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Skills for Success

Ep. 299 with Lesley & Brad

“Time is one variable we don’t get more of.”

Lesley Logan

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Show Notes

In this podcast episode, Lesley and Brad recap Michael’s interview, exploring the significance of steadfast dedication, cultivating a mindset geared towards growth. The episode provides actionable insights for personal and professional progression, highlighting the importance of intentional friendships and effective skill application. Discover how to proactively approach life’s hurdles, viewing them as chances for enrichment and drawing lessons from diverse life experiences.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • How intentional decisions can prevent flaking out and lead to more fulfilling engagements.
  • The value of nurturing relationships with people who support and believe in you.
  • Gain insights into the necessity of not just possessing skills but also effectively leveraging them.
  • The importance of setting and committing to your goals and dreams.
  • How a fixed mindset limits opportunities and impedes growth.

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Lesley Logan: If you actually think about this, like, who you want to be in the future, if you were that person now with all the things you still have to do, how would that person handle those things? Yeah, this is how Be It Till You See It came about.


Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 1:08
Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where my co-host in life Brad and I are going to dig into the compelling convo I have with Michael unbroken in our last episode. If you haven’t yet, listened to that one you should listen to it. It’s fucking awesome. I’m really proud of it.

Brad Crowell 1:22
It’s a long one, but it’s a good one.

Lesley Logan 1:24
Okay, we knew it was gonna be a long one. And we questioned whether we should break it up into two episodes. But the reality was, it’s the week of the 300th episode. So of course, it’s going to be an epic episode that happens to kick this week off. Right? So also it’s just really fun to share because when we the first one we had Michael Unbroken on we hadn’t met yet. Like I was on his podcast, and then he came on my podcast, but we didn’t actually like, we weren’t friends. We never met in person, we never hung out. Since then, he’s moved to Las Vegas. He’s part of the family.

Brad Crowell 1:57
Well, we saw him like three or four times while I still lived in Denver, because totally coincidentally, we happen to be going there. And then. So yeah, I mean, and then we actually, obviously stayed in touch when he moved here.

Lesley Logan 2:11
Yeah, he came out here a couple times. A lot. And then and then when we saw him in Denver, and we hung out. I mean, we just like it was like he already lived here before he moved here. And then he moved here.

Brad Crowell 2:21
Well, because yeah, you’re right. He was flying into town because he does a lot of business coaching here. So he was here.

Lesley Logan 2:27
Anyways, he was here and like, then he moved here, has been awesome. And so now having him on, I feel like you could probably hear a difference in just how the episode went. Because we were just friends.

Brad Crowell 2:36
I could hear it and actually, like, turned into like, less of a Be It Pod format and more of like, what’s, what’s the the guys that like, run the three out? What’s the long form Doctor guy? Because you just have these conversations and conversations.

Lesley Logan 2:55
No, we are not Huberman because both Michael and I listen to Huberman. But thank you for that.

Brad Crowell 3:00
Well, it was, it was

Lesley Logan 3:02
But he’s, he’s, well, first of all, here’s how we’re not Huberman. Because one, he’s three and a half hours minimum. Two, he asked a question qualifies it three times and ask the question again, with a slight little nervousness to it, which I find very interesting. Michael. Mr. Huberman, if you’re listening to this, you just seem a little nervous when you answer a question. Anyways I thought maybe he’s being humble. Anyways, neither Michael nor I are very clear in any question we asked.

Brad Crowell 3:30
Well, there was a lot of compelling conclusions drawn from the conversation that you had. But yeah, it was about like two-thirds of the way through where you were like, maybe we should like get on topic.

Lesley Logan 3:41
Well, we’re not. I wouldn’t say we’re very clear on our questions. We don’t qualify them. We just fucking ask them. So I think anyways, it’s

Brad Crowell 3:48
Well, but it was I guess that’s true. And Michael was also I, you know, another part of it that made it different was that it wasn’t just you asking the questions. He’s asking me a question, because this is on his feed. And obviously, it’s on ours. But

Lesley Logan 4:03
This is what, we’re breaking the fourth wall? No, we’re just telling you the behind the scenes.

Brad Crowell 4:06
Yeah. But I mean, you could tell because he was asking you questions as well. That’s why.

Lesley Logan 4:12
That’s what friends do. Friends help each other out. And you’ll hear more about what friends do in this podcast recap. Anyways, we’ll get into Michael in a second but today is December 7th 2024, Brad?

