Handstands Over


Ep. 66 with Lesley & Brad

“Our bodies are reflections of what we did to them.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

So Brad has started to do handstands when he needs a caffeine boost. Why? In today’s episode, Lesley and Brad chat about simple things you can do for your health, the definition of success, and the where constantly asking questions can lead.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Frequency of pilates
  • Deciding what dictates your view of the day
  • Constantly asking questions
  • The definition of success
  • Things that honor your health

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    Lesley Logan
    Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


    Lesley Logan 0:45
    Cool. Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life Brad and I are going to dig into the magical convo I had with Kim Barnes Jefferson. In our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to go back, listen to that, and then come back and join us here, (Brad: do it.) I really I wanted to call our Kim Jefferson Barnes this whole time and I keep reading it and I guess it’s Kim Barnes Jefferson.

    Brad Crowell 1:10
    Yeah. Kim Barnes Jefferson. (Lesley: Yeah), I’m pretty sure that’s what she how she introduced herself.

    Lesley Logan 1:15
    Yeah, I know…(Brad laughs) I know. I’m just over here changing people’s names. …(Brad: You know, tell me roll.) Yeah. So I’m super excited because it is the New Year and we’ve been working really hard behind the scenes

    Brad Crowell 1:27
    It is true…(Lesley: Like, ah, so y’all) Happy New Year.

    Lesley Logan 1:31
    Happy New Year. My fitness business owners, teachers, I got something for you. And it’s very, we have a webinar where I’m gonna teach you about how to actually create time to do the things in your business, and how that looks like how I actually do it for my schedule, and I’m going to teach you how to do it. Until you can rinse and repeat as often as you need it, you can change it as you want to go. So you’re going to want to come to you want to go to profitablepilates.com/scheduling, to sign up for that free webinar. It’s going to happen like in a week. So you know, this is your this is your save the date. I’m starting to be like Brad was gonna give you a save the date three days before (Brad: Yeah) …(Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 2:12
    Also, …if you’re watching us on YouTube, you get to see my, my childhood jelly glass. Yeah. Which my parents still keep. And it’s now our drinking mugs. And this is from like, 30 years old. (Lesley: Yeah, they don’t make glass like that anymore.) Yeah, this is our first time …(Brad laughs) Like, they don’t make glass anymore. Yeah …(Lesley laughs) This is our first time recording a pod episode not in our home.

    Lesley Logan 2:41
    I know. I hope you like the sound. (Brad: Yeah) We are actually in Brad’s teenage bedroom.

    Brad Crowell 2:47
    It’s a bit weird. Not gonna lie. Yeah,

    Lesley Logan 2:49
    It’s really small. Is what it is.

    Brad Crowell 2:51
    I know. It’s hilariously small. (Lesley: Yeah) You know, my parents thought process behind this was, “Well, you’re the first one to leave. So you get the smallest room.” I was like, “I’m the oldest!”

    Lesley Logan 3:00
    That makes no sense to me, you should have had the bigger room for a short period of time and then your next oldest would get it when you move out. And then you would just have a small room to come back to (Brad: I mean, I’m just saying), I just think that like that’s, that would be fair.

    Brad Crowell 3:16
    That would be… that would make that would have made way more sense to teenage Brad. But you know what, honestly, it was fine. I was happy to have my own room because before this house, I shared a room. So,

    Lesley Logan 3:27
    Anyways, if you would like to have help on how to get more things done in your business, go to profitablepilates.com/scheduling. And that is for any amount of years of fitness business. So if you are just starting out as a teacher or a studio owner, or you’ve been doing it for 30 years, I promise you I’m freaking efficient, (Brad: yeah, free webinar, It’s gonna be great) Yep. Okay, what is our audience question, babe.

    Brad Crowell 3:51
    Okay, cool. Well, Happy New Year. What’s the main thing that people do is they, you know, set a New Year’s resolution … and the question that we actually got was, “How often should you do Pilates?”

    Lesley Logan 4:04
    Yeah, I love this question. It’s so simple. And it’s so not so here’s the deal …(Brad laughs)

    Brad Crowell 4:09
    Tell us more. Please.

