Is Your Cycle a


Ep. 56 with Lesley & Brad

“But one of the things that holds women back from being it till they see it – is not understanding how their body works and not using the superpowers that we have.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

How was the female body discussed growing up? What is seed cycling? Can you utilize hormones to your benefit? Brad and Lesley break apart these questions and unpack how through listening to your body – you can make your period a superpower.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How to deal with the end of year overwhelm
  • The stigma of talking about periods in the home
  • The importance of tracking and utilizing the phases of your cycle
  • Seed cycling
  • The stigma of the female body and cycles with men
  • Using your cycle as a superpower
  • Listening to your body, the patterns are data
  • Getting good at asking for help

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    Lesley Logan
    Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


    Lesley Logan 0:42
    (Brad laughs) Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life, Brad and I are going to dig into the enlightening convo I had with Jenn Pike in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now, go back and listen to that one and then come back and join us or figure out the… well as you go. Maybe you want to do both. Maybe you want to do this first. I don’t know.

    Brad Crowell 1:05
    Pick and choose (Lesley: Pick and choose) you know. (Lesley: Maybe one week you do …) We have more than 50 episodes to listen to now.

    Lesley Logan 1:10
    I know. It’s so many. It’s so fun. And people have relistened to certain ones and I frickin’ love it. (Brad: Yeah) All right. So we are literally as you’re listening to this, hopefully if it’s before the 12th we are packing up the … (Brad: Yeah. We’re preppin.) RBG the Rosebud Globetrotter, (Brad: Oh yeah) which Brad has committed to blogging about (Brad: I have) over on We are packing it up because we are hitting the road for the fourth year in a row, (Brad: fourth year) yeah, to go to Philly. And then we added in Florida this time.

    Brad Crowell 1:42
    We gonna all the way down to Miami (Lesley: because we’re crazy) (Brad laughs)

    Lesley Logan 1:45
    But we love our friends. And (Brad: It will be great) I know so um …

    Brad Crowell 1:49
    I think that we may be closer to 6000 miles on this trip than any of the others.

    Lesley Logan 1:54
    Yeah, cuz I don’t think the others we hit 6000 …

    Brad Crowell 1:57
    And we’re… it’s like 55 and then 58 (Lesley: Yeah) you know, and this (Lesley: Well …) one I think the last year is one was the shortest because we just powered through.

    Lesley Logan 2:03
    We powered through and we moved to Vegas. We started four … (Brad: Oh, that is true) four hours early. (Brad: We definitely …) We cut off eight hours, (Brad: Yeah, that’s true) at least. I think what I don’t know. I don’t know. I think the first year (Brad: Yeah) it was like a lot. Anyway, their traffic sucks. Anyways, so because of creative spaces and creative thinking and possibility, we (Brad: Yeah) are bringing back the winter tour. So we are doing a happy hour for peeps who love us and listen to this and our members in Denver, (Brad: Yep) quickie little hot toddy. And somewhere in Denver. I think in the Low Highland area. If you don’t know that, then you’re probably not from Denver. So no worries. Then we’re gonna head over to Pennsylvania to do, I think we’re in Lehigh Valley for this class. But we say Philly area. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 2:51
    Yeah, so just the… we’re gonna be in Denver on the 13th of December. (Lesley: Okay) Right.

    Lesley Logan 2:56
    Oh, yes. Say the dates, then the 19th of December, we have a mat class, inside of a FastPitch, practice thing that I really … (Brad: It’s gonna be a massive venue) is a (Brad: huge) massive venue. And the reason for that is we’re still in this weird world so we can spread the heck out (Brad: Oh, yeah) and enjoy an amazing space. I’m so grateful to the FastPitch place for and Alex and his team for giving us this opportunity to use a space like that in the winter time of Philly so we can be together and spread out. Then we’re going to head on the 28th to Atlanta area. (Brad: Yes) It’s actually Duluth where our friend Joel Crosby of Vitality Method Pilates is hosting us to do semi privates, my fast workshop. (Brad: It’s basically all day we’re gonna be …) We’re at a studio all frickin’ day. (Brad: Yeah) I’m teaching two semi privates. I know one and a half are sold out but rock on, go to the go to the link in the show notes to see what’s left. The fast workshop, we have some spots in person and we have a few spots online because (Brad: Virtual) cuz Joel is insane. He’s got this humongous screen. So it feels like you’re there. I haven’t taught this workshop in person since I don’t know. I don’t even know.

