Grow Into Being

Unapologetically Authentic

Ep. 60 with Lesley & Brad

“Being unapologetically authentic is really something you can grow into.”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Have you started thinking about goal setting for 2022? With Lesley’s glittery snow globe, Brad and LL chat about New Year’s goals, the misconception about giving, and how to grow into a mindset of authenticity.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • A mindset for goal making in 2022
  • Finding charities you are passionate about
  • The misconception about giving
  • Being unapologetically authentic

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    Lesley Logan
    Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


    Lesley Logan 0:44
    (Brad laughs) Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co hosts in life, Brad and I are going to dig into the uplifting convo I had with Marcia Agius in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now and go back and listen to that one. And then come back and join us. If you’re watching on the YouTube, I have a new so… snow globe and it’s big red lips with gold glitter everyone and I’ve been starting every podcasts. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 1:14
    I thought it was gonna, I thought it was just like a thi… Like, you said it when we were recording before and I was like, “Haha, okay.” She said, she said, “This is going to be on every episode moving forward.” I was like, “Right, whatever.” Well, it continues to come back.

    Lesley Logan 1:30
    Yes. Yes, it does. And it’s really fun and I shake it. So it’s got the gold glitter all over my red lips. Anyways. Okay, so (Brad laughs)

    Brad Crowell 1:38
    All right, before we get started.

    Lesley Logan 1:40
    We are still on the road. (Brad: Yeah) So we are actually recording this before we hit the road. And so what I can tell you is at this moment in time, we are probably hanging out with Brad’s fabulous family and doing some sort of Pollyanna situation and getting ready to get back out on the road again for a couple pop ups. So if you want to see us in real life, and you live in the States to go to And then you can see where we are in and get tickets, where we are. What else do we have quick announcements, my love?

    Brad Crowell 2:10
    Two the things and then we have a just something special we wanted to say. But the scheduling tool for Profitable Pilates, if you run a fitness business, or you know Pilates or any other kind of fitness business, we are partnering with a software company that’s making a Profitable Pilates scheduling tool. For us, it’s so exciting.

    Lesley Logan 2:35
    I wanted to do this for years.

    Brad Crowell 2:37
    Years. We… I mean, everyone asks us, “What is the best one, all the things?” Well, I’ll tell you, ours is the best one. (Lesley: Yeah) Okay. And here’s why because (Lesley: I’m coaching on it.) Yeah, you’re coaching on it. But also every thing that we couldn’t do with other scheduling tools we changed three times before we found one that was actually more simple than all the rest and has nothing to do with other things that we needed to do. And so that was like a weird, like, “Okay, this will do for us.” (Lesley laughs) Well, we were like, “This isn’t, this isn’t good enough.” (Lesley: Yeah) There’s a better way (Lesley: Yeah) and we found that better way. And that’s what’s coming to you. (Lesley: Yeah) So if you want to get on the list, go to (Lesley: Yeah) And you will see a waitlist there. We will be telling you more about it in January.

    Lesley Logan 3:20
    And also happening in January is Agency Mini number six is our mini coaching program. We… (Brad: Agency Mini number six.) I know, actually Agency turns four in January. (Brad: Yeah) Yeah, we I mean, we’ve been, I’ve been doing coaching for fitness instructor since 2013, actually technically 2009. But I started the company in 2013. And so Agency Mini is we definitely limit how many people can be in it. So you want to go on the waitlist because you also get the best deals and you get early action to sign up. You’ll go to – it’s M I N I.

    Brad Crowell 3:53
    Yeah. And our special thing we wanted to say is “Happy holidays.” (Lesley: Happy holiday.) I know it’s two days till Christmas at this point. You know, there’s Hanukkah happening. There’s …

    Lesley Logan 4:06
    No, Hanukkah happened a couple weeks ago. (Brad: Yeah, happened.) (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 4:10
    You know, there’s all the things. (Lesley: Yeah) And basically, we just wanted to say, we’re excited that you (Lesley: Yeah) get to spend time with your friends and families. Hopefully you do that. And you know, that’s what we’re looking forward to do over the next few days, (Lesley: Yeah) as well.

    Lesley Logan 4:24
    Well, yeah. So, Happy Holidays. Okay. After that, what is our audience question this week?

