Growing Beyond Comfort

Ep. 200 with Lesley & Brad

“Aligned action is taking a step towards the thing that you want.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Curious about thriving even when things don’t go as planned? This episode delves into fostering self-reliance to tackle life’s uncertainties and building confidence to embrace the unpredictable.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Client loyalty programs and rewards
  • Celebrating small victories and reinforcing positive decision-making
  • The value of asking for help and acknowledging the support of others
  • Personal growth and expansion through travel
  • Three components to manifesting the life you want

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  • May 6: Pilates Day! More about it soon.
  • May: Elevate Round 3
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Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan
We hit 200 Holy cow, you’re listening to the 200th episode, this one right now in your ears. I mean, that’s insane. 200 Okay, so we actually got here much sooner. And we weren’t really paying attention. That’s what happens when you’re having a good time. And so we have not put together to another episode like we did for the 100. However, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate because you should celebrate your wins, no matter what mile markers you put, so happy 200 to us, we would not be here if it wasn’t for you. So I just want to take a moment and say thank you, and I’m celebrating you today. So jump up and down. And I’m moving around in my seat. And and I just love the table, which everyone hates. Anyways, thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, to our teams. To everybody who touches this episode, including your ears, you have no idea how much it means to me. We are sitting in the top 2% of all podcasts in the entire world. That is like, do you know how many how many podcasts we beat because of you guys, so that tells me you’ll love it. You want to listen to more of them. And I’m just so frickin grateful.

Brad Crowell 5:27
And now, today’s episode.

Lesley Logan 5:30
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the untraditional convo I had with Hillary Billings in our last episode. I think that also call it expanding.

Brad Crowell 6:25
I think we should just stick with expanding because the untraditional Yes, it’s untraditional but she really dig digs into expanding.

Lesley Logan 6:32
Yeah, she’s an expander. If you haven’t yet listened that interview. Feel free to pause this now and go back and listen that one and then come back and join us. I had somebody actually DM me because they listened to the recap that we had about Phil Barth, and they’re like, Okay, listen to your latest podcast. But what’s a bo hag? Oh, and I said, Oh, well.

Brad Crowell 6:50
I think we talked about it.

Lesley Logan 6:51
Well, maybe we, I’m sure we did. Because you’re so good at that. But I just said just go listen to him explain it.

Brad Crowell 6:59
I listened. I listened to the initial interview and I missed it. And I was like, What the hell are we talking about? So I had to go back and really dig in. So yeah,

Lesley Logan 7:08
Well then I thought we talked about it…

Brad Crowell 7:10
on the recap, we defined it, for sure. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 7:12
Oh, I was definitely on point with him there. Well, then. What’s the bo hag?

Brad Crowell 7:16
big old hairy ass goal.

Lesley Logan 7:19
That’s what I thought. Yeah, okay. Okay. Okay. A decade ago, a ton ago. Okay. So you guys, today is aside from being 420. Which those of you who know you know, then today is all that’s for my brother who is a weak Somali a and if you are interested, there are people who like are really experts on that. And I’m not saying you anyone should be doing it or not doing it. I’m just saying if you’re doing it, go see a Somali who like knows what to do with all the things and it’s also more importantly, national death doula day. And if you’re like, what is that? Well, my original assistant who is was on the podcast, Lindsay, she is not a death doula anymore. But she was a death doula before the pandemic and I just loved it. And I found out about a guy who’s also a death doula, and I think I want to bring him on actually. Coincidentally, I used to go the church that he was a pastor at, so I feel like… (Brad: ohh random) I know so random. I know. Anyway, everyone’s like she went to church with that foul mouth. Yes, y’all. I have a degree from a private university. And at any rate, if you don’t know what that is, you should definitely look that up. Because it’s actually a really cool way to look at death. And big shout out to Lindsay, our first assistant there’s so many holidays, we can celebrate you. She’s probably like, really, this is the day. This is the day that we’ve decided for this year. So anyways, yeah. It’s not for that. It’s for the death, doula. And she is rolling her eyes right now. Okay. Also, this week, we are in the middle of the OPC members only challenge and if you’re like, wait, what? you’re missing it! Well, if you are not an OPC member you are. And it’s because we moved the OPC challenges into the members only group just because we will, we can have a lot more hands on experience with you. Because we have an app and we have a group and we have this whole it’s just easier. So you can join OPC if you want to be part of the next challenge. Next month, May 6 is Pilates day. We’ll have an event plan and I’m working on all the details. We can announce that to you in the actual so you can like plan for it. But everyone is going to be able to join in on it which is really exciting. Also next month elevate round three kicks off. If you are listening this in real time. There’s only two spots left. Actually, I don’t know they might be sold out by the time this comes out. But at the time that we’re recording this before it comes out in real time. There’s two spots left. I feel like I want to do round four. That is 2024 because it makes sense.