    Brad Crowell 4:07
    Maui? (Lesley: Yeah) Yeah. (Lesley: I think so) 2019 I think 20…

    Lesley Logan 4:11
    Then… Yeah, then we’re hitting a rooftop in Miami on December 30th.

    Brad Crowell 4:16
    Yeah, that’s gonna be fun. (Lesley: I know) It’s me a party, actually.

    Lesley Logan 4:19
    I taught on that spot before it is beautiful. It’s going to be at sunset and so again, we could be outdoors. It’s lovely. It’s Miami, so it’s not freezing cold. Don’t worry about it. And a great way to end the year and then we’re gonna end in Dallas.

    Brad Crowell 4:32
    Yeah, on January 4.

    Lesley Logan 4:33
    Thank you Alicia.

    Brad Crowell 4:34
    We are gonna be in Frisco.

    Lesley Logan 4:35
    Yeah. Which is like near this like, practice field for the Dallas cowboys. If you love them, you know it if you don’t, so sorry. It’s really cool. Anyways, we’re going to be in Frisco, and we have an equipment class there. So super, super fun. If you want to tour with us.

    Brad Crowell 4:51
    Yeah, just go to

    Lesley Logan 4:55
    Oh, that’s a great link. Wonderful. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 4:57
    Yeah, come join us, hang out.

    Lesley Logan 4:59
    I’m so excited to hit the road, I really really am. Even though I do realize that I’m gonna be driving all the way across the country to Florida and then back, but it’s going to be an adventure. Alright. Babe, do we have an audience question?

    Brad Crowell 5:11
    We definitely did. And this one is very poignant, because it’s the end of the year. And the question was, “How do you deal with end of the year overwhelm?”

    Lesley Logan 5:24
    Well, how do you deal with it?

    Brad Crowell 5:25
    I like to bury my head in the sand, pretend that nothing’s (Lesley laughs) happening and ignore everything. Nobody can call me. No, I’m lying. You know, it’s it’s definitely I feel like there’s a double obligation. It’s not just work stuff, but it’s also social. The overwhelm happens with like, all the holiday dinners, and the friends need to see each other and things and, and I love every second of that, but suddenly, it’s like, a lot. It’s just a lot of stuff, right. And so I think we are intentional about when we’re willing to, you know, leave the house and go out. Also, what projects we are expecting to finish. And I think that we have to give ourselves the space and grace to understand that the holidays are going to take at very least one week is of your month is officially gone, right? (Lesley: Yeah) But it could even be longer than that for you know, depends on where you’re traveling from or to and all the things. So you know, the end of the year, work really hard until you know, the week before Christmas, and then and then take time off. So,

    Lesley Logan 6:36
    Well, I am I actually think that this particular episode we’re recapping is really helpful because it talks about she… Jenn Pike talks about paying attention to patterns in your body and in your life. And something that I think we’ve gotten really good at at this point is that we know how much stuff we have to wrap up so that we can enjoy the end of the year. We don’t always get that done. I do recall last year having to cram a few things in during the vacation time. But we have gotten better. In fact, this year, (Brad: Yeah) I will be filmed through February, we will have this podcast, y’all. Next week, we will be recording or actually while you are listening to this will be recording many of the recaps. So that that’s done. So what I would say, (Brad: Definitely trying to plan ahead) whatever is overwhelming you now I would actually make time for yourself this at the end of this year to plan in advance throughout next year. So if you don’t want to be cramming things in December, then how can you take what you’re having to cram in and spread it out over the other 11 months? Because that’s the thing, if you actually spread it out over 11 months, it’s like “this much.” It’s you can’t see me on the podcast, but I’m holding up my two fingers like “this much.” (Brad: Yeah) And, and so what what I last year, I was actually a little bit more overwhelmed, because I didn’t want to be overwhelmed anymore. So, I actually had a film extra and a time of overwhelm so that I can get to a point where I will be filmed ahead and everything that we do. And so I definitely am actually excited about this trip more so because I’m pretty much ready. But I wasn’t always that way. And so if you are in overwhelm right now, I’ve been there and it freakin’ sucks. And I would ask yourself, “Does it actually have to be done by the 31st?”

