Reframing Failure

for a Stronger You

Ep. 197 with Lesley & Brad

“It is incredibly valuable to get a third-party perspective.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Lesley and Brad unpack the gems from Beate Chalette’s thoughts on embracing unapologetic value propositions. Join them as they explore how to transform setbacks into fuel for success by embracing your unique strengths, holding firm to them, and reframing criticisms.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Outfits and airport lounges
  • Recognizing your innate strengths
  • Unapologetic value proposition
  • Handling criticism in the workplace
  • Not drowning in a puddle
  • Assistance from Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • Importance of community and third-party perspectives
  • Laughing in the face of demeaning behavior
  • Not taking failure personally

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Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the reframing convo I had with Beate Chelette in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now. Go back and listen to that one and then come back and join us. And by the way, patting myself on the back and didn’t make a single mistake reading the script. Oh, it took 100. What is this? 200 episodes anyways. 195 just took 195 by the sounds. Anyways, alright, here’s the deal, y’all. Brad clearly took over the sheets today. Because today’s apparently International Plant Appreciation Day… (Brad: heck yes it is) And Brad is over here cheesing out at his cactus garden. By that I mean, he’s got a big smile on his face. And he’s spending more time with this guy who says and you do you want to make his day because he does want you to make his day. He wants you to send pictures of your cactuses and succulents to the Be It Pod Gram. So Be It underscore, it’s like be at pod, you’ll find it and send your cactus and succulent pictures or send someone else’s like if you’re taking a walk and you see an amazing succulent, send it because that’s what cactus daddy is asking for. Wow. Okay, we let you produce an episode and this is what happens. All right. Next week is an OPC members only challenge. Yep, that’s right, we are doing the challenges. Again, we know how much like the 100 with me, but there’ll be members only from now on. And that’s, that’s how they’re gonna be. And I’m excited about it. And if you hate that, well, you’re missing out on a great community. So you know, come on over and join us. Next month is actual Police Day is May 6, what that means it’s inner it’s international plies day. So just do Pilates on a date. Don’t make a big deal about it. But we are going to make a big deal about it. And stay tuned. We’ll be telling you if you are getting the emails for the pod or for OPC or for Profitable Pilates, you will hear about it, I promise. And if you’re following us on the gram, you will hear about it. So stay tuned.

Brad Crowell 3:48
Yeah, but I’m really excited. We wanted to kind of go through some of our upcoming trips because as you know, we’re bopping all around the world. Yeah, so we’re just gonna run down real quick. What’s coming up over the next like seven months.

Lesley Logan 4:01
Grab your calculator, calculator… (Brad: Yes, grab this calculator) grab your calendar and also know where you live. And here, go Brad.

Brad Crowell 4:09
Okay, may we are going to be in Seoul, South Korea at balance bodies, P O T. And we’re going to be a booth there talking about our flashcards.

Lesley Logan 4:18
I’m presenting two workshops, one of those with Eric (…) and one of them is not as fine solo, and yes, we’re bringing the flashcards so this is the first time the flashcards are going to be available in Asia… (Brad: Right) so this huge and…

Brad Crowell 4:28
There are still going to be in English. The cards… (Lesley: Yeah) but we’re gonna be there in Korea with the cards for the first time.

Lesley Logan 4:34
Yeah, but hey, I know you’d like the YouTube video. So and those are English too. We’re working on it but we’re really excited. There’s only a limited amount. So make sure you get there first.

Brad Crowell 4:42
Love it. next July. We are going to be in the UK. wanted to give you a heads up we’re actually going to be doing touring over there. And we’re gonna be up in Leeds and we want everyone to come if you’re in Ireland or a quick hop over from like Amsterdam or up from Paris or something. We’re going to be doing a weekend workshop at Claire Sparrow’s location, and you can get on the [email protected] slash U K

Lesley Logan 5:12
And also you want to get on that waitlist ASAP because we’re only gonna allow those on the waitlist and agency members to get the earlybird rate and we’re gonna announce that in like a week. So yeah, do that today. Do not pass go, don’t go, Oh, I was supposed to do that, like, do it now. It’s a great way to practice taking action.

