Transformative Experiences in Ayahuasca and Shamanic Practices

Ep. 331 Diana Min

“I help people work through their inner blockages so that they can step into their power and live the life that they were destined to live.”

Diana Min

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I’m Diana Min, an empowerment coach. I’m a spiritual mentor. I help people overcome their trauma. I help people really work through their inner blockages so that they can step into their power and really live the life that they were destined to live here. A lot of my work really stems from my own journey of healing and everything that I’ve led myself through. And now I get to support other people on that journey as well.

Show Notes

How does spiritual healing truly transform us? Join Lesley Logan as she engages with Diana Min, who shares her journey through the realms of spiritual healing. Diana offers an intimate look into her own transformative experiences, breaking down misconceptions and revealing the profound impact of these practices. This episode provides listeners with a unique insight into how spiritual healing can lead to profound self-renewal and a deeper understanding of one’s potential.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Shamanic healing’s impact on overcoming personal trauma.
  • Diana’s transformative journey to spiritual coaching success.
  • The profound insights and effects from Ayahuasca experiences.
  • Identify when to seek a spiritual healer for personal healing and empowerment.
  • Uncover the science behind why spiritual healing is not woo.
  • How to choose the right spiritual healer that aligns with your needs.

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Diana Min: I used to be such an angry person and so violent and like, I used to think like you said, I’m like, well, this is just who I am. And I remember when I saw that that shamanic healer back then she’s like, you’re not, you’re not a violent person, you’re not an angry person, you’ve had so much pain. And at that time, I didn’t correlate that, right? Because I’m like, I’m not in pain. I’m tough. You know, like, I’m from New York. Don’t mess with me. You know.



Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guest will bring bold, executable, intrinsic and targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 1:07
All right, love. So we are going to get a little spiritual, little spiritual healing in this week’s episode. And I want to do this because I think it can be I think we get really obsessed as a recovering perfectionist and overachievers with like a checklist, check, check, check, check, check. And then we just come across some things we just can’t check off. Maybe you’re frustrated with yourself, because you’ve been like doing the work and like you’re just still reacting in a way you don’t want to react to something. And oftentimes, those things are ingrained. And you didn’t even teach yourself that like someone else taught you. And I’m not saying that to get you off the hook. Because you’re not off the hook. It’s like it’s your work to do. But if you’ve been doing all the things to get to change something you want to change in your life and it’s not changing, then doing the same thing over and over again, is just the definition of insanity.

Lesley Logan 1:52
So our guest this week is Diana Min and she actually you’re I think gonna resonate with her so much you all because she shares her story about how she was raised. The woman she was in New York. What happened in her rock bottom that got her to where she is and then also we get into what she’s doing now. And how she made the transition from being like corporate girl to like, I’m a healer now. And let’s go and do some ayahuasca and like, what was that like because wow, what a transition that would be. And then we also get into how she manifested the man that she’s with. And it’s actually a really cool story. So I love stories like this, because especially if you are single, you’re like, I can’t meet someone like there are so many ways to randomly meet someone. There really, really are. And I cannot wait for you to hear how this happened because it’s a sign that it’s possible for you never underestimate the power of some weird free app. So. So anyways, thank you so much for being a listener of this podcast, I want to I know I say that at the end of every show. But I really do mean it. I want to just take a moment to say thank you. The show is growing because of you. And when you download the show, it counts people actually count it and it affects it allows us to get sponsors, get new listeners, get things like that. And if you’re like I don’t want to sponsor Well, it’s like, well, these things cost money. And so having other people sponsor the show means we can just bring more great content, bigger guests, better guests, more crazy and amazing information for you. So because of you we are growing and I just want to say thank you because if you ever are doubting like what am I doing on this planet? Well right now, you’re supporting an amazing show that’s hoping to inspire you, help you be it till you see it and help others do the same. So thank you. And now here is Diana Min.

Lesley Logan 3:23
All right, Be It babe, I’m so excited because one of your favorite guests, Kate Hudson referred this amazing guest to us today. She’s gorgeous. She’s beautiful inside and out. And well, actually, she’s going to tell you her whole entire journey. But I really wanted to have her because we haven’t had anyone talked about this in a long time. And I the way she brings up what she’s so good at is so specific, and you can actually do it and she’s living the life that she talks about. So Diana Min, will you tell everyone who you are, and what you’re rockin at?

