Finding Fulfilment

and Your People With

Linking Experiences

Ep. 102 with Lesley & Clare

“Getting to know yourself is a lifelong journey.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Back for another recap episode, Clare Solly and LL riff back and forth about the root of fulfillment, shadow work, and the importance of finding people with similar life goals.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Hacks for the best branding photos
  • Creating things based on personal needs
  • Working out for health and longevity
  • Connecting with people from linking experiences
  • The stories that direct our life
  • Tripping and falling is a part of the shadow work
  • Digging into the negative feelings to find the positivity meet

Episode References/Links:

  • Astrology: The Ultimate Guide to the 12 Zodiac Signs, Numerology, and Kundalini Rising + A Comprehensive Guide to Tarot Reading:

Lesley Logan 0:01
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:47
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my best friend, Clare Solly and I are going to dig into the phenomenal convo I have with Helaine Knapp in our last episode. If you haven’t yet, listen to that interview, feel free to pause this now and go back and listen to that one, then come back and join us. My mom just blew up my phone because she has been watching all of the, all of the episodes in one row. Like she’s just doing all of them. And she watches them on our YouTube channel. And she likes to watch the recaps first and then the interview because she says it helps her pay more attention to the interview. That being said everyone, you can do it your own way. I so we are recording this in the past, in the present time of today, which is today is a Pilates day, and you are gonna get it sometime in a couple of weeks. So this is Pilates day was the first Saturday of May, it’s International Pilates day. And Brad and I drove out to LA, stayed at my favorite hotel, we took Bayon with us. And then we did Pilates day as a convo. Class two, because May is not only Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s also for support Foster Care Awareness Month, foster youth. And so anyways, if you follow along with OPC, we actually donate a percentage of all of our profits to charities that support foster youth. And there’s many reasons for doing this. It’s so so important. And there’s so many kids who age out of the foster care system and they don’t have any support. They don’t have any parents or family unit to go to. I mean, at 18 I don’t know that I should have just been like out in the world, on my own. So so I’m really grateful to those of you who donated, who came. Thank you so much for those who who donated and couldn’t come and that’s really amazing. We … we raised several $100 for foster youth and I also got to meet, you know there was different businesses there that were also selling their amazing pieces and donating parts of all their sales. So I’m sure it was thousands of dollars when we combine everyone’s efforts. And so just thank you everyone. That was really a lot of fun. Okay, Clare, welcome back. (Clare: Hi. Thank you.) Clare Solly everyone. She’s back.

Clare Solly 2:53
I’m back. I’m so excited to be here. And if you are watching the YouTube you’re you’re witnessing my my lioness mane this morning.

Lesley Logan 3:01
I know. I don’t know the last time I saw down.

Clare Solly 3:05
Yeah, I yeah, I don’t I don’t know either. But I’ve got a lot of hair. (Clare laughs)

Lesley Logan 3:11
I understand, you and me both. It started off like if you’re watching on the YouTube, my hair start on the center of my head, but for whatever reason, it must be the shape of my head. It always falls to the left. Or maybe it’s the way I twist the hair. Maybe that’s what it is. Anyways that this this is a, we could be a hair commercial. Is really, if you are a hair product company would like some models, the two of us have too much hair we can definitely… (Clare: Totally) So Clare’s back, Clare is @youwontbesolly on Instagram. She is one of my best friends. We’ve known each other since 2001. And she …

Clare Solly 3:45
My friend cuz it’s old enough to drink we established on our last show.

Lesley Logan 3:49
I know … in happy hour. And you have been doing several recaps with me stepping in for Brad because Brad has a life and also his own pod company. And he runs all the companies and he was in Cambodia for many weeks. And so too many weeks, actually. So you’ve been helping me out here. So welcome back.

Clare Solly 4:08
Thank you so much. It has been a delight. I mean, first of all, I’ll sit around and talk to you forever and ever and ever. But it’s also been fun as a listener to go back and hear, you know, Brad’s versus my opinions and I like I was actually really impressed by the la… the one that dropped this week that we listened to. (Lesley: Oh yeah) But also it like being a guest is fun to come back of being a guest host is fun. So I think we asked originally on our first one, like if anybody wants to come be a guest, recapist, you know, or if anybody is interested in hearing a guest recapist (Lesley: Yeah) like tell us in in the comments.

