The Truth About
Cellulite Reduction

Ep. 338 with Lesley & Brad

“We can actually love our bodies and work on our fascia.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Brad and Lesley unpack the fascinating story of Ashley Black and the FasciaBlaster, a revolutionary tool designed for cellulite reduction and fascia health, inspired by Ashley’s own struggle with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. They delve into the scientific research and investment behind the FasciaBlaster, exploring its proven benefits for overall physical wellbeing. Join them as they reveal how this invention is transforming the narrative around body care and in embracing a healthier lifestyle.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How FasciaBlaster was developed and its groundbreaking impact on connective tissue health.
  • Understand the significant investment and scientific research behind the FasciaBlaster’s efficacy.
  • The holistic benefits of fascia care beyond cellulite reduction, including pain relief.
  • Insights into the importance of combining business integrity with scientific validation.

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Brad Crowell: She was said she was literally having Eastern medicine books translated in English so that she could learn more about fascia. And she kept looking around for the fascia expert and the fascia expert and the fascia expert until she finally was like, I think maybe I’m the fascia expert because what the hell no one else is talking about this.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:58
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad, and I are going to talk about the holistic convo I had with Ashley Black in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that one, you should freaking go back and listen to that one, holly freaking molly, can we just have a moment? Ashley Black was in the Be It Pod. You guys, this person is a badass businesswoman who is, who like invested so much in something that she believed in. Then she and I had an amazing conversation off the record where she, because we’re both, she actually is a Pilates instructor from trained before me and we were talking about different things where she had people wanted her to do magazine articles where she would do something and she’s like I don’t teach like that, so I’m not going to do it. So I just love her integrity. Love her character. Ashley Black, I love you. I can’t wait to see you in Costa Rica, babe. You can teach me to surf even though I don’t love seaweed touching my feet. But I’ll do it for you.

Brad Crowell 2:02
Blast your baiting all day long.

Lesley Logan 2:02
You wanted to say that so bad. If you want to know what that references, you have to go listen to the episode. I’m just saying. Also, can I just say, if you are wanting to blast your bait if you just want to like blast your fascia out, we have an affiliate link and I’m really really, really, really excited to share that because it’s not something they do and we have it.

Brad Crowell 2:29
We do. It’s pretty fucking cool.

Lesley Logan 2:31
But before we get into that, you guys, it is National Sock Monkey Day and that means you need to give your old socks a new lease on life as we mark Sock Monkey Day. And Brad was like,

Brad Crowell 2:43
I don’t even know what a sock monkey is.

Lesley Logan 2:45
So I don’t know how you don’t know what a sock monkey is because a sock monkey is kind of like a poor stuffed animal.

Brad Crowell 2:52
Oh, I had one of these.

Lesley Logan 2:53
Yeah, it’s like when you’re well I think a lot of stores

Brad Crowell 2:56
But I might have a little, the little red pompom on the top.

Lesley Logan 2:58
Yeah, so I think a lot of stores will sell them overpriced but the theory is

Brad Crowell 3:03
Mine was like beans inside or something.

Lesley Logan 3:05
You like make your own. If you shout like raise your hand if you’re listening to this and you’re like oh, I made my own. I also made my own pet rock. I also did not ever get Kraft Mac And Cheese I got the knockoff version with knockoff hotdogs in it it was called protein guys.

Brad Crowell 3:21
Knockoff hotdogs. You didn’t even have hotdogs?

Lesley Logan 3:24
Well, like the, not the store brand. Not the store brand. I didn’t, no one bought me a sock monkey I had to make my own sock monkey.

Brad Crowell 3:31
Yeah, I feel like I feel like mine was an heirloom I think that was like my grandfather’s or something my great grandfather’s and it was like in the family. Like my mom was really protective over

Lesley Logan 3:42
You know, I think it’s probably one of those boxes that you’re supposed to go through while you’re home. So I’m not sitting there in that situation. Anyways, also coming up, you guys, currently, in this moment.

Brad Crowell 3:53
In this moment.

Lesley Logan 3:54
In this moment.