    Lesley Logan 4:11
    My, my answering non answer is, the more any amount of Pilates is better than no Pilates. (Brad: Hmm) So if my answer deters you from trying it, no, (Brad: no) Because if you go back to tiny habits you want to like to create a new habit or routine you want to do the smallest version possible which may be just leaving your mat out. Like it might just be like putting your mat on the floor so which I know for my perfectionist overachievers out there you just side eyed me and you just went like “that’s not true. That’s not what she’s smoking”. I do. And it is totally true. It’s a scientific proven. So thing. So here’s the deal. Joe supplies expected to do do it like the mat work is designed that you could do it every day. And that is why when on OPC I make them 30 minutes if you want to just press play and set a timer for 15 and leave me hanging. You still got a good workout, you still worked your whole body in those 15 minutes. So you absolutely could do that. But ideally, rule of thumb three to four times a week would be amazing. If all you can do is to then do two and if one is all you got, then give every muscle in your body every ounce of your energy and attention for that one time. But I promise you, it doesn’t have to be an hour. 30 minutes is enough. 15 minutes every single day would be enough. And so don’t don’t set a bar so high. That it’s unachievable, which we’ll talk about in this podcast. It’s so timely this question will meet with Kim and… and if all you can do is five minutes every day, then start with five minutes everyday because here’s what I know to be true. When you have energy, you get things done faster, and with more zest, and then all of a sudden time (Brad: enthusiam) Yeah, (Brad: and joy) Yeah and then and then, and then you have more time, because making the bed wasn’t this like exhausting thing that your body was like, oh my god, I have to do this right now. You like did it with zest pleasure and joy and it took half the time and then boom, now you can do seven minutes.

    Brad Crowell 5:59
    Lots of zest.

    Lesley Logan 6:00
    Yeah I love is that fully clean? …(Brad laughs)

    Brad Crowell 6:03
    Amazing. (Lesley: All right) Okay, now let’s talk about Kim Barnes Jefferson, an overcomer of the cycles of yo yo dieting and the toxic dieting culture. Kim Barnes Jefferson is an enthusiastic, spunky master coach and founder of fit girl magic society. She now dedicates her life to helping women over 40 understand why their bodies decided to give them the middle finger and find confidence in who they are. (Lesley: I love it) So I think that’s hilarious. Because whose body hasn’t given them the middle finger when they’re hitting this age. I mean, my dad told me it was 38 for him. And it was definitely 38 for me …(Lesley laughs)

    Lesley Logan 6:47
    To start lowering her barrier to entry to, like close to 40 …(Brad laughs) Yeah, and I also love it because I think so many women do look at their bodies as if it gave them the middle finger. And really, our bodies are just reflections of what we did to them. So… (Brad: That’s also true.) I find this to be a really awesome honest conversation. Because you know, so many of us were raised at a time where the tighter, the lower the jeans, the better. And if you didn’t fit into those jeans… I like I don’t even know you’re supposed to do but like they just didn’t make jeans for you. Like now, you can go in there’s a whole wall of jeans, and you can pick straight, white, boyfriend, you know, curve, like there’s so many options (Brad: bell bottom) Right? (Brad: high waisted) but like no. When I was growing up, there’s one jean. And if you didn’t wear that one, then people made fun of you. And so

    Brad Crowell 7:37
    I had access to all of the old style. (Lesley: Yeah) because I would go to the consignment shop and there’d be jeans there from 1973.

    Lesley Logan 7:46
    You know there’s a story about Brad …(Brad laughs) that apparently he had a pocket and one of his jeans would fit a Pepsi. Like a whole

    Brad Crowell 7:53
    a two liter soda bottle. Yeah, so those are my gencos. (Lesley: Yeah), yeah. And everybody from the 90s knows what those are.

    Lesley Logan 7:59
    I’m so glad it was so grateful, easy for you to be a boy growing up in the 90s. It was not that for those of us women approaching 40, or over 40 …(Brad laughs) We were not given as many options of pockets.

