The Heart of Being It

Till You See It

Ep. 117 with Lesley Logan

“Every single experience you had, made you who you are.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Get to know your host, Lesley Logan, on this week’s special solo episode. Many of you know and love her, but this episode tells the story of how she is Being It Till she Sees It and the experiences that have paved the way for her career as a Pilates Instructor, Fitness Business Coach, and Podcast host.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Remembering your childhood tenacity
  • Lesley’s journey to becoming a Pilates Instructor and entrepreneur
  • Learning to love the messy middle
  • How every single experience is making you who you are
  • Building awareness around what you are working towards
  • What is helping Lesley to Be It Till she Sees It

    Lesley Logan
    Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


    Lesley Logan
    Hey loves, it’s me Lesley, your host and I am all by myself. All by myself. I won’t sing to you. Actually, I cannot. So we’ll just stop right there. (Lesley laughs) So we are doing the solo episode, the team and I were talking about it and we realized that you probably don’t know like how I got here and you probably actually don’t know a lot about Brad because Brad is is not exactly on the social. So first of all if you have been with us since the beginning thank you so much. If this is your first episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast, this is an interesting, this is an unique episode and so feel free to pause this now and go listen to some interviews and some recaps if you want to get in on like the behind like what is the usual of this podcast. But you can also listen to this one as a first one and then go back and listen to those ones. You get to do you, over here the Be It till You See It podcast. In fact that is what being it tell you see it is. It is acting like the person who knows what they’re doing, and something that they want to do. And this podcast has been like a literal, be it till you see it experience like an open like open experiment, right? I don’t even know if they have those things, but like an op… like anyone could just be watching at the at the same time. So here’s the deal. I am a verbal processor. I actually freakin love interviews and recaps because I have a guest and I’m talking to someone and it’s a lot more fun to play off of someone. So being that this is my first solo episode, it probably isn’t going to be perfect. And I hope that you’ll love it anyways because they’ll just get better. They’ll just get better from here. And we all have to start somewhere. So here we go.

    I did not believe, I didn’t even know I could be a Pilates instructor. Actually, I didn’t even know what it was growing up. Some people ask me like, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I don’t really freakin know. I want to be a lot of things. I want to be anything that got me out of the town I was in, that’s for sure. I was like, “I’ll be a doctor. I’ll be a lawyer.” I knew I never wanted to be poor because I grew up in a family that struggled with money. And I knew I didn’t want that and I knew I don’t want to live in that small ass town. Because I definitely didn’t feel like I belong there. And I knew we couldn’t afford college. But I had to go, like I just had to do it. And I was like, here’s here’s, here’s what I freakin love about when I think about who I was back then there’s a lot of parts that I’m embarrassed about. There’s a lot of parts. I’m like, “Oh my God, really.” There’s a lot of insecurity. Who didn’t have that on there in high school and junior high? But there was a ton. However, I was on such a mission to move the heck out and go to college, that I found a way. Right. And we’re talking like my SAT score sucked but I found a way. I didn’t have the money or the person to cosign for my student loans but I found a way. And I really and I did I got myself, first August after my senior year of high school. After graduating, I was at a school that I definitely couldn’t afford. And I just wanted to be there. I share that with you because I think we probably have forgotten thing. I think I know I forgot the story. But you may have forgotten like just the tenacity that you had when you were younger. The tenacity that you had before you that you could be found out in a way that people would be disappointed. The tenacity that you had before you got married or had kids or had responsibilities like we freakin’ tenacity. Okay. Right. And so one thing I want you to do is really look back at your life and actually write down the data of the times that you actually did things even when you’re scared. Did things when you felt confident like think about episode, I want to say it was three with Rob Mack, but it was like your, (Is it three?) Yeah, happiness islands and happiness valleys like think about your confident islands and your confident valleys, right? So I want you to go back and I want you to look that over because you need those lists. You need that information to help you be it till you see it. And I know that I need that because I I use those times all the time like someday I’m so grateful for in this journey that I’m on, is that so much stuff is actually documented in different ways between testimonials and reviews and podcasts. I’ve been on and magazines like we talked like the team documents everything and so when I’m feeling like down on myself or like nothing is working or no one is listening or we’re we’re just somehow not reaching the people I want to reach. I look at all of the data that shows that we are, that doesn’t mean we can’t do better but it doesn’t mean we’re not not doing it, right? What… it’s means it’s happening. It’s just sometimes we don’t all we need to look at the data, we need to look at the evidence. And I have a guest I want to have on someday and he talks a lot about that with imposter syndrome is like looking at the data.