Brad Crowell 4:25
I’ve been planning 2024.

Lesley Logan 4:27
I know it is Pearl Harbor Day and also Hanukkah. So Happy Hanukkah to our listeners out there who are celebrating that and to any of you whose family was involved in Pearl Harbor, or anything that happened after that, this was your remembrance day. I think last year there was still people alive from that which I find fucking crazy.

Brad Crowell 4:49
And you gotta be in their 90s.

Lesley Logan 4:51
Anyways, my great grandfather and grandfather were both in the Navy. So this is a big part of our family. So anyways, the other thing that’s happening in this world, in this moment is that the tour kicks off tomorrow.

Brad Crowell 5:04

Lesley Logan 5:05
In Las Vegas.

Brad Crowell 5:06

Lesley Logan 5:07
If you listen to this real-time (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 5:09
The day of the 300th episode.

Lesley Logan 5:12
Whoa, how do we do that?

Brad Crowell 5:13
How do we time that?

Lesley Logan 5:14
Wow, we should do something that we should make that a big party. Anyway – it will tell you all the cities we’re going to be at if there’s any spots left at any of them. We’re doing 20 cities. We’re trying.

Brad Crowell 5:25
It’s like, it’s really crazy. I’m gonna rattle them off really quick. And maybe, I mean, I don’t know if we have you shouldn’t read.

Lesley Logan 5:35
Here’s what here we can rattle off. All rattle off the ones that are confirmed. So Las Vegas, St. George Denver, Lawrence, Kansas, St. Louis, Cleveland, Hershey, Pennsylvania, Boston, Greensboro, Greensboro, Greensboro. Yep. Miami, Austin, Dallas. Those are all, at the time of this recording, you could buy tickets for. Now, we’re recording this early because we’re going on fucking tour.

Brad Crowell 6:03
Did you say Denver?

Lesley Logan 6:04
I said Denver. No, I, I’m at, I’m already, I’m already ahead in time. We are working on. I’ll tell you where we’re working on some things. Because just in case you live in the area. We’re working on something around the Louisville area. We’re working on something on the Cincinnati area. We’re working on something in upstate New York. We are working on something in Sarasota.

Brad Crowell 6:25
Savannah, Georgia, we’re working on that.

Lesley Logan 6:27
Savannah, Georgia, anyone out there? Well, if you’re listening right now too late.

Brad Crowell 6:31
It’s a bit late.

Lesley Logan 6:32
It’s a bit late but we’re driving by, and maybe we’re coming. So definitely check out the tour link, but we’re super excited. We’re bringing the Contrology

Brad Crowell 6:39
Aso on the return trip we’re working out Albuquerque and potentially (inaudible).

Lesley Logan 6:43
You’re correct. I was like we’re missing some states. So um, so here’s the deal. First of all, we’re celebrating New Year’s Day in Austin which fuck yeah

Brad Crowell 6:51
Yeah, it’s their first time doing that.

Lesley Logan 6:54
It’s our first time doing any… No, we did a New Year’s Eve.

Brad Crowell 6:57
Once we were in Miami.

Lesley Logan 6:58
We did a New Year’s Eve classes in Scottsdale, the very first tour. And Miami was not the (inaudible), Miami was two days off.

Brad Crowell 7:06
No, no, I just I’m talking about not being home for New Year’s. But yes, you’re right.

Lesley Logan 7:11
Yeah. So but what we’re super excited about is our host in Austin at Alliance Studios. She’s so fucking stoked. She’s like, we’re doing this we’re making this a big party.

Brad Crowell 7:20
She’s really making it a big event. We’re stoked on that. That’s gonna be amazing. Cannot wait.

Lesley Logan 7:25
I can’t think of a better way to bring in the new year except for to be in the community and bringing communities together. What a great, like, if you think of like a word for your year, what a great thing. So this is our favorite thing to do. We’re trying to do two tours a year. They happen because you come that’s really what it is like, yeah, we can’t make we’re not going to tours if people don’t want them. But so if you go to, you can see where we have tickets left, sell. And if you have friends in any of those areas, tell them about it. Yeah, there’s lots of prizes, lots of awesome stuff.

Brad Crowell 7:51
Also, Lesley makes the most hilarious point that it’s the best way to take a break from your family come to our class for the holidays.

Lesley Logan 7:58
Oh, I do say that like if you need an excuse you can get, for my Pilates teachers out there, if you need an excuse, you can get (inaudible) on these workshops, they’re 90 minutes, I can give you a little extra time away from them. And classes. Anyone can come. So if you just feel like I’m coming with you, and they won’t leave you alone and they won’t do all the errands with you.

