Ways to Love Your Body With Your Fashion Choices

Ep. 316 Jessica Papineau

“I learned that I am best positioned to serve the woman that I once was.”

Jessica Papineau

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The founder of CSJ, a leading styling company for high-performing female entrepreneurs—and other women who simply want to look and feel their best—Jessica Papineau has spent 25 years in the fashion industry, teaching women how to use fashion to serve their purpose, boost their confidence, and elevate their image.Jessica has styled hundreds of women, from moms struggling to dress their post-partum bodies, to businesswomen seeking to level up in their careers, to seven-figure entrepreneurs, executives for billion-dollar global brands, online influencers with millions of followers, and professionals in the entertainment, sports, and music industries. A thought leader in fashion styling, her insights have been featured in various print publications and media outlets. She regularly partners with nonprofit organizations such as the Tidewell Foundation and SPARCC to donate high-end clothes and provide hope to people in need. With a goal of helping women imagine more for themselves, break free from what’s holding them back, and show the world who they truly are, Jessica is committed to empowering women to elevate their style and transform their career, relationships, and life.

Show Notes

In this episode, join Lesley as she explores how fashion can be a powerful tool for loving and celebrating your body. Expert stylist, Jessica shares transformative insights and practical tips to align your wardrobe with your unique beauty, boost self-confidence, and feel amazing in your own skin. Tune in for an empowering journey towards embracing women’s true self through style.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How overcoming personal challenges can enhance your fashion sense.
  • Jessica’s childhood experiences in retail and how she learned to help women feel beautiful.
  • The power of fashion in transforming self-confidence.
  • The blueprint in choosing the right wardrobe and achieving your personal fashion goals.

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Jessica Papineau: And this is why I do what I do because then I just love it so much is I watch their eye then look at their whole body and begin to see what I see that beauty that I’m seeing. And I watch it and it’s just this little shift. And there have been so many moments where I have seen women literally cry tears of joy that they could for the very first time feel beautiful.



Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 1:16
Hi, Be It babe. Alright, today’s talk, you might hear her job and go I don’t, that’s like superficial and I don’t need to think about clothes. Yes, my love you do. Yes, you do. And here’s why. Being it till you see it, stepping into the person you want to be is absolutely about how we show up in the world. If we want people to see us as a woman and person that we already believe ourselves to be being and working towards that. That is an important thing. And it can be so overwhelming and Jessica knows that in so many ways. And so she actually highlights and I feel like she’ll be you’ll feel like she’s talking to you. I love her be it story at the end, you have to hear it. I also absolutely love her journey to becoming who she is. And her really understanding you know, sometimes we think of this as being like, whatever, it just fits, who cares. But really, it’s so much more than that. And so she’s explaining some really great items and ideas that can help you step into your awesome self and show up as the woman you already are. Especially on those days and you’re like, does anyone see me? Does anyone know me? So this is one of my favorite people in the whole world. I see the work that she’s doing for women and it is anything but superficial. It’s absolutely soul level. And so here is Jessica Papineau.

Lesley Logan 2:30
Hey, Be lt babe. Okay, this is gonna be the most fun conversation I think we’ve ever had just because I know this woman’s amazing, you’re gonna love her. But also we are going to talk about like clothes, and like what to wear, and really how what you were in can help you be it till you see it. So my guest today is the one and only Jessica Papineau. She and I met at a women’s event with Renee who’s also on the pod and my friend Corinne. My bessie Corinne who’s on the pod who invited me to come there and Jessica sat behind me. And then we went to the same workshop together. And I was wearing an amazing outfit. But Jessica helped me do some new changes to my wardrobe. It’s been so fun. So Jessica, can you tell everyone who you are and what you rock at?

Jessica Papineau 3:11
Hi, Lesley, thank you so much for having me. I am just so excited to be here and to be around all of your people and having them listen to me. So, thank you. And basically, for my business, what I do is I am a fashion stylist. I’m owner, founder of CSJ, which is an authentic fashion styling company. I help high-performing women to elevate their fashion and transform their careers, their relationships and their lives. So I’m essentially serving women, many ages, many sizes all over the board. But for the most part, who I really truly serve in the deepest way is the woman between about the ages of 30 and 50. And she’s that high-performing woman. She is the woman that is continuously leveling up her game, reinventing herself, educating herself, hiring the talent to help her get to that next level. And so you know, so many women, they lack, that are this woman, they lack the time to really be able to prepare a wardrobe that not only aligns with their lifestyle and what they’re doing day to day, but it also doesn’t totally align with the woman that they are meant to be and who they’re becoming. And so what I’m really helping women do is to close that gap between where they are and where they want to go. I’m helping them close the gap quicker by figuratively and literally helping them step into that woman that they’re becoming, they were designed to be. So that’s it.