Lesley Logan 4:43
Yeah, let us know if you’re liking guest recaps or if you are missing Brad, it’s okay. You won’t offend anyone we, you know, inquiring minds want to know, but yeah you (Clare: Yeah) were you were originally, you’re episode 19?

Clare Solly 4:55

Lesley Logan 4:57
Yeah, yeah. So I know I think this one is episode 102. So look where we’re at.

Clare Solly 5:03
Amazing, amazing. And I think I think I was like one of the first couple that you recorded. So it’s, it’s been such a journey. So exciting.

Lesley Logan 5:11
I know. We … (Clare: Here’s too hundred more.) There’s to hundred more at least that’s what we’re in for. Well, we have so much to talk about with Helaine. But before we do that, do we have a question from the audience? Or are you stealing the show?

Clare Solly 5:23
I’m gonna steal the show yet again. Because this is, has been one of my exciting things to do. So I know that you said that you get a lot of business questions, but I think this question actually can help anybody, anybody who has their own business and or whatever. How, so you take fantastic photos. (Lesley: Oh thanks.) You are like, and again, you’re one of my best friends. So I like I’m always excited to see your shows. I mean, your your photos. But how do you besides just being stunning. Like, how do you, what are your tips on taking a good picture? Because there are some days when it’s like you have not you personally but like me, like there’s too much chin. There’s the wrong angle. Like, what are your and I know you’ve worked with photographers and things too. So what are like two or three tips that you can share with anybody on how to be a good model in a picture, (Lesley: Yeah) even if you’re taking yourself.

Lesley Logan 6:21
Oh, this is so fun. So I do take I do have a lot of professional shots. I have been doing that for a long time for someone who’s not an actress I like I feel like knowing you, you’re like only personally I knew was taking headshots all the time. And I’m like, “Really you need new headshots again, you need new headshots again?” And now we are doing, in LA I did a photo shoot almost monthly, which was not, I mean it was like every few months actually. And and then and then when I’m now that we’re in Vegas, my photographer comes out twice a year. So I do I do, but I just do two hours at a time. So I basically do the same amount of shoots, but just pack them in. So tips, first of all, actually find a photographer that you have like a relationship with or you think you can build one. Like you’d want to be friends with them, because if they don’t say anything to you, you don’t really, really know what you’re doing. And so, so that can be a little difficult. And so I love, my photographer is Monica Linda, of Girl Squad Media. And she is she’s really good about …

Clare Solly 7:24
Who is also one of a podcast. (Lesley: Yeah) She was like, back in the teens too, I think.