    Brad Crowell 8:09
    I used to put my science book in the back pocket of my jeans.

    Lesley Logan 8:14
    I don’t know what kind of belt you had to have for that. But anyway, let’s get back to Kim. So I just I had to have her on because I know many of our listeners are women, and there’s a few men but you’ve got women in your life. So these are the thoughts that are going through their heads. And also, you know, I think we’ve talked about before the different guests. But truly, we really do decide how we are how good our day is by getting on a scale. And I knew this girl when I worked at Equinox and she would get on the scale every day. And I heard her say one day, “perfect enough for today.” And she (Brad: that’s an interesting thought) she had been going through some stuff with her body and she was having a hard time breaking the habit of checking her weight. So she just said that at the end so that she her brain couldn’t have another response. So she had the response already. And that was her way of getting over letting the scale tell her if she was a good girl that day, you know, like and I just think that it’s so interesting. We could be rocking it at work, we could be feeling great with our families. And then we like eat an extra cookie. And all of a sudden, like we’re the worst person in the world. We made a bad judgment. Like what who, like, we just don’t, all that stuff keeps us from actually working on the thing we want to work on and doing the thing we want to do. (Brad: it’s a trap.) It’s a… and you know what, it’s the patriarchy they had to do this so that you (Brad: hey I don’t get it…) Well. If you’re so busy focusing on looking a certain way based on the media, then you’re not busy taking over and being powerful and taking over their jobs. This is how it works. People are nodding their head while they’re listening.

    Brad Crowell 9:50
    Okay, I’m gonna slowly nod my head.

    Lesley Logan 9:54
    There’s actually a great look, I didn’t come up with this, so if you want to listen to an amazing interview, her name is Sonya Renee Taylor. She writes the book, The Body is Not an Apology, and she had a conversation with Brene Brown, St. Brene over on Brene’s podcast, and you can listen to Brene on Spotify. So you’ll go over there. Look up the interview with Sonya Renee Taylor and Sonya Renee Taylor explains that the ladder is actually super ladder, we’re all trying to climb by looking a certain way and all the things it’s actually fictional, it’s not there, and it’s put in place so that we all are so focused on climbing this ladder that we’re not actually focused on like why we’re climbing to who we are as we climb up this ladder all this stuff and we

    Brad Crowell 10:39
    Let me tell you, we will make it easier for you and we will find a link to said pod episode between those two we will put that in the show notes (Lesley: and if you) …I (Brad stutters) wonder how conspiratorial we should be about that. I feel like it may be just default happened and innately became a thing. (Lesley: Yeah) And then we adopted it societally, as opposed to like someone masterminding how they can. (Lesley: Yeah, I’m sure it wasn’t like) manipulate.

    Lesley Logan 11:04
    I’m sure there was a genius manipulator in there. But I’m sure there’s people who saw “Oh, look what’s happening over here”. They’re so busy, focused on being perfect that they can’t do this. So (Brad: yeah), at any rate. I don’t feel like I’m a conspiracy theorist. I just feel like it is this thing …(Lesley stutters) This topic is really important, ladies, because it really is keeping you from all your stuff. I read the comments, I get stuff in my members only group. (Brad: Yeah) I didn’t feel good today about this so I just didn’t do my I didn’t do my workouts. I didn’t do this, and this. It’s like, oh my gosh, all those things you didn’t do it, would have made you feel better. Right, all those things, and then they you would have had more energy to do stuff. And so anyways, I really would listen to that, that conversation with Sonya and Brene because if you are struggling with anything going on with your body, it is such a freeing conversation. But anyways, back to…

    Brad Crowell 11:54
    well, what I mean, I know we just kind of went down that whole (Lesley giggles) thought process. But you were circling back around to one thing that you love that she said,

    Lesley Logan 12:04
    Oh, well, it was just that question and don’t accept things. There ya go. (Brad laughs) (Brad: Hey, yeah) look at how good I am.

    Brad Crowell 12:10
    Ask more questions and don’t accept things. Yeah. I mean, yeah.

