40 Takeaways

From Turning 40

Ep. 169 with Lesley Logan

“Stop people pleasing yourself to a yes, no is a complete sentence.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Happy birthday to Lesley! Join in her birthday celebration as she shares the things that have helped shaped her and continues to support her as she works to show up as her ideal self. We know there are some gems that will give you permission to dream and begin to create the life you want in the upcoming year.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • 10 things learned by 40
  • 10 things that shaped Lesley
  • 10 things that support Lesley throughout the year
  • 10 things manifested for the next year
  • Change the perspective to “How is this happening for me?”
  • Rephrase your perspective and ask a new question
  • Ideas want to be born

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Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Hello! Hi! how are you? Happy birthday to me. It’s not actually my actual birthday today, but it’s my birthday month and I am 100% one of those people who celebrates it. No, I don’t care if you think that’s a terrible idea. If you think, “Oh my God, you’re so indulgent.” Yes, I am. And, and I, I think that’s okay. And if you hate that, that’s also okay. You don’t have to celebrate your birthday for a month. And it’s not that I make everybody say it’s my birthday every single day or anything like that. I don’t, I do like some sort of big extravaganza everyday or even daily lunches. I just love my birthday month. I just do. And so thank you for listening today. I thought it’d be fun to sort of figure out like, what do I want to talk about 40 things you should know about me, 40 things I’ve learned. And I just kind of like, I share so much about what I’ve learned. I wanted to break it up a little bit. Also, because in case you’re new to the show, and you don’t want to go all the way back to the beginning, which you can, I’m doing that with another podcast I’m I’m listening to. You can maybe get a little gist of like, who I am, what I’m about. And maybe some of you know me for a long time, you might not have heard these things, or they’ve always wondered.

So what we’re gonna do today, for this solo episode of somehow getting 40 things in about myself, without it being like all about me, cuz I definitely want you to take something out of this. That’s what the point of this podcast is. I want you to be able to be it till you see it, and act as if you are the person you want to be today instead of waiting for that to happen. So I’m hopeful that these things I share with you can give you either permission to feel the way you feel, permission to be who you want to be, permission to dream, permission to want and you know, have a good time doing it. So I’m going to do 10 things I have learned. And I don’t know that this is like the top 10. It’s just the 10 that I think about a lot and I reflect on a lot. 10 things I’m glad I went through. So these are going to be things that are like, lessons I’ve learned definitely. But some things that people might think are a little rock bottom, and I’ve definitely had people say, I’m sorry, went through that. And at this point in my life, I’m not sorry. So I think it’s really important to share those things. 10 things that support me. So these are a lot of my favorite things, but also things that just support me in showing up each and every day. And some days is easier than others. Some days I really lean into these things. And then lastly, 10 things I want in the next year or so. And this is just like a manifestation thing. It’s kind of like a podcast version of a visualization board. And so hopefully we can check back in throughout the year as you listen to episodes and hear which of these things I got. I have I have made reality. So here without further ado, the 10 things I have learned. And in no particular order.