Brad Crowell 5:27
Then we’ve got August, we’re going to be doing a West Coast tour in the United States. All that stuff is still TBD. So just get on the waitlist there for slash TOR… (Lesley: west coast in the states?) Yeah, let’s go to the United States. In the month of August. In September, we are going to be in Poland. So we’re just bopping around.

Lesley Logan 5:47
Yeah. So it’s our first time back in Europe since 2019 2018, I think for those places. And also, if you’re listening this in real time, we’re telling you to like stay tuned for the link to sign up. But actually, the link should have been announced two weeks ago in a newsletter to you. So please, another reason to open your email because there’s something fun inside. Yeah. And we will be bringing flashcards to Poland.

Brad Crowell 6:11
Yeah, we’ll be bringing flashcards and we are gonna be hosted, someone else is hosting the event. So Lesley is going to be…

Lesley Logan 6:18
Yeah, Joel Crosby and Karen Fishman are both on on teaching with them. And then Jay is going to join us virtually. So it’s some pretty badass teachers (…)

Brad Crowell 6:28
October, October, we’re going back to our favorite place in the world, Cambodia. And if you’ve ever wanted to do a retreat, a Pilates retreat, or you just need a damn vacation, come join us. It’s the most incredible experience I guarantee you, you will talk about it for the rest of your life.

Lesley Logan 6:44
And you will have so much fun even like just like getting ready to like be excited about it. Like Sign up now. It’d be great. But we had someone sign up because she’s like, I, I need to like do something for myself… (Brad: Yeah. And it’s literally just yesterday) Absolutely. And just so you know, y’all, it is once you fly in at the airport, we got you. We have a tuk tuk driver picking you up. So you do not have to be an experienced traveler. You just have to actually get to the same airport. And we’ve got you covered.

Brad Crowell 7:11
Yeah, it’s gonna be great. Go to

Lesley Logan 7:15
Oh, these are the show notes. Everyone. If you are like, I can’t type that fast. They’re all in the show notes. You can just actually click up.

Brad Crowell 7:20
And then finally in November, Lesley is going to be teaming up with Erica Quest again. But in Miami.

Lesley Logan 7:26
Yeah. So a lot of stuff that Miami hasn’t been released at this exact moment. But there is something that Erica and I are doing in Miami. And then there’s an actual Miami POT… (Brad: Yeah. And then I’ll be there for the POT) And he’ll be there for the POT… (Brad: They’re separate events. But they’re all kind of back to back) Yeah, they’re back to back. So basically, like all the more reason to like, get our emails because then you won’t miss anything. There’s some things we can announce. And some things we can’t. So all I can say is Miami POT is in November and Erica and I will be in the vicinity, if not there.

Brad Crowell 7:53
So if you ever wanted to hang out, we would love to meet you at any of these things, or all of these things. Travel with (…)

Lesley Logan 8:00
Please do, so fun, you won’t be the first person. So you know might as well.

Brad Crowell 8:05
I love it. Okay, so did we have a question this week?

Lesley Logan 8:09
We did. Okay, so this came actually because I thought this is funny, and I thought would be fun for us to talk about. Because I posted us traveling back from Mexico. I posted a picture. Yeah, and I did look glamorous, I’m not gonna lie. And someone wrote like, do you actually travel in that outfit? And I was like, Oh, yeah. And then it made me think like, what do people travel in? And so I thought it would be really fun to just talk about how, what clothes to travel in because we are traveling so much. And I think it’s that I people travel in their pajamas all the time now like no one’s dressed up for the airport. And people used to dress up for the airport

Brad Crowell 8:45
like literally suit and tie dress up. Yeah, kids would be wearing a button down.

