How to Set Yourself Apart

from the Competition

Ep. 209 with Lesley & Brad

“Take charge, be in charge of the situation.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

What is James Patrick’s secret sauce to success in the photography industry? Lesley and Brad dive deep into this phenomenal conversation with James, who deeply believes in the power of specialization and embracing imperfection.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Goal is progress. Break things into manageable pieces.
  • Spend time to think, prep and plan.
  • Make sure that the goals you have for yourself you have control over.
  • Turn your goals into a hard copy. Make a goals sheet.
  • Lean into your differentiators to attract the clients you want to work with.
  • Niche down and create your ideal client avatar.
  • Be proactive. It is the key to success.
  • Taking messy action

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Brad Crowell 0:03
You should absolutely be leaning into your differentiators because it’s going to attract the clients that you want to be working with, and that’s gonna allow you to set yourself apart from your competition.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Brad Crowell 0:46
Oh, and stick around to the very end because we got some outtakes that’s been happening.

Lesley Logan 0:18
There’s always outtakes (Brad: laughs) and the team does collect them for bloopers on the YouTube, but uh, we’re adding them into the end of the pod because you know what you need to know that we are not perfect. You’re not perfect (Brad: and we’re enjoying the process.) and we are enjoying that. So have a good laugh on our behalf. Love you.

Welcome back to the Beat Till You see interview recap, where my co-host in life Brad and I are going to dig in into the intuitive convo I had with James Patrick in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause us now. Go back and listen to that one and then come back and join us. Can I just say, if you are listening to this through the app, it’s actually really easy to like pick the episode before because it’s, they show up as, like, a playlist.

Brad Crowell 2:06
Yeah, they show up in order you can just tap on it.

Lesley Logan 2:07
Unlike your other apps that shall not be named. Because they listen. Who if you have to like go to the show to click the three dots, go to the show, go to all the episodes and go oh, I want to listen to this one. And then it goes, are you sure you want to listen to that one? Because you were listening to this one. It’s like I just wanna listen to the episode. So anyways, shout out to the OPC app. You guys, today is National foam rolling day. Seriously, who knew? I’m sure all the foam rollers. So rock your foam rolling. Not me.

Brad Crowell 2:45
Yeah, this week is my sister’s getting married on Saturday. So Leslie and I are going to be flying to feel that of yeah, we’re going to be looking, we’re going to help to set everything up, getting, we’re actually I think, I don’t know if we were part of the mowing the public lawn in the public sphere. But since we’re at a city park, they’re literally in a bus that has a lawnmower before we all get started.

Lesley Logan 3:14
Oh my god, we’re gonna mow the lawn.

Brad Crowell 3:16

Lesley Logan 3:16
You know I used to mow the lawn. Like I used to trim the hedges around tombstones in a cemetery. Because your family has to do that. And so I would just trim it around my families and I would just like keep going…(Brad: Yeah, sure.) Because otherwise it just gets over ground. Anyways. I didn’t know that we were gonna mow the lawn at her wedding. Interesting. I don’t know if you and I actually…(Lesley: I’m sure your family will do those things.) Shout out to Meredith shit you hear on the credits and we’re so excited for her boyfriend Kyle to become brother in law Kyle.

Brad Crowell 3:49
We can call him a fiance. He’s allowed to be that…(Lesley: but no, he’s gonna be her husband.) Right? He’s currently a fiance though.

Lesley Logan 3:55
Yeah, it’s fine. Yeah. I would love to know from the listeners. How many of them felt weird saying fiance…(Brad: I felt weird.) It felt so weird and you did it twice so like it still felt weird. Sorry!

Brad Crowell 4:09
I think at first I hardly said it.

Lesley Logan 4:13
Yeah, it’s weird anyways, but their marriage is not, we’re so excited for them.

Brad Crowell 4:16
Yeah, so a big congrats to her and my soon to be brother in law. I guess our soon to be brother law. Kyle.

Lesley Logan 4:22
Yeah. I don’t know how that works if I’m already an in law, but I’m sure it works out just fine. Anyways, I’m sure there’s people who like do charts and can tell us what that is.