Lesley Logan 5:10
I love it so much, because I used to work in retail before I got into the Pilates world. And it is so true how like, what we put on can really elevate our energy, our mood, you know, how people see us, how we want to be seen, like clothes are your weight. It’s like, it’s like your own billboard and say, This is who I am, you know. And I think, I definitely know the pandemic helped a lot of people to get out of that. Everyone’s wearing leggings and their sweatpants. And like, no one was wearing anything that matched on the bottom, they’re just putting things to halfway up. And so, so I’m sure you’ve been even busier. But I also think that like, I also think as women transition in their age, and as they become more and more this woman they want to be sometimes they don’t even know what to wear, and or what’s going to look good on them. Because what used to look good on them doesn’t look good on them. So their bodies have changed, like all these things. And you’re like, I don’t even know, and you go to the store, and it’s overwhelming. And so I guess like, how, how did you? How did you actually start working with high performing women? And also like, how you keep them from like, just getting overwhelmed by the whole idea of like, I mean, changing a wardrobe seems overwhelming.

Jessica Papineau 6:29
Well, I didn’t always really niche in and know who that woman was that I was truly serving. But I think a big part of it had to do with the growth of being an entrepreneur, and working with so many different women and then really honing in on my why, like, why am I doing what I’m doing? Why do I love it? Well, number one, it’s just my gift to give the world like I had that realization that I just have that special something when it comes to beauty and fashion and really understanding what women are needing and how they need to dress their bodies and how they can feel more beautiful and not have the confusion around fashion. And I used to do this, you know, really, I’m here in Sarasota, Florida. So when I was when I did not have my online presence, Sarasota, it’s evolved. But originally, it was a little bit more of like that, the retired woman. Like she was in that season of life. And so that woman I enjoy working with and helping, but they’re in a different season of life. And what I learned is that I am best positioned to serve the woman that I once was, righ?. And I think, you know, as an entrepreneur, and you’ve been in business, doing your business for what, 14 years

Lesley Logan 7:52
Oh yeah, something like that.

Jessica Papineau 7:54
And so I’m sure over the years, you know, there’s this self-discovery that happens. And there’s also this, like at some point realization like that, you really want that, that reward that transformation for the other person. Because when you’re in a business for a long period of time, or you’re living out your dream of what you’re designed to do, you want to really offer the biggest impact and serve as deeply as you can. So I guess that’s my somewhat long answer.

Lesley Logan 8:28
But thank you for sharing the journey because I do think that as people listen, there’s so many people who listen who are wanting to work for themselves or work for themselves. And they question like, oh, I keep changing who this is for? It’s like, No, I think you just get like you’re just cutting them next layer of an onion, and you’re getting more and more clear about like, what, like who you’re trying to serve. And like when I first started in my business, I was a guest to everybody. You want to do Pilates with me, that’s, yes, I’ll teach you and then eventually, like, okay, actually, I don’t want to teach that person because that is not my person, they are an energy drain, and then you start to realize, like, oh, I keep attracting this person, you know, and it took me a long, it took me probably till 2019 to realize like, oh, oh, I’m serving the person that I used to be. Right. And sometimes still am especially like, when it comes to the podcast, and it comes to OPC like I, the woman I keep thinking about is the woman like like she’s I’m a recovering perfectionist and she is still one or trying to be and like we’re kind of like working on that together. You know, so I feel like that is it takes a bit to realize like oh, I used to be you I know you really really well I actually know you more than I think it’s like right there in front your face. Okay, so when it comes to clothing, can we talk a little bit about why it matters because I think like you have the best answer about like why am I so so even my listening like I don’t have the money or I don’t have the time or that’s nice but like I’m not in that season my life like why does like what we put on our bodies matters so much?

