Pushing Boundaries

in Thyroid Health

Ep. 254 with Lesley & Brad

“It’s sometimes a process of elimination. It’s almost like its own art form.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Lesley and Brad dissect the perplexities of thyroid health, inspired by Elle Russ’s personal experience. From confronting uninformed doctors to the power of perseverance, this episode emphasizes the critical role of self-advocacy in our health journey.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Understanding that thyroid issues are fixable and solvable.
  • Strategies for identifying the right doctor who truly resonates with your health concerns.
  • The importance of seeking a second opinion and taking charge of your own health journey.
  • How sharing your personal health experiences can foster awareness and support for others.
  • The value of perseverance because the fix may not happen overnight.

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Lesley Logan: Everything is a collaboration, whether you’re working with your doctor, whether you’re working with a pilates instructor, whether with a business coach or even a lawyer. You can’t just assume they know best. You know your body best so you have got to advocate for yourself. And then you have to ask them. Can you explain why this is happening? Well, can you explain why we’re doing this? Can you answer this? They have, when they’re in the room with you, they cannot leave until you’re done. If they say do you have any questions, and you ask questions, they can’t walk away from you.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It Interview Recap where my co-host in life Brad and I are going to dig into the solution-driven convo I have with L Ross in our last episode. If you haven’t yet. Listen to that one. Feel free to pause this now. Go back and listen. And then come back and join us here. The thing about LRS you guys I can never I can barely keep her under an hour. She is going to teach you everything she knows about the topic. This has me fired up about it. (She is a strong) if not solution-driven, she is passionate.

Brad Crowell 2:02
Oh yeah. And at one point she was close to tears.

Lesley Logan 2:07
I know.

Brad Crowell 2:07
Talking about her clients.

Lesley Logan 2:09
I know. I know. So if you haven’t listened to our first episode on confidence, you should go listen that it’s full of honesty. And then this one was on thyroid because those are actually the two topics that she coaches on. And she’s helped a lot of people in both places.

Brad Crowell 2:22
Yes, she interestingly enough, wrote a book about uninformed doctors. Yeah, that is very famous. Yeah. So huge. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 2:29
Before we get into that, yeah, today

Brad Crowell 2:33
Is Thursday, August 24.

Lesley Logan 2:39
Is it a special holiday?

Brad Crowell 2:41
Oh, it might be.

It is Thursday, August 24.

Lesley Logan 2:51
Let’s see what the first thing is to come out.

Brad Crowell 2:53
All right. The 24th. Let’s go to the 24th. We’re looking at International Strange Music Day or hold on my computer.

Lesley Logan 3:04
Kobe Bryant Day. He died on my

Brad Crowell 3:07
National Cuban Sandwich Day. It’s National Coconut Week.

Lesley Logan 3:13
A whole week for coconuts?

A whole week for coconuts. Oh my god today was the day Pluto was demoted.

Brad Crowell 3:19
Demoted? Oh, it’s no longer a planet.

Lesley Logan 3:21
Yeah, but you know what? In astrology that’s not true. So I think the scientists got it wrong.

Brad Crowell 3:27
National Ride the Wind Day.

Lesley Logan 3:29
And then shout out because it is Ukrainian Independence Day. And at this time, they’re still fighting for it. So anyways, wow.

Brad Crowell 3:37
It’s also International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. (Oh, wow.) I think is a pretty important one.

Lesley Logan 3:43
I think that’s an important one. Where are you seeing that? That’s not on mine.

Brad Crowell 3:46
August 24. Nationaltoday.com y’all. (I’m looking at it.) in case you’re wondering.

Lesley Logan 3:52
I just didn’t see that one. Well, I’m glad we brought it up. That’s great. So we had a lot of holidays. Say today it’s a big day in the whole world. It’s a big, we didn’t even talk about how it’s National Danny day, which is like, so strange. So it’s a day for Danny. You tell us which day you’re celebrating today. We’d love to hear it. Also, we just got back from our West Coast tour.

Brad Crowell 4:14
Holy cow. What a ride.

Lesley Logan 4:16
Oh my god, bigger than honestly, like bigger than ever bigger than anything.

