Ways to Cultivate

Genuine Connections

Ep. 206 with Lesley & Brad

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but be true to your values.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Inspired by a powerful conversation with Javeno McLean, join Lesley and Brad as they share key takeaways highlighting the significance of genuine care and recognizing untapped potential in others.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Realizing the vision for Online Pilates Classes (OPC).
  • a virtual community and support
  • Why you should treat everyone as normal and capable
  • The ripple effect of Javeno’s McLean in the community
  • How to approach to pushing beyond limitations
  • The magic of being present with your connections
Lesley Logan 0:00
You have to get to know yourself in a way that allows you to be yourself in every aspect of your life because you are like you’re the only person who do what you do the way you do it and Javeno is the only person who does what he does the way that he does that but that doesn’t mean all of us can’t show up and change lives. We’re going to do it in our own way, we’re gonna do it and the impact is gonna be a massive but you cannot do it if you are turning a switch on and off because you don’t have that genuine care and connection to yourself. Yeah, so you can do it to others.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life Brad and I are going to dig into the inspiring convo I had with Javeno McLean…(Brad: Javeno McLean) in our last episode, if you haven’t yet listened to that interview, you need to stop.

Brad Crowell 1:27
Yeah! You need to stop. You need to go cry while you’re listening to it. Like I did…(Lesley: cry? Like happy tears?) Oh, the most inspiring, happy, amazing. Like, just listening to him talk about it. His passion for what it is that he does was like, was just it was emotional. It was amazing. It was incredible.

Lesley Logan 1:48
Yeah, I mean, you guys is like true episode on like, what your life could be like when you truly Be It Till You See It and you don’t take no for an answer and you don’t take the whatever the people think the rules are. Anyways, go listen, if you’ve listened already, and now you’re back, welcome back.

Brad Crowell 2:04
Welcome back!

Lesley Logan 2:04
Now you could hear our versions of what we loved about this.

Lesley Logan 2:10
Alright, before we get into our takeaways, today is the anti bullying day.

Brad Crowell 2:17
Yeah, it is anti bullying day and you know that we are very anti bullying. Yeah, in fact, OPC sponsors and anti bullying, charity organization,

Lesley Logan 2:27
Bloom Foundation, and we’re actually interviewing Andy. Well, by the time you’ve heard this, I’ve interviewed Andy, for the pod. And she’s also been inside the OPC community to share tips around preventing bullying and also how to handle it when it’s happened to you. Yeah, and especially for my moms out there. You know, this isn’t, those are going to be great things that you can share with your kiddos, because they are the ones who are really going through but as adults, you can get bullied too. So

Brad Crowell 2:55
yeah, and while that’s all like, you know, super helpful and awesome. Today’s also another day…(Lesley: Tell us what day it is) It is Dan Dan, Dan, Dan, May the fourth, it’s Star Wars Day. You okay over there? What’s happening?

Lesley Logan 3:16
I’m just making sure I can hear my ears.

Brad Crowell 3:19
Well, it’s Star Wars Day. So I’m happy. I’m excited about that. If you don’t know I’m a big Star Wars junkie, have been since I was…

Lesley Logan 3:28
Last year, May the fourth ended up on a Tuesday. And I did a whole Star Wars class with lightsabers and our team was able to somehow like…(Brad: sneak it in) Sneak in the Star Wars music and appropriate some stuff and no one got mad at us for one week. And now it’s off so you can’t get mad. It’s already happened. No bullying. It’s anti bullying. Yeah. Leave us alone. Anyways…

Brad Crowell 3:55
All right, this week, what do we got going on?

Lesley Logan 3:57
So we have Pilates day happening, if you’re listening to some real time Pilates day is happening in two days. And that’s a really big day. I’m doing something with Toesox, Tavi and Vooray foray. So make sure you are on the gram on Pilates Day which is May 6 for a workout with me and because of them so…(Brad: who should they be following?) I believe we’re gonna do on Tavi, TaviActive’s Instagram, so TaviActive, so but just come to my Instagram, you’re gonna see all the things because actually, if you want to win some awesomeness, you’re going to need to do some stuff. But you can also just take the class for free and win nothing except for just have a great time with me on Pilates day. Let’s get us all moving. That’s happening this Saturday. We’re also gonna want to make sure that you are checking your emails on Pilates day, no matter which email you’re subscribed to with us. We have a massive announcement from the onlinepilatesclasses.com business. We want to share with everybody so you…

Brad Crowell 4:51
it’s a massive announcement… (Lesley: It’s massive) it’s a really big deal.

