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Ep. 64 with Lesley & Brad

“Therapy is like laundry, do it often.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

Happy New year from the BE IT pod team! As you make your goals for the year – join Brad and LL in chatting about the impact of coaching, finding gaps in your industry, and the various forms of self care (which may just include taking a break).

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Coaching for life endeavors
  • Listening to the gaps in your industry
  • Entrepreneurial resilience
  • Redefine self care for you
  • Staying curious

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    Lesley Logan
    Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


    Lesley Logan 0:42
    Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co host in life, Brad and I are going to dig into the layered convo I had with Megan Linney, (Brad: Oh, yeah) in our last episode. If you haven’t yet listened to that interview, feel free to pause this now, go back and listen to that one, and then come back and join us. Y’all, it was a good one. By the way, Happy New Year!

    Brad Crowell 1:01
    Happy New Year.

    Lesley Logan 1:03
    What? I’m so… I’m, you know, it’s really funny to be thinking about the new year and be recording this in the old year. But I feel like it’s gonna be a great frickin’ year. So, I’m stoked about it. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 1:16
    Yeah, it’s definitely feeling more prepared (Lesley: Yeah) this, but you know, at the end of this year, then I don’t, I don’t remember …

    Lesley Logan 1:27
    We never we’re organize within the year. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 1:28
    Yeah. I don’t, I always remember things being like, absolute crazy town at our, you know, running around, trying to get things done before we go on our trip or we, whatever it’s gonna be. In this year definitely has a different vibe.

    Lesley Logan 1:43
    You know, when people like running to the airport in home alone, and they’re like running, it’s like, (Lesley sings) that’s how it felt every frickin’ December and we stopped flying and it still didn’t make it (Lesley laughs) get less. So

    Brad Crowell 1:58
    No, I think 2020, we still had a bunch of travel at the beginning of the year. And you know, it sets you (Lesley: Yeah) down a different path. And this year was I think, since I was, you know, 18, I think this might be the first solid year of sitting in one place and being on on the goal. I mean, we (Lesley: Yeah) did, we did do a little bit of travel, but not like, not like international trips and prepping for workshops.

    Lesley Logan 2:26
    I mean, we did do (Brad: huge trips) two international trips. However, they were …

    Brad Crowell 2:29
    No, (Lesley: Yeah) no, it wasn’t, it wasn’t like we had to plan a retreat and host 20 people (Lesley: No) and like something that will take you like planning those things takes me off of my focus for weeks at a time.

    Lesley Logan 2:41
    Yeah, … the the but you don’t see behind the doors, behind the scenes of putting a retreat together is like it is, it is not even just the amount of time it is to be on the retreat is, some of it. Couple of things are years on the making. And (Brad: Sure) things are months in the making. And then there’s like a lot of hurry up and wait. (Brad: Yeah) And it’s true, like …

    Brad Crowell 3:01
    In 2021, yes, we did do a couple trips, but we were invited as guests. (Lesley: Yeah) Or we’re just showing up to participate. (Lesley: Yeah) It wasn’t like we were running the show.

    Lesley Logan 3:09
    I gotta be honest, I feel very spoiled. (Lesley laughs) (Brad: Right. Yeah) So, you know, we are definitely, well, time will tell but I think we’re gonna have a balance of things. And I think I’m excited for us to announce and explore what we’re doing more in the, in the travel arena. (Brad: Yeah) But …

    Brad Crowell 3:29
    Oh man, I cannot wait to go back to Cambodia (Lesley: We’re …) and host another retreat, they’re … (Lesley: We’re really close, y’all on that. We …) itching, itching to go.

    Lesley Logan 3:36
    We definitely just have one little thing we have to figure out so we can actually put something in the books. And so but that is not the amount that I was excited about. (Brad: No) (Brad laugsh) So let me just say, (Brad: Happy New Year) January is a big month. It’s my birthday month. (Brad: Oh yeah) Aahh, you can tell me “Happy birthday”, every frickin’ day, it will not bother me. I do love my birthday. It is so fun. But also this month, we have our sixth Agency Mini so we do it the end of January. And you can sign up for that at profitablepilates.com/mini. It is our seven day coaching program for fitness and professionals. That means Pilates instructors you and your yoga friends and trainers too. And also we are finally going to be able to release our scheduling tool.

    Brad Crowell 4:20
    This is like, I’m very excited about this.

