Debt Isn’t a

Personality Trait

Ep. 52 with Lesley & Brad

“I think that there is so much creativity that can be had in how we define ourselves.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Brad & Lesley pull out some of Damari’s golden nuggets from our last episode’s interview with her, digging into how finances should serve as an affirmation, not a trigger – especially when we allow debt to define us. Debt can be debilitating, managing our credit score is so complicated, we don’t walk around with little debt chat bubbles, and more.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Lesley’s love language
  • Black Friday Cyber Monday deals… links below
  • When you focus on something, things happen
  • Why Lesley picked an S Corp for her business
  • Damari’s last name is a Be It moment
  • How do we choose our titles as entrepreneurs?
  • We allow debt to define us
  • Your credit score is based on how you manage debt
  • We don’t have debt chat bubbles…
  • Finances should serve as an affirmation, not a trigger

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Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:45
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad and I are going to dig into the rich convo I had with Damari Gold in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now, go back, listen to that one and then come back and join us. You know … I don’t even know how people are listening to these in which order but I am seeing all the different loves you have episode 34, made someone laugh out loud many times that makes me happy. (Lesley laughs) So you know, whichever order …

Brad Crowell 1:18
34 with Jessica Burgio that’s a recap.

Lesley Logan 1:20
… I know, I know the evens are recaps, so here we are. So y’all, Happy Thanksgiving for those … (Brad: Happy Thanksgiving.) If you’re listening to this, then right now whether it’s Thanksgiving for you or not, I’m just so grateful for you. I know I said it last week in Episode 50. (Brad: What?) But I really am and it was really fun to celebrate the 50th episode because I got to see a lot more love for the pod and I’m just words of affirmation is my love language. So thank you so much, but because it is Thanksgiving. (Brrr brrr brrrrr)

Brad Crowell 1:57
What is that mean?

Lesley Logan 1:58
Oh, it’s like a little like, drumroll. (Lesley table drumming)

Brad Crowell 2:00
Oh, I thought you’re trying to be Cardi B for a second. (Brad and Lesley laughs)

Lesley Logan 2:05
That’s Cardi B. (Brad: Yeah) Cardi B is a little one. A drumroll is longer. (Brrrrrrrr)

Brad Crowell 2:09
Gotcha. Yeah. (Lesley: I have no idea. That’s why I …) Exciting news. And if you’re on our email list, you already are aware (Lesley: Things are on sale.) Starting on Friday the 29th, so the day after Thanksgiving. (Lesley: Yeah, we …) For only four days we’re just gonna do Friday, Saturday Sunday, Monday closes Monday night.

Lesley Logan 2:26
We are doing, if you’re watching it on YouTube and you just saw everything shake, Gaia is really weird today. Ah …

Brad Crowell 2:35
She threw herself into the table. (Brad laughs)

Lesley Logan 2:37
I know she also, y’all she loves plastic bottles and today she decided that a can in the trashcan was a plastic bottle. So I do think her eyesight is going … (Brad: Oh geez.) But anyways, let’s go back to these deals. (Brad: Yes.) Um, so on our sites, check out the notes below. We have different amazing deals for different things. So (Brad: Yes) for our Pilates teacher …

Brad Crowell 2:55
We’re bringing Las Vegas possible.

Lesley Logan 2:57
Yeah. Well, here we go. Well specifics, if you’re a teacher hit a Profitable Pilates because good shit is happening with the courses, (Brad: Yeah) you’re welcome. (Brad: Yeah) You are welcome. This is the best sale I’ve ever done on those courses. I don’t want to hear it. Just go by them, have fun. I want you to change your business. (Brad: Yeah.) If you are Pilates levah, there’s some workshops and some legacy stuff. So get your ass over there and …

Brad Crowell 3:24
At … Yes

Lesley Logan 3:25
And then over at

Brad Crowell 3:29
Yeah. We got BE IT pod merch.

Lesley Logan 3:31
Cuz you know what? You should dress up like me. (Lesley laughs) Also …

Brad Crowell 3:35
And it’s on sale right now, (Lesley: It’s on sale.) for tomorrow til 29th.

