What is Your Mindset

on Giving?

Ep. 59 ft. Marcia Agius

“When I prioritize myself, then I could help others more like I could do more for others.” And I think that is so true because the energy and we have there’s a confidence that comes to it.”

Marcia Agius

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With a spirit of giving and a passion for the people, Marcia Agius, is a community leader fighting to uplift and highlight the strengths women have within. From a hockey mom to the creator of @_inspirealways, Marcia is trailblazing a new mindset of giving and a community of positivity.

Show Notes

Built from a passion for giving and a time in need of positivity, Marcia Agius and Lesley Logan chat about the impact of kindness, Marcia’s community _inspirealways, and how to just take a messy action to achieve your dream.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Where connection and community can lead
  • Prioritizing yourself to begin
  • Let your core values guide you to begin
  • Giving money isn’t the only way to give back
    • Treasure, Time, Talent
  • Finding charities your passionate about
  • A mindset shift from “why is this happening” to “how can we make this better?”




Lesley Logan
Hey you, welcome back to the Be It Till You See It podcast. I’m so happy you’re here. I’m just having the biggest blast, talking to guests for you. And also, gosh, I just really really love the takeaways that you’re sharing and, and your heartfelt messages about how a different episode guests or something we said really resonated with you. What I think you’re gonna love and hear in this podcast with Marcia Agius is, you know, things like there’s divine appointments. Erika Quest, one of our guests talked about that before as well. So, I was introduced, I was like nominated by Amy for Marcia’s thing. And then she reached out to me and then she heard about me through Jenny Barneveld-Pe, who was a guest of ours. And so I just kept coming up in her circle and her life. Right? And she had been wanting to get strong and do Pilates and there’s a lot that we align with, we love celebrating. And we are really huge believers in community, connection and prioritizing yourself. And so we do it in different ways. I do it with OPC and she does it with her Inspire Always community and spreading kindness and, and I wanted to bring her on because she isn’t necessarily yet, someone that you may have heard of on many other podcasts. But she last year started this mission to Shine a Light on Women. And she didn’t have an idea of what it was going to be yet and she took this messy action. And I wanted to have that, I wanted to hear that from someone, I wanted to hear someone who’s in it, who just started something and and is organically growing it because I think it’s really easy to get hung up but we have to have, we have to know the big… we have to know the end goal before we can get started at something. And I think you’re gonna hear so much possibility and not knowing the end goal and just doing what you know and what’s possible and, and learning every day. And I really, I couldn’t stop smiling. If you watch this on YouTube, I can’t stop smiling. She is so passionate about the people in her community and what she does and so enjoy, enjoy this podcast, enjoy hearing someone who is in the messy middle, messy beginning, rocking it out and really in it for the community and I can’t wait to hear what your takeaways are. Oh my gosh, wait till you get to the BE IT action items. Literally number one (whoo I’m gonna have to fight Brad on that one) if we did the takeaways because it is epic. It’s so good. So take a listen to Marcia Agius after this quick message.

Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and business fitness coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 3:19
All right. Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast. I have Marcia as my guest today. And I didn’t even ask you how to say your last name. So you’ll (Lesley and Marcia laughs) say that and the thing this is really taking messy action. Okay, y’all. So y’all remember Amy Ledin she was on our podcast is episode three, and I think three … five. I think she was five and she told Marcia about me and that’s how we met. And you were you, we’re going to talk about how we met in a little bit, but we are an Instagram friendship that is just blossomed and we’re actually seeing each others face for the first time. I feel like and I’m really excited you called me to tell me about your project. I’m like this is amazing. I have to have this on my podcast. And so Marcia will you please introduce yourself. Tell everyone who you are, what you’re rocking right now and where you’re from?

