How NOT to get stuck

on getting started

Ep. 10 with Lesley & Brad

“The easiest sell is to a client who already knows, believes, trusts, and loves you – to say, ‘Hey, what else can I do for you?'”

Brad Crowell

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Show Notes

Lesley and Brad dig through the last pod’s interview with Girl Squad Inc’s founder, Monica Linda, highlighting the amazing nuggets of wisdom she was imparting, such as the power of asking for help, being scrappy as a budding entrepreneur and just shutting up and doing the work.

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In this episode you will learn about:

• Getting stuck on getting started
• Imposter Syndrome
• Drawing a line in the sand
• Taking the leap
• How to be something other than what you currently are
• Shut up and do the work
• The power of asking for help



Lesley Logan

Don’t we all just wish someone would tell us that? Like, you’re gonna make it and you’re gonna be fine. Like, because the imposter syndrome is so real, and we spend way too much time worrying that we can’t do the thing that we’re trying to be bold and doing. (Yeah,) And if we could just go. You’re gonna be okay. Imagine like what you could do with just knowing that like, you’re not going to walk off a cliff here, this is gonna be okay.

Lesley Logan

Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guests will bring Bold, Executable, Intrinsic and Targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.


Lesley Logan 00:47

Welcome back to the Be It Till You See It interview recap where myself and my co hosts in life Brad (Brad: Woo!) and I are ready to dig into the profound conversation I have with Monica Linda on our last episode. If you haven’t listened to that interview, feel free to pause this, go back and listen to that one and then come back and join us, or learn what we talked about, and then go back with all the good stuff and then learn more gems because we cannot recap the entire podcast and that’s what the other one’s for. So, here. Okay, babe. (Brad: Tell me.) I’m so excited right now because we are days away from launching our Reformer Deck of Flashcards, (Brad: yes.) Yeah, and I’m excited about this because they’re happening a lot faster than our Mat Flashcard Deck did.

Brad Crowell 01:31

Are you kidding, like, like literally (Lesley: like lightning fast) a 10th of the time.

Lesley Logan 01:37

Yeah, and I wanted to share this with you (Brad: 25% of the time, but yeah), I wanted to share this with y’all because I think it’s really important to know that sometimes you’re gonna have setbacks on things and I wanted to share this with you. So my excitement about the Reformer Deck is that it’s happening faster than the Mat Deck, because the Mat Deck took over a year, partially because of the pandemic, partially because it was the first time we are doing something, and then there’s just like other things. But our Mat Flashcards, which we’ve sold hundreds of (Brad: Yeah), which is so exciting. Hundreds of people have this Pilates studio in their hand with my flashcards on the Mat exercises, and we had so many people who love Pilates already who have a Reformer who want to Reformer Deck, so we scrambled, like we worked night and day fast to get it done so I can’t wait.

Brad Crowell 02:23

I love it because it’s more than, it’s literally double the amount of cards. But, you know, instead of 40 plus cards, it’s 80 plus cards. (Lesley: Yeah.) And, you know, now that we have a system, which is something I get I geek out about (Lesley: He loves the system) we’ve been able to make that happen a whole lot faster. So anyway it’s almost out, we can’t wait. If you’re even wondering what the heck we’re talking about you can just go find them on, or you can also find them on (Lesley: Yeah), over at Balanced Body (Lesley: yeah) they’re carrying them which is so cool.

Lesley Logan 03:04

I know, I know, pinch me. The like number one developer of Pilates equipment has my flashcards on their site. So, get them there, get them on OPC, just get them. (Brad: Stay tuned), and if you want one of the Reformer Flashcards definitely get on the list, so that you can find out as soon as they’re ready because they will go out fast. Okay, so we have an audience question, babe.

Brad Crowell 03:30

Yes we do. And I love this question. I’m so excited to answer it.

Lesley Logan 03:35

I know, I know, trust me, he’s not. If you didn’t hear that already. So someone hit me up on Instagram and asked if we work out together and I just love this question because the truth is, (Brad: Did you laugh?) like that kind of laugh like, you know, when people…it’s like when people ask Brad, How often do you Pilates? I’m like…

Brad Crowell 03:59

I mean, look, the reality is we do work out together.

Lesley Logan 04:03

We do. We go on walks every night.

Brad Crowell 04:06

And we do yoga.

Lesley Logan 04:07

And we do yoga together. (Brad: So) up to three times a week.