Lesley Logan 7:59
Tell them you have to buy your own tickets.

Lesley Logan 8:17
They can come to class, that could be your Christmas present to them.

Brad Crowell 8:20
That’s true.

Lesley Logan 8:20
Boom. So anyways, that’s what we’re so we’re literally, as you could hear, we’re literally reading the New Year on this winter tour thanks to our sponsors, Balanced Body and Contrology. And then, in January, we kick off eLevate round four at the time of recording this we have a couple spots left. So if you are a teacher who’s tired of feeling like an imposter, exhausted for pre-planning, you feel like you’re talking all the time and you’re ready for burnout. I want to teach you how to not burn out I want you to teach I want to teach you how to not have to class but I want to teach you how to use less words and make a bigger impact. So come to

Brad Crowell 8:52
All the things that she just said about what what you take away. That’s like, we’ve had almost 40 people go through the program at this point. and consistently that’s what they’re so fired up about.

Lesley Logan 9:05
Yeah, we see them so many hours.

Brad Crowell 9:08
The’re also so much more confidence across the different pieces of equipment. And they don’t have to class-plan anymore. And they know what they’re talking about.

Lesley Logan 9:16
Yes. And it’s my

Brad Crowell 9:18
Good stuff.

Lesley Logan 9:18
I love it. I’m only doing one round next year, so there’s only 12 spots. So get on that. I don’t want you to wait till 2025. Cambodia early bird will open up in January but only to those on the waitlist you’re gonna want to go to to hear about that awesome early bird we just talked about the early bird, how much are they going to save if they’re on the list?

Brad Crowell 9:24
600 bucks.

Lesley Logan 9:28
$600. My goodness.

Brad Crowell 9:38
So get on that list.

Lesley Logan 9:41
And by the way, if this is your first time you’re here and you’re still listening, hello, L-E-S-L-E-Y is how you spell my name.

Brad Crowell 9:54
Yeah. L-E-S-L-E-Y (

Lesley Logan 9:58
So I just hit my chin on my mic and anyway, so Mini 10 will be the next big thing that you can participate in with us. If you are a teacher at any level studio owner, it is going to be somewhere in the beginning part of Q1 or like I think it’s the end of June. It’s probably I think it’s beginning of February.

Brad Crowell 10:13
It’s the first, it’s like the last day of Jan into Feb.

Lesley Logan 10:16
Yeah, because the truth is, y’all, I’m not doing mini anymore on my birthday.

Brad Crowell 10:21

Lesley Logan 10:23
It’s my show. Welcome. So profitable

Brad Crowell 10:28

Lesley Logan 10:31
So go there if you want to have seven days of every fucking question you’ve ever had answered in saying clarity on your business and really seeing possibility and again, community, it is the common theme of this podcast. Alright, that’s enough of that. Before we get into Michael’s amazing episode, what is our audience question?

Brad Crowell 10:51
This was a good one. We had someone in our coaching group, fitness business coaching group called Agency asked, well, she’s excited about getting an assistant, but she’s also afraid of it. And she said, I don’t know. She said two things. I’ve been hesitating on getting an assistant because I don’t really know how we’ll work with them. But I think that that’s an excuse because I don’t, like she said, who am I to have an assistant?

Lesley Logan 11:24
Yeah, this is a common can I just say, when I hired Lindsay, my first assistant, I really was like, I knew I needed her. I was like, could not keep going without her. But I actually had no idea how to. I was like, is it okay, would you mind doing blah, blah? Would you mind trying to, she’s like, I’m your assistant, this is my job, give me the things to do. And I was like, that’s really helpful. Thank you.

Brad Crowell 11:49
Yeah, well, there’s two, there’s two parts to her question. One is like, how do you work with an assistant? How do you decide what your assistant should do? How do you manage them? How do you delegate? Like, can you delegate? Have you ever even done it before? But you know

Lesley Logan 12:02
Well, the more important, the easier part of the question to answer on this podcast because the rest, we,that’s more complicated and an hour-long course we’ve already done is who are you to have an assistant?

Brad Crowell 12:12
Right. I was gonna say all those things are just simple, easy to learn. No problem. Just figure it out.

Lesley Logan 12:17
You can almost even Google it, you should probably ask chatGPT what to do.