Marcia Agius 4:11
Lesley honestly, I am so thrilled to meet you actually face to face even though we’ve talked before. My name is Marcia Agius. I’m from just North of Toronto in Canada. And I recently started an Instagram page called Inspire Always. And this is where actually I met you and featured you and featured Amy and this part… this Instagram account came about just through by chance of I turned 50 last year and decided to get into the best shape of my life and joined an amazing group of women. Ah, Team Strong Girls were actually (Lesley: Okay) funny enough. I … that’s Jenny of course. And I heard you on her podcast as well. So all things coming full circle. I’ve always wanted to do Pilates and I love strength training. So, I felt like I couldn’t do both. But honestly, you just popped into my life. And so, in so many levels, everything seems to be organically working out perfectly. So …

Lesley Logan 5:11
That’s right. You … Jenny is gonna be Jenny’s episode. By the time people hear this her episode been out already. But yeah … she … hers, I met her through Amy. It’s really funny how the universe works, it makes it really small. But I it’s kind of like when the universe is like, “Oh, you want to do something like let’s here’s a little drop of someone, oh, and then wait, then the person’s over here. It’s kind of… it’s making sure we’re we’re getting to know each other.” (Lesley laughs)

Marcia Agius 5:35
It it really is a bit crazy. And it’s all in alignment, because you came at the right time to where I’ve always wanted to do Pilates. But I’m working right now on a major workout program. And I’m actually doing another photoshoot with Jenny. So yeah, it’s exciting. And I’m squeezing in your #100withme challenge and I think it’s amazing. I just love it. I purchased your cards, and I’m giving myself that grace that you’ve given me that, that you that you don’t have to be perfect. I do a card every day. It’s not a lot, starting out. But yeah, I love it.

Lesley Logan 6:08
Oh my God, that is… y’all that that makes me so happy because I when I made those, I was like, “I really hope people use them.” I (Lesley laughs) we’re gonna go into your – I think it’s probably very similar. Like, I was like, “Okay, we have to order a thousand. Do I even know a hundred people who will buy these things?” Like, probably, let’s talk about, it’s probably similar to when you started this Instagram, most people will start an Instagram account about themselves, which that’s me. (Lesley laughs) Um, but you’re like, “I’m going to start an Instagram account that that shines a light on inspiring women.” And so when did that come from your 50th birthday as well, like, what made you go, “Let me do this right now.”

Marcia Agius 6:47
So, I’m a mom of three children. I stayed at home with my three kids blessed enough to be able to stay at home with them. And I just kind of thought I was just the mom until I’ll never say that again because that is such a, that is such a bad way of thinking. But I just kind of thought that that’s what I did. And so when I… was about to turn 50, I thought, “You know what, it’s, it’s time to give to myself.” And so I joined Team Strong Girls, I took a photo shoot and and got into the best shape of my life. And for the first time I took care of myself. And I gave to myself and I realized that’s when I had so much more to give to others. And so the one of the messages that Jenny always talks about is to Aspire to Inspire. And so she basically said to, you know, “Get out there and, and inspire people.” And that was so uncomfortable for me to share those images of my … my photos, because again I was taught by my mom like to be very kind, but to be humble. And so (Lesley: Yeah) in my mind that was kind of like I was showing off. (Lesley: Yeah) But really, truly, I didn’t realize that I had kind of inspired people. And that made me want to, to delve into it more. And basically, I thought, I love this feeling of celebrating. And I just thought 2020 was a shit show. But everything you read in the news was bad. (Lesley: Yeah) I decided I wanted a place where we could do this. For me, it was about community, it was about, you know, connection. And like, I got to talk to you, I talk to every person that comes on the page. It’s about connection and, and celebration, I think we all need to be celebrated. (Lesley: Yeah) And so that’s how Inspire Always started.

Lesley Logan 8:30
I mean, okay, I swear, y’all, this was not planned. I have no idea what my guests are gonna say. But if people who listen, they know that I’m 100% about, you must celebrate yourself, you must that way you can … you must prioritize yourself so you can give to others. And you just said it earlier, you said, “When I prioritize myself, then I could help others more like I could do more for others.” And I think that is so true because the energy and we have there’s a confidence that comes to it and, and, you know, and, and it’s free… I understand that I think a lot of people, especially women were raised, like, “Be humble.” And like, “Don’t show off too much.” Like don’t, you know, don’t you don’t want your life to like be too bright for somebody else. But really, really when your light is bright and shining, you actually help others like you attract (Marcia: Absolutely) others to that and then they are like, “Oh my God, I want that too.” Like we it’s it really is different. And so, y’all if you haven’t checked out this Instagram page, literally is it every day that you post a different woman you shine a light on someone else?

