Pricing and Portfolio: Strategies for Success in the Photography Business

Ep. 313 Monica Linda

“I didn’t get in just as a woman. These are opportunities that show up.”

Monica Linda

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Monica Linda, founder of Girl Squad Media, is a content creative director to entrepreneurs who are scaling the businesses they love. She uses personal branding photography & videography to bring back the pretty, reignite the joy, and put you back on center stage!

Monica has photographed over 800 women, including The Queen B herself, Beyonce. Her obsession with excellence and storytelling has attracted brands like the NFL and Live Nation, while she has also covered events for the Tournament of Roses & Rose Bowl, and entrepreneurs such as Amy Porterfield, Chris & Lori Harder, Lindsey Schwartz, and more.

Show Notes

Explore the dynamic world of setting rates and seizing opportunities in this insightful episode with Lesley and guest, Monica Linda. Monica, a seasoned photographer, delves into her journey of overcoming self-doubt, learning to value her work appropriately, and navigating the unique challenges faced by women in the industry. This episode is a deep dive into the art of pricing, the importance of self-belief, and the power of seizing opportunities in the creative field.

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In this episode you will learn about:

  • Discover how self-worth influences business pricing strategies.
  • Learn about the gender gap in professional rate setting and how to overcome it.
  • Understand the psychology of pricing and its impact on client perception.
  • Explore how societal norms shape women’s business confidence.
  • Gain insights on the power of networking and being in influential spaces.
  • Hear how embracing opportunities can lead to personal and professional growth.

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Monica Linda: Like I heard that quote from I think it was Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey says when there’s an opportunity and it presents itself to you, I do not want you to think about what’s on the other side of the door. What I want you to do is walk through the door. Just walk through the door because the universe, all the things on the other side, if they open the door for you are going to take care of you.



Lesley Logan
Welcome to the Be It Till You See It podcast where we talk about taking messy action, knowing that perfect is boring. I’m Lesley Logan, Pilates instructor and fitness business coach. I’ve trained thousands of people around the world and the number one thing I see stopping people from achieving anything is self-doubt. My friends, action brings clarity and it’s the antidote to fear. Each week, my guest will bring bold, executable, intrinsic and targeted steps that you can use to put yourself first and Be It Till You See It. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Let’s get started.

Lesley Logan 1:06
Hey, Be It babe. I am so freakin’ stoked for this incredible interview that’s about to come up. We talk a lot of things about women, charging are worth, stepping into the rooms. It is going to be an inspirational conversation. I hope you yell and shout out and clap along with the interview the whole time and make sure that you tell us exactly what your favorite parts were. Because my guest today, Monica Linda of Girl Squad Media and I want to hear that from you. It’s going to make us dance for you. And we also want to hear about the well I’m not going to spoil the whole thing when you get to the end, when you do the Be It Action Item. We’re gonna want to know where you went. All right loves, here is Monica Linda.

Lesley Logan 1:44
Welcome back, Be It babes. I am, I can’t even wait, she’s already laughing. I can’t even wait you guys. I have an in-house guest. I think I’m going to start doing this more often. I’m gonna be really honest. It’s so much more fun. We just wrapped an incredible photoshoot. I wrote 10 on my stories. I don’t know maybe it’s 15. Maybe it’s 100. It’s unclear. I’m so grateful for this one to be in my life. The last time you heard her was on episode number nine, (inaudible). And we got to hear how she was really being it till she saw it as a photographer. And now years later, well, two years later from the podcast, but also, we’ve known each other since 2019. And just really seen what you have done with your business. I have to bring you back and I want today’s podcast, Monica Linda of Girl Squad Media to be I want it to be conversation but I can’t wait for us to talk about women in business and women’s service businesses because as we know, we set around rates and that’s not always liked by people. So Monica Linda, in case anyone hasn’t heard episode nine. Tell everyone who you are and what you slay at.

Monica Linda 2:53
Monica Linda, I’m from Girl Squad Media. I’m the founder. And we work with women to help them generate images that increase their revenue.

Lesley Logan 3:02
Yeah. And they do.

Monica Linda 3:05
And they do. And they do. Every time.

Lesley Logan 3:07
And sometimes I just take photos for my 40th birthday invitations.

Monica Linda 3:13
Because I’m obsessed with Lesley Logan style.