Jessica Papineau 9:58
I want to make this super, super simple because not only are like, is fashion and putting outfits together that can feel very overwhelming for women, it also can be really overwhelming to think about the how, like, how could I possibly do that and, you know, start thinking about budget and start thinking about do I deserve and do I have the time, instead of that, I just want everyone to imagine what it would what it would be like to wake up every single day, walk in your closet, and know that no matter what you’re putting on your body, that everything that you have in your wardrobe has a purpose, you feel amazing in it. And you know, you can, you’re easily prepared for anything that comes your way. And in doing that, the overwhelm dissipates, right? Then you are able to get up, suit up and show up in your power every single day. Because you put that outfit on, that makes you feel amazing. You look in the mirror, and you step into your power, you’re able to, your confidence elevates, right? You’re able to walk out that door, knowing that you are the best version of yourself that you can allow your true authenticity, your true gifts to be shared with the world to be shared with others. And you’ll also have the ability to hold the space with other people to truly help them in whatever your expertise is, to guide them to be the best versions of their of themselves. As a woman, our the way that we perceive ourselves to look is really tied to confidence. And I have, in helping hundreds and hundreds of women over the last 25 years, I know that this is the case for most every woman I have never met a woman that it wasn’t the case for. And I think there’s a lot of, women have a lot of loneliness around that feeling of not feeling good in their own skin and not feeling beautiful. Because they don’t realize that every other woman has those same feelings.

Lesley Logan 12:30
Everyone’s going along with. I’m the one who doesn’t know that. Look at them. They know what they’re doing. They know what they’re doing. But like but every woman on a pedestal She must know what she’s doing. Inside, she’s like, in my mind, it’s really, but you’re, you’re correct. Like it’s, as you’re talking, I’m just like thinking about like how much money and time women will spend on like their wedding dress. Yeah, and I get it. Like, I love my wedding. It was so fun. And I love my dress, I’ve actually worn it like five other times because it’s blue. And so I tend to wear it to people’s weddings. It’s something blue. So but I think like I think that like the amount of money people spend and the time and all the things. And then when it comes to the regular daily life, they’re just like, throwing things on. And it’s like, what if I mean, like, I’m not saying, like, don’t care about the wedding day, but like, that’s one day and it’s not actually like you’re not putting your wedding day pictures all over your house. I’ve never seen that. So like, what if like, you just actually spent a 10th of that time, like on your clothes you wear for your daily life and like, you know, and then you brought up worthiness and I’m sure you hear this all the time with women especially like, especially if they have kids. Like, I shouldn’t be spending money on this right now. And this seems like you know what I mean? Like, especially because the seasons change, and they need new things like how, how do you talk about that with women?

Jessica Papineau 13:50
You just said a lot there.

Lesley Logan 13:51
I know I did. I’m sorry. I’m so excited.

Jessica Papineau 13:55
I want to touch on first. Okay, so first I’ll touch on what you said about really putting in, you know, the the real effort when it comes to fashion and and putting yourself together. So number one, I when I first started working with with a woman, the one thing that every single woman says to me, and because we do our like freestyling call, we get on Zoom, we’re talking and I asked them the question. So what is it that is most like what’s your biggest challenge with your clothing and your wardrobe? And they always say, I have a closet full of clothes, but feel like I have nothing to wear that makes me feel great. And so they have a closet full of clothes that they spent money on. And so there’s so much wasted time, wasted money in picking out a wardrobe for themselves that just doesn’t align with their lifestyle, doesn’t they don’t feel great in and it doesn’t make them feel confident. And so really, it’s about making, really understanding it from the point of view of me, which is, let’s make this simple. How do you build a core wardrobe of pieces that fit amazing, that take you season to season that you will always feel great in, but that are basic. So here’s the thing, this is where women default all the time is that we buy on emotion and we go into a store and we want to buy the shiny pretty things, you know, maybe we see something floral, we see something metallic, we see something really cool novelty. And I know you are this woman.

Lesley Logan 15:45
Oh, I’m so good with novellty. I’m really great with novelty.

Jessica Papineau 15:51
And so what happens is, I will actually see people’s wardrobes with a closet full of novelty, or even like fast fashion things that they didn’t spend a lot of money on for that one item, but they have so many of that item, they’ve just like, spent so much money, but they don’t have good basics. So I that’s the first thing like get down to the basics, and really hone in because you don’t necessarily need to have an abundance of clothes, you need to be strategic about what those pieces are.