Brad Crowell 9:55
Next year!

Lesley Logan 9:56
Next year. Also coming up may we are in Seoul. We are bringing flashcards to balance buddies P O T supplies on tour. It’s our first time back to Seoul in three years. And we just secured a mat reformer and Cadillac cards for them to have at that P O T. So if you live in Korea and you’ve been wanting the cards, you better sign up for P O T. I’ll be teaching there. July if you live in UK or if you want to fly to the UK, we are coming there for our mullet tour. Yep, that’s what it’s called. I’m so excited. You can get on the waitlist or get more information to (…) said mullet and I mean, I absolutely do. But the true definition

Brad Crowell 10:39
Business in the front Pilates in the back.

Lesley Logan 10:41
Yeah. And August we’re doing a summer West Coast tour. You can get on the waitlist and that is the US states West Coast. Australia, I know you got one. I want to get there. We’re not there yet.

Brad Crowell 10:56
Everyone has a West Coast.

Lesley Logan 10:58
If there’s if there’s two coasts, that’s true. Like Spain is like, there’s not you know what I mean? Like in Europe as well (…) Canada might have, no because they’ve a West Side ,west coast. I don’t know. Somebody who knows geography can explain that to me. But anyways, the places that would think of the West Coast, we’re gonna be in the US if you are wanting to be a host for that. And you’re like, I want to fill a class and I want you to stop at our place then ping the team… (Brad: yeah, makes sure we know) Yeah, shout it out. September Poland. Stay tuned. Actually, the time this comes out. I’ll have a link for you. But you can always just go to Lesley And we’ll make sure you don’t miss out on the information. We are bringing flashcards to Poland and to the UK. October Cambodia. Oh my gosh, the women’s…

Brad Crowell 11:47
Yeah, yeah, I was just gonna say we have a super fun group already. That has already decided they’re coming literally, they’re buying their plane tickets now. And we’d love to have you join us too. It’s gonna be really incredible. Also, we you know, don’t have an infinite number of spots. So don’t sit on this. There’s still plenty of time for you to find tickets that aren’t like insanely expensive and get your visas and all that stuff we can all get through all that so

Lesley Logan 12:15
snag your spots so you don’t miss out and then also there’s plenty of time to buy the plane ticket, plane tickets prices change you know

Brad Crowell 12:21
Yeah. You don’t have to worry about the only thing you have to worry about is getting yourself there will pick you up from the airport and then you will that’s further

Lesley Logan 12:28
By the way. I just said flexual and I meant flexible and and… (Brad: flexual?) flexual and like…

Brad Crowell 12:34
That’s a 420 day.

Lesley Logan 12:36
No, no, I don’t know what the other word like they they they’re fluid and flexible. Like the prices are always changing. Like it’s like sexual but not, okay. November November. One of the greatest times to be in Miami. I thought so and so requested that, so we’ll be at the Miami P O T. More to come on that because…

Brad Crowell 12:58
Oh wait, but you’re gonna be down there prior

Lesley Logan 13:00
We’re gonna be there prior. Our (…) will be there for the (…) weekend together.

Brad Crowell 13:06
Yeah. And I will be joining both of you at the P O T.

Lesley Logan 13:09
Yes. Which by the way, if you want to know what’s going on with that we don’t know anything about the P O T part. We just know it’s happening… (Brad: and we’re just gonna be showing up) Yeah, we’re just showing up because that’s what the party is at, it’s Miami… (Brad: with flashcards) Yeah, with flashcards. And if you’re like I don’t wanna wait for flashcards, to all these dates, you can buy them anytime, y’all. So anyways, that’s our trips. And we’re gonna keep doing that so that you are invited to hang out with us in person. Somewhere in this world. We’re trying to get to different places. It’s fine.