Lesley Logan 7:28
She’s back in the teens as well. She has a great Be It story. And she is, it’s crazy what she’s coming up with. It is insane. She just opened a podcast recording studio, which is yeah, really, (Clare: Wow) really cool. Yeah. So you can, instead of having to sit in your closet, you can just like go to her studio, which is really cool. So I would say first, find a photographer that you like, they might be more expensive than you feel like paying. And I promise you paying less money with a photographer who don’t jive with getting photos you can’t use is like wasting money. So really get on the phone with them, build a relationship that helps. Second thing is laughing out loud makes great pictures. And people who came on my business retreat as like, “Okay, everyone laugh out loud.” And they’re like, they’re no one made sound. I’m like, “No, you actually have to laugh out loud.” (Lesley laughs out loud) Right. And when you do that, firstly, you look at your laughing, second you smile, everything looks brighter, lighter, and more fun. And it’s better than just smiling all the time. Like no one wants to see a bunch of photos of you just like, no, no offense, like your friends do, your family does, but really, like you can’t really use all of those. So you have to do some different things. And then also, you will start to learn your angles, I’m sure Clare as an actress, even you know, you know that there’s angles, and there are some angles that I I have to be very careful. If I am sitting, I need to make sure that I get my head forward of my body. Otherwise, it starts to like everything starts to sink down. And then you know, I don’t have any like, like there was like more chin there, just like, I lose, I lose the my facial structure when I do that. Which I think is why people think I’m so stunning. I was like, “I gotta get the head in front.” The other thing is, when you’re taking pictures, don’t just sit there and just take like, let them take the same picture 17 times, you didn’t change. So you do little tweaks, right like so you like have your head looking at them one way, then you tilt it another way, then you move your hand from your knee to your other hand or to your shoulder or, you know, so you do these little tiny tweaks so that you can get like 20 different photos in the same situation. Natural lighting to me is way better than artificial lighting. You’re just gonna it’s hard. I have blue eyes and like getting outside in the sun to get the I have to so I close my eyes and she counts to three and then I open them and then we close my eyes we count to three we open them. So those kinds of things. Know your colors. There are some colors that don’t look good on you. It’s okay. I don’t care how in style they are. Let them go, ditch them. And then also this is really huge. Invest in getting your hair and makeup done, and you’re going to hate how much makeup you’re wearing, you’re not going to love it. In fact, when I’m in real life, I’m like, “We better be going out to a boat party, wedding, something because I look way too dumb to stay at home.” But when you get the photos back, you actually don’t look too done up, you look really like you actually have depth and dimension. So you have to do your makeup very differently for photos because otherwise if you just it’s like we’re talking bronzer here, people if you’re not wearing it, you’d lose your cheeks. So to basically too long, didn’t read get hair and makeup artist and get a photographer that can tell you what to do. Play music. I didn’t say this. Play some music that makes you feel like alive you don’t have to dance, but like just makes you feel like a party. And then and then wear the colors that look good on you. So you know, I hope that helps.

Clare Solly 10:52
So many suggestions. I love this. I love it all. So go back and look at Lesley’s feed. Look at the @be_it_pod feed. Comment on those photos. And that you can see these tips in …

Lesley Logan 11:02
It’s so fun. You know what’s really annoying is that Brad just shows up and there’s no hair and makeup and (Lesley laughs) he like there’s something guys don’t, they don’t have to do it all. I don’t understand. He looks great without it. But anyways, ladies, I got melasma so I gotta you know put some makeup on. (Clare laughs)

Clare Solly 11:19
Oh, so yeah, I mean it’s it’s fantastic. And and I know you as a business owner, you are the face of your business. So you know you have to take … but even for amateurs who are taking photos, (Lesley: Oh) it’s good to have those tips. It’s good to know.

Lesley Logan 11:35
Everybody you all need at least a headshot. If you are because they’re gonna want it, you’re gonna need it, you put it on all of your socials anyways, you’re gonna want on LinkedIn, you’re gonna want on your resume, you’re gonna want it for an interview, you’re gonna be on a podcast they gonna ask you for your headshot. So at the very least get a headshot. Everyone needs them. But also it is kind of fun to look back and go, “Oh, what a fun day that was.” Or “Oh, I remember that haircut.” (Clare: Yeah) Yeah, well, thanks for that question. Y’all, so Clare, keep stealing the questions, but you can actually ask whatever questions do you want? Just go to the @be_it_pod, put it in a comment or DM us and we’ll answer it all in the show.

Clare Solly 12:11
Fantastic. Yeah. And speaking of the show, we should probably recap Helaine Knapp’s episode with you from last week. So (Lesley: Let’s do it.) a quick bio about Helaine Knapp. She’s the founder and CEO of CITYROW. After spending years of climbing the corporate ladder, Helaine left the world of publishing for tech start-up. Group Fitness was her outlet while she was working hard on the hustle and bustle of New York City (I know it will). Months of spin and bootcamp classes left her with lower back injury. However, she began searching for a workout that was low impact but super effective after a friend suggested rowing, Helaine initially rejected it as something her dad did in college but following a few (Lesley laughs) work workouts on a sexy machine pairing with a total body sculpting moves off the machine changed her mind and the concept for CITYROW was born. That and CITYROW has this mission of delivering a fun, smart, effective workout of all to all fitness levels. And it has grown from CITYROW has grown from one studio in New York City to a national omnichannel fitness brand. She’s she’s amazing.

Lesley Logan 13:16
She’s amazing. She’s so fun.