Marcia Agius 9:32
It’s literally when I started this project, I can a passion project. I thought, “You know what I know so many amazing women. I’m going to feature them, I’m going to feature them once a week and that would be fine.” And so again, my my kids, my grown kids basically said to me, “Mom, you know when you’re starting something new maybe should do every day for the first little while.” So, I thought “Okay, first couple weeks …” Since I’ve started I featured someone every day Monday to Friday, and so the community is growing, people nominate other people. It literally brings me such joy. I’m so excited to celebrate this person. They’re excited to be celebrated. And just ripple… it’s a ripple effect, because then they nominate other people and they’re excited. And (Lesley: It is … ) honestly, my heart is so full. (Marcia laughs)

Lesley Logan 10:15
It really is so cool. So and I’m someone who like doesn’t consume a lot of stuff. I don’t scroll very much, but because I follow your account, I think on all my accounts. Your… I, each woman comes up and I read it. And I’m like, “I love the quote. I love, I love hearing what they say,” Yeah, anytime it comes up, I’m like, “Oh, my God.” And I, in fact, there was one woman, like, “This woman is amazing.” And I reached out to her, and I’m like, “You’re really awesome. I want you on my podcast.” (Lesley laughs)

Marcia Agius 10:43
Oh, my gosh. See, and … I didn’t even realize when I started this. This … I’m connecting other people. So it really is about the connection and the community. And, and, and I love that that actually just made my day. (Lesley: Yeah) I love that.

Lesley Logan 10:56
Yeah, no, I mean, well, and that’s just it, like, everything that I do, including there’s this one project that I’m putting together. And it’s all about elevating connection, and confidence and community. And when with OPC, it’s all about giving yourself 100% celebrating that so you can connect more with others to be part of this community and our community supports everybody. You’ve seen it as you’re in that group. And but I want to go back to, so you wanted to start this thing, you’re like, “We need good news in the world. I want to, we need something to inspire. I’m gonna do it every day.” Was it difficult to start something that you didn’t know what the end result is? Because I think a lot of people have a hard time starting something where they know, where they want to go. But they don’t they’re like, they’re unsure how to take the next first step. You kind of were like, “I don’t know, this is gonna be but I’m going to take a step.” Like how, how did you get your brain to go, “Yeah, let me do this thing.” (Lesley laughs)

Marcia Agius 11:47
Honestly, I think that everything for me is just starting something new to be, to be out on social media was totally new to me. And it was a learning game. So I thought, “Okay, I’m gonna do it.” And you’re right, I really had no end goal. It’s actually evolving, organically again, funny enough to something more. So my core values is giving. And the … I’ve actually started with this Inspire Always community, giving back. And so my message always is, “In this world, there’s so much judgment, we need more kindness.” And so I literally went out and bought “Spread Kindness T-shirts,” and raised money for a woman that started charity on my page. So it’s just a full circle. Like, it’s actually been crazy. And we’re raising another wish, through these T-shirts with a “Spread Kindness T-shirt” for another girl that was actually featured on my page. So …

Lesley Logan 12:44
That okay, that’s really cool. So not that you need more ideas, but I’m an ideas machine. And there is a woman we had on the podcast, Renee Dick, and she started off with like, just making a T-shirt a month. And like how to community and like be paid to have the community you got the T-shirt. And so because then everyone’s like wearing like the, you know, “Girlboss T-shirt,” or like, you know, “Community Over Competition” or whatever the T-shirt is of the month, and they pay, they get the shirt, and then they are in this community. And I don’t know that I would say dive in, think about that because it could be maybe it’s not a monthly thing. But maybe there’s like a seasonal shirt that people can buy that contributes to a charity, and then they’re all part of the community because they bought it or something like that. Like, I think there’s something there for you. And being able to give back and inspire others and be inspired by the people that come through your, your that people nominate, you know, it’s kind of cool.