Brad Crowell 3:55
I love me.

Lesley Logan 3:56
I feel like that’s a Shania Twain song. In this moment. Is that, is it Shania Twain or Celine Dion? Anyways, there’s a free mat challenge happening for you. You can go to and you can start it today you can start at the moment you hear this. If you’re listening this and it’s a year from now you can start it because guess what, my team keeps that shit up and it is free.

Brad Crowell 4:19

Lesley Logan 4:20
It starts when you start it but the best time to start it is today just like planting a tree, the best time last week when it started but also today’s a good time.

Brad Crowell 4:29
The best time, 30 years ago.

Lesley Logan 4:31
The best time, your grandparents generation they fucked up, blame them. But at any rate, you can you can change the world by going to

Brad Crowell 4:45

Lesley Logan 4:45
And enjoy four weeks of accountability and frickin’ amazing mat classes. Also, we have an accelerator event Brad, why don’t you take this one over?

Brad Crowell 4:55
Yeah, we do. I’m really excited to share we’re starting a new, a new, we’re starting a new offer for Profitable Pilates. We have a workshop called Accelerating Your Studio Growth. And so we’re calling it The Accelerator. And in that we’re gonna go through the accel formula. But the whole goal of that

Lesley Logan 5:22
How do you spell accel in this?

Brad Crowell 5:24

Lesley Logan 5:25
That’s right, that’s how you know. (Inaudible) Accel.

Brad Crowell 5:33
It works. It works.

Lesley Logan 5:35
You know, I love the framework. And just so we all are clear, the sound you’re hearing underneath me is a dog with a bone. We’re just gonna let it be.

Brad Crowell 5:35
Yeah, if you can hear that, that’s August.

Lesley Logan 5:45
I feel you can because I can feel it to my chair. Lastly, so where do they go for the (inaudible)?

Brad Crowell 5:50
Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t finished. So the accel formula, basically, what that covers is we’re going to really dig into how do you connect with people in your community, bring them into your space, win them over so that they become a long-term client, and then empower them to be your voice in the community.

Lesley Logan 6:16
They could be a sneezer. That’s what Seth Godin calls them, sneezers.

Brad Crowell 6:19
He does, he calls them sneezers I’m gonna call them accelerators because we got a theme going.

Lesley Logan 6:26
Today, I went on our community babe. And I almost booked myself a pop-up class without even trying. So you guys, these things he’s going to teach you in this workshop.

Brad Crowell 6:36
You just gotta be out and about meeting people and there are strategies to it.

Lesley Logan 6:40
And by the way, I’m an introvert, like, like high functioning, but like through and through. So you can do this, if you’re an introvert. It’s strategies that do work.

Brad Crowell 6:49
Yeah. And you know, what will be, you know, it’s going to be some high-level concepts, and then some action items, actionable items that you can immediately take. Because, you know, I mean, obviously, for those of you who are familiar with Agency, this is like just one part of the bigger picture and so we’re going to be hosting that. So get yourself on the waitlist for The Accelerator, it is going to be,

Lesley Logan 7:19
Okay. And then lastly, real super quick. Brad’s going to tell me the link to this because I forgot but we have summer camp coming up and I’m actually working on right now in the lineup of workouts and workshops, there’ll be C team and I’m hoping a few good friends are going to be taking over the first weekend of your June and just giving you all the Pilates you ever wanted.

Brad Crowell 7:42
Ever wanted.

Lesley Logan 7:43
Ever, ever, ever, ever. I personally have raised my hand to do a ladder barrel workout. That’s right. So anyways, you heard it here first. So you’re gonna go to I think it’s plural, my friends It says get notified for upcoming workshops, get on the waitlist and you see all of my amazing deets on there. So there you go. Okay, before we get into the Ashley Black recap, which I can’t wait to dive in and share our thoughts all about this. We have an audience question to respond to. Yes, Brad?

Brad Crowell 8:24
Yeah, we sure do. This is from @-3-R-D-T-W-I-R-L-4-9-4 on YouTube.

Lesley Logan 8:32
Third Twirl 494, Brad, Third Twirl.

