Transforming Love of Books Into a Social Media Triumph

Ep. 361 Clare Solly

“I’m reading a bunch of books that I like and establishing an author community for myself.”

Clare Solly

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Clare Solly is a modern day Renaissance woman living in New York City. She is an actress, writer, national pageant queen, and by day she is an executive assistant. She has published three books: The Time Turner, Christmas and Cleats and Save The Last Piece. Clare runs two theatre companies in NYC: The Bechdel Group and Company of Fools Theatre where she loves to foster and challenge new writers. She also is an avid bookstagrammer who grew her followers to almost 11K in 5 months time.

Show Notes

This episode explores Clare’s journey to harmonizing her creative pursuits with profound personal satisfaction. Clare shares pivotal instances of introspection in her career and life that catalyzed transformative changes. Learn about her foundational goals in becoming a Bookstagrammer, focusing on genuine interactions and a deep-seated passion for literature, which propelled her to gain a community of 11,000 followers. Get inspired by Clare’s story of growth, from passionate reader to influential Bookstagrammer, and the impactful choices that led there.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How Clare turned her love for books into a vibrant Bookstagram presence
  • The nuances of authentic engagement and monetization on social media.
  • How aligning projects with passions can lead to genuine satisfaction.
  • The significance of reevaluating life choices for achieving fulfillment.
  • Clare provides practical, actionable steps to manifest change in your life.

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Clare Solly: Bookstagram is gorgeous to look at, like you look at people’s grids and like you just want to screenshot them because they’re just gorgeous. People are like, this is my life. It’s like lifestyles but with books.



Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:54
All right, Be It babe, we have one of those blast from the past, one of my besties, Clare Solly, as our guest today and I wanted to have this conversation because I like the turns it takes I also just love having on people to kind of give you a glimpse of where their life is at today. And also like hear how they got to where they are. That’s our big thing at Be It Till You See It. It’s like, how did someone get there? What happened there? Is it always sunshine and roses and butterflies? And it isn’t, it’s not, right? Things can be two things at once. And so Clare’s on today to talk about, like what she’s doing now, what she is excited about now, and how that changed her life. And we also get into some manifestation stuff, which I think is always a good reminder of how to like add that back into your life because sometimes it’s really easy to just get off the manifestation wagon then wonder why you don’t have what you have. And every time I talk about manifestation with Clare, I’m like, oh, yeah, I gotta go sit down. I’m like during that because every time I get specific, it all fucking happens. So anyways, without further ado, here is Clare Solly.

Lesley Logan 1:51
All right, Be It babe, I have one of your favorite guests. So you actually heard her many times on the pod coming back. We love to have people come back on. It’s been a couple of years since her actual interview. And even over a year since she helped me out and did Brad’s job for a while, maybe even two years. Oh, my goodness. Clare Solly is here, one of my best friends, my slingshot friend. I wanted to have her back on because you know what so much changes in such a short period of time, but also a long period of time. And I think it’s really easy for us to hear people on a podcast, be inspired, think they have it all together and their life is set. Everything is perfect. Everything is done. It’s just gonna keep going that way. And Clare and even like myself are like really great examples of like, sometimes it changes and it changes for the better. So Clare, tell everyone just in case they don’t know who you are. They didn’t listen to your first episode. Who are you? What do you rock at?

Clare Solly 2:39
Ah, hi, Lesley. I’m so glad to be back. I am, overall I’m a storyteller. I think that’s like if I had to name my world in one or my life in one. I’m a storyteller. I have lived many different lives. I am an actress, singer, novelist. I’m a producer of plays. I, by day, I’m an executive assistant and most recently, I’m a Bookstagram.

Lesley Logan 3:11
Okay, so I didn’t even know that Bookstagram was a thing. But I just interviewed someone, his episode’s probably come out, Nick Hutchison, and he’s, he, he was a Bookstagramer as well. And like, and I was like, hold on. You’re the second Bookstagramer I know. Like I didn’t, I, like this whole thing I didn’t even know existed. So how long have you been a Bookstagramer and how did that even get started?

Clare Solly 3:32
Oh, it’s a journey. Like it’s a short journey. But actually, I have to post my post right now. So I was waiting to do that so we can get it. So if you want to see me actually post physically. I was sitting waiting for the interview to start so I could do that. Or so I could maximize my time. I’ve been an Instagramer for about six or a Bookstagram or I’ve been on Instagram forever. I’ve been a Bookstagramer for about six months. I kind of fell into it to be honest with you. So Bookstagram for those of you who don’t know or BookTok is a corner of Bookstagram or TikTok, it’s not a separate platform and

Lesley Logan 4:12
Oh, so BookTok is like, it’s like a corner of TikTok and then Bookstagram is a corner of Instagram. Got it. Okay.