    Brad Crowell 8:21
    Yeah, I think for people who are experiencing overwhelm right now, whether it’s because of your family obligations, or it’s because of your work obligations? I think if you’re not the boss that makes things complicated, of course, if you are the boss, are these deadlines, arbitrary? Did you make them? Do they really have to be done by whatever date? You know, what can you prioritize instead, to make sure that does have to be done on time, something maybe could be bumped to the next year? When it comes to the family. You know, maybe limit your time with your family on purpose, right? I know that one thing that contributes to overwhelm, especially for people who are introverts is not having time alone. Right? So plan ahead, make sure you have time to recharge. (Lesley: Yeah) That’s a super important one.

    Lesley Logan 9:09
    Well, I mean, like when we go to your family, we are in their house. And we it’s the our bedroom is next to their bedroom. And there’s a lot of family gatherings and we want to make sure you see your family because we’re only there for a week. And that’s it for the whole year. And something I do is I go to bed early. (Brad: Right) I … I’m like, “Okay, good night everyone.” I leave you up with your family and then I wake up early and I walk the dogs by myself. (Brad: Right) I don’t want people to walk with me that is my private time. And I really am intentional about that. So I would just take note of the overwhelm you’re having right now and really ask like you have to be really honest like 30,000 foot view it’s not your personal life. What of this actually has to be done right now? And do you actually throw that party? I know you think, “Oh my God if I know it was party people are gonna knows.” People don’t notice as much as you think unless the parties in your honor and then yeah, probaly show up. But maybe … (Brad: Happy birthday) Yeah. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 10:03
    Wait, where’s the birthday girl? (Brad laughs)

    Lesley Logan 10:06
    Wouldn’t that be so fun to throw the most amazing party and not be at it? (Brad laughs) I wonder if it’s possible? Anyways, I feel you. And what I would say is make an intention this year to set yourself up so you’re not in overwhelm next year. (Brad: Yeah) That is not exactly the the answer you’re looking for. But I promise you, I’m sitting here for the first time. I think Brad since he’s know me. And I’m not like, freaking out about how much I have to get done, because I already put it into schedule. And I’m like, “Oh, it’s all doable. (Brad: Yeah) I can do this.” (Brad: Yeah.) So anyways, great question, send them into the @be_it_pod on Instagram.

    Brad Crowell 10:46
    Okay, now let’s talk about Jenn Pike. Jenn Pike is a functional diagnostic nutritionist, and medical exercise specialist with over 20 years of experience. She helps females recognize the impact that hormones have on every aspect of their body, and then helps empower them to become educated, and how to use their hormones to their benefit. That’s an interesting thought there. (Lesley: No, I love it) She is the founder of The Hormone Project, Synched, and The Simplicity Project, and Jen helps females decode what their body is telling them. So that this pretty fascinating. I’m not gonna lie, I … the first time we heard Jenn talking about this. She did a webinar for Agency for our coaching (Lesley: Yeah) group. And I, I felt like I was out in left field because I really had no idea what she was talking about and it made me curious. So, I went and started reading about different cycles, I didn’t even know they’re sorry, it’s different phases of the cycle, I didn’t even know that was a thing. And, and then how that makes, you know, a woman feel or, you know, not feel or frustrated, or, you know, whatever. There’s just so many different things that are involved with it, that it’s like, far above and beyond anything, I actually really understood about it.

    Lesley Logan 12:08
    I know. And that’s crazy, because you have a sister and a mother. And …

    Brad Crowell 12:11
    And when I say it, I mean, you know, hormone, hormonal cycles. (Lesley: Yeah. But I mean, like …) We’re talking about periods here, people.

    Lesley Logan 12:17
    We are. (Lesley and Brad laughs) So something that I find fascinating is how much we don’t talk about periods in households and how it is. And we talked about this before, but it’s like soon as it’s like, “Oh, I got my period today.” Like if it’s a bad thing, and it’s like actually a superpower that women have, it’s like really freaking cool. And you had a mom and a sister. Like, this should be things that like we’re very much talked about your household, not … (Brad: 100% not talked about in my household) And something that I love that is changing is that like, there are women out there who like Jenn who are changing this, like one of our members, Yuki Claire, she has only sons. And all of her sons are fully aware of pelvic floor health, pregnancy, periods, the humans that hormones, because she’s like, whether or not they marry a woman doesn’t matter. They’re going to be around women in their life. (Brad: Right) And it’s important that we all know this, because I think it has a negative connotation, when actually it really is as positive, amazing, credible thing. And I have really tried to change my mindset around “Oh my God, my periods here.” It’s like, “Oh, okay. Look at… this is where I am today, like, (Brad: Yeah) this is really cool.” And something I liked that we brought up, or she brought up with seed cycling. And, you know, I …