Jessica Papineau 16:25
And in speaking of the worthiness. So, you know, I am a mom of two boys, I grew up with a lot of feelings of unworthiness. So I’ll just give you like a little brief overview story, because this will kind of help you to realize how I’m able to work with other women in this way and hold the space with them to get to get on the other side of that feeling. So I grew up as I lived with parents that were hippies, we lived in a place called Buckfield, Maine. Nobody knows where that is. There’s about I think there were maybe 2000 people that lived in the town. We were off the grid. We had no running water. We had no electricity. We had an outhouse. And I had clothing from Salvation Army. But I’m not talking cool novelty pieces, Lesley, like, I know, you may have found in like a vintage shop. I’m really what was the 70s like a lot of like brown and bell bottoms, which are super cool. But they weren’t necessarily the best pieces. But my love as like a four year old and I remember this vividly was the clothing that I had in my closet. And it wasn’t the best. But I just knew how to put it together like instinctively like I was just born with this gift. So I would spend hours upon hours and at this time, I was an only child, I would be putting these outfits on, I’d look in the mirror. And I would pretend that I was at parties and I was doing all these fun things. And I friends and everyone loved me and I have the time of my life all in my bedroom, trying on clothes looking in the mirror, I was having an amazing party every day. And I love it so much. I grew up with my parents and no fault of theirs because they they truly believed the important things in life were like you you had a vegetable garden and you can do the vegetables and it was about survival and you know, it was just a different mindset than me and I was like how did I get here with these people? And I realized

Lesley Logan 18:54
They probably were like (inaudible).

Jessica Papineau 18:56
I didn’t look like them so I am from them but I don’t know how I how it happened. So as I got a little bit older because you know as you’re like really young you don’t really you just have that innocence. You just, you just are, you just be. And as I got older, I started to feel like I was superficial because I loved these things. I loved fashion. I loved beauty. I loved feeling beautiful. And so then over time I started to have some shame around loving it so much because I felt very lonely in it and like it wasn’t something that I should be doing. And so I started to feel really not good about who I was or even worthy of you know, making these outfits or feeling beautiful.

Lesley Logan 19:53
That goes almost like wasting time or like yeah, like or the shamefulness because your family is because the most important thing is the garden and you’re like, yes, but I look good in this outfit. And I love putting this outfit together. Yeah, I understand. Like, it just doesn’t feel like it aligned to that you belong.

Jessica Papineau 20:09
Right, right. I didn’t feel like I belonged. And there were times, you know, in my childhood, I just I felt invisible. And I felt alone, until I understood that feeling. But I also on my superpower, because of how I grew up, because instead of watching TV, I was reading or I was listening to this, this thing on the radio called Spider’s Web when I was growing up, and they tell stories. So my superpower was like, I could close my eyes and imagine being anywhere, but where I was. And I could imagine, I knew there was something better. I just, I could create a whole life for myself in my mind. And so I had these feelings, but I also my superpower was my imagination. And I ended up I left Maine, my parents divorced. I left Maine, I moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the big city, it was a big city in comparison to the 2000 people that were in the small town. When my parents divorced, my dad, at some point, moved to Canada, moved back to Canada. He was Canadian, and lived with his mom in Winnipeg, Manitoba. And I wanted to go there because it was a city. And there was running water. There was heat. There was a hairdryer, a shower, a toilet, and I could go and work retail. Like that was my dream.

Lesley Logan 21:37
You’re like, I, I, this is where I’m going to be. This is my big chance. I love this so much. People from Manitoba, what? She couldn’t wait to get there?