Marcia Agius 13:44
It is kind of cool. I actually been thinking about more about what I want to do it. It’s something similar. It’s again, to create a community of not just buying things, but to doing things I think giving back is is there threefold. There’s, you know, there’s treasure, there’s time, (Lesley: Yeah) there’s talent. And so I think it’s not always easy and people are busy. And so because I’m blessed enough to have that time, I think I’m able to say “Hey, this is something that you can do. Come join me.” And so it’s a feel good …

Lesley Logan 14:16
I think that’s amazing. Can you go over that again? So you call it treasure, time … What was the, what were the three things when it comes to the community?

Marcia Agius 14:25
Treasure, time and talents … So it’s not just, it’s just not … when when you say you’re giving, people can’t always give money and they can’t. (Lesley: Right) But people inherently are good that they’re inherently good. They want to do good things. And so because I’m good at that, and I can claim that now because before I would have said but I’m good at giving. I can I can … I can help people with that. And so just like with Team Strong Girls, I wanted to be part of that team and (Lesley: Yeah) I didn’t know how. I’m not a, I’m not a personal trainer, I’m not a fitness coach. But I came to Jenny I had a relationship with Make a Wish. And I said to Jenny, “Hey, Jenny, what do you think about doing a give back.” And so she loved it. And she’s always wanting to do that. She just hasn’t had the time. And so we paired up and we raised money for Make a Wish. And we’re, we’re the number one team on a trailblaze wish in Canada. So we raised $35,000 with Team Strong Girls, and I … (Lesley: That’s amazing) So yeah,

Lesley Logan 15:23
So just so y’all know, in case you haven’t heard the podcast with Jenny yet, um, she is the President of Strong Fitness Magazine. And she also has this thing, this group called Team Strong Girls, and they help women get into their, the best shape that they want. And then they do a photo shoot afterwards, which is like all about just like, put, like, showing you off. And like, I think a lot of women don’t have, don’t take a lot of pictures of themselves unless like a selfie, or like, they’re with a group of friends. And this is like, by yourself, showing off how awesome you are, how hard you’ve worked it is. To me, it’s not like a before and after thing. It’s more of like, this is like your true essence coming out and shining bright with this confidence and it’s really fun. And so I really love that she does that. It’s it’s a pretty cool thing. And so you’ve done that. And so you put together you’re like, “Hey, how do we add this?” that is a really cool thing that you can do, because I think you’re correct. Like, a lot of people think giving, they have to have money to give, and you can actually … you can be giving back by giving time. Or you can be the keynote speaker for free at an event that they sell tickets to to raise money for charity. So I think it’s really, we it’s, it’s more fun to actually get really creative. It’s like, “What can I do for this charity over here or this community over here?” It doesn’t have to be money can be but it also can be your time or your talent. I think that’s really cool. So you guys were the… you guys were the number one for trailblazers in Canada. That’s insane. (Marcia: Yeah) That is a talent you have. (Lesley and Marcia laughs)

Marcia Agius 16:53
And so it was a strength because like I said to my husband I were talking about it was great. And I basically was able to bring my two worlds together, my my world of I love giving, and Team Strong Girls and we made something happen. And (Lesley: Yeah) so …

Lesley Logan 17:08
So how can, so let’s just talk about that because this is a talent of yours. If someone’s listening to this, and they are wanting to maybe there’s a charity on their heart, and they’re wanting to do something, what like, what are your tips for them getting a group of people together to help raise money? Like, what are some things they need to consider to make that happen? Because $35,000 is not a little bit of money, it’s a lot of money. (Marcia: Yeah) (Lesley laughs) What are some things people should consider when they’re trying to give back to a charity that they like?

Marcia Agius 17:35
Well, first of all, usually, when you find a charity, it will be close to your heart. And, and there’ll be strings to that heart thing. So again, depending on what the event is, and what you … you want to do use, actually just have to rally people around that, that, that charity, and also around doing it together. (Lesley: Yeah) Yeah.