    Brad Crowell 4:30
    Yeah. So this one fit right along with last week. We just kind of chopped it in two. (Lesley: Yeah) “When and how do you plan your goals for 2022?”

    Lesley Logan 4:39
    Yeah, we don’t do resolutions. We do do goals. (Brad: Yeah) And we don’t try to do all of them in January, because that’s not how things work. (Brad: Yeah, that doesn’t really work.) So, I’m really big on figuring out when you want something done by and then working backwards. That’s that’s how I do goals. So if there’s something that I want to have done by the end of 2022, actually look at, when in 2022, things are going to have to happen so that it all leads up to being done. (Lesley laughs) So that’s how I mean, that’s how I do it. So I mean, do you do it differently than that?

    Brad Crowell 5:15
    Yeah, I do. (Lesley laughs) I definitely do. Let’s, which I find ironic, because I’m usually the process guy, right? (Lesley: I know. I hate process.) And so you just map that out for me, which I thought was really funny. But that’s not really how I think about goals. Like, I know that goals are, like business goals, or whatever. But I was thinking more personal goals, like, you know, do I want to speak another language? (Lesley: Oh, yeah.) Do I want to change my morning routine? You know, the, you know, like …

    Lesley Logan 5:42
    I mean, I said those whenever they come up. I don’t make that like, end of the year thing.

    Brad Crowell 5:49
    Yeah, but I mean, okay, cool. So like, you know, but but for us moving was a goal. (Lesley: Yeah) And, you know, actually didn’t know it was gonna happen as soon as it did. But that was something that was on our list. So

    Lesley Logan 6:01
    I mean, I worked backwards from that. I think we’re moving by June 1st. And I was like, that means you got to be doing this by this date. (Brad laughs) And this by this day. (Brad: Right) You might have not been on that process.

    Brad Crowell 6:07
    I think that’s also why I wasn’t quite … (Lesley laughs) you know like, like, had a fire lit under me, because I don’t, that’s not how I think about. (Lesley: I know) I’m like, “This is something that I want to do at some point (Lesley: Yeah) in the near future,” which is actually not how you’re supposed to set goals. (Lesley: No, no) You’re supposed to put a date with it.

    Lesley Logan 6:22
    Can you hear the rebel and the four tendencies in him? (Brad laughs)

    Brad Crowell 6:25
    It might be nice if maybe we could possibly, (Lesley: Yeah) you know, do this thing.

    Lesley Logan 6:30
    I’m like, “When do you want to do it buy. (Brad laughs) Okay, that means we have to do this and this and this.” Like, I am on this stuff. (Brad: Yeah) So anyways, I mean, we definitely at the beginning of the year do write things down of what we are intentionally trying to do. But again, it’s not a resolution. So I’m, I feel like you’re allowed to make new goals whenever they come to you. And you just have to have a buy win date, and then work backwards. Or you can work forwards if you prefer process that way. But I find backwards is easier because it’s like a maze. So, I would always go to the finish point on a maze. And then I would work backwards all the way and (Brad: You would?) get start. Yes, I did. And my dad would go, “That’s cheating.” And I said, “I think it’s brilliant.” I’ve (Brad laughs) finished every maze. And, I remember being in a corn maze with my friends and getting so frustrated because, like we kept getting lost. And I was like, “If we could have just been dropped off at the finish point. I could have found us our way out.” (Brad laughs) So anyways, um, that’s… yeah,

    Brad Crowell 7:29
    I never knew about you. (Lesley: Learn something new) Yeah.

    Lesley Logan 7:31
    I know. Married six years. Look at that.

    Brad Crowell 7:33
    That’s amazing.

    Lesley Logan 7:34
    Okay, so let’s get into it.

    Brad Crowell 7:37
    There’s also one of the things I didn’t know, (Lesley: Oh) that that you talked about in the interview with with Marcia. So, I will, I will tell you. (Lesley: Oh, okay.) Yeah, yeah. (Lesley laughs) Oh, actually, one last thing. This is the first year we’re not going to do our rare tradition that we actually hold to. Every year on January 1st, we usually just tear our entire apartment apart. (Lesley: Yeah) Look at every single thing that we own. And then get rid of a lot of it if we can (Lesley: Yeah) stuff that we never use, never touch. But (a) we don’t live in a 500 square foot apartment anymore, where we can literally see everything.