Jessica Papineau 21:46
So at 16, I’m this like, tall, lanky, 16-year-old kid. I decided I get to Winnipeg, my goal, my first goal, yes, I had to enroll in school. But then what I did was I put on, I had a black skirt suit. And I put on my nylons and these pumps. And I had a resume. And I took two buses to get to the Big Mom. And I had never taken a city bus. Like I was scared. I didn’t totally know what I was doing. But I somehow by the grace of God, I made it to Pooler Park Mall. Get to Pooler Park Mall and I hand out my resume to all the clothing stores. I get as far as the last clothing store on the second floor and hand in my resume to the manager and said I would just like I would love to work here. I love clothes. This is my passion. Basically, will you hire me. And she interviews me, hires me on the spot. But unbeknownst to me, I had just been hired at a woman’s plus-sized clothing store. And so talk about you know, body image and you know, like, having feelings of unworthiness. And I didn’t realize that other women had these feelings. Like I thought it was only me. And I was just excited to be there and dress women. So I start my very first day as this tall, lanky 16-year-old girl and realizing that I had just been hired at a plus-sized clothing store. And as women walked in, they would not even look at me, let alone help let me help them. And it destroyed me because I thought, well, why wouldn’t they want me to? I didn’t see myself as like the skinny, scrawny and then being plus size. That’s not what I saw at all. Yeah, like I just wanted to put clothes on them and make them feel beautiful. And so I watched them come in, they grab like handfuls of clothes, go in the fitting room and then come out with nothing. And like Buzz past me.

Lesley Logan 24:02
I feel like it’s almost like every woman like I don’t really think, like every woman I don’t care what your size is. I feel like a ton of women go into the dressing room and they come out with nothing. Or they come out with something they already, they’ve already bought. They already, it already exists in their closet. Anyways, I interrupted you.

Jessica Papineau 24:18
Buying duplicate? Yes. And that’s another thing, waste of money buying duplicates of the same exact thing. And it still doesn’t work. But yes. So then I started to see some of them would come out they look in the mirror, I’d be watching at their expression, right of like not feeling good about their body. If you know something didn’t look good on them. But then I also started to see what did look good on them. And so I started to imagine, like I had always done and I started to see what the pieces would look like if I put them together in such a way and I saw it in my mind because I’m a crazy creative and eventually once these women would start to leave the store I would say excuse me, clearly, you came here for a purpose. You parked in, in the, in the parking lot, and you came to the top floor at the furthest store that you could come to. And you definitely must have had a purpose in coming. Like, obviously, you need something and and it looks like it didn’t work out today. What do you have to lose? Give me a try. And so that’s really how it all began. And I started to learn how to transform women’s lives through fashion, beauty, and then that transferring to confidence. And I watched them as I would dress them, they look in the mirror, and every woman and still to this day, every woman, it doesn’t matter plus size, or what size they are really, their eye, when they put clothes on their eye goes right to the area of their body that they don’t like that they’re shameful of, right, and they focus and hyper-focus. And what happens when you hyper-focus on something is it becomes bigger, and it becomes worse. And it becomes more shameful, the more energy we put there, right? And so I started to learn how to teach these women how to highlight the best areas of themselves, instead of seeing that area and just automatically wanting to cover it up.

Lesley Logan 26:28
Right. And that’s it’s actually, like, I was thinking, like, I wanted to make sure we like touch on like, what, if you don’t like an area of your body, is the best thing to like, wear the biggest flowy like no shape thing, what is the best thing to do, and you just said, and this is so key, everyone, you should listen, you said highlight the best part. So it’s not about covering up or hiding the part you don’t like, it’s about drawing attention to the best part of you, because that’s what people are gonna see anyways, there, but you need to see it, I think we are the person who needs to (inaudible).

Jessica Papineau 26:57
But it’s a matter of so it’s a it’s a pretty intimate thing. So you know, now what I’m doing, working one on one with women, you know, all over the the United States now and a little bit into Canada, as well as locally here in Florida, you know, holding that space with a woman that is feeling revealed in front of another woman, like they’re looking at themselves in the mirror, and they’re seeing that shameful place and they’re not you know, when you feel shame your initial, you know, like the human response is to isolate, right, and you don’t want to be around someone else in that space, but they’re allowing themselves to be vulnerable with me, so that I can hold the space for them in that moment, and then show them how to do it. So that instead of the eye going right to that area that they don’t like, they really start to see the whole thing. Like and then you know, they’re not covering, they’re not covering the area. In fact, oftentimes the area is like full view, but the area, also the areas that are amazing are also being highlighted. So there’s no looking at the one area. It’s looking at the whole. And then I watch and this is why I do what I do. And I just love it so much is I watch their eye then look at their whole body and begin to see what I see that beauty that I’m seeing. And I watched it and it’s just this little shift. And there have been so many moments where I have seen women literally cry tears of joy that they could for the very first time feel beautiful and there’s some women and like women that I’ve helped that are older that have said I have never had this feeling in my life I have gone my entire life – been a mother worked, you know many jobs had you know, you know, high-level positions, whatever it may be, but I’ve never felt truly beautiful.

