Mastering the Mindset

of Success Now

Ep. 293 with Lesley & Brad

“Your purpose is not actually the thing that you currently do for a living. Your purpose is bigger than that.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

How to manifest future aspirations in the present? Brad and Lesley discuss how cultivating the mindset and habits of your ideal self can lead to significant results. The conversation is replete with actionable advice, personal experiences, and thought-stirring observations. Discover how “being it before you see it” can transform your life and help you overcome obstacles on your journey towards success.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How your purpose is bigger than what you do for a living.
  • Importance of creating a financial runway during role transitions.
  • The challenge of separating your identity from your job title to find a more expansive purpose.
  • Alternative ways to introduce yourself that don’t solely rely on your job title.

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Lesley Logan:If you actually think about this, like, who you want to be in the future, if you were that person now with all the things you still have to do, how would that person handle those things? Yeah, this is how Be It Till You See It came about.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:54
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It Interview Recap where my co-host in life Brad and I are going to dig into the influential convo I had with Candy Motzek in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that one, go ahead and listen to it and then come back and listen to this one or listen to this one and then listen to that one. I just found out from the book club and agency that a lot of them just listen to the book club meeting to decide if they’re gonna read the book. And I was like, okay, well, we need at least

Brad Crowell 1:19
That’s like the Cliffs Notes.

Lesley Logan 1:20
Yeah, I said, but we need at least two people every month to read the book to host the book club. So you guys have to alternate on this weird plan you have. Anyways, I really enjoyed Candy is really funny. I was actually listening to the pre of the interview. And she was like, hey, before we continue, can I just take a screenshot of us so I can post it and I was like, oh, you totally can. It was so fun. And also, I was like, okay, if you’re gonna do Be It Action Items, I always tell people just so you guys know, like, just, you know, breaking the third wall, I tell them do not say get to know yourself or journal for a Be It Action, because what the fuck is that anyways? And so I was like, um, you know, because we, we email them this, but some people don’t read. So I like say it.

Brad Crowell 2:08
Pretty sure it’s the fourth wall.

Lesley Logan 2:09
It’s the fourth wall. Third wall. It’s a wall. We broke through the wall. And so I’m breaking to the wall. So um, so I said, so I was telling her what she’s been emailed because sometimes people just don’t read. And she’s given me a big red X. And I was like, well, I’m not rude. But correct, you’ll have to come up with something else. So anyways, her Be It Actions are awesome. They’re actually, they’re. This is what I’m loving our guests that I’m getting because you guys keep listening to this podcast are bigger and better every single time. And they really do take podcasting seriously. And so thank you.

Brad Crowell 2:46
Well, she’s a podcast host herself. And so she’s used to talk, too. Really great at it.

Lesley Logan 2:50
Yeah, they always make the best guest. But at any rate, like she’s awesome. And it’s really over. So we’ll get it done in a second. But for now, if you’re listening to this today, and you live in the States, Happy Thanksgiving.

Brad Crowell 3:01
Happy Thanksgiving!

Lesley Logan 3:02
And if you don’t live in the States, happy Day Before Black Friday, because what I have found out is it’s Black Friday everywhere, even though it’s not Thanksgiving everywhere, and however you feel about Thanksgiving. I know for a lot of people in the US they’re doing family friends, food, a lot of food. There’s so much food and also can we just be honest, most of the food for Thanksgiving is not exciting, except for the sweet potatoes. So good. Do not put marshmallows on that shit.

Brad Crowell 3:28
It’s a very creative food.

Lesley Logan 3:29
There’s creative food.

Brad Crowell 3:30
And then in the States, football. Football, football, football.

Lesley Logan 3:33
Football. There’s lots of football. There’s a big turkey on the football field that somehow has multiple legs. I don’t understand that. And to be honest, I actually don’t like any Thanksgiving food. So we go to a restaurant.

Brad Crowell 3:45
I love mashed potatoes.

