Celebrating Episode 100

with Bold Moments

and Visualization

Ep. 100 with Lesley & Brad

“Decide to take action.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

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Whooho! Happy 100 episodes. A huge thank you to each Be It listener! This special episode holds bold moments, check ins from past podcast guests, and ways to use visualization to get to your goals.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • A thank you to 100 episodes with YOU, our listener
  • Pretty women (bold) moments
  • Solving peoples problems with what comes naturally to you
  • How do you want to feel when you hit your goals?
  • Who do you want to be surrounded with and interacting with?
    • Imagine 2 people you want to meet
  • Visualize it, it can happen

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Lesley Logan 0:01
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:47
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life, Brad and I are going to dig into the prosperous convo I have with Chinwe Onyeagoro in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that episode, what are you doing? She’s amazing. (Brad: Yeah) Go listen to that. (Brad: You have to listen to it.) Then come back and join us or, you know, listen to this one, then listen to that one. You know, here’s the deal guys in those ounces the beginning, I have four dogs in this tiny room with me. Brad is in Cambodia. There (Brad: Hello Cambodia) are concrete workers, there are concrete workers where he is. And we also live in a village someone could end up having a wedding and one of these dogs could …

Brad Crowell 1:26
I’m sure we’ll hear the the pagoda with the monks chanting. (Lesley: Yeah) They just do it all day long.

Lesley Logan 1:32
Currently Milo was trying to get underneath the dog bed even more. (Lesley laughs) And so we’ll just see how it goes, everyone. We’ll see how it goes. But here we are the 100th episode and we still …

Brad Crowell 1:43
Happy 100!

Lesley Logan 1:43
We are hundred! (Lesley laughs)

Amy Ledin 1:49
Hey, this is Amy Ledin from episode 5, just checking back with you Be It listeners. And while I would love to share something new that I’m doing just as I work toward that being it till you see it, it’s actually the same thing. I’m doing the daily practices, because we know how to start sexy. But this is where we really see the change, the daily visualization and just honestly just keeping my promises.

Megan Linney 2:14
Hey there Be It Till You See It listeners. This is Megan Linney from episode 63. I just wanted to check in and see if everyone’s doing with their curiosity. I’m still out here being curious, looking around the corners, opening up my mind and my heart, but the things that are coming my way and I’m wondering if you are too. And if you aren’t just a gentle reminder to stay curious because that’s were all the satisfaction is. So good luck, and if you haven’t checked out the episode 63 where Lesley and I get down about what motivates us and sometimes just proving the haters wrong is enough to get you going. So I hope you’re well, and I hope you are continuing to go for yours. Thanks.

Lesley Logan 2:56
Oh my God, I can’t even believe it. I can’t believe, I can’t believe we did 100 episodes.

Brad Crowell 3:02
I I think that we wouldn’t be doing 100 episodes if we weren’t getting a response from people about the pod. So … (Lesley: That’s true. I definitely way think we …) for everything for everyone. Yeah, for everyone who has left us a review on Apple, or commented on a YouTube video or DMed us on Instagram. Seriously, thank you so much. We, I mean, I love doing this because I you know, because it’s fun. But, you know, there comes a point where you choose, is this a really amazing hobby? Or is this something that we’re actually gonna keep doing? Because it’s it’s, you know, touching people’s lives and having an impact. And we wouldn’t be doing this without you. So (Lesley: Yeah) thank you for listening. It’s really amazing.

Lesley Logan 3:46
Thank you for listening. And thank you for sharing and thank you for, well, all the things I’m like I’m really excited about also all the guests we’ve had that means 50 guests.

Brad Crowell 3:57
50 guests. Yeah, and they’ve been some fantastic guests too. I mean, every single convo had some epic things to take away from it.

Lesley Logan 4:04
I know. I know. I learned something new all the time. And it’s been really fun. And I mean, I happen to know the future and there’s some epic guests coming to … episode which I’m also excited to that. (Lesley and Brad laughs)

Brad Crowell 4:16
Are you gonna tell me how you how you know the future. That’s amazing.

Lesley Logan 4:20
I know what’s been really you know, one of the most hilarious things is, I have recorded recaps with Clare (Brad: Yeah) while you’ve been in Cambodia thinking you would be back from Cambodia for us to record this episode together. (Brad: Yeah) And so no, you’re not back. But you will (Brad” I’ll back) be back when this comes out. Fingers crossed, all things wheeling you by the time this episode lands in people’s ears you will be back in the state.

Brad Crowell 4:49
And and COVID free.

Lesley Logan 4:51
Yeah, yeah. So everyone …

Brad Crowell 4:53
Which is why, which is why I’m not back. Suprise announcement! (Lesley and Brad laughs)

Lesley Logan 4:59
Surprise! Brad, if you are not watching on YouTube. Brad is in our property in Cambodia. You know, I think we just …

Brad Crowell 5:04
Yeah, in fact … You tell that, I’ll share a little visual for anybody who’s here.