Lesley Logan 3:39
It’s on sale. And here’s the thing. We are old school, elder millennials. I’m so sorry. I do not like that the sales are starting earlier and earlier every year. No …

Brad Crowell 3:48
Yeah, I’m with you (Lesley: I’m in protest …) in being against to that.

Lesley Logan 3:51
I’m in protest. And so this is how I’m showing my protest.

Brad Crowell 3:54
It’s not Black Friday, Cyber Monday month. (Lesley: No) It’s Blackfri-day, Cybermon-day. (Brad laughs)

Lesley Logan 4:00
Yeah. And just and then what the days in between where, you know, those are your … (Brad: We are giving you the weekend.) Those are your bonuses. Now, I don’t want to hear it when I start celebrating my birthday month. That is true. (Brad laughs) That is real. But it doesn’t mean tons of sales in your inbox every frickin’ day. So go, go … go stock up and all the things that make your life better because I’m really excited about it and … (Brad: Heck yea) Happy Thanksgiving. Okay.

Brad Crowell 4:28
All right.

Lesley Logan 4:29
So, we, instead of an audience question this week, I actually wanted to share a couple things. I was just doing a coaching call with one of our agency members and she had listened to the episode with Dr. Bender. And when Dr. Bender shared that she umm she has like physical things around for like, just by bringing in the things she wanted. So for example, she wanted money to be around her always …

Brad Crowell 5:02
This is episode 41 with (Lesley: Yeah) Dr. Kelly Bender.

Lesley Logan 5:05
So, listen to this. So this is episode 52? (Brad: Yeah.) Okay. So 11 episodes ago, my client listened to the BE IT item from Dr. Bender. And she all… she did what Dr. Bender did. So Dr. Bender had put two $100 bills on a table in her house with a crystal and amethyst crystal on it. And like, you know, she’s like, “… Money is around me, flows to me easily.” And this client was like, “Okay, I’m going to do it.” So she’s like, “How much money should I put there?” So she is like, “I’m gonna put the same amount of money as a new client package.” So she put three $100 bills in her desk drawer. And she’s like, “I don’t have any crystals but I had this rock, and I have a bracelet of other crystals. And my mom would collect these like half dollars. And so I put that on there.” And she’s like, “I’ve had four new clients for in 11 episodes.” That’s like three weeks. (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 6:02
Like six weeks. Yeah. (Lesley: Oh) Five and a half weeks.

Lesley Logan 6:05
Five … whatever. That’s still a new client a week, basically.

Brad Crowell 6:08
Oh, it’s amazing.

Lesley Logan 6:09
It’s amazing.

Brad Crowell 6:09
I’m not taking away from her (Lesely: So …) for her achievement at all. I think it’s really amazing.

Lesley Logan 6:13
So y’all, um, I’m not answering questions, because I’m just sell… to I just want to share with you if you do these BE IT action items. Life is like happening for you.

Brad Crowell 6:24
Yeah, I just, I just kind of need to comment because I’m not like, like the overly “woowoo.” But I would guess that your client opened the drawer and saw that in there. And it was a consistent reminder. And that kept bringing the idea of getting new clients to the top of her mind. And that’s why because she’s focused on it brings it you know, you’re doing it, (Lesley: Yeah) you’re, you’re you’re going after your you know, you’re actually focusing on it. (Lesley: Right) So, (Lesley: Yeah) I absolutely believe that. You know what, when we focus on something things happen. And that’s just a real easy physical reminder that you can’t miss.

Lesley Logan 7:02
Yeah, so anyways, next week, maybe we’ll answer a question, or maybe we’ll share another win… You know, we’re gonna call them bold moments. And maybe so either (Brad: It’s a bold moment) we’re gonna answer question, or we’re gonna ans… we’re gonna share a bold moment from our BE IT listeners. And that could be you. So share that with me.

Brad Crowell 7:17
Love that.

Lesley Logan 7:18

Brad Crowell 7:20
I’m gonna write that down, “Our first bold moment.” (Lesley: Okay.) Oh, yeah. (Lesley: Woo)

Lesley Logan 7:27
I had another one, but it’s on I screenshot it and I don’t I don’t know where it is. But someone DM me a bold moment and I need to find it. And I’ll maybe I’ll share it next week.

Brad Crowell 7:37
We’ll bring it back.