    Lesley Logan 8:12
    Yeah, no, we gotta definitely go room by room at this point. So we have to schedule that definitely.

    Brad Crowell 8:17
    Yeah. And … (Lesley: And we’re gonna be with Sue and Steven.) Yeah, we’re gonna be down in Miami. We’re doing New Year’s in Miami.

    Lesley Logan 8:24
    Ah, I’m so excited, I have the best outfit for it. (Brad laughs) I really do.

    Brad Crowell 8:28
    Yeah. So, okay. Now let’s talk about Marcia Agius. (Lesley: Yeah) With a spirit of giving and a passion for the people, Marcia Agius, is a community leader fighting to uplift and highlight the strengths women have within. From a hockey mom to the creator of ins… @_inspirealways on Instagram with an underscore before. Marcia is trailblazing a new mindset of giving and a community of posi… positivity. (Lesley: Yeah) And joy, to be honest.

    Lesley Logan 8:57
    I know. She’s so sweet. And she’s like, seriously, so giving. She like, turn… she suggested me for some magazine that Laila Ali was on the first cover of I mean, it was I know. (Brad: Wow) I know. Yeah. So, I should have had that in my things. It’s like “Ask Us Beauty,” I think is what it’s called. So anyways, that …

    Brad Crowell 9:19
    Well, she she was just so fun to listen to, because she’s very excited about (Lesley: Yeah) what she’s doing.

    Lesley Logan 9:25
    Yeah, she’s she’s so passionate what she’s doing. She’s also like, like, she’s just being it till she sees that she’s like, “I don’t even know what I’m gonna see. Well, I’m just being the thing,” (Lesley laughs) and she’s like, going for it. I love it so much. So, but one of the, she talked about many things that are really amazing. One of the things that I loved that she talked about is, “Finding charities you’re passionate about.” And the reason I love this is I think it can get really overwhelming when you’re someone who’s a giving person or caring person. There’s all the stuff going on the world like especially right now like literally every time you turn around there is a group of people that you need support, there is the world’s on fire, the world’s hot. There’s all these things that are happening. There’s, if you’re in the States, there’s like laws that you’re like, “What in the frickin’ world?” And so it’s just … and then I’ve talked to our friends in Australia and they’ve got their own stuff. So it can feel overwhelming. And you’re like, “Where do I give my time? Where do I get my money to?” And, I think it’s really freeing to be okay with just going and looking up charities that you’re actually passionate about, and, and supporting in the way that you can. She talked about the different ways you can support is not always money. And I found that to just be like, that’s something that you can do right now. And you can feel really good about yourself.

    Brad Crowell 10:40
    Yeah. And, I think it’s also something that we’ve been working on with (Lesley: Yeah) OPC. And with Profitable Pilates, (Lesley Yeah) which, you know, like, what, what should those? What charities should those businesses support? (Lesley: Yeah) And what is important to us? (Lesley: Yeah) And, you know, when we, when we first started, there was, we were getting to know, the homeless population near where we lived in Los Angeles. And so it was important for us to feed them. (Lesley: Yeah) And so we were looking at charities about that (Lesley: Yeah) Then, you know, we’ve shifted, having moved here to Vegas with Profitable Pilates. We’ve been supporting a business that’s helping women in need, who end up in the, basically the sex industry here, (Lesley: Mm-hmm) or anywhere, really, (Lesley: Yeah, anywhere) but, but but there’s the organizations based here.

    Lesley Logan 11:37
    They’re here, and they’re in Portland, and they’re working on becoming across the US. And it’s like, what… the reason why I picked it for Profitable Pilates is that every single of those woman, women is like a business owner in her own way. And if they and a lot of times they are pimped out and they don’t even know it, but they have a hard time getting out of it. And I know, if you feel like you can’t take, maybe you have an idea for something but you can’t get there because you’re stuck where you are like I love this charity helps these women get out when they want to. And there’s there’s no judgment around it. And it’s really …

    Brad Crowell 12:09
    And they do it by, they do it by building relationships.