    Lesley Logan 12:13
    Well, she said at the beginning. So if you one of those was she was talking about how her doctor was just like, Yeah, “this is how old you are, this is what’s gonna happen to you”, (Brad: right) and you have a member in your family who had a similar situation, the doctor said, Oh, you’re just going to gain, you know, three pounds every year. And she’s like, every year I’m gonna live at least 10 more years, at least (Brad: right) that’s 30 pounds. If I (Brad: What if you live 20 more years) She’s totally gonna live 20 more years, the people in her family have lived 30 more years and her age. So like, (Brad: right), that’s a lot. You can’t sustain that. And she’s like, she didn’t accepted it. And so

    Brad Crowell 12:45
    yeah, 30 years of that right would be 90 pounds. (Lesley: Yea), that’s a lot.

    Lesley Logan 12:48
    And so not that she should not, not that she should be focused on her weight loss but it is a health thing. She it’s a it’s a medical thing that she’s on that’s causing this and so she’s like, I don’t accept that. And Kim is just saying, “you don’t have to accept if somebody if a medical professional saying this is it for you this all you got?” Like, you know, you don’t have to accept that. Ask more question. Questions get curious. I mean, Amy Ledin is a perfect example, she (Brad: 100%) She has stage four cancer right now. And she is not accepting that like, it’s not that she’s in denial. It’s just that she’s like, I don’t accept that this means this is the end. I will be here long enough to raise my youngest daughter. So she’s getting curious. She’s asking questions. She’s actually looking for evidence to prove her doctors incorrect. So she’s looking for survivors, people who live with stage four cancer for 20 plus years. She’s finding them. So anyways, I love that Kim brought this up. I think it is something we should all not be afraid to, like just say, um, is that really all you got? Do you have any other things for me?

    Brad Crowell 13:49
    Yeah, I mean, I mean, particularly like, like the doctor saying, like, well just face it. You’re old now. So this is happening. It’s like, that’s pretty weak …(Brad laughs) I’m just saying like, eerrrk.

    Lesley Logan 14:02
    Yeah, I mean, people are doing some crazy amazing. There are people running 100 meter dashes is at 100 years old.

    Brad Crowell 14:07
    I saw that (Lesley: they’re super fast) they’re Olympics.

    Lesley Logan 14:11
    Yeah, I’m impressed. They look stronger than Gaia (Brad laughs)

    Brad Crowell 14:15
    Yes, yes, yes (Lesley: Gaia is probaly 100) But very, very impressive. Very impressive.

    Lesley Logan 14:20
    Okay, what did you love?

    Brad Crowell 14:21
    Okay, so I love really loved that she said, acknowledge the season that you’re in, the efforts and the goals that can be accomplished during this season. I know that you know, growing up, it was more like you know, each season of the year kind of a thing and it changed because I was in school and it was the summer and so the summer is like you got more time yourself as opposed to when you gotta buckle down and work because of school whatever. With her, she was talking about her client, her client is an accountant. And during tax season, it’s like haywire, right? And she’s like, like barely like coming up for air and eatin’ microwave pizza because it’s quick and fast. And that’s the only thing available. And yet she had a goal about, you know, weight loss. And Kim said, Hey, I’m just pointing out here like you don’t even have time to call me. How are we going to, you know, focus on this, maybe, maybe we take a breather at the moment. And we set an actual target that’s like, you can achieve this during a different point, you know, after tax season, then we can go hit it hard (Lesley: Yeah) during tax season, maybe we maintain.

    Lesley Logan 15:30
    Yeah, I loved how she explained how she does that because we talk a lot about this inside of our coaching group, you know, we have a lot of business owners who have kids, and they’re like, how do I balance it all? It’s like, well, first of all, that’s, that’s the wrong word to look for. It’s like, what season are you in your business, if it is a time when your kids are off school, maybe that’s when you slow things down, and you give yourself fewer goals that month, because you’re busy spending time with your kids, you’re going to resent the time you spend with them, because you’re not working on this thing. Or

