What does B.E.I.T
actually mean?

Ep. 2 with Lesley & Brad

“Fake it till you make it” is the perception of others looking at you. “Be it till you see it” is your perception of yourself until you get there”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Today’s pod introduces you to Lesley’s husband, Brad Crowell, the CEO of their company. You’ll meet him every other episode when they dig into the interview that Lesley hosted in the previous episode. In this episode you’ll learn where the name of the podcast came from, what “Be It” actually stands for (it’s an acronym) and then some great convo about the interview that LL had with Joanna Vargas from Episode 1.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Where the name of the podcast comes from
  • What the Be It acronym stands for (B.E.I.T)
  • How “Be It Till You See It” is totally different from “Fake It Till You Make It”
  • How to play the “remember when” game
  • What is a “Loop” or “Open Loop”?
  • Why procrastination is not bad
  • The power of speaking someone’s first name to them

Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and business fitness coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to out yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan  00:32

Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap, actually. Welcome to the interview recap to the BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT Pod. This is our first one! So this is where my co-host in life, Brad and I are going to dig into an amazing conversation I had with Joanna Vargas in our last episode, if you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now. Feel free to pause this now and go back and listen to that one, and then you come back and join us. Or, if you’re like me, and you’d like to know how things end, then you can listen to this one, and then go back to that one. There are no rules here. This is your life and you get to Be It Till You See It the way you want. Okay.


Brad Crowell 01:11

She’s not live. That’s literally how she is.


Lesly Logan  01:13

It’s how I watch everything.


Bra Crowell 01:15



Lesley Logan 01:16

If you watch the Crown, and Google it on Wikipedia while you’re watching it let me know in the DMs on Instagram. Okay, so, anyways. Um, but first, Brad, is there any. Okay, hold on. So, this is where y’all, this is where we have an audience question but I’m gonna be really honest this is the first episode so there’s no way that you could have sent us anything to ask us. Cuz you didn’t hear the interview yet. And this podcast just launched, so we thought we would do something different today.


Brad Crowell 01:47

Yeah, we thought basically instead of an audience question. That instead we share just a little bit about what Be It Till You See It actually means, how we came up with the name of the pod. And what we focus on with our takeaways, with each interview.


Lesley Logan 02:09



Brad Crowell 02:09

So tell me, first off, tell me how we came up with the name.


Lesly Logan  02:12

Okay, so let me be really honest. We have been trying to figure out a name for a podcast for about three years.


Brad Crowell 02:20



Lesley Logan 02:20

So, we have, we have come up with many, we have many URLs to many podcasts that will never be, and that’s okay. But the way this interview came, this way this podcast name came about is, so I have been listening to an interview with Amy Cuddy on, it’s an interview is a “TED talk with Amy Cuddy” that one of my OPC members had sent to me and she said, this interview makes me think of you and how you teach. And I was like, who has 15 minutes just to watch a random interview, random TED Talks of which, I don’t know anything about right like I’m not, I have to be honest, y’all I’m not a TED talk watcher when I watch a TED talk, it’s because someone sent it to me. So I listen to this TED talk, and she shares how, she shares the study that they did about how if you stand in the Superwoman stance, that means, hands on hips if you’re on YouTube, then you can see this if you’re listening to a pod, then I need you to stand with your hands on your hips. Put your feet parallel and a little bit wider than your hips, lift your chest and be the super woman that you are. And if you hold that for five minutes. What it tells your brain is that you’re a fucking badass. She didn’t say that those are my words but basically they did a study where they had people stand in that posture for five minutes, and then they had people go into an interview and they had these interview – ERS, forgot the end of that – interviewer clearly haven’t had to go on an interview in a while. They had these interviewers have no expression whatsoever, completely interview them and the people that did the power stance left the interviewing nailed it. When the interviewer literally gave no expression whatsoever. They had people sit in a slump position so go ahead and slouch it out, sit in the sun position


Brad Crowell 04:17

Slouch it out.