Brad Crowell 12:21
But that’s not the hard part. The hard part is feeling worthy of hiring someone you know, and feeling like your small business is, you know, like, like, maybe you’ve never considered yourself like a manager, or maybe even considered yourself a CEO that has a team in suddenly, this seems intimidating. And I think that, you know, what we ultimately talked about what was that it’s not, who is she trying to impress by hiring an assistant? Right? Because it’s like, does she think that she’s going to be judged? By whom? By other random people? If she’s like, oh, yeah, I have an assistant. You know, like, what, why, what? Who are those people? And is that the are you out there trying to impress them with your, you know, with your hiring someone? Or are you trying to make your fucking life easier and better? Yeah. But well, who are you doing it for? Are you doing it for you? Are you doing it for them? If you’re doing it for you, then it doesn’t matter what they think and question of who am I to have an assistant? You know, you’re clearly asking that, in the light of someone else is going to see that you have an assistant and you’re going to feel judged. Do you know what I mean?

Lesley Logan 13:42
I do I do know what you mean. I also think like, I also think even even not even think about yourself, the people that you are here to make an impact on the people that you believe you’re here to service, this dream you have if you also just think about the impact you want to have. And going back to like Rory’s episode, Rory talked about, like, not focusing on the money, but focus on servicing others. And I actually think if you focus on the fact that if you can’t get all the things you want done in a day, because you don’t have enough time you’re human, then hire an assistant allows you to have a bigger impact on the people that you are the only person who can do what you do the way that you do it. You’re it. So almost making it less about you and more about the people that you’re trying to serve and how the assistant actually facilitates that service being bigger, broader. Yeah, then you’re an asshole if you don’t hire this student. You’re a selfish prick.

Brad Crowell 14:52
I mean, that’s a harsh way of looking at it. But you know, I don’t I don’t agree worry that you’re being an asshole. But I do think that you’re getting in your own way to accomplish your dreams.

Lesley Logan 15:05
Allright, be the kind of coach. But yes, I do. But I do think you’re getting in your own way you’re correct there. And also, you’re also holding yourself back and not helping those people because you can only do so much. Yeah, that’s it. And I don’t know, I don’t even know who the people are, who would judge you for having an assist?

Brad Crowell 15:24
Well, that’s what I mean, like, like, and that’s, and that’s where you have, that’s where you’re getting in your own way. Like, most people are not doing running a business so that they can like, show it off to their friends and be like, you know, I hired an assistant and then are gonna feel guilty that they hire an assistant because they’re gonna feel like they’re judged because their friends are gonna look at him differently or something. I don’t think that most people are I think it’s just a story that they’re telling themselves.

Lesley Logan 15:47
Yeah, yeah. Also, I can’t think Jamie Kern Lima, she wrote a book. She’s like, someone who made I can’t think of the name of the makeup line that she sold to one of the big companies, but she actually talked about how she had a made-up assistant. So she actually used her middle name, and made that person, the assistant. And so and customer service. So like, until she could afford an assistant. She was like she had a fake assistant, because that way people would think that she was a bigger deal. So it’s pretty funny, I share this story because like it actually might have an assistant might make you look like an even bigger deal because (inaudible)

Brad Crowell 16:25
Yeah, but I think most people like most of the people that we coach have an assistant and you don’t even know it. That’s not the point. They’re not they’re like, you know, they’re not fielding their emails for them. They’re not, you know, they’re probably helping them with, like, smaller tasks that like that pile up, there’s just little things that like switching gears 50 times takes up a lot of your brain space and time. And those are the things that you can easily delegate to somebody else. There are certainly assistants who are responding to your emails on your behalf. And they’re more public facing assistants and like I get that with with that does make you look like a quote unquote big deal. You know, but like, I mean, we have an assistant to his name is August. Oh, yeah, he does. He responds our emails.

Lesley Logan 17:13
He also, but I so I think like, if you are holding off hired an assistant because you don’t feel worthy enough to have an assistant, then it’s really time for you to focus, refocus, like why are you doing what you’re doing? And who is for Yeah, and how is not hiring the assistant affecting them negatively? Sure. Because oftentimes, the people who think this way, and this is not the first person who’s ever felt this way we’ve we’ve seen this question a different ways before. You’re thinking about you. Right? And you’re not thinking about the people you’re trying to serve. Yeah. And go back to Lori’s episode, if you want to hear that, because that’s really important. And then the other thing is, is like keeping not having an assistant is allowing you to have excuses to not take yourself to the next level. Yeah, because you don’t have time to work on these other things. And then if you don’t have time to work on those other things, and they can’t fail. So yeah, it’s a sign of perfectionism.

