New Perspectives, and

Breaking Thought Cycles

Ep. 116 with Lesley & Brad

“Look for the things that you want in your life that are more positive.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

What’s your percentage possibility for a positive mindset? Why does it feel so difficult to continually overcome the negativity? LL and Brad break down the conversation with Dr. Philippe Douyon about the power your mind has in overcoming negative thought cycles.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • The ideal coffee order
  • The science behind the power of our minds
  • Don’t allow the negative thoughts to keep you in a negative cycle
  • The mindset checks and balances are built as safety nets
  • A malleable subconscious
  • Choosing to change your perspective

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Lesley Logan 0:01
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:46
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life, Brad and I are going to dig into the brainy convo I had with Dr. Philippe Douyon in our …

Brad Crowell 0:53
What convo is that? What kind of convo is that? (Lesley: It’s a brainy.) It’s a brainy convo.

Lesley Logan 0:57
It’s a brainy convo. I had a fight for that word, everyone. Brad wanted to call it a neurological convo. So you can tell us your vote in on Instagram. I want, we’re gonna poll the audience. I want to know. I want to know.

Brad Crowell 1:10
Yeah. Is this a scientific convo or a brainy convo?

Lesley Logan 1:14
Brainy convo, I have with Dr. Philippe Douyon in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that episode, go listen to it. Like just go, go listen to it. He’s so freakin smart. (Brad: It was great conversation.) He’s so smart. And also, like, very freeing. I like, I and I can’t wait for us to talk about it later on. But like, one of the things he says is gonna make you realize like, “Oh, that’s why it’s so frickin difficult.” So I just …

Brad Crowell 1:40
Very relatable, too. Like his personal story was very shocking. And also, I felt das for him, you know, like, like, he’s got some crazy things that he’s personally dealing with. That makes him even more relatable.

Lesley Logan 1:56
Yeah, but he (Brad: Yeah) also isn’t letting it stop him. Like, dude has a podcast. (Brad: Not letting him …) He like … (Brad: Not letting stop. He travels.) He has a course. (Brad: He teaches.) Like, (Brad: Yeah) I mean, just like, I don’t, I don’t (Brad: fascinating) I didn’t know that you could be a doctor and do all of those things at the same time. So

Brad Crowell 2:11
Well, we just decided to bring that part of the convo right up to the top. (Lesley: Yeah. Well, anyways …) But before we get started. (Brad laughs)

Lesley Logan 2:19
I had to say, I am so excited in just a couple of days. If you’re listening to this live, in just a couple of days, the Full Body in 15 program kicks off again. This is our our program where literally we take anybody who’s been Pi curious (it’s Pilates curious) to have been doing it for a long time, but needs help getting more consistent. And also understanding Pilates in your body. A lot of people are like, “Is it for me? How do I know if I’m doing it right?” (Brad: Right.) And so in this program, not only do I teach you how to do a full body workout in 15 minutes. I also teach you how to do the exercises correctly. So that you can you can you can do class with me online and know you’re doing it correctly. Or (Brad: Yeah) you can do classes, you could just do your own workout just out at the park, you don’t you know, like, of course, I secretly want you, not even secretly, I really do want you to be on OPC. But I also more importantly, want more bodies doing Pilates. And so in this workout, you’re (Brad: Yeah) going to learn how to do it.

Brad Crowell 3:10
Yeah, so it’s great. The Full Body in 15 is great for any of your friends or family who can’t touch their toes. Right. So if (Lesley: Yeah) they, like if they what I mean by that I’m thinking particularly of two of my friends, one of them is a boxer and the other does CrossFit. (Lesley: Yeah) And neither of them can touch their toes. And they always say, “I’m so strong, but I can’t. I’m not flexible.” Right. And they know that, they’re you know, so like this is perfect for people in that place because Lesley’s philosophy, our philosophy is, it’s Pilates, and (Lesley: Yeah) your other thing, right? So they can still do what they’re doing, whether it whatever that may be, and incorporate a 15 minute Pilates workout into their day. And it will actually help them with that flexibility.