First of all, you hear me say it all the time in every podcast. Perfect is boring. It’s so boring. Oh my gosh. And I catch myself, I catch myself getting into perfection mode. Something doesn’t go the way I want. I don’t like how that feels. And then I like get a little … And then I’m like, “Oh, are we trying to be perfect here?” Yeah. So what can we do for the future so that that doesn’t happen again. So, I’m so glad I learned that because being a perfectionist really held me back in my life. There’s a lot of things I think I could have done sooner if I wasn’t trying to be so perfect. So I’m so glad I’ve learned that. Two, I mean, they’re numbered, but that doesn’t mean it’s number two. And the importance of these things. Bad things are happening for you. Oh, yeah, we get to the next section, you’ll hear more of that. Because I know you can think, “Lesley, like, easy for you to say. You’re not going through I’m going through.” You’re correct. I am not. But I also think that we forget that the things that we’re going through help us, learn a lesson, gain a muscle or a skill set that we’re going to need for the future. The future you, the person that you’re wanting to be in this planet has to have experience and things. Not just you can be empathetic, not just so that you can have those what comes with that lifestyle, or that job or that dream or that relationship or that friendship, but also like to be that person, you have to have gone through things. I always think about this … I had heard this story when I was in the fifth or sixth grade. And I’ve never forgotten it. And this little kid, he had this like magic string. And whenever he like got a little bit bored or something bad was going on, he would pull on the string. And he’d pull on the string and it would fast forward his life. And he’d be an older version of himself. And then he played around in that age and then he pulled the string in. He’d be an older version of self and he just kept pulling the string whenever things weren’t going the way he wanted. And then before he knew he pulled on the string, and he was at the end of his life. And so I say that story because I think we want to avoid the bad things, but they are really the things that have happened, they are happening for you when you’re in it. Look, you’re in a bad car accident, someone died. So there’s tragic shit that happens. I am not downplaying that in any case, or any way. I can only say, feel your feelings, make sure you get support, make sure you get therapy around it, time away from your life to to actually handle that and deal with that. Don’t bury and go, “Oh, it’s gonna be happening for me?” No, but like, actually, actually go through it, and go all the way through it. And then I promise you, in a year, 10 years, you’ll look back and go, “Wow.” I mean, there are some things that happen in 2020. I was like, “Fuck.” Like, we just canceled our entire income for the whole year. And I know that happened for a lot of people. And it sucks. And you know what, two weeks in, I was already seen a glimmer of light because I refuse to feel like this was happening to me. And I was like, “It’s gotta be happening for me. This must be setting me up for something.” And so I’m going really long on that. But I just really hope that you can, just keep that in your mind’s eye when you start to go, “Why is this happening to me?” I think that you should first go, stop, pause, “How is this happening for me?” And maybe you don’t have an answer that day, you maybe don’t have an answer that week. But maybe in a month or a year, you’ll be like, “Ah, that’s how.” Okay. Three, when you have to redo something, the second version is the best version and when that was the one that was supposed to be born. So I remember years ago, hearing a podcast episode where this woman she’s like, like a life coach. And she mentioned having to redo something. And she men… she was talking about a time where she like, recorded something. And it took a long time to record and it disappeared. And she spent hours trying to find it, and like put it back together and it was just corrupted, it just wasn’t gonna work. And the amount of time she spent trying to make the original version become the version was three times the amount of time it took her to record the first version. And so she ended up recording the second version, which took her a shorter amount of time, and it was more concise, more precise, more exactly what she was hoping it would be. And I remember like, replaying that episode, because at the time I was blogging weekly. And twice, I had blogs disappear. And twice I was like, crying at my computer. And Brad was like, “What is going on?” I was drawn. And I was just like, “I have to, I lost it. I spent an hour doing it.” You know what, when I actually heard that, and I went and rewrote one of them. It took me half the time it took me to write the first one. And it was way better. Like I got my thoughts out faster. So now, when the issue hits the fan and I lose the verse version, I just immediately start going into the second version. I’ve had a rerecord many OPC workout. Oh, the first times I cried, I’m not gonna lie, I cried. And then this after I like got this mantra in my head. Got this idea in my head. I just was like, “Alright, set the camera up. Let’s go.” And oh, I wasn’t happy. No, it wasn’t like jumping for joy. Yes, I get to redo this but by not fighting having to redo something. a) I wasted less time and b) that version ended up getting out there and I got so much feedback. So that was positive. So always know if you have to redo something try to try to let that that just try to let yourself get into the space to to redo it without fighting it and being frustrated. Like I just wasted all that time. You didn’t that was like a rep. Okay, that was that was happening for you. So you can have a better second version? How can we tie those two things together, and ditch that perfection because you’re gonna make mistakes, you’re going to actually delete some, you’re gonna have to do it again. Number four, ideas want to be born. So the book Big Magic is a must read if you haven’t read it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard I’ve done something. I’ve heard people say like, oh, I had that idea. And I never did it. And same like not that I’m the only person that has ideas. I have also seen people do something. I was going to do that. So here’s the deal. Ideas are like little seeds of energy and they go out. And they they plant themselves in someone. And if you keep that like pushing it back and pushing it back and not acting on it, it’s gonna go to someone else. And Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert really explains this in the best way. So I’ll let you read her words. There’s a great story in there that I like think about anytime, I don’t act on something. I’m not saying that you act on every single idea right now. But what I am saying what I hope you get out of this is if you see someone do something that you had the idea of doing it and you’ve had on your ideas parking lot for 10 years. Don’t be mad at yourself and don’t be frustrated about the fact that they did it. You just have to ask yourself like why did I keep postponing it if I really wanted to do it. What was holding you back? act, something tells me has to do with perfection.