Lesley Logan 17:59
Yeah, that’s, that’s the like, you have to get people to the rally part, I think is where a lot of people get hung up, I think they’re afraid to ask, they don’t want to be imposed. And (Marcia: Yes) so you know, that’s that it can be the trickier part. How… like, how do we get women over like feeling like they’re imposing by asking people to support something that they care about?

Marcia Agius 18:24
So here’s the thing that I’ve learned on I’m very much um not going to ask for myself. But usually, when it’s a charity, “I’m okay to ask because it’s not for me.” And so a lot of times people have lots of charities to give to, and it’s so hard to give to just one, so people get to choose. And so basically, some people, it will resonate with them, and they will want to do it and some people won’t and that’s okay. And so I think the whole point is you try to do the best that you can do. (Lesley: Yeah) And so like I said, in terms of giving to my message is always to spread kindness. And so that doesn’t have to necessarily mean again money, like it could be, you know, so my whole point of it was that if I can take all the followers as my followers grow, and it’s getting bigger every day, (Lesley: I know) and every single person, I know every single person could this is my message to say, “Every single person can do something kind to someone else.” It doesn’t have to be money, it could be holding the door. That’s like right now I have 16… 1600 followers. If 1600 followers could do one nice thing, (Lesley: Yeah) one nice thing. It doesn’t matter, then it’s a ripple effect.

Lesley Logan 19:36
That’s 13… 3200 people that got something nice. Yeah, I have to say. So I’m at the time of recording this yesterday in real time. I missed a flight (which I’ve never missed a flight in my entire life.) Like ever have I missed a flight. I always I mean, there was one time if you’ve ever flown through Heathrow, I was dropped off at a different terminal. Had to take a bus to another terminal. At 15 minutes from when that bus got there for boarding to close, and I had to go through security and I had to run. There’s like a sign that’s like 20 minutes walking to get to the gate that I was supposed to be at. And I was like, “I am making this flight. I’m not missing a 12 hour flight to the States.” Right? And I’m not spending the night at Heathrow. So I’ve never missed a flight. I missed a flight. The person was awful to me treated me like I was an idiot. It just like it’s not like, “Yeah, I missed the flight. No, you can’t call the plane back. But you can at least like look me in the eye and go, I’m so sorry, this happened to you. Here’s your next steps, not hard. This is not hard.” Just like so of course, I feel like an idiot already. I ran around this airport trying to find the gate and I go to the bathroom. I’m on the phone, my husband, I’m crying and we the call drops. And I’m just standing there trying to like wash my hands. And this little girl goes, “Are you okay?” And I said, I said, “I’m going to be okay. I just missed a flight. Thank you so much for asking me.” Like, “Do you want a hug?” And I was like … I know. I know. It’s like, actually, I would love a hug right now. (Lesley laughs) I actually would really love a hug right now. And she gave me a real hug. It took her less than one minute of her life to look me in the eye, see me, asked me if I was okay, and hug me. And I thought, “Wow, I need to make sure I do that for someone else, today.” Like I need to spread that for it and it’s just like that. So I love what you’re doing because it’s like just spread kindness. It doesn’t have to be money. It can be something as simple as seeing someone’s having a problem. And like just acknowledging she… she can’t solve the problem. She cannot get me on a plane. She’s a little girl but like that still, like first of all, her mom is amazing. Second of all, like she really touched my soul. And so I do think that we sometimes feel hopeless and helpless but it can… it doesn’t have to be money. It doesn’t even have to be time. It can just be like as simple as like seeing someone’s having an issue and like supporting them during that moment really quickly. So I really love this mission you’re on. (Marcia: Absolutely.) And I love that it was organic. So we were at this time, we have no idea, what’s next, where what are you working on right now with it?