Brad Crowell 4:31
Yeah. Next week.

Lesley Logan 4:32
We are flying to Seoul, Korea. I mean…(Brad: how about that?) I know…(Brad: I can’t wait.) I’m so excited. People are like, you’re going to Seoul. I’m so jealous. I’m like, I know. I’m jealous of me too. So we’ll be teaching Pilates on Tour in Seoul. We’ll have the flashcards there and then we’re taking a week off in (…) which I’m so excited about. July we’re going to be in the UK and BT dubs at the time that we’re recording this our UK Mullet Tour Workshop is half sold out. So at the time you’re listening to us, there may only be a couple spots left.

Brad Crowell 5:05
Yeah. So if you were thinking about joining us in the UK, you know, I heard it’s a quick flight from Ireland. I heard it’s a quick flight from Poland from other places like in, you know, we got people talking about coming in from Paris. So if that’s you, don’t sit on this because those weekend passes are selling out and there’s only 16 spots.

Lesley Logan 5:25
And we chose Leeds because, one, we love Claire Sparrow, shout out to her episode, but also like everybody does London, and it’s so important to find and see new places. And we are so excited. So join us there ,the link is in the notes. August. It is not our dog, but the actual month of August. We have our summer West Coast tour, so you can actually get on the waitlist for this at Yeah, and then we’ll be announcing all that information. Pretty soon. Pretty soon.

Brad Crowell 5:51
We got a couple of great tour by sponsors that we can’t wait to brag about…(Lesley: Yes.) Coming up. September…(Lesley: Poland.) Oh, yeah, we are coming back to that side of the world. We’ll be in Poland go to It’s what September one, two and three years attempt to do it…(Lesley: yeah) it’s the very beginning of September.

Lesley Logan 6:12
Very beginning of September, I’m actually teaching private sessions there. I’ve got a couple workshops that are bringing the flashcards and I’m not the only one. There’s a couple other teachers there. Jill Crosby, Karen Frischmann. And then Jay Grimes, our teacher will be joining virtually…(Brad: Yeah) this is a really special tour and also our special conference. And it’s also small, so absolutely wonderful.

Brad Crowell 6:30
And, by the way, this is like a kind of a trial for this, you know, this event. And it would be amazing to sell it out for the host who is doing a lot of work to put it together so that we can repeat these kinds of events in the future.

Lesley Logan 6:46
Yeah, and let me just like sign up, if there are things you’re like, oh, I want to go. But I’ll go next time. Just ask yourself many times you’re saying next time because events like this actually are a lot of time and a lot of money.

Brad Crowell 6:58
Though it’s also, there’s like a lot of excitement and fear. Because like this is a first time host for this kind of event. And there’s a lot of risk involved in that kind of a thing.

Lesley Logan 7:07
So much risk on her end. So you guys, I know I say like, I don’t know what the next thing will be. I really don’t. And I don’t know that we can hit the same countries every year. In fact, that’s probably not true. Because we have to go to other countries. And I don’t overwork myself anymore. So we do like four outings a year. There’s a lot of countries. I don’t know what I can say yes to these ones again. So definitely make them a priority. October. So another way you can make a priority is our retreat in Cambodia…(Brad: Cambodia) that’s how they say it. So You guys, this is amazing. We are selling out this retreat, and it’s just going to be a frickin blast.

Brad Crowell 7:23
Yeah, I’ve been chatting with the people who are like, trying to figure out their plane tickets and what is their whole trip gonna be, we’ve two women who are going to join us who are actually making it a full blown world tour where…(Lesley: Oh my God) Japan, and then Singapore…(Lesley: I wanna go with them), and then I think Turkey, and then they’re going to (…) I mean, it is like, so amazing. They’re just gonna keep on going and what an epic trip that’s gonna be, you can absolutely make Cambodia a stop on your trip and come join us for our retreat when you’re doing your world tour. So I love that.

Lesley Logan 8:16
Yeah. And then November we got Miami. Yeah, give you more information on that later. All right. We’re gonna get to James in just a second. But first, do we have an audience question?