Lesley Logan 27:50
Here’s the thing, it’s so fast and we’re told that like what we dress and like what we’re wearing and all that sort of superficial but as I like one, because you sent me some amazing clothes I’m like oh my God look I because I you know I stopped doing retail I started wearing leggings six days a week so it becomes like an outfit. So but you oh this like, this is how I feel this this is how I wanted this is amazing, like you step in, you be the person that you show up as the person you’ve always want people to see you as. And somehow we’ve been taught and this is like I feel like people just try to make us stay down and stay small that the clothes are superficial but actually like when they make you feel like the best version of yourself. But how is that at all superficial? That is only deep and like from the soul because it lets you shine and lets you helps you take up space and every place that you are. I think it’s amazing. Are there quick tips for people who have the closet full of things that nothing to wear? How do they just like purge it out? And what are the top basics they should be getting?

Jessica Papineau 30:27
I love this question. Because it doesn’t have to be complicated. I think just you saying that out loud. And everyone hearing what you just said. I’m sure every woman’s like, stress level just went up imagining doing that.

Lesley Logan 30:47
Yeah, yeah. Like I don’t have the time. Or like, well, if I get rid of these clothes, what I have to wear, I promise you do the same things you’re still wearing, because you’re not wearing most of the things that are in there.

Jessica Papineau 30:58
No, well, what most women do is they’re wearing maybe 15% of what they own, maybe if they’re lucky, most women, it’s like a rotation of like, Five out five to 10 outfits, maybe if that. And those outfits, the way that they’re described are, well, they’re good enough. And so again, we are worthy of more than good enough, we are worthy of standing in our power and being that best version of ourselves. The easiest way to come about it, and I have a free download, I’m also going to make sure that is you know, I know you’re gonna link it and we’re gonna make sure to share it. It’s a wardrobe edit blueprint. So with all of my years of experience in fashion, and in doing wardrobe evaluations for my clients, I have found a formula that works beautifully. And I’ll give you like the real high level of what it is. It’s also, I’ll also kind of explain my framework, because the wardrobe edit portion of things, really is key to the overall success of the process of what it is that I do with my clients. So basically the wardrobe edit before even like walking in your wardrobe. It’s about reviewing and reflecting on your life. It’s about thinking about where am I now? And where was I? What season of life am I in? And what do I really, really want? Not what you know, what do I think other people want of me, but what do I truly want? What are my hopes and dreams? Not, you know, I shouldn’t be doing this so I can support my family or my mom wants me to be doing this or yeah, I think I want a promotion in my job because that’s the natural next step. If it’s something completely off the wall, that’s fine, then that’s a good opportunity to like, give yourself permission to really go there. Think about what it is and imagine yourself there. And yes, I’m talking about manifesting. So then taking that, you know, giving yourself a moment to maybe grieve the loss of who you once were. And I’m saying that because most women haven’t let go of parts of themselves. And they’ve evolved, but they’re still looking behind them at maybe thinking about their youth and their beauty in their youth or something they used to be able to do and now they kind of feel stuck. Or they’re thinking in their life currently that they’re not really going to continue to move the needle that they’re just going through the monotony of things. And really taking the time to have the awareness, letting go of some of those past things. And then walking in the wardrobe with the or your closet with the mindset of I am only moving forward. And then taking that and using some really actionable steps. So when assessing if an item stays or goes in your wardrobe, whether or not like you really need to get real with yourself is this item serving you in any way shape or form in your current lifestyle and where your life is headed. I use something my formula is the three F’s and it stands for fit, fabric and fashion. So there’s actually four things that you need to be looking at. Obviously, fit. Fit is does it fit you? It’s very simple. It’s a yes or no answer. Yeah. And does it fit you right now? Not like the talking yourself into well, I’m gonna keep it. someday I’m

Lesley Logan 35:01
Someda, I’m going to fit into it. Yeah, yeah.

Jessica Papineau 35:03
And when you do that, that actually creates your your, you know, oftentimes, women are telling me they’re there, it’s too small. And they’re keeping all these jeans that are two sizes too small, because, like you said, One day, I’ll fit into them. And they think they’re motivating themselves, right, by them being there. And all they’re doing is shaming themselves. And any woman that says, I want to keep those items that either I spent a lot of money on them, and I, you know, I definitely know I’m gonna get into them one day, or I’m in the process of losing weight. Take those pieces and remove them from that immediate space. So you don’t need to be walking in your closet everyday seeing them. Not a good idea.