Lesley Logan 8:32
That’s what it is. Third twirl.

Lesley Logan 8:34
From YouTube.

Brad Crowell 8:40
So, 3-R-D third. Hi, can I ask your opinion on something, please? I’m considering an intense, full comprehensive classical course. What questions should I ask to prepare myself? I’ve been teaching for 13 years already but my clients are pre postnatal. I’m looking at this at 54. And I wanted a bit of boost of a boost and motivation to build more classes. Thank you. I’m just a bit scared. And I want to make sure I can handle it.

Lesley Logan 9:08
Yeah, so I love this question. Because for the part where like, I’m a bit scared and wonder if I could handle it. Part of me was wondering is like she thinking that her age is based on like, can she handle a classical program? Or is she thinking like timewise can she handle a classical program? So here’s what I’m gonna say, 3rdTwirl494, I have a book that the first couple of chapters are actually full of questions that you should ask any training program you’re considering using. And that goes for anybody who’s thinking about being a teacher or is already a teacher, but something I would say to people who are already teachers, if you are wanting to learn a different modality in the teaching, I highly recommend looking for a bridge masters or mentorship. So, bridge master, mentorship, they all equal the same thing. It’s just marketing terms. I have a mentorship, that’s what I call it, I call it mentorship because I do believe that I, you are hiring me to be a mentor for over nine months and beyond. Oh, it’s like infinity and beyond. Nine months and beyond because it’s nine months together in a group with me and then you graduate to the alumni group, and you have access to me, for always, but if you’re already a teacher, and you want to learn another modality for you, you want to learn classical Pilates. If you join a classical training for new teachers, it’s going to feel weird because you have 13 years of experience, but you’re learning a new thing. The people around you are like, oh, my God, she’s 13 years of experience so they act weird around you. well,

Brad Crowell 10:43
And not only that, it’s the basics, right? So they’re like, “And lift your arm over your head,” you’re like, ah, been there.

Lesley Logan 10:50
Yeah. So I recently had a call with someone who was choosing between my mentorship and another program and they chose the other program. And it’s a dear friend of mine. So like, they’re in great hands. But if you already are teaching, and you’re learning in a group where you’re learning to teach, it’s going to feel somewhat remedial, and overwhelming. Way better to be in a group of already trained teachers because there’s a there’s different questions that you could ask and you can get different answers that don’t go over the heads of the other people in the group. And you can really also dialogue with the other people in your group. So you actually get to have some really great friendships. I know that the master’s program, the first master’s program I did I had made some really, really great friendships with the people who are already teachers, because we got to go, okay, this is what I learned before this is what I’m going to learn now, here’s what I’m going to do. And then when I did the mentorship that I did with with Jay Grimes, I’m still friends with those people they all been teaching for you had to be teaching for more than five years to be in that program. So anyways, I highly recommend that you look for a program that’s already for teachers versus a new program because you’ve been teaching for so long. Lastly, can you handle it? Do you think you can handle it better when you’re older? When you have more “time” (in air quotes”. No. I mean, like, if you want to learn classical, yes, you should do a bridge or a masters or mentorship.

Brad Crowell 12:09
This all makes me think of something that you should definitely check out called eLevate.

Lesley Logan 12:17
Oh, yes.

Brad Crowell 12:18
Because Lesley actually has a master’s program that she’s been hosting for the last few years now. We’ve had dozens of people going through the program, and we are opening enrollment for 2025 already because 2024 has kicked off and it’s happening. So if you if it’s something you want to check out, you know, just reach out to us or go to and we can get you. You know, we can secure your spot now. So, yeah, go check it out. Great question. Thank you for asking. If you have a question, and you want us to chit chat about it, or surmise or give you a straight answer. Just ping us anywhere.

Lesley Logan 13:03
Clearly, anywhere. We find them.

Brad Crowell 13:06
Yeah, anywhere.

Lesley Logan 13:07
It’s like ask us anything. Ask me a question. You can do it here, here here. She actually changed it. You can email her but I clearly grabbed her from everywhere.