Clare Solly 13:18
… I this was I think I’d say this every time. But this was one of my favorite episodes that I got to listen to. So I’m so excited I get to talk about this with you. Then, speaking of what was one of your favorite things that you talked about with her?

Lesley Logan 13:34
Oh, I’m so excited. And also so as Bayon that’s the chain you’re hearing in the background. He’s just letting us know he’s excited too. You know, I heard her another pod as I mentioned on on the podcast’s interview and I just really thought what a be it till you see it story like way a just… I mean y’all she’s not a fitness instructor and she started a fitness business. And I think that’s, I can’t stress enough how important that is for you to, to know. And that’s what like leads into my thing that I love that she said which like, “Building CITYROW based on a personal need.” And so like, I think we often think we have to be the expert at something like some of us have ideas and we think, “Oh, I have to go get that training or this training, that I need this training. And then I need to do these. I need to get all those photos that go along with it.” Like we build up the the the opportunity to do something so much that it takes decades to create the thing. And really, she just was like, “I have this idea. Let me find someone who can teach the class that I want to take, and let me build the business of the place I want to go.” And so if you have a problem, maybe you can team up with people who can help you solve that problem. And so then you’ll love your thing so much. You can’t help but sell it. I just think, it’s I think it was genius.

Clare Solly 14:49
Yeah, that was that was really great. And she also mentioned like, yeah, well to kind of piggyback on that, surrounding yourself with people and just building on that. Yeah, I mean like building on the idea because yeah, you know, you are, you live in your little pocket of the world. And Lesley you know this very well, because I’ve seen you do it multiple times, you live in your little pocket of the world. And then you can find people who also have, who also have the drive that have similar or different linking experiences. And so you can can build something (Lesley: Yeah) within that. I love that sense of community that turns into a business.

Lesley Logan 15:29
Yeah. And I think like, you know, did you watch WeCrashed? They didn’t sponsor the show everyone, so don’t go like saying, “Thanks.” But did you watch the series?

Clare Solly 15:41
I didn’t.

Lesley Logan 15:42
Okay, let me just tell you. That you can listen to the podcast every one on like one half speed and get the whole gist of it. You don’t have to actually watch so but I will say Anne Hathaway did do a frickin amazing job. She really was made for that role. And I don’t know that that’s a compliment. But it should be. But I mean it to be. But at any rate, the first episode is like about him, like, trying to sell heels that like can turn into flats. And like, almost cut off, like his sister’s hand when she’s trying to like make the heel because like, you know, like ladies are walking around in New York City, you can walk on your heels. So like, you could like turn the heel, one way, then you can walk on the shoe like a flat, you could pop it out. And then he was creating these like knee pads for babies like so close, it had knee and elbow pads and for babies, but he wasn’t passionate about any of those things, he was just thinking, “There’s a hole in the market, or there’s this thing I can create, I’m going to create, it’s gonna make a lot of money.” And the reality is, is that you have to actually care about what it is that you’re creating, in some way it has to affect your life or someone else that you like, love and trust. Otherwise, you’re just going to show up and it’s going to be like selling paint on a wall. It’s like, Yeah, this is nice, you know, and, and wallpaper is nice, but you don’t have to build it. So I really, I think it just goes back to like, create things based on your personal needs, or someone you know, that you really care about. And you’re going to feel a lot more unstoppable when the obstacles come your way. So what is something you love, she said?

Clare Solly 17:09
I loved like the there’s like this is kind of a two parter, like working out for the body’s health and longevity. And just do one thing, and just keep doing it. I find it hysterical that you are one of my best friends. And you are so into working out. And I am so into sitting around and not. (Lesley laughs) And and I have a couple of friends who are in the fitness industry who are my closest friends. And I’m like, “No, but really, can we just sit and talk?” (Clare laughs)

Lesley Logan 17:44
You got a friend who’s a spin instructor or you’ve got friends who do these things. And like, you’re like, and we’re like, “Hey, let’s go” and you’re like, “Yeah, let’s just hang here.”