So, so just keep that in mind. And I do have an idea as parking lot is placed where I put things that I cannot act on right now. And I review it consistently. And sometimes I don’t remember what the idea is. And that’s why the parking lot is so great, because then I’m not just like, shiny object syndrome. And sometimes I’m like, “Okay, I freaking I’m gonna fight to make this happen, because it’s been on here too long, and I don’t want someone else to birth it. I want to be it.” So, so that’s a great thing I’ve learned. Okay, number five. We have more time than we think, oh, you know, I’ve talked to you about the big leap. There’s a whole thing about Einstein time and Newton time. And I just have to tell you, like, it’s kind of amazing how much time we actually have when we stop fighting, how much time we think we don’t have. So please give yourself permission to take time. And when you find yourself saying, “I don’t have any time, I’m too busy. I don’t have any time.” I want you to first of all, make sure that you are giving yourself time. And then see how when you give yourself time aka prioritizing yourself first, you have more energy to do things. Second, I actually wants you to look at the things that drain your energy because they take too much time. Anytime you’re doing anything that is not a strength of yours. It’s going to take you way too much time. Trust me, trust me, me trying to log in and change things on a website or a Canva thing like, oh, nothing is worse for me. So while I can do it, it does not bring me joy. And so it takes me more time than someone else doing it. So give yourself permission to believe you have more time we think because I have learned that and has been amazing. Number six, ask for help. Holy frickin moly. You have more time than you think. No, seriously, this goes back to that perfect is boring. We think we’re the only ones who can do it right. And you know what, even if someone does it 80% as good as you that is better than you trying to do everything. It’s also way more fun. It’s more fun to have people participate with you. And it’s so hard for me to ask for help. Some people have no problems. Brad has asked for help. Probably, “Oh, let’s ask him. Oh, let’s ask him.” And I like I have to give myself a pep talk, that I’m not burning people that people want to help me. But so I get it if you are someone who’s like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe she said that.” I have learned that the more I ask for help, the more fun things are, the better things become. And the more more impact I can make. And the more I can be it till I see it today. Trying to learn how to do the thing to be the person I want to be. Can happen faster if I just ask people who know how to do the thing I need to do. So ask for help. Seven, you can change your mind. Oh yeah, that’s hard. That was a hard lesson to learn. But I’m glad I learned it. I still have to remind myself every once in a while that you can change your mind. You know, sometimes changing your mind cost you money. And that’s true, but you can do it. And so if you find yourself in a position where you feel like you are not in alignment with what you said yes to then give like weigh the pros and the cons of changing your mind. And the sooner you change your mind, the better it is for those people that changing your mind effects. But people don’t want you showing up for things that you don’t want to be at. They don’t want to like you can tell people who are at those parties, those weddings, those meetings and they don’t want to be there still like oh my goodness, want to be so and you’re like, “Gosh, I wish that person just didn’t come.” Yeah, it wouldn’t have been so nice if someone had told them you can change your mind. So that one was a great lesson to have learned and I have sometimes just played the game of changing my mind so many years ago, Brad had told me that I could quit Profitable Pilates and so that’s like changing your mind on something because I was like you know really like going full steam ahead making this thing happen. And he said we can just quit like I could just change my mind and not do that anymore. And giving myself permission to just picture what that would look like made me realize how much I was gonna fight for Profitable Pilates and I’m so glad I did. So but if I hadn’t taken that moment to give myself that permission I don’t know that I would have grown it to what it is. I think I probably would have said like you know mellon conley moving it along. Alright, eight, ‘no’ is a complete