    Brad Crowell 13:30
    Before you jump into seed cycling, which I know … has was so impactful for you, I just wanted to say, your perspective on your own cycle has changed the way that you live in the past six months or so since whatever eight months, whatever it was that she was on our webinar, because I noticed that you don’t get frustrated with yourself (Lesley: Yeah) the way that you did before. (Lesley: I know) And also to … this is a bit strange, because when I met you, you didn’t actually ever have a period. (Lesley: That’s true.) You never actually had the cycle and that was because of health reasons. (Lesley: Yeah) And that obviously wasn’t a good thing. But you never had to deal with it, because it never happened. So for the… I don’t know, five years of us being together, it wasn’t something you had to deal with. And then like, “Surprise, you were getting healthy.” And suddenly (Lesley: Yeah) that came back and you were like, “What the hell?”

    Lesley Logan 14:27
    Yeah, my got my hormones under control. And it came back and I remember being so upset about it. (Brad: Yeah) Even though, it’s a positive thing. It’s a positive thing …

    Brad Crowell 14:35
    But that’s what I’m saying. You were, you know, like, suddenly your body was operating the way that it should. And then, you know, you were having to deal with this every month again. And that was actually a perspective, “Oh, man. I have to deal with this.” (Lesley: Yeah) Right? And it was frustrating you and you know, it would actually really, it was, it was impactful to me. I just want to say that as well because when you were frustrated about it, it wasn’t like you were frustrated for like the afternoon. It was like you’re frustrated for like five days, (Lesley: Yeah) you know. And so now ever since you, you’ve been, you know, learning about this too with Jenn stuff, I’ve noticed that you’re different (Lesley: Yeah) about it.

    Lesley Logan 15:13
    I am. And I also will say (Lesley laughs) I’ve definitely had the team on a bit of an edge, right? Like, “Everyone, I’m going to be changing when everything of mine is due based on my cycle.” So, I’m only me filming on one part of my cycle, and I’m not gonna be filming up on my cycle. And I’m only to do these things. And I remember, even your sister was like, “So you’re, the dates of things are gonna change every few months?” And I was like, “Yes.” (Brad laughs) And feel free to watch this. And if you need to change your due dates, let’s talk about that because all these ladies should be on the team, all these ladies on the team should be really like working along with their cycle. And I have to say in the few months that we’ve been doing my filming on the actual correct time of my cycle, (Brad: Yeah) it’s been easy. (Brad: Yeah) And unfortunately, due to I need to film before we go on this road trip, I have to film (Brad: through) film through this time. And I am resentful … (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 16:11
    You can … you can tell the difference. (Lesley: Yeah) … because I mean, I noticed you’ve been jumping on filming. And with… with a way more positive attitude, (Lesley laughs) you know.

    Lesley Logan 16:19
    Well, I always loved I love what we create. But for whatever reason, the week that we arbitrarily chose for me to film was literally the week of the cycle that I should be by myself. (Brad: Right) And like, ruminating, and journaling and all these things. And I know that sounds so “whoo.” And it also might even sound privileged because I get to like, decide when I do things. But Jenn does talk about, at least in our webinar, she talked about how, you know, life happens, but she only has so many set work hours of her day. So no matter what part of her cycle is, if she has to show up. (Brad: Right) She can … (Brad: if not for the whole day.) It’s not an eight hour day (Brad: Yeah) of teaching classes, I mean, in them. So anyways, y’all, if you haven’t listened this, frickin’ just go back and listen to this. Um, she is amazing. She has some great resources, but …

    Brad Crowell 17:09
    She’s also incredibly knowledgeable. (Lesley: So knowledgeable.) Yeah.

    Lesley Logan 17:13
    So um, we’re actually having her inside of OPC. So if you’re like, (Brad: Oh) in love with her, you should be an OPC member if you’re not one already, because she’s gonna come in January.

    Brad Crowell 17:21
    And do a webinar for OPC members. (Lesley: Yeah. Yeah, yeah) So cool.

    Lesley Logan 17:25
    I know. I know. And I’m like, I was like, “I love you. I want you. I want to sprinkle your ish everywhere.” (Brad laughs)

    Brad Crowell 17:31
    Okay, well, what was one thing that you loved, I cut you off you were talking about?