Lesley Logan 4:55
It’s such a big deal.

Brad Crowell 4:56
I don’t even say that facetiously. I mean this is a big deal for the company, we’re really fired up about some incredible things that our team has been kicking ass and working on. And we can’t wait to share all of that with you. Yeah,

Lesley Logan 5:10
So y’all just check your email on Saturday. And then that brings us to next month, which is June in real time. And we’re actually not doing a lot of traveling in June. But apparently, it’s like, travel to Vegas month. So we have a lot of amazing friends. Some of your favorite past guests are coming to Vegas. So shout out to Lauren and Carrie and some of our best friends in life. Hello, Sue. But we are doing a Profitable Pilates webinar again. So we did that in April, it was a huge success. You all loved it, you said you want to more, we are doing one in June. So you’re gonna want to go to the waitlist.

Brad Crowell 5:27
Get on the waitlist here so that you get a special invite to, to this webinar.

Lesley Logan 5:53
you get surveyed on what the webinar should be, you get extra time to sign up as an early bird and you could win a prize so that’s prfit.biz/workshops and you can just go the show notes if you’re like What is prfit? It’s like a weird way to spell profit.

Brad Crowell 6:09
Yeah, just go to the show notes. You’ll see prfit.biz/workshops in there. And then we’ve got some upcoming trips. Y’all are very well aware this month. It’s May right now. Yeah. Yeah, we’re gonna be in Korea.

Lesley Logan 6:22
Yeah, we’re going to Seoul we’re going to be at the Balanced Body Pilates on Tour, we will have flashcards they are so you should get yourself there. And then July we’re gonna go to the UK. If you want to go to opc.me/uk if you want to meet us there but we’re actually going to be Claire Sparrow studio up in Leeds doing what we call a mullet tour, which is business in the morning. Pilates in the afternoon and yes, we found mullets to put on the…

Brad Crowell 6:50
It’s business in the front, Pilates in the back.

Lesley Logan 6:53
We found outlines of mullets to put on the flyers…(Brad: we did) we are going on…(Brad: August) August. We’re gonna go on towards the West Coast tour and you’re gonna want to get on this the waitlist for that or you’re gonna want to hit us up if you want us to stop at your place. opc.me/tour…(Brad: September) Poland, you can sign up now

Brad Crowell 7:11
you can totally sign up right now it’s available go to contrologypilatesconference.com Yeah, it is the first few days of September. Yeah. So make sure you go check that out contrologypilatesconference.com

Lesley Logan 7:24
And there’s other amazing teachers there so it’s not just me so yeah, a big bang for your buck.

Brad Crowell 7:28
Yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. Looking forward to October …(Lesley: we’re going to Cambodia) we’re going back to Cambodia cannot wait. Yes. So we still have some spots y’all and it’s not too late to book that. You know…(Lesley: we haven’t even booked our flights) we haven’t even booked our flights yet so don’t don’t you worry there’s so much time to do that still. And you can come with a partner friend fam whatever solo doesn’t matter. We’ve had lots of solo single female travelers join us over the years on that trip. So if that’s you and you’re interested in how that would work for you just just reach out to us. Go to lesleylogan.co/retreat November…(Lesley: we’re going to be in Miami) Miami

Lesley Logan 8:09
Pilates on tour with Balanced Body, obviously all the amazing people will be there but Erica Quest and I are gonna do a fun hop and and happen and thing before that we get to hang with EQ great, amazing people. So if you want to know what’s happening in Miami, November, well hit us up. Okay. That is the that is the that’s the update. Calendar…(Brad: Yeah, I know.) You better see us in person this year. That’s all I’m saying. Because we’re getting out.

Brad Crowell 8:33
We’re getting out y’all. Alright, quick. We had an audience question…(Lesley: Cool. Cool. Cool) Yeah, hit us. Hit us up.