Brad Crowell 04:10

I would say that 75% of the time that I am working out. We are working out together. (Lesley: Yes. And) So, so actually, yes, we work out together.

Lesley Logan 04:26

Yeah we do. I won’t even do the percentage of how much time I work out alone.

Brad Crowell 04:30

Well, I definitely didn’t reveal the entirety of this situation. I would say that you work out every single day. Aside from our walk, you’re actually, (Lesley: yeah), you have a Pilates practice that you literally do every day.

Lesley Logan 04:45

Yeah, I love our walks because I love to get no minimum 10,000 steps in a day. Y’all your calves are your second heart, every step matters, it’s a pump, and it’s not automatically like your heart, you got to pump that blood back up, and I like to do it at night with you because you know we do work together a lot but we are not often, like, we’re not hanging out together so it’s a great way for us to spend time together that’s not working, and (Brad: it’s a movement) it’s a movement, I get my steps in, like clear my mind before I go to bed. But, when he says I workout every day I do my Pilates every day, even if it’s just a few minutes, and then I do the morning run with the dog because otherwise they’re even crazier. And then I do yoga with you so I work out alone, more, not because it’s not like you wouldn’t join me but I’m actually grateful to be alone, because I get a lot of energy from being by myself.

Brad Crowell 05:37

Well, I do think that it’s fair to say that I wouldn’t join you for all of that. (Lesley: Yeah), just, you know we obviously, we have different life cycles, and I don’t get up when you get up and go to sleep when you go to sleep. So, you know, obviously you get up at 5:30 and go run, I don’t do that.

Lesley Logan 05:55

Yeah, and that’s okay. It’s so okay. Like, maybe you’re with someone who doesn’t work out with you and that frustrates you, you can say something to them but like you could also look at like what are the positive reasons for not working out with them and then what are the positive reasons for…I mean I love doing yoga with you, because it is something we could do together. And because we do it virtually now we pretty much like get to chitchat a little bit while we’re doing class.

Brad Crowell 06:19

Yeah but also, you know when we were back, when life was normal pre COVID and lived in LA, I would go play Ultimate, you don’t do that, so like you know there’s like, there’s definitely a sense of independence in that. But today, at this point, most of the time I’m doing yoga, you’re also joining, but not 100% of the time. And then I don’t necessarily, you know, I’m not gangbusters on practicing Pilates, in the way that you are. I don’t have a personal Pilates practice, I will happily practice it when we do events and things like that and when we go on retreats, I do like it a lot.

Lesley Logan 06:58

Yeah. He does Pilates every day on a retreat. He does Pilates, all the time during our challenges, our 100withme challenge. And when I will teach him in the studio he will do his Pilates, so yeah, there’s that. So thank you for this question.

Brad Crowell 07:11

Thanks everyone for that question.

Lesley Logan 07:14

Keep sending your questions and you can DM me at the be_it_pod on Instagram and ask your questions. Speaking of working out though. Here we are, y’all. If you want to work out with a person in your life. This is a great way to do it. (Brad: Oh yeah), yeah because if you and your partner are trying to figure out a way to work together, maybe it’s your roommate or your bestie. You can go to OnlinePilates and get a free workout from me. It’s 30 minutes. Not only is it free, and that’s fun, but it’s 30 minutes of moving your body connecting your mind to your body and practicing prioritizing your time. This is really important to me when you use…when you show up for a Pilates class with me, you are literally having to focus on only what you’re doing in that moment, which means you clear your mind and you’re telling everyone around you, including yourself and the universe that you matter, and your time matters so go to e i t. All right, babe.

Brad Crowell 08:13

Love it.

Lesley Logan 08:14

Let’s talk about Monica.

Brad Crowell 08:16

Yeah, let’s talk about Monica Linda, so in the last part, obviously, you had this incredible conversation with Monica. I’m so excited to be able to say we’re dear friends with Monica, and her wife, and it’s just been such a pleasure to have her spirit in our world. Like, she is just the definition of enthusiasm and joy. And she’s a powerhouse. I mean, you cannot help but be excited about life, when you’re around Monica

Lesley Logan 08:51

You got to go to Monica’s Instagram. And the other day, she posted a reel where she was just face to camera and dancing to Justin Bieber, telling people that they’re amazing and it’s like, I am amazing!