Clare Solly 17:54
Well, and a couple of years ago, we talked about this a little bit, or you mentioned it before on the pod. We had a blog that’s now like defunct, and we had talked about trying to we had this idea where we were we were giving challenges and I was like, “I know I need to make a change in my life. I know I need to work out more” because I like to move. I just like to do it in a way that doesn’t feel like I’m working out and sweating and like whatever. So I started doing two sun salutations a day, because I could commit to doing two sun salutations. (Lesley: Yeah) Because I could do them while my coffee pot was like brewing. So I’d get up, have a glass of water, set the coffee to brew, go to the living room and do 10, two sun salutations, which takes like two, three minutes, depending on how deep I’m going and how long …

Lesley Logan 18:40
Yeah, if you’re going by breath, or if you’re just like going through …

Clare Solly 18:43
And some days, like my body was just like do the movements and be done. And some days I was like, “I want to hold this stretch, and I want to do this.” And it I could feel a difference when I was doing it. And when I was not doing it like I would have some days where I’d be like, “Ah, I don’t really do need to do it. Doesn’t make that much difference.” And it does. And (Lesley: It does.) like it was weird because like, I I knew that when I hadn’t done them for a couple of days. I was going to hurt myself a couple days later because it’s that was the cycle. (Lesley: Oh yeah) And so it’s like my body’s health was or my body was appreciating just those couple of minutes of care I was giving it. And even though it was only a couple and sometimes, like and again, I would go to a spin class like once a week or I’d go you know do some other seven. I’m live in New York, I walk constantly. (Lesley: Yeah) But those two sun salutations and committing to those has been such a change. And you know …

Lesley Logan 19:43
Are you still doing them this many years later? (Clare: I am.) That’s amazing.

Clare Solly 19:47
I am. I think it’s been four or five years. I get up every morning and and I fallen off the wagon like I (Lesley: Yeah) you know. You know we all know that little little pandemic happened and so you know, depression, whatever, but …

Lesley Logan 20:00
… that little thing. (Lesley laughs)

Clare Solly 20:02
But it’s amazing. And sometimes like, I’ll hurt myself or it’s my, you know, women’s cycle of the month, things like that. So it’s like you’re not supposed to do inversions when you’re on your period. And so like, but I’ll, I’ll, I won’t necessarily do down dog, but I’ll still do or no up dog. Well, I can’t remember. (Lesley: Yeah) Whatever the one where your butts in there, (Lesley: That’s a down dog. Yeah.) Down dog, great. I can’t remember. (Clare laughs) But I’ll do I’ll do the stretches. And I’ll do like, I’ll find myself like doing plank and some months, I’ll challenge myself and like, “Hey, let’s see how long we can hold plank for and then hold it for 10 seconds longer tomorrow.” And (Lesley: That’s …) I got up to like, three minutes in plank.

Lesley Logan 20:41
Are you serious? That’s insane. Yeah, I am at a two minute handstand, by the way. (Clare: Oh wow!) Yeah. Yeah. And that’s after taking, like, I think I took six months off of yoga and not for any reason. To be honest, I love my teachers, I have two teachers I frickin love and both their classes are at sucky times. So one guy, he’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which may be now on Tuesdays, I’ll get back into because that would be a nice way to end the day. I just happen to have happy hour at that time. So it would just be it just became a little weird Brad and I are doing happy hour, like zoom class, doing yoga. And I’m in a little sip anyways, don’t anyone needs no one needs to tell me the how I shouldn’t be drinking while I’m doing my yoga. But at any rate, I picked it back up probably six weeks ago. And I you know, it was amazing. I could still do the minute long handstand. And then he was like, “Okay, we’re doing two minutes in the second week.” I was like, “Two minutes, I just came back to the five, I’m surprising to do one minute.” But your body does have this incredible memory. If you’re really consistent with something you can get it, you can get back into it pretty well. And I want to just talk about something you mentioned, you’re doing 2, and you committed 2 and sometimes you do a plank hold or sometimes you just do a different stretch. All of those little additions are things that BJ Fogg says, “You’ll know when you can start to expand that. When you can start to like, make it five sun salutations or two sun salutations and a hip stretch.” And it’s also okay, if one day you just go to the two sun salutations, because the habit is actually just the two sun salutations. Everything else is extra credit. So,

Clare Solly 22:08
Yeah. And it’s it’s the commitment to it too. Like I actually, I, when I’m on vacation, or things like that, like I’ll like I would not do them on vacations originally. And now I just excuse myself, because that two minutes, that five minutes, whatever that is that I give myself is worth it.