sentence. It is. ‘No’ it’s a complete sentence. I think I think we just need that reminder. I think we’ve all heard why that is complete sentence. And I think as I know most of our listeners here are women. Please stop people pleasing yourself to a yes, no is complete sentence and I and we can if you need more support on that, let me know I’ll get a guest in here, but check out some of our podcasts on confidence. You, like Elle Russ. Well, like, like, definitely get you into, into admitting that no is a complete sentence. Nine, what others say about you is none of your business. Oh, God, this one is hard. But this one, I’m so glad I learned. Thank you, Brené Brown. And it’s something I remind myself of when I know people are talking some shit. And it’s okay, you know, they, they want to spend their time talking about me, that’s their thing, I don’t actually need to know what that is. It’s not my business, because it’s coming from a place of whatever their pain is. And I’m never going to change their mind. That is one thing, I’m so grateful that I learned when I was on the debate team in college, you don’t look at the opposing side and try to convince them. You look at the judge, the person whose opinion of the whole thing matters, because the other person’s side is to not agree with you ever. And so when I like understood that, then I like really took that into my life when Brené Brown said that, like other people’s opinions of you and what they say about you is none of your business. It really was like, oh, yeah, because it’s not my job to convince them to like me, my life, me if I was run around and try to make every person like me, holy crap, does that sound like exhausting? And you know, we said this all the time on the podcast, I’m not a taco, so not everyone’s gonna like me. And so that is a great lesson I have learned. And number 10, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. And one of my coaches from BBG, he always says like, it just makes you a shithead. Right. So so anyways, write that down, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I’m so glad I learned that. And I remind myself that all the time, because I find myself wanting to do things and I’m like, I can do this. And this goes back up to like, we have more time than we think I have more time because I don’t do the things I should do or can do I do the things that are aligned with what my job position is as a person. I’m being today till you know. So anyways, hope that all makes sense. Those are the 10 things that I have learned.

Now 10 things I’m glad I went through. I’m gonna go through these a little quickly. I’ll maybe dive in a little deeper to some of the ones I don’t know that you have heard before but also just DM me like, “Lesley, number three I want to know more about that.” And we’ll I’ll do a whole solo episode on it. How’s that sound? So number I’ll get no particular order. 10 things I’m glad I went through. My first Pilates class y’all know, I thought Pilates was BS. I’m so glad that girl dragged me into that class. And then because it changed my frickin life. Number two, and number three are actually are all together. They’re all combined. And I’m really excited by this. Number two is my 2013 breakup, y’all I sat on a couch that I did not pick out, trust me, I would never pick out a leather of those like man cave couches, no offense to men cave, man caves. But like it’s not you’ve seen my style, not my style. On this 80 inch screen TV and I was watching He’s Just Not That Into You, reading the Strength Finders 2.0 book. And I had this beautiful view of this house that like was not decorated by me. And I was like, “I don’t think he’s that into me. I wonder if he knows that.” And I, and so so that led into number three, which is my 2013 summer where I just spent the whole summer couchsurfing, I was homeless. I never had to that particular that’s my third time being homeless. And that third time, I did not have to like sleep in my car. But I slept on people’s couches and I bounced around and I also totaled my car. And then the studio that I rented space from a shutdown and I had to move a place that I made money at and then I was tra… my other job transfer me across town. And so that whole summer was just like, like Saturn returned, just removing everything from me. And also, so many amazing things came out of that I spent the summer with a friend, the only friend I had who I just met, and she is one who introduced me to Brad. She also like got me out into my own city even though I’ve been living there for almost seven years. So I could see the place and it really helped me truly get to know myself in ways I never thought was possible. I also wrote a dating blog that year with my friend Clare. She’s been on the show, so that oh my gosh, those two things were like the freakin best things to go through. Not not easy. Trust me, scary as fuck. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was like, “Okay, here we go. Jesus take the wheel.” And then I drove straight into another car. But that’s another story. And and it really it the every time something bad happened, I was just like, Okay, what else do you want to take? Take it all now because I don’t want to I don’t want to pack it if it’s not come with me. Number four, being asked to quit. So this is a really cool thing that happened to me it was really uncomfortable. I’m still friends with this person. She was my mentor for a time. And they suppose asked to quit. And I was like, “Oh, thank you for doing the thing that I couldn’t do for myself.” And so sometimes we like with jobs when we’re, you know, things aren’t going the way we want. And we’re just like, “Why can’t it go this way?” We’re kind of trying like I was on like, my WOO basement, right? I was like, am I Winning Others Over based on like, I can do it all. I going back to things I learned, I can’t do it all. And I shouldn’t. Just because I can, I just doesn’t mean I should. So, so glad I was asked to quit because it really helped, like, helped me make the leap that I was too scared to make. And the net did appear big. And I also got to see what I was made of. So when 2020 happen, and frickin net disappeared again. I was like, Oh, I’ve done this before. I’ve had to make a leap before. I’ve had to have like no runway before. So so again, that’s why things are happening for us. It was such a great, like that moment, I’ve been asked to quit with such a great practice run for what was happening in the future. Number five, my husband choosing in our honeymoon. Trust me, y’all like I never had Japan and Cambodia, or even Thailand on my list of honeymoon things. I definitely saw beach on my honeymoon. You know, but I don’t know, maybe I was thinking like Fiji or Belize or something like that. So he planned it, he chose it. And and I I’m just glad because it took me to a part of the world. I don’t know that I would have experienced that time and also get to experience as much as I do. And I’m just, I freaking love it. And I can’t wait to go back and I can’t wait to try out new places with it. So thank you, Babe. Number six, I know that that like in the things I’m glad I went through I preface it with like, these could be bad things. But obviously number one and number six were pretty fucking awesome. Right? So so they’re just things I’m glad I went through. They’re not like the all bad things. Number six, that I was a model for a brief moment. So you may not know this about me. But like, LA is a funny world, y’all eventually. Somehow you get an agent. So I got an agent for modeling, I had an agent for commercials. The two did not agree for commercial. For my modeling agent, I was never skinny enough for my commercial agent, I was getting too skinny. And I so that was complicated. But I did book a couple ads. And that was a lot of fun, because I got to really experience what that was like. And that changed the trajectory of how YouTube worked for me, how like me being comfortable with filming classes, and also being on Pilates Anytime, if I hadn’t gone through commercial acting, I don’t know that I would have had that skill set as quickly as I did. So if you are someone who is wanting to get better, at looking on the camera, like I’m doing right now, if you’re watching this on YouTube, commercial acting classes can be really, really great. Go out to LA, sign up for one and have a good time. I’m sure they have in other places. But that one was a really great thing. While I didn’t do a lot of good for like I had to like learn how to like build up self esteem to combat that you’re not skinny enough, even though like you all the time I was I was 20 pounds lighter than I am today. So and I was way, like way too skinny, not attractive. For me, like it just was, it was a lot. But that’s where our society was, at the time when it comes to body images and what people should look like, and I’m, I’m glad I went through that so that I could so that I can actually fight for myself. And so I could actually fight against what that was. And I could hear them say that and go. No, no, I actually like who I am and I am not going to