressed. I’m going to, I’m going to get better at it”. And I go, “Okay! Well, what does that look like for you?”. Then let’s map that out because you are going to have a stressor again and we need to already have some strategies, because then your brain will start to look for those strategies. But if you don’t have anything there, it’s, it’s, it’s gonna just continue to chase the old path. So having that next step, Hey, I don’t know how I’m gonna make a million, but I do know how I’m going to get the next 10 you know, in my next launch or whatever.


Lesley Logan – 20:20

Yeah, you teach something amazing because you have your DC Bootcamp. And you talk about, like, if you don’t make something happen in the day that you want to make it happen, then you then it’s not a loss. It’s a learn if you create a strategy. And I love that so much. Because it’s true. Like, you’re not going to, you’re not going to do everything you say, you’re gonna do all the time. That doesn’t make you not good enough, or not able to do the thing. It’s just life. Life will happen, things do happen, but making the excuse for life like, Oh, I was stressed out, or I have three crazy dogs. And today, they’re just wanting a lot of attention. Okay, so then next time, what are some things I can do in place of that? Could I get up 15 minutes earlier? Could I add the extra glass of water as soon as I wake up next to the bed, so I don’t have to pour it? So I don’t have to remember to pour it. Like, if you’re trying to drink more water. Maybe it’s that you pre order your groceries. Or that you have a friend that you text when you’re like, hey, next time I say this, just text me back this message. Like, they’re just coming up with strategies. So that you, because you’ll be tested, we get tested all the time, you know? And that’s I feel like is the universe trying to go? Yeah, you really want this? Really, you want this?


Amy Ledin – 21:38



Lesley Logan – 21:39

Okay! Let’s see how you do it this time.


Amy Ledin – 21:41

It’s so true. And not judging yourself for it. Like I you know, used to be I think a lot of high achievers that is to a fault. Because then what happens is when they fall or they fail, they stay down in that low place for so long. Whereas, you know, I always share my spicy chicken sandwich. I used to eat the spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. Like, I love spicy chicken sandwiches, but they do not love me. And I would every time I’d wake up in the morning and regret spicy chicken sandwich, I would say oh my gosh, never again. But that’s all I did. It was just words, right? When I started actually writing down and doing the pen to paper of like, what it makes me feel like or what I’m going to do instead like an alternate meal. Sure, I maybe slipped up another one or two times. But again, it’s like if you see your brain is a program, and it finally sees other options up there in the air for you. You’re going to not pull into the Wendy’s anymore, because you’re gonna go oh my gosh, this does not make me feel good. I wrote down how this made me feel. This is the lip service that, you know, I haven’t had a spicy chicken sandwich in like three years now all because of just that little, you know, strategy. And it’s just because most of us we’re honestly just on autopilot. We’re not realizing that we can take control of it.


Lesley Logan – 22:57

Well, because I forget how many thoughts we have in a day. But like 98% of them are the same exact thought, like we’re not having new thoughts. And so when you do those strategies, you’re actually giving your brain a new thought to think for the next time that happens because we do go on autopilot because kind of part of it is that we have to and part it’s like it makes things simpler. We only have so many decisions in a day. So, it’s okay if that’s what you’re doing, but you want to go in the right autopilot. You want to set yourself up with the best pilot possible. 


Amy Ledin – 23:24



Lesley Logan – 23:25

You know, I want to chat a little bit about this because I’m came back and I know, like I remember it because we’ve been friends. I was like, Okay, alright, everything. We’re just going to talk things positive on Amy, we’re not going to actually go down the rabbit hole of what could happen. I’m not going to look up what could happen because I only want to have it in my mind because I want to put it in her mind. Like because I know you and and, you know, I just remember thinking after I got off the phone with you, I was so heartbroken for you. I just didn’t want to tell you. Because I didn’t want you to even have that in your mind. This is key with friendships, y’all, you got to have people around you who really help your mind stay on. But I just want you to know, like, what were some things that you did? Because I can imagine like anyone who’s like, maybe someone’s going through a second divorce and like, I’m here again. You know, or maybe they have a thing that they’re working on and you’re listening like it didn’t happen again. Or the same bad thing happened to you. You know, I definitely can resonate. I have a whole story on some things…you just feel like you’re getting knocked down when you’re down. What went through your mind on how you could get through this again?