Brad Crowell 13:16
Okay, now let’s talk about Ashley Black. Ashley Black, inspired by her personal struggle with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis leveraged her 30 years of experience in fascia research to invent the FasciaBlaster, a groundbreaking tool designed to enhance connective tissue health and regeneration. She has authored the number one bestselling book on fascia, while also pioneering the first documented ultrasound evidence of fascia regeneration in peer-reviewed research.

Lesley Logan 13:47
Do you know how much it cost to do peer-reviewed research?

Brad Crowell 13:50
I looked at this research facility that she mentioned.

Lesley Logan 13:52
She spent $2 million.

Brad Crowell 13:54
2 million bucks y’all. And these guys are like legit, you know.

Lesley Logan 13:58
And by the way, $2 million doesn’t mean you get to be involved in the research.

Brad Crowell 14:02
Oh, no, no.

Lesley Logan 14:02
You’re not involved at all. They just do it.

Brad Crowell 14:04
She was definitely I mean, she obviously was confident in what she was doing. But you know, they could have come back and been like yeah, none of this is real.

Lesley Logan 14:12
Thanks for your $2 million.

Brad Crowell 14:14
Yeah, thanks for your 2 million bucks, you know, but they did not they came back and said yeah, this is legit so good for her. That’s really exciting. Yeah, and you know, now you can blast your bait all you want.

Lesley Logan 14:29
Dear Lord. And so I really love this okay, so I’m going to be really honest like I, if you know me, you know, like, I am all about, like, beautiful bodies at every size like 1,000% and I have like, I do love the body that I have, like I really do. But I have not really enjoyed, like some cellulite that I have. And I’ve just been really frustrated and I saw like I saw one of her ads where she’s sitting there in a bathing suit with nothing and I was like, wait, hold on a second. Wait a minute. And then I was like, am I am I being superficial? Like, am I being like, am I anti-body positivity? Like, I’m just gonna be really honest, like, these are all the things that I thought about when I looked this up, and one of my dearest friends who’s been on the show several times, who’s a functional medicine doctor and a western medicine doctor was like, oh, Ashley Black has these amazing tools. And I was like, what do they actually work for? Like they actually work and then my other friend Kareen is on the show. She’s like, oh, I have them all. And they I’ve been using them and I’m like, okay, so am I just had to buy like something that doesn’t work. But then I like went down the rabbit hole, fell in love with all of the research she’s had and by the way, her tools are just for cellulite. And they’re like your fascia is like, as she discussed is like over your whole body. And she has nothing

Brad Crowell 15:45
It’s not just over it’s in like it’s between your organs (inaudible)

Lesley Logan 15:49
She had a video where she takes these straws. And the straws obviously are wrapped in paper. And she’s like, that’s basically your fascia. There’s fascia inside all wrapped around all these muscle fibers. And so what she said is, cellulite is a physical presentation of bad fascia. And she actually feels her it’s her moral duty to tell people not to accept it, because she likened it to having a rash. If you had a rash, you wouldn’t just go love my body and my rash. You would go like, deal with the rash. And she’s like, you can absolutely love your body at any size. And you guys, go check her out. This woman loves her body at her size. She’s beautiful. She like does amazing thing. She’s over 50 and going surfing in Costa Rica, like she’s kicking ass. But she says that we can actually love our bodies and work on our fascia and that can actually help with the cellulite, but also bonus benefits. Some of the pain you’re having, including why she was doing this in the first place. She had major pain in her hip are because of bad fascia.

Brad Crowell 16:50
Yeah and she started investigating the stress in the knee and the ankle, and was basically moving the fascia around, and eventually was able to work through the pain she was having in her hip with it.

Lesley Logan 17:08
Yeah. And she so she’s really big on advocating for effective fascia treatment, because there’s a lot of things on the internet like foam rolling or even like we have, like a like a type of the percussion tools, right? So there’s percussion massager. She’s like, those are actually not great for fascia but they’re great for other things.

Brad Crowell 17:27
They are great for muscles.