Lesley Logan 8:51
Yeah, yeah, and I’m not saying like that. I don’t wear leggings on the actual plane sometimes especially when we have red eyes like I have these. I’ll be really honest, I don’t have a link for them anymore because we’re not doing affiliate links but carbon 38 their pants are hands down the best thing to travel and I love the high waist level low waist. And if you get them in black, they go with everything and I will wear those if I have an overnight flight with a cute top that’s comfortable. And then a cute sweatshirt that also looks like a jacket. And that way I can sleep on the plane but I can look ready to go once we land and then other thing we do for overnights when like we have to travel like a little bit more comfortable. Because I still like to look nice, I’ll wear really cute shoes that are also comfortable. So yeah, this requires you finding comfortable cute things. Okay, so put that on your list. But if they’re out there they exist especially tennis shoes, cute tennis shoes totally exist. However, here’s another thing. Y’all, there are credit cards out there that are connected to lounges. Oh, and this is this is something you do not have to be first class flyer to get into lounges, right? A platinum Amex. I don’t even get on me about the fee because guess what you can add actually get paid back with like all these deals like we were getting just…

Brad Crowell 10:03
700 bucks a year. Yeah. But what happens is we get like 200 dollars in Uber credits we get a discount on our phone bill, we get this we get to that we get or whatever. Yeah, at the end of the year, it’s paid for itself, how we’re using it-

Lesley Logan 10:16
And we get access to lounges all over the world. Yeah.

Brad Crowell 10:20
And trust me, I there. It’s like, it’s like luxury.

Lesley Logan 10:23
Oh, being in a lounge at an airport that I don’t want. I want you I want you to want this for yourself. Yeah, it is so relaxing. And so it makes you want to also just look a little cute, because you’re gonna sit in the lounge have a free drink. Yes… (Brad: and free food) free food. Dude, the Centurion lounge in Las Vegas, we will actually go early just to get there because they’ll like brussel sprouts with bacon and date. It’s phenomenal. So anyways, going back to the question, so. So then when I’m but if I’m doing daytime travel, absolutely, I will try to dress for the occasion that I’m actually arriving for so that I’m already there in that outfit. So I’m going to go to like about to leave to go to see who wins for Rene Bowers event. And I will have an overnight flight. But I will absolutely have a jacket that I could throw on top of the outfit. So when I land I get in my friend’s car to drive to this fancy fabulous female event I will look sweet and hot enough to like get to the hotel room because I don’t want to be checking into the hotel looking like I just got off a bus, I want to look like you’re from right I want and it helps you Be It Till You See It in an event that can honestly intimidate you. So yes, when I travel, I have made it a point in the last several years to just like, let’s treat this like an event as opposed to like, oh gosh, I’m really sick. Because yes, Coach sucks. I hear you. But like how can I make coaches a little bit more fun and I’m telling you right now here’s what’s so fun… (Brad: Domestic coach sucks) domestic coach sucks. Flight Attendant, Don’t worry, Chris, Chris Airlines is not coming around, like you guys said we suck. Nope. We love you Singapore Airlines. Thank you so much. But when you fly and you actually dress up just a little bit I’m not talking heels. I’m not talking like a faint like you know a dress but when you dress like just a little bit. The flight attendants are so shocked. Yeah, and they treat you better in coach and they already treated like shit. But let me tell you I get a free can every time I sit down like I put the lipstick on. You don’t have to like anyways. Yes, I always travel like that. I’m trying to make it more of a point. It’s a new habit. And you can find easier ways to do this. There are some really amazing dress pants out there that are made of stretchy clothes. So go find them my…

Brad Crowell 12:30
You know, like when you’re in jeans. And like you know I’m a slim fit kind of guy there are now like stretchy slim fit jeans so that when you’re sitting for 10 hours on a plane, you can still lo feel like (…)

Lesley Logan 12:44
I just got showed an ad about that. I sent it to you. I was like you need to get these pants. So anyways, so Anyways, y’all like I hope this helps you. I don’t want to come off arrogant about the Landis thing. But I also want to say like, it’s hard to feel competent all the time, there are little things you can do that will make you feel better about yourself and dressing up for an occasion when you see yourself in a mirror you don’t look haggard off a plane. Because trust me that’s like those airplane bathrooms those lights are just meant to make you look like shit. If you just look a little bit put together, you’re gonna you’re gonna be more excited about where you’re going. And you’re gonna feel like a little bit more awesome. So at any rate, thank you for that question. You can send all your questions whatever they have to do it including what I wear on the plane to the Be It pod wherever you follow us

Brad Crowell 13:38
Okay, now let’s talk about Beate Chelette from bankruptcy to break even in three months. Beat Chelete is a woman who refuse to fail and turned her passion for photography into a global business. She now works with visionaries, and thought leaders to grow their audience as a growth architect and stands by utilizing your unapologetic value proposition for impact in the world today and in your workplace.