Lesley Logan 7:38
… It’ll be a segue. You know what, we have a new producer, and that’s going to be her job. (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 7:42
That’s true. We have a producer. We hired a producer. (Lesley: I know.) It was really amazing and exciting. I just spent a bunch of time on zoom with her this morning.

Lesley Logan 7:51
I like her glasses.

Brad Crowell 7:54
Yeah. Oh, yeah. No, she she’s she’s rad. Her name is Amanda. She does, she has no idea that we’re talking about her on the pod.

Lesley Logan 8:01
We have to change our outro.

Brad Crowell 8:03
Oh, yeah, we got to do all the things. (Lesley: Oh, shoot.) Yeah, no, it’s official. (Lesley: Well, she can task us with that) By the time you listen to this, we’ll have a new … (Lesley laughs) maybe we’ll have another outro. Well, very soon. (Lesley: Very soon.) Things are gonna change. It’s exciting. (Lesley: It’s exciting) We’re very happy about it. (Lesley: Yeah.) Anyway. (Lesley: Okay.) Okay, now let’s talk about the Damari Gold.

Lesley Logan 8:22
I love it.

Brad Crowell 8:23
Damari Gold is a tax accountant who left the corporate world to open her beach side firm. Her business and her clients are her life. She hates the way we collectively define success and allow debt to stop us in our tracks. And she works with her clients to battle that mentality, creating space for messy beginnings. I really enjoyed your conversation with her. It’s actually a lot of fun. (Lesley: Yeah) She, you know, she’s gone to school, started working, got her Masters, was working again, decided she actually didn’t like working for people. And that’s when she wanted to go start her own thing. And then she said she struggled with starting on a thing because she just didn’t pull the trigger. And then like couple years in, she finally did. And now she’s out on her own. You know, (Sorry, I almost pulled my headphones off.) (Brad and Lesley laughs) Now she’s on her own. And and, you know, doing accounting, and what I what I loved about this conversation was that she’s anything but a typical accountant, at least from this conversation that … (Lesley: Oh my God, she isn’t) and it was a lot of fun.

Lesley Logan 9:37
Or maybe she is and they’re all lying to us. (Brad laughs) But like I just loved how honest she was about even her own financial status and life and things like that. (Brad: Sure) Because I think we think of accountants. I mean, your parents are accountants, if I’m not … (Brad: My dad is) your dad is. (Brad: Yeah) He’s like really good with money. (Brad: Yeah. Yes) And so I just think accountants are just like really good with money and like our CPA in California, oh my God, like he scared me. I was like, I, I don’t even know, like, he didn’t scare me. He’s actually so lovely. And he took such good care of us. But like, I’m not even kidding. Like, I …

Brad Crowell 10:11
No. His higher level thinking about money. It was like so different than the way that we conceptualize and it was, it was intimidating. I’m not gonna lie.

Lesley Logan 10:11
No, no, he called me into his office. And I was like, “I have to go to my CPA’s office.”

Brad Crowell 10:22
It’s like being sent to the principal.

Lesley Logan 10:23
I know, he like email me. He’s like, “Lesley, we need to have a meeting.” I was like, “Oh my God.” And he like, sat me down for an hour and explained to me how I couldn’t keep doing business the way I was doing business as a sole proprietor. And I needed to choose to be … he like he’s like, “You have to choose. Are you going to be LLC or you’re going to be an S Corp?” And it was really funny, because it was like, right before you proposed to me, and he’s like, “Well, when your LLC you need to have like these two people. But if your S Corp, you could be you or these other things.” And I said, “Well, I think I’m, think I’m going to be an S Corp thing, because it’s just me and I’m just dating someone right now. So like, who’s gonna be my partner in this?” Ahh! And then you …

Brad Crowell 11:00
That’s why you pick the S Corp? (Lesley: I know) (Lesley laughs) That’s unbelievable.

Lesley Logan 11:05
He also said that S Corps (Brad laughs) have ahh, gonna have more write offs, because corporations just have more bills. So I was like, “Great.”

Brad Crowell 11:13
I love the logic behind that, that is … (Lesley laughs) amazing.