    Brad Crowell 16:00
    That that is like the worst case (Lesley: what) And that happens all the time is like, suddenly you’re like, I don’t have to be that this damn soccer game, I could be whatever, and it’s like, wait a minute, you know, like, like, let’s reframe this, obviously, you wanted to be here. But you know, it builds that resentment totally, you don’t want to put yourself in that position. So when you reframe your, you know, when you take, take a step back and look at how much you can actually do in a specific season of time or period of time. Maybe your goals shift and change, you know, and you you do you move into maintenance as opposed to like, power through. I know, for me, I’ve actually felt this mostly in work, not working out, but like mostly in work stuff. Where I’m like, okay, in order for us to hit set goal, you know, two months from now. I gotta hit it hard now, like really have to buckle down, you know, go to sleep early, wake up early, all the kind of things and like, make a shift. And then you know, when we hit that goal, I have the choice to, you know, take a breather for a little bit. And, you know, again, still going to work, still answering emails, but like, there’s a difference in that mentality where I’m not just like, hardcore. And you know, when you have to also let up for your own sanity, because you’ll eventually burn out if you just keep go, go, go, go go. Right. But, you know, during those times, I’ve noticed how like, like buckling down at the office, it is harder to maintain my workout or sorry, it’s harder to to like, be ambitious about my workout (Lesley: Yeah) But I know how important it is to maintain my workout when I’m buckled down. Because that movement of physical movement actually really helps me perform better anyway.

    Lesley Logan 17:52
    Right? So I’ve noticed that what you do is you come, you just you don’t do all three that we go to in the week. You go to two and maybe you don’t do all three of your yogas maybe you just do one like it is about it’s you know, if we’re really honest with ourselves, like and really set up our own expectations for things. It’s kind of amazing what you actually can get done. Because wouldn’t it be amazing if you got to work on something? And then you weren’t feeling shame about not working on something else?

    Brad Crowell 18:17
    Yeah, I think it’s the same idea …(Brad stutters) It would be amazing. Yes. (Lesley laughs) …(Lesley: Wouldn’t it be amazing?) If we didn’t beat ourselves up? (Lesley: Crickets) Yeah.

    Lesley Logan 18:28
    Yea it would. But I think that would be really fun. If we could just go oh, I this is on a simmer. And this thing is boiling.

    Brad Crowell 18:38
    Finally, let’s talk about the Be It action items that you have with Kim Barnes Jefferson, what Bold, Executable, Intrinsic or Targeted action items can we take away from your convo? And I’m gonna jump right in you were talking about the definition of success. And I think it goes hand in hand with acknowledging the season that you’re in. (Lesley: Yeah) But when you are able to redefine the definition of success. Oh, it’s like you were talking about with the food and beating yourself up with eating a cookie. (Lesley: Yeah) You know, or whatever. Or, you know, Kim talked about how, when her husband was trying to book her birthday dinner, he was like, I called the restaurant and they can make you some like miserably bland fish and some, you know, just steamed some veggies, right. And I know that, you know, we’ve been there. (Lesley: We’ve been there) We’ve literally been that. But when you redefine your definition of success, you’re not going to hang yourself out the dry if you, you know are gonna have that cookie, or whatever that thing is (Lesley: Right, right) You know, and what that seasonality may it’s if it’s a birthday dinner, maybe you’re allowed to enjoy the dinner as opposed to you know, be so strictly holding to your regimen.

    Lesley Logan 20:02
    I mean, it’s something that I love about every single woman we brought on to talk about the weight, the dieting situation that this world is in. All of them are anti-diet coaches. (Brad: I was thinking about Launa Jae), all of them are anti restriction. Amy Ledin is anti that, Launa Jae we’ve had on Amber Shaw and Kim Barnes like all of them are this anti-dieting, anti-restriction because ev… like even Amber would say like, when you only eat a whole food diet. Well, that’s a restriction. So like yea know so…

    Brad Crowell 20:39
    Launa Jae was talking about eating Cheez Its (Lesley: Yeah) she’s like, “Am I satisfied?”