Lesley Logan 3:47
Well, but you can get, you can make mashed potatoes on any day. You just, I, stuffing, I never understood stuffing.

Brad Crowell 3:54
That’s one of my favorites.

Lesley Logan 3:55
Oh, well. I’m gluten, dairy-free. So I’m fucked. Cranberry? I grew up poor so it was just

Brad Crowell 4:01
Not my favorite.

Lesley Logan 4:02
Do you know what’s really funny?

Brad Crowell 4:03
The Cranberry can.

Lesley Logan 4:04
The can because it’s got the lines. Yeah. And also also can I tell, can I just tell you really quickly my favorite Thanksgiving story? Okay, so my grandmother, she’s, none of my grandparents are around anymore, but my mom’s parents don’t cook okay. They do not cook and we went to their house for Thanksgiving one year I don’t know why they won but they ordered it from Raley’s. Raley’s is kind of like a Ralph’s or a Smith’s or what do you call on the East Coast?

Brad Crowell 4:31

Lesley Logan 4:32
Acne. This is a regular grocery store but you can pre-order like a pre-made Thanksgiving, think Boston Market which doesn’t exist anymore either. But you can pre-order, you go I want a Turkey this size. No. Pretty sure. Well, Keith Olbermann did the commercial and I pretty sure like he got paid a lot and then they like anyways, that’s another story. But let me tell this story. This is really funny. So picture, like the wooden table that’s an oval with a leaf was put in to like make enough room and then the grocery-ordered-you-reheat-the-food kind of Thanksgiving meal, okay, and we’re all sitting around the table and my grandmother bought. What’s the sparkling apple cider? Do you know what I mean? The sparkling apple cider because like, oh for the kids, Martinelli’s, Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider or apple juice. And then there’s obviously like champagne or wine for the adults. But anyways, she bought those like plastic flutes that you like put together or you put the flute in the bottom of the thing. Sure. Okay. So you put that on the table and then but they’re cheap because poor right so she, they’re pouring that apple cider

Brad Crowell 5:40
But they’re fancy.

Lesley Logan 5:42
It looks fancy. Let me just say it. Okay, so they’re pouring out (inaudible) into the flutes, right, with these plastic flutes. And then of course, everyone is like reaching over the table to pass things around. You’re just knocking apple cider flutes around, and they’re just like, falling into the turkey. The turkey’s like floating and it’s like flooding. Everyone was laughing and my grandma was like, this is a fucking waste of money, my grandpa’s pissed, my mom is laughing so hard, just like get up here. It’s a fucking hilarious thing. It’s my best memory. And then from then on out, we went back to my dad’s side of the family for Thanksgiving, and we invited my mom’s parents over and I was so disappointed because my dad’s parents were so serious.

Brad Crowell 6:33
Well, I won over the whole family by cooking your dad’s mom’s artichoke casserole. Surprise. Nobody knew that you had the recipe.

Lesley Logan 6:45
I know. They want it badly. Yeah. And we should just give it to them.

Brad Crowell 6:49
But I cooked it. We’re like, oh my gosh, this tastes like grandma. Because we eat grandma.

Lesley Logan 6:53
What if for this Thanksgiving we just like mail them the recipe and like, you know what I mean? Like Merry Christmas. We’re not coming. Anyways, okay, so what does this mean? It means Black Friday, Cyber Monday, it means there are a bunch of sales happening on and And you want to go if you’re not a member, there’s an awesome opportunity to be a member for OPC for super not a lot of money. Then also at Profitable Pilates, like discounts on courses and Brad’s upcoming What Your Website Needs webinar. Guys, whether you’re gonna make it yourself, it’s not live this weekend, you guys, it’s just the sale is this weekend, it’s live.

Brad Crowell 7:36
December 3rd.