Lesley Logan 11:17
But he said S Corps have, you know, they have more bills. So people like that the auditing is different. And I was like, “Okay, that also sounds less scary. So let’s go that way.” (Brad and Lesley laughs) Anyways, but I really loved Damari back to the who we are recapping because she, it’s like, it’s all I felt like if I became an accountant. Right? Like, not that I would, but like, I feel like we have similar personalities and (Brad: Yeah) similar outlooks on life. And so anyways, it’s all about me. Right? And she was just fabulous. So anyways,

Brad Crowell 11:50
That’s awesome. Yeah. So so well, actually, so so she had a whole bunch of things that she went through, actually, the conversation flowed pretty well. (Lesley: Thank you) (Lesley laughs) Yeah, I mean, from one story to the next. It just kept rolling. But you had you had one specific thing you’re (Lesley: Oh, like …) very excited about.

Lesley Logan 12:12
… hands down. Can we just talk about how Be It Till You See It is this? Her name, I thought, gosh, so cool. Her name is Damari Gold. (Dog barks) And she’s the Gold Standard Accounting or whatever. And like, you know, I just thought like, “That’s amazing.” Like, she’s so lucky to be named Damari Gold, because then she kept the Gold Standard Accounting or whatever. And so when I asked her, she’s like, “Oh, no, I, that’s my stage name.” (Lesley laughs) I was like, “That is so Be It Till You See It.” Like that, y’all like, sometimes you have to name yourself or name your thing, like what you want it to be. And so she did that. And now it’s, you know, it’s, it’s her name, and I freaking love it. So anyways.

Brad Crowell 12:25
Yeah. That is … she definitely has a full story about how she came up with it. And it’s her favorite color and all these other things. And at the end, she was like, “Well, Gold Standard Accounting. I think I’m just gonna call myself, Damari Gold.” (Lesley: Yeah.) And that’s what she’s doing. (Lesley: Yeah.) So and it flows and it sounds baller.

Lesley Logan 13:15
It sounds so… it sounds so baller. (Brad: Yeah) I mean, you know …

Brad Crowell 13:18
But I think that, you know, let’s look at it from the BE IT perspective. We talked about this, I can’t remember exactly one. But it was like, way back in the beginning. We talked about right, creating your own title. (Lesley: Oh, yeah.) You know, and how maybe you have been defining yourself as, quote/unquote, “Just a Pilates teacher,” you know, (Lesley: Yeah) which I think is a terrible way to define ourselves, because we’re not “just” anything. (Lesley: We’re not just anything). But let’s just say you’re a Pilates teacher, what if instead, you were a movement liberator. (Lesley: Ooh) Ooh, you know or …

Lesley Logan 13:54
Look at the person pulling out the thesaurus. (Brad and Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 13:57
You know, or, you know, I think that there is so much creativity that can be had in how we define ourselves. And, you know, before we were obviously talking about, like, the title that we have adopted, but I think it’s amazing that she changed her name to fit with the you know, who she is, when she’s, you know, working her business. (Lesley: Yeah) I thought that was great.

Lesley Logan 14:22
100%. Well, speaking of things you love, what did you … what what is, what did you love?

Brad Crowell 14:28
Yeah, okay, so this was profound. And (Lesley: Ooh) I knew this was rich. Hmm. (Lesley: Rich) So she, she basically said debt … We allow debt to define us. We allow debt to stop us. We allow debt to be this big, massive, scary mountain that we can’t function when there’s debt and we are also sold with this, you know, just the way that our our society works and capitalism and all the things. We’re sold this idea that, you know, “Being debt free is the only way to be.” (Lesley: Oh my God) You know, and … (Lesley: Y’all, it’s like …) Here’s, here’s my, here’s my thing. Clearly, being debt free is a positive thing. I’m not saying that it’s not. I’m not saying that you should just incurred that you know, like create debt for that sake. No, that’s stupid. But what I am saying is that the difference of you being in debt and you being out of debt, actually, it’s, it’s this weird definition that we have for ourselves. Why would being out, out of debt…. does that make you, like… (Lesley: Doesn’t make you a better person)… a freer person? A better person? (Lesley: No.) A better person and better business owner. A better whatever? No, it’s just actually it’s an accomplishment for sure. I’m not saying that it’s not. But I, I don’t think that, like, we’re gonna have this, this like life changing experience, the day that we finished paying off our debt. It’s gonna be a celebration in a moment, (Lesley: Oh, my God) but life is still gonna continue the way that life was.