    Lesley Logan 17:35
    I know. So seed cycling everyone. So it was a little tricky for me when I seed cycling and traveling because bringing seeds …

    Brad Crowell 17:40
    Okay, (Lesley: from different countries) first off, just like, “What the hell is seed cycling?”

    Lesley Logan 17:44
    Okay, so seed cycling, for my ladies who actually have a menstrual cycle, you will eat two types of seeds during one part of your cycle and two types of seeds, your other part of your cycles, so day one of your period. And through day 14, you do pumpkin seed and flax seed. And I highly recommend this on top of a smoothie. But you just mix it into something you have or just have a handful of pumpkin seeds as a snack and then toss some flax seeds on a salad or something like that. Then the other part of your cycle is sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. Also fun on a salad. You can also have those like sunflower butters and there’s like you know sesame oil and things like that. But if you’re consistent with that, you will notice that your hormones are actually more balanced out throughout the whole part of your cycle because it’s just these foods are actually telling your body like, “Hey, remember, remember to like create this hormone right now.” And it’s ac… it’s all healthy. It’s all organic. It’s really easy to …

    Brad Crowell 18:40
    It’s literally seeds. We got bags of seeds.

    Lesley Logan 18:43
    We have bags of seed. So I did this for a really long time. And I’m not even kidding you like, ladies, this is like, okay, this might be tmi, boobs get sore during parts of your cycling. And I’m like, “Please don’t frickin’ hug me” and I’m sure during COVID it’s like, “Oh, thank God no one’s touching me now.” But let me just (Brad laughs) tell you when I did seed cycling, I never had that problem ever again. I still don’t and … I don’t even seed cycling anymore but I just got my body on a regimen that’s actually part of how we got my period back was seed cycling. So because I can’t be on hormones. Um, so anyways, I highly recommend it. It was tricky for me and traveling because I would go, “Oh my God, I’m going through customs with all these loose seeds.” (Brad and Lesley laughs) In zip-lock baggies but um …

    Brad Crowell 19:19
    Yeah, it did… that did look funny.

    Lesley Logan 19:21
    We did not take him through New Zealand and Australia. I just bought seeds when I got there. But at any rate, if you are someone who’s trying to be a little bit more organic, a little bit healthy, unsure of how to track your cycle, you can do seed cycling. Also my ladies who’ve gone through menopause, you can seed cycle with the moon. And I would just Google that because I actually don’t remember how it works with the moon but you can do that and also your husband’s … (Brad: I was just gonna say this. Yeah) So husbands, men or just men in a household of women. You can seed cycle the reverse of the moon cycle, because men who live with women for a long time their testosterone levels go down (Brad: Yeah) because estrogen is like powerful and real, I have we haven’t gotten that already from this episode. And so you can do that to keep your testosterone levels a little bit more regulated.

    Brad Crowell 20:08
    Yeah. So and that’s, that’s pretty fascinating. In fact, that was …

    Lesley Logan 20:13
    It’s that so cool the earth can do? Like, I think it’s so we look for all these like things that people have created but like the friggin’ earth has already been like, “Here you go, (Brad: here’s your seeds) here’s your here’s your hormones, cycled for you.”

    Brad Crowell 20:25
    Well, I was gonna say that the thing that I loved about it, what this was a good lead up to it, is the stigma of the female body and cycles involving men. (Lesley: Yeah) Right? And you kind of already hinted at this with, you know, one of our, one of our coaching clients … she has a house full of boys and obviously husband, and she … So basically, she’s like, the female in the household, (Lesley: Yeah) right? And I didn’t grow up that way, I do have a sister, I do have a mom, and my- I have a brother and a dad. But we never talked about this, the only thing I ever learned about this was in school. And of course, that’s funny and awkward and weird and silly and like, you know, like, (Lesley: Yeah) you know, immature? (Lesley: Yeah) And so, there was never any point where I actually understood, the only thing that I ever understood was that, you know, that it was… the process of going through the period is the woman’s body, flushing out the unused, you know, parts for potentially having a baby, right? That’s the only thing I ever really knew. And I knew I have it once a month. And that was the only thing I really ever knew. But I never understood how it affected a woman’s mood, like, feeling, sensitivity, like, like, you know, skin, like I … (Lesley: Yeah) like, you know, how it completely changes the way you approach things, your enthusiasm for, you know, anything, you know, I never actually understood this other than, like, the common, you know, stereotype of like, “Oh, it must be that time a month,” because, you know, they’re upset all the time, or whatever. And I don’t think that’s fair (Lesley: Right) because that’s not actually … you know, like, of course, there’s some, a little bit of that there. But that’s not like, it’s not necessarily a given. Right? And it also, you know, it could be depression, (Lesley: Yeah) maybe it’s not anger, maybe it’s depression, or, you know, or, like stepping away and feeling like you want time alone, like it could change all these things. And I just never, I never was never aware of any of this.