Brad Crowell 8:26
We sure do. Let’s see this week, Kim Jung wrote in, she asked apart from teaching OPC classes, what does the rest of your exercise routine look like? Do you add it on after you teach? I am a teacher and I struggle with how much I should exercise in a day and how to fit in all the rest.

Lesley Logan 8:44
Yeah, so you need rest day. So Kim, thank you so much for asking this because I love questions like this. I hope this helps you. First of all, I do not demonstrate when I teach my regular clients, like my in real time stuff. I really try not to demonstrate, just because I want to save my body and you know, some days or if I’m sick, and I want to have like my clients are reliant on me. So those sessions like those that time is not any exercise at all. Filming though, I actually try really hard to not use filming as my own personal workout, because it’s not, I as much as what’s great about OPC is when I do teach it I can share when I’m feeling in my body as it’s happening, but I cannot be as present in my body because I’m actually being present in the OPC minds like I’m actually seeing the class from their perspective. So it’s not a it’s not a workout for me. So I have a week each month that I film and so while those are workouts they’re so not my personal workouts and I don’t tend to work out on top of those, but I just I just don’t go oh, I worked out myself out today. I like give myself other ways to connect with myself.

Brad Crowell 9:53
What do those things include?

Lesley Logan 9:53
Oh, I have my red light with my zone of space red light that I love that I meditate with that. And I also have this new little gadget that I’ll tell you more about that we’re working on getting it as a discount link for you, that is really helping me do that I have a pemf mat that I give myself some recovery time.

Can you say that again?…(Leslye: Pimf mat) that’s P E M F

Yeah, for higher dose, we actually do have an affiliate link for that.

Brad Crowell 10:20
Yeah, we’ll put that in the show notes.

Lesley Logan 10:22
So on my filming weeks, I do those kinds of things for myself, just because you do need to have time for you to pour into your own self. And so that’s how I do that. Now…

Brad Crowell 10:31
But you also exercise outside of…

Lesley Logan 10:32
Correct, thank you. So that’s, so just one week of each month is for filming, the rest of the weeks are my own personal thing. So here’s what I do. I do 15 minutes to an hour of Pilates five to six days a week, I do weight training three to four days a week. And that weight training includes. It’s kind of like CrossFit light, a couple days a week, a hit training kind of style. And then I do barbell with you, you and I actually do these together. So yeah, so here’s the deal, though, ladies, I use an app that allows me to know what kind of intensity my workout should be on a given day based on my cycle. And it’s really important because I don’t, I’m not going to skip my weight training class on a day that says I shouldn’t be going in very intensely. But what I just do is I go slower, I like or I don’t use as heavy of weights like I, I use the app to let me know. So I don’t overwork myself out because you can build up too much cortisol if you’re over doing all these things. And we as women have to stop treating our fitness based on like, what men’s workouts are they have a 24 hour cycle, we have a 28 to 31 day cycle. So using a tool that lets me know, based on my hormones, how much I should work out, and you know, and then as far as rest days, go, guys, you can do Pilates on your rest day, it’s a low impact exercise, you can do even yoga on your best day. You can do intentional walking on your rest day, it’s rest days don’t have to mean like I lay on the couch and do nothing. You should still move intentionally every day. So that’s kind of what my and I try to work out in the morning mostly, but I’ll be really honest. It’s not always possible. Some my strength train is at night. So it’s not my favorite. But I like my trainer and I like her husband, and my dad and my friends they are so that’s my workout routine. So I would say three to four days of strength. Five to six days of Pilates. I walk twice a day every day.

Brad Crowell 12:21
Yeah…(Lesly: Did I miss anything?) I don’t believe, sometimes we sprinkle in yoga. We do occasionally. Not nearly like it used to be, but it’s still happenin.

Lesley Logan 12:32
I miss it.

Brad Crowell 12:32
I really miss it too.

Lesley Logan 12:33
I have an app I’m going to try out. I really love our teacher but 8am is not ideal.

Brad Crowell 12:37
It’s tough. It’s tough for me.

Lesley Logan 12:40
Yeah. So hey, thank you for the question. You guys send your questions and we love answering them. They’re so fun. I’m sure if somebody wants an update on cactus daddy. So like, you know, send them into the Be It Pod.