Lesley Logan 16:05
Do you remember when I paid off my student loans?

Brad Crowell 16:07
Yeah, I remember you going, “Oh, shit. (Lesley: I paid them off.) I paid them off.”

Lesley Logan 16:11
There was no freaking glitter, confetti, balloons.

Brad Crowell 16:15
Yeah, it was like seven o’clock, I was making dinner.

Lesley Logan 16:17
I know, I got this email that says, “You pay, you made your last payment.” And I was like, “That’s it. That’s what it feels like.” (Brad: That’s what it feels like) I was the same person. (Brad: Congratulations, Babe!) Congratulate… but the point is, is like, I literally did not change from before that email to after that email. And …

Brad Crowell 16:35
Yeah. The difference was, you had a couple hundred dollars more in your bank account each month (Lesley: Yeah) which, “Hey, that’s a win.”

Lesley Logan 16:40
That’s a win, but it doesn’t… (Brad: It’s huge win for sure.) It doesn’t define you as a per… human being. And I also just want to say, I don’t know how it works in different countries, but here in the States, your credit score is based on how you manage debt. (Brad: Yeah) And so being debt free doesn’t actually make you a better person to give a house loan to. (Brad: Right) And so it’s a stupid game, and we’re all taught like, “Oh, my God, if you have debt, it’s not great.” And I grew up that way. I grew up in a household where there’s a lot of debt, a lot of bill collectors calling, it’s a really sucky situation to be in. (Brad: Sure.) And I saw what it did with my parents and what they how they felt about themselves, and how they showed up and how they, they how they felt in their marriage and how they felt as parents. And the reality is, is that like, I don’t think I would have had different childhood. Like, the amount of money that was my childhood was not what made my childhood good or bad. The stress of, of how they may debt define them, that … (Brad: That affect each other) affected me, that affected me, but (Brad: Yeah) like, you know, I didn’t, who knows what you have versus what someone else has have. I don’t know as a kid. So I’m just saying, I really …

Brad Crowell 17:48
It’s not until you’re in middle school in high school, that you’re like, “Oh, they bought the bling jeans and I didn’t get to buy the bling jeans.” (Lesley: Yeah) But like growing up, I’m the same way my parents were incredibly frugal. And, you know, I mean, my mom would rather take me to the consignment shop and buy, you know, 10 pair of $8 jeans than one pair of $80 jeans. Like that’s just the way that I grew up. So totally, I totally understand that. And I think that we allow this, this, like, I think that it becomes like a skeleton in our closet. And it becomes this, like, this, this, like this, this fear that like sits in our gut that like, “Oh, I have debt like if I if I try anything right now I could really like screw us all over because I still have debt” in addition to whatever it is that you want to go do. And I I don’t want that for you. That’s not reality. (Lesley: No) You know, we do obviously we have bills to pay, we got to, we got to make sure we can meet those, those requirements. But you know, I and I do think that it’s important to be paying more than your debt balance. Like if you don’t want to pay the minimums (Lesley: Yeah) it’s just like a never ending cycle. But if we let no but I think what you said on the last episode, which I loved was it’s not like we walk around with a chat bubble hovering over us that says, “Haha. Brad still has school debt because guess what? (Lesley: Right) Brad still does have school debt.” You know, and “Brad’s gonna have school debt for another 10 years.”

Lesley Logan 19:25
Well, yeah, or I’m just gonna keep praying that they go federal loans go away. But anyway. (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 20:14
Right. But but it’s but but because … it sound like I advertise that right. So nobody needs to know that.

Lesley Logan 19:37
And no one needs to know that but also like, it’s a little freeing when you share it because it’s like that skeletons out of the closet. But at this, it doesn’t change who you are, and unless you let it. So (Brad: Right) if you I see this all the time in the people that I coach in the industry, I see people go, “I don’t have enough money. I can’t do that. I can’t do it.” And so then they’re like sit in the back of the room or they feel like they can’t be part of this group or the join this thing. And it’s (Brad: Yeah) like, actually, like, you are an amazing human being already. And yeah, there’s and then underneath that you have like, “Amazingness, amazingness, amazingness. Oh, also another thing is that debt.” But that doesn’t actually define you. It’s just another piece of inventory. You also have a couch, you also have a car, you also have a Cadillac like you don’t have. It’s not like personality trait debt that (Brad: Yeah) doesn’t… If you look at pe… personality traits or what makes a good human being, you don’t see debt free on that list.