Amy Ledin – 24:35

This last time and it was definitely the hardest because I had really celebrated the last one and really thought that that was it. You know, and not that I never, I mean I always thought it, but I did realize something. And this is really key. I unconsciously was still thinking it was going to come back and I didn’t know this when we even had that conversation. I’ll tell you why. This time when I got back into the gym. And when I started trying to force…because I didn’t have an appetite like after I went into remission…and I would kind of just like not take it seriously you want to know why because I thought unconsciously it was gonna come back. Whereas this time I started making decisions that showed myself I don’t think it’s gonna come back. I started working hard in the gym again whereas you know for the last couple years I kind of just was skating by because I’m like well if it comes back what’s the point of trying to get my squat up to heavier because it’s uncomfortable, right? You have to lean into that. And the same thing with my eating issues was I was like, why should I force myself to eat if I’m going to go back on chemo? So that I point out just because it is so important that your decisions that you’re making really aligned with what you want your future self like fully. And I didn’t even realize that if you would have asked or told me that last year I would have said, whatever I don’t think it’s gonna come back. But I was still doing things decision-wise unconsciously. But this last time, you know, I just went all in on mindset, you know. I started future-self journaling every day, really writing what it would look like on the other side. And I asked myself at least 100 times a day – Is this thought serving you? Is this decision serving you? Is this…with everything. So when I would go to fear I would have to stop myself because I did learn that I went to fear. I mean I broke down with a couple friends where I was like, Am I going to be able to do this? Like I actually feared that it wasn’t my mind that wasn’t going to be able to do it. I didn’t think my body was gonna pull through for me. Because I felt like my mind was strong but like I was losing weight faster than I ever had and I was noticing that I was much weaker than I ever had been and so that started to mess with me. And so I just, I mean I had to go all in on personal development. I mean every day I went for two anger walks, you know, where I’d go out in the morning and then I’d go out in the afternoon and I don’t you know, I used to think like oh there should be a point that we are just strong enough to handle. I think that’s the biggest mistake people make is that we get too confident and like what we think we know. I think the best of the best…they actually do it more than even you and I, meaning they know that they have to surround…your bubble becomes you know the sum of your five people. I wanted to make sure that they were people that were fully like pushing into me and reminding me that I’m going to do it because I’m human. Like you said, like we’re going to have those doubts and so you want to make sure that when you’re not alone someone else you know is helping you with it. And you know if it’s something that, like cancer, is kind of brought on and you don’t ask for it. But let’s say that you’re going through a divorce or you’ve lost some more money or you’re not growing, it’s like learn that shame does nothing for you. Because I didn’t go to shame. Because I had a colorful past that I would be like, Is this why this is happening to me? You got to stop and go. Is this serving me to even go to that place? Because that’s going to take you down an even slower rabbit hole where then you can be destructive because you can start to sabotage yourself.


Lesley Logan – 28:00

Well, and also you will find evidence as we already discussed to prove that you’re correct. So you’re just gonna find all the evidence to show that you did this and you did this and so this is why your cancer is back. And that doesn’t serve you at all, it doesn’t help you and then take the next step at all.


Amy Ledin – 28:20

Yeah. Well and I actually met…so there was a guy last year that sadly…he died of my…we had the exact type of…same type of cancer. And he had the same gene mutation and he lived about five years. But even in his…he had his wife post something for him right after he passed and it was so heartbreaking. But what made me the most heartbroken about it is he was still looking for the reason why he ever got cancer. And I thought it’s such a shame. What does that serve you? Why do you need to go? Because that path actually just gets more fear and then you’re angry. Because he was an extremely healthy person and so he was always chasing the why. And I stopped that at year two. I just said, I don’t know why but I gotta face it and it’s not gonna serve me to keep searching that when I need to despite this.


Lesley Logan – 28:08

Right. Because there’s a difference between figuring out why something happened to you and. And how something is for you. And..


Amy Ledin – 28:13



Lesley Logan – 28:14

And because one is like going back into the past. And one is figuring out how this is better in your future. And I think that is hard because of course, people probably listen, as well of course, I’d want to know why it happened. I’d want to know how it happened. I’d want to know what I did. Wouldn’t it be nice if I knew? Did I eat something, drink something, did I go near a building of some kind? It’s, I guess that would be really nice to know..


