Powerful Ways to
Align Your Habits
with Your Goals

Ep. 359 with Lesley & Brad

“Your vision doesn’t have to be perfect. But your feeling is something that you can go off of your gut instinct more.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Brad and Lesley delve into Jordan Dunin’s journey of recovery and discovery—exploring his emphasis on self-ownership, identity transformation, and the power of envisioning your goals. Join the conversation and discover insights on how to empower yourself to overcome challenges and manifest your aspirations.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Recognize how your actions or mindset may be contributing to the issues you face.
  • The value of coaching as a guided pathway towards overcoming challenges.
  • The impact of daily habits on our identity and overall outcomes.
  • The importance of visualization and feeling it in order to be it.

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Brad Crowell: He said he thinks that habit change and identity is something that really leads to success. It comes down to what we do day to day and if we do something tomorrow different than we did today, so yeah for us I mean, this is literally the be it. This is being it till you see it.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 1:01
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life, Brad, and I are going to dig into the influential convo I had with Jordan Dunin in in our last episode. If you haven’t yet, listened to that episode, you can listen to it now and then come back and listen to our takeaways. You can listen to our takeaways as your spoiler alerts for what you’re gonna listen to on that one. It’s kind of fun. I know people listen to all the podcasts at least once some of them have gone back through the whole library again, which is kind of insane because this is episode 359. Holy fucking Molly. Today is April 25th. It is Love Your Thighs Day. About Love Your Thighs Day. Love your thighs. Whoo. Love Your Thighs is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of April every year and this year falls on April 25th. Women all over the world have a love hate relationship with their bodies. They’re constantly encouraged to love their bodies and society where beauty standards have been predefined and sometimes unreachable. Love Your Thighs Day seeks to mitigate this and tell all women around the world that no matter what your bodies look like they should love them because it’s theirs to cherish. And one of my favorite clothing lines that I like to wear has a shirt that says fuck a thigh gap. And another one that says like thick thighs save lives. And I just love them. I think what I get frustrated with is that we had a couple of years where the media was not talking about toning and slimming and burning belly fat. And we’re back to that bullshit. And it’s so annoying to try to be an educator in a world where the media wants this stuff. And guess why they want this stuff because it sells magazines. So please stop fucking buying that shit. If you want it to stop, we have to as a collective say I don’t want an article on how to slim my thighs. I want an article how to love my thighs. I don’t want an article on how to tone my arms in five minutes, I actually want an article on how to strengthen my arms so that I can be older in this world and have a great time in menopause. We are a huge amount of people that can demand what we want. So we need to, this is my call to action, demand it from these publications because I’m pissed off about it and I’m sure my publicist is like you’ve just stopped telling us like there’s no such thing as that that can never happen and here’s what you can do. Okay.

Brad Crowell 3:09

Lesley Logan 3:10
Anyways, I’m just on a pedestal over here just a little pissed off.

Brad Crowell 3:13
Yeah, upcoming events and travel.

Lesley Logan 3:14
So, tomorrow, literally tomorrow, we are going to be at POT, that’s Pilates On Tour, Balanced Body’s Pilates On Tour Phoenix, April 26th to the 28th. Come see us in person we have a booth. The May is just literally around the corner and so the May Accelerator, you can go to prfit.biz/accelerator. That is our two-hour workshop that Brad leads that will help you grow your studio. So if you are an instructor or studio owner that works for yourself, this workshop is for you. And it’s not just where you get thrown up on an information that you’ll then go back to work and never integrate.

Brad Crowell 3:45
No, it’s an actual workshop. We’re going to work on your stuff together in the workshop. It’s gonna be good it’s gonna be for people who are new to teaching or people who’ve been, had a studio for 20 years and they’re just kind of feeling like okay, I’ve got my clients but the needle is not moving. This workshop is also for you, too.