lose more weight for you. And on the flip side, the good shit that came from it is so I got involved with Carbon 38. Just how I met Kirsten Holliday who introduced me to Laurie Harder. Laurie Harder introduced me into my first coaching program, which then led me to my next coach and my next coach and my business wouldn’t be what it is today had I not had this moment, there’s one year where I was I had a modeling agent because I needed those women at that time. And so everything happens when it’s supposed to. And that really did happen. That was a that was a good thing that came out of that. So that’s why I choose to focus on. Number seven that I’m glad I went through was opening and closing my own studio. So one I’m so glad I opened it because it gave me the opportunity to really step into what I wanted OPC to be and it allowed me to have an experience of opening a studio, which I had not done. I’d open studios for other people but I’d never actually done it for myself with all the investments and all of that stuff. And then closing it was a really hard thing to do and so as I coach people who are going through that decision of like, oh my gosh, I’m gonna close this I, it sucks. That is a feeling of pure, it can be there’s, it’s actually complicated. I had so many emotions around it. I was so freakin excited to move to Las Vegas, and I was so sad to never see these people again in person. Some of the people I’ve been teaching for 12 years. So it was a humongous investment. It was an inte… it was a great experience. And it was a motion that I, I would never wish on anybody, but I’m so glad I experienced because I do understand when I’m coaching people and, and helping them see the opportunities of opening a space and closing a space of like what they’re truly up for, in a way that was different than me doing that for the companies, I did it for what it was their money. So, so that was a beautiful experience. And I will always love that studio so so much because it is, especially in my heart. And also, it really has helped me show people that like you don’t need a big space to have a studio that makes a lot of money. My studio was 600 square feet, and that included the bathroom, and a waiting room. And I had one of everything. And it made over six figures. So and I didn’t have to work seven days a week to do that. So I’m really, really proud about that. Number eight is the 2020 pivot. Yeah, that was scary. That was hard. And I think a lot of you listening to this had a 2020 pivot, and maybe your 2021 pivot and maybe three pivots. And I hope you give yourself permission to look back at what you learned about yourself and what you saw about yourself. And what that led you to, because I bet you it gave you this, this skill sets and opportunities to see parts of you that you never knew before. And it’s what led us to being here in Las Vegas and having the friends that we have and being able to provide this podcast, I promise you this podcast will not exist if we were still in LA. And there’d been no pandemic. That just not not I was not an option back then. Number nine, glad I went through. I’m glad I got rid of my car. So yeah, that was great. It’s so great. I miss, you all I promise you I’ll be talking about a car in a second. But like that having no car allowed me to have more time, I saved a ton of money on parking tickets. And it really allowed me to assess like, what do I really want to do because things I was willing to get an Uber for, or find a bus for or ride my bike for. I was like, “I must really want to do this.” And things I was like, “Oh, I don’t have a car.” I was like … it’s an excuse I’m using because I clearly don’t want to go. So um, y’all if you can take a moment to not have a car for a while. Give it a try. I know my New Yorkers are like, “We do this all the time.” But like truly like get rid of your your that mode of transportation that is convenient to see what you’re willing to fight for, what you miss, even for a couple of weeks. Just like don’t let yourself like what makes someone borrow the car or like Turo that car, I think it’s called Turo where you like rent the car out for a bit. Just to like, just to see what you’re using that car for. And if it’s a distraction for you. And number 10, my wedding venue having to move, so you may not know this, but five weeks of for our wedding, it was six weeks for our wedding, but I think it was five. We lost our wedding venue, we had to like move the wedding. And I’m so glad that happened. I’m so glad that happened because I love our wedding so much.