Brad Crowell 09:05

I mean, aside from being awesome in life. She is the founder and chief photographer at Girl Squad, which is a media company that focuses on photography, media, which includes video and and also branding. She does…she helps you make social media content and all this kind of stuff. Monica Linda has traveled all over the country to photograph more than 500 women and is now directing movies for clients which is so cool because we had a chance to experience that. (Lesley: Yeah we have a movie), we have, she takes women from feeling invisible to becoming experts who are thriving and immersing themselves in the businesses that they have sacrificed everything to build. I just think it’s so incredible, her commitment to setting others up in the lives of their choosing for themselves.

Lesley Logan 09:51

100%. She is absolutely one of the reasons we’re sitting here right now, even doing this because she saw what I wanted to say in me and I couldn’t, I couldn’t figure out how to say it and she’s like, Oh well this is it…and I was like, Oh, she sees it, so that was easier. It’s just so important to have people in your lives that can visualize what your dreams are and then help you see the path that’s possible. And so I’m just so grateful for her.

Brad Crowell 10:17

Yeah, I mean, total side note is, you know, not about the pod but for her, like when we started spending money on photographs of you, for social media. It was like it was grease in the wheels (Lesley: Yeah) and it’s a tragically rough example. It allowed social media and marketing to be so much easier because we had all this content (Lesley: Yeah). Suddenly we have hundreds and now 1000s of photos that you can go back to and go, I didn’t talk about this today. And then, you know, we’ve organized all these photos since, but you can just go through, find a photo bam, and it keeps it fresh, fun. People look at our social media now and go, Wow, they’re so amazing, and that’s because we decided to invest in photographs. And then we did it with her because she’s so good, she knows you now.

Lesley Logan 11:13

Yeah, (Brad: Awesome.) It was amazing. So anyways, we can keep going on about how amazing she is and photography with her.

Brad Crowel 11:20

Okay. But let’s actually talk about the pod.

Lesley Logan 11:22

In the interview, one of the things that I freakin’ love was how she was talking about getting stuck on getting started, and here’s the deal. She shares her story about how she would say yes to an opportunity and then go rent the equipment to go do the photography job. Right? So she didn’t go, Oh, don’t have that camera lens, can’t just say yes to that job, just will wait for the next one, or get frustrated, like I don’t have things I need to get started. No, she literally figured out how she could piecemeal together a business so she could say yes all the time. There was a great story in there how she said yes and had 90 minutes to get her freakin act together, get a camera and get to the place and I love this because I think it is so easy for us to just go, Oh I don’t have that training yet so can’t do that or I don’t have the time, I don’t know how, I don’t have the, I don’t know, insert like the running shoes to go running. She didn’t get stuck on getting started, she just figured out a way. And so like I say to people who ask, how do I get started with Pilates? I’m like, Do you have a beach towel and a floor? Great! Get on it. You don’t have to have the fancy mat or the fancy leggings to get started. And I just absolutely love that.

Brad Crowell 12:32

Yeah, I thought that was really powerful and actually reminded me of your beginning with teaching where you were still kind of an apprentice to your mat training program, and then your instructor or your teacher trainer was like, well, here you should practice your hours by starting to teach.

Lesley Logan 12:53

Yeah, she did. She gave me my first client and I was…like, I thought, oh my God, what am I doing? And…

Brad Crowell 13:01

I mean, imposter syndrome, right?

Lesley Logan 13:03

Like so many. But here’s the thing that I learned within five minutes of that was that within five minutes of teaching them I knew so much more and so I just didn’t get stuck on that. And then I got really excited to teach and what ended up happening is I told everybody about it. But it’s easy to get stuck on what to do next and she is just going to inspire you to do so much quicker. What did you love that she said?

Brad Crowell 14:42

Yeah, I really love that one of the things that she said that made me pause was…I think it kind of came out of the conversation that the two of you are having, is that she wanted to be something other than she was. And this was when she had a job, she was working for someone else and she drew a line in the sand and she said, by 2018, I’m going to leave this job. Right? And so she began to be the person that she wanted to be, even though she still had life and job and things and whatever and fear and all this stuff. She had to be an entrepreneur. She had to do this. And so she began to do it even though she didn’t know what she was doing. Right? And then when 2018 came around, she said, I didn’t even have a full client list, and I left my job, and it was terrifying. And she started talking about taking that leap. And so, when she, I think that there was a frustration, clearly, that got her to the point of, I must leave my job. Right? And so she made a decision to take a leap, and then she committed to taking that leap. In order for her to take the leap though she had to be (Lesley: Oh yeah) herself, like be her, her entrepreneurial self (Lesley: yeah she had) before she was truly an entrepreneur.