Lesley Logan 04:18

And then go in for the interview and all those people thought they failed the interview. Same interviewers, same questions, same non expressions. How crazy is that? So then she tells a story about how her life when, when she, I forget what Ivy League school she was at, but basically she had this brain injury, she was super super smart, has a brain injury is barely making it through college somehow lands in Ivy League school, thinks she is like failing she’s with her Dean or whoever you talk to at college. I don’t know, no one at my college asked me to come in for an interview of any kind. And she said, I am in the wrong place, I don’t belong here. And he said, Why do you think that? And she had some response and he gave her a challenge to ask a question, every class and like actually be the girl who belongs at that school. And she then went on to be a professor at another school, an Ivy League school. And this girl comes into her office like I don’t belong here. I’m not good enough to be here. I’m going to cry, not going to be here. And in that moment she gave the girl the same advice and she realized she was being the person who belonged at the place until she saw that she was the girl that belonged.


Brad Crowell 05:40



Lesley Logan 05:41

And that stuck with me in such a way because I grew up in the fake it till you make it world, which is like, smile if you don’t feel happy put a smile on your face because you will feel happy and…


Brad Crowell  05:52

Well, I think there’s a negative connotation to that where it’s like you’re worried more about the way others are perceiving your tragic experience (Lesley Logan: Yeah) or your discomfort or your unhappiness, instead of you focusing on yourself.


Lesley Logan 06:08



Brad Crowell 06:08

Right? So like it’s: fake it till you make it is like you know like the, the perception of others looking at you. Be It Till You See It is, is your perception of you until you get there.


Lesley Logan  06:20

And I love that so much because we should really care so much about what we think and not what others think (Brad: Yeah) because others are not thinking about you as much as you want, we can get that another day you could ask me what I think about that, but anyways, so that still doesn’t answer your question of how it got his name.


Brad Crowell  06:33

Yeah, I was actually thinking about that class.


Lesley Logan  06:36

I know, I know. Okay, so, so, I don’t remember why this class.


Brad Crowell 06:41

I know you told that story, I think it must have been shortly after you watch the TED talk.


Lesley Logan  06:45

It wasn’t probably it was you know what it was. We did this whole thing. We taught a live Pilates class, virtually, because that’s how we do things, And you took the workout with me, and it was a smaller class than normal, and I finished the class with us standing, and I had us stand in our power stance. And then I told you the mini version of what I just told you, because it can get shorter, y’all, I can do it shorter. And I said, and now I want you to go and be it till you see it, and you said, that’s the name of the bad guy. (Brad: Yeah), and I was like, What?


Brad Crowell  07:22

On the spot like immediately right there I was like, That’s it, that’s the one! (Lesley: That’s the one!) like everyone’s watching like, What is he talking about?


Lesley Logan  07:29

Oh yeah, The poor girls on the other end of the computer who we couldn’t see because of the way the camera was, I’m sure we’re like, what are these people? Anyways, they’re still members of ours so it’s all good. So, anyway, in my creation of this podcast, and really making sure it is worth every minute of your time because you all, y’all you, I gotta be honest with you, your time is the only resource that is non renewable you cannot recreate your time. Right? (Brad: yeah), you can create money, you can create, what are the other resources in life? I don’t know.