Lesley Logan 5:10
For anyone watching YouTube. I actually think you just really wanted to see SOCOM when because basically while he was going to be in Cambodia with my father, our property manager was going to be on her own holiday for the new year, and they’re (Brad: Yeah) literally gonna miss each other. And now I’m just thinking that you’re like, “You know what? No, really. SOCOM and I really did want to like have an in person meeting.” (Lesley and Brad laughs)

Brad Crowell 5:32
Well, if you’re watching on YouTube, you should check it out. If you’re not, this is our building. (Lesley: Yeah, it’s so pretty.) It’s 12 12 bedrooms, there are 12 individual apartments. And then we have built this fantastic patio here a couple years back to practice Pilates on. And if you host yoga retreats, you can take our space. But the reason that we’re here this past three weeks is because we’ve been doing construction, you can see this, this epic pile of sand and rock. We’ve been doing all of the the wall back there is now nice and smooth. It looks so beautiful. (Lesley: And the wall looks amazing.) This is the team in fact. (Lesley: Yeah) And you’re seeing everybody on lunch break right now, they this is the concrete team. (Lesley: For those of you …) They did our patio.

Lesley Logan 6:14
listening, (Brad: our driveway) just picture, just picture the jungle, and then a beautiful, beautiful mansion with 12 bedrooms. (Lesley laughs) (Brad: Yeah pretty much.) It really is. It’s it’s really crazy. So it’s amazing. I am still so jealous. I’m not there. Had I been there? I would have left you there. Because …

Brad Crowell 6:38
Yeah, we weren’t planning on staying as long as we currently are staying. But basically, we’ll be back. We will be back next week. And I’m actually looking forward to being home.

Lesley Logan 6:50
Next week is basically, hopefully two weeks before you this gets to your ears so that we’re like in the future and (Brad: Yeah) past the same time. We’re in two places at once. Anyways, back to the 100th episode. Seriously, when I told Brad, I wanted to do this, I wanted to this years ago. And it was never like the right time. It was never the right time. And then I finally (Brad: This making the pod.) the pod. And we’re doing it. And Brad said, “Yes, because it won’t involve me.” And it has evolved him so much. (Brad and Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 7:24
I didn’t forget about that. That’s true.

Lesley Logan 7:26
And I just want to say (Brad: Yeah it’s a…) I want to say this thing because it’s been on my mind, I posted on one of my Instagram accounts for my business coaching. Everything looks every job looks easy when you’re not the one doing it. And this podcast, Brad said it like it would just be a fun hobby. It is hobby. Sure. This is not thing that I would do as a hobby, I would macro may as a hobby, I’ll be really honest. But this has been really rewarding in a lot of ways. A) I truly love sharing all these different guests with you and getting their message out because they are doing amazing, incredible things in this world. And they’re so so inspiring. But also hearing from you all, what what BE IT actions you’ve taken, which ones have worked for you. It’s really truly beautiful and amazing. And an action is such an important thing for me. So I just want to say, I know Brad already said it, but I have to say thank you, let’s keep it going. This is 100 of the first 100 of hopefully another 1000 like this is the thing that we’re gonna do forever. I mean it but one thing is really true. The BE IT action items are really important to me, because action is what really does change things. You can you can decide in a moment to change your mind. But you’ve got to take action for that to to be cemented. And so I really hope you’ve been listening to all the BE IT action items. And even if just want to go to episodes and just listen last few minutes. That’s where they are. Yeah, but at the end (Brad: Yeah) end of the day, for a reason. And because of the 100th episode, we reached out to our past guests, we said, “Hey, what are you doing to be it till you see it right now?” And so you’re gonna hear instead of ads throughout the episode, you’re gonna hear from several of our amazing guests, and I highly recommend you also, if you’re not already follow us on the @be_it_pod because we have a few of those BE IT action, the updated BE IT action items in in that Instagram account, which some of them were just really long. We wanted to make sure you heard them. So there’ll be there plus, plus stay to the end. We got a big announcement. Okay. (Brad: Oh) I know we do. This, Brad does it really matter what it is?

Brad Crowell 9:35
I have no idea what it is.

Lesley Logan 9:36
I know. So fun. I’ll tell you later. I’ll tell all of you. (Brad: Okay) Okay. But Brad, did we have a bold moment?

Brad Crowell 9:45
Yeah, so usually we have a listener question but this today we were very excited to swap it out. Today we have a bold moment and (Lesley: Yeah) Les, did you want to read it though?

Lesley Logan 10:00
I’m gonna read it. I’m gonna read it. (Brad: Okay) I know. (Brad: Yeah, go ahead. Okay.) All right. So we have one of our listeners posted this inside of one of the groups that we have. And I asked her if I could share it. So Jen, thank you so much. Here’s what it is. It’sit is awesome. This is Jen’s words – I was offered a new job yesterday. Back on January 14, I had a, ‘I need a moment’ post (that’s something we have in our group, you can post ‘I need a moment’). It became really clear that my time at my current job was done. It seemed like everything was a fight. I was frustrated and frankly betrayed because the words were not matching the actions at my organization. So, I took the time to reflect. What was really going on? And, at the end of the day, I realized that was about alignment. So, I had some choices. I heard LL’s voice in my head, focus what I on what I can do. In the midst of the chaos and frustration and closed doors, I looked for a way. As Brad said on a recent Be It podcast, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” (that may not be an exact quote, but it’s close.) I think it’s pretty close. I …

Brad Crowell 10:13
It’s pretty close. And I’m so grateful for being attributed that but I was quoting our guests. So yeah

Lesley Logan 11:10
I know. Yeah, yeah. (Brad: Thank you.) Thank you. Maybe they maybe she just listened to the recaps?

