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Embracing Alone Time

Ep. 228 FYF with Lesley

“There are gonna be tons of obstacles in your life.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Join Lesley Logan as she delves into the transformative magic of Pilates and the joy of personal growth. In this episode, Lesley shares her journey of embracing self-care and listening to her body. Be inspired to prioritize your well-being, empowering you to find wins both big or small in your life.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • The significance of celebrating wins and inspiring others.
  • The magic of Pilates and its impact on mind-body connections.
  • Overcoming obstacles and finding joy in unexpected moments.
  • The importance of taking time off and listening to your body.

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Lesley Logan: It’s Fuck Yeah Friday.

Brad Crowell: Fuck yeah.

Lesley Logan: Get ready for some wins.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan
Hey, Be It babe! How are you? Happy Fuck Yeah Friday! Oh my goodness, where is this month going? It is flying frickin by, I can’t even believe it. So as you know, this is a quickie episode where we just share wins of our listeners, our members and then one of mine to inspire you to celebrate the wins in your life and then hopefully that has a domino effect of like everybody winning and around you because, like, we can inspire people if you’re like actually shouting it, like, oh my god, guess what my win of the week is, people go, oh, what’s my win of the week, like, you have no idea how impactful that could be. So I want you to share your wins. So here is a couple wins from some of our peeps. Alright, so, Megan from eLevate round three. She said I didn’t over plan my private session for today. I just let it be what it was. A private session client of mine said, I just realized it’s like all the same moves you have me do. You just put me in different places and it just feels a little different. I’m like, Yes, that is the magic of Pilates. I’m so glad you put that together. And she said that is the magic of you. lol. It’s cute that she thinks highly of me. But I was really excited about the conversation and that those connections were happening. Sometimes overthink it all but it’s really cool when I can just do the thing and I don’t realize I’m doing it how it’s intended. Ooh, I could not feel more like a winner. I’m feeling the FYF energy today. I love that Megan so much. It’s so true. We can like overthink, over cue, overcorrect the method and then like people don’t actually get the benefit of feeling it and that mind body connection. That’s something that we work with with our eLevate people all the time. So way to do it in the first month of eLevate already your clients are seeing how the magic of you and Pilates is together. Our next winner of the week is from Michelle Brickell. She is, Brickner, she is an Agency member. And she said, my ladder barrel is here. I really can’t think of a better win I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I’d have a ladder of my very own also have been able to get on one since my my city studio closed for COVID. So I have to limit my movement now. I can’t wait to get in and play. I got a new client this week and all my summer clients have been returning from Florida. So this week has felt like one big family reunion. That is so cool, Michelle. as someone who has a lot of barrel. You know what? I know it’s bulky guys, it takes a lot of weird space and you’re like it doesn’t do all the things that a reformer Kelly could do. But holy frickin Molly, I love mine. And Michelle got the same one that I have. It’s phenomenal. If you ever are in need of Pilates equipment, we do have affiliate links, so just hit us up. Alright. My win, my win. So, my win is a couple wins. First of all, the second anniversary of the podcast is next week, and I just can’t even frickin believe it. Not only is this podcast still growing and growing and growing, but we’ve had like some amazing people like want to be on the show or gain some new sponsors and things like that. So that is a huge, awesome win. It’s also not solely mine, because it requires a massive team. If you ever listen to the credits, like how many people are a part of this show. It’s incredible. So big thanks to my team because we couldn’t even be one week away from our big anniversary without you. My other win is this. So Brad was gone for camping trip. And there was like a moment where he’s like, Are you sure you want to go? And then I was like, How can I go? I could probably just go into town like to get on the internet. Like there’s just one call I have to do and I was like, No, I actually just want to stay home and be by myself. And so Tuesday night when he was gone was, I realized the first Tuesday, the first night I was alone in my house in months. And I did absolutely nothing, I didn’t, I had tons of work I could do, tons of things that needed to get done. And instead I was like I’m taking the fucking night off. I am binging out on a TV show. I just have like it’s just pure pleasure for fun not like gonna change my life. Shout it to the ultimatum. It’s frickin phenomenal. I love dating shows. This one’s even more amazing. And then on Wednesday, I was feeling a little like just my body felt a little rundown. I think I’m just getting back into my workouts from being gone and everything and I just like kicked my own fast on my own body session on Tuesday. So I was like, oh, maybe I’ll skip the workout. I don’t have a car. Like I’m not, you know, like it’s okay. You know? I can skip today’s workout with my teammates and I was like, buy like there’s this pull on me that was like, I don’t want to skip it. And so even though I don’t have car I like reached out, asked for help. I asked first if someone could give me a ride to or from, and I met and I made it happen and I got there. And you know what? I didn’t regret it. I felt so much better today when I woke up. And so I just want to share this with you because it is okay to listen to your body and talk yourself out of a workout that you wanted to do. But it’s also okay to like actually talk yourself back into it. And it’s so important, the more you listen to your bodies that you’ll know, when you should talk yourself back into the thing that you’re like, I just don’t want to do it. So anyways, two wins, which is like one just like totally allowing myself to just like, I felt like a 22 year old again, just like binging out and watching a dating show. And then also like being a fucking adult the next day and going you know what I do want to work out. It’s just there’s a lot of obstacles, I got to figure out and I’m going to get there and if I can figure them out and I did that so wins all around. If you’re like Lesley, I don’t have any wins. I want you to hear like anything can be a win, there are gonna be tons of obstacles in your life to get things done including this FYF that I’m having to do without, like, with the lack of internet, which is the same problem from last week. So, there are times when you overcome those obstacles to still get the thing done. That is in 10 times the win. And these wins when I often hear from people it doesn’t feel like a win if it wasn’t perfect or if I didn’t do it all on my own. That is some BS. It is a win. Anytime you show up and beat your fucking self, that is a win, so… love you so much. Thank you for being here. If this is your first Episode, Hello, welcome to FYF! Make sure you go through the whole collection of amazing interviews and recaps that we have and we’ll be back next week celebrating the two year anniversary of this podcast. Thank you so much and go share your wins and impact others and then the whole world is a better place of people like feeling positive about all the things going on in their lives. We want to hear yours, so you can send them into the Be It podcast and until next time, Be It Till You See It!

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

Lesley Logan
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Lesley Logan
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