Lesley Logan 4:01
Yeah, and so it’s super fun. Hello, my CrossFitters I want you in. I also just know that when you do Pilates consistently, it makes everything you do better. So join us, it’s going to be a lot of fun. And I promise you the workout is only 15 minutes.

Brad Crowell 4:15
Yeah. So check out the link below in the show notes and join us for free for the Full Body in 15. It is starting in three days.

Lesley Logan 4:24
Yeah. All right. So we have an audience question. I love these questions, you all. So you can send your questions in either via email, I’m sure. But also you can send them to the @be_it_pod on Instagram and we will answer them here.

Brad Crowell 4:37
Yeah. I particularly love this question because you know, you can’t you can’t stop me from talking about coffee and my love of coffee. We did have a question way back in the beginning on like, how do you make your coffee or what your morning routine is or whatever. And we talked a lot about the French press or what whatnot. Anyway, this one is, “What is your favorite coffee?”

Lesley Logan 5:00
So this is where it gets a little tricky, because it kind of depends on where we are.

Brad Crowell 5:04
Ah yeah, it does depend where we are. (Lesley: Yeah) We have, so this is really funny. As you know, we drive around the country. And what I’ve been doing is I’ve been favoriting coffee shops all around the country (Lesley: Yeah) as we drive and we’re like, “Oh, we’re coming back to this one.”

Lesley Logan 5:18
Yeah. So we know, I mean today, I was talking to somebody about a coffee shop we went to in Birmingham that we loved. Do you remember that coffee shop in Birmingham? It was like we drove this (Brad: Oh, yeah,) little really road. The houses were like …

Brad Crowell 5:29
It was between six churches, I think. (Lesley: Yes,) Yeah. (Lesley: six churches)

Lesley Logan 5:33
And there was this coffee shop and it totally stood out like a sore thumb because I was like, “Ah, I don’t think this is where the church people are coming to get coffee.” Had all these like interesting books and stuff. It was great. (Brad: It was really cute.) Anyways, Brad favored it. No, I don’t know the name. I just know that it’s in Birmingham between six churches. I’m sure that doesn’t narrow it down very much. So okay, if we’re in Las Vegas, and we are brewing our coffee at home, it is between a Joshua Tree or Vesta’s Goddess Blend.

Brad Crowell 5:59
Yeah. So Joshua Tree Coffee Company, which is down on, well, just north of Joshua Tree National Park in Joshua Tree. (Lesley: Yeah, it sounds like the main highway.) Yeah. Which I can’t remember now. (Lesley: 111, 1 something) 29? No, no, (Lesley: No, that’s … No …) It’s next to Yucca Valley. It’s next to …

Lesley Logan 6:18
You literally can’t miss it. (Brad: Yeah) The main road (Brad: Yeah) to Joshua Tree like the you’d make a right and you get into Joshua Tree and it’s on the left hand side. (Brad: Yeah) So that’s where it is. So that’s Joshua Tree. You can actually order it online and no, they don’t sponsor (Brad: Yeah) us. Vesta … (Brad: They should though because we we drink a lot of their coffee.) We get the, whenever I go, we get the biggest bag and I’m like, “I’ll take …

Brad Crowell 6:37
It’s five pounds or you get a five pound bag of beans. (Lesley: … I’ll take two of those.)

Lesley Logan 6:41
So then Vesta has got us one I really do love and I …

Brad Crowell 6:44
So what’s that one? (Lesley: The Goddess Blend?) No, no, the company. (Lesley: Vesta) Vesta. They are local here in Vegas.