Brad Crowell 11:19
That’s true. Maybe she just listened to the recaps.

Lesley Logan 11:21
Yeah, okay. I saw my pain as information. It was something that was happening for me (also another LL golden nugget). Well what? So, I reached out to my network. The people I know. And, from two connections, I got the opportunity to interview for two roles. And, one result resulted in a job offer. That is the freakin best. That is better than any Vegas archery shot that people so you have from two, she had two interview with boom job offer. Like come on. (Brad: Yeah) So, LL my ‘Pretty Woman’ moment is coming this week. Oh, okay, pause. For everyone who doesn’t know Pretty Woman is one of my favorite movies of all time. Okay. And for for serious, I literally watched that movie every single day for an entire summer. And even in 2007 when I moved to LA and I had still a TV with VHS I’d put in Pretty Woman and fall asleep every night. So her Pretty Woman moment, if you don’t know, if you lived under a rock, did not watch movies in the 90s. Here’s what’s about to happen. She’s gonna go in and go into the store and no one’s going to help her right. And because that’s what happened. And then she comes …

Brad Crowell 12:32
Because there’s an assumption that she is poor.

Lesley Logan 12:35
Yes, because there’s an assumption she’s poor, because she’s dressed in her hooker outfit. It’s an amazing outfit that people would probably be wearing to Coachella right now, to be honest. But anyway, so then she comes back the next day, and she’s dressed super conservative with the nice hat and the $1,000 on her outfit. And she goes, “Do you work here? I was here yesterday, you wouldn’t help me. Big mistake. Huge. I have to go shopping now.” So this is the Pretty Woman moment she’s talking about. I just had to set the stage in case maybe you forgot that amazing scene. So my ‘Pretty Woman’ moment is coming this week. I will submit my resignation to the guy who said that I wasn’t ‘Director-level’ yet. And, tell him that I’ve been hired at a Fortune 500 company as a Senior Director. Boom!

Brad Crowell 13:23
Oh yeah. (Lesley: Big mistake. Huge …) Big mistake.

Lesley Logan 13:28
And, to be clear, while I feel really good about this change, I’m not going to this meeting with malice, or ‘I told you so’ attitude, (she’s better human than I). I’m walking from a forking from a place of grounded. (Brad: I’m working.) And working from a place of grounded, grateful acceleration. Obviously, it just wasn’t a good fit anymore for either of us. So it’s time. Whoa, Jen, bold moment, y’all. So you can (Brad: amazing) put questions to us. Or you can send in your bold moments where you’ve taken action, and you’ve done your thing. This is amazing. I read this I was like crying.

Brad Crowell 14:02
Yeah. We can’t wait to celebrate you. I mean, this is this is (Lesley: We’re celebrating) really fantastic. I mean, the the the she was feeling so frustrated in this in this situation. And instead of continuing to feel frustrated about it, she decided to take action. And she didn’t even really know what action to take. So she started asking her friends and her friends were the ones that said, “Well, you should just interview here, you should interview there. I know this person or whatever.” So you know, it’s amazing when you talk about it, when you you know bring other people into it. You don’t dwell on it only by yourself and hide it instead talk about it, sharing it. And look what happened. So that’s so amazing. I can’t wait to follow up with Jen in a couple months to see how things are going for her.

Lesley Logan 14:47
I know oh my gosh. Oh my God. I can’t wait to hear out went. Anyways, of course I want to know how it went when she’s like, “Big mistake. Huge. I’m a director now.” Peace out yo. (Lesley and Brad laughs) We’re … mother. All right, let’s talk about Chinwe.

Brad Crowell 15:03
All right. Now let’s talk about Chinwe Onyeagoro. Even as a young girl creating lemonade stands, Chinwe Onyeagoro was always thinking about franchising and creating more from a Fortune 500 Strategist to co-founding the PocketSuite app, Chinwe works with small businesses, to help them succeed and simplify their companies. And I also want to just throw in there while she was helping small businesses, and before she started, PocketSuite, she was helping small businesses raise money, and she raised like $150 million for small businesses. So that is, I don’t even know how that works. That’s amazing. I think that’s like, obviously a jaw dropping number she very, you know, she’s, she’s, she’s humble. So she very quickly brushed over that fact. But I wanted to just call that out. You know, she, she has seen, you know, dozens and dozens, maybe who knows hundreds of business models, as she was evaluating and raising money for these companies. And what a perspective to have when then going out and deciding what she wanted to create herself?