    So, I got myself to college. Became a store manager of a high end jewelry store. Let me tell you talk about imposter syndrome. I did not grow up with nice, like, designer things. I grew up with nice things. But you know, my parents found found some amazing people who gave us their nice things. But I didn’t I didn’t grow up, like being able to buy those things, or tucking in like high end designer stuff. And so I definitely felt this urge to, to try to be the person who would, that that those prices weren’t weird, or those prices weren’t awkward or buying gifts over those prices wasn’t a weird thing. And I had to like act like this person who could buy a $700 purse that they don’t need. And let me tell you, you might be like, “Lesley, how does that help you in life?” It helped me in so many ways, because what it really helped me do is realize that money was not something that was bad, or that only people who are, like bad people have or that there’s a finite amount of money. In that job, I learned so much about the types of people who have money, I learned that not to judge a book by its cover, because some of the people who spent the most money had the rattiest T shirts on. And I also learned that there is so much. That there’s an abundance of everything, and anything and so whatever it is that you’re wanting in this world, I want you to picture that, I want you to visualize that, I want you to get really clear what that is. Who are you? What are you wearing? Where are you at? Why? Because all those things matter. And I and you cannot be it till you see it if you don’t know who you’re trying to be. It’s not possible. So recently, I interviewed Dr. Philippe Douyon, and he talks about how our vision has an entire lobe. And then it’s like so serendipitous, I heard something that was like, our eyes and ears only see and hear what our brain is looking for. So they’re not like all these independent senses. Like, if you picture it, then your brain is going to look for evidence for that doesn’t like dissonance. So go look for evidence for that. And so you’re going to see and hear all the evidence for your thoughts to be true. Whatever those thoughts are, whether you like it or not, everyone is doing this. So the more the more of us that are doing it for the good, the better. Right? And so in doing that, in, in seeing how much abundance there was, I started to realize how much I could actually have and what what possibilities are out there. Right. And so when I was told I should become a Pilates instructor. I’m not gonna lie, I definitely I was like, “What? Me? I could do that?” But then I like but then I pictured myself as a Pilates instructor. You know, it helped, helped Lululemon was a big deal back then. So, so I could picture myself on the new Lululemon. And I pictured myself teaching these huge classes. And I pictured myself at like wonderlust types of events, teaching hundreds of people on a grassy knoll, let me just tell you, that is beautiful, and flies. So, so I’ve taught hundreds of people indoors but um, I, I started to think about it and visualize it. And so then I said yes to becoming a teacher. And I’ll never forget as a brand new teacher, and I had this opportunity to teach 30 people in a room, which doesn’t sound like a lot of people. Alright, some of you who have never taught it’s like a lot of people, especially if you hear the guests of ours that we’ve had that are like, I speak to 10,000 people in a room. Okay. 30 people, not that many. But when you’ve only taught two or five in a room, 30 people feels like a lot. And I remember given this opportunity and being so scared. Being so like, “Oh my God, what if they find out? What if they think I’m not good enough? What are they, then if they want to leave?”