Brad Crowell 12:51
Yeah, because right now everything is blooming.

Lesley Logan 12:54
Oh my gosh, it’s crazy. Insane.

Brad Crowell 12:58

Okay, now let’s talk about James Patrick, a passionate photographer who has not only mastered his craft, but also deeply believes in the power of specialization and embracing imperfection. Beyond his photography, Patrick is widely recognized for his entrepreneurship and unyielding dedication to helping others succeed in the creative field. And he’s been doing that by hosting crazy events. And he’s got a podcast and he’s got all his stuff.

Lesley Logan 13:41
So cool. Very creative. I feel like we like we don’t I’m not we’re not photographers. I feel like in some ways, we both, we all do the same amount of work. So like we all have, like some plates spinning. He’s just so cool.

Brad Crowell 13:55
It was really fascinating to listen to him.

Lesley Logan 13:57
Yeah, I met him through Kareem.

Brad Crowell 13:59
Yeah, yeah. Well, because of the because of the fit (…) right?

Lesley Logan 14:03
If you are listening to this in real time, I think you could probably still sign up for that. So you should do it. Okay, so what I love, there’s a few things I love that he said, I mean, it was just a phenomenal interview, like it could just I could have kept going, we’ll probably have to have him back. But I really love it. We talked about goals, and like how we should actually look at our goals, and what is a success versus what’s not. And so he talked a lot about like goal is progress. So this way, as I said it the more you break things into manageable pieces, the more confident you are that you can get things done. So oftentimes, we see this all the time with our agency members. The longer they’re in agency, the less they do this, which is so cool. Like typically, when someone’s an agency the first couple months are like here’s my goal for the month and I was like literally more things in there that are days and I’m like, You are not gonna get the website done this in a month, like, you can, it’s possible if you have a lot of team but like, just you know, so breaking things down into manageable pieces, and it’s made me think of Jillian Flodstrom, from who we had on, and she like breaks down her goals into tasks, it could be in two minute, so that she can actually get them done. Because whenever you have two minutes, you can just like look at a task that she has. So, so breaking them down.

Brad Crowell 15:18
And that takes so much planning though. And I think that’s one thing that I feel like, we don’t talk about is the, there’s like a prep time where you’re simply thinking, you have to spend time thinking and, and what but but it’s when you spend the time to think and prep and plan, then the execution becomes just the do it, bang, bang it out.

Lesley Logan 15:44
Yes. And also, like, what you have to be careful is that planning is not perfecting, so you’re not, you’re not trying to overdo it, like there’s a balance there. And then some things you won’t know until you get into doing the thing. But also, this is another important part of goals, you have to set goals that you have control over. So if you say I’m gonna have my website done this month, but you’re not the one building your website, like, you actually don’t have control, like your, like someone else does. Or if you’re like, I’m gonna get three new clients, well, you actually don’t have control of when three people decide to give you their money, you have control over the steps that you could take to get clients to even know about you. And so if your goal is to do Pilates every day, that is something you have control over if you also have control over your schedule, or if you have control over like the way you schedule your time. And so it’s just really, I really loved the way he talked about like, creating achievable and realistic goals. But and not setting too many or getting too ambitious, but like just like, Okay, I want to do this thing, and then breaking down a manageable task, and then making sure that the goals you have for yourself, you have control over. And so it doesn’t mean like you don’t make a goal because you don’t have control, it was like what part of that goal do you have control over? He wanted to be on covers. He actually cannot decide if he’s chosen on a cover, but he can make sure he’s pitching himself.