Lesley Logan 16:16
Well, I think like, that’s kind of how a lot of things are created, though, right? So she saw a problem. She’s like, “Oh, these people, these small businesses need this money because of this.” Like it’s consistent, right. And so, I think a lot of people forget, and we’ve talked about it before on podcast, but sometimes, episodes is like, you sit, something that comes easy to you is actually really hard for a lot of people. And (Brad: Yeah) and so you might actually have the best way of braiding your hair. And you might just be like, “Whatever, I’m just braiding my hair.” But you actually could probably have a YouTube channel, he’s probably people like me, who are trying to figure out how to braid this name. But you know, like, it comes so easy for you. And, and you can actually solve people’s problems with that. And so she was saying, like, “Oh, I could keep raising this money, but I’m not solving the problem.” And so she could have kept doing that probably would have been easier. Maybe not …

Brad Crowell 17:14
Yeah, I mean, I know she’s mentioned that I think that was part of it, too, you know. So she, she, after being in it with all those companies and helping them raise $150 million, you know, across all these different companies. She basically said, “You know, I, I noticed that, the it was a recurring problem that people raising funds, because they weren’t collecting the money up front.” Right. (Lesley: Yeah) And she said, “This doesn’t make sense to me. What if we just help them collect the money upfront, then they won’t even need to go raise the money?” (Lesley: Yeah) Right. And so,

Lesley Logan 17:50
So like let me put myself I have a job, I putting myself into a new job. (Brad and Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 17:56
Basically, and, you know, so, but, but I think that’s amazing. I’m gonna I’m obviously jumping in and make my talking point first here. (Lesley: Okay) But she she, you know …

Lesley Logan 18:08
For 100th let’s just switch it up …

Brad Crowell 18:09
We’re switching it up. Yeah. Yeah. She, she, she decided to go to the root of the problem, (Lesley: Yeah) you know, and even though that wasn’t her job, but she saw a need, and that’s what prompted, you know, the thought process of, well, how can we actually get them, you know, in a better position them meaning her clients, the companies who she was raising money for? How can we get them in a better position, so they wouldn’t even have to take on this loan or this debt or whatever. And, and that kind of started the gears going. And then because of the people that she knew she contacted someone who was a developer and they partnered up.

Lesley Logan 18:11
Yeah. Well, and so first of all, Chinwe I can’t wait to my new best friend. I wish to live closer. Although they did say they need to on site, they need to off site retreat.

Brad Crowell 19:02
Yeah, they need and I’m excited. They’re coming to Vegas …

Lesley Logan 19:03
Guess what? I actually run retreats here. I know how to do that. Come any time, I’ll host. But, you know, it’s really funny, because when we, when we decided like, “Hey, we’re gonna we’re gonna work with them. And we’re gonna have our our Profitable Pilates edition of what they do.” I was like, “Yeah, (Brad: Yeah) I love her. I love what they do. This is great.” And then it was like, and then you get her to go along with it. It’s like, wow, she’s like, he’s like, this amazing, like, I already knew is like, this is a great product. I’m really excited about it. And then we have heard I’m like, well, hey, now, my new best friend Chinwe. I’m not a stalker or anything, don’t worry. (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 19:44
Well, it’s also you know, like everybody that we’ve connected with on her team is very kind. You know, and I think that’s a direct reflection of her and who she is, and I love that I think that’s amazing.

Lesley Logan 19:58
Yeah, so um, yeah, I love, I love it what she, I love it what she loved it. That was great. I loved the visualize, to visualize to change your status quo, how she said, how you feel about what you’re doing right now, just by visualizing what you want to be feeling like when you hit your goals, who do you want to be surrounded by and interacting with? And what do you want to be like, and this is gonna go into, you know, some of her BE IT action items, of course. But I actually think it’s really easy to like to focus on what you don’t like about what’s happening in your status quo. I currently, as we’re about to hit record is like, I don’t like that you’re still in Cambodia. And I’m here with four dogs. One of which farts. In this little room. (Brad and Lesley laughs) It’s true. But like, if you can vis… if you take us just a second to visualize, like, how could this be different? How could this be different? You, you could end up like solving a problem for yourself that solves a problem for everybody, or you could like that could be their next thing. Or you could actually shift your mindset, which makes you change the action that you’re about to take right now. You know, there’s so many different things you could do, this length that you just mentioned, is actually a super powerful thing. Because we just we often just focus on we don’t like what’s happening. But if you just take the moment going, how do I really want this moment to be going, you might be able to figure out the next step you need to be taken in your day. So you know, I’ve I just really thought that was beautiful. And I think that’s something we can easily think about. And it’s something you can do. And maybe you can’t change it exactly the way you visualize it. Like I would really love to be back at the pool in Palm Springs. That was really lovely. But what can I do instead, like, you know, how could this moment be a little bit different? I think that that actually gives you a lot of options and possibility to take action and action is the antidote to fear. And it brings clarity. Boom.

Brad Crowell 21:59
Well, I was gonna say to be visualizing it is like hand in hand with be it till you see it. Right? (Lesley: Yeah) You know, you’re you’re actually imagining what it’s going to be like, or what it could be like, right, and then you’re gonna go, that will help you then come up with the action steps you need to go put that into place. It’s exactly like what Chinwe did when she was working with those companies. You know, she said, “Well, what if what if we could get to the root of the problem, which is they’re not collecting the money upfront? Huh. What would that be like? What can how can we help them do that?” She’s visualizing it. Right? And then I was like, “Alright, well, what if we work backwards from let’s give them the tools they need to go collect the money up front?” And that’s when prompted the actual actions.