Lesley Logan 14:07
Yeah, I thought she was kind of a badass.

Brad Crowell 14:10
It was really like listening to her talk, tell her story, was, I felt a massive parallel with my own story. Because I also came from the creative world she started she’s got a photography degree, but ended up working on a magazine and she quickly became the editor of the magazine because she is a systematic, like systematic approach is how she addresses things and people kept saying How did you do that? How would you do that? She’s like, I don’t know. What are you talking about? I just did it. And that’s how I felt too. And it took me a long time to actually put my finger on the My strength that I my superpower is when shit is hitting the fan. I am able to see the path through the insanity. Right and I worked in a high stress environment and And a lot of people would just like freeze and blank and like nothing would happen and I have this understanding of how to see all the moving parts and then figure out the best way through. And it sounds to me like that’s basically she created a systematic approach for stuff and was able to take her creativity but you know, shifted into the workplace

Lesley Logan 15:19
I want to point out like what you just said because going into that like so one of the things I love that she said was like, pull out your unapologetic value proposition. So basically, like you got to know your strengths and you actually have to boast is the wrong word, but like, like, you should get known for them. Like literally, like, if you listen to podcasts, you probably have heard some people go the same person go on many different podcasts, right? If you listen to them on so and so’s podcast versus my podcast versus another person’s podcast, they’ll probably say a very similar thing, because they’re probably in a book or something like that. However, you will actually you actually probably know what Louis House’s unapologetic value proposition is. You probably know what Laurie Harder’s is, you probably know what like Ed my letter. Everyone knows Oprah’s. So like, the reality is, it’s because why they…

Brad Crowell 16:06
You get a thing and you get a thing… (Lesley: that’s not her) Oh, that’s not her.

Lesley Logan 16:11
But they, they repeat it, they actually say it. And so what she is saying is like, it’s really easy to want to actually before I go into what she’s saying, you just said like she was asked, How did you do that? Oh, my gosh, how did you get that done? And you said, How did you get that done? If you don’t know what your value proposition is to be unapologetic, it is absolutely what people keep thinking you do so easily. Yes. That’s literally what it is. It’s how Profitable Pilates got started. If you’ve been listened to pot a long time, you already know this. So I’m not gonna like beat a dead dog a profitable horse. But, but, but somebody asked me how did you do that? And other people, like, it’s so easy for you? And I’m like, what are we talking about? Like, so that’s how I learned what I could do so differently. That was my value proposition to that team. So you need to figure out versus and then be unapologetic. And if somebody criticizes you for doing it, you actually have to, you actually have to stand up for yourself. And if people are going, Oh, must be nice for you because blah, blah, like, you can go back to Melissa Domen’s podcast episode and just go, oh, well, why don’t you think you can do that for yourself?

Brad Crowell 17:16
That’s a really good point. I think, Well, I think the other thing, where I really connected with her was like, she asked herself, like, I don’t know, how come I can do that thing. And kind of understood Oh, innately, this is my strength. But what revealed that for me, was when I took strengths, finders 2.0 test and I saw my top five, and I was like, Oh, I do those things. And I didn’t even know I was doing those things. And suddenly, it was so clarified for me, it changed, changed literally my life. So I love that. I think that that is great. And I love how she calls it her unapologetic value prop. And in her mind, she actually coaches a lot of women who it sounds to me like they’re in corporate, some kind of corporate culture, who are getting the age old, like bullshit, like, Oh, you’re being so emotional today kind of thing. Or they’re being judged (…)

Lesley Logan 18:13
Oh my gosh, you’ll have to go back to that part of the conversation, because she had great ways to literally say it back to them in a way that makes them look like an idiot. And you can move on.