Brad Crowell 4:23
3000 miles, 12 cities 20,000 miles,

No just over 3. Twelve cities, 22 or

Lesley Logan 4:33
24 classes and workshops

Brad Crowell 4:35
Yeah. Classes and workshops.

Lesley Logan 4:36
And hundreds of people, hundreds of hundreds of people

Brad Crowell 4:41
Tons of decks. Lots of dogs.

Lesley Logan 4:43
Big thanks to our big headlining sponsor Balanced Body. We could not have made this tour as big without you. You probably saw our tour van if you are living in the state of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and you saw what looks like the funnest van in the world. Hi, that was us.

Brad Crowell 5:02
Yeah. And if you’re wondering what we’re talking about, just go to Leslie’s Instagram account at Lesley.Logan, you’ll see lots of pictures and video of it.

Lesley Logan 5:11
Yeah. So we’re back.

Brad Crowell 5:12
It was, it was awesome.

Lesley Logan 5:13
I’m so excited. We were already in our bed, we sleep in the van, it’s our bed, but we have a different bed at home. It’s bigger. And I’m so excited for that. I’m also like, I do cold showers in the morning when I’m at home, and I could not do them on the tour. So I’m just grateful for my cold showers to wake me up and the wonderful normal dog walks that we do. It’s just kind of nice when you know all the areas that you’re doing.

Brad Crowell 5:35
Good to be on a routine.

Yeah, but we love the tour. We’ll be back out on tour soon. In fact, I’m actually leaving in a few days to go to Poland, the ControlLogix Conference in Poland. (That’s right.) So that’s really exciting. And then when I come back from that we’re actually doing Agency Mini number nine, which is our coaching group’s seven-day program, you can actually sign up for it right now at profitablepilates.com/mini. That’s profitable pilates dot com slash M-I-N-I. This is like a not to miss you guys. We only run it twice a year, we are tempted to only run it once a year. We don’t know when that’s going to happen. But I’m threatening you because it’s something that’s on our mind. We’d like to be transparent. I like to be honest. (Yeah) it is the last time we’re running it this year. We probably won’t run it again until February I think?

February, March. It’s not really figured out yet. So roughly six months.

Lesley Logan 6:22
Um, so you want to do that if you are wanting to get any questions answered on your business around your service based business, whether you’re running online or brick and mortar, y’all we help people make the money that they want to make. And it doesn’t, it’s not like we’re all about whatever, like just making millions of dollars, we help you make the money you want to make. And one of the my favorite things I got a DM from our agency members been with us for years, she sent me a DM after biome was set. And she just said, I just wanted to reach out to you because I know you went through a lot, I want to let you know that it’s because of you that I can provide for my family. I can take vacations when I want to take them with my family. And I can do that without worrying about my business. And I’m making the money I want to make. So that’s because she did a mini and she trusted us about this for years. And she’s wanted to have a home studio that would allow her to provide for her family and not work when they were off. So we did that for her, which is amazing. Okay, then well.

Brad Crowell 7:16
And here’s the deal.

Lesley Logan 7:18
What’s the deal?

Brad Crowell 7:19
The deal is that this one is going to be one of our coolest ones yet. Each time we make an extra time we run mini we have a recap afterwards. And we just figure out like, how can we make it even better? And this time, we’re doing some really cool stuff. And so actually, you can literally sign up today. So yeah, do go to profitablepilates.com/mini

Lesley Logan 7:43
Yeah. And then, after mini is over, we hang out with our new members and our old members, and we have a lot of fun. And then we go to Cambodia. Yeah. And this is so excited. We’re going to be Cambodia for a while, because we have our retreat. And then we have someone renting out our space to rent their retreat. So yeah, that is the coolest.