Brad Crowell 13:37
Yeah. So thanks for joining us on these quick announcements. All right, on to an audience question. What do you think about client loyalty programs? Do you have a workshop that addresses them? I scrolled through your website. Maybe I missed it. Thanks. Well, the smiley face.

Lesley Logan 13:56
Yeah. So a Pilates studio asked me to send DMS and I don’t coach in the DMS. So you’re welcome to ask and we’ll just answer them on here. Unless you’re an agency member, and then I’ll answer your agency. And I actually thought this is a really great question to talk about today because Hillary billings actually connected us to Brittany Kodak. Yeah. And Brittany Kodak wrote the book creating superfans which is out now and you can get it on Audible she did the reading and also you can get the hardback it’s actually really cool hardback book to have. And we will have her on the podcast, her episodes gonna drop, I think sometime in May. So the reason I bring this up is I just don’t really I stand by you. It’s really hard to pay people to talk about your product. Yeah. And it’s really tough. So…

Brad Crowell 14:42
Unless you’re paying them like $1,000

Lesley Logan 14:44
Yeah, I mean, well, here’s the deal. We have affiliate programs like so I would even call it a client loyalty program or an affiliate program. We have those. And we let our people sign up for them because they’re going to talk about anyways and we want to reward them for that. However, we don’t Push it. So I’m not like, Hey, guys, it’s the month of May. And anytime you any new member, you get me you get paid double. And the reason I don’t do that is because I really do want the referral to be authentic and genuine, someone asked them or they’re talking to someone, and they think that this is the appropriate thing for them. Regarding studios with client client loyalty programs, here’s the deal. People actually want you to solve the problem that they have. That’s why they hired you. And what I would recommend you do is actually become obsessed with solving their problem as quickly as possible and making sure that they have the most amazing experience, that they just can’t wait to tell their friend about it. However, the truth is, is that there are influencers out there that make their money off of off of being an affiliate. And there are programs out there that can be really great client loyalty programs, what I would say is, without knowing your business, if you don’t have a big studio with multiple teachers, and tons of classes every week, the client loyalty program is really hard to keep on top of mind, because you need a team and you need enough people to actually be like winning the things that people it’s just becomes another thing you have to manage.

Brad Crowell 16:30
Well, but also, I mean, you know, your program doesn’t have to be this formal, dedicated, like written out side of contract program. It can literally be like, Hey, thanks for referring Susie. Here’s a $50 gift card to the Italian joint down the street.

Lesley Logan 16:44
Yeah, and I guess and also like, if there you could also not have a program and just like, have set up in your thing that anytime someone’s a client that a year from now, you’re alerted, so that you just send them something like that, that would be cool. Why have them sign up for a program that you could just surprise them with something?

Brad Crowell 17:03
Yeah, or their birthdays, you know, you do something special

Lesley Logan 17:06
I’m gonna, I’m gonna steal something from Brittany. In her book. She says why not? Like, of course, absolutely. Definitely celebrate their birthday with them. But what if you just set a reminder this celebrate their half birthday with them? That’s a fun idea. Yeah, like, yeah, so that’s really fun. So I would just say like, what do I think about them? I think they can be great. I don’t think that they’re going to they’re the I don’t think that that is the thing that’s going to make or break your business?

Brad Crowell 17:30
Well, I don’t think that’s the thing that’s going to get your clients to refer their friends. No, it’s just a nice perk that keeps you top of mind that that that continues to reinforce how much they love you, you know, unless you’re running like a true affiliate playbook. You know, these are more like, like, really fun relationship building perks.

Lesley Logan 17:54
Yeah. I mean, and also, like, if you’re thinking, Well, I just want to celebrate how many classes they come to, or how long they’ve come? I would just do it without having a fancy schmancy program.

Brad Crowell 18:05
I’m not opposed to that, though. Like if you have really happened in studio, where you’re running group classes all the time, having a loyalty program where like, when somebody hits, 100 classes, 250 classes, 1000 classes, that’s, that’s, that can be an incredible driver for people to come back often and to really participate as much as they can. Because they want their name on the wall, or they want the coat that you’re going to give them or whatever. But if that’s not the style of studio you run then, you know,

Lesley Logan 18:38
Also you’ll read in her book because you’re gonna read her book because she’s gonna be on the show, but you’ll read in her book that like, yes, people are accustomed to getting emails like this is how many classes you went to this week. This is how much you did this, but it doesn’t they it doesn’t mean like Peloton emails me every week. They don’t send me any gifts. I still open the email. I still use my Peloton. So you don’t have to give them things all the time. But you can give them shout outs from time to time and I’m just I think the thing that I’m afraid of saying is like, yes, have a loyalty program and the solopreneurs are like, how do I do that? I have like nine clients.