Lesley Logan 6:51
And they’re our neighbors, too. (Brad: Yes) Yeah. And actually, it’s their coffee shop that made us want to move here. (Brad: Yes.) And so …

Brad Crowell 6:59
When we first drove through Vegas, we stopped at their coffee shop and I was like, “I can work out of this coffee shop. (Lesley: Yeah) That’s cool.”

Lesley Logan 7:06
And and then the COVID happened and no one’s working at any coffee shop. But we moved here anyways. But … (Brad: The COVID.) Okay, now we’re going to start some drama in town because on like, okay, on Saturday mornings, we always go to Vesta. And then during the week if I’m like, “I really want a latte.” I’ll order Vesta on Postmates. But if we want to go work at a coffee shop, we go to Bungalow, (Brad: We do.) and so okay, if you are in Vegas, this would love you to do. I want you …

Brad Crowell 7:29
Bungalow is a is a it’s a bigger space. It’s got these super tall ceilings, it’s a (Lesley: Yeah) it’s a pretty chill vibe. You can post up there and work. They got lots of sunlight.

Lesley Logan 7:38
They have this like neon sinuses, big sip energy, and I just, I just fuckin’ love that. So they have so here’s what you have to do, you need to go to Vesta and get the cardamom latte. Then you have to go to Bungalow and get the rosemary latte. And then you have to say, “Which one do you like more?” And I’m gonna be honest …

Brad Crowell 7:53
There is a third. There’s like 10 little coffee shops right here, too. (Lesley: Right. So then …) There’s Makers & Finders.

Lesley Logan 7:58
Makers & Finders, which also was a place that we fell in love with when we moved here. And I during the pandemic would get, I would order (Brad: the lavender) but I would order like you know, those jugs of coffee that they get for office meetings. (Brad: Yeah) I would order a gallon of cold brew (Brad: Right) for lavender, they would send us a cup of lavender syrup, an entire thing of oat milk, and they would all get delivered and we would drink it all week long. (Brad: Yes) So lavender latte at Makers & Finders, they’re all within three blocks. Have fun. So that’s what we like to drink here in Las Vegas.

Brad Crowell 8:30
For sure you can order Vesta online as well if you’re interested in giving them a try.

Lesley Logan 8:35
Yeah. And then as far as like what kind of coffee do I like? So typically, we do French press and I do a steamed oat milk like it froths, thanks to Kareen’s husband for giving me his frother, his extra one and then I put chocolate collagen in it. Brad has since switched to some vanilla collagen in it and you got all the protein you want like, my loves. You got to get in as much as you can. And then, but lately I’ve been wanting, I’ve been wanting to get a … What do you call it?

Brad Crowell 9:02
I have no idea what that means.

Lesley Logan 9:04
I want to get an espresso machine (Brad: Oh) and then make a latte (Brad: That’s what … mean.) Yeah. Well, I used to work at a coffee shop, that my first job and (Brad: I didn’t know that.) Yeah. (Brad: Really?) Oh, yeah. (Brad: What?) Oh, yeah. I for… or like oh, two years, I worked at a coffee shop. (Brad: What? How did I not know this?) Oh, yeah. No, I worked there. I worked … (Brad: You’re like 15?) Yeah, I started as soon as you can get a work permit.

Brad Crowell 9:25
Yeah, I think my first job was 15.

Lesley Logan 9:27
You put the thing in, tap, tap, tap … and then it pours and the frothing and then you have to clean the frother … Anyways, (Brad: double spout?) Yeah. (Brad: Yeah) Yeah, of course. Otherwise you just lose a shot. You can’t just pick one. So anyways, I I think I want one of those machines. Let me know what your favorite one is. Okay, what’s your favorite coffee, babe? Anything? Did I missed one?

Brad Crowell 9:27
No. I usually if I’m out and about I usually just get a an Americano with soy. Which is funny because (Lesley: And last time ordering for him then I get …) So it’s not really even something I drink ever. But in a coffee I like the taste of it. I don’t really like it with the almond milk as much but I will do almond milk. I do. I have started to embrace the oat milk a little more. It is a little creamier and I do enjoy that. So …

Lesley Logan 10:14
It really froths more than almond milk does.