Lesley Logan 22:34
Well, yeah, it really is. And so, you know, I’ve been doing morning pages, and I too fell off the wagon with those with the little pandemic. Because I my excuse was, it’s so freakin hot in the morning, I have to get outside and walk the dogs, because every minute I’m sitting there, it’s just baking the asphalt more. But the reality is, is that I have to do my morning pages. So I’m just going to have to go to bed a little earlier or wake up earlier and make sure make room for a nap later in the day like those are because I, like you I don’t get injured, I get pissed off. And it’s because I didn’t put the things that are pissing me off on a piece of paper and I kept them inside. And so anyways, back to Helaine and your takeaway, I really am glad you picked that one out. Because I do think people think, “Oh my gosh, like, I have to go to a 30 minute class or I have to go to an hour long thing.” And you can just pick one thing and like you said, and just do that.

Clare Solly 23:28
Yeah, well, and this is and again, not to like do a spot for you. But like, this is one of the reasons I love OPC. Like, I’m an OPC member. And sometimes I’ll turn it on for like five minutes. And I just only do five minutes of Pilates. Like is that the right thing to do? Well, I mean …

Lesley Logan 23:45
It’s exactly. (clare: I do 5 minutes, 5 minutes is better than nothing.) It’s exactly right for you. (Clare: Yeah) And it’s also why we say, “Finishing is optional.” (Clare laughs)

Clare Solly 23:53
Yeah. Sometimes I do the whole thing, and it seems like no time has gone by. Sometimes I’m like, “Nah, I’m good with five minutes.”

Lesley Logan 24:01
I know I um, I can always tell my energy level when I’m at my workout with my trainer. And if she ends 20 minutes early, and I’m like, “Ah, 20 minutes early.” I mean, not that early. Like we did the workout. Right? But if I if I like or the other day I went and I was so grateful it ended after just the one workout that she created. I was like, “Okay, we’re stretching. Okay, good. I can do that.” I was like, I was like, “Oh, yes.” I can always tell like where my body’s energy is at and like if I need if I like when she’s one of the stretching habits if I wanted more if I had like so grateful that we’re stretching. Yeah, finishing is optional everyone, intentional movement is important. And just pick one thing and do that. Okay.

Clare Solly 24:41
Yeah. (Lesley: All right, Clare.) We move on to the BE IT action item?

Lesley Logan 24:46
Let’s do it. Let’s recap what’s what’s your, let’s go into the BE IT action items that she gave us.

Clare Solly 24:50
Yeah, so um, I the bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action item that I really liked. And I sort of said this before is surround the people or surround yourself with people on the same journey as you. Which I think I mean, yes, definitely surround yourself with people that are similar. But and you’ve said this several times, like surround yourself with people who are different, but have the same motivation, like the that are going towards the same direction or want the same thing. Like you mentioned, the the, the, the we work thing earlier, and the how the guy was making all these different products. And it’s like, well, what’s his goal, that those were not aligned with his goal? (Lesley: Yeah) So therefore, they weren’t successful? And like, what is your goal? What are you aiming towards it? Even if it seems like something that is totally not connected. And I think we talked about this on my episode of the podcast, like, this is the manifesting piece, right? This is like, what do you want from your life, and how, and then you’ll find the map to get there. And you said, you surround yourself with those people, and connect yourself with those people that can help you either motivate you or share in that directional pole pointing to get you to that. (Lesley: Yeah) And she … people.