Brad Crowell  08:02



Lesley Logan 08:02



Brad Crowell 08:03



Lesley Logan 08:03

friends. All these things


Brad Crowell  08:04

All these sounds very family but


Lesley Logan  08:05

No, but you can make family


Brad Crowell 08:08

But you don’t get more time


Lesley Logan  08:09

you don’t get more time


Brad Crowell 08:10

to get more of other things,


Lesley Logan  08:11

Other things. Yes, so, um, so I just feel like if I’m going to be in your ears each and every week which thank you so much. I want you to get what you to I want you to get something out of it and so when I was working on this podcast, I came up with an acronym for BE IT. And that is, B is for bold, you have, you have to be bold, this, this world is not. Everyone’s going to ask you to play small. And if you play small. Guess what you’re going to get – small things and it’s really frustrating and unsatisfying and, you know what people don’t do on their deathbed go, you know, what I regretted being bold when I was 29 years old. No one does that! They’re like, I regret not doing the thing. (Brad: Yeah), that was bold. (Brad: Yeah), and I so B is for bold and it is the most important thing, and it is the scariest thing is the hardest thing it’s so freakin scary for me to be here right now and talking to this microphone with you but I’m being bold too. E is executable, y’all, action steps, the things this is it’s executable is hard because like I’m like people, and also do things that you could actually execute but that’s the other thing you could also find people to execute the task for you so that’s also really awesome. I is intrinsic, he…


Brad Crowell  09:29

I am not opposed to having strategic boldness. Okay. I mean, those two are definitely (Lesley: That’s gonna be…) there they’re not mutually exclusive, they can go together.


Lesley Logan  09:41



Brad Crowell 09:42

You know


Lesley Logan  09:43

This is why Brad is here, because I have bold ideas, and Brad’s like, and here’s how we do that. (Brad: Yeah) So sorry, that’s our dog Gaia, she’s gonna do that every episode. So, I like, I’m a bold ideas person, and he’s like, as soon as I start to get a little scared like, oh my god, like I don’t have the skills for this, he’s like, Oh, look, I’ve mapped out all the strategies to make this happen. So, thank you Brad for that. We’ll make a shirt out of it.


Brad Crowell  10:09

What’s I?


Lesley Logan  10:10

I is intrinsic and here’s the thing that I, I can’t tell you how to figure out what makes you intrinsically motivated but here’s what I will tell you about extrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is like money, things, right? EX it’s like things outside of you, and those will get you so far, you’ll take promotions and other things based on extrinsic you might say yes to something, but it quickly goes away. What is the word?..


Brad Crowell  10:36

Intrinsic is like internally natural (Lesley: Yes) it’s a, it’s essential. It’s basically like part of you. It’s so part of you.


Lesley Logan  10:46



Brad Crowell 10:47

That’s intrinsic


Lesley Logan 10:48

And that is something that I hope as you listen to guests and Brad and I, each week that you get closer and closer to. Why the heck do you want to do what it is that you want to do, always. Like, what is it about you? Right?


Brad Crowell  11:00

I think intrinsic is another way to talk about. Intrinsic is strengths. (Lesley: Yes) Right? Like, What are your strengths?


Lesley Logan  11:08

Well, you know what? People should ask us that question. We don’t have time for that today, but  hint, hint. You should ask that question because there’s a good story around that. Okay, (Brad: T). T is targeted. So, targeted is just like, I believe you have to hit deadlines on things there needs to be a target to it, there has to be something that makes you take the action so you can be, you could have a bold idea, you can write out all the strategy, you could be intrinsically motivated. And if you don’t put a target on that thing. You will put it off till tomorrow. (Brad: Yeah), and another day, and it will just be this thing that you’ve always thought you would do one day but you never do. And here’s the thing about targets. You make them. And therefore if you don’t meet them, it’s not like, oh my gosh, I suck at this. No. You actually just go, Okay, why didn’t I hit the target when of what I set? What got in the way of that? And I, and you ask yourself some questions, and then you go, okay, how can I fix this for the future? And then you’ve set a new target. Trust me. This podcast was supposed to start three years ago.


Brad Crowell  12:24

Well, also the thought process hadn’t been put in to actually make it what it is so like we had this intention. Right, but we didn’t take bold, executable, intrinsic, targeted action until, what, a couple months ago.