Lesley Logan 7:37
So the deal is really inexpensive and you are going to be able to have confidence in knowing what your website should have. So you can do what you go through your website and make sure you have all the things he’s saying. Or if you’re gonna make it yourself, you know what to do. Or if you’re gonna hire someone, you won’t get fucked over. So that’s really awesome. And mat flashcards are on sale, a whole bunch of good stuff. So super, super great. Grab the mat flashcards for all of your friends. Do it, do it. It’s there. This is the best deal they’re going to be. Yes. Okay, before we get on with Candy, Brad, do we have an audience question to respond to?

Brad Crowell 8:07
Oh, yes, we do. And this week’s question is, what are great presents for my clients? We get this every year.

Lesley Logan 8:18
Every year, multiple times, sometimes earlier, sometimes like in August, people are asking this question. So um, so I’ve had this question three different times, in three different ways. Some people are like, I want a non fitness gift for my clients. Some people are like, I want like a, an inexpensive gift for my clients. And some are like, do I have to get a gift for my clients, I just want to say whether, you don’t have to be a Pilates teacher for this to apply to you. You actually don’t have to give anyone anything.

Brad Crowell 8:44
You do not.

Lesley Logan 8:45
Ever. Some people’s love languages are gifts. And in some cultures, then when they give gifts, or when they receive gifts, they write a list because then they return them back. Like for example, in Cambodia, when you’re invited to a wedding, they will literally write down and keep a log, Brad and Lesley gave $50. And then when you when we invite them to something they give $50. So it’s exactly reciprocal, okay, and everything is cash there. No one’s buying dishes for anybody, they just give money. Okay? So depends on the culture where you’re listening. So make sure this like you think about that. But for when it comes to if you’re a studio owner, so to speak to like in that way, but like if you are a service-based industry person, getting your clients gifts is really thoughtful, but it’s not something you can always do every single year. And they’re not expecting it from you. They literally do not come to you for massages, hair care, Pilates, yoga, babysitting, none of that to receive a gift from you at the end of the year. If you got them a handwritten card that said, oh my gosh, I love how 9 a.m. on Sundays feels because of you. That is going to be so thoughtful. You have no idea. If you want it to instead one of Jamie Hayden in Milwaukee, her studio adopts a family every Christmas, they literally she, there’s a charity that she works with, and they adopt a family. And each client actually buys a gift for the family rather than like giving her gifts or like her giving them gifts. And that’s really cool. So I just want to like take the pressure off that you do not have to like get anyone gifts. If you want to give your clients gifts, may I suggest that it’s something fun that you can kind of make a tradition. For example, one of my clients in LA, Geeta, every year she and her daughters get together and they make a trail mix of sorts called trail mix or muesli of sorts. And they make it they like have she they go to the store, they buy all the ingredients, they, they have to bake the oatmeal in a certain way, they have certain seasonings, they put on it, and they put it in these little mason jars, the same kind of jars every single year, I have three of these jars now. And like it kind of became like, I need a fourth and then COVID. But like, they make it every year. And it’s her gift to give all the people in her life that are not close family. And it’s the same gift every year. And let me just tell you, it’s fucking delicious. I looked forward to every year and she could make it. So think about something you could do like that. That is thoughtful, thoughtful. You’re you put some labor and love into it. The margins are not expensive, we’re talking like the cost of the jar is about $1. And then the cost of the products is like when you break it up against 100 people like it’s really nominal. And so she could do that every year for people and I looked forward to it every year and the people in her life did. And so I would do that.

Brad Crowell 11:39
Ironically, that is her giving gifts to you, but, yes.

Lesley Logan 11:42
I know but well I don’t cook. Anyways, I’m just saying it was her given gift to me.

Brad Crowell 11:49
Or you could also like support a local business. And give maybe like a $25 gift card to a lunch spot that they could use near your studio, or something.

Lesley Logan 12:00
$25 is a lot. If you have 10 clients, that’s a lot of money. So, no. What you can also, I just want to say your clients do not come to you for the money or anything.

Brad Crowell 12:11
They don’t come to you for the money.