Lesley Logan 17:28
They’re great for muscles. And so like, if you watch her she’s very specific. Like if you do if you go too deep with the tools, that’s a deep massage, that’s for the muscle. If you do it up here that’s for the skin if you do it like this pressure, like so there is a method (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 17:41
Her tools, you mean.

Lesley Logan 17:42
Yes. And so I think like what I loved was that she wasn’t dissing any products, she was basically explaining how that product helps a different thing versus her products help. And I wanted to stress this, it’s not just about the cellulite, you guys, her fascia can if your fascia is not healthy, if it gets tight, if it gets bundled, if things happen to it, you will have pain and it criss-crosses your body because fascia is an organ almost like it’s like maybe is an organ, maybe the science is saying that but like it is so integral, and we go to the chiropractor a lot and I swear to God, the problem I’m having is because some fascia shit that’s on a different part of my body that I am working out with my blasting tools. So I’m like, there’s a reason why this is like on the left over here, the right over here, the left over here. So anyways, I’m a little bit obsessed. I love that she addressed that because I I was going I was like kind of having a little bit of like conflict of my own values. And it’s like, oh, no, it’s okay. And also, by the way, I still love myself and blast.

Brad Crowell 18:45
Well, I really loved when she was talking about the balance of running a business and maintaining scientific integrity. Because when you run a business, it’s really, you know, like, the idea is, what is our marketing message that’s gonna get people to buy things, right, and you can just make shit up. Right?

Lesley Logan 19:05
Oh people do make so much up.

Brad Crowell 19:06
People do they just make it up. Right. And so she is definitely arguing for the marriage of marketing with actual clinical research, you know, like the work that backs up the claims that she’s making. And I thought that was awesome. I mean, for me, that’s like, integrity, you know? And she talked about really, I think, I think was an interesting conversation. She’s like, am I taking crazy pills? Am I the only person that’s talking about fascia? Like, what’s the deal here? Why is it that like, you know, how is it that (inaudible) western medicine is not even considering this as a as something to look at. They’re just pushing fascia out of the way.

Lesley Logan 19:49
And this was like 20 years ago when she was first like when she first started. So if you’re like (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 19:56
And she, you know, was learning, she was reading she said she was literally having Eastern medicine books translated in English so that she can learn more about fascia. And she kept looking around for the fascia expert and the fascia expert and the fascia expert until she finally was like, I think maybe I’m the fascia expert because what the hell no one else is talking about this. ,

Lesley Logan 20:18
You know, what I just to like, like in that I could not believe we could actually have a podcast called Be It Till You See It, it seems so obvious that there’ll be a podcast out there already. So like, I think a lot of times we, we, all of you listening, the we, doubt that we could be the first person to think of something as a topic to share with the world. And I thought it really interesting that she just kept going, there’s gotta be someone, there’s she was like just praying and looking for someone else to be the expert. And then at the time, there wasn’t anyone?

Brad Crowell 20:56
Yeah, well, I just want to throw out a couple of other things that are like the science behind what she had, you know, studied, or sorry, that she obviously she went down her own path of education. And then she commissioned some scientific studies. And so she’s proved her commitment to ensuring safety and scientific validation through methods of funding independent research, with a blind study by the Applied Science Performance Institute, which that’s the company I looked up there out of Florida. Fascinating. There’s a bunch of like science nerds, they’re clearly very expensive. She utilized DEXA scans, ultrasounds and blood markers in the study, or they did and then they focused on collagen inflammation and longevity markers like telomere length. So I don’t have a clue what telomere length is but that’s what they focused on.

Lesley Logan 21:49
I actually, I used to study that stuff. So I do. That’s very impressive. And by the way, you guys, somehow Timbaland ended up in the conversation.

Brad Crowell 22:00
The producer.

Lesley Logan 22:01
Just want to say that, that I’ve always wanted Timbaland to be like part of a conversation and he made it into my podcast.

Brad Crowell 22:15
So yeah, so do longer telomeres mean longer life, this is what I’m learning about genetics. So shorter telomeres are associated with shorter lives. I don’t know that it’s the reverse. They didn’t say longer are associated with longer, but they are saying shorter is associated with shorter. So anyway, she sought to address any skepticism and criticism from both the scientific community and from the general public regarding your fascia treatment techniques by supporting it with science, so.

