Adult Friendships

and Deal Breakers

Ep. 98 with Lesley & Clare

“Understand what is important for you in a friendship and the deal breakers.”

Clare Solly

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Show Notes

Adult friendships are hard and not always as consistent as they were growing up on the playground. Clare and LL discuss their 20 year friendship, the seasons of friendships, and when it might be time to let a friendship go.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Q&A fire round with LL
  • The difference between great friends and life friends
  • Finding fulfillment through taking a step forward
  • Do you have friendship deal breakers?
  • Are you afraid of the light or the power that may come in the light?
  • Tulip tips…maybe for mothers day 😉

Lesley Logan 0:01
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 0:46
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where Clare and I are going to dig into the salty convo I had with Laurie Jabbar in our last episode. If you haven’t yet, listen to that one, feel free to pause this now. Go back and listen to that one. Come back and join us. Definitely, if you haven’t figured out Clare is replacing Brad for this week and so you can hear another recap with her in an episode from last Thursday. But basically, you can listen to the episodes in whatever order you want. (Lesley laughs)

Clare Solly 1:13
Has your husband been gone so long, you forgot his name? Is that what happened there? (Clare laughs)

Lesley Logan 1:16
Yeah, yeah, no, that’s true. (Lesley laughs) All right. Well, we are even though didn’t say anything Brad is in Cambodia, everyone and he will technically when this episode is out, he’s been back but he is there while we’re recording. So here’s the deal. In the time this episode drops, we are one week away from the 100th episode dropping.

Clare Solly 1:39
One hundred! (Lesley: Do you remember when I started it, why I started this?) I can’t believe you’re at 100 already. Like that’s crazy. I remember when the first one came out, and we were just like so excited, like itching to hear it like so excited.

Lesley Logan 1:52
I’m so excited. So much practice on like listening to my own voice because I actually on purpose. Don’t watch any of my YouTube videos or any of my own classes. And I was like, “Oh, the podcast. I have to listen to it.” (Lesley and Clare laughs) Anyways, y’all Clare and I have been friends since like 2001. (Clare: Yeah) Isn’t that crazy. So I actually think it’s really fitting for her to be on the episode recap with Laurie Jabbar because she has a pod, Laurie has a podcast with her friends. So, it’s kind of fun. Anyways, we’ll get into Laurie in just a second and what she does, but Clare do we have or are you, we have an audience question or are you hijacking?

Clare Solly 2:32
I am totally hijacking. So, as I was thinking about coming on, I realized, like, again, we’ve been friends for 20 years, which seems crazy because neither of us looks old enough to be friends for 20 years. But, um, you know, a special bonus for those of you watching the YouTube. So I’m gonna give you a speed round of questions. (Lesley: Okay) I’m a like, I don’t know if you can handle this because I don’t know that you can pick one thing. But here we … (Lesley: Do you know … I’m on aquarius) And you’re gonna explain everything.

Lesley Logan 3:02
I know! I’m terrible at fire rounds. I’m terrible. Every every podcast that’s ever had me on a set of fire round, I’m like, “Oh, they’re gonna hate me after this.”

Clare Solly 3:08
I believe in you. I mean, I don’t care. You can like everything. (Lesley: Okay, I will pick. I’ll pick.) Okay, so here we go. I have six questions for you. Would you rather travel on an airplane or train? (Lesley: Airplane) Would you rather eat an orange or an apple?

Lesley Logan 3:24
Apple, cut. (Clare: Okay. Tea or Coffee?) Coffee with oat milk.

Clare Solly 3:30
Would you rather be given flowers or chocolate?

Lesley Logan 3:34
Okay, I want the chocolate but it has to be vegan chocolate so not every brand is good. So, you know if you can’t get me a real good vegan chocolate then by all means flowers Preferably ones that are not tulips because they fall over too quickly. (Clare: Would you rather swim in o… ocean a pool or lake?) I prefer a pool because honestly legs made me think of a brain amoeba and oceans the seaweed makes me think of souls from Ursula touching my body and grasping for life. I can’t let it go.

Clare Solly 4:11
Oh my gosh. And we lived by the beach for so long. (Lesley and Clare laughs)

Lesley Logan 4:19
But I did buy or pay to live near the beach. I liked I liked the air.