Clare Solly 4:19
Yes, exactly. If you look up either of those hashtags, if you go on that platform, if you look up the hashtag Bookstagram you’ll find it. Same with hashtag BookTok if you’re on TikTok, and it’s pretty, it’s pretty easy to find. I joined because, as you know, I’m a three-time published novelist and I just published a novel in September actually, which you know, I joined in September. I already had established an Instagram for the world of books, and we’ll get to that in a second. And I just hopped on, and I was like, oh, this is easy. I’ll just go promote my books to people who like books because I knew the hashtag Bookstagram existed because I sort of pedestrianly followed a few people over on my personal account and I laugh because there’s this woman who I follow and she has like rooms full of like smudges, which we’ll, we can talk about that and I’m going to teach you that word.

Clare Solly 5:25
And I was just like, oh my gosh, I want to fill my house with gorgeous books. But anyway I was on and I was like, let me just simply promote, save the last piece, I just published it, it’ll be kind of a cheap way to help get my book out in the world. And then I, like Alice in Wonderland, fell down the rabbit hole. I started out I think with like 500 or 600 followers that were kind of leftover from when I decided in the pandemic that I was going to be a book coach and a money coach. And then so go back and listen to one of Lesley’s first episodes. I’m sure you’ll (inaudible)

Lesley Logan 6:00
You were a great money coach for us.

Clare Solly 6:03
And I fell down, I took that, that account and I just started following people that I liked. And in somehow promoting my own book, I was like trading with other authors to promote their books and then found companies that do this kind of thing. And somehow ended up with, I don’t know where I’ll be, when this this podcast actually comes out but like right now, as we’re recording this, I’m about to crest 11,000 followers on Instagram.

Lesley Logan 6:32
In six months. Okay, so this is insane. Because you’re not a social media coach, you are a Bookstagramer and less than 2% of accounts are growing on Instagram the last time I checked out what that stat was, and you clearly are in the 1%. But also like because you niched you like found a corner and you’re focusing on one thing, and also it’s something you freakin love to do, you love to read, like you always have loved to read.

Clare Solly 6:57
I love to read I just got back from vacation, where we were on the beach for six days. Or technically, it was seven and I read seven whole books. While I was, yeah, I mean, novelette like little, like shorter than, like 100 pages or so. Yeah, I like I wasn’t reading like Game of Thrones or anything like that.

Lesley Logan 7:21
Right, right. But also like, that’s like three books in one anyway, so people should get credit for that. Okay, so what does a Bookstagramer do and then how does that change like what you do? Because obviously, you can’t be a, I guess you could, but you’re not a book coach and a money coach and a Bookstagramer like you can’t of like gone all in. So like, how, yeah, let’s talk about that.

Clare Solly 7:44
So, Bookstagramer, I mean, I’m basically like a hype girl for books, is what it is. There are lots of different ways that people do it. But like, because I read so much and because I’m establishing, I’m doing two things. I’m reading a bunch of books that I like, and I’m also establishing an author community for myself. So again, these are two very, very niche things, but I think people you know, you can take my niche and like, run with it if you want.

Lesley Logan 8:10
I think so.

Clare Solly 8:13
So being a Bookstagramer, I look at books that I like, or I read books that I like, and then I create art around that book. Bookstagram is gorgeous to look at, like you look at people’s grids, and like you just want to screenshot them because they’re just gorgeous. People are like, this is my life. It’s like lifestyles but with books. So this is my gorgeous lifestyle photo with you know, a cup of tea and my book in the middle of it and some beads and yeah, I don’t know chocolate like.

Lesley Logan 8:46
I picture you like either like a theme of gorgeous coffee shops and like a beautiful book or like gorgeous beaches and books and like.

Clare Solly 8:54
Yeah, well, and everybody’s got sort of their theme. Like there are people out there that like do colors I have like one we call each other Bookstabesties I have a Bookstabestie who like her theme is always butterflies and bright flowers. And it’s just like her grid’s gorgeous. So you’re, you’re basically as a Bookstagramer you’re promoting the titles of the books, you’re promoting authors, you’re promoting other authors, you’re promoting yourself. And there’s all kinds of things on there, like, people will do things like here’s a book stack with my name spelled out in the first letter of every book. So you’ll have like, Clare would be like a book that starts with C like, I don’t know, Catcher in the Rye and L, Light in the Forest, you know, so like, you have the stack of books and a hand. So yeah, people are doing all kinds of different things. And it’s great because it’s like, we’re all nerding out and loving, like over books and then there’s also competitive posts of like, I read 27 books in March and or I have this many books on my TBR that’s my to-be-read list for those of you (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 10:02
Okay, I love this and like for just a second I thought, oh my god, what like the sweetest most special part of Instagram? And then oh, here comes the competitive post like it has to get there. There is no there’s no play there’s no corner of the of social media that doesn’t have its competitiveness.