Brad Crowell 18:25
And we’re going to talk about that in a little bit. But what she did with the, with the, like, if they’re being criticized, she said, hey, it’s not a problem. To know that you’re you’re not us. This is not your strength. This is not your forte, and your response should simply be Hey, that’s so funny. Isn’t that obvious that this is not my strength? No problem. That’s why I was hired to do ABC and D, not whatever the hell it is that you’re criticizing me for. So why don’t we just transfer that over to so and so who actually kicks ass at that thing? They can win. And then I can go back to what I know. I’m good at. Right? And so…

Lesley Logan 18:59
Oh yeah, I remember like somebody wrote when I released my book, which I did have an editor, and they wrote an Amazon review. Like, it’s a great book, but there’s like a lot of grammar. There’s several grammar mistakes, which they weren’t there and I wrote it’s a good thing. I wasn’t writing an English book. Right? Because I wasn’t I was not writing an English book and the grammar errors that were there. We’ve now fixed them all they’re fine now, but but they did not change. It’s not like an Oxford comma, where like I could have had a lawsuit that I lost a lot of money. They did not change the lesson you were supposed to be learning. It was just like, you know, a stupid little wrong period, whatever. So I really liked that because it really like you’re not supposed to perfect at everything. You can’t read my handwriting. Well, I wasn’t brought here to like, write your things on a chalkboard. I was here to bring my ideas. Thank you.

Brad Crowell 19:46
So what she said that really I was drawn to was I will not drown in a puddle. And she kind of said this as like an offhand thing that I think she was told. And she adopted it. And it made me think back to an experience that we have recently gone through where our websites went offline. And all you can see in the moment is, holy shit, the fucking world just fell around us and everything is going wrong all at the same time. And you just get sucked into this vortex of fear. And, you know, I can’t get paid right now. Because nobody can pay us. Because the websites are online, you know, and all of these kinds of things. And for her, you know, she talked about how she had was going through, she had an abusive relationship. She had a child, she had a lawsuit, she had her business, like, like, she lost a half a million dollars in one day, like all this kind of stuff, which is insane. That’s terrifying to me. But the the like she said, I will not drown in a puddle. And you know what, that what I took that to mean is, it’s really difficult for us to take a step back when you’re in the moment. And understand, this is not the end of the world. This is something that is happening right now. But let’s take a step back from that, can we see the bigger picture while we’re going through the shit? And that’s so hard to do, right? But here’s what here’s what can happen with this, right? Because she ended up going through those experiences. She was then she was introduced to the SBA, which is the Small Business Business Administration, she actually took her business plan in, sat down with them. And guess what they did, they helped her rewrite her business plan. I don’t even know they did that. That’s crazy thing.

Lesley Logan 21:41
Oh, this person is amazing. We’ve had somebody go the SBA ugly, this will never work. And I’m like, that person is just like dream killer.

Brad Crowell 21:47
she had an opportunity where she went in and they actually helped to rewrite the business plan. And then after they did that, they helped her find a loan. Right? for us, when our business when our websites went offline, what it forced us to do was go back and actually look at the foundation of the code of the websites and rethink how we were doing things. Because the reality is, you know, even though we’ve been very intentional about how we’re building things, it wasn’t something that could scale to handle 10 million people coming to the website. Now we got attacked by a bot. We wish that like, you know, we had 10 million visitors to the site. But the reality is, if we had 10 million people come to the site, it wouldn’t have worked then. So you know…

Lesley Logan 22:30
Yeah, we just we weren’t, we were building it. We just didn’t, we didn’t have we didn’t have the knowledge of what was scalable until so everything happens the way it’s supposed to. But if you are, if you are like literally like screaming and kicking around in a puddle, and not taking a moment to just go, oh, I can actually put my feet out…