Lesley Logan 3:16
I’m obsessed with Monica Linda’s amazing talent. Okay, so, um, you how long you’ve been a photographer? And can we talk a little about the journey because when I met you you are a rising star. You’re a fucking star now I mean, like phenomenal. I mean, Ed Mylett, Candy Valentino, Lesley Logan, Lori and Chris Harder. You we can name-drop some more and the fucking NFL. Yeah. But like, when we met you were still doing only branding photography, not video content. At the time, reels weren’t a thing, guys. And you were in a business coaching group with me and you are working towards things. What has the journey been like since 2019 to today? Like how did like what’s the tell us a little bit about that as a whole mental process and a lot of changes to your business. So how did it go?

Monica Linda 4:07
It has been it has been crazy. It has been up down. But still on time and on path. Like I had

Lesley Logan 4:15
Don’t you hate when it’s like on time because it wasn’t on? Yeah, we look back and go that was the right timing. Like in the time you’re like what is going on?

Monica Linda 4:23
What is going on? I had no idea but it just seems like it’s so right on time. I even had that moment last night where I thought to myself, it is awesome to feel steel because I check in with myself all the time. As our client rosters get bigger as we sign bigger contracts with people that literally I would never dream of working with as that continues to happen. I continue to ask myself, Am I still on the right path and it still feels it still feels good? So we just we just keep going forward. I I’ve never really had like I know a lot of people have business plans, but I’m really intuitive about what feels right.

Lesley Logan 5:04
Yeah, I hear you on that. Actually, let’s just we’ll just have a little bit on that. Because the banks love the business plan.

Monica Linda 5:10
I mean, let me take that back. I have a business plan. Yeah. But I’m saying like, I’ve never started from the beginning and said, I want to photograph Karol G. and Coldplay in concert. That’s not on my list.

Lesley Logan 5:21
I know. But I but it’s happening. I saw I saw you’re gonna be at the Coldplay concert. You’re, you’re doing some stuff? Yeah. Yeah.

Monica Linda 5:30
Yeah. Like, like that kind of stuff is not on my list. But the business plan is there for sure.

Lesley Logan 5:35
Yeah, I think that that’s I thank you for bringing that up. Because I think sometimes we get a I do. I do love prompts for making visualization work and manifestation work. And I do love a vision board. But I also think that sometimes a vision board rules can be a rules. I guess. It’s just like directions, not rules. Can there? I do love specifics. I think it’s really important to be specific when it’s talking about like, who am I talking to in my business? Like, who am I doing this for? Like, you’re very specific who you’re doing for you. We all just heard what that was. Right. Right.

Lesley Logan 6:06
But with my vision boards that I made in 2013, like they were kind of imagery, as opposed to like, specific. I didn’t put a brunette guy. Yeah, right. Yeah, on my vision board. But I put me in, I put a visual of a couple in love in the center with rose gold rings. I didn’t know exactly who that was going to be. Yeah. So like, I couldn’t put something down that I hadn’t met yet. And I think sometimes we get a little hung up. Like, I’ve got to get Oprah on my podcast. And it’s like, yeah, yeah, love Oprah on my podcast. But here’s some five people that I think I could probably get right now if I really nailed them. And Oprah should be asking me to be on my podcast. Oprah’s people just saying, if you’re listening, you can ask me. But I think it’s like being open to surprises, but being specific enough and the in the nearest future. So some people have a hard time thinking 10 years ahead. And banks love a plan. They don’t want to give you money if you don’t have a plan. They don’t want to actually give a lot of people money, I’m being really honest. No bank has given me any money. Thank God for the COVID SBA loan.

Monica Linda 7:17
For sure, for sure.

Lesley Logan 7:18
That was the only one there. Like do you want money? I’m like, I’ll take it for I was like, how much like take all of it? How much? They may never offer us it again?

Monica Linda 7:27
What is the max?

Lesley Logan 7:28
So you have a business plan, but you haven’t been specific like Coldplay wasn’t on your list. What? What? What are some things that were on your list that you can’t even believe happened? And what are some things that like, are just surprises along the way?

Monica Linda 7:42
You know, I feel like I don’t know if this is too woowoo. But this is really how it happens for me. I feel like as I become brighter as Monica Linda, my clients become brighter. Yeah. And I didn’t mean for that to happen. But I’m finding that the bigger the client, the bigger the pay date, like all the things are, we’ve heard other people talk about this, it really is equivalent to how I feel about myself how I feel about my business, how I feel about not being an imposter that I do belong at the table. Like the more I’m really settling into that. The clients get bigger, and I’m not meaning to do that. But I’m almost playing a really fun game. Of I’m like, how bright can we really get?

Lesley Logan 8:37
So I actually think that’s really cool. I think like, no one means the brighter but like, isn’t it way more fun?