Brad Crowell 8:03
Yeah. So you know, the dream when we decided to get our own place, you know, there in 2018. Geez, was that someday, it would just be a full-time retreat space. And obviously, we’re not taking retreats every week. But we could open that place up and offer our program and let other people fill in the blanks with their teaching. And we’re doing that finally. So this is a dream come true for us. We’ve been talking about this for a very long time. And basically, I’m just excited that it’s beginning. If you’ve ever wanted to run a retreat, and you’re trying to figure out where and how and all the logistics and all the complications. That’s exactly what we figured out. So just reach out to us and we can have a conversation, maybe we can figure out how you could take your group to an amazing place that is fun, safe, beautiful. Just like it’s a bucket list for everyone that I’ve ever talked to everyone goes holy cow, I’d love to go there. And you know, that’s why we picked that spot. So yeah, anyway, if you’re in Southeast Asia, it’s like a month away at this point, or I guess it’s the end of August. So you know, we’re going the beginning of October for our group. And you know, you could still join us, there’s still some room. Otherwise, get yourself on the waitlist. And we’ll tell you about next year’s retreat.

Lesley Logan 9:23
Yeah. And then, and then we come back and then I go to Chicago and I’m teaching at a club place in Chicago with a request at this point (that’s in November) it’s in November at this point, you just have to DME if that’s what you’re interested in, because we don’t actually have anything up at the time of this is dropping, but it will be spaced that’s limited because we can only have so many people per workshop. It’s my first time teaching Chicago in a year, but also my first time teaching in a Chicago studio. Not on a conference in like five years. So excited. And then December go on the winter tour. So everything we just did. We’re doing it again in the winter and because Balanced Body is our sponsor, you can best believe it’s going to be fucking huge.

Brad Crowell 10:04
Yeah, it’s gonna be a little more spread out just because it’s like probably five to 6000 miles instead of three. And, you know, we’re going to be doing the loop as y’all know. So, anyway.

Lesley Logan 10:17
And actually, because our audience question has to do with the winter tour, we can just dive into it.

Brad Crowell 10:22
Yeah, let’s just do that.

Lesley Logan 10:23
I have been getting a ton of DMS. And really this question is because I don’t know how to answer it. So the questions I’ve been getting is people putting in the DMS their city, and then asking how to get their city on the winter tour on a tour. And so we have lots of people in Florida, which y’all you have to understand what that means. You’re asking us to do, you’re asking us to go from Philly and drive into Florida and do you know how long Florida is so long? We’ve done it before. But I’m not saying we won’t do it. I’m just saying it’s a lot. And so where what should people do, babe? If they want their city on a tour? Well, I say the winter tour because like if you could be on the winter tour, but you could be on next year summer tour. So like, where should people like submit their city for a tour? Stop?

Brad Crowell 11:12
Yeah, I just wanted to say it’s a 17-hour drive from Philly to Miami.

Lesley Logan 11:17
Yeah, we’ve done it. I remember I experienced it.

Brad Crowell 11:20
So here’s, here’s what you do. We have an amazing team, who has figured out a whole conversation that has been repeated a few times here. So if you’re interested in being a host, you could be in Canada, you could be in United States, we’re figuring out these roads, you know what this could look like in the future? Hell, maybe even Mexico? I don’t know.

Lesley Logan 11:41
Oh, my God. Well, I might be talking about that. Yes, I would love

Brad Crowell 11:45
Anyway, if you have a studio and you’re interested in hosting, just chat to us go to opc.me/chat. And we will start the conversation with you and figure out you know, what makes sense when it might not be now it could be next year? It could be you know, whatever. I don’t know, we haven’t figured it out yet. But we are just taking note, if you want us to stop by.

Lesley Logan 12:06
You should do it now because we actually are going to pick our winter tour cities in September. Because we have because we’ll be in Cambodia in October. So put those in and and also just know that like you will be the host and you’ll be promoting it and we will be helping you. So as much as we want to come to your space. If you also don’t like to fill things then maybe submit someone else’s space that you’ll go to. I’m just being honest. But we’re so it’s just gonna be a ton of fun.

It’s gonna be amazing.

Brad Crowell 13:00
Okay, now let’s talk about Elle Russ. Bestselling author and renowned authority in thyroid health who’s transformed her personal health struggles into a decade-long mission to support and educate others around the world. We are so excited to have brought Elle Russ back to the pod to talk about thyroid health, something that she’s incredibly passionate about.