Lesley Logan 4:00
Yeah. And then also happening in May is another early bird for Cambodia because October trip is so sold out, it’s so sold out so you have to actually sign up for the February opportunity and those on the waitlist are going to get the early bird if you’re not on the waitlist you’re just going to hear about Cambodia, but when you actually can sign up for it, it will be full price. And the last one almost sold out on early bird. So just saying, you want to think about that. So go to lesleylogan.co/retreats to get on that waitlist. And finally upcoming is our June OPC Summer Camp. Oh my gosh, it is, okay, I think it’s eight events each day. We have OPC teachers and guest teachers who are all OPC members and we have workshops and workouts. I’m leading a workout and a workshop and other people are leading their workshops or workouts. We’ve got something for everybody, hyper mobile, strength building, reformer workouts, tower workouts, mat workouts, soccer, runners, like we’ve got something for everybody so you want to go to opc.me/events opc.me/events stay on the waitlist because if you’re an OPC member, you get the best early bird you will just give me email for that. And if you’re not an OPC member and you’re on the waitlist, you’ll get the second best early bird but if you’re not an OPC member and you’re not on the waitlist, you get the third best early bird which is not the same as the first best or second best. So get on the waitlist. opc.me/events

Brad Crowell 5:19
opc.me/events all right.

Lesley Logan 5:21
Okay, we have an audience question before we get into Jordan’s episode.

Brad Crowell 5:25
We do from YouTube. Sofia asked, should you wear grip socks to Pilates? Are they necessary?

Lesley Logan 5:32
Yeah, so I love this question so much that we actually did a whole live on it for our YouTube channel because it’s really appropriate for our subscribers over there. So if you are a YouTube subscriber first of all, thanks so much. For the OPC subscriber, you can subscribe to this podcast and we thank you for that too, especially if you want to see what’s happening behind this microphone.

Brad Crowell 5:51
Yeah, this podcast has its own YouTube channel.

Lesley Logan 5:53
Yeah, yeah. But on the Online Pilates Classes YouTube channel, I actually answered this in a very a lot of detail. But do you so here’s a quick story, do you need to wear grip socks, not unless it’s a studio mandatory thing. So if you’re at your own home, you don’t need to your bare feet are unless you have sweaty feet are going to be great and super solid and not very slippery. That being said, if you have super sweaty feet, or you’re going into a public studio, grip socks are really great and a lot of studios require them, I require them because people’s toenail polish was like rubbing off on my equipment, but a lot of people require them because of germs. Just like you know, like you’re stepping on the dirty floor that people just walk past to go the bathroom, you know what I mean? Like just the grip socks are really great. They also do ensure that your feet are sticky on the equipment. Most importantly, don’t wear regular socks if the socks don’t have grip on them or the grip has gotten old time for new socks. And we have ads on the show every single week about Toesox and Tavi socks. I am an ambassador for them. And so if you just go to toesox.com or Tavi Active, you can actually use my code Lesley L-E-S-L-E-Y to get a discount on anything. And that includes their Vooray bags, by the way. So like, go get some sox go get some sticky socks, and they’re really great. Some people use them (inaudible). They have really cool bags. Really, really cool bags. So anyway, Sofia, I love this question. I went into more detail on the YouTube channel. So we’ll make sure that link is there if you want to actually see me talk about the socks and explain more details about how the socks can actually help you over there. For you guys who have questions, there’s no question that’s off limits, we will answer it. It’s a great way for us to get to know you, for us to support you, for us to help you with what’s going on. So ask a question, it can be Pilates, it can be business, it can be life, can be you know, somebody asked the other day what what shorts I was wearing? And I was like, yeah, and I was like, okay, let me see what shorts I was wearing. So, you know, we’re here to help.

Brad Crowell 7:11
Reach out, you know, reach out, lots of ways to do that. Okay, now let’s talk about Jordan Dunin. Jordan Dunin’s life took a dramatic turn following a serious accident in 2016, leading to a traumatic brain injury in a battle with chronic Lyme disease. Today, he’s the founder of HatchPath, and a passionate life coach. Jordan uses his journey of recovery and discovery to empower others, emphasizing his roles as a father and half marathoner in his mission to foster wellness, human connections and support others in their own health challenges. Pretty dramatic story.