Brad Crowell 18:12
Yeah, I was gonna say ADHD, we keep ourselves we work better under stress. Or at least we tell ourselves to work better under stress. And when you have a million things on your plate, you feel like you’re getting things done, but you’re actually not moving the ball forward, because you’re not focusing on the things that need to actually move forward. So you can delegate the things that are the have to get done still menial tasks that aren’t actually gonna move the business forward to an assistant.

Lesley Logan 18:38
So, so hire the assistant. Hire them. Yeah, the worst thing is you hire the wrong one. And you have to hire someone else.

Brad Crowell 18:44
Yeah. And that’ll teach you how to set processes in place.

Lesley Logan 18:48
Yeah, you can watch the hiring, firing course we have on Profitable Pilates. Thank you for the question. You guys, you can send your questions in on any topic to the Be It Pod and just send them in and we’ll answer it. You know, it’s important if you have something burning on your head and you want us to answer it, we’ll do it.

Brad Crowell 19:37
Okay, now let’s talk about Michael Unbroken. Michael Unbroken, turning trauma into triumph has dedicated his life to guiding others on the journey from victimhood to hero through Think Unbroken.

Lesley Logan 19:53
One thing that he said that I loved was we talked about, we did a lot of things But we talked about making intent being intentional and like not being a flake. And I think it takes time in your life and you still start to learn how you who you want to say yes to. And I think sometimes people say yes to too many things. And then they regret saying yes. And that’s why they flake out on things. Or they, they don’t like they’re, they don’t really know what their boundaries are. But we, as friends do not flake on each other. And it’s because we really value each other’s time, we value our time. And so even though like right now, my goal has been traveling, and we text he texted the two of us the other day, and he’s like, Okay, I’ll be home on these dates. And it’s like, Okay, we’re here on these dates. Okay, we’ll be making sure we see each other on those dates. And it’s, it’s part of valued friendships. And if you want to have good friends in this world, it’s not about waiting to the other person invites you to something. It’s going okay, I’m free on this day. On this time. Let’s do it. And I think that that does require some organization. But also, if you find that you’re flaking on a lot of people or some person over and over, it’s probably time to reevaluate that relationship. And like, do you feel safe there? Does it make you is? I think also, a lot of women specifically keep friends around forever and ever and ever, and they don’t always make them feel good. Like I’m thinking about like, the artists way they talk about like crazy makers, and I get the other one. There’s another one poison poison his pals. You are correct. I have I had a poisonous palette now. I couldn’t remember what Fuck yeah, we moved to Las Vegas the place in his pal can’t be there. Fucking places. Powell would text me at exactly the worst time like stache fucking No, right. And so what I did is I just stopped responding for days. And then I’d run like two weeks later, I go, Oh, my God, I miss this. But it was partly because I didn’t, I didn’t want to, like have the conversation with her. Like, we’re breaking up as friends. But so this is my own thing I’ve to work through as well. But I never flaked on her. Never did but I also would regret any do something. So I think if you are just finding that there’s people in your life that you’re like, I could have taken this person, evaluate what’s going on, have you outgrown the relationship because you should have relationships in your life that you don’t flake on each other on and be and be intentional about it. The other thing that he talked about, about why he’s very much more of an intentional person is that he had a friend had a falling out, and he never got to apologize. And that person was killed. Yeah, or killed himself. I know he was killed, he was killed. So um, those kinds of things really wake you up sometimes. And I think we don’t have to have bad stuff happened to us, for us to learn a lesson we can learn from other people’s stories.

Brad Crowell 22:34
Yeah. And you know, I mean, it was a pretty shocking story that he shared, you know, about his friend, but also, there was an underlying current to that conversation that I found really, I connected with was like, Are you you know, is? Is there a reason why? If you’re not doing something, like you have a task to do, but you’re not doing it? Are you? Are you afraid? Or is it making you feel like there’s some reticence for you to do it, it’s the same thing with people, you know, like, like, hanging out with someone or, or not hanging out with them. Feel that, see that? Understand that. And then you don’t have to hang out with that person. So that when you meet the right people that are going to support you believe in you, and actually be part of your journey. It’s so important to keep them around. And that’s where making the intention of not flaking on each other. Like you don’t have to. You don’t have to make this commitment to people who don’t support you. Back, you know, but definitely, this is worth making this commitment for people who are your cheerleaders, your best these they actually communicate to you they are also looking forward to hanging out with you. You don’t have to chase them around.