Lesley Logan  12:41

Yeah, I think, well I think sometimes, you know, ideas have to percolate and we did not put a target date on it, because we, well we can get into another day but like 2019 was going to be a podcast we decided that was the year that we like. Was that no new things? Was 2020…


Brad Crowell 12:58

I think 2020 I can’t remember, but it is


Lesley Logan  13:00

I don’t remember why 2020 didn’t happen, but…


Brad Crowell  13:02

It’s fine. (Lesley: Yeah), the fact is that now that it’s, it’s coming together and I’m really excited about the planning and the strategy and the BE IT, and the acronym, I think it’s awesome.


Lesley Logan  13:13

Thank you.


Brad Crowell  13:14

So, so, so


Lesley Logan 13:16

Wouldn’t be here without you


Brad Crowell – 13:17

Yeah, what an audience question. That wasn’t. So fun, it’s so great that it was…


Lesley Logan  13:22

And so you can ask your questions for us to answer on Instagram, @be_it_pod so if you just type in BE IT POD as three separate words and we’ll pull it up or if you’re like really someone who likes detail, it’s really boring it’s @be_it_pod. But anyways, (Brad: You’ll find us) I read all the way and you will find it. I want you to tell, ask us any questions you want, there’s not a question we probably can’t answer. And we’re really honest for like, No.


Brad Crowell  13:56

Yeah and so anyway, (Lesley Logan: Okay) I love it. (Lesley: I love you and I love it) So, thank you. Thanks for that.


Lesley Logan  14:01

Thanks for calling it out babe, I would have just let that moment pass us by and you’re like this is it. So this is also, like, why you’re here, and you keep your highlight the good stuff (Brad: End scene). Thank you. So, before we get into our whole shebang with talking about Joanna, I just want to say I have a quick little freebie for you so here it is: You may not know what it is you want to be right now, but prioritizing your time for yourself is of the utmost importance – that is totally a Brad sentence – here’s the deal. If you don’t prioritize yourself, no one’s gonna prioritize you, and I believe in practicing prioritization. And one way that you can do that is with a Pilates class with me. Why? Because every time you show up for yourself on your mat you are telling the universe, you’re telling yourself, I’m probably, prioritizing me right now. And so in order to do that because you might be like, “Girl, I don’t even know what Pilates is”, I want to offer you a free class at OnlinePilatesClasses.com/beit. So that’s OnlinePilatesClasses.com slash b e i t. All right, Brad, who are we talking about today?


Brad Crowell  15:12

Okay. Amazing. I really can’t wait to talk about Joanna Vargas. She is an absolute rocket like rock star rocket like craziness she she’s like a. She’s like a bottle rocket, I mean every rocket you can imagine, she’s that.


Lesley Logan  15:27

She’s fire. She’s fireworks, she’s glitter that just enters the room.


Brad Crowell  15:34

Yeah, (Lesley: She’s so awesome), she’s like that, the glitter all over the place. We met Joanna at a conference two years ago now or something like that, and we had a chance to, to really get to know her over six months. And what a great interview. I’m sure you kind of picked up on that if you had a chance to listen to the interview with her already, I’m sure you picked up on that. Anyway, I just wanted to do a brief intro. Joanna Vargas has been an entrepreneur since she was a little girl, like really little, I think she said at six or seven years old, she started her first entrepreneurial thing. She creates her own life and questions everything. She is a total powerhouse, and she’s the host of two podcasts The Get Up Girl and Dance Your Life, and aside from that she is just a really really strong businesswoman and, you know, loves life, so it was a really great pod.


Lesley Logan  16:29

I mean, there’s there, you’re gonna want to listen to that interview several times and it’s fine to save it and listen to it when you need it again, how she like she sold, she bought avocados from her neighbors, and then sold them back to the people she bought them from which is just like a hustler! And she called herself a hustler. So, okay, here’s what I’m talking about. In the interview, you’ll hear us talk about this game she used to play with her girlfriend which is called “Remember When” and they would just lay around, and they would talk about remember when… And they would just pick something out that happened in the future, but they’re remembering it and then they would just layer on it and it makes me think of those like childhood games where you would say a line and someone else’s a line. (Brad:… whisper down the lane) Is that what it’s called?