Diana Min 3:51
Hi, Lesley, thank you so much for having me. So I’m Diana Min, I’m an empowerment coach. I’m a spiritual mentor. I help people overcome their trauma, I help people really work through their inner blockages so that they can step into their power and really live the life that they were destined to live here. And I mean, a lot of my work really stems from my own journey of healing and everything that I’ve led myself through. And now I get to support other people on that journey as well.

Lesley Logan 4:17
So let’s talk about like how to, because I mean, like, it’s not when you go to college spiritual coach is not really something that you get to check. So like, how did you, how did one, how does one become who they’re, like, what drove, what drew you in? What was the, what was the, you know, impetus?

Diana Min 4:32
Yeah, I mean, it was my own journey of healing, right. So I’m from New York. So I was raised by a bipolar narcissistic mother that I was viciously abused by my whole life. And so I came out with a slew of things to work on. I had borderline personality disorder, PTSD, anxiety, depression, I was an alcoholic and drug addict. I mean, I had OCD. The list goes on. I had all the all the letters and I I really was trying to essentially subconsciously almost kill myself the way I was living my life at the time in New York. I was achieving externally, right, because that’s what abused children do. We, we achieve for validation and you know, work to perform for love. And so I was doing that and I felt so empty and miserable and nothing I was doing on an external level, no matter how much money I was making out, no matter much, how much I was climbing my corporate job, and, you know, how many vacations I took, like nothing was filling that void inside of me. And it got to a point where I was like, I kind of want to kill myself, but I feel like I need to ask for help. And so I sought out a shamanic healer myself when I was living in New York, and, you know, I had no idea about the spiritual world at the time I had an inkling right, but I had no idea what it really consisted of until I started working with this woman in Brooklyn, and lots of shamanic healing. If anybody knows, you want me to talk (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 6:02
I’m gonna tell you right now. Like, I think many people going from like overachiever, overachiever burnout. The next step isn’t like shamanic healer, usually, like usually like the next step is like antidepressants, you know, more and more things. So like, yeah, how? How did like, let’s talk about the shamanic healer, what they are and like how you got there?

Diana Min 6:23
Yeah, it was honestly, so divine alignment, right? Because I had a girlfriend that sent me her healer’s number and literally all it said was healer. And there was no name, there was nothing. And I was in the middle of like a like a mental breakdown, right? I just called this number. I’m like crying on the phone. I’m like, I don’t know who you are but I need help. And she’s like, who are you? You know, and it was just one of those things where it’s like I had no idea what she did. But she said she could help me so I want to go see her.

Diana Min 6:52
Shamanic healing deals within the this the spirit realm right so a lot of the things that we carry within ourselves, trauma, it is energetic, right? They’re not physical wounds we can see anymore but they’re emotional wounds, they’re deep, mental, psychological wounds and those have a frequency, they have an energy, and they’re most likely lodged into our spiritual body or our emotional body. And because these layers are obviously invisible, and not tangible, we, we don’t believe that they’re there until we really feel what happens when they’re lifted from us. Right? And we feel the lightness of ourselves and we feel ourselves starts coming back into life. We start to feel more enjoyment in our lives, more fulfillment in our lives, right? And we just, food tastes better. Everything looks more beautiful, right? That’s kind of how it was for me. Like I had no idea what she was doing. There’s some rattling, there’s some drumming. You know what I mean? I’m laying, I’m laying in her living room, crystals all over me. I take like a three-hour nap. I wake up I don’t know what’s going on. You know, I, did I really know what was happening? Absolutely not. I just knew I started to feel so much more alive and better and lighter, less heavy, right, less dense.

Diana Min 7:59
And so she eventually would lead me into my first Ayahuasca ceremony and that was really what kicked things into high gear for me, I became sober after that first ceremony. So I’ve now been sober for about eight years. And just immediately, everything started to change in my physical life outside of that, right, because once you start to work with the sacred plant, I believe the great grandmother, she starts to really open up pathways in your life that weren’t there before. And so I started to really understand that, you know, all the trauma that I had experienced in my life was given to me as a gift for me to grow stronger and more resilient and to transcend it and become something I didn’t know what at the time, right what, but, um, and then I would find myself serendipitously in a second Ayahuasca ceremony, like a month later.