Brad Crowell 20:32
Yeah. And I do think that, you know, the, you obviously want to be responsible with the debt that you have and the money that you have. But if you go look at businesses, (Lesley: Oh, my God) who are growing and value that millions and billions of dollars, they also carry debt, there is actually part of the game is that, you know, now I’m not saying credit card debt is to your benefit all the time. But you know, there, it’s just a different perspective, we’ve been sold this story that, “You have to be debt free,” and that’s not necessarily the truth.

Lesley Logan 21:05
Yeah, I mean, it’d be nice, but it’s not going to again, I promise you, when you are debt free, no one is going to show up with confetti and glitter and balloons. There’s not gonna be a frickin’ party for you. It’s gonna feel the exact same. You’ll just have more money in your bank account. (Brad laughs) So be the person you want to be, (Brad: Yeah) Till you see the debt, be free. Boom! (Brad: We’ll take that.) (Lesley laughs) Okay, well, look, no one’s offering (Brad: Yeah) a marketing job over here. It’s fine. All right.

Brad Crowell 21:34
All right, (Lesley: Here we go.) All right. All right. So finally, let’s talk about the BE IT action items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Damari Gold?

Lesley Logan 21:47
Oh, well, here it is. Wait

Brad Crowell 21:49
Yeah. I’m gonna jump … (Lesley: You’re go in first) I’m gonna jump in. (Lesley laughs) I think we swapped ours out here. Um …

Lesley Logan 21:55
No, I think we’re good. I still, I got mine.

Brad Crowell 21:57
Okay. So basically, (Lesley laughs) basically, one thing she said at the very end of the interview was, “To put your vision out there.” You know, I think for her, she was speaking from this very personally, because she was talking about how she wanted to do this, start her own business, she wanted to what she didn’t, she wanted to want she didn’t, it took a couple years. And, and she started to tell her clients or her friends, she started like, kind of on the side, “This is what’s gonna happen, this is where it’s gonna be, this is how it’s gonna be,” you know and then again, it’s kind of like the money. You know, the crystals in your top drawer, where when you pull open your door to pull out your socks, you see that and you go, “Right? New clients, new clients, new clients.” In this case, she’s putting the vision out there, because you’re (A) creating vulnerability. Right? You’re you’re making yourself vulnerable to other people, (B) you’re consistently reminding yourself and those people are going to be looking at you like, “Is she going to do what she says?” you know, and (Lesley: Yeah) so it helps you stay focused, stay on track to get to where you want to be.

Lesley Logan 23:04
Well, before we started this podcast, I was telling people, “I’m started a podcast.” (Brad: Yeah, for like a year.) Yeah. “I’m started a podcast. I’m started a podcast.” And then we recorded for four months before the pod came out. (Brad: Yup) But I started a podcast, but like, (Brad: Oh yeah) put it out there. But um, you know that even our even this house, this house, we knew this was our house, because we put the vision out there. No, maybe we didn’t blast it on Instagram. Ve… most people were surprised we moved but like, our coach knew, the people in our group knew, (Brad: Yeah) they we had told them very specifically, we are looking for a house with this many rooms, with this much space, with this much this, it’s gonna cost us this much. Put it out there. And then it was like when I when it came across my emails like, “Oh, this is this is a vision.” (Brad: That’s the one. Yeah) So yeah, I’m big on that, y’all, put it out there. Okay, my biggest takeaway is “Become more aware of how you’re being supported with your goal.” And I’m going to add a little bit to this, I think because I’m long winded. So first of all, awareness is the first step in everything, okay? And if you are like most human beings, you are very aware of how you’re not being supported or how you’re not working towards your goal or what you didn’t get done. But very, very few, very, very rarely do we acknowledge, like what we did do, what is going well, who is supporting us, what is supporting us? And so I think it’s really important that maybe at the end of each day, you just take a moment to think about like, the goal you’re working towards and what did happen. So like maybe …

Brad Crowell 24:50
Maybe wins, micro wins.