    Lesley Logan 22:43
    It’s also like, I this is gonna, this is really interesting, but I am in a breathwork certification. And there’s some interesting things that that people are doing with, with this cycle and like studying it all and everything and and the truth is, it’s the only bloodshed that actually grosses people out. Which makes no sense to me. (Brad: Oh, that is …) Because it’s a natural thing that happens. It’s … (Brad: That’s an interesting point) It naturally happens, women do not have control over when it happens. I mean, unless you do birth control, and then you can mix it around. But I highly recommend you try not to do that because it’s not ideal. But it also like it grosses people out when like girls have to grab a tampon, and for whatever reason, they put in the most noise making frickin’ plastic. (Brad laughs) So embarrassing. And then like, but then people make fun of them or whatever. If they see period blood on pants like, “Ew, gross,” it’s like, but that’s the only one that’s natural. But we have no problem seeing blood in movies where people are shot or horror films, things like that. Like that doesn’t gross people out but it horrifies people to see period blood on a girl. And that is weird to me. And so anyways … (Brad: I think that’s just simply immature) Well, 100% but that’s what’s trained in people. So … (Brad: Yeah, it is, it’s a stigma.) One of the reasons I brought her on, I think I talked about this podcast is that like, most of you are women who listen to this and if you are a male, then you have women in your lives. And I want you to know about this. But one of the things that holds women back from being it till they see it is not understanding how their body works. (Brad: Right) And not using the superpowers that we have. And Dr. Bender actually was one of our OPC speakers. And she actually talked about how olympic, olympic athlete females are channeling how they train based on their cycle. And it’s actually showing really crazy amazing improvements in their time and their races that men can’t tap into because men have a 24 hour cycle, not a 28 day cycle or 27 to 29 day cycle. So anyways, this is in.. .incredible information to my female listeners that can literally help you be it till you see it, way faster than anything else. So anyways, um, should we talk about the BE IT action items?

    Brad Crowell 24:54
    No. I wanted to talk a little more about the specifics (Lesley: Oh) of that because when you said superpowers, that’s a weird way to say it. Okay. So like, how is it possible that like, you’re going through cycle as a superpower. And it made me just pull up the transcript that we have of last episode because one, I just there’s one example here, but Jenn talks about going through. So first off the your, your hormonal cycle has phases, right? And she specifically refers to the follicular phase. And she… she describes it by saying, this is where your body, your hormones, and estrogen and testosterone are starting to climb, your uterine lining is starting to thicken again, and typically where we actually feel more connected to our body. So during the follicular phase, we do well with the estrogen surge, we feel more clear, more focus, more energized, we feel happier, we are gung-ho, we want to create new projects, you know, and, you know, so there’s this window, when suddenly you’re like, really fired up to go be creative and have the energy and the excitement to go do this. So that’s when you, Lesley are filming classes now. Right? (Lesley: Yeah) So that’s how this can be a superpower because when you’re ramping up before the the peak, and then you know, when things shift, and you come back down again, you know, that’s when you’re taking advantage of your natural rhythm, you know, of your body to do the more exertion of filming four classes in a day, which is like kind of hardcore. So yeah, so anyway, I that’s I just wanted to explain how can it be a superpower? It can be a superpower in that way.

    Lesley Logan 25:05
    Yeah. 100… Thank you.

    Brad Crowell 26:37
    Yeah, you’re welcome.

    Lesley Logan 26:39
    Yeah. Okay.

    Brad Crowell 26:41
    Awesome. Yeah. So let’s talk about the BE IT action items. What bold, executable, intrinsic and targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Jenn Pike? So for me, I think she kind of threw this in at the very end, basically saying, you know, your body, listen to your body, your body knows, you know, it tells you things. And I thought this was so funny, because I think it was the BE IT action item but last week, or the last episode, your body actually signals to you, we’re talking about my runny nose, right? (Lesley laughs)

    Lesley Logan 27:13
    I’ve been watching for your nose throughout …

    Brad Crowell 27:16
    No, no. It only happens at like three in the morning when I’m like staring at a computer and I should totally not be awake anymore at that point. So,

    Lesley Logan 27:22
    I’m not awake for that. I can’t help you there.