Lesley Logan 8:55
You did it twice? Because of, once feels like a journey. I’ve heard the journeys.

Diana Min 9:01
I’ve done it at this point over 200 times. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 9:04
Really? I didn’t know. Okay, so okay, I don’t want to get sidetracked. So you did it a month later, let’s go back into your journey then I want to go into why (inaudible).

Diana Min 9:12
A month later, I found myself obviously again, coincidentally in a second one in which I was told I was going to move to California. And then I was like, that’s a weird thought. And then a week later, I got fired from a job, a week later, my relationship ended in like a firestorm. And I had to move out, find a new place and just everything started to align. I moved to San Diego with four boxes to my name, new identity, newly sober I have no idea what’s going on. And just everything was just aligned and clicking and I landed here and I was like, I have no idea what just happened to me. And I just began to follow the path right? Like I’ve gone to Peru. I’ve worked with Shamans in the jungle in the Sacred Valley. I continue to follow the work with the medicine for me. That’s where the answers really live for me and I continue to do my own work in the spiritual realm as far as like becoming a Reiki Master, become a yoga teacher, right? Like doing, you know, I’ve done 10 day silent meditations, like, I’ve continued to explore all the healing modalities in the spiritual realm. Like everything, right? Because for me, it was about healing myself.

Diana Min 10:14
Over time, I started organizing, Ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies, you know, all over the place, because I wanted to share this medicine with other people. And then I kind of grew a reputation in that community. And so then people were coming to me asking me for support before their ceremonies after their ceremonies. And so I realized I was being an integration coach. And so then I just continued to really understand, Oh, I’ve actually done a lot of my own work. And I can support people on their journey now, because, you know, I’ve walked it. And then I built a multi-six-figure business doing that. And now

Lesley Logan 10:48
That’s, so that’s, so that’s crazy. So that’s how you got to where you are, because it was like one like little one stepping stone at a time and it sounds like you’re like, okay, I’ll start and I’ll get this training, and I’ll get this training. You’ve been like adding in it. So how long ago did you move to California? How long have you been doing this?

Diana Min 11:03
I moved to California in 2016. So that, it’s like seven years ago, and then I first started working with the medicine in 2015, so.

Lesley Logan 11:10
Very cool. So okay, so you’ve done Ayahuasca 200 times, does it have the same effect each time or is it like now that you’re cleansed, it’s like, you’re it’s almost like, like an enlightening message, like, you’ve got to move to California.

Diana Min 11:28
Yeah, it’s more like an oil change like a tune-up, right? Because life happens, right? And we’re continuing, we’re continually picking up new things that we might need to release from us, right relationships and or, you know, new levels, new devils is kind of what I call it, right? Every time you’re trying to expand into a new level, you’re going to hit blockages, either your inner self or your belief systems or things that you’ve inherited from your ancestors, right? And so you’re always going to have to expand into a bigger version of yourself to, to reach those new levels of success of abundance of whatever it is that you’re achieving in your life. And so for me, I’m, I’m a self-development junkie, right? It’s like, I’m always trying to grow and always trying to be better. And, you know, we’re never done learning. We’re never done healing. And we’re multi-layered beings, right? There’s, there was a time, you know, two, three years in on my journey, I was like, I’m probably fully healed, like, I’m probably all done, right? And then like I do an Ayahuasca ceremony like, they peel back this layer, and there’s all this, like, you know, like bugs and like little grubbies under there. And you’re like, oh, let’s look under here. Like yeah, I’m not done at all.

Lesley Logan 12:34
Like that one closet like Monika had and friends like that one closet that no one into. I love that you brought that up because it’s true, like, I think people can listen and go, oh, my God, she’s like, a spiritual healer, she’s got it all figured out. And it’s like, ish, we all do. And then there’s always like, and there is another level and you’re having to strengthen the skill sets you have gotten already. And in doing that, it always will bring up a little bit of something else that like, you know, just like (inaudible) it’s, it’s a, it’s like going to the gym, like, you can bicep curl 15 pounds, it’s gonna be hard, and then it’s gonna be easy. And then when you go to hit 20, it’s gonna go back to being hard. And it’s easy. And so you have like, there’s a little bit like, when people get upset two steps forward, one step back. It’s like, yeah, of course, because you get to go check out the view and go, oh, yeah, glad I left this place.