Clare Solly 4:23
Fair. Okay. If you could, this is the last one if you can only have one flavoring. Would you rather have salt, pepper or butter y… ?

Lesley Logan 4:36
Oh, salt all the way. I I y’all Brad’s a chef loving person he’s someday he’ll be (Clare: So good) his own chef and like I put salt on fucking everything and he is like, “You haven’t even tasted it yet.” Yeah, I’m like it’s gonna use the salt.

Clare Solly 4:51
You came to visit me in in December. And (Lesley: Yeah) he like I saw him take the salt and hide it. I was like, “No, let’s just try it first.” You’re like, “Where’s the salt?” He was like, “No just try it first.”

Lesley Logan 5:06
So I have had my blood tested several times. For whatever reason. It’s like I don’t retain salt and I crave it. I but I’m not a savory person. Like if you’re like, “Are you sweet or savory?” Sweet, thank you! But like I love like a moist warm cookie brownie cake all of the things. And I can’t eat like I like the pastry stuff like the baked goods. I like it. I like to chew my food. And anyway, I I so I went out and we found some like artisan salt and so I have lemon ginger and I have black truffle and I have white truffle and a black lava. I don’t think it does anything. Anyways, I love a salt. And yes, you can have too much you’ll know your gums won’t like it but I put salt. But y’all I have found a vegan butter that is out of this world. It’s they don’t sponsor me but if anyone knows them, I would love to be their their spokesmodel I think it’s pronounced Miyoko’s. It I believe it’s Japanese. And they have a butter that is so it tastes like butter. It tastes like butter. You put your knife in there and you it like tastes like butter. And they also have some other cheeses that I have just destroyed. I friggin love them. Like I didn’t even know I love cheese until I found this place.

Clare Solly 6:24
Oh, that’s so good. And I have a tulip tip for you. But I’m gonna save it to the end of this recap, because we should start talking about Laurie Jabbar’s.

Lesley Logan 6:32
We should! And also it’s right before Mother’s Day and every person is going to need to know this tulip tip because (Clare: Yeah) you never know.

Clare Solly 6:38
So stay tuned to the end. Um, it’s it’s you know, it’s good. It’s not earth shattering, but it’s good. Um, so let’s talk about Laurie Jabbar speaking of salt. She is a fiery, salty, opportunist. Laurie Jabbar grew her fireside chats with friends to a larger audience with a launch of her podcast. She’s a 10 Times 5 with Lisa O’Coyne. Together, the duo is helping women recognize the amazing new opportunities that come in the new chapter of life.

Lesley Logan 7:08
Yeah, they’re so fun. We got one of the two of them. So we’ll have to have the other half.

Clare Solly 7:14
Wow Lisa! Yeah, yeah. And I mean, she was delightful. I loved this podcast, and what was one thing that you loved about it?

Lesley Logan 7:22
So first of all, she is a badass, and she’s got so many like chapters in her life, so worth learning about them. But one thing that she brought up that I think is really important is called great friends versus life friends. And you know, um, so I don’t know who I don’t know if it was like when you and I worked together or like when I heard like, there’s friends for a season, a reason and a lifetime. But …

Clare Solly 7:46
I feel like that was on a pillow or a blanket your grandma gave you like, (Lesley: something like that) you said it a lot.

Lesley Logan 7:52
Yeah. And I have, I guess I lost a lot of friends. You know? Well, first of all, I was you know, I talked about this in the week of Wild Honey on my Instagram post. But like, because my mom ran their daycares. I always had kids around me, but I I don’t know that I always had like, you know, like, I had like one or two best friends on my block. That’s who I you know, you’d like to, like knock on their door. And then, um, because in my I switched schools a lot. When my when I was younger, I actually had to make new friends often. And then by the time I got to high school, I had friends, like if you’re listening to us, and you were like, we had lunch together, they were all lovely people. But I almost felt like are we all just hanging out because we’re just hanging out, like no one was calling me and inviting me out to do anything. And I didn’t feel like I could invite them out. So it was like, we’re like lunch mates. And so I just feel like, if you’re someone who has not had not had friends for ever, it’s okay. Because there’s great friends like great moments of time with people. And there’s some like you and I came in, like, there’s like we kind of like we talked about, (Clare: You have been …) there’s on our episode like we can’t episode 19 everyone. We kind of like came in and then there was time apart. And then they came in, there’s time apart. And like a life friend can be like that, because there’s life happening.