    Lesley Logan 4:22
    Brad is so excited about this. And so it is …

    Brad Crowell 4:24
    Y’all, y’all, we’ve been working behind the scenes with another company. (Lesley: Yeah) A software company (Lesley: Mm-hmm) who are working with us to make a custom build (Lesley: Yeah) of their app. (Lesley: Yeah) And we get to you know doctored it up with a whole bunch of coaching stuff, fitness (Lesley: Yeah) business coaching stuff, which obviously that’s what we do. (Lesley: Mm-hmm) And …

    Lesley Logan 4:46
    And like legal stuff, it’s gonna be frickin’ awesome. I can’t wait for it to be out there for you to see and get your hands on but …

    Brad Crowell 4:53
    But if you if you’re running a business of any kind, you could be literally walking a dog or you could be you know, running a Pilates studio with a full team and 50 clients. This is a tool, this is a scheduling software, invoicing software, client management software that you can use, where we are also able to provide coaching and then some legal contract templates for you as well. (Lesley: Yeah) So very exciting. (Lesley: Yes …) Coming up in just a few weeks.

    Lesley Logan 5:19
    Yeah, you can get on the waitlist for that at (Brad: Oh) profitablepilates.com/scheduling. (Brad: Yeah, scheduling) (Lesley laughs) The notes are not in front of me. So that was that, but I’m really excited about that.

    Brad Crowell 5:32
    It’s a profitablepilates.com/scheduling.

    Lesley Logan 5:36
    Yeah. Okay, so we had an audience question. Um, this came from last week’s episode, we actually announced that the Mini-doors were open.

    Brad Crowell 5:44
    Right. Yeah, the question was from a new teacher, and said, “Hey, I’m brand new. Is it too early for me to be jumping into Mini or into Agency?”

    Lesley Logan 5:55
    Yeah. Well, I think it’s, I mean, as long as you’ve done your training, or you’re finishing up, we definitely have a lot of people who have joined us who are still in their training. It’s never too early to have really awesome coaching and direction on growing your business. Because let me just tell you, why would you want to like (Lesley laughs) wander around throwing things on the wall, when you could actually have someone going? Is that what you want to do? I know that sounds really good. But remember, when you said you want to do this, just so (Brad: Yeah) you know, those two things don’t actually stay in the same room. But that’s also okay. And we don’t tell, like as coaches, we will never tell you that’s wrong or not going to work. But we definitely are going to be honest with you. And so I would, that’s why I wrote my book was so that people would actually hear the coaching advice, before they went out and did stuff, before they went six months up the wrong road and doing what everyone else is doing. Because they thought that’s what they should be doing, or (Brad: Yeah) charging rates based on the going rate in the neighborhood. No, I, it’s never too early, as long as you are already in your training, that’s a great start. If you’re about to start your training, you know, it might feel a lot more overwhelming because you’re in the middle of a training and you’re doing coaching advice. I’m going to say like finishing up a training is, it’s you have the light end of the tunnel is a great time to start or if you just finished, that’s really great. And we absolutely can coach you, plus you’re gonna see so much inspiration of like what could be I mean, we have people that we coach who’ve been doing this for 20 years, and (Brad: Yeah) what they’re able to do now in their business because of our coaching is, is an, is absolutely inspirational, it shows you possibility. So, I would love to see you in there.

    Brad Crowell 7:33
    It’s the next layer of their business.

    Lesley Logan 7:35
    Layer. We’re just layering it in here. (Brad laughs) Oh, my gosh.

    Brad Crowell 7:39
    So, I couldn’t agree with you more, there’s it’s never too soon to get coaching. In fact, I would, I would say not only should you go get coaching, but forever, for the rest of your career, you should have some kind of a coach or mentor, (Lesley: Yeah) or some kind of a person that you are willing to share the, you know your path with and, and kick the ideas around, you know, whether that, whether the and you know the the successes and the failures, and to reflect on them, there is so much value in taking a look at what we’re specifically doing right now and what we’re planning to do, and then getting another opinion on it. Whether that solidifies your own, or you actually get some great advice from them. It helps you form that opinion, even more (Lesley: Yeah) and more solidly, like help you execute it better. It’s there’s so much value in it.