Diana Min 13:25
Right, exactly. And I mean, that’s what makes life exciting, right? You never get to a place and you’re like, this is, this is good enough. And I’m gonna sit here there’s always a desiring of more of growth and expansion, right? And that’s why we get to continually learn and, and explore it, our inner worlds or outer worlds, and yeah, everything in between.

Lesley Logan 13:45
So I want to talk because like, this can all sound really fine and dandy, but like, how does someone know that they should be working with a spiritual healer versus like, therapy or sematics or something like that? Like, what’s the what’s the bright line? Like you like had this? Like, you know, your rock bottom, your friend’s like healer, here you go. Like, here’s your next step. How, like when someone listening going, oh, that’s actually maybe the next step for me.

Diana Min 14:05
Yeah. I feel like if you are intuitively called, and hopefully you have some level of relationship with your intuition, right? How does it feel in your body? That’s kind of how I like make most of my decisions. Is it a full body yes? Or is it a full body no? Or is it sometimes if you’re on the fence, right? For me, that’s a no, a full body yes is like, yes, I’m going. Like I can’t wait, so excited. Right? And here’s the thing. I also have a therapist, but she’s also a very spiritual therapist, very, like she’s also done Ayahuasca with me. So it’s like, we’re it depends like what you’re looking for. I think you need if you’re looking for a healer, a coach, somebody that’s working in the spiritual realm, if you understand that traditional therapy has not worked for you, because I was in traditional therapy for a while when I was in New York and on my healing journey, and it just was not hitting the layers that I needed it to hit.

Diana Min 15:00
Yeah, it wasn’t like breaking down, like the barriers of like what was built up inside it was causing you not to, like make the decisions that you’re making that got you where you are.

Diana Min 15:08
Right, right. I felt like I was just kind of spinning my wheels and not really getting anywhere and seeing real progress in my life. And so I was like, There’s got to be something deeper. And that’s what that, you know, caused me to go seek some other alternative support, which, you know, I think everybody should try, right, to see and understand. And then if it doesn’t work for you, then it’s cool. You learn something, right?

Lesley Logan 15:30
Yeah, yeah. So, I mean, I don’t know that this stuff is like woo woo. But it can feel very, like two woos for people like it can be like, they’re like willing to have a couple crystals. But then like, you know, it’s like, do you, do you think? How would you like describe, would you wish that sort of healing was not a woo woo thing? Would you like it to be considered like more than that? Or you’re like, nope, it’s 1000% in the woo woo world and that’s where we love to hang out?

Diana Min 15:54
No, well, if you follow any of my work, a lot of my work is actually regarding like quantum physics. So I talk about energy in the sense of like, in the quantum realm, like, energy, vibration, like that is all quantifiable, right? Like, if you follow Dr. Joe Dispenza, like he’s proven it through science, that all of this is real, like, there is nothing woo about it, it’s actually backed by science that, like your thoughts are sending out a vibration, which then attracts back a reality of that same resonance. So no, I don’t believe it’s woo at all, I think that if people dig a little bit deeper, they’ll understand that we are vibrational beings, and we’re constantly sending out a signal with how we feel and what we’re constantly attracting to us, whatever it is, that we’re focusing on and a lot of times, subconsciously, we have energies that we’ve inherited from our birth mother, our parents, our ancestors, right, because if you think about on an on, like, on a biological level, when you’re in your mother’s womb, you’re absorbing all of her DNA, you’re absorbing all of her emotions, everything she’s ingesting, you know, her her emotional diet, her physical diet, you’re taking it all in, and not just from her, but also your father and all of this, the DNA that they’ve inherited, so you’re coming out with, sometimes, I work with a lot of clients, the wounds that they’re working through, or the blockages that they’re working through or the beliefs that they’re working through, they have no idea where they ever picked it up from because they didn’t they it was actually they were born with them, that’s kind of our job in, in this incarnation, right, is to really work through the entanglement that we have received, and then create, and move beyond what our parents were able to accomplish so that we can then lay a foundation for the next generation to build on top of that.