Lesley Logan 7:50
Oh, my god. First of all, I can’t believe he didn’t die.

Brad Crowell 7:54
Yeah, if y’all have not listened to the episode, he banged his head. And it was like, I don’t know. It sounds like it was a pretty intense bang on the head. But somehow the hospital released him. And he literally was working in finance, he went back to work and was like, I can’t see my computer screen.

Lesley Logan 8:48
Yeah, no (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 8:48
He dropped out of college.

Lesley Logan 8:50
Yeah, just life changing. And I mean, there was some reasons like he part of it was like, he didn’t want to admit how hurt he was.

Brad Crowell 8:57
Right. Sure.

Lesley Logan 8:57
And you know, doctors can’t help what they can’t see. So anyways, it was just a lot. But he has turned that around. And then taken, like, what he saw as a problem is like, hey, it’s really hard to figure out who to hire like where these coaches are, like, all this stuff. And he created Hatch, which is like, is really awesome. But before we get into that one thing I liked that he said is like, we are the only constant of all of our problems. That’s what a lot of his coaches said. And so in 2020, he was the leading factor to his illness. And so he said, whatever your problem is, you are there, or you are part of it in a way.

Brad Crowell 9:34
Yeah, whatever your problem is, you are there. You’re in the middle of it. Yeah, I think it’s really easy to do this. I mean, this is effectively stories that we tell ourselves, you know, and we talk, we talk about this so many times in the pod of like, okay, this is what I’m telling myself. So I’m, you know, I’m believing this thing. And

Lesley Logan 10:00
Well, we put the problem outside of ourselves, like, we don’t have control of it like, oh, my injury caused X, Y and Z.

Brad Crowell 10:06
Well, yeah, that too. But I mean, even the story of like, oh, well, it’s not that bad. You know, like, maybe that’s what he was telling himself. Which is why he wasn’t taking action.

Lesley Logan 10:16
Yeah. And so I think like,

Brad Crowell 10:20
I think it’s like denial.

Lesley Logan 10:21
Well, a lot of us or a lot of us do this all the time. And it doesn’t have to be on such a grand scale that he experienced it. But like, anytime you are saying, oh, because, like, you know, we coach teachers, and when, like, when my clients won’t reschedule their own sessions. Okay. Well, you’re part of that problem.

Brad Crowell 10:37
That’s right.

Lesley Logan 10:37
You are, you are, and I get they’re 70. Guess what?

Brad Crowell 10:40
Well, you know what my coach said to me, which was tough. I said, I’ve got this developer who, like, just isn’t delivering his work on time. And my coach said to me, well, how does that help you? Why are you allowing that to happen? And I was like, what? It doesn’t fucking help me. And I’m not allowing it to happen. He’s like, well, you are allowing it to happen, he still works for you. What are you talking about? I was like, oh, how’s it helping me? Why am I not addressing this problem? It must be easier for me to not address the problem than it is to have the results of what I wanted from this guy. Right? And I was like, that was tough for me to kind of wrap my head around and tough for me to swallow. You know, same thing, though. That’s like, wherever your problem is. You are there.

Lesley Logan 11:26
Yeah. And I think like to go back to my story, because we have, (inaudible) business leaders listening to us. I get that your 70-plus-year-old clients don’t want to learn technology. I’m gonna tell you right now, their fucking microwave is more complicated than your scheduling tool, like their dishwasher. Like they have things in their life that they have figured out because they had to or they wanted to, and if they choose not to, and you want to like, okay, I want them as a client, you can say the only way I can reschedule you is in person. That’s it, I’ll do it. But it has to be during your session time. It’s going to cut into your session time. And I’m not going to do it outside of your session time. So guess what? They will figure it out the moment they need to change it.

Brad Crowell 11:26
They sure fucking will because it’s annoying.

Lesley Logan 12:06
I’m telling you they will. And if your scheduling tool is complicated, get a new one. Get one that’s not get one that is pretty simple. Because it should be easy for the user and you complain about they won’t do it. And it’s multiple days, you’re allowing this problem to happen.