Brad Crowel  17:15

No, no, no. It’s no, I think it’s almost like you’re telling a story but you can change the, you get to change the story. You have like five words to change. (Lesley: Yes) I can’t remember what that…


Lesley Logan  17:27

Someone will tell us on Instagram. Anyways, um, I love this and so on the spot in the interview, she and I played Remember When. (Brad: Yeah) Let me just tell you (Brad: It was pretty fun), Joanna and I have only hung out two times around 50 other people. And we had another moment where we were doing photo shoots, but she was in her picture taken and I was getting my picture was taken. And so, you can play Remember When with a complete stranger or someone you barely know or somebody you kind of know or your best friend, and I really want to make this like a date thing, babe, I want to put this in our calendar.


Brad Crowell 17:58



Lesley Logan  17:58



Brad Crowell 17:59

Remember When


Lesley Logan 18:00

Remember When


Brad Crowell 18:00

Put in the calendar?


Lesley Logan  18:00

Put it in the calendar. I want us to play Remember When, because in the interview Joanna and I did this and we listened to it, because we bring up Oprah calling, and then, I think it was me, but maybe it wasn’t but I thought I said, and then we told her we can’t do that day can you do this day instead? And then, Oprah changed her schedule. And let me just tell you.. when I came out of the interview, I was like, Oprah’s gonna change her schedule for me! I was on fire from playing Remember When. In that moment, it just made me feel so much extra and I think it’s really easy to get exhausted from the day today. And when you need to feel a little bit extra, I want you to call someone and play Remember When so that’s my favorite talking point.


Brad Crowell  18:49

Yeah that was pretty cool.


Lesley Logan  18:49

It’s really hard to pick a favorite, but that’s the one.


Brad Crowell  18:52

I had a question for you (Lesley: Okay) about something that you both referenced. You referenced this thing called open loops, but I didn’t really know what it was. And I thought it might make sense to just kind of explain that a little bit.


Lesley Logan  19:06

So that’s a great question, and partly because Joanna and I are both huge believers of openness, we’re like, everyone must know what an open loop is. So, thank you for asking about open loop. As human beings we like certainty. Okay, we don’t let.. We need change because that is like the only thing that is certain in life is that everything will change. But we like to pretend like we know what’s going to happen next, which is why the pandemic was such a like thing, because all of a sudden, there was nothing certain, but nothing’s ever been certain, but our brain likes certainty. (Brad: Okay) So, when you ask your brain a question. We’ve talked about this with our AGENCY group, babe. When you ask a person like, “Do you know anyone who could take Pilates with me?” That is a question that actually is a closed loop because they go yes or no. Right? But when you ask them, “Who do you know who would take Pilates with me?” (Brad: Love this) It is an open loop. (Brad: Okay), so, in that same way of changing the question that opens a loop. (Brad: Yeah) Open loops are putting a question mark on something that can’t be a yes or no answer, it has to you, you’re, you actually are asking your brain a question and not purposely not letting your brain answer it right away.


Brad Crowell  20:29

So that’s interesting because I think that I heard this growing up and that your brain will subconsciously work on an answer, even when you’re sleeping, even when you’re awake, like you can, start the brain processing something and then like, days later you’ll be like. Aha! It happened, it’s there. And I’ve done that, strategically over the years. Like, okay, I’m going to start dwelling on this props of this issue, this problem, this this puzzle, this thing, or conceptualizing it or I’ll like start thinking about it, and then, but I know I don’t have the answer, but I want to consume the information and let my brain just start working on it.


Lesley Logan  21:09

Oh yeah, it’s why procrastination is not bad if you do it strategically, (Brad: Interesting) And if you like. If you know you need to work on something you ask yourself, an open loop question on the thing. (Brad: Yeah), and then you procrastinate in air quotes (if you can’t you can’t see if you’re listening but the youtubers can). And you procrastinate on it. Your brain is working on it so then when you actually go to sit down and do it before it’s due. You have it all that, it’s all…


Brad Crowell  21:34

Yeah. So this is actually, that’s really interesting. It’s just how I work. (Lesley: I know) Just literally how I work.