Lesley Logan 24:05
I share this And FYI, if I recently like when, because I was in when we’re in Cambodia, I didn’t have any calls with any of my friends. I barely texted them. Most of them are 14 hours ahead. I assume they’re on d&d, but like I was like, I’m not able to like pick up a phone call. Um, you know, I was like, I’m on a free schedule here. And I realized I really missed our weekly go back and forth, like, you know, voice to text and everything so, or voice memos. So I became really intentional. As soon as I got back I voice memo to each one. And then I’ve made sure I’ve done that each week. They’re not on the same day because I can’t handle the responses on the same day but like they’re each one on a different day. And I do that because they support me back their cheerleader, and they don’t require me to be at their beck and call to be a friend to them. Nor do I so I think that that’s really cool. And I like that you brought that up like people do want to be that so be that back because then that relationship continue. is to grow. And also one more thing before we go on to your points. Time is one variable we don’t get more of. And I think this is really key you and I were doing a workshop this past week, where it’s like, there’s an abundance of money and energy and a lot of things that can be recreated. But time isn’t one of them. And I guess my question to everyone listening to this, especially as we’re going into the end of the year, while we don’t set goals as we know from last week’s episode, what was the resolutions I should say? What is what Where are you spending time in your life that you’re wishing you didn’t spend time on some things and maybe reflecting upon that and seeing like, how you can be more intentional with the time you do spend on things and letting go or saying no, or eliminating or delegating things where you don’t want to be spending your time? That could be a really good question to ponder as you go into the end of the year.

Brad Crowell 25:56
Something worth thinking about.

Lesley Logan 26:00
I feel like that needs like some special music something with like, I don’t know, like it needs like gold music.

Brad Crowell 26:06
What are we what are we talking here? We’d like epic.

Lesley Logan 26:10
No, you know, like, you know, like, not

Brad Crowell 26:12
Like opera, something worth thinking about?

Lesley Logan 26:18
I don’t know. I don’t I don’t know. But I You know how like, sometimes people place like different voiceovers and it’s like, you know, like a little fairy godmother like something we’re thinking about.

Brad Crowell 26:26
That’s something we’re thinking about.

Lesley Logan 26:30
All right, what did you love? I don’t know why I pictured Mr. Clean and I like a little like, like a little flicker of a light off of your teeth just happen.

Brad Crowell 26:42
Oh, that’s funny. I was envisioning like Dick Tracy smoking a cigarette and you went like and that’s something worth thinking about.

Lesley Logan 26:50
I know, you went like SVU like CSI introductory. And I

Brad Crowell 26:56
And that, ladies and gents, is something worth thinking about.

Lesley Logan 27:01
No. No, all I see is a dead body. All right, let’s move on to what you like.

Brad Crowell 27:05
Okay. All right. So Michael talked about skills have utility. And I thought that’s interesting. What the hell does utility mean? And so I looked it up.

Lesley Logan 27:15
Well, like there’s a utility closet at the schools where the janitor (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 27:19
Yeah, but that’s a weird thing to say, skills have utility, right? And so I wanted to understand why he used the word utility. And what he meant by that. And so I looked it up and utility actually has, you know, usefulness right as utility but also functional rather than attractive. Which leads to his bigger point, where maybe you have the skill, but if you don’t use the fucking skill, it’s useless. You’re not like,

Lesley Logan 27:48
It’s like having all of the things like in the car, like the car does all these things, but you don’t know how to use it. Like, I’m picturing you guys on the flight home. I saw somebody on another screen was watching pretty woman. I was like, oh, yeah, I’m gonna watch that. To help me fall asleep, right? Because that’s, I know that movie from my heart. And pretty like Julia Roberts character goes like, Ah, this baby corners like it’s on wheels. It does this. And he is like, I don’t know what any of that means. He knows nothing. So it’s like, he’s in this fucking fancy car. And he literally can’t drive it. He can’t drive it. Yeah, he has. He has no idea how to use it. Yeah. And like, she’s just like, just so anyways, I think that that is like the perfect picture of skills (inaudible).

Brad Crowell 28:29
Yeah. Merely possessing a skill is not enough. It’s crucial to know how to leverage that skill effectively. Right? And that is applicable in business, but it’s also applicable in personal relationships.