Clare Solly 10:18
Oh 100% because again, you’re still, you’re, you’re in a box, and you can do whatever you want, and you can be whatever personality you want. I think honestly, though, on like, the nice side of that I have so many people like that AI trend that happened, what was it in like, November, December that everybody was making AI pictures of themselves the Disney Pixar, whatever.

Lesley Logan 10:40
I definitely didn’t, because I thought but someone was just trying to get my data. And I was like, I don’t participate in those things.

Clare Solly 10:47
Most likely, probably. But, but everybody like, you know, decided to do that with the Bookstagram. And like, pretty up their page. But it’s funny because people like their, their real photos are coming back. And people are, some people are gorgeous like models. And some people are just like, hey, I’m a normal reader. My face is not part of my image.

Lesley Logan 11:11
She, I think for anyone listening to this, who’s like, oh, I don’t know what to do like, a Bookstagramer sounds like I don’t ever have to take a shower. I could just read them. Like, I’m just like, I never have to match. I don’t have to clean up the background. I just have to have a little set for my books. So I’m loving this. I think it’s wait. So I just want to say like, you set out to do this because you were like promoting your own book and then also like, nowadays, you guys, here’s the sad truth about being an author. It doesn’t matter how good a writer you are, you now have to have a following. And how many of those followers will buy your stuff? Because publishers never they’ll never take risks anymore. So was it like something you stumbled upon that you were like, like that you got like, this feels like new and shocking, like, did you think that you’re gonna have 11,000 followers? You have to promote a new book a day.

Clare Solly 12:01
I mean, yes-ish. I’m like, I stumbled onto it. And then like it, yeah, I kind of raced towards it to be honest and transparent about it. And I’m like, I feel like it’s working well, but it like my KDP Amazon numbers are not necessarily agreeing with me. And also like my Amazon bill from how many books I’m buying versus how many books I’m selling, it’s definitely not.

Lesley Logan 12:30
Okay. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Clare Solly 12:33
I’m not getting paid as a Bookstagramer. I’m getting paid in books. And I feel like I’m like 11 years old again. It’s like, hey, do this job.

Lesley Logan 12:42
Do you remember those, like books you would get like, okay, if you send in a self-addressed stamped envelope with five stamps, we’re gonna send you these stickers. Like that’s what it sounds like.

Clare Solly 12:54
Yeah. So I went on a chat with somebody and was talking about the were you around for Bookit with with Pizza Hut? Was that I don’t know if that was out in California. But it was like, if you read so many books, you could earn yourself a pizza.

Lesley Logan 13:08
Oh, that’s cool. We did not have that. But my mom read me 500 books. And so I became like a ferocious reader. But it was a competition in my junior high. Like, what reading level are you and I was so embarrassed because my friends were like, senior reading level in eighth grade. And I was like, Junior reading level in eighth grade. And I was like, there’s something wrong with me. I’m not a senior, and I quickly have come to know, it’s fine. Everything is fine. (Inaudible)

Clare Solly 13:36
We’ll never read them all. And like that’s something I have to be okay with. And they’re classics you’ll never read and they’re books that are in my physical house that I will never. Yeah, no, we’re not going to talk about Kindle.

Lesley Logan 13:49
Yeah. You know what, there’s Audibles that I will never read. I’m using all my credits. I’m like canceling it. Because I’m forcing myself to get Libby. I’m just like, I’m doing it. I’m supporting the libraries. I’m getting Libby. I want to have you want on to share this because I do think that people go, I have said I was gonna do this thing. I have to do this thing. And they don’t let them, they don’t let their life evolve. And so I guess I want to know, and maybe you haven’t processed it yet, verbally, but like, I guess I want to hear like, what was it like to like, kind of this has taken oh, this a lot of time. Like, it’s actually a lot of time to do this. And so to let go of like you built website, I mean, you were doing the book coaching and money coaching, it was like you weren’t doing those things for. So to let those things go to like, go and do this. Like, what was that process like? What were you thinking? Like, was there any like, wonder or shame? Like, was there anything like that going on your head? Or is it just kind of easy to let it go?

Clare Solly 14:41
I think there was, it’s funny that you say wonder and shame because those words kind of crossed my mind as you were, as you were asking the question. There was a little bit of both. I mean, I think, I think I probably hit the the crest of the wave or I was on the back of the crest of the wave of everybody starting their own business and in the pandemic and trying to get online and I, I’ve never been a great salesperson for, especially for myself, it’s so hard.

Lesley Logan 15:12
You’re an amazing salesperson, because we were in retail together. But I think where you clarified it for yourself might be, that’s hard for a lot of people.