Lesley Logan 12:12
So what you can do is say, hey, this month 10% of every session is going to this charity, this is my Christmas gift, right? Or you can make it community-based is my point, I think it’s more impactful. And people remember it more than you giving them a pair of fucking socks. I like that idea. Actually, I love toe socks, and you should use our code. They are a sponsor of the show. But it’s by the way, the code is Lesley. Spell it right. But you, your clients will buy those from you. You don’t have to give them to them. They, they’re, they really do love coming to you and they want you to stay in business. So please don’t break your bank to do this. And don’t stress about it. Anyways, the point is the great presents for clients are often the ones that actually bring the community together and do not cost a lot of money and are thoughtful and so make them something, bake them something or or you know, do something for the community in their honor. That’s my suggestion. But you know, if you want to go crazy and stress yourself out, by all means it’s the holiday season as far.

Brad Crowell 13:19
Only those two choices.

Lesley Logan 13:23
That’s right, you’ve only those two choices (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 13:27
Hey, I’m so totally just realized we missed a major announcement.

Lesley Logan 13:33
Major, so big, because it’s like literally two weeks away.

Brad Crowell 13:37
Lesley and I are going to be driving around the country.

Lesley Logan 13:40
7000 miles.

Brad Crowell 13:41
70, 70, 70 like 7000 miles.

Lesley Logan 13:45
We’re bringing the dogs.

Brad Crowell 13:47
We’re looking at over 20 locations.

Lesley Logan 13:50
Yes. So we’re gonna be a city near you, and because we’re driving 7000 miles, there’s no reason why you can’t drive 100 miles.

Brad Crowell 13:57
That’s true.

Lesley Logan 13:57
I’m just saying.

Brad Crowell 13:58
Yeah, we’d love to see you come hang out go to

Lesley Logan 14:02
We want to be the excuse to get you away from the crazy chaos or bring the crazy chaos to us and let me handle it for an hour.

Brad Crowell 14:09
Yeah. That could happen to you could bring your crazy chaos to this class.

Lesley Logan 14:14
People do that. Every tour they’re like, I’m bringing my family so You don’t want to miss this winter tour is amazing. And the cities we go to change every year. So if you’re like, oh my gosh, I’ll go next year. We might not be coming your city next year. That’s just how it is.

Brad Crowell 14:30
That’s true. Okay, now let’s talk about Candy Motzek. Candy is a business coach and a podcast host dedicated to helping struggling coaches thrive in pursuing their passion while attracting clients and generous income.

Lesley Logan 14:46
Okay, so I’m gonna jump in because I really loved there’s a couple things first of all, she talked about how like you would never go to a therapist who doesn’t have a therapist. You would never go to Pilates teacher withour a Pilates teacher.

Brad Crowell 14:57
You’d never go to a doctor who doesn’t go to the doctor. (inaudible)

Lesley Logan 15:01
And then she is a coach for coaches. So I love that. But I really like she talked about, like, really getting into like, what is your purpose and it’s actually really hilarious because in the agency meeting today that when we were they were recording this, I was talking about purpose. And I said your purpose isn’t like, this is, I coach Pilates instructors, right, your purpose isn’t Pilates, I’m just gonna like if you listen to this, and you teach Pilates or you teach yoga or whatever, your purpose is not actually the thing that you currently do for a living. Your purpose is bigger than that. My vehicle happens to be Pilates right now. But if I were to not teach Pilates, don’t freak out. I’m not saying I’m gonna quit tomorrow. But if I would not do that, I would still have that purpose. And so she said, you need to contemplate the big question, what is my purpose, she says, Your purpose wants us as much as we want it. And she said, be bold enough to see what’s right in front of you. And a lot of times people think that their purpose is going to hit them, like she said, like a lightning bolt from thunder from heaven is just gonna hit you and go, here is your purpose. And it’s not going to be like that, but it’s in you. And oftentimes, we don’t want to say it out loud, because we don’t feel like we’re enough for it. Or we don’t think it’s big enough. Like, I remember when we did this with Agency members a couple years ago, and someone’s like, Okay, if I just wanna help people not be in pain, I’m like, That’s a fucking huge purpose. Pain keeps people from living a whole life. So sometimes I think we play the purpose down like, oh, that’s not enough. I’m not saving the world, I’m not stopping climate change. It’s like, hold on, if what you do takes the person out of pain, and that person can cure cancer, that’s pretty fucking awesome. So like, your purpose is always bigger than what it is. And we need to stop playing small and oftentimes it’s right in front of you, and in you, and you’re scared to say it, or you’re embarrassed to say it, or you think, oh, my God, people are gonna think I’m good enough to say it, and you need to be brave enough and bold enough to see it it’s right in front of you. Yeah, I love it.