Lesley Logan 14:31
Yeah, she is and I when she and I first invited her on the podcast, I thought we could talk about both competence and thyroid health but no, we could not. And so I’m glad we did two separate episodes. And I am I’m actually having a lot of fun because at this point in Episode 254 We keep bringing different people back because there’s like more conversations to have with some of those people and I just I love it because I can get deeper into it. Anyways, that was just side by side story. Okay, I actually really loved that she wrote about how thyroid issues are fixable and solvable because I I have met many people on my journey in life. And I even had a doctor who was worried about my thyroid, and they made it seem like that was not a death sentence that’s so dramatic, but like, it’s a period. Done. It’s like a statue.

Brad Crowell 15:14
It’s like congratulations, you have it. And now you have to deal with it forever.

Yeah. And I really loved that she has been on this mission. And she talked about that it’s achievable for every single person’s thyroid problem to like, solve this issue. And I think that’s really amazing. I wish more doctors knew about that. And she said that there’s two reasons you might be suffering. You’re either dealing with an uninformed doctor Who doesn’t know how to test that yet, or you’re uninformed, and you don’t know about your disease. And I think like, both of those can come off really strong. But what I what I do know even as a Pilates teacher who teaches Pilates like off like, just even though I’m just teaching Pilates, like there are uninformed teachers out there, and there are people who are uninformed about the movement and capabilities of our bodies, it’s the same thing in this situation. And so what we have tried to do on this podcast is bring different people on who talk and advocate about, they promote how you should advocate for yourself. And I think part of being it till we see it is not just like, pushing and procrastinating our health issues, because they keep it keep us from showing up as our best versions of ourselves, and also advocating for a doctor who listens to us. And that those two things, you could actually have both of these things, you could be uninformed and be with the doctors uninformed.

Lesley Logan 16:29
Yeah, I wanted to I had another comment. You know, I grew up with a dog who had thyroid problems, and I we need to give him medicine for like, every day for the rest of his life.

Brad Crowell 16:40
From the age of six I just thought that like, once you had a thyroid problem, you were you always had a thyroid problem. That was it. And then my mom. She always had like low iron and stuff. And then later in life, she has hypo and hyperthyroidism.

Lesley Logan 17:26
She has both?

Brad Crowell 17:26
She has both.

Lesley Logan 17:29
How’s that even possible? That’s so crazy.

Brad Crowell 17:31
I couldn’t tell you, I don’t really understand it. And I think that’s exactly the problem, right? And from my perspective, then my mom is just going to have something she’s gonna have to deal with this for the rest of her life. And so it’s kind of amazing that, you know, she’s suggesting that you can, these are solvable problems.

Lesley Logan 17:48
Yeah. And I obviously like if you don’t have a thyroid anymore, of course, you have something to deal with rest of your life. But if you have one, yeah, it can be surgically removed. And if you have one and you are struggling to keep things the way that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. What we are suggesting is that you go and get second opinions, get some help find people who are specialists in this who actually believe that there’s another possibility. And I think that’s really important. Like we didn’t talk about this on Elle Russ podcast, but I remember many, many years ago, I was going through my own health stuff, listen to a couple different doctors. One was like the Plant Paradox. He wrote this book. He’s a doctor, and he used food to heal people’s heart conditions and things like that. And then the other one is Undoctored. And he wrote, I think he wrote brain, brain, brain, brain, brain brain. Anyways, probably green brain. And he also wrote the book Undoctored and he is a doctor who is like, key actually, the way I understand his story was a he was diagnosed with diabetes. And he’s like, that’s so crazy. I’m like, eating what the medical school taught me it was like nutrition, and there are 15 hours of nutrition that they taught me. And he had diabetes. And so he actually did some work. And he reversed his diabetes diagnosis, and the doctor’s response was, oh, maybe it was a misdiagnosis. The doctor wasn’t curious as to how he did it. And so you know.

Brad Crowell 19:13
I think he wrote Wheat Belly.

Lesley Logan 19:15
Wheat Belly. Sure. Super close. Great.

Brad Crowell 19:18
Super Gut. Wheat Belly. Undoctored.

Lesley Logan 19:20
Yes, yes.

Brad Crowell 19:21
Rich food. Poor food.