Brad Crowell 10:14
Oh well, the frothing machine you have is dope. So that thing whips it up really nice and almond milk and coconut milk. And the other milks (Lesley: No.) don’t don’t froth nearly as well as oat milk.

Lesley Logan 10:27
And ever since I been on an oat milk kick, whenever like, like literally we stopped at our favorite coffee shop on the way home from Joshua Tree, or Palm Springs or something like that. And he’s like, “You want get some Joshua Tree?” And I was like, “Okay.” So I go up there and I’m like, “Do you have oat milk?” And they said, “No.” And I was like, “Thanks,” and I left because it’s not good with almond. (Brad laughs) And I’m not going to give $5 away and hate the coffee. I’m not going to put myself in position to not be happy. So I just was like, “Thanks so much.” And we found a different coffee shop that had oat milk. And I was happy.

Brad Crowell 10:56
Funny. All right, let’s talk about Dr. Philippe Douyon. As a man who knew there was more than a failed kidneys in his life. Dr. Felipe Douyon chased his dreams to get through medical school and his own patient journey in a different way. He is a testament to the power, “We give our minds” and he has the science to back it up. As a Neurologist and certified epilepsy specialist, Dr. Felipe founded the Inle BrainFit Institute where he helps people transform their health.

Lesley Logan 11:31
Okay, so he does, he is just like kicking ass in life and “What did you do today? Nothing.” (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 11:37
Yeah. Well, it’s, I mean, like we said, at the very beginning, right out of the gate, he’s being challenged as a teen with kidney disease. And he talked about his Dad generously giving him his kidney. (Lesley: Yeah) But then, now he’s in his 40s. He’s a dad. He’s like, you know, a doctor, all the things. He still is dealing with things like … what’s the, what’s the trance… dialysis? So he just went, he’s been going through dialysis and it’s been crazy to listen like to listen to him talk about his experience is pretty pretty, it sounds not that fun. I’m not gonna lie.

Lesley Logan 12:24
But also like, I feel like you know, our friend Amy Ledin, she is going … and is dealing battling cancer again. And she is finding people who have had cancer longer than what her diagnosis is, and and asking them, “How long did they say you had?” What is (Brad: Yeah) she looking for evidence of, of people who are out living what their diagnosis is? And that leads me into my favorite point, which is like, you are not you’re more than your diagnosis. So like, you know, you you, I think I say this, because I really liked it, because a lot of people like I have migraines. And and that stops them from signing up for things because what if they have a migraine, and he was talking about his client, who was patient (excuse me) who he was able to get from having any seizures for a long time. It’s like, “Okay, well, what have you been doing?”

Brad Crowell 13:16
Epilepsy patient. (Lesley: Yeah) Yeah.

Lesley Logan 13:17
And he’s like, “Nothing. I’m just making sure … I don’t want to have a seizure.” And so I really liked this, because …

Brad Crowell 13:24
His question to his patient was what, so, “You haven’t been working? You haven’t been doing life? Like you haven’t been doing anything?” And the patient said, “No, I don’t want to have another seizure.” And he’s like, “So so you’re waiting until the next one?” Like, what do you you know, why … (Lesley: Yeah) Any basically, his point about it was, what he finds is that most people embrace this idea of their diagnosis. Right? So like, “Oh, I’m a cancer patient,” or “I’m a survivor, I’m a cancer survivor,” or “I have epilepsy” or I, whatever I you know, and today can even be I have long COVID because that’s becoming more prevalent, you know, so and I think his point is that you have a choice.

Lesley Logan 13:26
Yeah. You do and I, so just be mindful of the words that you’re using. And also, if something that you have going on your health or your life is keeping you from trying new things, I really want you to go into this next part that I love that he talked about the science behind visualization, the entire occipital lobe, the whole the whole lobe in your brain dedicated to your vision. And …

Brad Crowell 14:15
Yeah, that’s amazing. I never knew that.