Brad Crowell 19:12
Yeah, I agree. It’s not gonna be the make it or break it.

Lesley Logan 19:17
Every person can reward clients with some sort of love note at different points in the journey with you. You don’t have to have any fancy technology for that. If you’re a big studio who has a team and capacity to include this, fine, do it but if you think it’s like, oh, this is how I’m going to get to my seven figures or am I this figures. No, your actual treatment of clients in the studio before they work with you when they left you. That is absolutely going to make the difference in your business. The client loyalty program is extra icing on the top.

Brad Crowell 19:53
Yeah, no, I’m with you. 100% There.

Lesley Logan 19:56
Okay, great.Thanks for agreeing with me. Okay, let’s talk about Hillary Billings.

Brad Crowell 20:49
From the beaches of Nicaragua. Hillary’s adventure began as a travel blogger, she became Miss Nevada. And today she is actually a sought after brand strategist and speaker, sidenote, lion tamer, what I don’t even know I need to learn more about this.

Lesley Logan 21:07
Oh, you guys, we had her speak in the agency group. And she is a lion tamer or was a lion tamer

Brad Crowell 21:14
Hilary works. Hillary uses psychology to get attention for companies both on and offline in a content saturated world. And she and her partner actually have this amazing company where they are teaching people how to make content that is viral. And I know that’s like the gimmick word. But they have a very scientific approach to how they analyze content that could and should be viral. And if you can hear dogs in the background that being hilarious or no, yeah. But it’s, it’s kind of amazing. We’re actually about less than (…) bootcamp

Lesley Logan 21:49
Attentioneers. And at the time you’ve listened to this, we’ve already taken their boot… (Brad: Yes, that’s true) We’ll put the link to the bootcamp below. Yeah, we have a we have a link for you. Anyways, I She’s just I mean, like, talk about like, a cat has lived Nine Lives.

Brad Crowell 22:03
Yeah. Oh, yeah. 100%. Like, I definitely was like, every time she kept going with her story. I was like, what? And what? And what?

Lesley Logan 22:11
I know. I know. So, so. Cool. So um, and we talked about this on the episode

Brad Crowell 22:16
dude, like research, scientific research. She basically put herself through college on scholarships. She helped her parents buy their house or something

Lesley Logan 22:28
Well, first of all her company’s quality engineers. Second note, do you remember the guy who introduced Do you remember Michael? I think his name was Michael. He wrote that book about his journey. And like, he’s the one he’s like, Oh, my friend is Miss Nevada. And she lives in Las Vegas. Let me introduce her. He’s the first person to introduce me to her in June of 2020.

Brad Crowell 22:46
Right. So we were introduced to her multiple times over multiple years. And it took until this year to finally connect the dots.

Lesley Logan 22:55
It’s like you and me getting together. It just took the universe a lot of extra work to get you to pay attention.

Brad Crowell 23:02
Yeah. All right.

Lesley Logan 23:03
Let me tell you what I love. Re enforcing good decision making behavior. So she talked a lot about there’s a couple of examples she gave, but first of all celebrate the micro decisions. So remember, when she was talking about when she’s traveling like, and she was alone, she would find a place to have breakfast, and then she’d celebrate like me, I like found a place in a foreign place to have something I like to eat. Like, that’s really amazing. And I think especially the women listen to this if your listeners Hello, perfectionist, recovering overachiever, that means you. It’s too often I see people not celebrate that they did these things even big deal things. It’s like leaving your hotel room. I will never forget when I was in Brazil by myself. And I got to my hotel room and I slept for 12 hours. And then I got up and I was like, Okay, I got to go eat. And I was like, I thought, What am I going to eat and I googled and like I like everything is in Portuguese and I like walked to the place and I got the breakfast and then I walked back to my hotel, because that’s all I had researched. And I was like, I did it. I did that. And these are the ways that you build confidence. And also when she talked about her horse, like she would give like little they called like muffins, cookies, cookies, like her her horse was a skittish horse and not and I’m not saying your horse, but like more was Hillary but like, you give them the cookie to the horse to reinforce the good behavior, then they’re less scared of the thing. And so you too, need to give yourself a cookie. Every time you do something that is like outside of your comfort zone and it doesn’t have to be a 10 feet out to the computer. It could be a millimeter.