    Lesley Logan 12:13
    Yes, yes. Yes. It’s so it’s just something that I’m I’m, I think it’s really cool. So, I that’s what we did with Profitable Pilates. We’re actually still trying to figure out where I’m running out of dates, we got to figure out the charity for OPC that we’re choosing. But the reason why we’re still working on that is because we’re trying really hard to find one that is in more international climate change, focused charity, because our OPC members are all over the world. And that is something we can share in together. And I think they’d be really excited about. So (Brad: Yeah) anyways, I just say that because again, I think you can feel like, “Oh my God, I have to give all these people need something.” And it’s like, if we all were to focus on the ones we’re passionate about, then we can actually probably make some change in those areas.

    Brad Crowell 12:57
    The… Well, you mentioned it before, I was gonna say that the truth of giving money being the way we give back it’s a, it’s an, it’s a challenging misconception, I think, because that’s what we, “Oh, I have to give money.” But that’s not an option for everyone. Right? And that’s also not the only way to give back. I know that, you know, (Lesley: Yeah) time, is something I grew up in the church. And so we gave a lot of time, and a lot of community service to different, whatever was going on in our local town, whatever needed help. But, you know, yes, there was monetary contributions, too. But the acts of service was really pushed and giving your time. So, if money isn’t an option, then you know, giving “time” can be really helpful or helping someone out, you know, lend… lending (Lesley: Yeah) something to them, whatever. (Lesley: Yeah) That’s also, you know, an act of charity and giving.

    Lesley Logan 13:59
    I know. And like doing that locally, because you can really make big change if you’re doing things that are more local. So, she actually brought that up. I think you really, you mentioned you really loved that she talked about the different ways of giving. So so I really, I really thought it was very helpful.

    Brad Crowell 14:16
    Yeah. Okay, finally, let’s talk about those BE IT action items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Marcia Agius?

    Lesley Logan 14:28
    Why don’t you go first?

    Brad Crowell 14:29
    Okay, so she said three really powerful ones at the end. And, I picked the middle one or no, I pick the last one she said, “Be unapologetically authentic.”

    Lesley Logan 14:40
    Yeah, that’s big …

    Brad Crowell 14:42
    Yeah, I also … (Lesley: Bold. It’s so bold.) It’s very bold. It’s also like really hard. (Lesley: Yeah) You know, and I …

    Lesley Logan 14:49
    We’re all part of society and we’re all wondering who’s going or people gonna like me. If I’m unapolo… apologetically authentic. What if no one likes me?

    Brad Crowell 14:57
    Yeah, but I think that what does that even mean? (Lesley: I don’t know) Right. So what is.. what does unapologetically authentic mean?

    Lesley Logan 15:03
    Oh, what it does mean? Oh, it just means that you don’t apologize for being your freakin’ self.

    Brad Crowell 15:08
    Yeah, but I think that’s so challenging. I think …

    Lesley Logan 15:10
    If you don’t … you don’t like, like, like, smooth out your edges, you know? Because like, we all have some rough edges.

    Brad Crowell 15:18
    But I think even that is challenging because that means you have to know yourself.

    Lesley Logan 15:24
    Oh. (Brad: You know, and … ) Yeah and also that part, I find less challenging. I find more challenging the unapologetically aunthentic. (Lesley laughs) I have no problem, I have problem being authentic. But sometimes I’m like, “Oh, maybe I should apologize because that maybe that was too direct.” (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 15:39
    Well, the the thing that I grew up in this world of expectations, here’s how you act at this place. This is what you do here. Here’s the you know, this these lot of expectations. And, you know, you were, we were talking about this. Actually, I think you were talking about this with Marcia. But basically, you know, how do you like, it comes across as bragging when you’re proud of yourself? (Lesley: Yeah) Right? And so that that’s a, I think that’s a pretty obvious example, that where we like push ourselves down and be like, “Oh, you know, I know I did good, but I can’t like, you know, I can’t, I can’t shout it from the rooftops,” kind of thing, because that wouldn’t be right (Lesley: Yeah) to do. And that’s, you know, that’s kind of the world that I come from. And so it was really hard for me to celebrate wins (Lesley: Yeah) about myself because, you know, even though I knew like, “I should be so happy.” You are happy for like two seconds, and then you just like, “Look, okay, that’s enough,” (Lesley: Yeah) you know. And I, so I think being a, you know, unapologeti… unapologetically authentic is really something (Lesley: Bold) you can grow into.