Lesley Logan 14:19
And he also said, or maybe I heard this right after this, and I was like, completely doing, you know, confirmation bias. He said, the eyes and ears see and hear. Did he say this, or did someone else say this? I’m gonna say, anyways, I inferred it from him, your eyes and your ears, see and hear what your brain is looking for. So if you’re, you know, like,

Brad Crowell 14:57
Oh, no, yeah, you guys talked about the (Lesley: Yeah, okay) recip… drawn a blank on the exact term. (Lesley: reticulating activatiion.) Yes, reticulating … That’s right. (Lesley: blah, blah, blah) I’m impressed. (Lesley: Yeah, wow look what just came out.) Pulling it out of the brain.

Lesley Logan 15:11
My brain is really because I had this coffee. Okay. So the point is like, if you are wanting to see evidence that your life is going to be better look for that, like, start telling yourself what good things are happening, what good things could happen.

Brad Crowell 15:28
The reticular activating system. (Lesley: Yeah.) And he, what he was specifically talking about was getting a red, Volkswagen Golf. And he said, when he bought that car, he’d never heard of it before, whatever, it’s just a car. But as soon as he got in the car and start driving around, he started seeing that same car everywhere else. And he was like, “I’m sure these cars were here before. But how come I never really saw them before?” (Lesley: Yeah) Right. And that is actually the reticular activating system. Now your brain is suddenly saying, “This thing is more important than I used to consider it.” So therefore, when we see it, we’re going to acknowledge it. (Lesley: Yeah. So you can …) You probably have done the same with your cars, too. Sure.

Lesley Logan 16:09
Oh, I did have one I had a Jeep. And I also lo… I own a Mini Cooper. And I don’t even have a G Wagon. And I see all the G Wagons because I want one. And I right now I’m visualizing one in our driveway, like where am I going to park it and like, I know, my Dad’s gonna be so mad because he’s not gonna be able to pull all the way through. (Brad laughs) Anyway, but the point is my loves, he, there’s a whole science behind your visualization. And I really want you to listen to that part again. And again, because you can teach your brain to look for the things that you want in your life that are more positive. (Brad: Yeah) And we should all be doing that.

Brad Crowell 16:41
Yeah, this, his interview is definitely one worth saving. So in your podcast app, save that one, go back and listen to it. Because what I really loved about what he was talking about was, first off, acknowledging that the main purpose of the brain, first he said, the brain is the most complex, (I don’t know) organism is the wrong word. But it’s the most complex (Lesley: Is it organ, right?) Yeah, but but in the entire solar system. And he said, I don’t know how you measure that, because I haven’t visited the solar system. But you know, your brain is more complicated than any computer, any anything. It’s the most complex thing. And, you know, the main job of the brain is to keep you alive. (Lesley: Yeah.) Right. So that includes inhibitors. Right? That includes pain, fear, you know, all these things. It’s actually built in on purpose to protect you, to keep you alive. Right. Like, what is that sixth sense? We like the spidey sense, you feel when like, oh, there’s something like you know. And suddenly you’re aware. Like, it’s amazing what our brain does and how it works within our body. Right. And, but the problem, the pro… there can be a problem is that we embrace those things.

Lesley Logan 18:00
Well, I mean, also, it’s like, is to hold you say, he said, to hold you back. Like, it’s, it’s literally set up to be in fear, (Brad: Yeah) to keep you alive.

Brad Crowell 18:10
Well, I mean, think about the fear of heights. (Lesley: Right) Perfect example, right. Like, I think it’s very healthy to look over the edge and go, “whoa!”

Lesley Logan 18:21
I agree on that. But you know, why does our brain then have a fear of public speaking? (Brad: That’s, that’s right.) No one died in public speaking. (Brad: That’s …) Like, like, just naturally.