Lesley Logan 17:48
Yeah, I mean, you’re totally right, because it’s like the book, like What Happened To You. And it’s like, very clear, like, you, like how your brain develops is based on like, from the back to the front. And so if your care is inconsistent, the first three months, it’s gonna change entirely how you see the world and the energies you put out. And it’s, can you recreate the brain? Yeah, you can, if like, if you have people who recognize it, like at an early age, but good luck if your parents were the ones who were inconsistent in your care, and that’s time. So like, what I’m hearing you say, like, we, we kind of like, that’s just how I am like, I think that’s like the worst sentence anyone can ever say. It’s like a death sentence to grow with, like, this is just how I am. But actually, like, if you can understand, like, I don’t know why I’m doing these things this way. And I don’t want to do them that way anymore. You know, having, having the opportunity to work with someone who can help peel back layers that you didn’t actually know that you built, because you didn’t because someone else did it for you. Like, of course, like it makes a lot of sense to me when you’re like, I don’t even know what that came from. It’s like, well, if you didn’t put it there you can’t really take it away. You don’t really know what it was you don’t know where it starts.

Diana Min 18:56
Right? Exactly. I used to be such an angry person and so violent and like, I used to think like you said, I’m like, well, this is just who I am. And I remember when I saw that that shamanic healer back then she’s like, you’re not, you’re not a violent person, you’re not an angry person, you’ve had so much pain. And at that time, I didn’t correlate that, right? Because I’m like, I’m not in pain. I’m tough. You know, like, I’m from New York. Don’t mess with me. You know. And now I’m like, the most sensitive, like loving, compassionate person, but because it wasn’t who I was. It was the defenses that I had built up to my environment. It was the trauma that it that was almost glitching out my system, right? And who I am and who I was, was buried underneath that. And so I feel like if you’re going to work with a spiritual healer, any type of energetic work or more holistic healing, what it’s really doing is peeling back the layers of who you’re not so that you can remember the truth of who you are.

Lesley Logan 19:54
Yeah. So I want to go back to like you transition into this because obviously They like being in the corporate world being a New Yorker, like, go, go go, and then to like, slowly transition to this person who’s an empowerment and spiritual healer? How, like, what were the steps that you took to like, feel confident in doing that? Because one of the reasons this show exists is that so many people like this is where I want to go, but this is where I am. And I have to wait to be deemed, you know, like, from someone that I’m there. And I’m like, No, you actually don’t need to wait for the there’s no one deeming you like, unless you’re actually going to see the queen. Like, but she’s not around anymore. No one’s actually taking a sword and deeming you anything like you actually have to take that for yourself. So like, what was that journey like for you?

Diana Min 20:35
Oh, it was horrible. It was so hard. I think I cried every step of the way. Because I had this huge fear of being seen this huge fear of being heard, right. Like, I did not believe in my skills, like people would tell me all the time, like, yeah, you should put up videos online and talk about spiritual healing. And I’m like, who’s gonna want to listen to me? I don’t know anything, right? Like, I was always just like, dimming my light, because I was so scared of being judged and criticized and failing, right? I think the pivotal point for me was hiring support, hiring a coach or mentor, and having them reflect back to me my power, because a lot of times you can’t see yourself in that light, when you’re stuck in your very limited, you know, perspective of who you are and what you’re capable of. Right. And I would always find, like, at the right time by somebody that’s just like, calling me forward into my power. And, and kind of holding my hand along the way until I felt strong enough, or I started to get, you know, my legs going where I could do it on my own. And that’s really what it is. I feel like, people are scared sometimes to ask for help. And I really don’t feel like we can do it alone. I didn’t do it alone. I know anybody that’s built something great has not done it alone. Right? And so, yeah, asking for support I think is key. Because trying to go at it alone. You’re gonna get faced with all of your, you know, all your shadows. And then you’re gonna, you’re I mean, how it happened to me for a long time, I would just hide back into my little hole. And you know what, not gonna do it. Nevermind. Right? If you have somebody that’s holding you accountable. That’s like, no, no, no, we’re still going. That was just a little hiccup. Let’s keep let’s keep walking. Right? And not feeling alone on that journey is really powerful.

Lesley Logan 20:35
Yeah, no, I think that’s really good advice. I’m wondering, like, as you’re saying all that because my brain was like, well, I wonder how she found the person. So I guess my next question for you is like, how do people find a spiritual leader that’s right for them? Because obviously, like, like anything, like a mate, like, this is the person that’s peeling back the layers. Like I don’t want some weird cult leader, I actually want, I hate to say that, but like, also, like, you know, like, what, what are people Googling, like, what are they, how would they know that this is the right healer for them?