Brad Crowell 12:19
Yep. Yep. Jordan said the way he looks at coaching is that it’s a path. Right? And because it’s really interesting, we haven’t talked about HatchPath, yet, but effectively, he was out there trying to find help for himself. And he said there was no real database of vetted, like, vetted coaches like and coaches isn’t necessarily life coaching, it could have been exercise or you know, mindset or

Lesley Logan 12:47
You’re just Googling whoever’s the best better SEO which means, you gotta pay to play like

Brad Crowell 12:51
It doesn’t make them the top-qualified thing. And you know, there was no real trusted resource. And he said, now, today, what HatchPath is, is a, basically a platform where they interview different coaches in across five different topics. Like, I can’t actually remember them, but it’s like fitness, spirituality, mindset, stuff like that. And they have these conversations with these coaches before they allow the coach to list themselves on the platform. And he said, when he interviews them, and he’s looking for coach with empathy, right, that’s like a really, really big sticking point for him. And he said, the best coaches, coaches, something that they’ve already overcome themselves. So that’s why today he coaches people on Lyme disease, because he overcame Lyme disease. And he said, there are coaches who coach on anxiety, weight loss, weight gain, there’s no one size fits all for health.

Lesley Logan 13:47
That’s so true.

Brad Crowell 13:48
Which is why he has all sorts of different coaches on the platform, which I thought was really interesting.

Lesley Logan 13:53
Yeah, I love that he took this problem then created a solution. And not only is it allowing him to potentially help more people for what he specializes in, it’s actually allowing people, all these coaches can be in one place and they’re vetted. And then also, all these people can go and it makes me so excited, because what if the Lyme person like recovers from that, but then wants coaching on something else they don’t have to, like, start fresh and find something new, they can actually go throughout what has been created for them to help them all succeed. I just think it’s great. I think everyone wins on this.

Brad Crowell 14:24
Yeah, I feel like our insurance system tried to do this with doctors and like having doctor’s profiles, and, you know, there’s all these, there’s websites and all this stuff on that. And you know, that that’s like the beginning of this idea, because, you know, a coach doesn’t have to be a doctor, right? So they have more than 200 coaches on there now, and they’ve, he said that they’re spread out across like 19 different niches. And that includes things like you can read up on the coach ahead of time. You can understand their credentials that what I specialize in also there’s reviews, and then you know, you can actually I find different coaches for different things even. So, clever, really interesting. I like the idea of it. And I also agree with you I love that kind of rolled out of his own need. And his own, you know, the things that he was able to win.

Lesley Logan 15:13
I think like we, you probably heard this a million times, is called like your message is your message. And like, you know, the obstacle is the way. And the reality is like, I love having these people on who share like, whoa, what the hell happened to you? And now look what path it’s put you on? And so I love this called HatchPath. Because anyways, the link will be in the show notes for you to actually go check it out if you are a coach who wants to be on it, or you’re wanting to find a coach?

Brad Crowell 15:39
Yeah. All right. So finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items what bold, executable, intrinsic, or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Jordan Dunin? Okay, Jordan said, what the things that we do daily become us. That was like kind of like a rude awakening. It’s like, oh, shit, that’s

Lesley Logan 15:59
You are what you eat and what you do.

Brad Crowell 16:01
True. Because the concept of, of a cure is so fickle. The only way we change is when we change. He said it took 20 years to get sick, it took him his body 20 years to get sick. And he’s like taking this pill for two weeks isn’t going to fix that. It’s a process to do the reverse of whatever it was that took you to the place you’re in now. That’s like, literally with anything, any change you want to make. It took you time to get to that point. And it’s going to take you time to shift away from that. So.

Lesley Logan 16:35
Be kind to yourself.