Monica Linda 8:45
Yeah, yeah. And it’s also it’s also I feel like it’s a life. It’s a life journey for me because I’ve come such a long way, that it always shocks me that I still have, I have that much more to work out. Like, I feel like I’m going to continue to try to be more of myself and brighter for the rest of my life. I don’t think I’ll ever really get there. But it is scary and terrifying. And also kind of cool. If you can like notice it’s happening at the same time.

Lesley Logan 9:12
Yeah, I love that. You mentioned something like the more you shine the caliber of client, you bring in shines, and something that I, we’re in the service industry, obviously different services. But the truth is, is that like, we set our rates, there isn’t there’s there are costs of the businesses that we do. But there’s also it’s most of it is to our time. And so you’re putting price on the same minutes that everyone has in a day. And so you have to value yourself a certain rate to create a value for those minutes. And it can be difficult to place value on those minutes because like oh my god, are they especially as a woman this because we’ve been raised this way. Are they gonna like me? I think I’m not enough for this. And when you said The shining, the brighter I’ve shined, the caliber of client also comes in. And also I uplevel the clients I already have. So everyone is winning here. What I see happen is in my industry is people fear that people won’t like them. And they’ll say no. So they’re like, I think I need to discount my prices. I think I need to discount my prices. Do you have a story or a time where you kind of feared your rates? And maybe you did lower them? Or maybe you didn’t lower them and like kind of how that went down? Because it’s, it’s hard. It’s really hard when you work for yourself to separate when people say no to your rates, and it’s not a rejection of you as a human being.

Monica Linda 10:44
Yeah, no, it is really, really hard. I feel like a couple of years ago, it was really difficult when I would when I would set a price. And then would worry whether I was worthy of it or was I just experienced enough what with it, I knew that I was capable of doing it. But was I really able to like deliver the service and I used to struggle. But what ended up shifting for me is every time I felt that way, every time I felt like are they gonna like me? Or I could tell like somewhere I just didn’t want to work with this client. But I wasn’t I couldn’t tell why I didn’t. But what ended up happening is every time and I don’t know how this happens, maybe somebody out there can tell us, but every time somebody asked me for a significant discount, it never works out. Never works out. No, like, that has been the hardest lesson for me the amount of times that I have not, I’ve been in a space where I was I was just in a funk or I wasn’t feeling good. Or I was willing to compromise because I thought these people were brighter, or they were bigger or more popular.

Lesley Logan 11:53
They tell you, Oh my God, I’ve got all these followers if you give me this discount, you’re gonna get so much exposure.

Monica Linda 11:59
Every time I’m telling you 100% of the time. And I have been in some serious situations that have been so deflating, exhausting, and literally sucked the life out of me. And what didn’t bring me any joy. It has, it has been that so like, I almost feel like that lesson of the suffering of constantly putting myself in that situation made me actually do the opposite of like, let’s really love myself here and ask and go for the ask. Because every time I do it the other way, it ends up failing.

Lesley Logan 12:31
Yeah, I had James Patrick on the podcast, and he actually does a couple he had like, every once in a while on his on his Instagram account. He goes, here are some reasons here all the reasons why people have said I should work for free for them. And here’s what my response was. And we can talk more about this. There is something about the way he says it that I’m like, yeah, yeah. And then I’m like, Oh, how am I going to say that? Because there’s something about like, a dude saying that just that one. And people don’t think he’s an asshole. It’s right. Like, someone goes, Oh, hey, you’re gonna get lots of exposure, because I have a ton of followers. And he’s like, followers don’t pay my bills. And like, I read that and I don’t go, What a dick. I read that go. That’s right. Yeah. But like, there’s something about if you and I were to say that sometimes I feel like people like bitch.

Lesley Logan 13:24
Or they’d be like, she’s so greedy. She wants so much money.

Monica Linda 13:28
Oh, yeah.

Monica Linda 13:29
Or who is she. She’s not that big of a deal?

Lesley Logan 13:31
Yeah, I know. So, um, but I love that you brought that up, because I had the same thing like a weird game. We’re in different service industries. But I’ve had I had the clients were like, well, what if I pay cash? My favorite thing?

Monica Linda 13:42
Mmm hmm. Yeah. Yeah.

Lesley Logan 13:44
I saw that run that shit through my scheduling tool. So if I’m audited, that fucking shits on the books, the cash, the scheduling tool, you’re still on the scheduling tool? Yeah. So you’re there, you think they’re not going to find that? They’re gonna find that.

Monica Linda 14:00
Somebody will always find the cash.