Jessica Papineau 35:47
Fabric. The fabric is a big one. This is a critical part and a lot and not many women are educated on this. So I won’t get too in depth because I don’t want to confuse people. But this is how to know if your fabrics are good or need to be retired. Is the item peeling? Is it faded? Does it look like it’s been washed 50 million times? And it no longer if it was once black? It maybe looks like a light charcoal? I mean, that’s kind of an obvious one. But sometimes we don’t really think about it, we just keep wearing it. For denim, this is a huge one. And most people when I tell them never have been educated on this. So jeans, how to know if the fabric is compromised? If you pick up your denim, and it’s with it without it being on your body. And right in the I’m gonna say the crotch area, right where you’re, you know, you’d be sitting and there’d be like that little crease. If you see little bubbling in that area. That means that the fabric is compromised. So in denim, most denim, I know there’s the rigid denim out there now, too. But most denim has lycra in it, at least, you know, one to 2%. So when lycra breaks down, that’s what happens to it, it bubbles and it breaks down because you’ve worn that item so many times or you’ve thrown it in the dryer and it’s broken down the fabric. But when it’s bubbling, it is not doing its job of smoothing and lifting and all of those things. So you may put the jeans on and be like well, they’re fine, they fit, but they’re not really doing what they’re meant to do.

Lesley Logan 37:31
Yeah. Oooh, these are great tips. I think this is really fun. Okay, I (inaudible) I feel like we can talk to you forever. But thank goodness do you exist in this world and you have so many great resources for people. We’re gonna take the quickest break and then we’re gonna come back and find out how people can get this guide and work with you and like really just be it till they see it especially with their clothing I just thank God that you exist Alright, just go where do people find you, work with you, follow you, all those things.

Jessica Papineau 38:01
So my website is CSJstyling.com I would highly recommend that and we’ll link it you know in the show notes, whatever.

Lesley Logan 38:12
Yeah. Everything will be.

Jessica Papineau 38:13
The free wardrobe blueprint. I would also highly recommend to follow me on social media on Instagram. It’s @theJessicaPapineau. Customized Styling by Jessica is my handle on Facebook. And then it’s also my handle on YouTube. I try my very best to offer as much value on all my platforms as I can. I also you can work one one-on-one with me currently and I have also I think I may have already given you my the link to request a freestyling call.

Lesley Logan 38:50
Yes. So all that’s gonna be in the show notes. You guys request a freestyling call, I promise you have nothing to lose, you only have things to gain because you’re gonna get clarity around what you like the there’s something about feeling seen by someone else who only wants to make sure you shine, you know? And like yes, like that’s what I want to do when I coach people and that’s what a lot of we’ve had different guests on but like you actually help people show up as a person they want everyone to see in this world. And so there’s really something nice about having that like piece be completed in your in your closet with what you’re going to wear. So we’ll have that note in the show notes.

Jessica Papineau 39:27
Yes. And then bigger than that I have some really exciting news and some amazing things on the horizon. So definitely, you know, follow me, stay tuned for more. I am creating an app right now a styling app I’ve decided you know I can continue to help women one-on-one but how do I influence and impact masses of women that all need this? And we’re going to do this through an app I have a digital course coming out, a three-tiered membership, a community where there’ll be teaching on tips and tricks and webinars and guest guest speakers. I can’t wait to bring in people like yourself, Lesley, as a guest expert coming in, and I want to offer value in all areas. This is a very holistic approach.

Lesley Logan 40:25
I mean, I think that that’s one of the reasons why I we get along so well, because everything that we do is very holistic. It’s not like, this is the one thing that can change your life. It’s no, this is part of the things you’re already doing to change your life. This is very much part of that. And it really helps complete the package. Before I let you go, be it action items, bold, executable, intrinsic, targeted steps women can take to be it till they see it. What do you have for us?