Lesley Logan 24:40
Micro wins (micro wins are so important.) Micro wins are gonna like really propel you. Oh my God, I’m reading the book, “Messy Middle.” (Brad: Yeah. The Messy Middle) And like most of you need to make sure that your wins carry through because there’s like highs and lows, highs and lows, (Brad: Yeah) highs and lows. FIrSo the other thing is is like in that awareness, get as much clarity as possible around the things that are in your goals. So like what we talked about with Brad’s takeaway with put your vision out there. We literally wrote down, like, “How many rooms?” Okay. (Brad: Yeah) And when I hear people say things like, since we’re going to talk about Damari Gold and we’re talking about money, I hear people say that “Money is an obstacle.” And I say, “How much money do you need?” I don’t know. Awareness is so key. If you’re not aware of how much money you need for your goal to happen. (Brad: Yeah) You’re always gonna say that money is the obstacle. But what if you just need $500? You know, like, maybe you need $5,000, maybe $500,000. But have that awareness because it is actually going to help you achieve the things you’re working towards. You have to really get clarity around that.

Brad Crowell 25:49
You know, I’m going to add on to this (Lesley: Oh keep adding, were just gonna keep layering) … another talking point that she said that we didn’t bring up (Lesley: Seven layer cake.) (Lesley laughs) Yeah. She said that finances should serve as an affirmation, not as a trigger. (Lesley: Oh, I forgot about.) Yeah, that was like, that was that was a golden nugget right there that that was a Damari Gold nugget right there. (Lesley: Ooh) Ah. (Brad laughs)

Lesley Logan 26:12
And because we live in Vegas near the Golden Nugget.

Brad Crowell 26:14
Golden Nugget. (Lesley laughs) All the things so so you know, you just said that … What you just said made me think of that because I do think that we, you know, I for years, I was afraid to look at my bank account. It was just weird denial like thing where I was like, “Okay, if I only spent $6, I hope I’m sure there’s going to be enough money in there. You know, and I would buy lunch or whatever.” And and like, but I would just never actually log in and look at the actual total. And it like, I don’t know, like, somehow I thought I was gonna be okay, if I ignored it. I don’t know. Weird thing, right? Because … (Lesley laughs)

Lesley Logan 26:53
I’m sure a lot of people listening to this are like, “Oh, that’s me, too.”

Brad Crowell 26:56
Oh, yeah. No, I don’t think that I was alone in that. And that’s like, people avoid, I avoided and I thought that by avoiding it would make things okay … wrong. I would then only deal with it when I bounced a check or my credit card, or my debit card would get declined. And then the now I’m in the hole because they charge you 35 bucks. Right? So, you know, this was this was after college and and when I was like hustling, trying to get any kind of work. And but but but money became this fearful thing. And the only way to to get like dig into that and change it is to actually embrace it head on. Right? And that’s kind of what Damari was talking about finances should serve as an affirmation, not as a trigger. The affirmation, being, “I haven’t … I have $6 to buy my lunch. You know, I know because it looked at my damn bank account. And I can see that I have $1,000 in there. Yes, I can buy lunch for $6.” As opposed to “I only have $1,000 in there. (Aaaahhh freakout session.) I (Lesley: Yeah) can’t buy lunch for $6.” (Lesley: Yeah) Right? So it says definite, you know, you’re it’s not something that you just easily do. But, but it’s something to work on.

Lesley Logan 28:08
We should call this a gold conversation. This conversation is gold our Aussies, they would have fuckin’ loved it. They would loved it. (Brad laughs)

Brad Crowell 28:15
Yeah, it’s a gold convo.

Lesley Logan 28:16
I got to add legend into a conversation, (Brad: Yeah right) then they’ll be like, “What?” Well, um, gosh. I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 28:26
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 28:27
Thank you so much for joining us today. (Brad: Yeah) We are so freaking grateful you’re here. How are you to use these tips in your life? Let us know by sending us a DM to the pod on Instagram and we’ll catch you in the next episode. Until then, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 28:41
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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