    Lesley Logan 8:36
    Well, and like just so you all know, like Brad and I have had coaches for years we’ve, (Brad: Yeah) since 2017, I started doing working with coaches on different things. And in 2020 to combined, we had three coaches, we just leveled up with another coach, I’m really friggin’ excited about. And what’s so great about that is because we are investing in our coaching, we and our coaches, none of the coaches we’ve hired have no coach, they all have their own coaches who are like the next level up, you’re getting, you’re you’re getting a lot. It’s not just like the old stuff that we pulled out of a hat from five years ago. It’s new stuff, it’s what’s working now in other company, we know (Brad: Sure) things that behind the scenes stuff. And so, (Brad: Yeah) you know, if you’re wanting people to invest in you and your fitness business, you have to be investing in your fitness business.

    Brad Crowell 9:25
    I think the only time that I didn’t have coaching was when I was an employee only. (Lesley: Right, because …) When I was not running, you know, or trying to run a project or run a business that that you know …

    Lesley Logan 9:39
    Right and that makes total sense because you like you’re in in theory, you’re getting paid to do someone else’s goal. So if they they should be coaching you. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 9:48
    Right. But you know coaching can also take the shape of counseling or (Lesley: Yeah) therapy.

    Lesley Logan 9:55
    Yeah, yes, (Brad: you know, so) yes, yes. All those things as we know. (Brad: Yeah) Therapy is like laundry, do it often. (Brad laughs)

    Brad Crowell 10:02
    You just got to keep doing it. (Lesley: gotta keep doing it) (Brad and Lesley laughs) Oh, sorry (Lesley: Okay) that’s not what I meant. (Lesley laughs) It is, it is but… Okay, okay. Now let’s talk about Megan Linney. Through finding the gaps in the beauty and wellness industry, Megan Linney is a licensed Esthetician, Massage Therapist and Spa Executive who created The Layer Lounge. She spends her days making friends and creating a community of people comfortable to trust her with their self care. And she’s pulling from years of working in the the spa world. And she made a whole career out of that, she was running high end spas, she was opening spas, she was managing spas all around the (Lesley: Yeah) country. And and she realized at the end of her last employed experience that, “This is probably the last time that I’m going to work for someone else. It’s time for me to go do my own thing.” (Lesley: Yeah) And then I loved that the conversation kind of took this turn of like, “I had done my own thing before, I just kind forgot about, you know (Lesley laughs) the life of being entrepreneur.”

    Lesley Logan 11:12
    Because it, because the audience is mostly women, and I’m sure a few great men. I even think those two great men have women in their lives. It is amazing how many women forget about the pain of pregnancy. And I would never have equated entrepreneurship to (Lesley laughs) that in anyway. But I loved how she brought that up. And she’s like, “It’s like women, they forget pain. And it’s a special thing and then they just have they have six kids because they forgot.” (Brad: Yeah) But it freakin’ sucks. (Lesley laughs) And I think it’s true. Like, as someone we’ve, I’ve been working for myself, since 2009. But like, especially in 2016, when I fully went for myself. You know, as we make changes, I, it’s like you forget, you only it’s almost like I only remember the good stuff of a launch. I don’t always remember all the bad things that happened. Like, we obviously, we make changes and we try not to make those mistakes again. (Brad: Yeah) But like, we never go up, we have to launch again. Here we go. (Brad: Done) (Lesley laughs) Because we, we like, block out the amount of hours and weeks and days of prep to it.

    Brad Crowell 12:14
    Oh, well, I do laugh about how intense Mini is for us, like the amount of effort that we’re putting in. (Lesley: Yeah) But I never remember that. I’m like, “Oh, cool. We get to do this again.” (Lesley: I know) And then it comes up and I’m like, “Oh, right. Like I gotta spend like six hours a day in a Facebook group.” Right, right. (Lesley: Yeah) Okay, okay. Here we go. Here we go.

