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Ep. 12 with Lesley & Brad

You might not understand the exact specifics of what you need to do yet, but you’re gonna figure that out. And that’s that messy action.

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Brad & LL break down that fantastic convo from last episode with Erica Hood, digging into manifestation vs taking action, reviewing Erica’s three step prep formula to taking that messy action, how to invest in yourself and when it’s time to STOP learning more and just get started.

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In this episode you will learn about:
• Manifesting is good, but take the action
• 3 step prep formula for taking messy action
• Investing in yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone
• Surround yourself with good people
• Taking action vs learning more

• Samantha Skelly https://www.samanthaskelly.com/


    Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to out yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


    Lesley Logan  0:33  

    Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co hosts in life, Brad and I are going to dig into the super fun combo I had with my really good friend Erica Hood in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now go back and listen to that one, and then come back and join us or be like me, listen to this. See how much you love it and then go back knowing like all the good stuff. That’s how I like to do this. (Brad: You know?) Yeah. Just read the end first. Okay. But first, Brad, we had an audience question to respond to.


    Brad Crowell  1:04  

    I believe we did.


    Lesley Logan  1:07  

    Oh, yeah. So um, what do we do for fun? That’s what they want to know. They want to know what we do for fun.


    Brad Crowell  1:13  

    Fun? We don’t have fun.


    Lesley Logan  1:14  

    Well, I think we’re super fun. But it’s a really interesting question coming out of COVID. I feel like, I feel like we made a lot of things fun during COVID, where you had to get really creative, like, we made watching every night time TV show the day after a good time, because we don’t have a TV. But now that COVID is, you know, kind of going…


    Brad Crowell  1:41  

    Slowly, slowly, you know, riding off into the sunset.


    Lesley Logan  1:45  

    Yeah. Or at least letting us go out in the world. I feel like we have a lot of fun things we’ve got planned.


    Brad Crowell  1:51  

    Yeah, I think, I think well, the reality is that, you know, while COVID is starting to be handled here in the US, but not internationally. And I think what we used to do for fun was travel. (Lesley: Yeah) And so since our travel has been extremely curtailed for the past year.


    Lesley Logan  2:10  

    Understatement of the year.


    Brad Crowell  2:15  

    You know, what have we been doing for fun has been actually, we moved and so now, we have a space house to turn into our home.


    Lesley Logan  2:29  



    Brad Crowell  2:30  

    That has been a lot of the fun that we’ve been having while we’ve been staying inside.


    Lesley Logan  2:36  

    Yeah, because we’ve actually been nesting and decorating. You’re on a cactus mission.


    Brad Crowell  2:43  

    Oh, I am on a cactus mission. And by the way, if you are, if you are watching this on YouTube, you can see our podcast room, our office is finally taking shape. We’ve got fun things hanging behind us such as guitars and things.


    Lesley Logan  2:57  

    Well, pretty soon one of my things will be hung up. I’m very excited for, stay tuned YouTubers, what is behind me will change and I’m very stoked about that. But yeah, I think right now what we do for fun is very different than we used to do for fun and very much of a period fun thing because as soon as we can get out in our van. Yeah, we have a van y’all. Right now. It is not hashtag van life. It’s definitely hashtag cargo van life, but it’s gonna be van life. And that’s gonna be worth taking out and going to all the national parks and having a lot of fun.


    Brad Crowell  3:32  

    Yeah, yeah. So we’ve taken a few trips with the van. In fact, just last week, I did it 1100 mile drive. No, this week.


    Lesley Logan  3:45  

    Well, when they listen to it, it’s another week. (Brad: Yeah) But it’s fine.


    Brad Crowell  3:46  

    1100 miles drove up over the mountains like through Yosemite, to Northern California and then came back down the five and came under the mountains through the Mojave. Or sorry, through Death Valley to get back to I guess it was the Mojave actually to get back to Vegas. Anyway, so driving, I know that’s weird to say that’s fun, but I love being on the road. I love moving around. And so


    Lesley Logan  4:16  

    We love packing a suitcase. (Brad: Yeah) Unpacking not so fun for us, but packing it and taking it with us places. We have so much fun doing that and stay tuned as soon as we can, we’ll take this show on the road (Brad: Oh, yeah!) like pop up. Oh! Pop up tours can come back babe.