Brad Crowell 18:32
Right. So I mean, yeah, but basically, you know, your, your brain has these checks and balances built in, on purpose to protect you, right? And the problem is that we also have a choice of what we get to focus on. And so if we focus on the fear, then what happens? It’s like, it’s like a, it’s a cycle, (Lesley: Oh well…) we focus on the fear, we focus on the fear (Lesley: reticulating activating system) we focus on the fear. That’s right. It’s the reticular activating system. You’re exactly right. If you are embracing that fear, then you will see fear everywhere. Right? Like this is crazy to think to break it down. So I’m really excited about this. Okay. So what blew my mind is and again, he also laughed and said, I don’t know how they measured this, but the studies are, that the average brain has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts in a day. Right. And that is like, I mean, that’s a crazy amount of thoughts. But he also said most of those thoughts are the same thoughts that you had the day before. (Lesley: Yeah. And the day before that.) And the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that. But he also said and this is what was mind blowing to me 60 to 70% of those thoughts are negative.

Lesley Logan 19:49
Right. So this is what is so important for you to hear 60 or 70% of your repeated thoughts are negative. So you are literally set up like if you’re tired of having negative mindset or having negative thoughts. And you’re getting mad at yourself, just so you know, like, like, you’re already started in a deficit. So don’t instead of getting upset at yourself, you get to go, “Oh, there’s my brain. Doing that thing it does.” Like, it’s, it’s not, it’s not a, what’s the word I’m looking for? It’s not a reflection on you. Your brain is set up that way. And so it takes, it takes us to be super conscious and super aware and super on top of the thoughts that we’re thinking and can go, “Oh, you know what, we’re actually not having that thought anymore. Thank you so much for that. Thank you.” And like, move on. But don’t be so hard on yourself because that’s a negative thought, too.

Brad Crowell 20:41
Yeah, I think I think the the idea that. Okay, more than 50% means on average, your thoughts are negative. (Lesley: Yeah) That’s kind of a, that’s kind of a sad statistic to be quite honest. But it’s also a reveal, a revealing statistic. And also, (Lesley: It’s like permission. It’s that …) I was just gonna say, I think that it also allows you permission. That like, I’m not, we’re not what I’m not saying is embrace those negative thoughts. But what I am saying is, understand that it is normal for negative thoughts to go through your brain. (Lesley: Yeah) Okay, it is normal. So if that is normal, then don’t, don’t let those negative thoughts cause the guilt cycle of like, “Oh, my God, I just …” And you just kind of spiral down, (Lesley: Yeah) spiral down, right? Knowing that 60 to 70% of your thoughts are negative, suddenly, that should actually just be freeing. It should be permission to go, “Hey, there’s another negative thought.” Okay, that negative thought happened. But like we were talking about before, when …(Lesley: … you thought) you’re more than your diagnosis. (Lesley: Yeah) So what you choose to focus on, you know, like, “Okay, that’s a negative thought. Got it. I’m gonna, I’m gonna set that negative thought aside, and I’m gonna focus on something else.” That’s a decision.

Lesley Logan 22:11
You can also like, change the thought. You can go, like, if you’re like, “Oh, I’m so bad at this.” You can go, you know what I actually am choosing to tell myself that I’m working on this. Like you can, you can actually just change the thought and it’s gonna take more than one time changing it. But over time, you know, your subconscious is very malleable. You can tell it what to think.

Brad Crowell 22:31
Yeah, yeah. I mean, this was like, when he was talking about this. I literally, I think I started talking out loud going, “What? What really? Are you kidding?” Like …

Lesley Logan 22:40
You are speaking out loud?