Lesley Logan 19:23

Brad Crowell 19:23

Lesley Logan 19:23
So he, what is interesting about that situation is there in life people, there’s every person and there are people in every profession who just like this is that this is the way things are, that’s how it goes. And then there are people who are like, hold on, why is it like that. And there’s curiosity. And then I like to teach the people who study with me is like to be curious, and I want to be with doctors who are curious.

Brad Crowell 19:47
Yeah, I like I had mixed emotions listening to this. You know, because I guess culturally and just in my own life we’ve been raised to trust our doctors, the doctor says a thing than we do the thing, you know. However, having gone through college with a guy who was studying medicine, and just kind of seeing it from that perspective, it made me realize that it’s it’s a, it’s sometimes a process of elimination. It’s sometimes, like, it’s almost like its own art form. But you have to be incredibly informed, to be able to, you know, diagnose and certain people focus on different things, right? So there’s just so fucking much that a doctor could learn about that if you go to someone who didn’t really dig into whatever it is that you need to talk to them about. They may not be the correct person. And so they might just not know. Right? And I think that when you look at it, that way, you’ll go find a doctor who specializes in the thing, so that you can talk to someone who is the most informed about it.

Lesley Logan 21:03
And I just want to say this other thing, because I know that it can sound like I get a little harsh about doctors and, and also compelling elegance, little harsh about doctors. Yeah, I just heard an incredible podcast on New York Times, it was a Sunday read podcast, and it was about like dirty jobs. And like, as they call it, dirty jobs. Anyways, it was about, somebody had a segment where they would like talk about these, like, dangerous jobs that like, people were dying to do them. And somebody was, and he was doing, like, obviously, coal miners, and like, all these different things that like, probably most evil listeners would not sign up for. And someone reached out and said, hey, I know this is gonna sound crazy, but you should probably do a whole thing on doctors. And the author was like, Are you kidding? Who cares about them? They make a ton of money. They’re like, they’re, like, all the stuff that he’s like, No, I think that if you do some research, you’re gonna find this out. And the reality is, is that because of the way our especially in the US, so this is, if you’re a listener in a different country, you might have a whole different experience when it comes to thyroid and medical stuff. And I would love to hear about that. But especially in the US, because hospitals are for profit, because insurance is for profit, and everybody is going over the bottom line. Doctors don’t get the kid’s been seven minutes with you. So it’s not even that they’re uninformed. Yeah, they might be just purely have no time. And then there’s, they have all this pressure of going to hospital to do certain things in certain amounts of time. And everybody is stressed out. And really what’s happened in the medical industry is like, actually, a lot of doctors have high suicide rate. Yeah, a lot of them have really high amounts of depression, which, you know, you would not think about these things. So listen to that podcast, because it gave me a little bit more of a perspective, like, holy fuck, they might be doing the best they can. And it’s never going to be good enough, because the actual system doesn’t allow them to have the time for it to be good enough. So a lot of doctors switch into taking no insurance and being paid cash. Yeah. But that’s even exhausting, because you have to find people who can afford that. So it’s just like, that’s, that’s if that make you feel happy. So, you know, I think it’s like, we’re in this system, where everybody is at a thing. And I just want to remind you, it is called a medical practice. And I think that even the medical world has forgotten that. It is a medical practice they’re a doctor practicing medicine, just like you practice Pilates, no one is ever going, like, I just want to put that word finished. They’re not finished. So

Brad Crowell 23:34
And they shouldn’t be finished. I think that I think that’s one of the things that, that, you know, bringing this back to Elle, you know, she was talking about curiosity, and you just mentioned finding a doctor who is constantly staying informed, you know, because of a lack of time, because of the situations that they’re in. You know, there’s, it’s really important that you and, you know, you and your doctor are both really digging into your specific, you know, what is happening in your body. And I think, you know, like, like, you know, just one more comment on this. And I think we can move on. From my perspective, having been around you, Lesley, and seeing the amazing I am, yes, the amazingness that you are and your beautiful hair. When you went to see some of the best doctors in the UCLA system. And they were like, I don’t fucking know what’s wrong with you. That was shocking to me. Like, what do you mean, you don’t know what’s wrong with her? How is that even possible? And they’re like, maybe you have AIDS, and they sent you to a fucking weird ward. I mean, it was crazy.

And you know what that doctor said to me?