    Brad Crowell  4:33  

    Pop up tours come back. …. can come back. I mean all the things


    Lesley Logan 4:34

    Who wants a pop up class?


    Lesley Logan  4:37  

    Pilates pop up class tell us on the gram where we should pop up first. (Brad: Oh, yeah!) Because we got that van and if it’s a mattress so we’re there. Alright, well, that’s what we do for fun. Thank you for that question. If you have more questions for us, put them in our Instagram on at be_it_pod and let us know we’ll answer it here for you. Real quick you may not know this, may not know what you want right now. But prioritizing your time for yourself is the utmost importance. That is a broad word. But it is true, it is the utmost importance. And I do that through my Pilates practice. It is how I make sure that I’ve prioritized me in everything that I do. And I want to offer you a free class with me over at OlinePilatesClasses.com/beit that’s OnlinePilatesClasses.com slash b e i t.


    Brad Crowell  5:28  

    All right, now let’s talk about Erica Hood.


    Lesley Logan 5:31

    I really love your voice.


    Brad Crowell 5:33

    Well, that’s good.


    Lesley Logan 5:34

    Like a total radio voice. It’s so good. Anyways, let’s talk about Erica Hood.


    Brad Crowell 5:39

    Erica, if you aren’t familiar with Erica, she is the creator and founder of HoodFit a woman’s based fitness company, focusing on moving to the rhythm, connecting to our minds, body and soul. By moving system amazing music. With the beat, you’ll find intense cardio Barre workouts from her and she is a fellow dog lover. And she owns her business. She also owns her business with her husband, whose name is Jordan and they live in Palm Springs now. We’ve had the chance to get to know them over the past couple of years before both of us, both couples left LA.


    Lesley Logan  6:18  

    Yeah, when she and I met that you are working with me a little bit like on the retreat side of things and like I would have asked you to do things on my website. But us, she and I have gotten to know each other. Now we both work with our husbands and we all four moved during COVID. We’re like bye LA because her apartment like neighbors were not okay with like literally a first week of COVID zoom dance cardio.


    Brad Crowell  6:47  

    Yeah. Could you imagine being a neighbor of someone who’s like, Okay, now let’s move.


    Lesley Logan  6:53  

    Yeah. And you know what? Because I know what she teaches because of our apartment. It’s the same thing. Like, there’s a fan in the middle and you’re living in this tiny place in LA, which you never thought was tiny until you’re in COVID. And then you’re like, Oh, so I’m supposed to teach him here. And if I okay, so if I do jumping jacks, I have to move back a foot so that I don’t hit the fan. But if I want to do push ups, I got to move forward. It’s too much, y’all. (Brad: Yeah) So they moved to Palm Springs. We moved to Las Vegas, and we text each other all the time to see whose temperature is hotter.


    Brad Crowell  7:24  

    Yeah, it’s true. That’s usually win.


    Lesley Logan  7:27  

    They do. I’m okay with that.


    Brad Crowell 7:28

    Palm Springs is usually the hotter.


    Lesley Logan 7:29

    I’m okay with that.


    Brad Crowell  7:30  

    It’s pretty, pretty bananas.


    Lesley Logan  7:33  

    Um, okay, so let’s talk about this interview. Because what I loved about this interview is the moment when she and I realized when we became friends at this one event, and so you have to listen that story, because it’s really it’s really fun. But um, she talked a lot, how about having to do messy actions and having to have good people around you. And this is cool. So y’all, she found confidence to start a business that she had never done before. She’d never like been her own boss after sharing her fears with her husband. And I really resonated with that. Because I tell you all the time, like, Oh my god, I’m really nervous about this. And then you’re like a sage and you go, I don’t know, like, why you’re so scared. Like, this is the normal thing that you do all the time.


    Brad Crowell  8:20  

    But you did share that story also in the last episodes’ pod, as well. But yeah, I think you give me a lot of credit. I think that together we definitely help each other.


    Lesley Logan  8:32  

    No, that’s true. That’s true. So anyways, I just I really like to because even if you’re listening this and you’re like, well, that’s fine, LL. I don’t have a husband to share my partner to share my fears with. Okay, so go back to having good people around you and literally look at the people who are in your lives. And if you feel like they’re not the most supportive people that are super inspiring. Like, I have a challenge for you to like, write down who you wish was in your life, and then go find them. Like, it’s really hard when you’re an adult to make friends. Like we moved to Vegas. And it’s a little, it’s weird to make new friends. I totally um like, Okay, um, Hi I’m Lesley.