Brad Crowell 22:41
Yeah. I had my headphones on. Lesley was like, “Are you on a phone call?” I was like, “No, I’m listening to this interview.” (Brad laughs)

Lesley Logan 22:46
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we I am, we have to just, well, he has a whole brain podcast, everyone, so we can just go listen to him. Or we’ll just have him back. And I just have way too many more …

Brad Crowell 22:55
We’ll put his podcast link in the show notes. (Lesley: Okay.) Yeah. So, all right, finally, let’s talk about those BE IT action items. What bold, executabl,e intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your conversation with Dr. Philippe Douyon?

Lesley Logan 23:10
Do you want to jump on in?

Brad Crowell 23:13
I do. I want to jump on in. (Brad and Lesley laughs) (Lesley: Oh, my God. The way you that…) You’re more than willing, (Lesley: Yeah. No.) to jump on in.

Lesley Logan 23:21
The more, the way the way (Brad: That two inside jobs.) he did … No, we’re gonna have another one. The way you did that. It’s your whole body and your tone was like a Fortune Feimster? You know like …

Brad Crowell 23:32
Yes, (Lesley: Yes.) I love that. All right …

Lesley Logan 23:34
… have Fortune on.

Brad Crowell 23:36
I would love to have her on. That’d be incredible. (Lesley: Yeah. Okay.) Get ready for some laughs, everyone. All right. So finally, so my BE IT items. So here’s the deal. We basically couldn’t pick any one thing that that Philippe was talking about. So we just kind of rolled them all in. So here’s the deal. This sum… in summary of those negative 60 to 70% of thoughts that we were talking about, and you are not the the you’re not your diagnosis. You can choose what thoughts to focus on, right, that reciprocal activating, whatever, (Lesley: I think it’s reticular.) reticular, sorry, activating. … me like these guys are just botching this whole thing up …

Lesley Logan 24:21
Because I kept kind of reticulating activating (Lesley laughs)

Brad Crowell 24:24
The point is, you can change the way you think about things. (Lesley: Yeah) Okay. You actually have control over that. And that is a that is hard to, that’s hard, right? Because if we’re caught in that negative cycle, that negative self talk that fear based, you know, where we’re focusing on the negative, we’re focusing on the fear, understanding and acknowledging that the fear thoughts are going to happen whether we want them to or not, right, but you can change the way you think about things by reading different material, having different experiences, surrounding yourself with different people. Okay, that is going to give you another perspective, it’s going to change your perspective. Right? (Lesley: Yeah) Think about that. Let’s, let’s talk about that again. One of the one of the things that I’ve always talked about is that everybody should be traveling internationally, everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone should be traveling internationally. (Lesley: Yeah) Because when you go see a different culture, you’re experiencing a different way that people think differently. It’s just different.

Lesley Logan 25:22
Well, and you also, by the way, you end up with way less judgment around people, because (Brad: Yeah) you understand why they make decisions when they make them. And so you’re a little bit more like, “Oh, there must be a reason for that.” You might not like the reason but like, you just, it just makes you a more open minded person. (Brad: Yeah) But also, like, just he said, surround yourself with different people. You all might have put a frickin pin. (Brad: Yep.) Some of the negative people in your life. And it’s frustrating, and it’s hard, but like, this is your one life. (Brad: Yeah, is it.) Do you want to keep spending it with people who are super frickin negative. No, I don’t.

Brad Crowell 25:54
It’s actually really hard to remove negative people. But it’s something that really will benefit you in the long run.

Lesley Logan 26:02
Yeah, yeah. Well, and then there’s more, you have more.

Brad Crowell 26:05
Yeah. So anyway, read different material, have different experiences, surround yourself with different people. Because when you have those different perspectives, you can then make a decision on what you want to focus on.

Lesley Logan 26:20
Yeah, and that’s the coolest thing, you get to also just, you get to choose what to focus on. (Brad: Yep.) I mean, this one between this interview and Kasey Jo Orvidas? Like y’all have all the tips and tools to like positive mindset your way through things and not in a ‘woo woo’ way …

Brad Crowell 26:37
And going all the way back to Amy Ledin. (Lesley: Oh, yeah.) You know, like, Amy’s not a doctor, but she’s a survivor.