Lesley Logan 8:40
Alison Whipple said LL, Was there a specific moment or event that helped you realize your vision for OPC was going to be able to offer something online platforms couldn’t…(Brad: other online platforms couldn’t) Right? And when and how did you know you could meet a specific need? Okay, so this is a great question. I’ll be real honest. I don’t actually think I knew I could do it. I couldn’t meet a specific need. I just I just knew I had to try to do it. And so I you know, but like,

Brad Crowell 9:11
I would say that we were faced with a challenge, right? Because what ended up happening was we were doing so if you haven’t heard this story before, I’ll keep it brief. But we were doing a lot of SEO homework for blogging purposes. Right? And when when Meridith on our team came back and said, Hey, PS the most common searched or the most search phrase is Pilates classes online. I started dropping that into URL, you know, GoDaddy and I found onlinepilatesclasses.com Which then we had this amazing domain it was like well, what are we going to do with this? We obviously have to make it on my blog is glad

Lesley Logan 9:50
you’re actually right. So that Alison, here’s where the truth is. They told me I had to do something with this…

Brad Crowell 9:54
we knew we had to do it. But then the question was, well, what will set us apart?

Lesley Logan 9:59
Yeah, because you know, like, I believe every single person has uniqueness. And I didn’t want to do it the way everyone else has been doing it, because I’m already on a platform already on Pilates Anytime you can go there, there’s a, you know, I’ve tons of classes. But so how can I be different? How can what we offer be unique, different? Why would you choose us? And so I never, I didn’t want to go there bad, we’re good. It’s just like, they’re them. And we’re us, and how are we different? And I had to go back to like, what are the things I value the most? Yeah. And so we’ve taught if you were following along with our websites went down back in March, I was very much, I was very specifically saying you got to know what your values are…(Brad: Yeah. mission vision values.) Yeah. Because your values are how you make decisions on everything. And so my values are community consistency, and connection. And so how can we use those things to make sure that what we created, does that and so hello, accountability, Queen. And that’s why we take the classes away. And that’s why we have such an emphasis on people posting in the community and being part of the community. And also, we don’t prioritize you finishing class, we actually prioritize you taking any amount that works for you. So you get that connection to yourself. And so that’s kind of like,

Brad Crowell 11:11
Yeah, we did look for some differentiators and stuff. So that was intentional. There’s that in there. But, you know, at the end of the day, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. But you have to be true to your values.

Lesley Logan 11:21
Yeah. And also, I think, like, I remember when Brad was not only do we find this URL, and he’s like, we have to use it. It was also like year traveling so much, you, you owe it to the people who take your classes every week to give them something. Yeah. And I didn’t have I mean, I had a lot of people in my classes in LA, but it wasn’t like, let’s be honest, not all of them, most of them are not members. I love you guys, if you’re listening, but you didn’t sign up. We made this for you. But like I knew I had to be, I was like, Okay, but why would they take this online class instead of taking from my sub, like, what is unique differentiator there. And I also wanted to take what I loved about in person classes, which is I love when people are like, Hey, I’m gonna see you in class on Friday. And I also love when people talk about oh, my gosh, you miss class today. Yeah. And then. So I just…

Brad Crowell 12:12
That’s the community aspect. I mean, that was that was super important for me too. Because I loved that about the yoga community that I was in. And that was, you know, after that initial couple years of being on fire about my own practice, the thing that kept me going to class were the people. Yeah, the community, you know, and the question was, especially when, you know, the world changed with COVID. Like, how do we actually generate or create a community environment? Virtually, you know, and that became a challenge, you know, that we really, really tried to solve?

Lesley Logan 12:26
Well, I had to be I had to be it till we see it. Like I had to be the community I wanted them to be in that group. Yeah. And so, you know, I would say there was a specific moment, Allison, and Brad made me do it. And also, I was like, well, if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna, I was gonna put up every obstacle sort of in the way to like, make him show me we could do it the way I wanted to. I didn’t want to do it the way that I didn’t, didn’t done. And so now we were celebrating year five. And we have over 500 Amazing members. I hope that that grows, because it just means that more epic people are connecting and meeting each other and supporting each other. And the world’s a better place when you’re connected to yourself. It just is, period, end of story. So I hope that answers your question. And now that we’ve been doing this for five years, I’m super confident we’re kicking ass at it so so there was definitely a lot of flying by the seat of our pants living moment to moment and being until we see it.

Brad Crowell 13:41
Holy crap. We’re almost at a five year anniversary this summer… (Lesley: this summer).