Clare Solly 9:05
Yeah, yeah. And you know, you are definitely not the person that I met. And we’ve grown apart, and we’ve grown back together. And it’s, you know, it’s very interesting, because there’s so much focus on romantic relationships and how people grow apart or grow back together or whatever, but we don’t focus on friendships. And those should have just as much of a focus of a relationship as as romantic ones do. And yeah, you build these life friendships and, you know, like the ride or die is one of those hot things to say right now like, and you know, you are definitely one of my ride or dies, like you are completely across the country from me, but I feel like if I called you and I was having a life crisis, you would be like, “Okay, give me a day. Give me 24 hours. I’m hopping on a plane, we’ll figure it out.” And …

Lesley Logan 9:57
Yeah same for you. I agree. (Clare: Yeah) And I think that I think that some people think that ride or dies have to be in your life all the time. And like, I don’t actually think a ride or die is like that. That’s just like, that’s a character of someone who loves you no matter what. And you know, that’s it doesn’t I think you’re right. I love that you brought this up. There’s so many books and movies about romantic relationships and how they been together. But there’s so few of like, how does a friendship become a friendship? And like, is it okay to just like text every week? And then everyone’s will have a phone call? Yeah, that is the Yes, by the way. (Lesley and Clare laughs) The answer is yes. So, (Clare: Yeah) so I think it’s like, you know, important for people to just explore like, it’s okay, if you had a great friend. And it may not be over forever, but maybe the, maybe the chapter is closed there. And then there’s the life friends, the people who, you know, come in and out, or maybe they’re there every single week. I hope that for you, you know, Brad has those people. You know, but the fact that you and I have been pretty good at slingshotting each other for 21 years. (Clare: Yeah …) Our friendship needs a drink. (Clare: Our friendship is legal enough to drink. Cheers.) Cheers! What’s something that you love, she said.

Clare Solly 9:58
I loved that she said, take a step forward, that will bring you closer to fulfillment. And I like that a lot of a lot of what you talk about on this pod, a lot of a lot of the bold, intrinsic, actionable things that you talk about are, you know, what are small things you can do or what are ways you can just start to move forward. And I really liked the word fulfillment because if, if anything we’ve learned in the last couple of years, we need to figure out how to fulfill ourselves and fill our own cup first and fill our own lives first. (Lesley: Yeah) Because you know, you and I have talked about this, you’re you’re a recovering perfectionist, (Lesley: Yeah) I’m a recovering people pleaser. And what was that I said the other day? It doesn’t matter. Well, I’ll get I’ll catch up to it. And (Lesley: Yeah …) it’s like I’ve have spent so much of my life trying to figure out how to make other people happy. Like I grew up with, you know, 50s hostess, grandmother and middle child mother who was always in the middle of of ar… all the arguments. And so she you know, she was the one that was like, “Okay, how can I, how can I keep everybody calm?” And, you know, I’m a child of divorce. And so like, my parents got divorced when I was little. So, like, fulfillment is a big a big lesson I’ve been learning like, lately, and it’s like, what can I do for myself and only for myself, and it feels so narcissistic and so, so solitary, and whatever. And it seems funny for me to say that because I’m a single person, I’m 42 years old, single, happily single. But at the same time, like doing something, just for me, that’s not for my job. That’s not (Lesley: Yeah) for my group of friends to make them happy that like, for any other re… for my theatre companies, like something that makes me happy. And that’s a that’s a hard thing to find. Right? That doesn’t feel you know, like something that will help move you forward in your life that also isn’t like so… Anyway, the what she said …

Lesley Logan 13:32
Yeah, I really understand. And I think that that’s, I think that it’s beca… that’s a sometimes you have to play like I’m hobby hunting, if everyone’s been listening. The past episodes, like finding what fulfills you is its own, is its own journey.