Lesley Logan 26:15
I, well, I couldn’t agree more. And also, like, it’s, the other people have had BE IT action items like, like, make sure you’re like, you’re you have, like, you know, the pre… people, positive people around you. And like, Brad and I work together, and we do a lot of masterminds. But we, that are and we work really great, we can find really great collabs. But very few of those people work with their, with their partner. So we actually have to be intentional about finding other couples working together. Because they get us on a different level. And so there’s something about like, I can, for example, I was in LA yesterday, and we were visiting with some people, none of whom worked work work for themselves. So of course, they don’t get when I say like, “Oh, we’ve got a launch coming up that’s when we get back.” They’re like, “Oh, I wish you could stay.” It’s like, hmm, you clearly have no idea how many parts go into a launch and how much time that isn’t much brain space it is. And so but when I say to a friend on a text message, who is an entrepreneur like, “Oh, yeah, we’re on our way back, we have a launch kicking off in a few days.” She’s like, Oh my gosh, get some sleep. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water.” Like so when you surround yourself with people are on the same journey. There’s almost like, you have almost like your own special code of language, and so they can get you on a deeper level. And also keep you up and make you excited about things when you’re down. So yeah, I …

Clare Solly 27:38
A slingshot friend.

Lesley Logan 27:39
A slingshot friend like Clare is. Yes, yes. I’m glad you brought that one up. I feel like that one is hard for people to do. They have a hard time because they think they have to let go of other people.

Clare Solly 27:52
Yeah, but I mean, you don’t and that and again it it doesn’t even have to be they don’t have to have the same goal again, it’s just sort of the same direction. Like, “What do you want out of life?” Like you and I both want fulfillment from our our endeavors. Right? And, and . It’s not it’s not a house. I mean, yes, those things come along with that. But it’s like, we want to continually to be excited and fulfilled by the things that we we do with our lives.

Lesley Logan 28:25
Yeah, yeah. No, it’s true. It’s it doesn’t have to be like you don’t have to find an, if you’re a fitness or more fitness people. You could just it could be someone who also is trying to build something and create community and similar directions in life. I love that.

Clare Solly 28:40
What was one for you?

Lesley Logan 28:41
I loved get to know yourself. I think we’ve had similar versions of this come up before and I picked it anyways because I really don’t think a lot of people spend enough time getting to know themselves. And there’s so many different ways you can get to know yourself for example, yesterday I had an oracle card and tarot card reading. And that was very fascinating and was actually really fascinating how much she like, ‘knew about me without knowing me.’ I was like, “What is this? How do you know that?” But you don’t have to get those kinds of readings to get to know yourself. There’s just, you can get know to yourself in different ways. But you have to understand like, why are you getting frustrated about that? Why are you afraid of that? What is this thing that is making you you know, snap or or not believe in yourself or not get out of bed? And you know, like not go 5 4 3 2 1 in action. Like what it like get to know yourself because then only then can you actually build a life, like you said a fulfillment or alignment. You know, if you hate the mornings, why do you hate the mornings? Is it that you’re not a morning person? Or is it you’re going to bed at 1am and that you’re asking yourself to get up at 6am. Like, actually get to know yourself so you can actually take steps in the direction of of creating the life that you want to live or being it till you see it. And so I just I think, I think getting to know yourself is a lifelong journey.

Clare Solly 30:08
If you’re into the woowoo, like I am, I know Brad is not and Lesley you’re like a medium woo. (Clare laughs) A lot of a lot of the woowoo folks are talking about shadow work right now, which is like if you see that shadow work means just what you were saying. Like it means think through the stuff in your past, or the things that you don’t like or the triggers for yourself. I actually had one coach that was like, anytime you have an accident, you trip, you run into something, you bump into something that’s like to like, have you realign with a whatever that that thought was.

Lesley Logan 30:44
Oh, my gosh, so when you fell on the sidewalk, and you like knocked yourself.

Clare Solly 30:48
I, yeah, exactly. Well, and I again, I sat around trying to, like, heal for I don’t know, why did air quotes, like heal from that not just physically, but like, what was I thinking at the time and what I was saying I was worried about my work and how I like that different. Like, I had just gotten back from vacation. And I was, I still had like two days before I had to go back to work. And I was like, my mind was racing about all these different pieces. And I think it was like, “No, no, you have to let stuff go.”

Lesley Logan 31:19
Interesting. That’s so interesting that you bring that up, I didn’t know that tripping and falling can be part of that shadow work or that part of like, getting you back in alignment. That’s so fascinating.