    Lesley Logan 20:44
    Yeah. Ask those questions. So I do think I love that you brought up the redefining success and tied it with the seasonality because I think Kim is right here. It’s like, first of all, just first, acknowledge where you are right now. And how you’re talking to yourself and how it’s affecting your life. But then second, it is about like, you know, you’re supposed to eat with the seasons, y’all like in the winter, all the food should be warmer, cooked heavier, right? Like, your body will change during that time. Because we’re if it’s colder, you’re not as active as in the summertime. And I know I drink less water in the winter, because I’m not parched all the time. So I think when you just get really clear on what is a good day for you? What is perfect enough for you today?

    Brad Crowell 21:26
    Right, that’s perfect for (Lesley: Then…) me today,

    Lesley Logan 21:27
    Then you get to have a lot more space and grace for yourself. And you have more time to do the thing. Like I love that Kim actually acknowledged that her tax accountant has a job to do. Well, I can’t stop working to focus on the school over here. So she was just like, let’s get really, really honest about your season. And let’s redefine success. Genius. Love it. That’s great.

    Brad Crowell 21:49
    Yeah, what about you?

    Lesley Logan 21:51
    Okay, find three the easy things that each day will make you feel like you’re honoring your health. This is so fun, because you can even in a busy season. You know, you can totally just, this is part of defining your success. What are the three things. I have a friend who I heard her say on her podcast, she has a glass of water by her bed that she puts up before she was asleep. And when she wakes up, she sits up and she drinks that whole glass of water.

    Brad Crowell 22:16
    I’ve started doing that. (Lesley: And she’s it’s it’s like a cousin.) I’m pretty sure it’s because you told me about your friend.

    Lesley Logan 22:22
    Oh, I know. And then And then she’s like, if that’s all the water I got today at least I got a whole glass of water. Like she’s that’s her. That’s one of her easy things. Does she know she should drink more water? Yes. Is she a proponent of that’s all the water you need? No. But she is making it easy for her to be successful at that goal. And it’s going to lead to her wanting more. So picked three easy things that are that will that you can do. And the reason they need to be easy is going back to BJ Fogg. If you do them, you’ll feel good about yourself. If you feel good about yourself yet. Ya do the thing again.

    Brad Crowell 22:53
    You’ll do it again (Lesley: Yeah, yeah.) Exactly,

    Lesley Logan 22:55
    So anyways, that’s that one I thought was like, oh, anyone could do this right now. Anyone. Don’t care if you’re over 40. Under 40. Not, not even acknowledging 40. Like

    Brad Crowell 23:06
    whether your body’s giving you the middle finger or not?

    Lesley Logan 23:08
    Yeah, I think we can all pick three easy things that will make you feel like you’re honoring your health.

    Brad Crowell 23:14
    Yeah, I’m trying to think about like, what are the easy things that I would could do? (Lesley: I walk the dog, that’s easy) Oh, that’s an easy one. Because he’s got to get walked anyway. (Lesley: Yeah) But obviously, that’s a win for the movement, right? You get 1000s of steps on those walks every morning.

    Lesley Logan 23:31
    And I also I also make my breakfast each morning. That’s not easy for everybody. But it is easy for me. So it’s one of my easy things. And I really try to like I toast a waffle. And I and then I put some almond butter on it and some blueberries and I sit down at the dining room table. And that feels like health to me.

    Brad Crowell 23:51
    I was thinking about the the Aura Ring and my use, you know, an easy thing for me to do to honor my health is to open the app and let it sync and actually assess where I am. You know, and how my sleep was. And that’s like an easy thing for me to look and go like, did I go to bed early enough last night? Or did I get a you know, why was I Why did I potentially have a restful sleep? Did I have you know, one more beer and I could skip that? (Lesley: asking those questions) Yeah asking, like …(Lesley laughs) Am I in a place where I feel like ready to go? And this app is telling me like yeah, you’re, you’re hot. You know, (Lesley: yeah) go get it done.

    Lesley Logan 24:34
    Another easy thing is just to turn your phone over or off or on Do Not Disturb an hour before you go to bed. That’s one that’s a really easy thing you could do for your health. Yeah, you also I have an app that I check in on for my cycle. That’s actually an easy thing. Look at what other easy things can we get people to honor their health?