Brad Crowell 17:09
Well, when we were when I was listening through, she started to talk about transition out of corporate and into coaching. And so, of course, that attracted me because that’s one of the things that we like to work with people on in our coaching program, too. And she started, she said, she had a couple of like, just obvious, straightforward tips. One of them was, could you live on half of your salary? Right? So if you’re making 10,000 a month, can you live on five, if you’re making 5000 a month getting more than two and a half? You know, and, and then we always say, make a runway. So you know

Lesley Logan 17:54
Build a runway.

Brad Crowell 17:55
Put six months of money aside, if you’re gonna make this kind of a transition so that you know that you have six months to

Lesley Logan 18:01
Isn’t that what’s so cool, though, if you can live off half, then six months, you’ve created a runway living off half. Yeah. So that’s one year we’ve to live on half the income, but allows you to transition and do the thing that you’ve been wanting to do in one year, in one year. Like, that’s crazy. That’s so much faster than you trying to save.

Brad Crowell 18:21
If you want your life completely changed then you could have, you would have six months of practice living on half, and then six months living on that half. So the fear of like money, you know, but still will light a fire under your ass when you finally do pull the chute. But you’ll be like, I know, I can do it.

Lesley Logan 18:40
Yeah, but the second six months, you are doing the thing you’ve been wanting to do. So like you have and you’re only focused on that, like, woah. Big time amazingness.

Brad Crowell 18:49
Yeah. But she said despite the financial prep, she still said it was emotionally terrifying. She spent a long time in corporate, she said that one of the most challenging things was the attachment or association that we have with the title of our old role. Right? Like, are you the general manager? Are you the something whatever? Are you the AGM? Are you, you know, basically what, what we have adopted in our culture in our society is that we associate who we are with the title that we’ve been given, right, and it’s become our identity. And so when you take away that title, who am I? Who am I now, am I you know, like, it actually suddenly can become like a confidence shaker, because you’re like, well, I can’t introduce myself anymore as the whatever, you know, so how do I do that? Are people going to take me seriously? You know, like it you know, She said that she had tied her identity, like she had tied herself to her title, her identity to her title and that was her measure of success.

Lesley Logan 20:11
Well, I mean, I wrestled with this so much, because when I was a manager at Fred Segal, let me just say, if I went into any retail store anywhere in L.A., Orange County, New York, and I’ll be shopping and they’re like, oh, you know, can I help you? Like, oh, I’m just looking around, you know, don’t worry, I’m in sale. I’m gonna reach out to you, you can take on a customer if you need to. Oh, where do you work? I’m like, Oh, I run a jewelry store at Fred Segal. People knew that. And they’re like, you run a store at Fred Segal. I’m like, Oh, I do. So my store you guys was not even 50 square feet. I’m just going to tell you right now. It was a counter. But I did a million dollars in a counter. But I didn’t make a million. I’m gonna say I sold a million dollars. Yeah. Um, but I, when I was leaving that there was something like, I’m leaving that to be a Pilates instructor? And I remember my clients thinking, oh, my God, my clients who I sell the stuff to, if I tell them I’m gonna be a Pilates instructor what were they gonna think of me? Yes. Can I just tell you right now? When I told them I was like, leaving to be a Pilates instructor, they’re like, oh, oh, can I take a session from you? And I was like, yeah, you can, you totally can. Yes, you can. Oh, my God. Yes, you can. So like, it’s really funny the story we tell ourselves because it’s a lot of people A. may not even know what the fuck of the title means. It’s like, not impressive to them at all. And B. your new thing might actually be so cool. And they’re also often a lot of people are like, would are like jealous that you’re making a leap like that, because they’re like, you’re following your dreams. And they they feel stuck to their title.