Clare Solly 13:47
This cracks me up about you, because I feel like po… like pause on the fulfillment for a second. I mean, it’s the same thing. But it’s like, you are a hobby hunter like you do all the things you just decide you want to go do something and then you like, learn how to do it and you go do it like an inch, just like …

Lesley Logan 14:02
I am doing that. I’m just trying to see like, if they’re, you know, like Brad, Brad sits on each week and writes music and like (Clare: Yeah) some people like knit or they do these things and I want something that I do that’s not for work and I don’t get paid for. And I’m just trying to figure out what that thing is. And I you know, I may turn out to be like I have all the hobbies in the world that I need but I’m on this like mission of like, “What what do I do that’s for for fun.”

Clare Solly 14:33
But I feel like every hobby that you’ve ever had that I’ve known of you’ve turned into (Lesley: I know …) some sort of business … (Lesley: I can’t help myself) I think we talked about this on my episode but like Lesley wave and back in the day and I we made this she she had taken a pair of shoes and decolletage them. And wait, did we? I don’t know. (Lesley: I think we both did our own pair). Yeah, we did and like and then we decided to make it into a business (Lesley: Yes.) And like Pilates for or you was a hobby to begin with. And then it became your business and then like …

Lesley Logan 15:06
I know and then like coaching and then that became a business and I know. I’m really I’m really am trying to find something that I don’t like that I don’t I probably end up getting sold who knows you know everything I touch turns to gold whatever. (Lesley laughs)

Clare Solly 15:22
Yeah but also like that’s all the like the epitome of Be It Till You See It. Right? (Lesley: Yeah.) Like just … (Lesley: Yeah.)

Lesley Logan 15:30
Anyways, you know I do I do like the fulfillment thing I think that’s worth exploring and something that fulfillment also is gonna give us alignment. And like you can also (Clare: Yeah) like if you’re struggling with like, if you think that filling your cup first is narcissistic, then like ask yourself if you’re just in alignment or not. Because that might be like the easier route into being a little selfish.

Clare Solly 15:50
Yeah, well, being selfish isn’t a bad thing. (Lesley: No) If you’re selfish all the time (Lesley: Yeah.) then it’s not good. I mean, anything all the time is not good.

Lesley Logan 16:00
Correct! Correct! Okay, well, I love it. That’s also true. That’s another episode. Okay, what do we got next, Clare?

Clare Solly 16:11
Um, so we should probably I’m going to take over Brad’s role again, and say this, because I’ve practiced it. So, so my favorite Be It action item was understand what is important for you in a friendship and the deal breakers. Which is that one has been a difficult thing for me, because, like, you know how I love people, I will throw myself into friendships, I’ll throw myself into relationships. And, like, you have to figure out what the deal breakers are like. And it can’t be that like the small things, right? Like, it can’t be like, “Oh my gosh, this person likes tequila and I like rum.” Like it’s not, you know, I mean, it goes …

Lesley Logan 16:52
Go to a regular bar, both people can be happy.

Clare Solly 16:54
Well like, I had a friend who was a negative talker, like everything this person said, was negative, negative, negative. And they would make fun of themselves. And they would make fun of everybody else. And they were judgmental. And I just felt, and I didn’t realize it until later on in the relationship. But I felt a black cloud every time I hung out with this person. And I felt so like, they made me feel really good by making everything else look terrible. And I was like, this is not a good relationship to be in. Because then I found myself getting ready to go hang out with them or talk to them by trying to like, figure out things I could say about other people or things I could like, up my up and myself, like, wear something like really, you know, I don’t know, that made me feel really, really good. Because I didn’t want to be the ridicule of the evening. And I was I just realized I was like, I don’t need to be around this person. Like they’re so negative. I’m such a positive person. I’m an upbeat person. I love everybody’s snowflake edges. I love encouraging people to do things. And I didn’t need to stand around judging them and picking on them. So I (Lesley: Right) just sort of stepped away from that friendship eventually and and walked away.