Lesley Logan 14:02
Yeah, so I, um, I, I like the media does this thing every once in awhile when like, they think there’s a recession happening where they say, Oh, just ask for a discount. Like you never know, especially for people who work for the small businesses need the money. So just ask, doesn’t hurt to ask. Like, actually, it does hurt. It hurts the business owner, you’re asking. Because even if they have the gall to say, No, you’re still putting them through a mental gymnastics ring, especially if they’re female to figure out, how do I kindly tell you to fuck off? Yeah. Like, how do I, how do I do that? Before we did this photo shoot today, which I’m I mean, I can’t wait. I love our photo shoots. I mean, you know, but we had talked about you and hired you were you were, there was a situation where you were asking a couple of people for some rates, and there was the female and there was the male. Yep. Can you tell us all about that story? Because I feel like this really does puts a underline that we’re talking about.

Monica Linda 15:02
Yeah, so um, I have independent contractors that we work with all the time we hire photographers for big events, we hire videographers for different events, and 99% of the time, if I was to literally itemize how many times the guy always asked for at least four to 500 more, we’re not talking 1000, maybe four to 500 more than any of the women do. And very rarely do any of the women videographers or photographers come back and ask for more. And when they do, my answer is yes. Usually when somebody when it when a woman photographer/videographer says, hey, I can do it for this amount, just because you asked. Absolutely. But I’m also not going to be the person who’s going to like, make you name your price, right? That’s your job and that is not my job. That is you. That is your job to ask for the right rate. So photographers/videographers ask for your rate first.

Lesley Logan 16:02
I love this because so I have a mentorship program. And I And, and so the girls who come in, I mean, there could be a guy that comes in Sunday, but the women that come through, you know, they often tell her their clients, like,hHey, I’m doing this program. And I’m like working on this. And it’s just to really better my teaching blah, blah. And some of their clients have just started paying them more. And they’re like, my clients are just paying me more. And I’m like, Yeah, cuz they’re like, raise your rates, I really value you. I’m loving what you’re doing. And you’re investing in yourself. And like, I love that their clients are just paying more. But also like, I really wish, I really wish that there was a an all public school, like training for how to really understand what you’re worthy of, and how to negotiate. You and I live in L.A. and do you know when Sony was hacked, yeah, and all their all the prices for the male actors, like emails got out there. And all the women’s emails got out. Yes. And like, I think it was Jennifer Lawrence, who was like, I learned a lot, right, I learned that I was just so grateful for the job. I said yes to whatever their offerings, right, which was $10 million less than the, my co-star who had less lines than me. Yeah. And like, that was a wake up call for me. I was like, what is happening? Why are we being taught the like, what are we not being taught actually what it is? So when, as a female photographer in the service industry, you know, the NFL reached out to you, they’ve hired you for things. Was there a time where like, oh, my gosh, I’m missing my rates? Like, uh, were you worried about that? Or was it because like, when the brands get bigger, do you worry less about saying your rates?

Monica Linda 17:43
Um, no, I’m actually really thoughtful about the psychology behind pricing. And that’s like, a whole other a whole other discussion. There. There are, there are some brands and some people who want you to come in at a certain price. What I’ve noticed is that you have to when you’re working with a higher with a higher client, you have to ask yourself, how high of a client is this? And if they’re used to paying a luxury brand, a luxury price, you have to do it. Or they’re gonna say no to you because you are too cheap. Right? They’re gonna that I tell people this all the time. It’s actually true. If you if you have people that are used to paying for like, Rolls Royces and Mercedes Benz and cars I can’t even describe. If you come in at a lower price, they will say no to you just because they are going to feel like you don’t believe in yourself. So why am I going to trust you with my product?