    Lesley Logan 12:32
    Yeah, yeah. So anyways, um, okay, so out of the things that I that she taught… that she brought up that I loved was listening to the concerns and gaps in your industry to create something new. So we talked a little about this with, with even Taylor Smith, it’s like, what are the questions you keep asking? Like, that’s probably our next thing. But you know, what Megan did? What we’ve done in our, in all of our companies is like, what, where is the whole? Like, where are people falling through, because there’s these amazing opportunities out there. There’s amazing products, there’s amazing spas out there. But there are people who don’t have access to that. And she, or that the the way that they exist is not exactly going to solve the problem of the needs of the people. And so that’s even how we created OPC it’s like, there’s a ton of people out there who would like the convenience of an on demand platform, but they really love some things, but in person, and how can we do that? And so I just think that if you are out there trying to figure out something new, it’s, it’s the…

    Brad Crowell 13:35
    Well, look, I think, also take a step back and look at your industry as if you weren’t in your industry. (Lesley: Yeah) right? Because what she said is, in a spa world, you walk into a spa, someone steps out of the room, and then you get naked. And then you lay on a table and that’s not normal. (Lesley: Right) But in a spa world, that’s what they do. So like, you don’t think anything about it. And she said, “What if they didn’t have to do that? Would that allow some other people to access this? And feel more comfortable about participating in it?” Right? So it’s funny, we we go, we just like get in the world of this. And we just, you know, like, this is just the way it is in our thing. (Lesley: Well…) And she’s like, “Well, what if it doesn’t have to be?” So that’s another way to look at, you know, the gap.

    Lesley Logan 14:27
    And also, like, I think a lot of people think I have to create something that’s never been done before. But the reality is, is actually where all the money is, and like we have a lot of friends who are entrepreneurs to get to see this. Creating something unique within a market that already exist is going to be 10, like it’s act there’s a reason why there’s a million frickin’ beers out there. So, Lori Harder, (Brad: Right) Lori and Chris harder were coaches of ours years ago, and I got to be in the same room as she was coming up with this idea, this drink that you want to make, and she is making a beverage as a sparkling Rosé and then there’s also a non alcoholic one, because she’s like, “I want to hang out with my girlfriends. And sometimes I don’t want something heavy, and I don’t want something high calorie.” And she’s like, “I feel like there’s no drink beverage out there that is making it easy for women who want to have some fun with their girlfriends, but don’t want to wake up the next day regretting that fun, or for the women who don’t drink, but they want to feel like they’re having the same beverage, they can be at the same environment, the same things.” And so,

    Brad Crowell 15:26
    Yeah, (Lesley: so) so she’s not reinventing the wheel of (Lesley: No) making a drink? (Lesley: No) But she’s making a variation or a differentiator on that drink. (Lesley: Yeah) By identifying like, “Well, when I’m doing this thing, this is my struggle. This is my, this is where I’m missing. You know, I wish there was X.”

    Lesley Logan 15:44
    Yeah. So, I think that like it is it… you might be going around going, “I have to create something so different.” No. Like Brad said, like, take a look outside and like ask questions that someone who doesn’t understand what ask and then what are the questions you keep getting asked or one of the frustrations you keep hearing, and then create that. And it’s really cool. I got to be honest, it’s scary. When we were making our thing, I definitely was worried like who’s gonna buy this? And of course, I got the questions about people wanting “the thing” that we weren’t offering and I had to be okay with being like, “I’m not offering the thing that you want. And that’s okay.” Right. (Brad: Right) And for Megan, like, if you do want the three hour spa experience with the champagne and the robes and the whole thing, those places do exist. And you can you can go there. (Brad Yeah) You’re also very welcome at The Layer Lounge. Okay. (Brad: Yeah) What did you love that she said?

    Brad Crowell 16:34
    So I kind of already hinted at it, but entrepreneurial resilience. She, she was like, wow, I didn’t remember, you know, (Thank you Gaia, I love you, too.) I didn’t remember all of the, you know, the trials and the long hours and all the things, you know, of running your own business, like she had experienced before until she was back in it. And then she was like, “Oh, right. Yeah, I don’t really get to take weekends off.” (Lesley: I don’t get to get paid) You know, until (Lesley laughs) I don’t even get to get paid until it’s like actually moving forward, you know, when you can replace yourself in that kind of thing. And I, I think that one of the one of having having now started, you know, dozens of companies over the past, you know, almost 20 years, the, one of the hardest thing to deal with, as an entrepreneur is when you missed the mark. (Lesley: Yeah) And, you know, whatever that might be, whether you didn’t open the doors on the same, in the day that you had planned, you know, or whether you had created a product that didn’t, didn’t sell, or, you know, or whatever, you made a mistake, I mean, any any of those kinds of things. When you are in a, an employment scenario, presumably you have someone holding you accountable to this kind of stuff. And like, you know, there’s some kind of ramification and whatever that might be for, that will keep you accountable. When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s you, (Lesley: Yeah) right, or maybe you have a partner, you know, but you know, to when you are going through this kind of, like, hopefully you have a manager or a boss, if you’re an employee who will sit down and have a tough conversation with you, and then show you where you went wrong, or what you could be doing better or whatever, and encouraging you and helping you then go and do this again, and get you through to become better at what it is you’re doing. When you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t necessarily have that unless you get coaching, by the way. (Lesley: Yeah) You know, but you don’t necessarily have that all the time. And it’s, it’s hard to go, like, “Wow, that sucked. How can we do it better? Or how can we move forward?” And, and, and whatever the thing might be to make it better? (Lesley: Yeah) It’s hard to have that objective perspective and that (Lesley: Well, that’s where the resilience comes in) is that entrepreneurial resilience, (Lesley: And I …) exactly.