Brad Crowell 17:07
Right. Yeah. And I think that’s the, like, there was a couple of things where he was talking about this. He said he started making his goals sheet, something he revisits more frequently, because he found himself in this like, sit down on January one, write out a year, set the goals and then revisited January one 365 days later and be like, Oh, I forgot to write that down. Did I do this, that this even happened? As opposed to that, he now has like a living document. He calls it like a living will. But it’s like he revisited you know, like, every month or even every couple of weeks. And he’s just reassessing all the time. And I thought that was really cool. And then, you know, like you said, making it like breaking them down when he was like, I want to host an event. And then he’s like, Oh, I was gonna host I was gonna do it next month. I haven’t even started. I guess I’ll just bail on that. You know, that’s a bummer. You know, and so, you know, looking at, that’s why spending the time to break things down, allows you to work your way to that goal. So totally, this was really great. And then…(Lesley: also he created like a journal.) Yeah, I was just gonna say he actually…(Lesley: I’m on it.) (…) turn it into a hard a hard copy. So he has a free PDF that you can download to check, check it out. And then he also turned it into an actual book that you can get on Amazon. So

Lesley Logan 18:32
One thing I know about our listeners is that they love a hardcopy. I want to see your pictures of you using this thing. I just think that I like how curious and observant he is in his own practice so that he can like share this with others. I think it’s helpful to know because I think we could hear some good 700 covers, oh my gosh, everything he touches turns to gold. It’s like actually, like, everything he touches is because he did the work. What did you love?

Brad Crowell 19:00
So the thing that I was really digging this, because this was super applicable to me. He said, we often are afraid to lean into our differentiators. Right? And because he like think about photography, you know, if you aren’t familiar with the field of photography, you just think, oh, they take pictures. But he said, Well, what about what if you take action shots? And once you do, you know scenery? Or what if you do food, you know, or product photography, each one of these things are so different in that realm. And he said people have fear that they’re actually going to be somehow turning away business. If they’re not, you know, if they they want to go wide, instead of going narrow and deep. And he said the reason is because they have this fear that they’re gonna be missing out on opportunities. But he had this perfectly logical argument of think of it from the clients perspective, oh, we need, we’ve got an event coming up. And we need to hire a photographer. So are we going to hire the guy who says hire me, I’m a photographer, or the guy who says, I am the best event photographer that you’ve ever met. I only shoot events. I’m amazing at it. I’ve been doing it forever. I’ve got 800 of them under my belt, which is the same price. Which one do you think they’re gonna hire?

Lesley Logan 20:24
Even if the other one’s more expensive, I’m still gonna hire the one that I’m most worried about, right?

Brad Crowell 20:29
Because they’re only gonna do the event one time, it’s like, you can’t mess it up. You know? So there’s, there’s risk there on their part. So they’d be willing to pay for the expert. Right? So he’s, he’s his argument is, you should absolutely be leaning into your differentiators, because it’s going to attract the clients that you want to be working with. And that’s going to allow you to set yourself apart from your competition. Right? And so just an interesting way to flip that on, on on your head. Right? And I, you know, that that for me was personally, that was really helpful when I did my strengths test, which you all have heard me talk about 50 times, if you’ve heard me say it once. But once I understood my actual strengths, from the strengths finders quiz, that I was able to lean into those things and able to confidently say, oh, I can absolutely be the ops person for you. Because ABCD I am this, you know, and I’m great at this thing. And it really allowed me to move forward in my, my career, you know, and so this is something that like, I feel we, when we’re coaching our clients, we often, people have the hardest time dialing in, their ICA their their ideal client avatar, right, they don’t know how to, you know, connect with the people that they want to work with, and then modify their marketing language to connect with that that person, but this argument is exactly why you need to do it. Right? You cannot be let’s, let’s just use the one we hear all the time. Whenever we host agency, many, inevitably, somebody says, Oh, I have clients who are 17 and 83. You know, so I guess I’m just gonna be my, my avatar is females, right? And it’s like, wait a minute.

Lesley Logan 22:15
You know, we actually I just answered this question for somebody because they were like, I just feel like, maybe I’m niche down too much. You know, like, what about these other people I could help. And I said, Well, something that I talked about with the podcast demographics, as I say, our demographics are women, mostly, and a few good men between the ages between the mid 30s to early 50s. And those who think they are. That’s cool. And the reason I say that is because we do have a ton of women shout out to(…) and unmarried and all those who are over 55, you know, plus about like, they act like (…) they totally act like they’re in that age range. So that’s I say, but also when you when you are very clear, and very specific there are people who aspire to be the person who you’re talking to. Yeah, they still come because they can picture. I don’t like country music, but I hear a country music song. And I can picture what they’re singing. And it makes me think of this thing that I wanted or did or had. And so it’s just like, be specific, it attracts people, and it makes you more tractable.