Lesley Logan 13:44
Yeah, yeah, this is actually a really big year. I just want you all to know it’s technically 10 years from when I was homeless right now. And then it’s 10 years from the book published, it’s five years there’s a it’s this is like a I don’t know I got it five years mark… (Brad: 5 years for OPC) five years for agency like I don’t know something was really going on in my my life… (Brad: Six years from our first trip to Cambodia.) Yeah, well, now you just now, that’s an outlier. Anyways, thank you so much.

Brad Crowell 14:15
Yeah. All right. Okay, now let’s talk about Javeno McLean. He is a compassionate fitness trainer from Manchester, England who specializes in helping people with disabilities and health challenges find joy and empowerment through exercise. He’s an advocate for treating everyone as normal and redefining boundaries Javeno inspires his clients to break through limitations and discover their true potential and if that just sounds like kitschy and like good for him go watch his fucking Instagram it will make you cry

Lesley Logan 14:52
Oh my god whenever I think that like there’s not anything good going on in the world. I go and just like and I you all know I don’t scroll but I like literally I looked for his account and I just watched them until I until I catch up

Brad Crowell 15:03
it’s just amazing. Like, like, really the enthusiasm. And again, if you listened to the episode already, you understand his enthusiasm. And you know, it’s it’s incredibly contagious. It’s so empowering and he uses his personality and who he is, as a force. May the force be with him. May the Fourth be with him? Because

Lesley Logan 15:31
I really hope he listens to this and I really hope that he realizes that you just

is that a good thing to say May the force be with you?

Brad Crowell 15:40
May the force be with you. Yes.

Lesley Logan 15:42
I’m so sorry. I don’t listen. I don’t watch Star Wars. Is it like a good send off? Or it’s like, oh, good luck. Like, is it? Is it like a, like, you got this?

Brad Crowell 15:49
The good guys say it to each other…(Lesley: Okay. Great. So it’s a good thing) Yeah. Great. Okay. May the force be with you. Yeah. All right…(Lesley: well the force is with him) the force is with Javeno.

Lesley Logan 16:00
I really enjoyed. So we a couple, there’s a lot that I’ve just really enjoyed. But something that, you know, when he talked about treating people normal, who we may consider, like have disabilities or disadvantages. It made me think of like, treat people the way they want to be treated. I think like, when we come across people with disabilities, we start to think like, oh,

Brad Crowell 16:24
oh, sorry, we’re talking about breaking the golden rule, not treat people how you want to be treated, but treat people have they want to be treated.

Lesley Logan 16:31
So I’m bringing that in here for, just to kind of summarize what Javeno was saying, which is like, I think a lot of us don’t know how to, like, we’ve never been in a body that doesn’t have an ability, right? We like we get to we most of us have been blessed to learn pretty much the way most people learn to move the way pretty much most people learn. And so we don’t always know what it’s like to be in another person’s body that doesn’t have those abilities anymore, or had them and then lost them because he works with people with strokes or cancer or things like that. Right? And so we kind of treat them with kid gloves. And if you remember, he told a story about how like, there was a trainer on his team, who like was having this guy like lift one pound?…(Brad: two pounders, yeah) all the weights. And then when the trainer left

Brad Crowell 17:15
The kid was 19. Yeah. And he’s just like, Oh, God, why are we doing this?

Lesley Logan 17:19
And then the trainer left and the kid got up. Got a glass of water. Right. And Javeno was like, don’t you ever let anyone treat you like that.

Brad Crowell 17:19
Yeah. He said, steal your power, I think.

Lesley Logan 17:30
Yeah, yes. And so I really liked that he is really passionate, all of us seeing people with strength that they could have, and, and really helping and meeting them where they are and bringing them to another place and not assuming that they are not able to do something just because they don’t have the ability. Right? So I…

Brad Crowell 17:50
Also I think he I think, you know, to take that to the next step is he treats them he specifically said, normal is amazing, is what everyone should be treating everyone as no matter if there is, you know, they’re in a wheelchair. And that’s the example that he was using and he said when, specifically with that 19 year old, his dad came over, and he’s like a big dude. And he was like, Oh, this is gonna be bad. And his dad, like, started crying and hugged him. And said, you know, since my son has been in a wheelchair, nobody knows how to treat him. And nobody challenges him, because they treat him as if he’s broken. And you treated him as if he’s normal. And you challenged him as if he’s normal. And we are so grateful for you for doing that.