Lesley Logan  21:39

I know you’re an open looper.


Brad Crowell  21:40

So because what I’ll do is I’ll say alright if it’s still on Friday. Today I’m gonna think about it. Tomorrow I’m gonna visualize it in my head, I’m gonna actually like, I pull the pieces together. I like, I need it. I’m also the person that like really needs to see all the parts of a puzzle, like I need to lay them all out in front of me and go what order they go and, you know, and then (Lesley: It’s different processes) And, and then, but then I can build it almost in my head, and then I sit down and I actually build it.


Lesley Logan  22:09



Brad Crowell  22:09

And this is how I build websites, this is how I problem solve. This is, yeah, all the things – that’s fastinating.


Lesley Logan  22:15

You also do this just in life you’re like, “Hey, you want to know something?” And then he doesn’t say anything! And you know what, this is proof that brains don’t like open loops and it wants to figure out the thing, because I’m sitting there going, and then getting agitated. What do I want to know? So anyways, (Brad: I actually do that) we talked about what open loops are and and her famous open loop is: How does it get better than this? How does it get better than this? And she challenged my question of, I’m always asking people if you can’t do a Pilates exercise, what can you do, what else can you do? And it is very easy for you to go, well what can I do, and like to change the connotation. So we talked about, probably not on this podcast but in another inner other talk because Joanna and I just can’t stop talking to each other. What else is possible, right now?


Brad Crowell  23:11



Lesley Logan  23:11

What else is possible right now? And it is awesome and I love that. And so if you cannot say what


Brad Crowell  23:18

Same thing with the curious, like being curious.


Lesley Logan  23:22

Being curious? (Brad: Yeah) Oh yeah, she talked about curiosity and so good. But anyway okay, basically we are just talking about how awesome the interview is so go back and listen, (Brad: Yeah) save it, share it with a friend who needs it because it is fire, she is you. You can’t not.  Brad’s gonna hate I just said that you can’t not feel like empowered after listening to that you have so many options that go off. Okay.


Brad Crowell  23:43

Yeah, also stated as ‘you will feel empowered.’


Lesley Logan  23:47

Well that’s what you’re here for, babe, for the people who don’t like double negatives, you can, you can translate it to a positive for them.


Brad Crowell  23:55

Alright, so finally let’s talk about the BE IT actions from this interview. What bold, executable intrinsic or targeted action items? Can we take away from your convo with her, and I thought I’d jump in first and just say one thing that I noticed wasn’t anything you talked about. There wasn’t like an actual talking point you had. If you go back and you listen to this interview, I am pretty sure she used your name, Lesley 50 times. (Lesley: I know) She says it in almost every sentence (Lesley: She does) Lesley, you know what Lesley, you know, this Lesley. Lesley right and I, and I picked up on it, like maybe halfway through two thirds of the way through and I was just like, Now I was listening for it and then I heard it the rest of the way through. And I thought wow, she is just so amazing at connecting to people in how she engages with them, she focuses on them. She speaks their name she knows them, (Lesley: Oh yeah) it is, this is obviously a sales tactic for those of you who have ever


Lesley Logan 24:54

She wasn’t selling. Only her thoughts to me like she wasn’t selling anything.


Brad Crowell  24:58

Right, well I think for her it’s habit now (Lesley: Yeah) it’s just simply habit right so it doesn’t matter if she’s in a sales call or not, but I, I really, I noticed that, and I thought, “Man, that is amazing, that is definitely something that you can straight up take away.” So if you’re trying to ever go and connect with other people, using their name is so important.