    Lesley Logan 19:12
    I think you, I think we have gotten better at going, “Okay, that didn’t go to plan.” And not taking it personally, which is like another thing, but I …

    Brad Crowell 19:21
    Yeah, that’s a huge part of it.

    Lesley Logan 19:23
    … especially (Brad: huge part of it) when it’s especially because for us, like all of these businesses have my frickin’ face on them. (Lesley laughs) And it’s like, it’s hard not to take it personally. And people are like, “No, I don’t want that.” It’s like, “Oh, (Brad: oh, sure.) Oh, sure but it’s not me.” It’s you don’t want that business and that’s okay. But like you have to whatever you’re doing, even if it’s a personal brand or a product brand, it is important that you have that entrepreneurial resilience and that you you can’t take it personally because it’s not personal. It’s not personal. It could be that they don’t trust themselves to do the thing that you’re offering. And so it’s not personal at all, they’re just saying, “That’s not going to work for me.” And that’s because they they know themselves enough to know, “I don’t follow through with those kinds of things.” And that’s okay. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 20:10
    This circles back to Megan, with the gap in the industry that she’s filling where it’s, it’s a spa experience that you can come in on your lunch break. And, you know, and enjoy. And that might not be for everyone. (Lesley: Right) Right? So, but that’s her innovative idea. And she has created a really fun space to be in. And the experience that you get is a spa experience for your face. But maybe not the experience of like, you know, like Lesley mentioned the champagne and like, you know, all that kind of stuff. And if someone rejects that saying, “No, I want that big thing.” Like Megan’s not going to take that personally, because she knows who she’s for, (Lesely: Yeah) you know, and so she can say, “Okay, it’s fine. This is not for you and that’s okay.” (Lesley: Yeah) Right. And that’s, you know, but but you’re totally right, taking it personally, you know, beating yourself up to, you know, that, that resilience, moving moving the ball forward, without, you know, hanging yourself out the dry.

    Lesley Logan 21:14
    I think it’s a rep scheme, you know, like it like, it would be, I think it’d be very, very rare human that in the beginning of your business, then you have any debt you didn’t take personally, like, it’s gonna be hard like, or at least on a bad day. So it’s okay, if you’ve taken some things personally, I want you to know that where what happens is, the more you put yourself out there, the more you market your business, the more you do that. The more you realize, Brad has a course on this called 200 No’s, like, the more you realize it’s a numbers game. Like Megan (Brad: Totally) said, “It’s a numbers game.” And so, really, like, you’re gonna get rejected way more often than people are gonna say “yes” to you. And for most businesses, that’s actually okay. If every single when I was teaching Pilates in my studio if every single person I ever came across said “yes” to me. I probably (Lesley laughs) would’ve gone crazy. And I probably had a lot of clients I didn’t like so it’s actually okay, that I only had the 15 clients for years that loved me. (Brad: Yeah) Loved me. And also because they love me, they weren’t luke warm. They told everybody about me, and not everybody that they told wanted to come, but the ones that did were freaking awesome. (Brad: Yeah) So anyways,

    Brad Crowell 22:23
    Yeah, that’s super true.