Lesley Logan 18:40
You know, when I first started teaching one of my and maybe I said this in the episode and forgive me all hearing twice. But one of my mentors, my mentor at the time. She said, Hey, can you can you set for me I have a meeting, and I can’t teach his client. And I was like, Yeah, sure. Is there anything I need to know? And she said, No, she can do it all. You know, you’ll see… She said yes. She has asymmetries, asymmetries, but we all do. So you’ll you’ll work just fine with her. So you all she shows up with one leg. And I was a brand new teacher, and I was like, Well, that’s, what?, like, my head is like, I don’t know, my training program didn’t have anything that had anything about this…

Brad Crowell 19:20
Like what did you do? You know, like, all of a sudden, everything that you know, is like not necessarily relevant. Not everything, but a lot of the things that you were probably planning.

Lesley Logan 19:31
Well, it just felt like that, because I had never experienced that before. Right. I had not. And so I just said, hi. I said, Hi. I’m Lesley. I’m gonna teach you today. You know, Carrie says you you know you love how you feel after this. Is there a place you want to start? Is there a favorite place you’d like to start? And she said, Yeah, we usually start over here on the Cadillac. And I said, Great, let’s do that. Is there anything going on with your body today that feels different than usual? And she said, I just felt really tight. My hip. I’m like, oh, Right, I’m gonna try to do my best. So instead of going, What can she do? Right? I asked myself, What can she do. And I just started to go through the list of exercises that I go through with an able body, I mean, she is an able bodied, she just only had one leg, with a person with two legs, I should just be more clear, and just started doing it. And you know, what is very interesting and I learned so much from her that day because I first of all, I learned that most of us will have two legs don’t stand on both of them anyways. And we should, because it’s better. And two like, she was really cool to just challenge her body for what it could do that day. She thanked me I set for her a few more times, like it was just such a cool thing. And so he brought up like when he believes that genuine, wholesome interactions between able bodied and disabled individuals can inspire and uplift everyone. I learned so much from her that day, it really changed my mind on, like, who I could help. And it gave me a lot of confidence. But also I learned, like, we tend to see people go, they can’t do these things instead of really focusing on what is possible. And I think that happens with able bodied people too. Too often, we put obstacles in our way. And we think we can’t do something. And it’s really cool if you can put yourself in a space with someone who is different than you in any kind of capacity. And you’ll start to see like what is possible for everybody?

Brad Crowell 21:20
Yeah, he said he believes that genuine, wholesome interactions between able bodied and disabled individuals can inspire and uplift everyone involved. Yeah. And I mean, like, not kidding. That’s what is happening on his Instagram.

Lesley Logan 21:36
Yeah, it really I mean, it really is. And it really shows you just like how, how much power we all have. And if you ever find yourself in a position where you are not able to do the things you used to do, I genuinely would like to challenge you. And you might have to find someone like Javeno to help you see that you have, there’s, you’ve got possibility in there. You know?

Brad Crowell 21:59
Well, speaking of that, that’s a perfect segue into what I really loved because he talked about what will you ask him, you know, what’s in it for you? And basically, I mean, I summed it up…(Lesley: I know, cuz he doesn’t charge this group of people.) Yeah, yeah, you know, he actually built an entire gym that’s free for people who, you know, have their other suffering for something, or they, you know, are disabled or whatever. And, you know, that’s actually, you know, pretty amazing. He does have a whole other business where he’s working with athletes and stuff like that. But he said that what’s in it for him is the impact that he’s having, not just on the individual that he’s working with, but also the community, the family, the ripple effect that happens, you know, when, for example, we already talked about the 19 year old’s, dad, but also he, you know, he said, just getting messages from the family, about how the people that he’s working with are taking that back home into their normal, everyday lives, challenging themselves, and how that’s been benefiting everyone, around those individuals. And also to, you know, especially with social media, because of the reach that he’s able to have, he’s been able to now affect people around the world. And he said, it’s been, I really actually feel like this is a project that he’s been doing for a really long time, but I think the impact is suddenly starting to really grow, catch on, I mean, if you’ve seen, he’s gotten 10s of 1000s of new followers over the last like month, 100,000 new followers in the last month

Lesley Logan 23:44
Since I asked him on the podcast, he like has not doubled but it’s almost doubled his followers. So it just shows…

Brad Crowell 23:50
Pretty crazy. And he said he’s been getting DMS now of people sharing videos saying hey, man, because of your work with people who are like me, it’s really challenged me and he said, he got this incredible video of a young boy who is in a wheelchair and he pushed himself up with his arms and he held himself up for 20 seconds and when he sits back down, he said, I did this because you inspired me to do this. I didn’t think I could do this before.