Brad Crowell 21:44
My personal experience with that?

Lesley Logan 21:50
Yeah, you’re just gonna stop in the middle of a sentence right there?

Brad Crowell 21:52
Yeah. My personal experience with that is with my band. When I first moved to Los Angeles, my I was I literally moved across the country to be in a band. And we were called The Magnificent Ambersons. And when that band

Lesley Logan 22:14
The Magnificent Andersons.

Brad Crowell 22:16
Ambersons. Come on, get it right.

Lesley Logan 22:17
Oh, even harder.

Brad Crowell 22:18
Yeah, hello.

Lesley Logan 22:19
Oh, my God, you guys are like the O’Needers. I wonder.

Brad Crowell 22:24
TMA. The Magnificent Ambersons. When that band stopped, I, I didn’t know. I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know how to function. I didn’t know how to introduce myself. I didn’t know why I was in L.A. anymore. I didn’t know. I was like, pissed, I was really upset. And it really rocked me really rocked me, because I had completely identified who I thought I was with this thing, this band. And when the band was done, suddenly that, did that mean, Brad was done? Like, what do I do now? Do I go home? You know, like, it was a really interesting time. And so I totally relate to what she said, about having no title suddenly, you know, like, what does that mean? You know, so, but I think I’m sure that we also do that in the Pilates world. And who are you? Oh, I’m a Pilates teacher. You know, but what if you didn’t associate yourself with your job? Didn’t associate yourself with your title of your thing? Like, what would that look like? Could you do that? How do you introduce yourself today? Without talking about that? You know, hey, I’m Brad. You know, I live in Vegas, you know, or I’m Brad and I grow cactus. Or I’m Brad and I like to take long drives on the highway.

Lesley Logan 23:53
I think we like I think I might be like, I’m Lesley and I own 34 chairs. Um,

Brad Crowell 24:00
We literally do. She has a problem.

Lesley Logan 24:03
Do you guys want to see a picture of every chair? Because I will take that. So, but I do understand this because the actual reality is like when I’m on a plane traveling to Poland, or to Korea, and people like, oh, what are you going for? And I’m like, oh, go for work. What do you do? I’m like, it’s, it’s not gonna make any sense. I teach Pilates and they’re like, aren’t there Pilates instructors in Poland? I’m like, yep, that’s precisely the point. But like, it also doesn’t even make sense. And so I mean, it can be a great conversation starter for me, which helps people leave me and leads people to But like, I am often curious about, like, how can I introduce myself in a way that like, doesn’t leave people with the, let me just cook my head I don’t understand. So I’m gonna say I’m a Ghostbuster at some point, like it’s I do think we need to figure out a way to introduce ourselves that does not have a title identified to it. Because even for people who don’t work like an actual job because like stay-at-home moms, you are working the fucking hardest job. They also have the same problem like, Oh, I’m a stay-at-home mom. No, you are a mom. You like, you know what I mean? And I think we have to, I don’t know, the whole Western culture needs a whole new do over on like, what it is that we do?

Brad Crowell 25:23
Well, I think (inaudible) that’s the exact word. Do. Because it’s like, I can’t remember. (inaudible)

Lesley Logan 25:33
We’re doing this with Brad Bijak. Bijak. We need to have him on the Pod. Put it down. Most people wait until they have. So they can do the thing and be the thing and he’s like, no, you have to (inaudible) be do have like, be the thing, be it, do till you have seen it. I was like, he’s doing my podcast.