Brad Crowell 16:36
Yeah and I think you’re right. Being kind to yourself is really understanding that it’s a journey. It’s a path and he talked about coaching as a path. He said that the biggest thing that was helpful for him was when he began to change his identity, right? He was associating himself as someone who was sick. And so because he’s sick, I can’t do this thing, right, or it became this limiting factor. And he shifted into a different identity, where hey, okay, I am sick. But that doesn’t define me. That’s not who I am. I happen to be sick, but I am still Jordan. You know, he said he thinks that habit change and identity is something that really leads to success, it comes down to what we do day to day, and if we do something tomorrow different than we did today, so, yeah, for us, I mean, this is literally the be it. This is being it till you see it. You know, this is taking what bold, executable intrinsic or targeted steps can you take, you know, making these small changes on a daily basis will help you move to a different spot, you know, mentally or physically or any of those things.

Lesley Logan 17:52
Yeah. Well, the next step is to envision a goal. And then he want you to envision you have everything that you want in that like everything you want is there, envision it, and then this is the most important part. How does it feel?

Brad Crowell 18:07
How does it feel?

Lesley Logan 18:09
And then he wants you to feel that right now. And then go after it because you can, the feeling sometimes we like

Brad Crowell 18:18
I just got chills.

Lesley Logan 18:18
I know. So remember, remember way back to episode three.

Brad Crowell 18:23
Oh, geez.

Lesley Logan 18:23
Our dear, dear friend, episode three, whose name is escaping me, but he’s so handsome. And he is so nice. And we’ve had him on many times on the podcast many times

Brad Crowell 18:34

Lesley Logan 18:35
No, Alex, Alex was five or seven. This is episode three.

Brad Crowell 18:40
Episode Three, Rob Mack.

Lesley Logan 18:43
Rob Mack. Rob Mack talked about how like you don’t get to see the whole staircase you can see the first step and what I love about feeling into a goal is it really does help you make the next step because you can go off of like okay does like let’s just say you want to like be a biohacker. Okay, how does a biohacker feel? And it’s like, okay, biohackers, like, take a cold shower and like, okay, feel it, like, okay, they take cold showers like how’s that feel? And then you won’t take a cold shower and doesn’t feel like that. Maybe you need to do a cold plunge or maybe you need to do cold room or maybe you need to just like do the feet only. And that’s just like a really made-up thing. But like feeling into that goal. Having it now makes it easier for you to judge should you say yes or no to something because you might not be able to the full staircase yet. But you can feel something you can feel the energy from the other person is going to participate. And if it doesn’t feel like the energy you had when you envisioned your goal, it, it makes it that vision doesn’t have to be perfect. But your feeling is something that you can go off of your gut instinct more. I love that.

Brad Crowell 19:44
I think also, you know, he was talking about the 500 square foot apartment in New York where you lay in marble floors at the end of the day. It’s still a 500-square-foot apartment. And he said what if there were no limitations about around that, like, imagine when you’re when you’re envisioning your goal? Think bigger and then how does that feel? I feel like we don’t feel, you know, these goals, we just write it on a wall. And we’re like, yeah, I want to, you know, make money like this, or I want this car, or this thing or whatever. And but then we don’t actually imagine what it’s going to be like, you know, when you are there. And that is like, I think, you know, you talk about habits, you talk about changing habits, associating. Like, the habit has to feel good, or you won’t continue to do it, your body will just won’t allow you to do it, your brain won’t won’t want to do it, so you won’t make it a habit. So if you can feel that vision, you know, and it’s positive for you. What is it going to do? It’s gonna make you want to go there to get that to be it.

Lesley Logan 20:55
So, feel it to be it. I’m Lesley Logan.

Brad Crowell 20:59
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 21:00
Thank you so much for listening to this podcast and you’ve been one of our listeners, it just, it really means a lot to me. Thank you for writing reviews and sending your favorite takeaways. I love, I love I love how are you getting them to me? You get them to me in some random places. And it’s a fun like Easter egg hunt. And I just adore you all so, so very much. Thanks for being with us for 359 episodes. So how are you going to use these tips in your life? We want to know. Tag Jordan Dunin. Tell him. Tag the Be It Pod so we can share it. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 21:28
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us and others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
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Brad Crowell
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Lesley Logan
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Brad Crowell
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Brad Crowell
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