Brad Crowell 22:45
and trust me it might not feel like a puddle. Okay? (Lesley: no, no, no, it won’t) the intent here is not to, to minimize any of the experiences that you’re going through. But what the point is, what you’re going through, you need to zoom out, and you need to look at things from a wider lens. And that is going to help you have perspective,

Lesley Logan 23:04
I think having people you can actually talk about it with that are not emotionally involved. So like not talking like, family or even friends. I’m talking like just someone else. This is why it’s so nice for agency members because like, their answers are not directly involved in the other person’s business, but their cancers can absolutely make the person feel seen and heard in a way that A makes them not feel like they’re crazy, but B it’s like, Hey, this is happening to a lot of people where they can exhale and go. Oh, yeah. And like just like having that moment. Like, luckily, we were around a ton of business people when it happened, and we’re just gonna say this and they’re like, Oh, is it this? Have you thought about these things? And like, it wasn’t too much information was like, Oh my gosh, please stop. We’re just working on it. But it was enough for people to go we felt seen it felt it sucked and and then we were able to go, Well, who can we hire that can help us with this. And it’s actually ended up being a really, really great thing for us. I mean, it will be greater a year from now we’re still still recovering from it.

Brad Crowell 24:06
But well, but also like what you mentioned about community can be incredibly helpful, whether those are your peers, you can also have a coach, right? so a business coach, you can also have a therapist if it’s personal and not not work related. Right? So it is incredibly valuable to get a third party perspective so I love that point. Yeah, yeah.

Alright, so finally let’s talk about those Be It action items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your coNVo with Beate Chelette? I’m going first… (Lesley: I know) I’m gonna jump in here. I’m gonna go first.

Lesley Logan 24:48
Take it away.

Brad Crowell 24:51
Oh, she started laughing y’all. She said gut busting belly laugh. When, especially if someone is trying to demean you. And specifically, she was talking about that office thing I said, we’ve been talking about it later, when somebody tells you, you know, that you’re, you know, that when they’re trying to, like demean you or take power away. She said laugh about it, instead of acknowledging it, because when you acknowledge it, you’re actually feeding into the lie, you’re feeding into that manipulation. When you laugh at the thing that they just said, you can, you’re effectively stopping it, you’re deflating it. And then you can say, we’re gonna go right back to… or, so the point I was trying to make is… or the thing we were just discussing is…, right? and you’re you’re literally, you’re causing a conversation or interrupt. You’re actually shocking the rest of the room. You’re shocking everybody else. Whoa, what you know what is happening? You’re actually allowing them to move on past that demeaning thing that that person just said.

Lesley Logan 25:56
Also you’re showing the room how much of an idiot that person is. Yeah. Because the whole room you shocked the room, and then they saw you like, take your power back and move on. And…

Brad Crowell 26:07
Oh my gosh, that’s 1994. Alright, so what we’re talking about is, you know, like, you can do things like that.

Lesley Logan 26:14
Yeah. And it really does make everyone else in the room come back to you, which is the whole point. You’re not like, you know, they’re not like stuck on Oh, my God, I can’t believe that dude said that thing or whatever. So yeah, I I actually thought it was brilliant. I really truly wish I known her when I was doing corporate fitness because there are definitely a few men at room I wish I could have like, just laughed out loud. And so just being like…

Brad Crowell 26:36
Not only the men though. Definitely she was discussing the men but (…)

Lesley Logan 26:42
Well, I’ll be clear, because I have a couple of my old bosses who might listen to podcast. Hi, ladies, I love you. And particular general manager at the club, who was just an awful person to me. Yes. And I really wish I had had this skill set because I like I have like, I can think back to every single meeting where she demean me. And while everyone in the room including the men could see what she was doing, and they’d come to me afterwards, I’d have time for them to come to me afterwards and support me afterwards in my office, I had the work to do that I’d been demeaned about. So like, I wish I had had this. So everyone, please. I want to know if you use the skill set, please tell us, tag the Be It pod, and we’ll share the whole moment for sure.

Brad Crowell 27:23
Yeah, yeah. So share your bold moments. So what about you?