Clare Solly 15:22
Well, and then I mean, it’s also it’s hard because I, you know, I’m, like I said, at the top of this podcast, I’m a storyteller first, that’s the gift I give myself in this world. And I give, I give support. And like, I’m amused to other people. And that’s like, I feel like that’s my karmic energy and in this life. And so it’s hard to be like, yes, you want to write your book, pay me $500. And I will help push you and cheerlead you to get through writing your own book, when you’re the one doing a lot of the work. I’m just here to be that person for you. When I mean, yes, I should monetize myself because it is my time. And as many people who have come on this podcast before me have said, and you’ve reiterated a number of times, your time is valuable, and you should charge people for it, especially if it’s a commodity that you do, or that it’s that you’re good at, and people want it. But I was not, I was not being fulfilled by it. I was having a lot of people who were sort of interested in it. And then they decided, a lot of folks were like, well, I want to put it into practice, or I want to with the book stuff, they wanted marketing and with the money stuff, they were like, it’s a little bit too intangible. And like, what are your results? And it’s like, well, you kind of have to have to live it and believe in it to get there. And like, if you’re not believing it right now, then, you know, I can’t, I can’t make you believe it. It’s not like, you know, you are saved.

Lesley Logan 16:53
Yeah, no, I mean, that’s the thing. Like, it’s also really hard for some of those things like we are working on trying to get tangible results of like money earned from the people that we coach, but also like, I don’t, I’m not that kind of person who’s like we’ve helped so and so make seven, like a million dollars (inaudible) this person because the truth is, like, some of those numbers might actually intimidate you to the point that you don’t want to work with us. And also, like, some of those numbers might be more than you’ve ever like that that you want to make. And so like, I know that we’ve helped make many, many people millions of dollars, but is that what you need to hear? Or do you need to hear that, like, we can help you with like, what your particular goals are and here’s how. And I think I’m with you, like a lot of people, especially with money, it’s like, there’s a lot, there’s a lot on there. Like it’s not always just like, here’s who to invest in, it’s also like, habits on around worthiness and belief and money story and, all that stuff. So it’s complicated.

Clare Solly 17:47
Yeah, yeah. And like, my, what I was, was putting out into the world had, you know, a dose or six of woowoo. So like, there’s a, there’s a specific niche for that. So, and I wasn’t, I wasn’t finding those people, I wasn’t attracting those people, those people weren’t finding me. So. And I also got really lucky and transitioned, I was in a job that, that I transitioned within the company. And that actually had a headhunter come out and talk to me, and I moved to a different company that I’m head over heels in love with. And I really, really love my job. And we, you know, we came out of the pandemic, and I was working more in person. And you know, still I’m lucky, I get to work a couple days at home. But the amount of time that I had to focus on my own business was not, was not there. And I also found I would rather spend time working on my theater projects and working on writing new novels and spending time with friends and just sitting on my couch, watching a movie and chilling out and I just didn’t want I didn’t have enough people that weren’t interested. And I also didn’t have the interest enough to go to keep pursuing it. Which is fine.

Lesley Logan 19:03
Yeah, I think that that, like, it’s also I love it, it’s also okay for it to be fine. And I also like, I think it’s okay for something that you tried, and you did, if it’s not fulfilling. You know what I mean? Like, you can, I think it’s like, it’s like the idea, you’re just gonna keep hammering at it. Because, you know, I mean, I think a lot of us are like, Oh, I said, I was gonna do this. I said, I’m doing this, I’m gonna just keep going. And that doesn’t make it fun either. And so it kind of let you evolve into doing something new. And that actually gives you purpose, and it’s fun for you. It feels like it’s fun for you.

Clare Solly 19:36
Well, and I did you know, I mean, it probably should be said, this is something I didn’t give up lightly. It’s not like I just turned a corner and was like, well, oops, that didn’t work. I mean, I spent I spent 1000s of dollars on educating myself and working with my own business coaches and I mean, it wasn’t, it wasn’t anything that like massively put me in debt or anything like that. I, you know, put it all on credit cards and paid it back within six, eight months and, you know, luckily, I had a day job that I could do that with. But again, it was not, it was not fulfilling enough to me to keep trying at juicing it for money. So, let it go.

Lesley Logan 20:15
Thank you for, I think that’s a really, I think it’s really good to share that. Also, it doesn’t mean, that was for nothing. You know what I mean? Like, I think like, you learn so much from it around organization of your own thoughts and like, what you do, and I think we think it’s easy for us to like, go like a sunk cost fallacy. Like we, like human beings are so conditioned to like, hold on to something to like, save what they have, versus they’ll spend more try to save what they have and make something happen than they will to just get out. And it doesn’t mean it’s easy to get out. But also like, there are so many people who would just like keep hiring more coaches and keep trying to make it happen, and by ads and all these things. And so, for you to give yourself permission to just kind of explore something else with your time is really I, do you give yourself a pep talk like do you journal about that? How do you like come up? How did you come up with the idea of like giving yourself more time to explore reading and like sharing your novels?