Lesley Logan 16:23

She shared in the interview, she doesn’t have anyone in her family’s an entrepreneur. She didn’t have anyone to like, look to or look up to in her actual life. And one thing that I don’t think we talked about in the interview just because we’re friends, she would dress up as the part of the photographer she wanted to be when she would go rent the equipment. (Brad: Oh really?) To buy her first camera (Brad: I love that) she dressed up as this woman had so she could walk in with her head held high. And that’s a thing about sometimes being that person is literally putting on those clothes, and I think with a lot of, if you’re listening this post pandemic, hopefully, hopefully we’re all getting dressed up and going outside again but, you know, one of the things that like a lot of people talk about is they’re wearing the pajamas all day and it’s like, well, of course you have imposter syndrome. Of course you’re having a hard time being motivated. You’re not in the clothes to do the work that you want to do. Like, there’s something really about that. I made a point this year, I’m putting my makeup on every day. I’m putting on a new, fresh outfit today. Like I’m not gonna be like, Well that’s not dirty because I didn’t go anywhere. No, because all of that makes you ‘be it’ more, so I love that.

Brad Crowel 17:32

Yeah, I think that’s one thing that a lot of people talk about, especially with working from home is: working out, working in your sweats, working in your pajamas, working in your yoga clothes, you know, all that kind of stuff. And it’s true. You know there’s something very different about my mentality when I am not just rolling out of bed right to my desk. I don’t usually…I never was the guy who took showers in the morning, I take my shower before going to sleep. And recently I’ve started taking showers in the morning because I’m trying to create a morning… I guess it’s a routine, but I want to set myself up so that when I sit down I’m like, mentally prepared, mentally ready to shift gears and really dig into it. And I think, you know, I know we kind of shifted the topics here on taking the leap, but being that person, it’s been a…even at home…If you’re not intentional about making that decision, then you’re not going to be that person.

Lesley Logan 18:40

Right, 100%

Brad Crowell 18:42


Lesley Logan 18:43

What did you love about her action steps?

Brad Crowell 18:47

Yeah I think, let’s shift gears here, she was really excited to encourage everyone to be bold. You know when we asked her specifically about what action steps, what tangible action steps could we take on our journey here to ‘be it’. And she specifically called out being bold, and she said something that her…I want to say it’s a mentor of hers…Definitely an inspirational person who shifted her career, told her you know that you’re going to be okay doing it. You’re going to be okay being a photographer, you are going to make it. Now that you know that, shut up and do the work.

Lesley Logan 19:42

I love it so much.

Brad Crowell 19:42

Right? And it was like, Oh, thank you for the permission, you know, I guess, to know that I’m going to survive this, even though I’ve got all this fear. I just need to stay focused and be consistent. And her, but her boldness caused her to do something that I thought, well, that you were talking about, which is.

Lesley Logan 20:09

Oh, the asking of questions. (Brad: Absolutely), yeah, yeah, so, first I just have to say really quickly before I go into my favorite takeaway and asking questions is like, don’t we all just wish someone would tell us that like you’re gonna make it and you’d be fine. Like, because the imposter syndrome is so real, and we spend way too much time worrying that we can’t do the thing that we’re trying to be bold at doing. (Brad: Yeah) And if we could just go, You’re gonna be okay. Imagine what you could do with just knowing that like, you’re not going to walk off a cliff here, this is gonna be okay.

Brad Crowell 20:42

What do, you know what, actually. Yes, 100%, I just was reflecting back on when we first met Monica. (Lesley: yeah) Okay, the very first time I ever met her we were at a business conference. It was like a mastermind situation. There were all these photographers all around us. And then there was this lady sitting in the group of roughly 50 businesses in the room, and I just remember her in all white, head to toe white. (Lesley: Yeah) Right? Like, she just looked like. Right? And she..

Lesley Logan 21:14

I mean y’all J Lo wishes she looked this good, like Monica glows in all white with her hair, amazing.

Brad Crowell 21:23

And I’m flipping through, we all got this little booklet that had everybody’s names in it and had a little like two sentence thing about their business and what they’re doing so that we could have some kind of like a touch point to like kind of understand who they are and maybe start a conversation. And then her bio in her thing. It said that she wanted to be running a billion dollar company. (Lesley: Yeah) And I was like, what the…How can a photographer run a billion dollar company, right? I was like, I mean, I guess okay, I don’t know her. I didn’t know anything about her. Right, but I was shocked at what, how bold (Lesley: bold) that statement was, and then when I heard her talking, I was like, Oh man, her enthusiasm, you know, is like, she’s like a train, bam, she’s gonna get there.