Brad Crowell 23:23
And James even had an example. And he said, You know, I am a I shoot magazine covers, you know, and however, and he said, I’m not a pro photographer, however, I learned that a product photography gig, because I had a relationship and somebody knows me, and trust me, you know, so I still am getting those clients, even though that’s not the person I’m really intentionally trying to land. So you know, saying the same thing, you will inevitably get clients that aren’t your, quote unquote, perfect market, you know? And that’s how that’s how it works.

Lesley Logan 23:55
Also, you can say yes to them. I think this is what’s true. Is that and you think, Oh, if I only talked to these people, then I can only help these people. No, you can. I never ever ever advertised to athletes, ever. I had mostly athletes. Why did I have them? Because a one on one relationship that got me one that got me the rest. And so I just kept getting them doesn’t mean that I of course, I wanted to teach them but that wasn’t why I got into teaching. And I had a lot of fun teaching them. So I think we, we sell ourselves short. I also think we’re in fear that people will, what if the people that I want, I’m talking to say no to me? rejection sucks, but also get used to it, you’ll be rejected more times than you won’t in this whole life. It’s a numbers game.

Brad Crowell 24:39
It’s a game. I had a quote I wanted to read to just wrap this up. That was he just had a couple of amazing one liners in there. He, James, specifically said, not specializing on something is almost a guaranteed way to lose out on opportunities that you are hardwired to be getting.

Lesley Logan 25:01
Oh my gosh, we have to like shout this out to our agency members. Also, this whole conversation if you’re enjoying it, I was on James’s podcast and we go deeper into this kind of thing…(Brad: Oh, cool. Yeah. Awesome. How about that?) I know. We’ll get the link. We’ll put it down there.

Brad Crowell 25:18
We’ll find out link for you.

All right. So finally, let’s talk about those Be It action items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with James Patrick? He said he kind of rolled it all into one, but basically, not to rely on reactive approaches. And he specifically made an example of reacting to emotions or reacting to the market or business development or launch strategies reacting. Instead, he suggested being proactive.

Lesley Logan 26:20
Yeah. Yeah, I think I mean,

Brad Crowell 26:22
Like, take charge, be in charge of the situation. Proactivity, he says is the key to success. Now. It’s kind of what we’re talking about already, in this entire episode, think about, if you are able to plan ahead, to spend time thinking through the project, before you begin executing the project, then you’re going to, that’s going to set you up to be proactive. Yeah, instead of being reactive. Now, you still may have to be reactive to things life’s life’s right. We like to say, shit happens. But imagine if you were able to think through things prior to getting it done, and then executing that, you know, it will help you achieve your goals.

Lesley Logan 27:01
I mean, okay. For those of you who were part of our journey back in March of this year, we had a very reactive situation, right? Like, our servers were crashed. And our OPC website, when we brought it back to life was at 1999 speeds of the internet. And so we actually had to be reactive and that we had to fix the site right away. However, the team, you and the team still sat down, planned it all out, and then made the changes happen in it as fast as humanly possible with a website with like, what over 1000 pages?

Brad Crowell 27:38
So we’re between 750 and 1000? Yeah, it’s a lot.

Lesley Logan 27:41
So it’s a lot so. So even when you have to be reactive, taking a moment in time, unless someone’s falling off a cliff, then please reach out and grab them. But if like, because none of us are actually like in the emergency room having to make a split second decision, take a beat in the reaction and like really explore like, in what you’re reacting to, how is this actually an alignment with your goals? Sometimes we react to things because of FOMO. Because we see someone else doing something we should be doing it. Even if you’re inspired. Well, even if you’re inspired by somebody else’s thing, like let’s say you, your friend is doing Pilates, and you’re like, I want to do Pilates, and you react to that, that’s fine. But then also go to your calendar and break down when you’re going to do those things and take a moment and don’t just like, you know, fly by the seat of your pants. I know some people like to do that. And I’m sure it’s working out well for you.