Lesley Logan 24:23
No, no, it’s just like yeah, I think we I think we all win no matter what state your body is, no matter what your abilities are. Like. We all can be inspired by somebody but my goodness, like we can like what a gift his videos have given this person who doesn’t even live in town he can’t even work with Javeno in person.

Brad Crowell 24:49
Yeah, just to like lay it on thick. I’m gonna read actually verbatim, and he’s screaming saying, you know, Jay, look what I did and he was crying his eyes outside because he watched my videos, it made him realize that he that the wheelchair doesn’t define him. And he can do what Josh did in the video. And Josh is one of his clients. And I mean, yeah, it’s just so powerful. I mean,

Lesley Logan 25:14
what he’s doing if you think social media is just a place of like darkness and not awful stuff, I challenge you to find accounts like Javeno, because they are out there. We try to be that as well in a different capacity. Obviously, Javeno is like slaying it, but like, my goodness, you can find things that are really affecting people and just massive ways. And this, I’m so glad this kid found him like, ah,

Brad Crowell 25:38
yeah, pretty, pretty amazing. And also what’s so fun is like, you know, how he decided to choose how to be on Lesley’s pod? Did you hear that?

Lesley Logan 25:47
I did not know this. He did not tell me. Yeah. So so what happened was, I tell you before they interview, no, he didn’t want me to interview it. So here’s what happened. So I’ve been watching for a while. And when I started watching him, he was like, you know, he had 1000s more followers than I did. But I just was like, oh, I want to have him on the pod someday. And then something happened. We brought him up. I don’t know how he came back up in my life. But oh, we spent an hour watching his reel. Because I was like, I was like crying in my red light going. Look at this video is amazing. And we just kept watching it. And I was like, You know what, I’m just gonna fucking ask him. I’m just gonna ask him, right? Because I had this like mindset, like, oh my gosh, why would he be on the podcast? Like, so I asked him and I didn’t hear anything for like four or five days. And I figured no big deal. I’m probably in Purgatory. It happens. Like, whatever. Like, I didn’t have any attachment. But when he did respond, it was a voice message, you guys, I voice message my followers to because I know it like it makes people’s day. I

Brad Crowell 26:42
came running into the room screaming. I didn’t know I didn’t know how I didn’t know his name. So she’s like, Jimmy, you know, and I was like, I don’t know what that means. To me.

Lesley Logan 26:52
I was like, No, listen to this. And like, he was like, to make an accent. Jamaican UK accent like it was like, I can’t even do it. I’m gonna try. But like it was just so oh my god, it made my day and like he then you guys do just like just as how Kismet was he booked in for the pod? Three days later. I never have availability for three days. And I was like, oh my god, it’s happening. And I was like, Don’t Don’t Don’t be a fangirl just like interview just Adobe.

Brad Crowell 27:28
But then he said he then he said, why he was on the pot. Yeah. Then he said that. The reason is, because I can’t remember if it was an actual book. He was reading they had it in there. Or if you wrote it, in his journal, he

Lesley Logan 27:39
showed it in the video, he pulled out all of his journals. And he said in this journal I wrote Wow. And that’s why he

Brad Crowell 27:47
chose that’s why he chose to be on the pot because he said he gets approached all the time now to be on pods. And he said, Oh, I gotta meet this girl and then he booked in so anyway, we’re grateful. That’s really rad. And what a like what a kindred spirit. You know, Kismet all those things. So

Lesley Logan 28:03
I hope we were gonna see him in real life in July to be you know, yeah, well, come on. We’re coming. We’re gonna see. Absolutely, yeah, cuz apparently it’s right next to lead. Great. He’s right next to it. So yeah. Anyways, okay, he’s just clearly we’re fangirling now

Brad Crowell 28:22
Okay, so finally, let’s talk about those be it action items what bold executable intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your conversation with Jeff fino McLean? I’m gonna jump in. So basically redefining your boundaries. Okay. So Davina is approach to help people with disabilities or illnesses by focusing on the potential and pushing them beyond their perceived limitations. Right. So again, going back to the 19 year old who was lifting a two pound weights you know, when he basically got in the kids face and he’s like, you know, what are you doing you know, you can you I saw you get up and get a glass of water like you can lift more than two pound weights like we need to get you going for real. Another one which was amazing was he had the girl come in and said, I’ve never been able to do a press up. And they ended up doing 35 Press ups in that first session. And she was like freaking out and he’s like, wait till next week. Yeah, like we’re just getting started here.