    Brad Crowell 27:24
    Yeah, yeah but you know, she’s talking about listening to your body. And, and I, I think that the reason I’m bringing it up again, even though it was already a point from last week is looking at it through this lens of your cycle. Right? There is a, there are, you know, your body and you know, when you’re feeling good, and when you’re not feeling good. Now there’s 1000 variables, how much sleep? How much stress? How much work? How much food? What are you eating? All, you know, are you drinking alcohol? There’s like so many different things that can change the way that you feel, of course, but you know, are you able to be sensitive to how your body is feeling during these different phases of your cycle? And, you know, I think that take a look at, evaluate yourself, think about this over the next couple of months and understand like, “Hmm, wow, you know, I really do feel like I’m on fire, you know, you know, this time of the month, and I really feel like I should just be curling up and reading a book with a (Lesley: Yeah) cup of tea on this time of the month.”

    Lesley Logan 28:27
    Yeah, I mean, even if you just take out your notes on your phone and just wake like you just write down, I woke up feeling like this. And I went to bed feeling like this. And like, just track that and then go, “Oh, wow, look what it is?” But I mean, I use apps …

    Brad Crowell 28:39
    I was gonna say, why don’t you tell them about that?

    Lesley Logan 28:40
    So Jenn Pike actually told … told us about the wild AI app, which she is not an affiliate for. And I’m not an affiliate for it, but I frickin’ love it. I, it’s actually for people who work out and want to track their cycle. And that’s why I chose it over other ones. I’m not, I’m not, it’s not like a tracker … I mean, most of the apps tell you when you’re like about to have like, it’s like good time to have a baby. And I’m like, “I really just wanna know when it’s like a good time to not have a baby.” (Lesley laughs) So, but I like this one because it actually says like, on these days, train harder. On these days, don’t train as hard. And what I noticed is that the moment I started paying attention to that, I was able to give myself a lot of permission of like, it literally says not to train so hard. So it’s okay if you just feel like going for a walk because I’m like, “I just feel like going for a walk. I don’t want to go for a run.” It’s like yeah, because your body just freakin’ wants to go for a walk and the and your cycle says I just want to go for a walk right now. And so what’s really cool is that if you don’t have, if you don’t have a doctor that you can call all the time, which I don’t. There are some amazing apps and this one is built by females which is im-freakin’ important and, and doctors in women’s health and so that’s the app I use and since I’ve been using it, my shit shows up on exact day, all the friggin’ time. And I’m not surprised. And I have an app that says, “This is what you should be eating right now.” Like, “This is a protein you should be eating right now. This is the carbs should be eating right now.” And it’s when you pay attention to that stuff, even if you especially if you want to have babies someday, this information is important. And if you’re beyond having babies, it’s still important because it is really part of what makes us feel like ourselves and have that and you not guess so anyways, I love your, I love your BE IT action … you chose …

    Brad Crowell 30:30
    Yeah, I just realized that I stole yours. Actually, I read them backwards. So that one’s yours and … (Brad laughs)

    Lesley Logan 30:35
    Okay, but it’s okay, cuz I’m gonna say, “Listen to your body, the patterns are data.” (Brad: Right) So, use an app. If you’re … (Brad: Yeah) I hate math, I really, I literally changed my major. So I didn’t have to do statistics. So clearly, I’m not exactly interested in data. (Brad and Lesley laughs) But um,

    Brad Crowell 30:51
    No, you are though that’s what you were just talking about what the apps like it tells you, (Lesley: Yeah) when you should eat and what you should eat and when and why?

    Lesley Logan 30:57
    Yeah. But I don’t have to analyze it. (Brad: Yeah, yeah) It just tells me. (Brad: Yeah) So …

    Brad Crowell 31:00
    It really they help you compile the information.