Marcia Agius 22:00
Honestly, I… like I said, I have another project. There’s two of the strong girls, their teachers at a school and they have a group of young women that, it’s so cute. They’re called the Riveters just like Rosie the Riveter. (Lesley: I love it) And they’re like… I so do I, I think it’s amazing. And they are again changing the way young people are thinking they’re doing things. And they are on a spread kindness mission is this month, and they’re using the T-shirts to raise the money for that girl again, in their school that’s on my page. So … (Lesley: That’s so cool.) Yeah, that’s that’s the thing right now. But honestly, I think my mission is to set it up so that people can be part of the community Inspire Always. And they can do things to give. And again, like I said, it doesn’t have to be money. It can be, again, through time, through through talent, through spreading kindness, (Lesley: Yeah) and just making the world a better place. I tell my husband, and my children all the time, “If I can make this world a little bit of a brighter place and the I’m doing a great job.”

Lesley Logan 23:04
Yeah. So you know, I mean, like, I think there’s a there’s a lot of people listening to this, who would be like, how do you have time you have three children, you are prioritizing your health, because you’re working out, and then you start this project. And it’s not easy, you’re making a phone call to every single person before you have them on the page. You know, that takes a lot of time. How do you, how, how could we tell other women who are busy who have children like to start something new? Like what was something you had to change in your day to make time for this? Or was it was it simple bcause you were inspired by it, so you made the time? Like what was the what was the ability to make this happen?

Marcia Agius 23:40
So, um definitely the inspiration gives me that ability. But the truth is my children are a little older now. So I actually do have time. And so um, yeah, I do have the time and I again, I’m blessed enough. And I’m grateful every day and that’s the thing. I truly am grateful for everything I have. And I just want to because I’m in the overflow of abundance. I have so much, I just feel like I have so much more to give.

Lesley Logan 24:09
Yeah. So the… so I think like a lot of a lot of people want to give more like wanting like not even like money, they want to give a time or they want to give an energy. But they get hung up on where to start. And you talked about with what you’re passionate about, like rally around Sunday night pulls on your heartstrings. We… like, was that something that was easy for you because it always has been? Or is that something kind of came out of like once you started working out and prioritizing yourself, you started to like, Do you know what I mean? Like is it something that’s always been there? Or do you think that people when they start to take care of themselves will have more of an opportunity to see it and others like I think I’m sure I hope like my questions making sense. (Lesley laughs)

Marcia Agius 24:52
Well, I think for me, my giving started at a very young age. I think my parents taught me, they modeled giving to me as like giving without receiving anything. So I think that was always within me. In 2010, my husband got diagnosed with cancer and he is totally fine now but my daughter at the time was making bracelets. So we said, “Let’s make some bracelets” and, and she was going to sell them to family friends, and we were going to raise money to the hospital here in Sunnybrook in Toronto, Canada. And so we started doing that but as a hockey mom, I thought, “Oh, we could do this bigger.” And so we had we done like, gal… galas, right, for five years. We raised over $100,000 for Sunnybrook. And so I think that was the start of it like it, it meant something to us. So that’s why we did, so that was the one project then I got involved with Make a Wish and again, it’s pulled up my heartstrings. So I started doing that. So these projects kind of came to me, and I just kind of found a way to make it happen.

Lesley Logan 26:02
Yeah (Marcia: if that makes sense.) It does and what it’s I think, like, I think what I hear from this is like, something happened that nobody wants cancer to touch their family, right? But instead of it the focus being on like “Why is this happening? It’s like, how do we, how do we … (Marcia: Make it better) make it better.” And I think (Marcia: Yeah) that that is actually something that many women can start with, because there’s a lot like maybe they have a kid that’s getting sick, or their kid is struggling in school, or they’re somebody lost a job. And it’s like, how do you take what’s happening, what feels like it’s happening to you, and twist it and turn it and make it better because it’s you’re not the only one that it’s happening to and if you could take what happened in your family and use it to give back to other families that are going through it, sounds really cool. So I think a lot of people could within their own lives, look around and go, “Why, like, what is really bothering me? Why is this upsetting? Like, what and like, how do I use this so that other people can benefit from it too.” And that’s such a cool thing. That you… that’s that’s a talent that you have. But I think that a lot of people listen to this can absolutely emulate in a way. So that’s cool. (Marcia: Thank you so much) Yeah, so okay, so you … and show off, you… Shine a Light on a Woman, Monday through Friday on this Instagram page, and it’s grown to this amazing community. It’s 1600 followers, by the way, you all just so you know, it is really hard to grow follower account in the last three years, like basically, starting in 2020. They said like less than 3% of Instagram accounts are growing. And you have… Yeah (Marcia: Really?) Yeah. Oh, no, it’s huge. So if your listening and like “my account doesn’t grow.” You’re not alone. It’s not growing. But yours is … 1600 organic followers, that you’re inspiring to spread kindness, too. That is huge, is not easy to do. (Lesley laughs) So I am wondering, what your… what is it that you’re wanting to with the spread kindness and this group? What are you hoping to take into with 2022, coming up? Are you going to keep going five days a week? Are you going to keep doing the calls? Like what are you how are you wanting to continue to grow this? And what what kind of women are you looking to shine a light on? Is there a specific thing that you are wanting to have in there?