Clare Solly 21:13
I think it’s sort of like Marie Kondo-esque kind of thing. Like, I just was looking at it, at the the work I was putting in and seeing what I was getting out of it and seeing whether or not the joy was worth the time, you know, whatever that mathematical equation might be. And it’s, it is interesting, because I don’t know that I’ve ever actually really sat down and processed it. I think I just was like, well, my life is changing. This isn’t working. I don’t need to be spending more time on it. I think the pandemic was a gift for me, because I was that person that was running, running, running. I was living in an 80-hour workweek between all the things that I do. But I could do that. Because I’m a single woman living in New York City, I had enough of an income that I could support myself in a healthy way. Pandemic made me stop and go, wait a minute, you have to sit in your house for months and figure out what is really important for you timewise. And I found like the like, I had lots of leeches and vampires that were sucking my energy away. And were not fulfilling me back. So I think it was, it’s more of a conversation or a more of, and yeah, I think I’m pretty sure I journaled. I could probably, knowing me, I did. But I took a look at my life and what, what was making me smile and what was making me happy and I hated when I would set up a workshop that would be like trying to get some people that were interested in buying and have the free, learn how to write your novel in three months to try or learn how to make money. You know, here’s five tips on how to make money in your world for free.

Lesley Logan 23:03
I just want to interrupt you, but like, I hate doing that launch stuff. It’s like not fun. We were doing launch models for years. And for some pre-pandemic, the launch model worked for us in one capacity and was actually really great. But then during the pandemic, because then everybody and their mother was launching something like literally their mother, and everybody were launching something, they need to start doing those, like, here’s five ways to make this much and like people want that quick fix. And so that’s it you’re having to like sell. And we don’t do that anymore. And it is it does make it really difficult to grow our business because I don’t do before, and I’ve never done before and after pictures for OPC. But like the only business where we have a launch models on our business coaching, and it seems to work there. And it’s just, it doesn’t it’s not that it feels inauthentic because I only do things that feel really good. But it is really hard to get people to do something that’s going to benefit their lives during the window of time you have set aside to support them.

Lesley Logan 24:05
You know, that’s what those things are.

Clare Solly 24:07
And it has to be I mean, I got, I got pulled and I don’t want to say suckered because like it turns out like a couple of them were really great coaches, but like I, I got pulled into those calls on my own and I was like, oh my gosh, this rainbow and this pot of gold sound amazing. Sign me up. And yeah, I mean, and it works for some people and you have to have a good script and a good energy and a decent product and but it just not and it’s so funny because you just said that I’m a good salesperson. I’m a great actor. And for some reason, like I was not able to get any and it was it was disheartening because I was having like 100 people sign up for the call and five show up. And it was the numbers were just gutting me. And I think after I did, I don’t know, I want to say it wasn’t a ton. I did like 20 of those, like workshop things between the book coaching and the money coaching. And I (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 25:06
That’s a lot of that’s a hard like thing to not take personally, it’s not personal, but it feels personal because like, I’m doing this, I said this, I can help you, and you won’t show up, you won’t let me help you. And like, yeah.

Clare Solly 25:18
It’s also a lot of time, like, it was in 90 minutes each time, and 10 to 20 times, 20 times (inaudible) I stopped thinking about how many it was because it like, it makes my stomach hurt to think how much time I gave up. And like I could have been writing or I could have been like, helping a charity or I don’t know, I could have watched how many movies, you know.

Lesley Logan 25:41
But I just so I love that we’re talking about this because I don’t think I think a lot of people see the not even Bookstagramers or other Instagramers out there like launching things or they’ll sell like I say, I made this much money in a weekend and da-da-da. First thing, you don’t know how much money they spent on ads to make that much money. I’m just gonna tell you right now, like they could say they had a six figure, you know, launch and they spent, like, they made $100,000, but they spent 90,000 to get there, like you don’t know. And so it’s really, really important. Like, yeah, they can say that they had a six figure launch, but it cost them a lot to get there. And I, and so, you know, I also like there are a lot of coaches out there who will sell you these things. Like there’s a lot of business coaches out there in my industry who are like, I’m helping people make $10,000 a month, I’m like, that’s great. And also some people need more than that. And also for some people, that’s a lot and they live in Oklahoma, and what you want them to charge to get there is not possible. And I’m not, not to like slide on Oklahoma, it could be anywhere. But like the truth is, is like there’s emotional triggers that are, will work on people to make them buy things. And you need to know if you already wanted it in the first place. And this person understand you and they should have testimonials. They also should have people that like literally did it that you have their faces and you can talk to them, and who aren’t being paid to talk to you. So like there, I just say all these things, because we’ve had people in our, in our groups who’ve like had other coaches for other like offset things, sell them things, and it’s like snake oil. And they’re, they feel bad when they fall for it. And it’s like you didn’t actually fall for anything. It was designed for you to make that one decision.