    Lesley Logan 31:02
    I also think … whether you’re male or female, like your body really is telling you something. My mom just Marco Polo me. She’s having TMJ. Right? She’s got this thing. And and she’s like, “Maybe it says, maybe it says, maybe it says.” It’s like, but there are patterns, (Brad: Yeah) if you write it down, like when I was having digestive health issues. That was the interesting thing about it, it was like, the pattern was a little odd. And we actually thought it was a parasite for a little bit. But when I actually like looked at, when I actually wrote it down and got really, really like into the data of listening to my body, we were able to figure out, “Oh, this is why you’re not sleeping. This why I have the period. This is why you are too skinny.” (Brad: Yeah) And, and so and all of that was just really affecting my life and probably shortening the years that I have on this planet which I am getting back because I have a mission to complete. So anyways, please don’t bury or explain away or shove what your body is telling you into a corner until later. It is … unless you are a brain surgeon. Like literally, your most stuff can wait til tomorrow, get some sleep, write things down, have (Brad: Yeah) a little journal, have a note on your phone, maybe you dictate it. But take some time to get either support with an app or a person to help you figure out the patterns that you’re seeing.

    Brad Crowell 32:20
    And also to the the other action item we were pulling out the BE IT action item was to ask for help when your body seems out of whack. (Lesley: Yeah) And, you know, I know that that’s can be a challenge for many people is asking for help. But I think this makes me recall the conversation with Jennifer, Jennifer van Barneveld-Pe.

    Lesley Logan 32:46
    Oh, another Torontoronian…

    Brad Crowell 32:49
    Which is where (Lesley: and they are friends, actually.) I think you heard Jenn Pike on her pod. (Lesley: Yeah, yeah) And basically, Jennifer, we… the question was, “How do you run a company now when you have kids?” And she said, “Oh, I got really good at asking for help.” (Lesley: Yeah) And, you know, Jenn Pike said the same thing, “Hey, when I’m, you know, I already know ahead of time when I’m not going to be feeling great,” because she’s very, you know, she tracks everything very intentionally. So she’s like, “Look, during this time, you know, is when I know, I need to be asking for more help.” And, and, and I think that, it, I think that having this conversation with a partner is going to demystify it, it’s going to change it. And it’s going to allow for, you know, your partner to understand like, “Okay, cool, yeah, I can step it up, you know, during this time, and that’s actually gonna benefit me, too.” (Brad laughs)

    Lesley Logan 33:40
    Yeah. And I think that, you know, since we’ve had her on, because, I mean, we recorded this podcast a while back, we had her on in, I think it was like June or July and set the Agency webinar. And I literally was like, “Okay, I’m, this is the app I’m using, I’m changing this now.” And I I know everyone on the team was a little nervous when I was like, “I’m gonna change all of my due dates and everything based on my cycle.” But everyone’s getting their stuff (Brad: Oh, yeah) on time, (Brad: And we’re ahead of time.) with enthusiasm. (Brad: Yeah, yeah) (Lesley laughs) And they and I have also been really honest with them. I said, “I’m really nervous about getting these things done by this date,” because of when I’m going to how I’m going to feel and everyone has been able to go, “Okay, what has to get done? (Brad: Yeah.) How do we make this happen? How can we support?” And I’m like, “I don’t even feel guilty about that.” And I and I think in the past before actually appreciating all of this, I think I might have but y’all asking for help is also actually really freaking cool. It is not a sign of weakness is a sign of strength and power and you cannot be it till you see it, on your own. (Brad: That’s true) It makes me think of um, you know, My Cousin Vinnie … (Brad gasps) the movie. (Brad: Yes) At the very end when he gets really mad at Marisa Tomei, whatever her character’s name is, because she helped him with a case she like did something to help with the case. And he’s like, “I want to do this first case on my own.” She goes, “Oh my God, imagine winning all of your cases.” And at the end, you have to say, “Thank you.” (Brad and Lesley laughs) Oh my God, what a fucking problem. What a nightmare? And I just think I wish I understood that when I was a child, because that’s when my mom loved that movie. But I wish I’d understood that because I think I would have been like, it’s actually not a nightmare to ask people for help … and say thank you. It’s usually really freaking cool to not do this alone. And you don’t have to do your cycle alone. And you don’t have to be it till you see it alone. So, (Brad: That’s true) All right. I’m Lesley Logan.

    Brad Crowell 35:33
    And I’m Brad Crowell.

    Lesley Logan 35:34
    Thank you so much for joining… joining us today. We’re so grateful you’re here. (Brad: Yes) How are you going to use these tips in your life? Let us know by sending a DM to the pod on Instagram. Make sure you tag Jenn Pike. She’s got two Ns and myself and let us know and we’ll catch you on the next episode.

    Brad Crowell 35:50
    Bye for now.

    Lesley Logan
    That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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