Brad Crowell 24:40
Yeah, for her bigger picture of this was she had been in control but in control, like she grew up in a in a in a environment where she didn’t have control. Her parents didn’t have much money. She didn’t have you know much luxury or any of that stuff. And then she put herself through college by taking control. Yes, and then she got rejected from all the colleges that she was trying to go to

Lesley Logan 25:02
also, just like every millennial, we had, that you do this, and then you do this and you do this. So you write, you do all the sports and you have a job and you apply to colleges and you volunteer, you do 17 things. And you do you do it, and it’s picture perfect. And you get into the thing, and then she didn’t get into the thing.

Brad Crowell 25:22
And it was it was a fail. Right? So and but it was a fail. Okay, she didn’t get into the schools that she wanted to go through. Yeah, not on her fault. But it still didn’t go the way she wanted. So what did she do? She threw it all the wind. And she went around the world to travel, which is like, there’s no control in that. Right? And so when she got back, when she got to these places, she was thinking, okay, cool. I just succeeded at a thing. She said she was often really like, felt alone and scared. And this is like before the internet was everywhere, and Wi Fi and cell phones and stuff. And so the idea of reinforcing, you know, quote, unquote, good behavior. Instead, reinforce success, reinforce those wins, remind yourself, she said, review your history, see where you’ve succeeded in the face of adversity, then you can conclude that you’ve succeeded, even when you didn’t have control. It didn’t go the way that you wanted, but you still were able to succeed. So the ultimately, that allows you to look forward in the future and say, even though I don’t know what’s going to happen, I know that when I didn’t have control in the past, I was still able to succeed.

Lesley Logan 26:32
Yeah, and I will, there’s an upcoming episode, spoiler alert, that what’s really cool is when you do things like this, and you celebrate those wins, and you give yourself a cookie, you start to have these moments where you can count on you like recognize you can count on yourself, right? And that is so key for showing up when you don’t know what’s going to happen. Because I know like when everything hits the fan, I’m like, I know, we can count ourselves. Like I might not be able to count on this technology, or this company or this thing, but I know I won’t let myself down. You won’t let ourselves down. So like, you know, so anyways, but that comes you gotta you got to actually like recognize that.

Brad Crowell 27:11
Yep. Yeah… (Lesley: What did you love?) So I, I love the idea that you can’t do it alone. And it is whatever it is, you might be, we all need help. Right? And we need to know when to ask for help and how to get it. And this stood out to me because of my entrepreneurial journey, and experience and being in the band and doing all these things. I just assumed that I have to do it myself, whatever it is. And she kind of laughs at that and says, Hey, even though you made the decision to go to breakfast, you getting breakfast, you have help getting breakfast, you had to get there. So maybe you took a ride, you had help from someone, you had to order get help from someone there, they had to have the food. That means there’s like, whole supply chain and farmers and like, you know, like people driving it to the restaurant involved. Right. So we’ve I think that it’s really funny that we think I did this on my own. You know, maybe you set up a studio in your house, I did this on my own. Did you make the equipment? No, you didn’t. Right? So you had help? Even if it was a company, you had help!

Lesley Logan 28:31
Even if you did make the equipment yourself, somebody made the wood… (Brad: Oh, her partner made it) okay, but Right? Well, I understand maybe she wants to say let’s just for the example that I’m trying to make, let’s just say that she made it somebody else made the like metal hooks, right? Somebody else made the springs

Brad Crowell 28:48
like yeah, the boards that she bought, I mean all the things. So like, we have this, this weird concept that I have to do it myself in order for it to be a win in my book. And I think that we can dispel that notion, you know, we can let go of the idea that I did it myself because that’s not actually real.

Lesley Logan 29:09
And also, why are we so obsessed with doing it ourselves?

Brad Crowell 29:14
I actually don’t know, like I wrote down where did we learn that we have to do it on our own in air quotes, you know, in order for us to chalk up that quote unquote, win on our own board because I agree, I don’t I don’t know we just I think must be just this like natural inclination. And I think that we should let that go.