Lesley Logan 22:47

Brad Crowell 22:48
All right. So finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Ashley Black? She actually covered all four, she literally spent time thinking about this and she was very

Lesley Logan 23:03
Did you see my face on the video? Like my jaw was like dropping as she went through each one because you guys know, we tell people, they only have to do one if they want, like, you know, because like, we’re just like, thank you for being on the podcast. I’m so grateful. And she’s like, oh, I actually wrote these down. Hold on, I thought about each one. So we actually got she actually has, like, I love that they that it stands for something. Like it does, thank you for noticing.

Brad Crowell 23:29
Just like I didn’t know BE IT meant something. She said, you know, for bold, stepping into your power. You know those little voices that come in from time to time and tell you who you are. Once you know who you are, be unapologetic, without fear and step into who you are. Just be it. For intrinsic, she said, she recommends the Delete Activity, which I thought was really interesting. I’m curious to learn more about this. But she started by writing everything down that she does in the day. And then she reviewed it and she was like, you know, what, can I get rid of? What can what can I cut? Why am I doing these things? You know, and I? I don’t know? Like maybe it’s I don’t know, maybe? Maybe we can just delete cleaning.

Lesley Logan 24:19
Well, you can I mean, you can also like we deleted getting up to open the door for dogs by getting a thing that opens the door for the dog. So like you can like some deletes also include a delegation but like right What if you could just delete it? How would that work? And also like

Brad Crowell 24:36
She mentioned like, well, relationships that are stagnant and that are causing stress.

Lesley Logan 24:39
Oh, gosh, get rid of those. But also like Brad Bradbury’s Jack says like, because he was somebody was like, oh, I have to clean my desk to like actually get worked on and he’s like, no, you don’t. Your desk does not have to be clean to actually get worked on. The house does not actually have to be clean. And then Gay Hendricks is to be on the pod soon. Yes, he is. Yeah, he is. He actually says in his book he’s like, if you think the house has to be clean before you can write creatively, because you think other people want the house to be clean, don’t you think that other people in the house would prefer you to be a happy, healthy, awesome person living in your genius? So. Yeah, the house does probably have to get cleaned at some point. But you’re probably gonna clean up more or have a better life with the people who live you live with if you are doing your thing that you love. So delete shit.

Brad Crowell 25:25
Yeah. So she said, you know, we have something intrinsic to our nature and authenticity, when we’re discovering and sharing our authentic self. You know, if it’s a gift that we have, and we don’t share it, it’s a wasted life. But those really, that was some strong language there. And she suggests self-discovery create space to understand yourself, you know, when you’re giving yourself space by deleting things. And so yeah, I thought I thought it was interesting. B-E.

Lesley Logan 25:57
Yeah. So I think you got the B-I but

Brad Crowell 26:01

Lesley Logan 26:01
So I got a couple for you for the rest of them. Which is it’s not the action, it’s the little actions. So she talked about encouraging it to break down goals into manageable steps and take the first three today, or the first one, like take little actions, because we kind of like put things like, oh, I’ve got to build my course. I’ve got to create a challenge. I’ve got to make an email funnel. It’s kind of like, holy fuck, that’s so many things. Like, do you know how many things how many hearts go in there? You want to actually like break it down into little things. And this reminds me of Jill Flodstrom who was on the pod many, many moons ago and she was like, make everything take two minutes. So every task you put on your list, break it down until two minutes, because you always have two minutes, you have two minutes, when you’re waiting for someone, no one is on time for a Zoom call anymore. They’re all two minutes late. So you could actually do something for two minutes. So I’m consistently being that person. And then she said, find your North Star, find that thing that truly, truly makes you fulfilled. I really love this because today I had a call with someone and it was really, really great. But it would be a total distraction, it would not like it could veer its way back to the target. But right now it feels like a little offside and I (inaudible) I’m like, I love this when it’s at this point in your business that will actually be in alignment with what I’m doing. And I’m so in so whatever that when do you think that she’s like, it’ll probably be three months and like you call me in three months the offer still stands but right now, as it stands, it would just it’s it’s a little bit out of left field for me and so I would rather wait the three months if you don’t mind. And I would wait three years. Because like the reality is, you guys, we tend to think that everything happens has to happen tomorrow. And what I have discovered is it all happens when it’s supposed to which is fucking annoying. But stay on target.