Marcia Agius 28:19
And that’s the thing, I think that there’s no specific. This is just coming from the pure joy of doing it. And so here’s the thing, I have amazing rockstar women on my page, I have women that are that don’t even feel like they deserve to be on a page. It takes me months for them to convince them to be on the page. But here’s the thing, I think that we all need to be celebrated no matter what we do. I think that everyone has a story. (Lesley: Yeah) And I think that’s the beauty of it all. I think that we all have such diverse and different stories and we’re all so different. But (Lesley: Yeah) we’re all the same. We want the same thing that we want that connection, that community, that celebration, and so yeah, I don’t have a specific woman. I just thought when I see someone like you that “Oh, I think you’d be great.” This is new to me that I reached out two months ago, “I’d love to highlight you.” But most of times just organically that people that are on the page nominate other amazing women so and that’s how it’s really (Lesley: Yeah) just growing.

Lesley Logan 29:18
Yeah, that’s really cool. (Marcia: Yeah) I actually, I think it is and I I think a lot of people ask me like, you have to ask people and you have to get them to like they have to think about being on the page like so many people like, “Yes, I’d love to be a spotlight.” But it is true so many women are they think that they have to be something who knows what the the bar is to me… to be shine like a light shine on them. But the story they learned so much from so many, like it’s from learning from others. It’s just really important for how we grow, like you. I have to say, even though you’re like, “I’m just giving a try. I’m trying this and I’m going through this.” Like it is inspiring to me because and I hope it’s inspiring to the person listening right now, because the reality is, is like, sometimes we think it has to be so perfect. Like, we have to know all the things, all the different stuff. And you don’t have to know anything, you just have to know, “This is what I want her to work on right now. This is why I’m passionate about. This what I’m excited about. Oh, look it, we can spread kindness, let’s get shirts.” Like, there’s something about that, that’s very freeing, and 100% what this podcast is about, and what I’m all about with everything that I do. And so, I, I love it. I love your passion for it. I love that there’s not a lot of rules around it. And I think that it can literally let any women listens to this go, “You know, I don’t actually need to know anything, but that I really like this. And I want to help these people out.” And that’s cool. That’s enough. (Marcia laughs) Yeah.

Marcia Agius 30:43
Cool. Thank you for that that actually just just made me feel so amazing, because I really do not have a real plan. And so I’m just going with the flow. I’m I’m having a good time and I genuinely love it. Like every morning, I … my heart is bursting for that woman. And so I think it’s great.

Lesley Logan 31:02
Yeah, I 100% great. I um, okay, what we’re gonna do right now, because I was like, “Okay, what’s the Instagram? How do we like learn about this woman? How do we spread kindness?” Alright, what what is this Instagram account again? And how can people be part of your mission on this planet?

Marcia Agius 31:20
So, Instagram account is @_inspirealways. I actually have just started at what I’m getting a web page developed. (Lesley:Ooh) So it’ll be… Yeah. inspirealways.ca.