Diana Min 22:58
Yeah, that would be another thing that I would say check in with your body and look at people’s testimonials, you know, have a consultation with them. Look, if they’ve helped other people that are in similar situations, I say testimonials, testimonials, testimonials, because checking in with their past results and seeing how they led other people through a transformation or through you know, to the, to their next level, and seeing does that resonate with you? Does that feel like, like, I’m aligned with that? Right? Because I definitely hired people where I’m like, never working with that person again, right? And so that’s kind of what you kind of go through, right? You’re like that, oh, I didn’t listen to myself then. And that’s the outcome that I got, but a lot of times like it was either a full body yes. Or it was just kind of like because I get people like that in my world all the time. They’re like I don’t know what you do and I don’t know how you do it, but I just feel resonance with you and I just feel like I need to work with you. I’m like, trust that queen let’s go You know what I mean?

Lesley Logan 23:54
Yeah. Yeah, I think like also I would say like, are the people that you’re that are given the testimonials are they like out and about doing like things in the world? Or are they like all stuck in like a commune together that you know, like that’s a might be if they’re like out doing their goals and their dreams probably a good healer and they’re like, living with the person and they’re not allowed to leave, that’s a sign. And like, you know, I think people might be hearing like, oh, trust my gut, I don’t know, like, trust my body. Like one of the things I don’t know you might have a tip for this. One of the things that I heard someone say was like, have someone asked you like, very true easy yes, no questions and like just feel what that feels like and then literally have them tell you ask you a question and you lie about it. Or like you know what I mean, like you and you’ll feel instantly like your body does when it like it’s a no but you’ve said yes or you know, like so you can really figure out like because that we are like most people walk around very disassociated from their body, their mind and their body are not really there. And so they don’t know how to trust that so they can be easily convinced and unsure and like that’s just one of the ways that I was able to feel like a I’m having like, I’m having resistance here. And I don’t know why. So it’s a no right now and I can go explore that later. I don’t need to be talked into it at this moment, you know?

Diana Min 25:07
Yeah. Yeah, that’s a really good trick. You’re having somebody asks you really fast yes or no questions. Do you want to have a sandwich? No. Do you want to work with a coach? No. Okay.

Lesley Logan 25:17
Yeah, if you’re like one of my listeners, like, I’m so indecisive, and a people pleaser. All right, I’m gonna be really honest, you still know the yes or no, because people pleasing is just like a form of controls. You know, like you do, and you don’t outsource that kind of power. But like, there’s ways of figuring it out. Okay, so now what are you so excited about? Like, what do you what are you being it till you see it right now? Is there anything that you’re you’re trying to stretch yourself to do? Is there another evolution you’re going through? What’s going on right now?

Diana Min 25:43
Yeah, I mean, constant evolution, always. I am doing a retreat to Peru in June. So this is my first international retreat. And I’m like, super excited. I’ve been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. And I’ve been, you know, kind of doing the local thing. And now we’re like, all right, we’re going to the motherland. So that’s pretty awesome. Yeah, I am with I, I be it until I see that my husband, my soulmate, my…

Lesley Logan 26:14
What? Are you’re getting married?

Diana Min 26:16
Well, he’s basically the person I have been manifesting for the past 10 years.

Lesley Logan 26:22
That’s crazy. That’s amazing. Can you tell everyone how that is. Because we have lots of single listeners. So we want notes.

Diana Min 26:30
Okay, so I have been writing down this person for so long. And every time I would get into a relationship, I would be like, oh, I miss something, right? Like when you’re making a list, right? You’re like, oh, I forgot this emotionally aware, right? Like (inaudible) come healed, right? So every time I had a failed relationship, I would refine the list. And would do like add things that I’m like, oh, I forgot to put that in the last one. And so this person found my, my man, found me on an astrology app called The Pattern.

Lesley Logan 27:03
It’s a dating app for people in astrology or no? it just like you were just on there as a profile?

Diana Min 27:07
It’s an astrology app that has a dating aspect to it that you have to pay premium for that I did not pay premium for. But I decided to put my profile up there anyway. But because I wasn’t going to pay premium, I was never going to see any of the messages, right? So I said, here’s my IG since I’m never coming back on this app again. And he I put my profile up there at like 11:30 at night on a lonely Saturday night and he downloaded the app on 11:45 that same night, and he found me on there, swear to God, and we, he found me on IG. He’s also walking the medicine path. So he works with, you know, Ayahuasca in like a different capacity with a different group. And we just like, met and realized like, he was manifesting me, I was manifesting him and we showed each other the list.