Lesley Logan 29:36
I think it’s because we have somebody gets an award. So like when people get an award in school, you get an award. You get an award for the spelling bee they don’t go and your teacher got an award and your school got an award and the janitor who made sure to clean classroom got an award like they don’t do that. But I like every single person who you’ve ever heard a speech get an award thank somebody. And if they miss someone that makes the news but everyone thanks somebody. So anyway, stop trying to do it all on your own. So many people want to help you. There are so many people who are like literally like going, oh my god, I’m so good at copywriting. And you could just hire them. They don’t want to be the face. They don’t want to do the things. They just want to write words down. That sound cute. That’s what they want to do. Like they need you so that they can do the thing that they want to do anyways. Okay.

Brad Crowell 30:28
Love it. Alright, so finally, let’s talk about those Be It action items what bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Hillary Billings?

Lesley Logan 31:20
Speaking of travel to Cambodia.

Brad Crowell 31:22
Yeah, so she said, travel to get uncomfortable. And she said this is something that really was something she was able to do more in her 20s when she wasn’t, you know, owning a horse, like had a place and stuff like that here in Vegas, but travel to get uncomfortable. And then while you’re uncomfortable, figure out how you can make it comfortable. And that will help you create this confidence, like we talked about earlier, that you are able to survive through situations where you don’t necessarily have control. Yeah, she said today she uses different tools in order to find expansion and the growth that she’s wanted. But travel is an amazing way to do it. And we absolutely recommend joining us in Cambodia because it is a little bit scary. But it’s also so rewarding.

Lesley Logan 32:14
What’s so scary? It is scary to be on long flights. It is scary to go to a place you’ve never seen before… (Brad: the scariness is just simply the unknown) It’s the unknown, but it is very safe.

Brad Crowell 32:25
We’ve gone so many times. Yeah. Her dad has joined us. He’s a 70. He’s only 71. He’s joined us three times now in the last three years (…) But yeah, he’s brought us three times now.

Lesley Logan 32:45
Yeah, I do think I’ve really there’s something about travel, that really helps you, like get comfortable with uncertainty and unknowing. And especially when you’re with people who know things. So there you go. It’s like it’s like a it’s like a cheat. I love it. It’s like training wheels.

Brad Crowell 33:02
And it’s one of the like, you know, you mentioned this earlier about when you were Brazil, I remember the first time you know that I was in Cambodia by myself… (Lesley: Oh, yeah. You went without me to get the house) to get the to get the house. And it was just me and I was in a new neighborhood. I didn’t really, I mean, I still had a couple of relationships there. But they were working and busy. And I had to basically do the same thing. Like, what am I going to eat breakfast, and I couldn’t even Google it. It wasn’t like,

Lesley Logan 33:32
No like the places that do breakfast, they don’t have a website.

Brad Crowell 33:35
Yeah. So you know, it was like, Alright, I guess I’ll just get on my bicycle and ride up the street and see what happens. And then okay, that’s enough. And I’ll go back. And you know, and then obviously, the more you do it, the more confident you get. And now today, we know we have relationships with most of these places.

Lesley Logan 33:50
Except for the people that make my bananas and my (…)

Brad Crowell 33:55
(…) carts, but they move, they move around.

Lesley Logan 33:57
And my lady, she takes random days off and then some of them will roast the bananas, but they won’t make potato cakes and some of them like and the only thing in the morning and it’s just, I I just really want it I want that to be served. Anyways, this isn’t me complaining at this point. Let me talk about my takeaway. So um, okay, so she actually also interviewed actually, I was mentioned Lacy Phillips, To Be Magnetic is her podcast and we will work on getting her on Hillary. Let us hope. Okay, so there are three components to manifesting the life you want. So this is what Lacy Phillips created. So the step number one is always be expanding if you’re like whaaat?, so you can find expanders, like you can actually like, find people who you’re like, Oh my God, they’re always expanding. You know, these people are they’re like, always learning something new. They have an abundance mindset like things don’t scare them

Brad Crowell 34:47
or they’ve already done what you’re trying to do. Yes. Right. So you know, and it allows you to feel confident that it’s possible, right?