Jessica Papineau 40:51
I have learned that when you give yourself permission, like we talked about to review and reflect on your life, and imagine what you truly want, what your dreams are. And then the way that I take the actionable steps is I write them down, I think about what that thing is what that goal is what I really want. And I give myself every morning to write down something that can be an actionable step that can get me closer to that one thing. So just as an example, when I first started my business, and I imagined, and it’s now become bigger than I ever could have imagined. But when I imagined the woman that I wanted to be, and how I wanted to work with other women, I lived my life every day as if I was doing it, and how I did that. I’ll just give a very small example. In the very early days, before I even had many clients, I had a handful and that was about it. I would I actually when I first like day one of my company, I actually wasn’t, I thought I had completely prepared for it and booked out all my appointments. But where I was working the woman let me go, like I gave two weeks notice. But she was like you’re going to take on my clients, like get out now. And so and I’d worked there for eight years. So it took 24 hours to cry. And then I got up and I took a shower. And I made myself up in my in the most beautiful way. And I left the house. And I went to an area of the city that was all shopping. I had my business cards, I walked into every store, I helped women in the store. I saw people that I knew, and they asked me what I was doing. And I said I am shopping for my clients. And here’s my business card. My I’m I’m a little bit booked out right now. But why don’t you pull up your grab your phone, pull up your schedule. In two weeks, I have an appointment on this day at this time or this day at this time. And I would book my people, I would book the people. And I also started building relationships with the stores. And they said, we’ve never seen anything like this. We want to pay you commission to sell our clothes when you bring your clients here. Every single person in all those stores thought that I was shopping for someone that those first two weeks. And I just lived it as if I was doing that. And that’s how you move the needle for in a very expedited way.

Lesley Logan 43:46
Yes, it every person listening. Yes, I tell people this. I tell them this all the time when it comes to like you have to like go out and like talk to people in there. Like I’m so shy. I’m like, you’re nervous. You’re nervous and you’re scared but like you teach people for a living so obviously you can talk to strangers. But if you get so upset like oh my God, they’re gonna find out and I love so much that you did this. I love that you did this. This is that’s a great story. One of the best I’ve heard. So thank you for sharing that and I love that you’re like no, we’re gonna book out and I’m in everyone’s thinking that I’m shopping this week because you were also like you had like you were shopping for clients. Yes. Um, oh my gosh, I’m just obsessed. Okay, do you have any be it action items for us though?

Jessica Papineau 44:32
Oh, the action items. Oh, I love this. I picked three okay for a week and it may seem small, but four it moves you know it compounds itself when you take these action steps so I think about my end game for like the week, what are my goals for the week? And then I work my way back. What are three things I can do if I want, by the end of the week to have two new clients, what do I need to do to get there, and I write down every single day, I’m going to put something out there on social media about my wardrobe edit blueprint, for example. Or I’m going to call per day three clients that I haven’t heard from in a year, or in six months, or whatever it may be. I just picked three different action items to go along with that thing that I’m focusing on, either for that week, or maybe it’s for the month.

Lesley Logan 45:34
I think that’s great. Because too often we put down 17 things we’re gonna do that day. And it busies ourselves that sometimes half of those things have nothing to do with the actual goal, we just tell ourselves that they do. And if we don’t change, then nothing changes. And so you’re like, taking like, what is the goal for the week or the month? And then what are three things I can do today? That’s when I’m going to do it. That’s brilliant. And it’s simple. And also, like, too often we don’t do it, because like, oh, only three things, I should do 15 things.

Jessica Papineau 46:06
You know what I think it is Lesley? I think it’s more than that. I think it’s that we want immediate gratification and action steps that you need to take. If you want something that’s really big and really meaningful to you. You have to put in the work and put in the deposits. And so there’s it’s a long game. It’s not an overnight game. It’s not a snap your fingers, and it’s done. So I think people think if they take these action steps, and they don’t see results right away, that they just kind of give up on it.

Lesley Logan 46:44
Yeah, I think you’re right. I think you’re really right on that. Well, my dear, I get to see you in real life. Like before this episode comes out. So by the time this has come out, we’ve gotten to see each other in real life, for the first time in many months. Thank you for being you. Thank you for making people realize that fashion is not superficial, it’s actually like really helps us show up as a woman we are that we want to be and let people see that fully. And also on our best selves. So just thank you for the work that you’re doing. You’re changing lives everywhere. And y’all how do you use these tips in your life? Make sure that you tag Jessica, make sure you tag the Be It Pod. Share this with a friend who maybe thinks that like fashion is not for anything more than function, because she probably needs it the most. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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