Okay. 10 things that support me. So these are things that I love. You may have heard these things before, so I’ll be running through them. If any of these things you want a deeper dive on in a solo episode, I want to hear from you. So hit up the [email protected] or on Instagram, at the @be_it_pod. Number one, my morning routine. This supports me, oh my gosh, if anyone interrupts my my morning routine, even if it’s the condensed version of my morning routine, it really changes my day. I have to find I have to actually rely on more reinforcements to support me. So my morning routine is a non negotiable. Even if I’m on the road for tours, I have a version of my morning routine that I do so that I can support myself on that drive. And my mind doesn’t wander to all these negative things that could be going on. Number two, my schedule, I live and die by this thing. My assistant is also there to help protect it. But I, we’ll have a free webinar on how I create my schedule so that you can use that. And I really do change it almost at least every six months, but sometimes quarterly. So that it is all it’s supporting me. And I say that like it is it is a living breathing existence of a beam because as I change as I be it be it till I see it more and more my schedule has to support that. And in your schedule, it will reflect who you are and what you do and what your priorities. Period, end of story. So my schedule has to prioritize who I want to be in this planet now. So the future me now so that I can’t be the person who might if I if my schedule doesn’t allow for me to be the person I want to be in the future now. I’m not going to it’s not going to magically happen. Okay, so your schedule has to reflect the person you want to be today. The person you want to be in the future today. So my schedule is a big support for me. Number three, my Pilates practices are non negotiable. Even if I’m traveling I do something, even if it’s like I’ve been doing I’ve done a Mat class in the bed, on the van while it’s going. It’s not easy but wohoo have that core strength. My red light, my sauna space red light, you know, you’ve heard it, we have a, we have an affiliate link for you. So make sure you use it. But grab that baby, set it up. Oh, I do it. It’s so so good. There’s a lot of a lot of information about what it can do for you. It is a mood booster for me for sure. It also just makes me sit down for a moment and like take a beat, which leads me into number five, which is my PEMF mat. I love this thing, I find I you know, this goes back to like learning to have more time than we think. I was like, “What am I gonna have time to go on this every single day?” Let me just tell you, you will make time for the things that you want to do. And I pulled that baby out. And I got it, I get on at least five days a week when I’m at home for 20 to 45 minutes even. Because I just love I love just laying still for just a moment. You’d be surprised like the ideas that come to you and so it supports me and all the things that I want to bring for you and support you with. Okay, number six, my lashes, my facials, my hair first and then my trainers. So as my Pilates teachers, so like my support team. In case you didn’t know these are these I was not blessed with these lashes. I will be honest with you about that I have very short very blonde lashes. And I really don’t like to do my own makeup that much. So so I make sure that my hair is up to date, all the time and so are my lashes. So I can do is put on some moisturizer, and some lipstick, but my facialist you heard her on here, she’s Megan Linney from the Layer Lounge. I can go there at least once a month and really have that moment in time where someone can take care of me. This is the point of having a team everyone isn’t even about the lashes. It’s about the hour that I lay there and someone takes care of me. So for you, it might be like a chef or it might be a pedicure or it might be a manicure or it might be a massage. Like who is your team that supports you, and pours back into you. And then my trainer who I get to, I get to work out with her with my husband and my father and a bunch of amazing people. And those things help because I don’t have to like pick my own workout. Someone’s doing it for me so that I can do what I do best which is help people with their workouts. Number seven, my besties. Oh my gosh, if I name anybody, I’m afraid I’m going to forget them. I like whenever I watch his award shows. I’m like, “Oh my god, don’t forget your wife. Don’t forget your wife. Don’t forget your husband.” So I’m just gonna say my besties ladies you know who you are on this planet. And I just absolutely love and adore that we can we can support each other from afar, we can we can we also make so much time for each other at least a trip to see each other in person. We make excuses to work together in a different city just so we can like hang out. So thank you ladies, for being you and for for just being incredible women who inspire the fuck out of me. Number eight, my husband, honestly super amazing person who really does everything on every single day to support me and my ideas and bringing the things that we want to bring to you each and every day. So thank you, love bug. I don’t even call him love bug. I just call him, Babe. But thanks Babe. Number nine, sleep. That’s the thing that supports me like freakin crazy. And I’m a cranky bitch. If I don’t get my sleep the way I want it. Like if my aura ring tells I don’t even look at the score because I’m afraid it’s going to tell me that I’m bad day, but I’m gonna have I know, I know if I get my sleep interrupted. It’s not gonna be a good day. So my alarm clock which is amazing sunrise, sunset alarm clock is key for helping me go to sleep and wake up. And finally number 10, is breathwork. Breathwork truly helps support me when I’m feeling anxious, when I’m feeling like I don’t know where I’m going next. I can do it for a minute. I can do it for 10 minutes. I just love it so much.