Brad Crowell 30:14
It could just be that you, you know, maybe you’re amazing at spreadsheets and you’re not actually using that to make, do analytical work for your business. But it’s not necessarily, skills aren’t only business, right? It could be that skills are relationship skills, personal skills, maybe your skill is that you’re amazing at winning people over or maybe you’re great at greeting people. And you should be, you know, leading a community. Right. So there’s, there’s ways to use skills in your personal life, not just in your work life. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 30:48
And I also think, like, you may have amazing skills in your personal life, that you’re not even using your work life because you don’t see your skills and your personal life as a skill. You see it as like, This is who I am.

Brad Crowell 30:59
Right? That was me for a long time.

Lesley Logan 31:01
Yeah. So we’ve talked about Strength Finders, 2.0.

Brad Crowell 31:04
Yeah, I was literally about to shift over to that, because that’s exactly right.

Lesley Logan 31:07
It’s been on my mind. But we had we did an interview with someone on that. So definitely worth learning about if you want to know about that. But even not that you can even just ask your friends and families like, like, Hey, can you just like, like, can you just do me a favor and tell me like, what you love that I do in this relationship? Or like I know this vulnerable, but just ask what people think is your greatest skill are your greatest asset. Your friends are not you’re too close to you. So you need people. And you also judge yourself too fucking much. So you need people in your life who just like oh my god, they’re so fucking awesome. And they can help you understand like, what amazing skills you have. Why my dad

Brad Crowell 31:46
Kevin Kepple.

Brad Crowell 31:46
Yeah, Kevin Kepple. Oh, yeah, the basement in the balcony. So.

Lesley Logan 31:48
Episode 155 y’all.

Lesley Logan 31:48
Oh, wow. That was so long ago. He’s fucking awesome. But one thing that, like, my dad’s a coach, right, that’s what he did in his life. And probably would have done had he had the opportunity as a as a job. At any rate. He is really good. I’ve watched him be really awesome at noticing skills that like my siblings have that they don’t know that they have, like, they’re just naturally gifted at these certain things, you know? And unfortunately, telling them that just meant that they would like quit the thing. But at any rate, like your friends and family in your life, see something in you that you probably don’t see. And you don’t ask the ones that are your poisonous pals or negative nancies. Or you’re crazy makers. But the ones that you just like, feel like you feel alive after you leave them. Those are the ones to maybe ask like, what do you see as a strength of mine? Because it might be something you could be using to affect? You know, you could leverage more.

Lesley Logan 31:48
Yeah, that’s very true. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 33:18
Don’t ask the high schools ask the good ones. That’s the quote art. Don’t ask me is amazing. Meaning this holiday season. Don’t ask your fucking crazy aunt who you wish you weren’t sitting next to you at the dinner table. Ask the person that you wish you were. There you go.

Brad Crowell 34:01
Okay, finally, let’s talk about those Be It Action Items. What bold, executable, intrinsic, or targeted action items can we take away from your convo with Michael Unbroken?

Lesley Logan 34:13
Oh, yeah. Now you need someone to put that to the voice thing? Yes. Okay. What’s your favorite?

Brad Crowell 34:21
He said, commit to your goals, commit to your dreams. Who is who it is that you want to be? Commit to who it is that you want to become? Right? And, you know, he talked a lot about the difference in who he was. Before he. In his words, he said he had had enough of his own bullshit and needed to change. Right and I thought that was really fucking interesting at some point for him. That will, it’s, it’s also it is important for him. But it’s also like, there that is the breaking point where it’s like, you can’t even stand you You know, or you can’t stand the circumstances that you’ve created for yourself so much that it forces you to reevaluate how you’re doing things. Right. So I thought that was really interesting. And, and then he, you know, talked about how he’s much different today than when he was before. And consequently has dreams and goals that he’s continuing to go after, such as the 10 Times New York Times 10 time, New York Times bestselling best authors situation, right. And, you know, like, that helps drive him helps him stay focused. And you know, it gives you it gives you a reason to keep going.

Lesley Logan 35:44
Yeah, I want him to, Michael, if you’re listening, when thinking about your book that you haven’t published yet, that you’ve written and rewritten a few times. I think you need to fucking write the book. Like maybe you are a 10-time best seller, not because you wrote 10 books, because you wrote 20. My like that I was like, percolating on that. And it like, you know, was playing them overplaying in my mind. And I was like, why does this bother me? I’m like, oh, because he’s trying to make it fucking perfect to be the best seller. Maybe he’s not maybe I’m maybe that’s my own, like little antennas.