Lesley Logan  25:22

So, I will just like total plug, not sponsored by this podcast, but ProfitablePilates.com has a course with her on how to create clients for life. (Brad: Yeah) And she talked about saying, saying people’s name. And she talked about how to. And she also talked about how to remember people’s names. So if you’re like, I don’t remember anyone’s name, hold on, that is a closed loop, and she’ll teach you how to do that. But what that made me feel in my own interview with her was that she saw me, (Brad: Yeah, sure) And she was totally like that was like a conversation she and I was, she and I were having. And I was on her Get Up Girl podcast recently. She said my name so much, I started saying her name, I was like, you know what, Joanna? And I was like, I feel like I gotta say it every sentence because, but it was like, why not, why not say people’s names. So anyway, I love that, of course, you saw that.


Brad Crowell  26:14

Well, same thing. What about you?


Lesley Logan  26:17

Oh, okay, this is really big to me because, um, I think we hold ourselves back by telling ourselves a story and in her action items of be it till you see it, she says, Everything is a choice. (Brad: Yeah), everything is a choice and this is really hard when like, ish is hitting your fucking fan. I don’t know why. (Brad: You believe the first one) I believe the first one. But the second one is important. So, look. We will have different guests on this podcast that are gonna have different things, and, and maybe you’re like, “My, my shit isn’t as big as theirs.” Whatever. What are you going through right now? It can suck, even if it’s not traumatic or cancer or any of these things. I have definitely been there. People are just now hearing that I’ve been homeless three times and they’re like, “Whoa, I didn’t know that but you.” Well, right. You didn’t know me when I was homeless, that’s okay and. And also, it wasn’t. I told myself I wasn’t homeless enough because I didn’t live on the streets. But what I didn’t do was go, oh, wow is me, I have no place to live. I told myself on my especially my last one I was like, you are choosing to go for a bigger life than what you have, you are making this big, brave choice and I may, I made it a choice that I was living that way, and it made it made it so much more fun is the wrong word but powerful and and purposeful and and when other issues happen because…


Brad Crowell  27:48

It makes it more doable. (Lesley Logan: Made it more doable) You can embrace it. (Lesley: Yeah) and if it sucks


Lesley Logan  27:52

And I could own it like I don’t have a place to live because I did this and I don’t have a car because I made a left turn in a different spot.


Brad Crowell  27:59

Yeah, so I mean, you know, I think it’s a profound idea that you have a choice. (Lesley: Yeah), that life is not happening to you, (Lesley: It’s not happening for you)  it’s not happening for you and you can choose how to take it (Lesley: Yeah) and that’s a hard, that you’re essentially flipping the perspective on his head, right? It’s a hard thing to do. But I mean, imagine if you can find the good in a situation.


Lesley Logan  28:25

Well and also like, What possibility that creates? Right? Like, (Brad: Sure) you can actually ask yourself, “Okay, (Brad: Go back to the open loop.) I wonder why this is happening for me.” (Brad: Yeah), I wonder why this is happening for me, I wonder who I get to be because of this. (Brad: Yeah), and I certainly would not be the person that I am. And I definitely wouldn’t be married to you. If I hadn’t made the choices that put me through a trial that I probably wouldn’t pray on anyone. But it made me who I am and so that’s why I really loved that.


Brad Crowell  28:56

I think that’s amazing.


Lesley Logan  28:59

Yeah, well, everyone. Thank you. I am so excited you joined us today. We really, I need you to know I’m so grateful that you’re here. Otherwise, I would just be talking in a microphone in one of our rooms in our house for no reason whatsoever but it’s true. I truly believe that we all have different people in our lives who say things that make us think of things, that make us make choices, that make us do things, that make us become the people we want to be. And so if you have any questions or you need if you’re going to use any of these tips, please let us know, send us a DM on the @be_it_pod on Instagram, share this podcast, screenshot it, take, put your takeaway tag us, let us know, we really want to see you, Be It Till You See It.


Brad Crowell  29:44

We’ll catch you on the next episode.

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