Lesley Logan 29:22
I love this because in in this in this be it action item. You may need to bring on someone who who can see what your potential is. If you are having a hard time seeing that because you the ways that you’ve tried something have failed before and you are having a hard time pumping yourself up. This is where you have to like, like outsource that. You know, last week’s episode with Jake Helfer, he said like hire a coach because you’ll get there faster. Right and so getting a trainer like divino our trainer right like, like I have never bench press. I’m bench pressing over 100 pounds now Yeah, I know. And but like I, I wasn’t even gonna go and she was like you can do this and like so it’s really you. We we have our own story that we’ve been telling ourselves for a long time and sometimes because someone told us a story and then we took it on, we’re like, let me just put that on repeat. It’s such a good story. Let me just listen to it again. So sometimes we have to hire someone, or bring someone on our team or into our lives who can help us see our new potential. And what is so cool is once they’ve unlocked it, you can’t put it back in the box.

Brad Crowell 30:33
Yeah, well, yeah. I mean, I think I think also too, there’s he’s got like a secret. What this pushing boundaries. That secret is his, his like, high vibration, his vibe, right, his enthusiasm, his excitement, because the challenge doesn’t come across in a, an antagonistic way. It comes across in an encouraging way. That is, it’s magic. I mean, it’s truly incredible how he’s able to help people. In that way.

Lesley Logan 31:07
I think that magic comes from the next takeaway. So hit the next beat, actually, I was like, cultivate genuine care and connection. I think it is so much easier to have that magic when you are present. And you are connecting with people. And that is, I mean, let’s just like go back to why OPC exists, right? It’s all about if you connect to yourself, you connect more than others. That was my thing. I when I did Pilates for the first time, I actually felt parts of my body never felt before and then I was like, I gotta tell everybody about this. I’m gonna tell everybody I was like, I was like a profit. properly, properly. That’s the word. I was.

Brad Crowell 31:46
Like, usually that’s associated with religion, but we’ll go with Pilates.

Lesley Logan 31:51
You know what the other day some was fortune Feemster who needs the on the pod who knows her I want her on. And she see her mom is like her mom was very conservative, and is doing all this stuff with LGBTQ stuff. And she’s like, my mom, she’s doing the Lord’s work. And it’s like, yes, yes. So yes, we’re taking the religious words and making them better. We’re, so anyways, going back to Jimmy No, though. It’s like I, I was once I was able to connect myself, I felt like I belonged in my body, which has made it easier for Nibelung to others made it easier for me to actually care about what other people were going through. Sure. And I think we have a whole world of people who are so fucking disconnected. They don’t even their heads and their bodies are two separate things don’t even know, their digestive problems are not normal. They’re like, so like, we have a problem and epidemic of people who like do not have connection to themselves, and therefore they cannot connect with other people. And what we’re seeing with divino is he is so connected to his himself, he is so connected to his mission. He’s so connected to what he values that he can have this genuine caring connection with other people, he can be that present with them. He can have that magic. It’s not like he turns on a switch. He turns on like, no,

Brad Crowell 33:03
no, I mean, literally, no, because the way he signed on to the podcast, I mean, I was like, Oh, he’s the same. Yeah. You know, in his instagram videos, and on this pod, like He’s the same. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 33:15
So how do you cultivate genuine caring connection? Well, here’s a couple of things. He said, like, you know, treat everyone normal, you know, like, notice the notice how notice the potential and everybody right, and you’ll see transformation. And he says in your relationships, like focus on truly noticing people and understanding their stories, and provide a sense of genuine care and connection. We can only do this guys if we’re present. And we cannot be present if we’re not connected to ourselves. So if you are having trouble being present in your life, you do need to take a little selfish time. Yeah, but like true selfish time, self care time to get connected to yourself to figure out what makes you happy to figure it out. Go by

Brad Crowell 33:51
Diamond. Well, right, like that’s the 2% of your day. 30 minutes. Yeah, he does. What was it? It 15 minutes of workout?