Lesley Logan 34:55
Yep, unlock second step, unlock limiting beliefs. So first, this is like goes back to the artists way, you have a limiting belief like you whenever you say I can’t do that, that they’re just saying that’s a limiting belief or that won’t work for me or

Brad Crowell 35:08
no matter how kindly you say you can’t do that to yourself, oh, I can’t do that. I’m never gonna say, No, you’re still holding on to a limiting belief.

Lesley Logan 35:16
Oh my gosh, yeah, so that’s a limiting belief. So first of all, like, you have to actually feel deserving, and worthy of receiving what you want. So that’s one place worth exploring. And then do you believe that you want what you want as possible?

Brad Crowell 35:33
Right, so that goes back to the expanders that you surround yourself with.

Lesley Logan 35:36
And then, um, see to believe is a reprogram that you can like you can do

Brad Crowell 35:43
well, this idea that we have to see it to believe it. Yeah, you know, like, there’s, there’s a sense that it’s helpful, but it’s not necessary.

Lesley Logan 35:50
Well, also, like, there are so many people who have done things in parallel lines of work, or ideas that you can use, right? Like, in my world, I’d never seen people do what I was doing with the flashcards, but tarot cards were existence. So like, you can find different evidences to prove but also don’t use like, well, it’s never happened before, so it won’t work. No one landed on the moon before someone landed on the moon. So hello, right. And then. And then lastly, like really understanding what it is standing in the way of your fears and like, get really honest with like, say it out loud.

Brad Crowell 36:34
So there are fears that are standing in the way of your belief

Lesley Logan 36:38
in The Artists Way, she actually has you like, say some affirmations. And when you say them, if there’s any, any cognitive dissonance around it. She asked you to like figure out who told you that when did this start happening? When did you have this thought when did this thing come up. And then that is going to help you figure this out, because you have to unlock those limiting beliefs. And lastly, which will be called my brother, Leslie Lacy Lastly. Take aligned action. Remember action is the antidote to fear and action makes clarity. So, aligned action I think can actually sound a little like on the double blue side, like taking aligned action and like, you know, whatever. Aligned action just means like, take a step that is actually going up, is in alignment. I hate using the word definition but goes along with what you are actually trying to have and do so if you are wanting, we’re, okay, I want to know hobby. If you’ve been listening this podcast for two years, I’ve been working on it. You guys have been working on it.

So taking an alignment and aligned action, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Like the things that I have tried as hobbies have failed. Not it’s nothing against them. It’s just it didn’t work for me. So I can’t go up. Never gonna have a hobby. Again. That’d be a limiting belief. Instead, I’m like, No, people have hobbies that are my age who have their own businesses. I’m looking for these expanders, what is something else I want to do and then taking an action. So we are signed up to take a beginner climbing, rock climbing course. So I’m gonna do that because I I think it could be a cool hobby. At any rate, aligned action is just simply taking a step towards the thing that you want. And you are going to have to unlock those limiting beliefs to figure out what that next step is. And you’ll have to go with an expander or stalking one online to help you get those things. All right. I’m Lesley Logan,

Brad Crowell 39:26
and I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 39:28
And the dogs have lost their minds. We’re gonna wrap this up. We are so grateful for you truly, uh, you have no idea. Brad and I actually spent a week at a pod, podcasting conference convention conference. Yeah. And I think it was you guys. And as I was in all these different sessions, I was like, Is this going to actually work for them? Is this going to help them? Is this going to help us get more listeners? You know, and we’re really excited. So we have a special announcement to share very soon. You’ll actually hear about it as soon as it’s ready. But there’s all these different opportunities we’ve been looking at and we’ve been thinking about you and it’s because we hear, we see your views, we hear, we read your surveys, we are talking with you, you share our stuff and you tell us what you like and sometimes what you don’t like. And I appreciate that so much. And so thank you for joining us today. Thank you for sharing the show, however you do that. And we want to know as you’ve said in every episode, how are you going to use these tips in your life? What are what was your favorite Be It action item. What were your favorite talking points? Who your favorite guests is? send us an a DM, tell us a question you want us to ask on the next Recap and until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 40:26
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of ‘Bloom Podcast Network’.

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It’s written, filmed and recorded by your host, Lesley Logan and me, Brad Crowell.

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Also to Angelina Herico for adding all the content to our website. And finally to Meridith Crowell for keeping us all on point and on time.

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