Clare Solly 27:18
Yeah. And, and you know, sometimes, yeah, and oh, yeah. And it just felt bad that being the snake oil salesman, not that necessarily like (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 27:30
Well, you weren’t, you were going to help them but you but you felt like you had to do those things is what you’re saying because you were not (inaudible).

Clare Solly 27:35
Yeah. And again, I was very, I was fortunate in the fact that I was kind of like, my next seat on the Ferris Wheel was open. And I could just hop on, you know, hop on that right? Um, so and I realized not everybody is that lucky. But I think I was also sort of, in a way, why no, I was manifesting, like, change.

Lesley Logan 27:57
Yeah, you were, okay, I want to talk about this. Because even though you don’t coach on this, like, I got to be part of like the time when you are manifesting this change to happen. And like, I think a lot of people will because of making decisions around things and spending money and time to make something happen, a project happen, an idea happens a goal happen, you, even though these things were happening, I didn’t, I saw you like manifest change in another way without like, kind of not that you weren’t, you know, sulking or worrying about this, but you did do that. How?

Clare Solly 28:34
Oh, I was.

Lesley Logan 28:35
You were. You can wake up, by the way, we can hold many, many emotions at once, guys. But, you know, when you were here recently, we talked about you can’t manifest money, but you can manifest change and like, how, what are the, what are those practices?

Clare Solly 28:52
I mean, it’s, it’s sort of simplistic, but you’d like instead of saying it’s so funny, because people are like, I want to win a million dollars, but you get like, it won’t happen for you. Because you need to. Going back to all the, and money stuff. Money is energy. Breath is energy. You know, a Snickers bar is energy, not a sponsor. So, you take and you release energy, a hug is energy, right? So you take and you release energy, that’s what we do as beings, you know, dogs do it, you know, grass does it, etc. Your cable TV does it. So you need to manifest something well, and again, this is not like a magic wand and it’s not going to happen to you overnight. But you need to get really clear on what you want, what your result is. And you need to be able to visualize it. And you and I were talking at the time and you were helping me visualize where I was going and what direction I wanted to go in. And I did a lot of work on that on my own to journaling and meditating and whatever. And you don’t have to journal you don’t have to meditate, you can do it in whatever way that puts it out into the world. So this is all a little two woo for you. Hi, Brad.

Lesley Logan 30:16
He loves this stuff. Actually, you guys, like we light money candles all the time. But we’re intentional. That impact is, in fact, represents.

Clare Solly 30:25
Well, and you have to. And it’s funny, because I have a lot of those candles, too. And I have regular candles that I’m still very intentional with when I start the energy for those. So you have to think about what you want. So I don’t know why a boat is coming to my head right now. But if you’re like, I would love to have a million dollars. Well, that’s not, that’s too short-sighted. I want to have a million dollars to have a boat. Well, why do you want that boat? You want to have it so you can cruise around the world? Do you want to have it so you can put it in your backyard and have something to brag about? Do you want to have it so you can have freedom? Do you and because you can go out and you can like have? Or do you want it so you can have quiet time? So you can go fish off your boat. So you have to get really clear on the ABC through XYZ of what you want the money, the energy, whatever to do for you. And for me with the job I got really clear on, I still want to serve people, I want a boss or a situation where I am treated with respect and also like delicacy when I need it. But also space to make my own way in the job. But also forgiveness when I mess up because I’m human. And I got really clear on a lot of those things. And I swear to you, my boss, I might have just drawn a picture of her because she has everything. It’s funny because I swore up and down I was never going to work for a woman again. And when I started having conversations with her, it was just it like synergy and wonderful. And I you know, it’s not a perfect world. I’m not a perfect employee. You know, it’s not a perfect situation every single day. But it allowed me to have you know, and I also thought about things like what kind of salary do I want? And what kind of availability do I want to be able to like what days the, you know, not specific days of the week, I didn’t get down to that. But you know, what’s my work life balance gonna look like and things like that. And it’s, you know, it’s not quite, quite what I envisioned. But when I get to do like, it seems like everything I asked for is sort of in this space, what I asked for. So you get as clear as you can on what you want, like distill things down until you can’t get them to go any further. And that’s how you manifest and then you just start thinking about it every moment you get a chance to. Like, I have sticky notes all over my house, I’ll find them every once in a while, that will say things that have specific manifestations on them.