Brad Crowell 28:09
Yeah, find that Northstar.

Lesley Logan 28:10
Do you like, do you like that really, really exciting, like supportive, like hoorah coaching like it’s all going to happen when it’s supposed to. But it really does. And it’s really amazing. And you always learn from things. So Ashley Black, I love you. I’m excited for what we’re doing together, you guys there will be some projects that Ashley and I are hoping to do together. One of them is you can actually use a link of ours to blast your bait to take that line out of Brad.

Brad Crowell 28:40
Master Blaster.

Lesley Logan 28:42
So there’s I have a ton of the tools I’m not gonna lie, our bathroom is full of them. I’ve been caught blasting all around the house. Honestly, whenever I’m Netflix sitting and chilling, that’s me, I’m just blasting and it feels really nice to do something for your body like I one of my love languages is touch. And so I do not have the time to go to a massage or as my I would, I would fucking go every week if I could. It’s not the money. It’s literally the time. So I really love this because it gets me, allows me to do something for myself. It feels really good to do something for myself. And I don’t think that as humans we actually touch our bodies enough so do that. And lastly, like I saw, I saw a couple moles I’ve never seen before probably because I wasn’t looking for them. So I’m booking a dermatology appointment so you can also get to know yourself a whole lot more while you’re doing this. It’s a byproduct.

Brad Crowell 29:36
I love it. Well check the link in the show notes if you want to see what we’re talking about here. And stay tuned because like Lesley said, we do have some more fun things coming up you know with Ashley down the road, and we can’t wait we can’t wait to announce them for you.

Lesley Logan 29:51
And by the way after the show is done recording Terraformer is out on her like outdoor patio Costa Rica. So she really truly is a Pilates person, loves it really the fascia like she, like, honestly and really into fascia, not just for your cellulite but also like what fascia could do for your entire body. It’s not just out the outward, it’s the inward as well. So yeah, it’s she’s awesome. I’m Lesle Logan.

Brad Crowell 30:17
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 30:18
Thank you so much for listening to us today. How are you going to use these tips in your life? Are you going to?

Brad Crowell 30:24
You’re going to blaster bait?

Lesley Logan 30:25
Yeah. There you go, Brad. I set you up for that. Let us know. Tag us, tag Ashley Black, in the, in whatever you like to share things at. It really does make my day when I hear, I have to say this, one of our listeners sent me a message today going so do you watch SVU? Law and Order SVU because I watch Law and Order SVU and I know every word to the intro of Law and Order SVU and I now know every word in the intro of the Be It Pod. And I just had to say, oh, first of all, we do watch SVU we are working our way through sort of season one since 2021. And we are because Brad has never seen a lot of episodes we start with SVU because why not go all the way in on the darkness? And I don’t know what season we’re in.

Brad Crowell 31:10
I think we’re in 18.

Lesley Logan 31:10
Season 18.

Brad Crowell 31:12
Yeah, I believe so.

Lesley Logan 31:12
We do know all the words. We call by our own (inaudible) and order. And I know and she did text me that she’s like dun-dun. And I said I said do yourself a favor. Go down the Tiktok rabbit hole online (inaudible) you will lose an hour of your life and you’ll never regret it. So anyways, thank you for tagging me and sharing with me how you love this show. What it makes you think of I never thought SVU and I would ever be in the same sentence but Mariska Hargitay, anytime, anytime you want it babe, I’m all in, have an amazing day.

Brad Crowell 31:47
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
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Brad Crowell
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Also to Angelina Herico for adding all of our content to our website. And finally to Meridith Root for keeping us all on point and on time.

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