    Brad Crowell 24:51
    I love Okay, cool. So here’s something that I’ve started doing recently. In the middle of the afternoon, and I’m I’ve noticed this typically when I After I’ve eaten that my the way my body has always been is that I get lethargic after I eat. Doesn’t matter if I eat like healthy or unhealthy. It’s just, I kind of slow down and I get that like afternoon like I’m dragon. And instead of getting a coffee, I have started doing a handstand. (Lesley: Oh!) …(Brad laughs) because I felt like the only reason I’m tired is because my all the blood in my body is going to my stomach to process my meal. So what if I brought some of it back up to my head? (Lesley: I am…)

    Lesley Logan 25:35
    I am that’s…(Brad laughs) sure someone’s gonna tell me that you shouldn’t go upside down when you’re eating. But no,

    Brad Crowell 25:41
    Not, not when I’m eating it’s after I’ve eaten and my body starting to feel slow, so it’s usually an hour, (Lesley: actually…) two hours after…(Lesley: this works, It just keeps going) It does. The esophagus can work upside down …(Lesley: Yeah) but that’s clearly not what I’m not eating while (Lesley: I love that. I didn’t know you did that) Yeah, I’ve started doing it in the hallway. You know, just just, I did one today, in fact too, just if I start instead of me feeling like like the afternoon slug (Brad: moans). Now I just go do a handstand. And it’s actually incredible because like, it definitely keeps it light. It makes my brain Whoo (Lesley: that’s so fun) You know, plus you get a little, little arms.

    Lesley Logan 26:16
    You can also take three deep breaths. That’s an easy thing you can do for your health three inhales and exhales …(Brad: Why don’t we do that?) the nose? Okay, one …(Brad Inhale-exhale), two …(Brad Inhale-exhale) In and out the nose. …(Brad: you cheated), three …(Brad Inhale-exhale) …(Brad: Yeah) don’t you feel healthy?

    Brad Crowell 26:42
    I feel calm.

    Lesley Logan 26:43
    I know …(Brad: I feel) it’s like a so …(Brad: happier). Like you honored your health right there. (Brad: Yeah), yeah, …(Brad: that’s a win) and you do it enough through your nose y’all because that your nose has nostril hairs for a reason. …(Brad: Tell me more.) Well, it’s to keep you from getting sick. (Brad: Oh, okay) …(Brad laughs) So there’s like tons of studies on like, decreasing hypertension and all this other stuff. So breathing out through your nose even if you have sinus stuff, do the best you can. Your brain will not want you to die. So it’ll figure things out. Just read Breathe by James Nestor. You’re welcome. That’s something you can do to honor your health as well. But it’s not easy. It might take some time. Okay, well, that was so fun. I love her. I, you can listen to her on Fit Girl Magic everyone. So check her out if she inspired you.

    Brad Crowell 27:25
    her podcast. (Lesley: Yeah), we’ll put that link in the notes too.

    Lesley Logan 27:28
    Yeah. I’m Lesley Logan.

    Brad Crowell 27:29
    And I’m Brad Crowell.

    Lesley Logan 27:30
    Thank you so much for joining us today. We are so grateful for you. How are you going to use these tips in your life? Let us know by sending a DM to the pod on Instagram. And we’ll catch you on the next episode.

    Brad Crowell 27:41
    Bye for now

    Lesley Logan
    That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

    Lesley Logan
    ‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of ‘As The Crows Fly Media’.

    Brad Crowell
    It’s written, produced, filmed and recorded by your host, Lesley Logan and me, Brad Crowell. Our Associate Producer is Amanda Frattarelli.

    Lesley Logan
    Kevin Perez at Disenyo handles all of our audio editing.

    Brad Crowell
    Our theme music is by Ali at APEX Production Music. And our branding by designer and artist, Gianfranco Cioffi.

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    Brad Crowell
    And to Angelina Herico for transcribing each of our episodes so you can find them on our website. And, finally to Meridith Crowell for keeping us all on point and on time.

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