    Brad Crowell  9:09  

    We started with our neighbors.


    Lesley Logan  9:11  

    Yeah, we did. We did. And they’re lovely, thank goodness. So I would say, you know, my coach recently told me that to do this as well like write down like, Who are the people? Like what are the values of the people that you wish who around you that you could share these fears with? (Brad: Yeah) If you can picture them, then you can be it till you see it with those relationships, too.


    Brad Crowell  9:30  

    That’s right.


    Lesley Logan 9:31

    All right. Well, what do you love that she said?


    Brad Crowell 9:35

    She said something real quick. She said you have to step outside of your comfort zone to invest in yourself. (Lesley: Hmm.) And that made me remember when I was really driven, when I was younger, to learn, grow, succeed, sell, whatever. I was, I was willing to be dedicated. I was like, actually, I was hell bent on and I was, I was like studying books and reading and listening to tapes and watching, you know, movie clips, and like listening to speakers and stuff, really trying to move forward. But I realized, as I was thinking about this, that I was uncomfortable already, because I was, you know, in my teens, and I was living with my parents, and I wanted to get out and go do the things. And, you know, when you get to college, it’s not exactly comfortable, either. Because you never have enough money and all the things so you’re really, really willing to go chase something. And then, you know, as we establish ourselves, and we get kind of, into a groove, life groove with our family, and kids and friends and dogs and all the things, you, I think it’s easy to become complacent. And in order to invest in ourselves, we have to step outside of that routine that we’ve created for ourselves, I mean, you know, and it could be that we’re spending, you know, more time watching TV or, you know, we, I know, we eat dinner and watch TV, so like, the only time we ever give ourselves to do that we don’t want don’t really have movie nights and hardly you know, or anything like that, you know, but it’s also easy to, to keep watching the show, instead of watching walking the dogs or whatever, you know. And so if you do that for too long, suddenly, six months, a year has gone by and you’re like, wow, you know, like, okay, I don’t feel like I move forward. I’ve just gotten in this rut.


    Lesley Logan  11:43  

    Yeah, I understand that a lot. I think like, I, one of the reasons like moving to Vegas was so great as it like, I needed to be uncomfortable. I felt like I was like I need if I’m supposed to be doing all these things that that are going to grow this company. I can’t be in this. Like, I know the walk home takes me 15 minutes. This is where I get my Starbucks even during COVID it’s open like I needed like on I don’t have gym, I don’t have friends, like I have to like really step up more. And so I don’t know that I literally know, knew that, like, we need to move. So I get uncomfortable. But I’m kind of glad we did. Because it’s been helpful and like, actually propelling things forward. 


    Brad Crowell  12:26  

    Yeah, when you change your environment, when you change that routine, it actually allows you, it forces you to reconsider life, it forces you to reconsider, you know, your path where you’re currently going. And that’s really when you begin to invest in yourself again, and it’s when you’re uncomfortable, because you’ve swapped up what was just easy to do. (Lesley: Yeah, I’m in love.) Yeah, well, I think I thought that was really awesome. And I know you the two of you didn’t discuss that too much during the pod. So I really wanted to cover that here. But let’s talk about the be it action items. What bold, executable intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with her? And the one thing that jumped out to me, she said that manifesting is good. But take the action. And I never really put up, like set it so succinctly before but I have a really good friend of mine, who we would always tease for going back to school and continuing to educate and educate and educate and it’s like it’s amazing. It’s like holy crap. You got like degrees and you had all this extra stuff, but it’s like, what are you gonna go do with that? You know, and like a lot of the conceptualizing and the planning and the strategy and all the stuff, you know, but now it’s been 15 years and it’s like, okay, like, go do it now. Let’s actually, let’s go get that happening. So I think that was thinking about it, and I’m all about a plan ahead of time, but you gotta you got to take action at some point.