Lesley Logan 33:06
I love that. I think, so first of all, I love Post-its and I love, we actually just moved a mirror in our house and now we just like put notes on it because like, you know, with mirror markers and like, it’s you know, because it’s kind of, it’s kind of fun, and it catches you because it’s not where you would normally see words. But I, I love that you share like you’ve got as specific as you can. Because it’s really true. Like there was, I forgot, you guys, I forget her name, it’s in my Audible, I’m sure my team is gonna know what it is. But there’s a book where this woman talks about the story about the more specific you are, the more things happen. And like she talked about, like someone lost a pen. And it was like a specific type of pen that was so expensive. And like she like was like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s lost because I love this pen, it will come back to me. And sure enough, she walked into a store and there was the exact model and make of this pen. And like this is like the book was written around the 1920s, guys. So like pens were really expensive back then. I don’t know. Anyways, it was her pen. And it was like not as expensive as when she like what she thought it would probably somewhat be. But there’s another story of this woman who wanted to go on a trip. And she knew exactly the trip she wanted to go on. She knew exactly what it would cost. And she had no money and she called her mom thinking like her mom would loan the money. And her mom was like that trip sounds amazing you should totally go on it. And like that didn’t go anywhere. Mom’s like, hey, I don’t, you know, I think you should go on it but and she didn’t have the money and her mom was like why don’t you come over here and go like you’ve got some boxes here you need to pick up and I’ve got some mail for you. So she goes to her mom’s house and she’s like, I just want to go on this trip with my friends like I really need to go on this. And she goes to the mail and there was a letter from her old roommates and she opens up the letter and it was a check for her deposit on an apartment that they had years ago and she’s like I finally moved out and this money is yours and it was the exact amount of money she needed for the trip. She was so specific about what she needed. So like that’s the thing, like you, it really does work and the house I’m sitting in it’s five bedroom for a reason. It’s exactly the neighborhood I wanted when people go I can’t believe you live in Vegas. Do you love it? I’m like, I love it because it’s exactly what you manifested. I didn’t manifest the money for the house. You know, so, yeah.

Clare Solly 35:10
That’s okay. You can make the money. That’s.

Lesley Logan 35:12
Well, no, no, I mean, we got it. We got the money to buy the house. We bought it, guys, it’s ours. But like, you know, like, I didn’t know, the point is I didn’t manifest I mean, you know, $485,000, or whatever it was. I manifested, like, what it would look like and where it was, and we pictured it, Brad, and I know exactly what it’s gonna look like. And it looks like that. That’s just really fun. So I really love that. Okay, Clare, what are you super excited about right now? Like, what is your like, excitement, joy, what do you?

Clare Solly 35:38
I’m super excited. I got sort of inspired in January to write a new novel. So I have yet another work in progress. I’ve got about like five books in progress right now. And I’m really excited about that. I’m sort of giving, not sort of, I am giving myself the goal to get the thing written, because I already have 20,000 words. So the thing is, like, 1/4 of the way written, because it’s a rom com, and I’m, I just am excited. Like, I need to sit down. I’m excited for time with myself, because the ideas are there. I just need to sit down and write it. Um, what else am I excited for? I’m excited for travel. I’ve got a couple of I’m planning a vacation. I’m so excited. I’m gonna go to Greece.

Lesley Logan 36:19
You just came back from a vacation. I love you. I love that. People, you know this, you should take more vacations, you can actually plan one, right after one.

Clare Solly 36:27
Well, vacation is so good for you. Because, well, especially getting out of my house is good because it allows my brain to stop and pause or it gives it kind of a different like jumpstart or like a like, I don’t know, like a chiropractic crack. And then I come back and I’m so like, I’ve stopped looking at my same six walls. And I’m like, wait a minute, I can do all these different things. And so I’m excited when I get to vacate and then come back and get like a jumpstart. Yeah, it’s so funny. Like, what am I excited about? I don’t know, I’ve got so many things (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 37:06
I do know, it’s like you’re not asked that question all the time. But I really love to ask that question of people because like, it’s like, oh, there’s this thing I actually have been working on and you might have to pull people yet. But anyways, you’re going to Greece. I love that I’ve never been. I hear it’s amazing.

Clare Solly 37:18
Yeah, I’m going to, I’m going to go to London for a couple of days on the way there and then go to Greece. And hopefully by the time, hopefully, I’m gonna manifest this, hopefully it will be taking my completed manuscript with me so I can edit it while I’m flying on all the planes.

Lesley Logan 37:35
Beautiful. Okay, we’re gonna take a brief break and find out where people can find you, follow you, you know get book recommendations from you.