Brad Crowell 36:17
I mean, a lot of the people that we coach, they, they, it’s a reason not to launch. Yeah, right. So because it’s not perfect, or they’re not really sure. Alternatively, the other option would be to keep going. And honestly, your first few books may not be the big ones that hit. But the last 10 books are probably gonna be fucking amazing. Because you’ve now done it so many times.

Lesley Logan 36:43
I’m not gonna mention her name, because I don’t love her as a person. But her her book that became a best-seller was her fourth book. May I just say, because I actually looked at the other books, because I didn’t actually love it. And it was a best fucking seller. And everyone’s raving about it. And I was like, this book is boring. But other books, and they’re fucking awesome. And so just say that because like, Michael if you’re listening, write, the fucking book, maybe write 20 books, and there’s 10 bestsellers in there. I’m just saying, you get feedback, right? You get feedback, and you get people on (inaudible), my advice.

Lesley Logan 37:13
So he said, if you’re dogmatic about anything, there’s no room for opportunity. And the danger of a fixed mindset is that you’re too rigid or dogmatic and pimper you from growth and learning and to be solution oriented. So instead of looking for roebucks, look for possibility. And I think this is really great. This just happened in one of inside of agency, we have a channel where you can ask for exercise advice. And this person was like, I don’t know if I can handle this client. She only has one arm. And I was like, Oh, she’s seen the one arm as a roadblock. And I see as like, possibility. And I actually said to her, like, my favorite clients have like something dramatic. Like I’m not really good with like minor aches and pains. Like I love like when I love a cast, I love or, like, Yes, I have my dentist and my dentist client, he had this condition where the tendons in his hands pulled and his feet looked like he had claws. Yeah. And his shoulders run forward. I love that because I I broke my knee, right, I (inaudible) tibial plateau. And for that first day, I was in fear and all these things. And then I went to the studio is like what is possible from right now. And that’s what we say at OPC all the time.

Lesley Logan 38:16
And so I love this Be It Action item. Because first of all, if you’re dogmatic about anything, you are creating a cold for yourself or you’re in one, period. Second, you are only seeing roadblocks, you are not being solution-oriented. So I think that that’s a really great like little be solution-oriented, like put that on a post-it and put it somewhere you can watch it, read it. And then instead of roadblocks, look for a possibility. So for for me when I see a client who’s like, I can’t do this. I’m like, okay, what can you do? Right? So when we teach OPC classes, I’m like, oh, you can’t do this. What can you do? What wasn’t actualized was a challenge for you. So the more you can look, start to see things as green lights versus red. I think you’re gonna see that your life has a lot more opportunity in it. And you’re actually there’s like people who are creating pathways for you. So anyways, I fucking love you, Michael. We are happy that you’re a family member in our life. Absolutely.

Lesley Logan 39:10
I’m Lesley Logan

Brad Crowell 39:11
And I’m Brad Crowell.

Lesley Logan 39:12
Thank you so much for listening. Episode 299. You know, I actually, when we started this, I was like, What’s 300 gonna feel like? I had no idea. And I’m gonna tell you right now. It feels really great. And also how, the fact did we do that? How did time fly?

Brad Crowell 39:27
It still feels like it’s fast.

Lesley Logan 39:29
Feels fast.

Brad Crowell 39:30
Yeah, it’s kind of crazy.

Lesley Logan 39:30
Yeah, anyways, we have some epic, epic episodes, I highly recommend going back through You can use the website to search different topics and find the

Brad Crowell 39:38
Yeah, we got a handy-dandy little guy that helps point you in the direction of some of our best pods. So if you’re not quite sure where to get started, but you’ve made it all the way to the end of this episode. Go to the website and try out our little tool.

Lesley Logan 39:53
Also, if you listen to the pod and you haven’t left a review yet, the greatest gift you can get is to leave a review.

Brad Crowell 39:58
You must do it.

Lesley Logan 39:59
You can leave views on several different platforms. Apple is one of the most important but Spotify now allows you to leave reviews. Also the OPC app, the app is free. And you can use it to listen to the pod. So all these different ways, please, you know you, you don’t have to send me a gift, you can actually just leave a review, you can listen and share the show. Like that’s currency. So anyways, also let us know your takeaways we want to know they’re really awesome when you tell us we want to hear your questions. We want to hear your wins, we can share them on the pod. Yeah. And so until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Brad Crowell 40:36
Bye for now.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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