    And then I remembered that I could act like the person who could take teach 30 people. And I learned that from my time being in retail. So y’all every step, every single experience you’ve had is gotten you to here. And it was for nothing. Right? Every single experience you had made you who you are, gave you a skill. And so I visualize myself being someone who can teach 30 people. And then I started asking, “Well, what would I do? What would I say? How would I handle this? What would I do? What would a person who teaches 30 people all the time, think about someone lead me? And I really wrap my head around it. And then I went in there I walked across that stage, it’s showtime, taught this class, I’m not gonna lie, the first five exercises like, oh, gosh, crickets, and like, just some really, really interesting fitness faces. And then somebody smiled. and was like, “Yeah, that was hard.” And then I was like, “Okay, he liked it.” Okay, if he liked it, then maybe other people like and all of a sudden I felt like everybody was for me, and they’re cheering me on and they were cheering me on so much, they all left comment cards. And that’s how I got classes at a gym, four years before I should have, without any other than any other audition. Um, so everything happens for you. And so all of that led me to multiple trainings and multiple different opportunities of, of, of managing studios, renting studios, having my own studio. And I’m not gonna lie, it was scary every single time, every single thing, every new level is a new devil. And it’s always scary. But something that I realized along the way is whenever I would fight things, whenever I pretend to not know, it felt worse. And it always felt better when I would picture the dream, picture the goal, get really clear on it, and then, and then take the steps that a person who had achieved that would do. And it’s an interesting skill set. It’s a muscle like anything else, and you have to work it out. So if you’re like, “Lesley, yeah, I get it. But I don’t know how to do this next step.” It’s a muscle. If you were doing a bicep curl with two pounds, and you never go to the gym, you’d be like, “Okay, I could do that.” But if I gave you a 15 pound weight, you’ve never done a bicep curl, it’s gonna feel really hard. So you have to build yourself up. You’re gonna make mistakes, you’re going to have days where you’re not being it till you see it, but you keep trying, right? You keep trying. So fast forward many years, we get here, and I wanted to have this podcast and I remember knowing I wanted to have podcast and seeing how the podcast would be and it’s like, finished form. And, and I then I had to, I had to interview someone, and I’ve never done that before. So you know what I did? I literally asked all the people on my memberships if they would go live with me. So please pick times, I need to practice interviewing people. Because something I never thought I was with someone asked good questions. You should really be careful about the things you say about yourself. Because your brain is listening. And so if you tell yourself, “I don’t ask her questions,” then you think that your brains be like, “Let me show you about this good question.” Like, it’s not gonna happen. So actually makes me think of the recent episode with Kasey Orvidas, where we talked about like, having a fixed mindset and thinking that you’re born with a fixed mindset, because then you actually have a fixed mindset around your fixed mindset, which gets really meta, she said.

    And so anyways, but here’s the deal. So I, I didn’t, I didn’t want to be someone who believed they didn’t ask good questions. I wanted to be someone who believed that they did. So I literally said, “Okay, I’m going to interview all these people.” And I practiced interviewing them as if they were going to be on a podcast with me, they were just small Instagram lives. And I just practiced, and you know what the first interview I had to do was my friend Alex Street. You can listen to his episode. It’s amazing. And at the end, he’s like, “How was that? How do you feel?” I was like, “you’re my first one.” I was shaking the whole time. And, and the first one was the hardest one, just like this episode right here. This is gonna be the hardest solo episode I’ll ever do. And then after this, I mean it’s so easy. So one thing I realized in that interview with him was that I just acted like the person who knew what they were doing. And it wasn’t perfect. Okay, our microphone doesn’t even sound that good. It’s not, we have new one after that. (Lesley laughs) But but the point is, is that like being it till you see it is a muscle, and you’re not going to be it till you see it to be a speaker of 10,000 people tomorrow, you’ll probably be it till you see it to see this speak to like an open forum of five people, right? And then it’ll be more, it’ll be more and you will start starting off small is not a bad thing. It’s not like an underestimation, it’s actually allowing you to have room for success. Room for success.

    So now that this podcast has passed over 100, and something episodes, we are still being it till we see it in a lot of ways. Because we’ve pasted 100 episodes, that’s a huge freaking deal. Thank you for listening. But I don’t want to just do 100 episodes, I want to do 1000 episodes. I don’t want just 40 reviews. I want 1000s. I don’t want just a few 100 listeners whose lives we change. I want millions. Why? Why? Because I know every single frickin one of you that’s listening to this, every single one of you is powerful and amazing. And you’re here to do freakin wonderful things. And, and you can’t do it if you don’t believe if you can. And you can’t do it, if you keep saying “when I’m ready”. And you can’t do it, if you’re like waiting till someone deems you ready. Deems you the one. No one is walking around knighting you as the next whatever, they’re not doing it. If you want something stop waiting for permission. So then, how would you be some like how, who is someone? What are the qualities? What are the things that they do with someone who doesn’t wait for permission? What are those qualities? What would they be doing right now? If you are someone who wasn’t waiting for permission or wasn’t waiting to feel ready? What would you be doing right now? That is your homework assignment. So what is my homework assignment? Well, one of the things as I have been asking people who I was afraid would laugh in my face if I asked him to be on the podcast, to be on the podcast, and they didn’t laugh in my face and they also didn’t get me crickets, they actually said ‘yes’. So now I have to interview them, definitely scared as fuck. (Lesley laughs) But I’m so excited, I’m so excited to bring those interviews to you. I’m so excited to, to be to see what I become because of those interviews. I’m so excited to see who you become because of those interviews. Every single one of those interviews is a step towards being the person that I want to be, it’s towards helping you be the person that you want to be. We’re all doing this together, right? It just happen to be on this side of the microphone, you’re on that side of the airpods, but we’re doing this, we’re all doing this together. We’re all on this mission to be the version of ourselves that we cannot wait to be. And what is so cool about that is when you’re acting as if that person someday that you’re it’s no longer acting, you are just that person. Like it’s just like it just it happens and you don’t even realize it.