Lesley Logan 22:45
Yeah, yeah. (Brad: Yeah) You know, I also really loved we all said, we neither of us brought this up. But I just want to bring it up really quickly, because in case you missed it, all the features that they have now that we have on our edition with all of my coaching. (Brad: Oh, yeah.) Just dropping that in there. If you’re in the US, get yourself on the free trial. It’s in the show notes. Okay, that’s my plug. Um, but they didn’t start off with that. And I think a lot of people get hung up on like, the finished product. You (Brad: Right) get hung up on like, we want we want the finished product. That is overwhelming. James Clear, who’s the author of Atomic Habits. He talks about, like people like, sometimes we don’t know how to make it small enough. And BJ Fogg, as you know, who I love is like you have a really small, James Clear is like some people like, “Oh, I want to run a marathon. So I’ll start with 15 minutes.” That is might not be small enough, right? You might have to like in Tiny Habits, you might have to just put your frickin shoes on. And so (Brad: Yeah) they didn’t start off with 33 features 42 features they started off with 33.

Brad Crowell 23:50
33. Yeah. (Lesley: Yeah) Yeah, exactly.

Lesley Logan 23:54
And so and so I just, I really like I love that you’re a big dreamer. I love it. dream as big as you want. But you have to you have to you have to understand that it’s absolutely 100%. The keys to the kingdom is starting off with the smallest version of your dream. So you can get the feedback, so you can try it on, so you can actually learn some things everybody’s waiting till they have the perfect thing done everything done. Dies, dies, I’s dotted T’s crossed. Wow. I just like put all three (Brad: Those I’s dotted) of those in one word together. But really the reality is like we we’ve tried that before you cannot it doesn’t work, it just so you know doesn’t work. Listen to people make it small. Start with small thing get going and get the action and clarity out of it. So I anyways obsessed with Chinwe. (Brad: Yeah) Thank you bestfriend. (Brad: amazing) (Lesley laughs)

Erika Quest 24:52
Hey, this is Erika Quest from episode number 15. I’m checking back in with you, Be It listeners. I am still totally taking action on being it till I see it and one of the major things that’s happening for me in 2022 is I’m closing the doors on my brick-and-mortar Pilates studio that I had for 16 years in beautiful Laguna Beach, California, so that I can be the digital Nomad that I want to be delivering education, coaching and supporting other contract work and businesses all over the world. Hope you all are doing well.

Joanna Vargas 25:30
Hi, this is Joanna Vargas from episode one checking back in with all of you Be It listeners. And you know what ever since I recorded episode one with Lesley Logan, OMG. It was so much fun. How does it get any better than that? And a recent action that I took so that I can be it till I see it, is I started journaling in the morning. I wake up early in the morning before the sunrise and I journal. And sometimes it’s just a few minutes and sometimes it’s up to 30 minutes as long as I write down and I take time to actualize what it is that I would like to create in my life. It is creating so much more and I’m excited to hear from all of you. I’ll talk to you next time.

Brad Crowell 26:14
Okay, all right. Finally, let’s talk about those BE IT action items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can you take away from your convo with Chinwe Onyeagoro? So, do you want to go first on this one because I took first on the other?

Lesley Logan 26:31
I know well, let’s just mix it up with the 100th episode. All right. So she had visualisations her BE IT item. And she had four things I took one of them. And mine is I know you would have probably thought that I would have chosen the schedule one. Because we all know how I feel about ideal schedules, everybody. And I do feel that way. And I visualize all the time. But I do all the time. One thing that I actually liked that she said, and since our interview I’ve been thinking about this a lot is, “What do you want to be feeling like when you hit your goals?” And the reason I love this as a BE IT action item because I think it’s really easy to like work frickin hard to focus on getting to the goal, you get to the goal. And often most of us don’t even celebrate, we just move on to the next thing or we’re like, bummed out …

Brad Crowell 26:31
We move on to the next goal. Or we don’t like yeah, there isn’t like a …

Lesley Logan 27:24
Or we have this expectation hangover. Because you don’t have the feeling you thought you would have. But if you are, and I’ve been there. But if (Brad: Sure) I feel like if you visualize how you want to be feeling a) it helps get you through the frickin middle. I’m in the middle right now everyone. I’m in it, and it sucks. But the middle, you can’t avoid the middle. It’s there for a reason. It’s how movies are made. I just keep telling myself, the middle is here. So someday, there’s an entertaining movie that has you on the edge of your seat, see what’s going to happen next. But when you visualize how you want to feel when you hit your goal, in the midst of the messy middle of the frickin middle, you can be thinking like, “Yeah, but when I get to this goal, I’ll be poolside and Palm Springs again. Yes, yes, I’ll be there. And I’ll feel this way. And I’ll get this massage, and I’ll do these things.” And so it’s kind of like a carrot of some kind. But also, I feel like if I actually visualize that, then when we hit our goals, we would actually celebrate that because we’ve had planned the celebration the whole time, like a birthday party. Yes! … (Brad: Right)