Lesley Logan 34:01
Yep, of movement of five minutes of meditation. 10 minutes of self development,

Brad Crowell 34:06
something like that. 10 minutes.

Lesley Logan 34:07
I think that’s exactly where you want No, 30 minutes as long as you move, but

Brad Crowell 34:11
2% of your day. 2% Yeah,

Lesley Logan 34:13
and you and so start with that. Okay, if you listen to you’re gonna go I could never do something like that. Wrong. Yes, you can. You’re not going to do with that attitude, but you need to. But you have to, you have to get to know yourself in a way that allows you to be yourself and every aspect of your life because you are like you’re the only person who do what you do, the way you do it. divino is the only person who do it is what he does the way that he does it but that doesn’t mean all of us can’t show up and change lives. We’re going to do it in our own way. We’re going to do it and the impact is going to be massive, but you cannot do it if you are turning a switch on and off because you don’t have that genuine care and connection to yourself. Yeah, so you can do with others.

Brad Crowell 34:55
Well, here’s the deal, y’all. We love what Davina is doing we are inspired heard by and we want to help him do it. He has a big goal coming up. I don’t know exactly when of actually breaking another Guinness world record of having the largest workout of disabled people in the world. Yeah. And he wants to do it in like, a massive space like, like potentially even a stadium. Yes. And you

Lesley Logan 35:18
know, who do you know, everyone asked yourself Who do I know who has a connection to an owner of a stadium,

Brad Crowell 35:24
probably in England would make it easier for him, but he could fly anywhere. But obviously we’re gonna be you know, he’s got to be taking people in there anyway, what his big ass was just follow him on the gram where you can stay in touch with them and find out when you know he’s going to be doing all these things. And then he wants to be able to set people up on a jumbotron where they can zoom in, and he can have most people in person. Plus people from around the world all tuning into this workout. Yeah, all at the same time. And I just think it’s unbelievably awesome.

Lesley Logan 35:54
I love it so much. So seriously, though, who do you know who might know someone in the UK? Who has access to a stadium? I bet you know someone. Oh, you might know someone. Maybe Allison knows somebody who is related to we’re gonna

Brad Crowell 36:08
find out the backups.

Lesley Logan 36:09
Anyways, I’m already figuring out you guys, I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 36:16
I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 36:17
Truly, thank you so much for being here today. We could not do this podcast without you. We could not spread his message without you. So thank you, for what you for being listeners of the show for sharing. A big

Brad Crowell 36:27
heartfelt ask here from us. Like the reality is, this podcast grows, when you leave reviews on you know, whatever platform it is that you’re listening to right now. Right. So if you love what’s happening here, love tuning in. First off, we’re super grateful. And secondly, we need your help. A review will change the trajectory of this pod. And we need that

Lesley Logan 36:53
it’s literally how some people say yes to this podcast is based on reviews. And then if you’ve left a review, thank you so much. Sharing this podcast is the lifeblood that makes us get out there. So if this is Jimmy, what Jimmy does has really inspired you share it with somebody because not only does that mean his message gets out there more but this podcast continues to grow. That community this podcast affects can hinges grow. And honestly, it makes it all it makes it easier for all of us to be until we see it.

Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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Okay, okay. All right. Well, are we ready? No, not quite.

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Okay, we have a question. Got it. Got it. Got it. Justino McLean,

Brad Crowell 38:42
all the rest of them okay. I think we are ready ready

Lesley Logan 38:50
how’s that well guy I don’t know she’s always looking at the wall in here.

Brad Crowell 38:59
Not looking at the wash. It hurt her nose is a half an inch from the wall.

Lesley Logan 39:03
Yeah, she’s like in it. Koga me to go

Brad Crowell 39:10
Okay. I’m ready. Finally. Cheese, cheese and crackers. Brad? Ways Okay, I’m ready. All right. Let’s do this. You gotta actually set up look like I got I tried to put it closer to you. But you look like you’re on like a third of the screen. This is the chairs fault. Right? Yes. Go ahead.

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