Lesley Logan 18:16
I think that’s a really important thing. Like if you have, like, this is something that I did when I was trying to figure out like dating, like, what are my deal breakers? Because I was, as we know, because Clare and I had a blog at the time, I was on a mission. I was like, I keep dating the wrong person. So we are trying on different genes. And what are the red flags? And what what are deal breakers for me. And so this is the same thing that goes for friendships, though, like you’re in some sort of, you’re in an interesting version of a relationship. It’s not a marriage necessarily, like legally binding, but like, you know, it is something to understand. And if you find yourself avoiding someone’s text, you probably don’t be friends with them. You should have a conversation. Let it go. I don’t know why as women, we tend to keep people we think we should keep people around like I teach so many women’s sessions and every time there’s a bachelorette party, there’s always like, I don’t know why this person’s like been around for 17 years as a friend and it’s like, oh my God, ladies, let go of the person like have or at least have the honest conversation that says, “Hey, when you do this, it really bothers me.” (Clare: Yeah) And then if they can’t change that, then that is them. It’s not you. You don’t have to keep them around for 17 years. Like just know it. So that’s (Clare: Yeah) a Be It action item. Everyone should do it. Okay. Especially (Clare: What was your …) if your … especially if your friend was making you feel like a dark cloud. Can you imagine like what was keeping you from being every time you had that’s like a hangover? (Clare: Yeah) Only have tequila hangovers, only. (Clare laughs)

Clare Solly 19:40
Well, and definitely, like, understand what you need in a friendship too, right. Like, I think the reason you and I have have have been so successful in our friendship, you know, I coined the phrase, slingshot friend. And again, we don’t see each other all the time. We don’t talk all the time, but you’ll come and you’ll be like, “Hey,” you’ll bounce an idea off of me, or you’ll tell me that you’re doing something and I’ll be like, “Oh my gosh, that’s great and amazing.” And you head forward with it. And then, like, I’ll come to you and say something, and you’ll be like, “Oh my gosh, that’s great. Here’s some resources. Here are 10 podcasts and two books you should read.” And … (Lesley and Clare laughs)

Lesley Logan 20:17
I have my own library. (Clare: That’s why I like you) Oh, my God, I should have a search engine. Maybe that’s my new new hobby. (Lesley and Clare laughs) (Clare: Hold on, I don’t understand what that means. Let me Lesley Logan it.) Let’s do it. And also it would only show good things. Only good things.

Clare Solly 20:36
I love it. Oh my God. (Lesley and Clare laughs)

Lesley Logan 20:38
Brad, are you listening? Write that down. Okay …

Clare Solly 20:41
Speaking on good things. What was your favorite BE IT action item?

Lesley Logan 20:44
Okay. My my BE IT action item that I really liked, it’s, she said, “Don’t be afraid of the light… Don’t be afraid of the light to show you great things.” And I this made me think of Marianne Williamson. And she, she talks about how most people are actually afraid of their power. So that’s why I don’t know the exact quote. But there’s this whole quote, she’s very powerful. Everyone just read it. But basically, she’s like, it’s most of us like are more comfortable setting in the, in the fear and the and the overwhelm and in a story that we’re not good enough. And we’re actually afraid because we actually are afraid of stepping into light, we’re actually afraid of the power. And I actually think that so many people are looking for signs everywhere. Like if it’s a good idea to do this, or good idea to do that and like the light is there. And you’re like “hmmm” let me put on some sunglasses on, look over here and see if the answers over here. Because maybe what it’s showing you is something that scares you. Maybe it’s showing you some of that, like, you’re like, “Oh my God,” because you have to become something that you’re not … get… guess what, you have to, to keep you growing, you become something you weren’t already. So I just really, I thought that was a really lovely BE IT action item. And I haven’t heard that from anybody, in any (Clare: Yeah) other version. So I just really liked. I like …

Clare Solly 22:01
Yeah, well, and I like at the time we’re recording this. I’m living that right now. Like I have two options, two very clear options in front of me. And you and I’ve talked a lot this week. And like you’ve been, you know, I’ve been bouncing off of you between these two options. And it’s, it’s now very clear which one to take. Because even though it’s the one that I’m a little more afraid of, because the other one hasn’t is not showing up as much as I want it to. And this one is very much like, “Hello, I’m here.” And it’s still like here, we’re paving the way keep coming …

Lesley Logan 22:35
Yeah. Come to the light, everyone comes. You know (Clare: Yeah) like do you remember? Is it a bug’s life? Like all the bugs are they don’t, they’re like, are like, “It’s so powerful. It’s the glow.” Like bugs are literally going to the light and all of us are like, “No, no.” But like in the opposite effect. The light is not a zapper, the light is actually like the showing you where the next step is.