    So, I am asking guests to scare the hell out of me. That’s one way that I’m being it till I see it with this podcast. In my life, one thing that I’m doing to be it till I see it is I am actually doing a lot of research on investing. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really want to create generational wealth, even though I have no generations below me. I don’t have kids. But I want to take that money and reinvest it to communities. I want to I want to reinvest it to female owned businesses. I want to help other people, be it till they see it if they don’t have the funds. And so to do that, I have to create that wealth, how do I create that wealth, well I have to educate myself on actual wealth. And so I visualize this, right, and I’ve been visually this for two years. You know, it’s so crazy when you visualize something that you are, we talked about this, your eyes and your ears have to see what the brain is looking for. And in the last six months, the amount of people I’ve been introduced to the books, they’ve suggested me reading, the things that I have gotten clarity on, have really popped the bubble on, like how complicated this thing is, and shown me that like, I don’t have to have a like some sort of like, economic engineering degree, I could actually be a normal human being, who can create this wealth as this Pilates instructor, podcast, business coach, and it feels closer than ever, it feels so possible. So one of the ways I’m going to make sure I read these books, because how many of us go “I need to read that book” and we don’t read it. One of the ways I’m I need to make sure I read this, these books isn’t going to be a library card. So I can be the reader that I want to be the person who educates herself. So I feel like if I have the a little bit of pressure that the books are due at a certain time that I will get the reading done. And I’m very excited because I used to be like a consumer of books. I like I just could read a book a week. And so I want to I want to go back to that. I know that’s in me, and I’m really excited to do it with this challenge.

    Okay, so the next thing and my be it till we see it journey where I am at, is really trying to be a person who enjoys the messy middle. And this, this lovers is frickin hard. This is not the easiest thing. Because it is so much easier to get frustrated, mad, stomp your feet cry and feel like the wall was me. Right. And I think you should know that in businesses is never, like the stories we tell ourselves about other people’s lives and businesses from social media is rarely whatever that is. And it’s not because they’re lying. And it’s not because they’re faking it. Right. Every single one of my posts is authentic AF. But the stories we tell ourselves when we look at other people’s posts is where we put on this like other layer of like, “Oh my God, how amazing is that?”

    And so, anyways, I’m there every single day, something will go wrong when you have a business. There’s a thing that doesn’t work on technology, there’s an email that doesn’t go through when it’s supposed to. Like the dog chewed up the carpet and now we have to tile a room. And so I’m behind on filming, like there’s just always stuff going on. And for the last six months, I’ve been freaking fighting it, like, … maybe not six months, but at least three, like really fighting, fighting this, the things that go wrong. And I actually want to be the person who sits there and sees the things go wrong and observes them, and then figures out, the first next step around that thing without getting upset or getting angry or losing the joy. Because I get to do this. And I share that with you because I know that you’re like, you want the same thing. Right? Many of you are moms and you want to be this mom who’s like so excited. And is is showing them joy and happiness and love. And then like the dog spills the milk over the backpack and you’re running out the door. I don’t know how the dog did that. But basically, it’s a whole hot mess express and you’re just frustrated and you’re upset and I just threw a pen. That’s what that was a dramatic moment. But like you’re just upset, right? And then you’re like, “Ah, I don’t want to be this mad, angry mom who lost it over spilt milk.” Right? So we all have these things. We’re all like, “Oh, I don’t want to do that.” And so I actually want to be someone who’s like, not that I won’t have feelings or not that things don’t make me upset. But that, that I don’t lose it before I’ve actually observed the whole story. And so how am I doing that? Well, I’m making sure I do my morning pages. Because whenever I do my morning pages, I always feel better the whole day. I’m also doing my breathwork the end of the morning, because that makes me feel … feel much more centered. And then I am trying out different things right now. I’m trying out either taking a deep breath or asking for, I’m trying not asking for things to be sent to me versus told to me, or to have meet… or have it told me at meetings versus just like, interrupting. I’m trying out different things to just set myself up for success at this. And the other thing I’m doing is going is actually telling people is what I’m working on, so that I have this awareness around it. Right. We all have this, we all have this consciousness awareness around what we’re doing. So if you are actually telling people, “I don’t want to spend money,” and then you’re spending money, they’re gonna be like, and you’re gonna be like, and no one’s probably gonna say anything, but you’re gonna have that awareness like, “Oh, I’m spending money, and I just told me I don’t want to do that.” So I’m setting myself up for some growth in that area to be it till I see it in how I want to be in my business, because I’m not really enjoying the way I am right now. And that’s okay. So it’s okay to be like, “I don’t really like this about myself.” That’s what we get to do in this life, we get to work on it. And that’s great.