Brad Crowell 25:57
But the, hidden laughs over here, but.

Lesley Logan 26:02
After hours, guys, so sorry about this episode.

Brad Crowell 26:06
But the point is, we introduce ourselves as the “do”. That’s what we do.

Lesley Logan 26:13
But we are the “be”.

Brad Crowell 26:14
But we are the “be”.

Lesley Logan 26:16
So actually, maybe just introduce yourself as the person you want to be in the room. In fact, I am recalling an episode of a podcast from 10 years ago, where this guy was unemployed. And he introduced himself to Arianna Huffington as the person he wanted to be, and he fucking landed a job. Nice. I mean, crazy. And I was like, okay, so part of that seems a little narcissistic and maybe crazy. But what if you, like just introduce yourself as like the like, instead of being I’m the person who is the accounting, if you want to be the person who’s like a number one Etsy seller, oh, I have an Etsy shop. Right? And like the be it is

Brad Crowell 27:03
But still that’s a that’s a do.

Lesley Logan 27:06
Um, what’s what you want to be? So you’re saying it before it’s ready, but okay. I see what you’re saying. Um, well, then if you are the sticker shop girl, then you are someone who creates happiness wherever you leave people. And people go, what is that? Oh, I make stickers. And people put stickers everywhere. Like, yeah, she’s,

Brad Crowell 27:27
I think we need to workshop this I like, I see what your point is. And I think that’s valid. Because it’s It’s definitely like how she’s serving people in that in that in that response. But yeah, we tend to default to something that we’re proud of, which, you know, is like, you know, the art of bragging. But but it also tends to be

Lesley Logan 27:48
There’s a book on that. It’s called The Art of Bragging.

Brad Crowell 27:52
I know. That’s and so it also tends to be you know, our title, so.

Lesley Logan 27:59
Well, yeah, I think well, everyone, send us your workshop on this. What is your be? And how are you gonna introduce yourself without using your job title?

Brad Crowell 28:08
Be, do, have.

Lesley Logan 28:09
What are you going to do Brad? That’s homework. We’ll figure this out.

Brad Crowell 28:12
I’m gonna BDH. Be, do, have.

Lesley Logan 28:14
Well, what if we just say like, I help women prioritize themselves?

Brad Crowell 28:17
I dig that.

Lesley Logan 28:18
That’s my introduction from now on right now. Starting this moment.

Brad Crowell 28:22
I’m in. I agree. I like that.

Lesley Logan 28:24
All right, cool. Okay, well, let’s talk about the Be It Action Items.

Brad Crowell 28:27
That’s what we be.

Lesley Logan 28:28
That’s what we be. That’s a shirt.

Brad Crowell 28:33
That’s what we be. We got merch. Okay, finally, let’s talk about those be it action items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Candy Motzek? Well, she said, every time she hears the word, be it till you see it. She always thinks of the word bee.

Lesley Logan 28:55
Bee. Hey, shout out to Bridget who goes by bee

Brad Crowell 28:59
Yeah. Because she said it’s really the start of it. And she started to talk about embracing the mindset of being. Being your goal even before you have a goal right before you visibly see the goal.

Lesley Logan 29:15
Before you see results which is like the

Brad Crowell 29:17
Yeah, the be, do, have, right? So if we’re if we’re sticking with the theme, be it before you have it be it before you’re doing it. Be it. Yeah. And you know I think I think that it’s like you were talking about the guy who introduced himself before you know who he wanted to be and then landed that job and that’s what this entire podcast is all about. Yeah being until you see it y’all.

Lesley Logan 29:44
Yeah so, it’s not about waiting until you have it to do and be it. So she (continued) on be with whatever the next step that they want to be is be it now and she actually made it like a little bit more tangible than I think anyone’s ever said, which is like, when you’re brushing your teeth. So if you want to be an executive or if you want to be a badass boss bitch, like, how would they brush their teeth? Would they slumped over the counter? Grab it, judge themselves

Brad Crowell 30:17
They have someone who brushes their teeth for them.