Brad Crowell 28:36
That is you know that, you know what that is, it’s so funny. I never really thought about this with a wedding. We have the reception afterwards, which is the party. (Lesley: Yeah) It is a intentional …

Lesley Logan 28:48
We planned our party big time …

Brad Crowell 28:49
Wedding party. Yeah, but I mean, I would guess most people do that. They have their wedding, which is the ceremony. And that could be in front of the, you know, the judge or a priest or whatever. And that’s smaller, and it’s relatively, you know, generally speaking, it’s less complicated. And then there’s the party afterwards. And that is a very intentional time, where we get to celebrate the fact that there was this event that happened getting married, right? When we go on and we do our goals in life, and we’re like, “I want to, you know, bring on 10 clients or I want to make $40,000 or $100,000” or whatever your number is …

Lesley Logan 29:32
Or maybe you’re just wanting to retire early.

Brad Crowell 29:35
Yeah, whatever, whatever the thing is, then, but we we hit that and then it’s like, “Great. Now I want 20 clients. Now I want 50,000. Now I want 200,000.” But we didn’t take a moment like we do in a wedding to celebrate the event. Right? And it’s and when you when you work that way it’s it’s actually easy to get into that routine of like, “Great. Hit it next. Great. Hit it next.” You know, I mean, we’ve done it a bunch of times and with with as we’ve been growing our company, you it becomes you forget that you’ve succeeded in something you forget. You just kind of were like, “Okay, cool. What’s next?” (Lesley: Yeah) And and that that makes things you know, like boring actually. And it becomes a slog instead of it being exciting.

Lesley Logan 30:21
Yeah, agreed, agreed. So anyways, I, since our since I interviewed her and I heard that I’ve been really trying to think about that. And like, I drove myself to Palm Springs. I’ve now done this two times, I’ve driven (Brad: Yeah) myself 4.5 hours to the desert. And I’ve taken the scenic route. And part partially this trip, a) I heard this interview with her and b) I was driving my dad’s car and his car does not accept my phone charger. So I had to literally like save the battery. So I started off with like, battery, like low battery, whatever the mode is. And then I would turn the maps off and turn the all the things that I sorted all these things up. So for some drives, I did part of the drive, I didn’t have any sound of any kind like nothing, and I was just like, driving through the desert. And I was just picturing like, “Okay, if I am in the middle now, what does the next step look like? How does it feel like what does that do? How does that excite me?” And I would if it didn’t excite me, I was like, dream bigger, think differently. If it doesn’t excite you, that’s not the end. That’s not the goal. Otherwise, why are we doing it? (Lesley laughs) So anyways, I do it here we do like but that is my BE IT action item that I’ve been using. Thank you Chinwe, my new best friend.

Celeste Holbrook 31:40
Hey, this is Dr. Celeste Holbrook from episode 85, checking back in with you Be It listeners. I wanted to let you know that one action step that I took to be it until you see it is to sign up for a storytelling course, so that I could be more effective at telling my story about how I became a sexologist through my experience of painful sex and growing up in purity culture. So that’s how I’m being it until I see it, and I hope you guys are doing the same. Talk to you soon.

Laura Cain 32:13
Hey, this is Laura Cain from episode 90, checking back in with you Be It listeners. Still striving all the time to be it till you see it for. Just home for a few days to recording with the band, loving every moment this wild and unexpected ride has to offer. Take care. Bye.

Brad Crowell 32:33
Yeah, and so I love that. I’m all about that. And also I know that drive and I love that drive. So I’m sorry, I wasn’t there.

Lesley Logan 32:41
Oh, you missed it. I took a pic… By the way, it’s just sidenote interrupt you. I picnic at that Kelso train station. (Brad: Oh, cute.) Oh, yeah, there was a jail cell there. (Brad: What? Oh) Yeah, there was a jail cell there. It’s still there. It was actually moved a little bit. But the actual cement place where it was was it’s still there. And somebody ended up taking the jail cell and this other couple found in their backyard when they and they brought it back. And it’s part of this (Brad: What?) It’s like a National Park. It’s like an actual match like the state has people monitoring this like park. Anyways,

Brad Crowell 33:20
How about the pink… the pink phone booth?