Lesley Logan 37:42
All right, Miss Clare, what is your Bookstagram handle? Where can people buy your books?

Clare Solly 37:47
You can buy books on Amazon. Save The Last Piece, my most recent one, is also on Barnes and Noble you can just look up Clare Solly. My Instagram handle is youwontbesolly
, Y-O-U-W-O-N-T-B-E-S-O-L-L-Y.

Lesley Logan 38:05
And also, are your books rom-coms always or like mystery novels? What are your books?

Clare Solly 38:10
My first novel that I wrote was a time travel mystery novel called The Time Turner. My second novel that I published is called Christmas and Cleats, and it’s a cozy Christmas Connecticut story where it’s very, very lifetime Hallmarky woman runs a museum and her best friend slash crush from high school comes back to town after being a famous baseball player and they reconnect and madness ensues. And then my most recent novel I wrote is called Save the Last Piece and it is sort of a Devil Wears Prada of the wedding industry. I worked in the events world for almost three years and had so many stories to tell or so many stories that I heard of, I didn’t really tell, I mean, yes. So it’s all fiction, although, you know, it’s stretched and different things happened. And it’s a crazy, crazy romp through the world of events.

Lesley Logan 39:09
Oh, my goodness, I love it so much. So Clare, you’ve been on the show before. So you’ve already given us some amazing advice on what’s bold, executable, intrinsic and target steps. So you can repeat what you gave us, if you remember it, or you can give us something new. And also, I saw you just face you can give us something new, it’s totally fine. We just need something to take action on that for the too long didn’t listen all the way or for the person who’s like okay, hold on. I love this. What should I do next?

Clare Solly 39:35
Okay, so I have to tell you, I because I’ve been working on this for like three weeks since you reached out to me and asked me to do this. And because I’m a recovering people pleaser, and I’m always an A student. I don’t want to let down my bestie and I also kind of want to wow Brad, because like I’m always excited to hear on the replays. Brad as well. So I’m trying to hit off all four.

Lesley Logan 39:56
Oh, do you know what I’m gonna tell you right now you’ll be one of very few people who have done all four. So here we go.

Clare Solly 40:03
Here we go. I would say like if you’re, if you’re trying to like, live your best life, or if you want to get your Instagram, whatever going, Look at what you’re obsessed with, what things are reaching out to you, what are, what you are loving, looking at, what you’re liking or what is calling you and your life to spend your free time on that. Also use your comparisons and judgments of these things of like people’s posts or of other people’s lives or whatever. And instead of going, oh, gosh, they are so much better than me turn it around the other way. And use it to build yourself confidence and let it point you in the direction. Why do you think that they’re better than you? Or what could you do? What is your magical snowflake-ness that’s that’s taking you in that direction. That and make sure it fulfills you in some way. And just you know what manifest the shit out of it.

Lesley Logan 40:57
Oh, I love that. I love that so much. I think it’s great. I think that’s I love that because you know what? Most people would just stop at the comparison part. So you are you gave us a bold, executable, intrinsic, targeted step all in one step. That’s so cool.

Clare Solly 41:18
It’s so funny because I kept working on it. And then I would like I was doing something like I was folding laundry and I would like run to my phone. I was like new note.

Lesley Logan 41:28
Okay, so this is so funny because it’s kind of like your expert bio. Brad, I have to read a bio all the time guys. I’m sure, Clare you do, too. You have to have a bio all the time.

Clare Solly 41:37
You remember when we wrote them for each other?

Lesley Logan 41:39
Oh I do because it nothing will bring me to tears sooner than like someone making me make my bio fit into certain character we haven’t done so Brad has taken us over and he like took it over and so you’re, every, it’s like this, that Be It thing is like having to go oh, hold on, world renowned. That’s a better word for that. Like you’re running to the node to like, that’s a better word for saying this thing. And then he did it in like two paragraphs under 600 words under 200 characters.

Lesley Logan 42:13
So I think I’ve got all the bios I could need for at least this month.

Clare Solly 42:19
This month is covered. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 42:21
Clare I love you. It’s so fun to follow along on your journey. You guys, go listen to the first episode we have and you can listen to you can also see when she did some of the recaps because Brad was out of country and 15 hours ahead and was not that was not gonna work out for us. And so (inaudible) a trip. Oh my gosh, yeah. But you’re, you always have a great insight and what I love is like you’re, you really do follow your passions and you’re really curious about things and it’s your, you get excited about things and your books are just different facets of your unique creativity. And I can’t wait for this next one to come out. And also, if you’re wondering what to read, her Bookstagram can be a great place. So you guys, make sure you tag youwontbeSolly, tag the Be It pod. Let us know how you’re going to use these tips in your life. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us and others BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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