Why are you here?

Lesley Logan 24:41
She asked me, she said, I have two questions for you. Do you know why your doctor sent you here? And are you happy with that service? She she had a moment where she is a human being and she was like, I don’t know why this patient is here and she asked me to stay which is so crazy to me. And I said, I’m not happy with my service. I don’t know why I’m here. And she said, there’s nothing wrong with you that I can help you with. Right. And that’s when I went to a different I went to Chris Talley, who’s not even a doctor. And he figured I was wrong me,

Brad Crowell 25:14
I think he’s a doctor.

Lesley Logan 25:16
Is he a doctor?

Brad Crowell 25:16
Definitely a doctor.

Lesley Logan 25:17
Sorry, Chris.

Brad Crowell 25:20
But anyway, the point is that, you know, when you know, you, I think you shared in the, in the interview, you actually shared about your experience when we moved to Vegas, about a woman who just wrote off the things that you were asking her to do, and didn’t acknowledge anything that you are discussing with her. And that sucks. And that’s ridiculous. And if you end up finding yourself in a situation like that, this is where you can advocate for yourself, you need to advocate for yourself, and find a different doctor, find someone who will listen to you who can understand the situation, and then, you know, work with you on the thing, because it’s a puzzle.

Lesley Logan 25:56
I mean, you’re totally you’re, I think you’re like leaning into your own favorite parts here, because it is a puzzle. And you have to advocate for yourself.

Brad Crowell 26:04
And in order for you to do that. Just to finish up your point, you have to understand it yourself, too. Right. So I think that if you’ve been diagnosed with hyper, or hypo or whatever, thyroid, I don’t even know all the things. It’s important that you dig in yourself, right? And that’s one thing that’s so cool, is the reason that Elle Russ is so passionate is because she suffered for years. And she felt herself changed from like, intense athlete to bumping into shit. And she’s like, what is happening to me, and then she just wasn’t satisfied with the diagnosis. She got just like what, like, this doesn’t make sense. And that sent her down this path, right. And now today, she’s decided this is her mission is to really help people educate themselves. So she has this really nice course that you can go in the show notes and check it out. But moving into the thing that I love that she said is that it is super important for you as a patient to be proactive about your health, especially in advocating for correct tests. Okay. Now, this is really interesting to me, because I don’t, I don’t actually I’m not a I don’t know this, I don’t know anything about these specific tests. But But Elle listed these six tests, if you’re, if you are suffering with thyroid issues, she said it says th t sh, a free T three a free T for a reverse T three, those are the main four. And then there was one called a T P O antibiotic antibody, and then a TG antibody. And the balance of the conversation after that was about the struggle to actually get the doctors to run these tests. Because they you know, what, what Elle has experienced with her clients is that they go in, they asked for these tests, and the doctor say I’m gonna run the tests, and then the results come back and they didn’t fucking run the tests.

Lesley Logan 27:49
Well, because they ran just like one test, or they run a combine, they don’t run them separately. And I actually sent her my most recent blood results, because I didn’t have all these tests run. I wasn’t really aware that a had thyroid thing, but I sent her what I had. And then I had another person look at them, plus my own doctor who I love and trust. And all of them agreed upon the same thing. So like everything is good with my thyroid. But it’s, that’s what second opinions are for.

Brad Crowell 28:15
Yeah, so it’s important to get a second opinion. And also she even said something that was kind of off the cuff. And it wasn’t really discussed. She said, if you’re familiar with what a phlebotomist is, a phlebotomist is the person drawing your blood. So she actually said, ask your doctor for these things. And she clearly has a distrust for doctors. So she said, then when before the phlebotomist even sticks the needle in your arm, ask him if these tests are available to be to be run on your blood from this place. And if they say no, then don’t even get your blood drawn. And I thought that’s interesting, right? Because the phlebotomist is probably more junior, they’re newer to the team. They you know, and whatever. So they’re not going they also will be able to give you a lot more of their time, to be honest. Yeah. Typically,

Lesley Logan 29:03
When we work with Chris Talley, the phlebotomist came to my house.