Lesley Logan 33:22
So, I saw the pink phone booth. Did not do the picture. I was going to do it on the way back but then I got invited to a pool party at the Virgin Hotel. So I had to get back to Vegas. (Brad: Okay, okay, steady get back.) Anyways … Next well, y’all aren’t gonna hear about that but Brad will. Anyways, your BE IT action item. (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 33:40
Yeah, so it comes back to visualizing again. And, you know, she talks about, like her whole BE IT processes about visualization. But she we’re gonna take one piece she said she wanted who who do you want to be surrounded with and interacting with? And the reason I am drawn to this is because we’ve all heard that we’re the sum of the five people you hang out with the most. You know, the, the the people who are influencing you, you know, and then obviously, you want to be in the room with the people who are doing the thing that you want to do so that you can just listen and be around them and like, you know, garner some of that energy, which is exactly why Lesley and I make sure that we’re always taking coaching, that we always have coaches, and we are putting ourselves in the room with other business owners who are being innovative and creative. They’re generally our peers, usually, or a little higher than us right so that we can get ideas from them and see if those are applicable to what we’re doing and see you know, how we can uplevel our offerings and our business and all that stuff. And, you know, she said, visualize who you want to be surrounded with, right who is in your life, when you’re where you want to be? Who you want to be interacting with. And and I think this is so important to do. It will because, you know, if you don’t aspire, you know, the it’s this, there’s a, there’s an, it’s easy to just be stuck in this, this, the same old, same old, you know, in the rut. And, you know, when you like, that’s one of the things that I love the most about our coaching group, our coaching group Agency, is that we have been intentionally creating a community of people who are positive, encouraging, and supportive. Right? And so when you join a community like that, you’re suddenly in this one way different mindset, this room, quote, unquote, ‘room’, it’s virtual, but in the room with people who are excited, instead of angry, negative. I mean, it’s like Facebook groups, we all know how negative Facebook groups can be. Same thing with YouTube comments. They’re terrible. They’re always terrible. Twitter is the worst, right?

Lesley Logan 35:59
Except to our listeners, our listeners, leave the best YouTube comments, thank you so much, you can keep leaving them. (Brad: You can keep leaving positive comments. We love you. Thank you.) And our OPC Facebook group is also the safest place on the planet. But we all know the other one …

Brad Crowell 36:16
Well, that that’s my point is we it’s because we’re intentionally cultivating an environment that is (Lesley: Yeah) safe and exciting, right. But typically, that’s not necessarily the case. Right? So, but, but when we, when she said this, it made me remember, oh, yeah, you know, we are constantly aspiring to be in the room, or who do we want to be surrounding ourselves with in the future? And, you know, and obviously, what I’m talking about here is in a business context, doesn’t necessarily have to be a business context. (Lesley: No) It could be if you are college students …

Lesley Logan 36:50
I visualized you, I visualized you (Brad: Yeah, yeah) before I knew you, and then I visualized you. Because I, there’s that. And then actually, there’s a couple people that I just met that I’m like, “Ooh, I want these people to want to be in a room with me.” And you know, what’s crazy? The pool party I was at, I wanted to meet those people. And I got invited to this pool party. This pool party was like, aaahhh. So visualize it, and it can happen.

Brad Crowell 37:17
Yeah. Say that again because I don’t know if anybody heard you.

Lesley Logan 37:20
Oh, well, they did. I said, visualize it because it could happen. It could happen.

Brad Crowell 37:25
Because it could happen. Yeah. (Lesley: Yeah) Yeah. So …

Lesley Logan 37:27
What if like imagine, which is just like imagine all of you. We’re gonna … BE IT action item together. Picture. Let’s just picture two people, two people that you don’t know personally yet, but you’ve been wanting to know. Okay, you’ve been wanting to know them. Picture them right now. Where are you at with them? What are you doing? (Lesley pause) You got it, you got in your head. Okay. I’m watching Brad. So I know if he has it. Okay. All right. So now, how does it make you feel?

Brad Crowell 38:07
Hmm, I mean, a little bit of a question mark of like, how can I make it happen? (Lesley: Okay) You know like, okay.

Lesley Logan 38:14
But that’s not … You’re not trusting the universe there. So law of attraction, right? Which I get it people are like, “Ah, the universe.” It’s double woo, it’s one woo. Not one. It’s not two. If you put out there, like literally say like Jen did, let’s go back to our bold moment. (Brad: Right) Because she can she didn’t want to do her job. She didn’t know what the next step was. So she just asked two people. So trying to control the ‘how’ is not possible. I could not control you calling me. I tried. In my brain, I really did. So. Right? Um, so you have to just know that like you put it out there. Right. So who are you with? What are you doing? How does it make you feel to like, in that moment, could be connected with them? How would you feel right now? And then put out there tell two friends, “Hey, I really love to meet this person. Who do you know, who do you know, I know this person. Who do you know?” And also, we’ve just had somebody reach out to us recently. Who wants to do a collab? I’ve always wanted to do collab with her. Always. (Brad: Yeah) I just was like, “I want to do a collab with her. But like, what am I going to offer her?” And then someone else someone else told her, “Hey, you should collab with them.” So like, just so you know, when you you don’t even have to like tell random people you could just tell yourself and like, “Oh, that’d be nice. You could put in your journal.” And you’d be you’d still to do action. I still have to do work. I still had to show up and do my life every day and show like and be the person that I am so that they’d be attracted to me but but you’d be really surprised. So anyways, everyone’s homework if you didn’t do it while I was talking about it, picture a couple people and how did it make you feel? What are you doing? And then ask two people, tell two people.

Brad Crowell 39:59
Yeah, So get out there.

Lesley Logan 40:01
Yeah. (Brad: All right) Anyways, something … (Brad: Amazing) Okay, I have to tell you this really quickly, and then we’ll wrap this up.