Lesley Logan 31:35
Perfect, great, we’ll put those in the show notes. And everyone, please give them a follow. Check out all these amazing women. Also, like if somebody resonates with you, I highly recommend you comment on their posts, because these women are not neces… This is not like, you know, Chelsea Handler stuff, like I love her. She inspires me sometimes too but like this is like, this is like a woman in Canada and a woman in Florida and then my friend, Joanna in LA, like, just amazing people that you … (Marcia: Monica is coming up.) Oh, Monica … She’s amazing. But like, these are amazing women who I promise if you comment on their post, and you tag them, they’re gonna see that and they’re gonna be celebrated. And they’re gonna make them smile. And, and you might make a new friend out of it, which is really cool. Okay, so I asked every guest this because I think every person, every woman has a different way of viewing this. But what are your tips for prioritizing yourself so something bold or executable, intrinsic or targeted steps that people could do, either right now, or they could work their way up to that helps them be until they see it.

Marcia Agius 32:42
I think for me, there’s there’s three things that I’ve learned through my journey is “Step outside your comfort zone,” like the steps so like my quote is “Steps so far out your comfort zone, you forget how to get back.” And so I do everything, I do everything. Now, if it excites me a little bit, and I’m afraid I’m going to do it. And so I’m taking on all these new projects. And then the second one would be I’m learning every day, and I’m learning new things, at the same time unlearning all the old things that I’ve learned that no longer serve me. And then the third thing is, and this is the most important, I think, is that I’m learning to be unapo… unapologetically authentic. I am me. And one of the my favorite strengths that one of the women on my page had was “My strength is no one, is me.” (Lesley: Yeah) And I thought that was really powerful. Because it’s true, we all think that we’re less sometimes or we’re not enough or look at that person, they’re doing this, but we are all doing something. And we are all something and so we should all be again celebrated.

Lesley Logan 33:56
Ah, those are so great. I could dive i nto a whole nother episode with each one of those are so beautiful. And I have to say I love the unlearning. I think that that (Marcia: Yes) is that’s tough. That’s that’s the tough thing (Marcia: It is tough.) Yeah. And … go ahead.

Marcia Agius 34:15
No, I think that the biggest compliment that I’ve… well, not biggest but one of the biggest compliments that I’ve gotten from my daughter for being her mom was that she said, “Mom, I love how you’re always learning.” She says, “You’re not just, you’re the mom and you know it all, you’re learning” and so honestly, I think I’ve learned more in the last year than I have at any other time.

Lesley Logan 34:41
Yeah, yeah. And and then that is amazing. You need to make that a short step so far outside your comfort zone. You can’t get back like … that’s amazing. That’s so … Oh, these are so great. I can’t wait to dive in with the… to these with Brad. You are so inspiring. Thank you so much for being on here and also like, I know, the… I know when we talked offline like this is like, “Oh my God, I’m doing this,” but it’s like, I just really, really love what you’re doing. And I wanted every listener that we have to hear that you don’t need to have all of the dots, dot I’s dotted T’s crossed, don’t have to know what it’s going to be, you just have to know what you want to do. And just take that messy action to do it. And it’s grown so fast and so authentically, and it’s allowing you to do what you’re so passionate about and explore that. And so thanks for coming on and sharing that because it’s giving permission to so many people to just just do that just take on with what they’re passionate about. And I just want to say thank you so much for taking time to be here.

Marcia Agius 35:45
I just wanna say thank you for everything that you do. I love all your messages. I think you are amazing. And I am so grateful to have met you.

Lesley Logan 35:53
Ah, same. Everyone thank you so much for listening to another episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. You would be like so kind and it’s also like, talk about spreading kindness. Here’s the deal, when you share this episode in a text message, on your stories, on Facebook. It actually helps this podcast get into the ears of other women so you couldn’t like that’s like the best currency you could ever do for this podcast. But also, if there’s a woman in your life that you’re like, she needs to hear this the best way for her here is for you to send that link and tell her why she should listen to this podcast. And it helps us grow. So please do that and make sure when you share it that you tag _Inspirealways use the underscore the beginning and the @be_it_pod so that we can celebrate you back and also hear what your takeaways are. It really does bring us so much joy, I promise you it’ll bring Marcia and myself like a big smile to our face and know that this brought us so much light. And love until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast! One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over at the @be_it_pod on Instagram! I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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