Brad Crowell 29:07
Yeah, yeah. So anyway, I thought that was really interesting, you know, and she said that sometimes the doctors just think that you’re, you know, an ignoramus. And they’re like, I know better. And I’m not gonna run the test you just asked me to do, she’s talking about other times where they actually put it down, but then it just doesn’t happen.

Lesley Logan 29:25
You know, here’s the thing, like, remember that going back to the doctor who I asked these tests for, and she was like, just like blew me off was like, hormones change throughout the day. So it’s not even going to matter. Like, it’s not going to give us anything. Well, my doctor ran my hormones. And then she asked me, what part of your cycle were you on when this was run? And I could tell her what day of my cycle I was on, and she could look at the test, knowing what part of my cycle is on and go and say, okay, these numbers make sense based on that there are doctors out there who can do this. Yeah, it just requires it’s exhausting because we have so much to do. And I know because I had like, a member, an agency who like was hoping the lawyer would just do the thing. And she’s like, I don’t know, I don’t know. It’s like, everything is a collaboration, whether you’re working with your doctor, whether you’re working with a pilates instructor, whether with a business coach or even a lawyer. You can’t just assume they know best. You know your body best so you have got to advocate for yourself. And then you have to ask them. Can you explain why this is happening? Well, can you explain why we’re doing this? Can you answer this? They have, when they’re in the room with you, they cannot leave until you’re done. If they say do you have any questions, and you ask questions, they can’t walk away from you. (Right.) So it is okay. And ladies, especially, especially all of you, you must be okay, asking those questions, because I know I’m not. I know I’m like, I don’t want to take up your time. I don’t want to waste your time. I don’t want to, you know, I don’t want to be rude. No, it’s your fucking body. Your fucking life.

Brad Crowell 30:50
I ask all the questions. This fucking guy.

Lesley Logan 30:53
Yeah, he does. He’s in there for half an hour. Anyway. Be like Brad.

Brad Crowell 30:57
Yeah. All right, be like Brad.

All right. Finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable intrinsic or targeted action items, can we take away from your combo with Elle Russ. She said spread the word. You know, when you heal from something like she has, you know, or you gain some knowledge about something that’s impacted you. It’s important to actually talk about it and share that with other people. Help someone who’s suffering with that same thing. And obviously, you’re not, you know, a doctor or someone who has spent years studying the thing. And that’s okay, so do your best. Point them in the right direction. And she said you don’t have to coach everyone, but you can help people out.

Lesley Logan 31:57
August agrees that was that shake in the background? What about you? Um, she said perseverance pays. And I couldn’t agree more. It means never give up. If there’s something wrong with your health, you do not stop until you have felt you have a satisfying answer. Unfortunately, some things take us years to even understand that it’s going wrong.

Brad Crowell 32:15
I mean, some things are your road has has been more than 10 years now.

Lesley Logan 32:20
Yep, yep. And I mean, at least I’m not in pain every day, and at least I’m not forgetting things anymore. And I’m not walking into walls. And but that’s amazing.

Brad Crowell 32:30
And you’re sleeping.

Lesley Logan 32:31
I am sleeping. I actually sleep more than I sleep six hours a day, I’m trying to get up to seven and a half without waking up in the middle of it. We’re working on it. We got to six though, so that’s great. But it’s whatever glad you hear probably didn’t happen overnight. It’s probably years of in the making. And so you have to also understand that the fix is probably not gonna be overnight, right? But you should feel like your people on your team are listening to you. And so you keep going until you find people on your team who will listen to you. You owe it to yourself, you owe it to the people who are in your life, you owe it to your family, I don’t care if you have no kids and no partner. You owe it to all those people who love you. Because you are the only person to do what you do the way you do it. So anyways, I that’s that’s her Be It actually, that I love, and I couldn’t agree more.

I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 33:21
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 33:22
Thank you so much for joining us today. I really hope this helps you. I know this is like sometimes people think we only talk about goals here. Nope. Sometimes I talk about health, sometimes a specific part of our health. And it’s because I really believe that being it till you see it is the best way to do anything in this life. And you cannot do that if your health is not up to par If your health can’t get you there. So let us know how this helped. Send it to a friend. And until next time. Be it till you see it.

Brad Crowell
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of ‘Bloom Podcast Network’.

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