Brad Crowell 40:06
Yes, an announcement.

Lesley Logan 40:08
Yeah. So it’s 100th episode, guess what I want to give you a bunch of stuff, I want to give you a ton of things, I want to give you BE IT action reminders everywhere all over your place. So here’s what’s gonna do, you have to it’s, it’s a one week only, so if you’re listening in real time you can win this, there is a basket of merch with your name on it. And because I know people like money, a gift card. And it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, I made sure it’s like one of those like Visa MasterCard situations, you can use it anywhere. So you got to go to the Be It Instagram. There’s a whole bunch of rules, not a ton, just a few. And there’s ways to get extra entries. That means my team is literally going to log those extra interesting entries, personally, because there’s no fancy way to do this whole thing. But anyways, go to the @be_it_pod on Instagram, @be_it_pod on Instagram, and you’ll see the rules. You have to like the post, follow us, tag a friend who needs to be a Be It follower. And then there’s ways to get extra credit, check out all the things. It’s not supported by Instagram. I have to say that, but it’s supported by me, supported by us. And we are really, really excited because he made it to 100. And I had, I had no idea how this would feel until I got here. And you know what, it feels really good. And I want to get to 1000/

Brad Crowell 41:33
Whoa, all right, I’m in.

Lesley Logan 41:36
I know (Brad: I’m in.) I just went all the way. I’m like we’re 10, we’re 10 xing this, so I may have to do a third episode a week, would you like a third episode a week? (Lesley laughs) Let me know. Um, tell me what you want. Anyways, thank you. Truly, truly, truly, thank you. I hope you enjoy listening to our past guests, share some more BE IT action tips that they’re doing. And you can see yourself in their stuff, there’s more to come. Also check out the ones we posted on the gram. And, you know, keep remember, it’s not about doing every single BE IT action item. It’s about doing the ones that work for you and doing the way that works for you. Because perfect is boring. Nobody wants to be friends with that. Action brings clarity. It’s the antidote to fear. Brad, thank you so much for signing on to something you said you had nothing to do with and being part of all of it. (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 42:30
You know, I can’t help myself.

Lesley Logan 42:33
He likes, he likes new businesses, everyone.

Brad Crowell 42:38
Amazing. Well, seriously, everyone. Thanks again, for listening, we are grateful that you’re here with us on this journey. And if you have guests that you think we should be talking to let us know, just chat to us. And if you haven’t left us a review, please do. So that helps other people hear this message. And, you know, allows allows us to grow …

Lesley Logan 42:58
The review… Actually, like I’ll just say this, all the review is like you might think, “Oh, whatever, it doesn’t mean anything.” Let me just tell you it is bigger than a Yelp review is bigger than a Google review. In the podcast world reviews are everything. So yes, I have 100 episodes. And that’s amazing. We can reach out to bigger and better guests. Because when you hit 100th people like, “Okay, this legit podcast,” but then they actually look at the reviews, people with PR people, they look at how many reviews there are. And (Brad: Yeah) and that so your review doesn’t just (Brad: Helps us get better guests) it doesn’t just let other people know it’s a good podcast. (Brad: I mean better. It get more guests.) It gets, gets us more guests. It gets us more guests, and we’ve had some amazing guests. So I mean, (Brad: Yeah, exactly.) you know, better is relative. I mean, they should (Brad: Yeah) be so lucky to be on our pod now, we are 100th episodes. (Brad and Lesley laughs) But anyways, so I just have to say that and also I really I created this podcast for you. I created it for the person I was who wish I had help and support and up and a podcast to listen to that felt realistic and inspiring and actionable. And like Chinwe created a product that people needed. I literally created this podcast because I listen to podcasts so much and I always felt like oh, that was really nice. Must be nice for them. And I really wanted to make sure that you got to hit listen to guests who could go and say this is really honestly what happened and here’s some steps you can take. And so thank you for listening as if this is your first episode. Hi, welcome. Make sure you go back and listen to 99 so you know what we’re talking about. If it’s your 100th episode with us, thank you, thank you so much. And keep sharing it however you share it. It really does make a difference and also tell us what you’re doing. Tell us your bold moments. We love answering your questions. We also love sharing your bold moments. Go Jen and and listen to some more amazing updates. Thank you everyone. I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 44:55
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 44:56
And you know the drill how you use this tips in your life? Tell us, screenshot this. Tag Chinwe, tag PocketSuite and let us know what you’re doing to Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 45:07
Bye for now.

Christina Lecuyer 45:10
Hey y’all, it’s Christina Lecuyer here from episode number 23. And I am still being it every single day by deciding it is my turn. Congratulations to you Lesley for over 100 episodes. So freaking amazing and to all your listeners. Please keep being it until you see it and I promise you you will.

Hilary Hartling 45:31
Hey, this is Hillary Hartling from episode 57, checking back in with you Be It listeners. I wanted to share with you a reminder that has done wonders for me lately, and it’s this there is no rush, you can stop worrying and don’t hurry. The truth is that you are never in competition for your higher purpose and calling. I hope that helps, happy be it it till you it and you’ve got this.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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