    Lesley Logan 22:25
    All right, well, good luck on that resilience. Keep trying. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 22:29
    Alright, finally, let’s talk about the BE IT action items. What bold, executable, intrinsic or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Megan Linney? So she said something very, I was gonna say, layered, but it’s not layered. It’s just profound. She said, “Self care is the cure.” (Lesley: Yeah) And she’s she, you know, obviously, she believes it so much that she’s worked in the self care industry for a long time, and open her own business in that world. But self care doesn’t always I…100% think that self care can include a spa or you know, a haircut, or your nails or a facial or whatever. But it’s also like that self care is, you know, taking a break, (Lesley: Mm-hmm) you know, getting up from your computer, walking around the block, you know, getting some vitamin D from the sun. And, and it’s when I think that there’s this weird misconception, (Thank you Gaia for participating.) there’s this weird misconception that, you know, going out and, you know, treating yourself (Lesley: Yeah) is somehow frivolous or (Lesley: Yeah) you know, like, oh, that’s money that you could have save.

    Lesley Logan 23:51
    It has to be a reward of some kind, like …

    Brad Crowell 23:53
    Right. Or has to be or we associated with like, you know, you scored a goal in your game now we’re gonna go you know, I don’t know, get (Lesley: Yeah) go to the park, something …

    Lesley Logan 24:02
    But like, it’s like, as an adult, it’s like, oh, okay, well, you went to the gym every day. You said you were now you can go to the spa. No, like you can you get to self care should absolutely be like drinking water, and sleep, and all the things that we do for ourselves, brushing your teeth. That’s what and if we think about how, like, they have shown that stress is like the cause of 99% of illnesses. Well, then the opposite of that is self care, you know?

    Brad Crowell 24:27
    Yeah, yeah. And I, I, I didn’t actually know that.

    Lesley Logan 24:32
    Oh, yeah. It’s a whole thing. (Brad: 99%). Yeah, they there’s a whole thing that’s like 99% of all illnesses and diseases are caused by stress, because stress raises your cortisol levels, which I mean, I’ve seen the infomercials that also increases belly fat. (Lesley laughs) But it’s it keeps you from. So here’s how it happens. So stress causes your stomach to not do digestion, which causes bloating and increased and discomfort when you don’t go through di… digestive cycle, you are also starting to affect your sleep cycle. And if you’re not sleeping, then you also then don’t digest and it becomes this vicious cycle. So if you’re not digesting, then you’re not absorbing nutrients. If you’re not absorbing nutrients, you don’t have the things that you need to walk around on this earth with the a bit like the same abilities as anybody else does. And when you’re not having that nutrition, you’re constantly not getting those things, then of course, other things can happen and it just becomes this like vicious spiral. Ah downward spiral. So yeah …

    Brad Crowell 25:32
    Yeah. Okay, well … (Lesley laughs)

    Lesley Logan 25:35
    Anyways, we can dive into that another. I’ll have a doctor on, well, I’ve already had one, we’ve had Dr. Bender, but (Brad: Yeah) we’ll be back to talk about stress. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 25:42
    Yeah, yeah. So you know what, with self care, Megan really believes that it is the cure of all the things you know, and and I know, that’s something that I personally am not very good at (Lesley: Yeah) is self care. You know, like, like I was talking about before, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” (Lesley: Yeah) That’s terrible mentality.

    Lesley Logan 26:05
    I don’t think, I don’t think most, I don’t know maybe this is a Western thing. But I don’t think most people are actually really good at self care. Because we have been told, like, push harder, no pain, no gain, keep going. Like, you’ll sleep when you’re dead.

    Brad Crowell 26:16
    The harder you work, the better you’ll be, you know.

    Lesley Logan 26:18
    There was this whole, like, reward or like, what is it like getting bonus points for like, “I only slept four hours last (Brad: Yeah) night or whatever.” And like, the reality is, is that …

    Brad Crowell 26:28
    “I’m so busy. Oh, me too.” Like, that’s like a badge of honor somehow.

    Lesley Logan 26:31
    Yes, exa… and I, what I can say is, I’m healthier today, because of all the self care that I do. And most of the issues that I was having with my that caused my stomach issues back in 2013 was how much I was overworking because I couldn’t actually afford the move I made to LA and so I had to like double down and I was not taking care of myself anymore. Like I had before then and so anyways, I do agree be it till you see it – “Self care, self care is the cure” was such a great I mean re li… Y’all re listen to that will … of that because it was like chills, and like such a great reminder. You might need to like replay it for yourself when you’re like debating whether or not you should do this other thing or take care of yourself first.