Brad Crowell 28:34
That’s not true. I mean, you know, things can still go, you know, and we are big fans of taking messy action to0, but the purpose of taking messy action is so that you’re not stagnant. Right? You’re not, It’s not paralysis, right? there does come a point where you have to move. But if you can give yourself the time to think through things first, that and then when you get in the mix and things aren’t going quite as smoothly. Take that messy action. The combination of those two things that’s going to be a win,

Lesley Logan 29:06
Messy action is not reaction…(Brad: That’s true.) That’s true. That’s a new thing. We just came up with it. Is my turn. Yeah, okay. So Okay, put something out in the market put it out there. It’s better to put an imperfect idea than wait for a perfect one. Putting an idea out in the market allows us to receive feedback. You guys, this is so great, what he said, feedback is valuable for refining, improving ideas, is important to overcome the fear of imperfection, take action and be willing to make adjustments and then embrace (…) projects is what he also said so here’s the deal. This kind of goes back to what we were saying but like you gotta like get things out there. If we tried to perfect something like let’s just go back to the website. If we tried it, we we did the frickin best we could. We made sure it was like as as as good as it could be to our eyes in a dev situation. And then you put it out there. And inevitably there is going to be shit that has to be dealt with. You won’t know about that until you put it out in the market. Yeah, and you need feedback. You need people to say, oh, on my Android, it doesn’t do this thing on this it is this thing. It is better to put that stuff out there quicker. So you get that feedback faster. So that you can, you can actually make those changes, if we waited and noodled around until we thought okay, we’ve done every I and every T is crossed. Everything is perfect. You guys put it out there and in my bio it says thing instead of think, it’s okay. It’s okay. No one’s…(Brad: does it really?) Yes. I might, have we been putting that bio out everywhere at the wrong? because it’s like a copy and paste, right? Anyways, that’s fine. Yeah, so same with our app, we put it out, right, and it’s not perfect and I was just scrolling like oh, this is a blank page. It is way better to get feedback because most of the feedback is frickin positive. Yeah, most of it is positive. So this I had it on Forever Fridays podcast again and she did a like a what do you call those things? A speed ball a fireball.

Brad Crowell 31:12
Speed ball

Lesley Logan 31:16
What do you call those like quick questions? Like rapid fire!

Brad Crowell 31:19
Rapid Fire

Lesley Logan 31:20
There we go!

So she said, done versus perfect. And I said, like literally Oh argue with you to the day I die, but Done is better than Perfect. And except for like, please don’t just marry any random person. Like that might be the I’m not saying wait for the perfect person. But like, don’t just marry someone. So that way, the only time that I need like a little estrus, but

Brad Crowell 31:57
Let’s just put it in the lane of projects

Lesley Logan 32:00
Done is better than perfect, and oh my gosh

Brad Crowell 32:05
Although, you know, I have heard people refer to their spouses as a project. So…

Lesley Logan 32:09
Those people like a project. I’m not, I’m like, if you call your husband that and you’re still married to them, then you love a project. Yeah, right. Um, all right, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 32:23
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 32:24
You know we fucking love you. Yeah, you’re amazing…(Brad: this is so fun) this podcast, can you believe it? What is this episode 200 and something?…(Brad: Yeah. 209.) 209. And that was my old area code 209. And we have FYF on Fridays, which you guys are loving and we want to share your wins. So you have to send them to us.

Brad Crowell 32:42
Yeah, make sure you’re connecting with us, letting us know.

Lesley Logan 32:44
But also, we are in the top 2% of podcasts because of you…(Brad: what?) I know. So please keep sharing the pod. My goal, that I have no control over. Right. So it is. So all I can do. All I can do is add to the FYFs, I’m adding to the FYFs, I’m getting more and more amazing guests. And also I’ve improved big time. So I’m controlling what I can control. But my, all the things I’m doing with this podcast are an effort to get to that top 1% Why? Because that means we’re helping more people be it until they see it and when you take messy action, new ditch perfection, you are winning in life and more people get to enjoy the fruits of how awesome you are. So thank you for being a listener of this podcast. Thank you for sharing it. Make sure you tell us how you’re being it till you see it and have an amazing day.

Brad Crowell 33:32
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of ‘Bloom Podcast Network’.

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