Lesley Logan 27:59
Oh my gosh.

Diana Min 28:00
And we were just like, perfect. And we’ve been together ever since. So the stretching of that is like coming into well, eventual motherhood, right? And us really like growing a family together and doing this work together, which is also something I’ve manifested for a long time was a partner on the spiritual path, right, to do it together. And to like, raise like a conscious family, things like that. So that’s on my list. And then I’m writing a book, I’ve been called to write a book about, you know, my journey with the medicine and all the healing, holistic healing that I’ve done because, you know, full transparency when I was in New York, I was at a party at the time that wanted me to get on medication. And I was just kind of like, No, I’m going to holistically heal myself. And I got a lot of resistance and people that really doubted my ability to do that. Right? I did that. So I want to actually share my story so people can know that they have options, and they don’t need to get on medication. If that’s more harmful.

Lesley Logan 29:00
We have an amazing guest who I just had on like, at this point where isn’t lined up at all, we interviewed him earlier this year. He literally teaches you how to like he can have people write the book based on the stuff you’ve already written or you can write it yourself. But like he’s basically like a book Papa and like helps you like, make yourself a best best seller because he’s been one multiple times, like you, everyone, ever, I believe everyone can write a book and should because you have a story to tell people whether it’s your poetry or fiction or nonfiction, but like, the whole entire reason that human race exists to this day is because we have the ability to tell a story. So I think it’s really cool. I think you should do it. Yeah.

Diana Min 29:39
Thank you. I’m working on it.

Lesley Logan 29:41
Oh, I love it so much. All right. We’re gonna take a brief break and find out how people can work with you, find you, follow you, go to Peru with you.

Lesley Logan 29:48
All right. So Diana, where do you like to hang out? Is it still IG? Do we have to go this astrology app to find you?

Diana Min 29:56
I’m off the astrology. I’m off the dating portion of the astrology app, now. I’m off the market. I’m on Instagram @theurbanindigo. I’m on TikTok @theurbanindigo, I’m on YouTube @theurbanindigo, Facebook. And you can also visit my website,, which is currently getting updated. So new, new stuff coming soon. But yeah, I mean, I mostly share a lot of my stuff on Instagram and TikTok. But you can also join my mailing list to just really get first dibs on things like retreats and new offers that I have.

Lesley Logan 30:31
I love it. Okay, before I let you go, you enlightened us in so many ways, but bold, executable intrinsic targeted steps people can take to be it until they see it, what do you have for us?

Diana Min 30:40
Okay, so I would say find somebody that is already doing what you’re doing and stalk them. And see if they offer trainings or see who they were trained by, go look into what their journey was and what they did to get to where they are and start to take those similar steps. Because I actually train a lot of coaches and I actually give them the same steps that I took. I said, Go get Reiki-certified, open up your intuition, start to do work that way, right? Try to organize events, if you want to do spiritual events, like I just give them everything that I’ve done. And I’ve had a lot of people have a lot of success just from following my footsteps, right? So go find somebody you admire and start to follow in their footsteps because most likely, they started one step at a time. And sometimes when we’re looking at a big picture, or like this big goal, it can be very intimidating. So one foot in front of the other, one foot in front of the other, blinders on and just focus on seeing the step you’re in. Yeah,

Lesley Logan 31:41
I couldn’t agree more, y’all like, some people are like, you know, how did you do what you did? And like, first of all, a lot of things like I’m doing are not what a normal Pilates teacher has done. But how did I get to be where I was in the Pilates world? Well, I just looked at the people I admired and I was like, well, what did they do before that? Okay, let me look at their bio. Okay, let me go over. That’s where we’re going. You know, so oh, that’s really tangible. You guys are, it’s actionable. I hope you try it out. Diana, this has been so fun and so enlightening. And I’ve been like, I’ve always wanted to ask somebody these questions. So I’m just so grateful that we got to meet. Everyone how are you going to use these tips in your life? Make sure you tag The Urban Indigo, you tag the Be It Pod. You share this with a friend and let us know if you end up using her tips to take it to the next step and being it till you see it. Until next time.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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