Lesley Logan 30:21
You know, what’s actually really funny as we were in Cambodia, and I wasn’t making the bed and Brad goes, “Rich people make the bed.” And I was like, fucking right they do. They do. So if you’re washing the dishes, how would someone if you want to be someone who isn’t stressed out who has ease who, you know, has a big, bold, how all the things, whatever that is, whatever that person is going to be when you’re washing the dishes, how would they wash the dishes, would they wash the dishes with amazing music on? Would they wash the dishes with like, their favorite show on? Like, how would they wash the dishes and do that now. Because it’s really crazy. Like, if you actually think about this, like, who you want to be in the future? If you were that person now with all the things you still have to do. How would that person handle those things? Yeah, this is how Be It Till You See It came about. Because I was like, Okay, I don’t know how to be a CEO. Okay, well, if I was a CEO, how would I handle this problem right now? Okay, if I was here, right now, I probably wouldn’t be handling this problem because someone else would be handling this problem. So who would be handling this problem? Okay, so it’d be that person. Who is that person in my company right now? Oh, I can hire Brad to do that thing. Okay, I’m gonna hire Brad to do that thing. Like, you could, you can actually like step into the role, like, a CEO does not actually stress out about whether someone is on time or not. Someone else stresses about that person being on time. The CEO manages the person who does that. So if I’m the CEO, I can’t think about, not, like minor problems, I have to focus on the big problems. I focus on the big fires. And that really helped me go, oh, these are the fires, I have to worry about burning, not those ones over there. So that is like what she is asking you to do. Whoever you want to be next being that now when you wash the dishes, when you brush your teeth when you do your day-to-day stuff. How would you drive the car? If you were this this person and you’re driving your car are you going, fuck you, da-da-da, honk, honk, honk. Or are you like, oh, I am driving. I’m like sitting in the backseat of the car, this car like you might have to still drive the car. But like, you wouldn’t actually be paying attention to any of that nonsense. Because you would be in the backseat. You’re in the front seat now. But you could, like, what would it like to be in the backseat and not care about the person cutting you off? Try it out. Let us know how it goes in your life. Tag Candy. Tag the Be It pod. I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 32:31
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 32:32
We fucking love you.

Brad Crowell 32:34

Lesley Logan 32:34
And since it is Thanksgiving, we are very grateful for you. I know we say it all the time. But you need to know like, this podcast doesn’t exist if you don’t listen.

Brad Crowell 32:42
It’s true.

Lesley Logan 32:42
So thank you for listening to the show. Thank you for sharing it to your friends. Thank you for sending your suggestions in, your questions. You know, we and if you

Brad Crowell 32:51
If you have never written to us,

Lesley Logan 32:54
Write to us.

Brad Crowell 32:55
Just say hi. You don’t have to actually ask a question. You can just say, hey, heard your pod. Love you.

Lesley Logan 33:00
Do you know, you can post it in the review, if you want. And also, we send out an email every Thursday about the pod and you can just hit reply on that, it comes to me.

Brad Crowell 33:09
You can also do that.

Lesley Logan 33:10
It comes to me. And if you’re like I don’t get that email, well, hit me up. And I’ll tell you how to get the email.

Brad Crowell 33:15
Go to the website.

Lesley Logan 33:17
Yeah, you can get that. Anyways, we are really grateful for you. And because we do this for you, and when you are stressed, when you’re frustrated, when you’re crying, when you’re like, oh, I wish I could just fucking have it already. All those problems are how I find guests. And you’re not alone in those problems. That’s why we do this podcast, it’s really important that you understand that every single person has obstacles. Every single person who listens to this podcast has an obstacle that they’ve overcome and probably one they’re dealing with in the moment that I’m interviewing them. And they show up for you, you show up for you. And that’s why this podcast exists. So thank you so much. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Lesley Logan 33:55
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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