Clare Solly 22:56
Yeah, well, and it’s weird too, because we sit around and we think that we’re not deserving of things. And we, like I know, oh, that was the thing I was gonna think of earlier. I’ve lived in such a chaotic world for so long that if if my world isn’t chaotic, I will create the drama. Like I will, I will bring up drama in my life just because I understand how to how to survive and drama. And it’s like, no, no, you can just stand in the light and enjoy it. Like you can go stand outside in the sunshine and enjoy it. You can you can be, you can take the choice that is very obvious. And it’s it’s fine.

Lesley Logan 23:05
Yeah, (Clare: And that was …) I hear you because I think everyone listen to this. Like maybe you too are like, “Oh, that’s me.” If you’re someone who’s like Clare that like the chaos and the drama is actually something that feels more comfortable. Go back to last week’s episode, we had Clare and ask yourself like, where did you learn that chaos and drama were actually safe and fun and enjoyable? And try to unpack that. And maybe you do that with a therapist, or maybe you do the journaling. And she’ll teach you… Clare had a great point about journaling in the last episode … (Clare laughs) So um, yeah, I think that’s really great. So Clare, thank you for being here for two weeks in a row. We have you back for one more recap while we’re recording things and Brad is gone. But before I let you go, two things, you have a tip on tulips?

Clare Solly 24:20
Yes, I do. So tulips. So if you take your vase or whatever you have and you take just generic clear tape and you make a grid with it across so you do like a back … (Lesley: Oh) and put a stripe across and a stripe across, the stripe across and then you do it the opposite way. And you can, the skinnier tape is better just scotch tape. That’s what it is. Scotch tape. The skinnier like three quarters of an inch is better. And just leave yourself little holes in there to put the tulips in and then just make sure you also tape around the outside of the vase to keep all of those those tapes down (Lesley: … yeah) and then that will create little holes in the vase (Lesley: Yeah) to put the flowers in and that will keep them upright. I mean it’s still going to kind of do the wilty thing on you but that will keep them in …

Lesley Logan 25:16
So I thought you want to talk about sprite because if you put sprite in the water, tulips love it, apparently like something with sugar. (Clare: Yeah) So if you do sprite and her grid I think your tulips are gonna look phenomenal for Mother’s Day. (Clare and Lesley laughs) (Clare: Here you go) Here we are just making new flower segments on the Be It Till You See It podcast. (Clare: So you too can be a flower arranger.) I actually that is on my hobby hunting list, by the way is to go to to watch a flower arranging class … (Clare: Be like that would be a good one for you.) I think it is so fun. Actually in town, there is a place where you take you do do flower arranging both real and both dried. (Clare: Yeah) And it’s by the way, it’s they don’t sponsor the show. It’s called Tiny Bloom. If you’re in Las Vegas, go check them out that Ferguson’s downtown shop local. Anyways, but I really I think I’m excited about that. So everyone thank you for letting Clare be a guest for Brad if you have liked her being a guest you should also just let us know. Do you want other guests in for Brad? Are you are you missing Brad to this be … (Clare: Probably you pick me) Is it is truffle? It’s a truffle. Like a nonsexual truffle. (Lesley laughs)

Clare Solly 26:26
I would totally be a potty truffle with you. (Clare laughs)

Lesley Logan 26:30
Oh my God. The time were in Spain we had to share a bed with one of my girlfriends also married and so I’m asleep in the middle and I pee like at least two times a night and I my bladder was going to explode. Everyone my dogs are not okay with this whole recording without Brad situation. So in the episodes if you’re moaning, moaning, groaning, whining, flapping or what’s happening on that door, they are perfectly fine. Do not call rescue. We have got there more than comfortable. She is just wanting to go out. So I’m Lesley Logan. (Lesley laughs) (Clare: I’m Clare Solly.) (Clare laughs) Thank you so much. How are you going to use these tips in your life today? Like what are you going to do? What’s your favorite BE IT action item and tag us. Tag @youwontbesolly which is Clare, the @be_it_pod. And also Laurie Jabbar, @shesa10times5 on the BE IT action that you’re gonna do or the talking point that reflected the most on you, and then share it to your Instagram account or send it to a friend. You have no idea how amazing it is if you send to a friend, you are this podcast because it does help us grow, one lesson at a time. And with that, you should Be It Till You See It because I gotta let Gaia out. (Lesley laughs) Thanks, everyone.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
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