    Lesley Logan 16:54
    Yeah, it was that thank you for saying that. You read my mind because I was like, what if you just like found kind of like the Rob Mack’s idea of like, an unapologetically authentic island where you can like feel really, you can do that. And then like, do that there and when that island feels bigger and more secure, and, and everything it can kind of like, maybe you move it over to this little section of your life and move it over here. Like it’s … not I can go from zero to, you know, 100 in one day, like, that’s gonna be a lot of changes. Maybe if you especially if you haven’t been been yourself. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 17:27
    Yeah, and also, don’t beat yourself up, you know.

    Lesley Logan 17:29
    Oh, my God, please don’t at (Brad: Yeah) all cuz that’s not, that’s not okay. No one that, you would never let a friend do that. So don’t let yourself do that.

    Brad Crowell 17:38
    Yeah. Okay. So, what about you?

    Lesley Logan 17:40
    Step so far out of your comfort zone, you forget how to get back. I mean, come on. (Brad laughs) So you think …

    Brad Crowell 17:45
    That was the first thing she said. And I was like, “Did you write that?” Like, how … impressed … (Lesley: She lives that. That’s how she lives.) It’s so impressive.

    Lesley Logan 17:53
    She, she she did that for her Inspire Always. I mean, she just like steps so far out. She’s like, “Okay, I’m gonna do it.” And, and now she’s like, “I don’t even know how I wasn’t doing this before.” So, I really liked that because I think Amy Ledin talks about this a lot with like, if you are, if you you know, because she works with women who are changing their bodies, and she makes them throw their clothes away.

    Brad Crowell 18:16
    Right, (Lesley: So they can’t) right. There’s no going back.

    Lesley Logan 18:18
    There’s no going back to that. And I think like this is also …

    Brad Crowell 18:22
    And that is, that there’s a lot of reticence that … I mean, that would freak me out. And that’s that’s a …

    Lesley Logan 18:28
    Well, I mean like let’s talk about like when you are going to leave your job. You were trying to do it part time for them (Brad: oh, man.) and like you were I’m gonna work five hours a week for them and it’s like …

    Brad Crowell 18:36
    That was a huge step out of any kind of comfort zone.

    Lesley Logan 18:40
    And you and then and then they said, “No, you can’t.” And you were like, “Oh and I was like just don’t work for them.” And then like, you like, so I think sometimes some people are like, “Okay, I’m gonna do a little bit over here and I do little over here.” And it’s like … (Brad: Yeah, you keep your feet in both, you know.) You’re you at some point, yeah gotta just get over and like, “Burn the boats” is what Tony Robbins says. Boutta’ burn the boats, so …

    Brad Crowell 19:02
    Yeah, um, I I think I wouldn’t have done that. Had my old company not changed their decision on on me working (Lesley: on the last day.) Yeah, me working part time after I was done because I I think that there was so much hesitation and so much fear from losing all that security or what I deemed security even though it was also really stressful. (Lesley: Yeah) You know, I wouldn’t have made that decision on my own but then when the, when the rug was pulled out from under me, it kind of left me with no choice. And that was like really scary. (Brad laughs)

    Lesley Logan 19:43
    Yeah, but look at you now. (Brad: Yeah, yeah.) So um, yeah, I just I love that. I think that is like, that should be on a frickin’ office wall. That should be on a journal, that should be.

    Brad Crowell 19:54
    Step so far out of your comfort zone, you forget how to get back. (Lesley: Yeah) Amazing.

    Lesley Logan 19:59
    Amazing. I’ve chills. All right. I’m Lesley Logan.

    Brad Crowell 20:02
    And I’m Brad Crowell.

    Lesley Logan 20:03
    Thank you so much for joining us today and every week, really. And this entire first year, it’s been so wonderful. We are so grateful for you. How are you going to use these tips in your life? DM us, tag the pod, tag Marcia, and let us know. And then also send it to a friend who needs a little uplifting a little inspiration. We, that’s how this podcast grows. And we couldn’t be like we couldn’t thank you enough if you did that. So please do and we’ll catch you in the next episode.

    Brad Crowell 20:28
    Bye for now.

    Lesley Logan
    That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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