All right, so now we’re on the final 10. So this is that manifestation thing. I hope you do this for yourself every single year. What are the things you want? It is okay to want things in this world. And that you need to know what you want so that you can celebrate when you get it. And you’re not like oh, here’s another thing, right? Like just recording. So, 10 things I want and the next year or so. A G Wagon it’s happening guys. I already picked the color I want this China blue color. It’s kind of a tilly blue. It’s like a Barbie blue really is what I would call it. I frickin love it. It just it’s I’m already picturing myself driving. I know I said I’m grateful I don’t have a car but I promise you like I’ll be going places in that thing. Number two by the time you hear this, I may have got it for Christmas. So who knows? But I’m gonna have an espresso machine because I’ve just been really wanting lattes every day and not my coffee. And I’m trying to make my coffee a latte and it just saddens me sometimes and so I used to be a barista. So I’m so excited to go back to that skill set and make myself a lovely latte every single day. Number three, another girls weekend I’m already in the planning of this. I’m trying to make these things happen multiple times a year. So going back to my besties, who support me, a girls weekend is truly a massive support for me. I just getting out of the routine, and hanging out with women who who are like just truly inspirations and who they are and what they do. Cannot wait for that. Number four, I want to host more retreats again in real life. So obviously, you know, I’m doing a Cambodia retreat. But I do have another business idea retreat. I have the eLevate alumni retreat I want to do. And then I want to do a retreat in a different place. For those of you who have been on my Cambodia retreat to come to, Number five, I want to get back to Australia, New Zealand, again, don’t worry, Europe, I’ve got things already have you on the books, I can’t wait to announce it. It’s not available for me to announce yet. But there’s two countries in Europe, I’m heading up in the next year. But I do want to get back to Australia, New Zealand again in the next year or so. Number six, a West Coast tour, I’ve heard two people, trust me, it’s on the list, I fucking want to do it too. But I’m like, well have to make it happen. I want to go from when I go down to Arizona, through San Diego, up the California coast into Oregon and Seattle, and then Vancouver. So I want to do the whole thing. So it’s I want it, it’s just I’m letting you know, I want it and it’s gonna happen. Number seven, a tiny house in the back. I want to actually move the guest bedroom into the Pilates studio that we have right now. Make this the guest room that I’m in. My full time office and not like part time office, part time guest bedroom. And I want to put the tiny house on the back so that I can have all the Pilates equipment in one amazing space to film and I know that it’s just going to be amazing. And I and it’s on our list, we have some plans drawn up that I’m excited to to see how we could do that. So I cannot wait for you to know when that comes to fruition. Number eight, this podcast and the top 1%. Y’all, I need your help for that that actually comes down to you. So not only your reviews, which by the way, if you leave a review on Spotify or Apple, you screenshot that and you send it to the [email protected]. Do get my habits course for free. But also, the more you share, the more people who listened to it, the quicker we get to the top 1%, we’re in the top 2%. We’ve been there for a year, I want to get the top 1%. And I need you for that. Number nine, I want my flashcards in stores, in bricks and mortar. So I’m talking like the big guys. I want to see them in the Bloomingdale’s and the Saks and like but Nordstroms and you know, some Target stuff, I want to see them in stores. And number 10, I want to triple the OPC membership if not more, but especially in the next year, I want to triple it and I want to have an app for you guys, I definitely want an app for you. It is complicated. We have to build it from scratch. And so I need more members to do that. But you guys bring me life and I am so excited for what we have to do together.

Okay, so that’s 40 things. I hope that this was fun, I hope that maybe gave you some ideas for what you can want in this world. Or some things that could support you or some things that you can glean from, to learn from and use in your own life. And if you have questions about any of these things, feel free to let me know which section it was, which number it was. And I will make a whole solo episode on a deep dive on that if you would like that I truly will do that for you because you are amazing people and I could not do the show without you. And happy birthday to me, to my fellow Aquarians and this might come out with the caps are still around. So happy birthday caps and happy unbirthday. And you know what? We all can play the Lizzo song. This day is your birthday because it is your birthday. And I would do the little clap, clap, clap. It’s a great song. Thank you. Thank you so much and until next time, Be It Till You See It.

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