    Lesley Logan  14:21  

    Um, this is okay, so there’s a girl, her name is Samantha Skelly. And I heard another podcast, I heard her say, or someone quoted her saying, information without integration equals constipation. And I, I’m gonna that’s gonna be a mantra, y’all that has to be repeated, share it to your friends, because it really, it really is something like super important because I think a lot of people especially if you have an imposter syndrome, where you don’t feel like you know enough, you’ll manifest and then you’ll realize, Oh, I need to know more. So then you go and learn more, but you’re actually not taking action. You’re making the learning Like seemed like it’s an action step, but it’s really like a hidden non action step because you got to just take the action actually doing the thing that you want. So, so anyways, (Brad: Say it one more time.) Oh, information without integration equals constipation. Thank you Samantha Skelly. They will get her on here someday because we said that (Brad: Maybe?) Be it till you see it.


    Brad Crowell  15:24  

    I love it. Well, I love that. I think that’s hilarious and also profound. What about you?


    Lesley Logan  15:31  

    No, it’s profound. I’ll give you a profound on that. So my biggest takeaway, okay, here’s she gave a formula like a prep formula for taking messy action, which I feel like we haven’t had anyone to a prep formula. And I also love this because it is like a very intrinsic, be it tip. And so we’ve had a lot of bold tips, a lot of executable tips, but like, not a intrinsic tip. So here it is, she had the formula to take prep for taking messy action. One is starting in a deep rooted place. Y’all gotta get inside, and like, gotta get to know yourself, right? You have… So number two is you have to get right with yourself, like knowing who you are. And this might mean getting therapy, this might mean journaling. This might mean asking your friends, like, what are your, what are your favorite things about me, or what are some things that you love about me, like get to know yourself, and that can be very uncomfortable. But that goes back to the other takeaway of talked about. And then number three, knowing what your mission is, values are, your passion is, that’s what drives you, this will allow you to take action. So you have to start in a deeper place, you have to get right with yourself and know what your mission is. And here’s the thing, like mission can be your why, values like Google, like “core values,” and like pick five that really resonate with you. Because when you don’t feel comfortable, like when you are a little nervous, feeling imposter syndrome, feeling like, you’re not ready to show up for yourself and take this action yet. If you know why you’re doing it, that is going to help propel you forward when you’re scared.


    Brad Crowell  17:07  

    I think there’s no question about that. I think also your values are really going to come from knowing yourself, right? That deep rooted place that she’s talking about, it’s almost as if one and two kind of should be merged together. The deep rooted place is when you know yourself, like when you have a foundation. And you know, you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, it’s going to make give you that confidence. I think also too, she said earlier, surrounding herself with good people, also gives you that confidence to allow you to go take action. And but you know, again, manifesting is good, but take the action, right. So, you know, even if you’re not 1,000% sure you’re going the right way. You know, I think when you get started, it’ll become clear really quickly. You know, in fact, I think, you know, you covered that a couple episodes ago with Rob Mack too, where he talked about the you don’t need to see the whole staircase, you just need to see the first step. (Lesley: Yeah) Right? And once you know, but if you know what you know who you are, and why you want to go do, what you want to do, then it’s going to real that is your solid foundation to go take messy action from. You might not understand the exact specifics of what you need to do yet, but you’re gonna figure that out. And that’s that messy action.


    Lesley Logan  18:32  

    Yeah, well, because it takes, it puts you on the line. Like you were like actually putting yourself on the line as opposed to like, this is a hopeful way, like you do a birthday wish and you save it for yourself. Like you know the whole thing like don’t tell it won’t come true. I’m like, I’m gonna tell people because that’s how it comes true. (Brad: Yeah.) If people don’t know what you want, they can’t help you get it. How do you think I got you?


    Brad Crowell  18:52  

    I think you told me. Oh, wait a minute.


    Lesley Logan  18:56  

    Well, that’s true. But I actually told people what I wanted. (Brad: Yeah, you do) People are how we met.


    Brad Crowell  19:01  

    People on how we met. (Lesley: Yeah) Yeah, that’s very true.


    Lesley Logan  19:04  

    All right. Well, love. This is great. (Brad: Yeah.) Okay, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us today. We are so grateful you’re here. How are you going to use these tips in your life? Let us know by sending us a DM on to the pod on IG that’s at be_it_pod. Also just screenshot this and tag it your status and your stories with what you’re going to do. (Brad: Yeah) That’s going to inspire the people around you. And guess what if some of them dm you back and go, I’m doing that too, you just found the people that you want to be spending your time with. And we’ll catch you on the next episode. Until then be it till you see it.


    Brad Crowell 19:38



    Lesley Logan

    That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast!

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