Amy Ledin – 29:38



Lesley Logan – 29:38

If that was actually possible but what I think we all know about cancers is like a lot of it doesn’t make sense. Like a lot it doesn’t make sense.


Amy Ledin – 29:47

You. You nailed it. You can still ask the why but rephrase it. How is this for me, that’s happening to me? Like what you know instead of like. Why me? Why me? It’s that victim mindset that takes you into fear. Whereas you can still ask and you know, I wanted to find out because I knew that my cancer was a trauma type cancer, but it wasn’t a poor me, why me? It was okay. I want to know why this is happening for me. So that now I can arm myself. So same thing…if you’re going through, like you said, your second divorce or you’ve lost something in your business. Okay, what am I needing to learn from this? That’s what my therapist used to always tell me. Amy, what are you learning in this moment from this?


Lesley Logan – 30:33

Yeah. I know, I know. Because also, I feel like when you’re when you get smart enough, and you’re like. Okay, I know what she’s gonna say. I know what she’s gonna say. And it’s like, Yeah, but you need to hear it. Because otherwise you wouldn’t actually be solving this problem like you.


Amy Ledin – 30:45

Show it that way.


Lesley Logan – 30:47

You know, so you got news.


Amy Ledin – 30:52

I did!


Lesley Logan – 30:52

Recently, you’re cancer, free, free, free, free, free.


Amy Ledin – 30:55

Cancer free! It was crazy. I mean, honestly, it was, you know, I came down here to the states from Canada to get ready for lung surgery. January 20 was supposed to be surgery. January 4 I had scans and then January 8 they called me and said, You’re not going to believe it. Like, we have no sign of, no evidence of active disease. You’re not even going to need to have surgery. Like it was incredible. It was, and I made sure that, you know, right after that, I went right into truly believing that and showing myself that I believe it and getting right into like, it’s never gonna come back. It’s kind of like the person that loses the weight – get rid of the clothes, right? Because you’re still telling yourself you might go back there if you keep them. So, I went all in on trying to get my appetite back right away, and really just believing that it’s not going to be so it’s been incredible.


Lesley Logan – 31:47

Oh, I mean, I know I was so happy. I’m and also what’s been really awesome, y’all, to see – if you might not know Amy, but you know someone in your life was like her – you can see them taking the action and doing the things. It’s inspiring, but also all possible. Like, what she’s doing, because even though she says not a unicorn but also special human beings but also unique. But she’s right. Like what she is doing with herself is something we all do. On our day, no matter what we’re going up against, maybe we’re not going up against cancer, but maybe you’re you know what, and I think that’s also important, like someone sitting here listening might be like, well, I don’t have cancer, it’s just that I like, I just hate my job. It’s okay that your biggest problem is that you hate your job.


Amy Ledin – 32:26



Lesley Logan – 32:26

Like, I used to think, Oh, my problem isn’t big enough. Like, I didn’t lose a family member or I don’t have cancer, or this didn’t happen to me, but it doesn’t mean that the problem that you’re in doesn’t feel huge and big and all encompassing. And the reason I’m calling you out on that is because you need to – you the listener – is that it’s so important that you don’t discount the problem you’re in because then you do not see yourself without that problem. You don’t take the steps to get to see how it’s happening for you. And I think it’s really, really important that you…that we acknowledge the problems that we have, and we don’t discount them because they’re not big enough, you know.


Amy Ledin – 33:05

Because your body doesn’t see it any differently. Look at PTSD. They’ve learned that with PTSD, you don’t need to be a soldier over in Afghanistan to have PTSD. You could have just had a neglected parent, because it’s about the way that your body responds physiologically, right? And so I always say that people are like, Oh, well, I don’t have cancer, like you. I’m like, it does not matter. Your problem is your problem. It’s perspective.


Lesley Logan – 33:29

Yeah, it totally is. It’s we, it’s all, it’s all in you. And it’s and we have to shift our mindset around that. And that’s a really huge thing. So I really, I mean, we’ll have to have you back for so many reasons. I just love talking to you. And, and I love having excuses for us to talk to each other.


Amy Ledin – 33:48



Lesley Logan – 33:49

So but before I ask you one last question, I just want to make sure everyone knows where they can find you. Your Instagram handle is Amy Ledin. Is there an underscore in there?