Clare Solly 31:30
And it doesn’t even have to be as anything as big as my fault. Like, I my stationary bikes, it’s in my tiny, tiny apartment and I run into the handle all the time. And I know I can go out and around. But I bump into it. I’m like, “Okay, what was I just thinking? I was thinking negative.” And a lot of times it’s negativity about myself, (Lesley: Oh) like, I’m not good enough. Or I’m like, I’m not, I haven’t made the time. Like, I haven’t not. Yeah, I haven’t made the time for it. And it’s like, well, no things come in the time that they’re meant to, or things will happen in the time that they’re meant to. And and yeah, it’s the the more you deal with the icky stuff, like I am not a morning person. And it’s, it’s because I find more creativity at night. (Lesley: Yeah) And part of it is you know, I’d like I have an acting background, I do theater. Theater is mostly at night in the evenings. (Lesley: Yeah) I’m sort of geared to that. And again, my creative time, I’ll get sleepy around like, 8 to 8:30 and then 9 to 11. I am super creative and super focused. And I find so much writing time in that in those.

Lesley Logan 32:37
Did you get to a little nap hour in there? Yeah, but so I you know, I just think we, I, I downloaded a book called Astrology and the Kundalini Rising, because apparently, I’m entering my Uranus opposite Uranus time. And so I know I am a medium woo, but I’m going in. Because this is very interesting. There’s some interesting stuff that they have, you know, discovered. It’s not like a roadmap, but it is a roadmap. And it’s again, just about getting to know yourself. If you find yourself complaining about the same thing. Write about it, and (Clare: Yeah) ask yourself. We had a guest Thor, who’s like, talk about morning pages as well. He’ll write about it. He’s like, “Who… I can’t do that. Who says I can’t do that?” Oh, (Clare: Yeah) “I say I can’t.” Like get to know yourself because it really is the key to unlocking a lot of things. We tell ourselves some incredible stories. When people (Clare: Yeah) tell me a storyteller, I’m like, “I bet you tell yourself some whoppers.” Just …

Clare Solly 33:34
There’s an Ashton Kutcher quote that “We all sit around on a pile of collective stories.” I think it’s Ashtron that like …

Lesley Logan 33:44
I never thought we would quote Ashton Kutcher on this podcast. So, thank you. (Lesley and Clare laughs)

Clare Solly 33:49
There’s a first. It was it was one of those like, I was reading a book and like it was the top of the chapter and I was like, “Of all people.” But yeah, like it’s just a pile of collective stories, y’all. Like (Lesley: Yeah) so you can weed out the ones like our memory is selective like there are things about our like, we have a collective past and I don’t you’ll you’ll remember things that I don’t like and and I don’t remember things that you know, or I remember things that you don’t (Lesley: Yeah) And it’s again, we can weed anything out. We our brains are wired that way to keep us safe and …

Lesley Logan 34:29
… and also tell yourself a different story about the thing because (Clare: Yeah) you can also like I could talk about how like, “Oh, I wish like I had a terrible childhood whatever blah blah.” And then I can also say, “You know I had the exact childhood though set me up to be this person that I am because I wouldn’t be this peer. I didn’t have that childhood. So like it kind of benefit the hell out of me. So maybe I can read…” You know what I mean? Like we could actually like you know, you can as you said you can weed it out or you can change it.

Clare Solly 34:54
Yeah, see that see the light side of the the see the positivity in something. (Lesley: Yeah) And don’t be afraid to go deep into the stuff that that is ne… that feels negative because there’s positivity in there too.

Lesley Logan 35:06
Oh, for sure that is, that’s good that’s another BE IT action item and we can put on there go into that, go into the, go in there. Do you remember that? We’ll talk about this offline but there was that movie where he had to like Robin Williams had to go into like …

Clare Solly 35:20
A what the … What Dreams May Come?

Lesley Logan 35:22
Yes. And he did like go in there and they had to like weed it out, like a weed it out to get her out of there. (Clare: Yeah) It was … chills deep. Anyways, everyone. I’m Lesley Logan.

Clare Solly 35:33
I’m Clare Solly.

Lesley Logan 35:34
Thank you so much for joining us today. We’re so grateful you’re here. How are you going to use these tips in your life? Let us know by sending a DM to the pod and on Instagram and we’ll catch you on the next episode.

Clare Solly 35:44
Bye y’all.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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