Lesley Logan 27:27
All right, my biggest takeaway, this is my perfectionist, you’re listening. I know you, Hello. You are prohibited from taking failure personally. This is so key. So I’m just a little like, there’s no logic and blaming yourself. No logic, like, it doesn’t make any sense to blame yourself, and the road to failure should take going forward…

Brad Crowell 27:51
It should be a cul de sac.

Lesley Logan 27:52
t’s like a cul de sac. Like people go it’s two steps forward, one step back. But really, it’s like, Oh, hello, oh, that’s where I’m gonna go. I’m gonna turn around and come back and like you’ll have the route better, you’ll know things better.

Brad Crowell 28:01
Well, I think what what she was saying with this is with with the failure, when the emotion of the failure, instead of it being like a stopping point, it comes to you and stops, you need to treat it like a cul de sac. So the emotion comes in, you’re allowed to feel it… (Lesley: Oh, I see? Right? But then that emotion needs to leave because it’s you can’t just wallow in it forever.

Lesley Logan 28:26
I mean, we’ll just because we haven’t had an actual episode or talked about the publicly like this. On the website, you have emails, but like, and you got to read our stuff. I’m so proud of us, like, at no point did we go this is personal. And at no point did I think or we think that Oh, my God, everyone’s gonna leave us. We thought like we we have to move fast. But I definitely trusted that the efforts that we did, through our communities going prior to that, like really allowed us to have have some leeway in people understanding the situation. I mean, Peck Instagram went down for eight hours. And, you know, like, people still use it. So. But I, I know that we did not take the websites going down personally, like, this is our fault. This is something that we did, we should have been better. It’s like we actually did the fucking best we could with what we knew. And now we know better, we need to do better. And so it’s like, feel the feelings and then let that and then let that go. That’s so important with everything y’all like, it’s really important that you’re not telling a story about yourself about some failure. I hear people all the time who would like this thing this one day and they just keep telling the story over and over again. And guess what you get to keep it so you don’t have to you don’t have to let a failure just be something that’s personal. She actually says you’re prohibited so I I mean, you know, that is probably one of the few like, yeah, stake in the ground things. It’s like very black and white. You’re prohibited from taking failure personally, I think that’s great. What a great way to live.

Brad Crowell 29:54
Yeah. And I feel like it’s probably from like lessons learned over time. You know? this is not a She didn’t just come like, it’s a conclusion that she drew, I feel like, from going through things herself, so lovely.

Lesley Logan 30:06
But guess what? We don’t have to like go no longer y’all with the age of the internet. And with all these amazing women who are like breaking glass ceilings and then telling you how to do it, we don’t actually have to go through all the steps ourselves to like, I’m gonna learn it my way. Like we’ve talked about this before, like my cousin Eddie, I want to win the case by myself. And it’s like, okay, but what if you want all the cases because someone helped you? Like, right? And so it’s like, in this case, yes. She probably learned from personal life lessons, but she’s here sharing it with you. So that if you are 25 years old, listen, this podcast, what if you could go the rest of your life not taking failure personally, even if we have to wait till you’re 50 to learn this lesson. And if you’re already 50 learn this lesson. Guess what we’re all living to 100 Fucking anyway. So like, now you have the rest of your life to not like to look we don’t get you don’t have to learn things personally all the time. We can learn it from other people. That’s why these podcasts exist.

Brad Crowell 31:00
Well, we’re so glad you’re here listening to it… (Lesley: I know. Thank you so much for being here) Yeah… (Lesley: I’m Lesley Logan) And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 31:07
All right, how can we use these tips in your life? I want to know, you’re in a tag the Be It pod. You’re gonna share them with us. You can send your questions in, however you like to share episode, as always really great. Leave a review wherever you listen to your podcasts. It actually really does help us get this podcast out. We have some amazing wins for the podcasts that we can’t announce yet. But we’ll announce soon. You’ll start to hear them. We’ve got some great collaborations and partnerships. It’s because of you it’s because of how engaged you are, how fired up you are and how much you share this episode. So thank you. We couldn’t do without you and I will see you on the next episode.

Brad Crowell 31:36
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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