Amy Ledin – 33:58

Yep. Amy underscore, Yes. Within, Yep.


Lesley Logan – 34:00

Yeah. Ledin and, and you know, it’s so funny, y’all. I have to tell you this, Brad and I go back and forth on each other it’s Leden or Ledin. We do it all the time. I’m like no, and we’ve changed positions. And


Amy Ledin – 34:14

Most people say Leden, if you phonetically, you’re going to look for Amy underscore Leden.


Lesley Logan – 34:22

It’s, it’s so funny, because, because we both love you so much. It’s like, I think that’s Ledin and I’m like, no, it’s Leden. And then I heard someone else introduce him, like, they introduce his Leden and he’s like, Okay, and then he’s like, it’s Ledin. I’m like, No..


Amy Ledin – 34:33

I love it. I love it.


Lesley Logan – 34:33

Too funny. Okay, so now no one can forget your name and they’re gonna find you on Instagram. Follow her everything, DM her, let her know your takeaways. But before I let you go, I think it’s so important to have all this information. It’s great and it’s inspiring. And some people who are high achievers, I know you’re already thinking, Okay, I’m going to do this right now. I’m going to go with my strategy right now. But the reality is, it’s like life is happening. And how do we prioritize ‘being it’? And I see ‘being it’ as anything that’s bold or executable or figuring out what your intrinsic motivations are, targeted actions, but like, how do you prioritize that when life is happening? It can feel like a whirlwind.


Amy Ledin – 35:16

For me, I have always really tried to get really tight with my inner voice, because I feel like if you can learn to squash…because I feel like we’ve got like an inner bitch and an inner boss, and the inner bitch, if your inner bitch is too loud, it’s going to affect all your areas. So at night, it’s almost like a brain dumping, where you don’t have to do it on writing, but you lay in bed and do a little reflection and where your inner bitches the loudest, you need to squash her tomorrow. And those little…so maybe for one week, it’s you need to be a better mom, and I need to be spending more time with the kids. But maybe the next week, it’s not, you know, I mean, I time block, and I do all the things to manage my day. But I find that if I can learn to squash that, it just builds my confidence. Whereas if I let that nag for a few days it can get worse and worse.


Lesley Logan – 36:05

Oh, I love that because it’s like an intrinsic thing. And like I targetable and executable thing like you’re because you’re right, the inner bitch. Like they, they change their mind about what they’re pissed off at all the time.


Amy Ledin – 36:17



Lesley Logan – 36:18

And, and it’s and that is something that is nagging at you, and you’re probably wanting to deal with more. And so instead of ignoring her, you could just take the boss and go, Okay, how do we project manage this little thing? How do we like, put some time in for more family time? Or how do we put some more time in for sleep or whatever and like, so you’re letting the inner bitch like have their moment and tell you but then you’re bossing it up.


Amy Ledin – 36:41



Lesley Logan – 36:42

I mean, I may have made my own words up there for how you do that. But I love that so much, Amy, you are amazing. You’re just a true gem. And I am. I mean, I’m so happy it was in that room, it was so random how I ended up in that room, it was really like, spur of the moment decision. And it’s changed my life so much because I get to have you as one of my best friends in this world. And I learn so much from you. And if you’re listening to this now, please screenshot this tag, tag me, tag, Amy, share your takeaways, please. Because it also gives us a reminder of like, what worked for you, what level it landed with you. And it’s a reminder of like the things that we say that we can remind ourselves with too, because everything we just tell you. I think that’s because we tell ourselves that all the time.


Amy Ledin – 37:25

And I think that’s important for your listeners to hear is, I mean, and I don’t just say this lightly, but I mean, I’ve had so much time with you over this last year, like you’re the real deal. I’m so thankful that you were in my life. And I love the takeaways that you give because you’re constantly troubleshooting on yourself. And that’s what’s so cool about it is like you and I will have these conversations and we share a lot and we’ve gotten really vulnerable with things but like you are such the, you are you show the power of the troubleshooting and you’re like, it’s like figureoutable. You know?


Lesley Logan – 37:56

Yes, Yes. Oh my gosh. Well, thank you, Amy, for being here. Thank you everyone for listening, and I’ll talk to y’all soon.



Lesley Logan

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