Lesley Logan 26:43
Yeah, yeah. No, I’m, I would love to know what you’re making a decision to focus on. That’d be really fun. Okay. (Brad: Yeah.) So this is so fun for me, because I know that I asked a neur… neurological doctor about Sudoku, Sudoku, (Brad: Sudoku) Sudoku. But I … (Brad: He did have a laugh.) I needed to know curious minds, right here. Okay.

Brad Crowell 27:06
I think he told him, you said, “I keep getting ads for a quiz or a brain, a thing that’s going to tell me how old my brain is.” (Lesley: Yes.) And he had a laugh.

Lesley Logan 27:14
And he said, “No, you don’t need to do that.” And I’m like, “Okay, good.” Because I hate a bunch of apps on my phone. Anyways. So how do you keep the brain healthy? Is it these brain games? Well, he has something for you. But he’s an actual brain doctor. So I say yes to that. (Brad: He does have a quiz. I think he said.) It’s a course or something. Yeah. Anyways, it is not Sudoku, it is not any of those games that are being launched at you because you won’t pay for extra people on best games like I do. It is simply he says, “No, it’s exercise every single day. Get your body moving.” You guys …

Brad Crowell 27:45
Did you hear that? Say that, again.

Lesley Logan 27:47
Keep… you keep your brain healthy through movement, through exercise. You have to move your body intentionally every day. Holy moly, this is amazing. So all of you should be running to sign up for Full Body in 15. And if you’re listening to this after Full Body in 15, then just join us over OPC because we literally help you move every single day. And you don’t have to have access to equipment, you can just have room on the floor. And you actually what I know, I know about the movement is that we tell you positive things for your brain to hear during your workout so that we can help you change what you’re focusing on. So we could be the people that you surround yourself with. OPC can be those people. Anyways, (Brad: That’ss so true.) it’s a complete shameless plug. But I did not pay him to say this. And it’s so true.

Brad Crowell 28:34
Yeah, I know. Oh well, I was laughing because you were talking about the reticular activating system. And this actually kind of came out of the blue like it wasn’t like you’re driving down the street looking for a confirmation of movement. You know, this is like a confirmation bias. But it’s also like, it was unsolicited, (Lesley: I had no idea.) unsolicited, completely …

Lesley Logan 28:55
I had no idea. (Brad: Yeah) He could have told me we eat celery and I would have had a major problem with that. (Brad laughs) I can’t even do juice.

Brad Crowell 29:03
Could you imagine, how do you make your brain, how do you keep your brain healthy? Eat celery …

Lesley Logan 29:09
I already have cried. I would have been like, “Nope. Next. Thank you, next. (Brad: Yeah, that’s amazing.) Thank you, next.” (Brad: movement) Movement, movement for the win. So intentional movement every day, my loves and so if you struggle with that, if you need it, you need support with that. Hi, I’m your gal. Accountability queen over here. And we are completely happy with you just do what is possible and not (Brad: Yep) like the whole freaking class if you can’t do it. So, (Brad: Yep) How are you going to use these tips in your life? I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 29:37
I’ll tell you how. I’m going to use it. I’m going to be doing the Full Body in 15. Next, this week, (Lesley: Yeah) this weekend.

Lesley Logan 29:44
He’s also going to start doing it tomorrow. Even though that’s in the past, it’s now for me. (Brad: Yeah) (Lesley laughs) All right. Thank you so much for joining us today. We are so grateful for you for you and for listen… being a listener. Tell us how you’d use these tips. What was your favorite part of this interview. Tag the @be_it_pod, tag Dr. Philippe Douyon. And let us know, like, let us know what you’re focusing on. We want to know. (Brad: Yeah) Anyways, we’ll catch you on the next episode.

Brad Crowell 30:10
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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