    Brad Crowell 27:22
    Yeah, well, yes, agreed, 100%. What did what was your BE IT action item, taken away from the convo with Megan?

    Lesley Logan 27:30
    Well, she also mentioned “Stay curious” and I think that can be really hard if you like to know the answers to things (Lesley laughs) you know, like ah, but that curiosity she mentioned because I was like, I was like, “Oh yeah, curiosity killed the cats like and satisfaction brought it back” and I was like, “I’ve never heard that before.” And I just, I think it’s just really you know, we’ve had other guests mention some version of curiosity in their BE IT action items. And it seems to be this like overarching theme. And I do think that it’s not easy to be curious because again, we’re used to we’re told to find an answer that’s what we’re like trained to do in school. But if you can, if you can play a curiosity game if you could, if you could do like some things that I think for curiosity sake and you’re like, “Wouldn’t it be cool if or stupid idea time?” Or you know, like, just like having fun, you know, children like find joy and wonder and the weirdest thing is like, try that if curiosity is difficult for you, but I really did love it and I had I’m so grateful now. I know, I now know that satisfaction brought it back. (Lesley laughs)

    Brad Crowell 28:39
    Yeah, that was I also didn’t, I didn’t I’d never heard that before either. (Lesley: Yeah) And, and I think that’s great. And you know, that satisfaction brought it back makes me think about my obsession with Wikipedia. (Brad laughs) Because whatever I’m like, “I don’t know that word or I don’t know that thing. Or what is this thing?” I just like … … and I get the satisfaction of getting a response.

    Lesley Logan 29:03
    Oh my gosh, okay, can we just take a moment for curiosity? I’ll only have a moment. But, so Brad and I listen to these podcasts and on it’s from a whole media and on several different podcasts are bringing up Machine Gun Kelly and Megan … (Brad laughs) What’s her name? (Brad: Fox) Fox. And you know, like, I, I’m some, I don’t know how but I like somehow, through osmosis, I keep up on some popular trends …

    Brad Crowell 29:29
    And I’ve seen Transformers so I know who Megan Fox (Lesley: Yeah) is, but I don’t have a clue who Machine Gun Kelly is.

    Lesley Logan 29:34
    And also like, when I listening to the podcast, we don’t listen together. I wasn’t thinking, “Oh, Brad’s not going to understand this. Maybe I should tell him who these people are.” Right? So anyways, I’m sitting in the office, I’m working and Brad goes, “Okay, I had to frickin’ look up who Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox is.” And he literally starts reading out loud the story of how they got together. Who Megan Fox was married to before. Her love life, what we now know of it, and then he goes, “Okay, I’m satisfied.” (Lesley laughs) So curiosity does not have to be in business. (Brad laughs) It doesn’t have to be physically like health related, it can 100% … (Brad: I closed the loop.) Yeah, it can just be about closing the loop. (Brad: Yeah) So if you hear something on a podcast and it makes you curious, go look it up. You know, like, the worst case scenario is you last five minutes to Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s love life. (Brad laughs) But that like now, it’s kind of like, what was that tiger show? Tiger King? (Brad: Oh, yeah) it’s like, we now know who Carol is? Right? So we get the things (Brad: Oh, yeah) sometimes just have to go, “What is people talking about?” Anyways, I friggin’ love Megan. I’m so grateful that we know her. I’m grateful that she took time out of her busy life to do this podcast and, and I really enjoyed the whole conversation. I hope y’all did too.

    Brad Crowell 30:52
    Yeah. Awesome.

    Lesley Logan 30:53
    I’m Lesley Logan.

    Brad Crowell 30:54
    And, I’m Brad Crowell.

    Lesley Logan 30:55
    Thank you so much for joining us today. We are so grateful you’re here. Happy New Year. May this be just so much fun for you. I’m in a very curious year, a layered year. How are you going to use these tips in your life? Let us know by sending us a DM to the pod on Instagram and tag @thelayerlounge. Tag @be_it_pod and we’ll catch you on the next episode.

    Brad Crowell 31:14
    Looking forward to it. Bye.

    Lesley Logan
    That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

    Lesley Logan
    ‘Be It Till You See It’ is a production of ‘As The Crows Fly Media’.

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    It’s written, produced, filmed and recorded by your host, Lesley Logan and me, Brad Crowell. Our Associate Producer is Amanda Frattarelli.

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