    So I hope that was really fun. I hope that was really, I don’t know, informa… informative. And if you liked this, let me know DM me at the @be_it_pod or ask questions or feel free to leave us a review. The next thing I want to leave you with on this pod is just some things that are actually I’m really like their frickin helping me so much right now, and I’m really obsessed with so one is my hydro jug. Oh my God, this half gallon stainless steel jug. And it’s got this massive straw inside. I don’t have to hold the, I don’t have to tilt the jug back to drink it. I know that sounds so dumb, but it always spills all over me. And then usually have to like take the lid off, which is so annoying. So this just a little cap, flip it back and then you just like, like a sippy cup, you just drink out of it and don’t have to tilt it anywhere. I’m not spilling anything. And it’s making me drink so much water. I’m drinking two a day, which is a gallon of water plus where I get the water in everything else. The other thing that I freaking love and you may have heard about this bar, this isn’t anything new. But my chocolate collagen brings me frickin joy in my coffee every morning. It is the best and by the way, if you want to get really fancy, you can dust some of it on your like almond butter toast or something like that. It’s so good. And then a couple other things I’m loving at night I do a little a Gua Shua situation. And that has been really fun for me because it’s really meditative. And it you know, it just makes me feel like I’m doing something for my my my looks to look good the next day. There’s apparently a lot of science behind it. But at least it still feels really good. It feels like a massage in my face. And I really love it. And especially at the end of the night when I’m when it’s tempting to like grab your phone, I can’t grab my phone and Gua Shau, I’m not a drummer, I don’t I can’t have like one hand doing one thing and one hand doing another. So you have to like have your eyes closed and you … yourself.

    I am loving my red light therapy. I actually turn it on while I’m doing my morning pages. And so that has been really fun just to kind of double up because you’re like, “How do you do all these things?” Well, I have my red light therapy while I’m doing my morning pages. And then I also and loving my greens juice in the morning. It is been really awesome. It feels really good. It’s an instant 12 ounces of water for like kickstarts a day. And I’m really loving Brad join me on the morning walks. So those are some great things. I will say I would love to hear what your favorite short short, like bike shorts are, workout shorts, because it’s hot AF here in Vegas. And so since I can’t walk around in my bathing suit, I guess I could walk around my bathing suit. But that’s not really comfortable. I’m just buying up the world’s shortest bike shorts. Because the more of my legs that can feel the AC the better.

    Yeah, so those are my loves. So I again thank you for listening to the story of how I got here to the be it till you see it moments I’m taking. I want to hear what you’re doing. And to these favorite things. If you like the solo episodes, or you want more you just have a topic you want me to go over? Let us know. We, this podcast is here for you. Right? It’s totally here to help you. It helps me on my journey too. But it really is like for you, for your ears. We want to know and we’ll have an episode with Brad as well. And if you like these, we can do them more often. Or we can drop them every quarter. You tell us we want to hear from you. And then finally I want to know how you’re being it till you see it in your life. That’s what I want. So tell me in the podcast and the at Instagram at the @be_it_pod and let us know so we can celebrate you. So we can celebrate you. Yeah, because the more we celebrate ourselves the easier it is for us to realize how far we frickin come. All right my loves, thank you so much for listening to this solo episode with me and until next time Be It Till You See It.

    Lesley Logan
    That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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