Lesley Logan 22:16

Yeah, no, she, she really is and she doesn’t let anything get in her way. And it’s, it’s amazing. So okay, back to how it led her to asking questions and what my biggest takeaway was just asking. So here’s the deal. I feel like I grew up kind of, I don’t know…not like let’s not hate on my parents but they were always like children should be seen not heard. And it’s like, you know, so I don’t know I guess I just didn’t ask questions, and I kind of felt like even though I know that there’s like no wrong question like you’re not putting one out like I kind of feel like I’m wasting people’s time, when I ask a question that like maybe I could just look up the answer myself. And so in the same mastermind, Brad and I are in together, everyone gets to ask a question. And he’s like we get to ask two questions, because there’s two of us. And so, like, every time we would be at these things like, he’s like okay what are we going to ask? And I’m like, I don’t know and I would just like hope that he would ask them. And then, one I’ll never forget was with Angie Lee where the front table (Brad: Wait, was with who?) Angie Lee, yeah, Angie Lee, and we were at the front table, and you’d ask your question and, you know, other people are asking their questions and you’re…he’s like, okay well what kind of question….and I’m like, I don’t know, I guess I wonder how she does whatever. So he grabs a microphone, I just thought he was going to ask the question, and instead he puts it in front of my face, and I was like, like my whole face showed that I did not want to have this microphone, and obviously like if you know me, you’re like, What are you talking about? But like I have this thing about asking. I feel like I’m wasting people’s time, I feel like I’m taking advantage. And our whole relationship…we will come up with ideas and he’s like, oh I’m just gonna ask this person if they want to do this with us. I’m like, you can’t just ask people, they’re very busy. Like people are busy, you know. So I just, but in that moment, I was like, I got to get over this because this is really dumb because what’s holding me back from where I am today and where I want to be is not asking enough questions, or asking for help.

Brad Crowell 24:18

It was also a pretty high pressure situation, because it was like the panel was Chris Harder, Lori Harder, Angie Lee plus a roomful of entrepreneurs all watching that, looking at you,

Lesley Logan 24:31

That room was like, multiple hundreds of millions of dollars of businesses, and, like, experiences, and here’s my like little question. But I did realize I’m holding me back because I don’t ask people to help me. And she is, she just doesn’t stop. If she’s got a question, she asks it. If it’s on her mind, she asks. Ever since I’ve known her everything she does even if it’s like something has nothing to do business, she’ll ask people, the question that’s coming up and it has not only…it is exactly why she is where she is right now. And also the job she has gotten is because she’s asked the questions and she’s put herself in the room, so that is my big takeaway. I’m so grateful for learning that lesson and I’m still learning it, so.

Brad Crowell 25:20

Yeah and I mean, I have to imagine that she…I know that she has not only photographed Lori Harder, that she photographed Chris and Lori Harder, then she photographed the events, (Lesley: yeah) multiple events for them.

Lesley Logan 25:37

Hundreds of people at them.

Brad Crowell 25:38

You know, so I’m sure she was asking, Hey, how can I help you next? What can I do to help you next? You know, that kind of thing because once she had a client, she can bet the easiest sell is to a client who already knows, believes, trusts, loves you, to say, Hey, what else can I do for you? (Lesley: Yeah) So, anyway, she’s just an inspiration.

Lesley Logan 26:00

I hope that a big challenge to you is to ask someone for help, ask someone to join you in something, ask someone to be it with you, ask a question and then tag me on Instagram so that I can root you along, and also be inspired. And I will promise to ask more questions every single day, and ask for more people to help me out too. Okay,

Brad Crowell 26:20


Lesley Logan 26:21

Well, thank you for listening to us. It was so wonderful to have you. We’re so grateful you’re here, and we want to know how you’re using these tips in your life, so let us know by sending a DM to the pod on Instagram. And that’s, be_it_pod on IG, please screenshot this, tag it on Instagram, tag us and share your takeaways also send this to a friend who needs it, you know, because that’s how the word gets out about this podcast and also how more people in the world be it till they see it, we’ll see on the next episode.

Brad Crowell 26:46


Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast!
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