Lesley Logan 18:40
I got tested on this a couple times when I was Pilates, I’m still a Pilates, but as a Pilates instructor in LA, I had this guy, I happen to look him up because he was coming in for a 6am session. And I worked at a Brick and Mortar at the time of the winter. But I was and I was gonna be alone. And I was like, oh, 6 a.m. alone in a studio with a client. I don’t know who’s a male like, I, I do want to kind of know who’s coming to the studio because like, I don’t know who I’m expecting. And when a homeless person walks in, I’m like, hi, come on in like I wanted. So I like made a mix. I said I can you send me all of your information so I can Google you because I am meeting you at 6 a.m. And he was like, what? And I was like, yep, I’m a female. It’s L.A., 6 a.m. I want your information. If you don’t want that, then I don’t want to see you. And he gave me his full name. I googled them. He’s a venture capitalist fund, the owner of it all these things. And I was like, okay, he and I could see he like spent part of his time in New York, part of his time here and as (inaudible) client and I’m only going to have half a year probably. And so he came in for his first session. I taught him. We went over my rates. He did do the like, oh, are there any discounts if I pay cash, and I said, are there any discounts if I give you money for venture capitalism and cash like, does my does my money go further? And he looked at me, he goes, good job. Yeah. And he paid me even when he didn’t come He like not we’re not trying to like cancels. He’s like, I’m gone next week. Charge me. Yeah, like I don’t want the session to go away. And that tests you guys, I don’t even know how I knew how to pass that test but as more of a safety thing for me, but when he pulled that shit, I was like, Are you kidding me? Yeah, yeah, you are nuts. You live in the multimillion dollar corridor that’s across the street from my shitty apartment. Fuck no, you don’t like there was a part I was like, pissed about it. But that, that pissed, like made me like step up. And I passed that test. And then I had this other guy who was an entrepreneur founder. He definitely, he did not have investors yet. And he was trying to get there. And he also tried to negotiate my rates. And I said, No, would you let people negotiate your sale on your company that you told me you’re trying to sell?

Monica Linda 20:48
Yeah, there, there has to be a moment where you’re gonna have to draw a line in the sand. And also, you know, I, I can I also want to say like, I can take these risks, because I have I’m not new. And let’s just, I have a portfolio that proves that I’m worth every penny. Yeah, so for every photographer, videographer who’s out there, please. On another podcast, I will tell you the amount of free things that I had to say no to or lower my price. Just to build portfolio. That’s a whole other discussion. That’s not what we’re talking about today. But um, if you’re going to charge a premium price, your portfolio has to match that you just can’t. You have to have the expertise, the photos, the website like the things have to match.

Lesley Logan 21:37
I had a Johanna, you will talk to you on I remember her I had her on the podcast. She does the luxury branding, things. And her business card when you meet her in person, y’all. It is like as thick as a credit card actually thicker because I just was sent a credit card. I was like what is what is this business card I was just said, it is thick, like Amex platinum thick. You know what I mean, thick and it’s like her beautiful, just amazing nails, like dripping down with gold on this thing. And she landed a Google account because of this. Her business card. Her business card represents her luxury brand, if she had handed the guy a paper business card, and said, I’m a luxury brand, brand game person like that doesn’t match.

Lesley Logan 22:26
So I love that you brought up like, the type of person you’re wanting to serve your portfolio, or insert your website or business card or the way you show up has to actually go along with that if you’re doing high-end photos, but you’re actually doing low-end services, that’s actually not going to speak to your audience. Just like if you were trying to do high-end photography or high-end clients in Pilates with low-end stuff. Like you have to make sure everything matches. And I do agree. We all did start somewhere you do have to but where you start is you should never ever be just like, oh, I don’t talk about that. Like that’s right, you have to talk about those things, because it’s actually what got you there. And then there’s like some, there’s a muscle that you build when people when you are when you have a situation that goes bad. I recently had one that like went a little bit odd. And I was like, okay, I don’t like how that happened. Where did I make a mistake in the contract. So now my contracts now have new dates in them, because I was like, I didn’t like how that went down. That didn’t match with me. So we can’t just go. A bad situation is just the worst that ever happened and actually teaches us a lot of things.

Monica Linda 23:39
It teaches you a lot of things. Sometimes you could do a really high-end client got paid 80% of what you really wanted, but ended up getting so much more out of it from the portfolio or you learn that. Shoot, I should have charged 100% and dammit, they would have paid it.

Lesley Logan 23:57
Oh, I do love this. Okay. But that’s a confidence thing. Like we’re like when you did that where you were like, oh, I could have charged more they would have paid it but I didn’t feel confident in asking that?

Monica Linda 24:10
Totally. And that is like the biggest difference I’ve noticed when I am quoting any product that I give now is there is a confidence that feels good. That I didn’t feel at the beginning. And I’m literally

Lesley Logan 24:23
Which is hard. It’s hard. You can be it till you see it. But it’s still hard.

Monica Linda 24:26
It’s still hard. It’s still hard but there is like this confidence of like I am at least in the room. Right? Okay, so let’s let’s flex that muscle because there was a time that I couldn’t charge those things because the muscle wasn’t it definitely wasn’t there yet. There’s a quote by Gary Vaynerchuk. And I know I’m gonna say it wrong, but I remember

Lesley Logan 24:46
He probably won’t yell at us.

Monica Linda 24:49
But I remember years ago when I first started my business I was listening to a lot because I kind of like, you know, everyone’s part. I listen to his podcast based on what I need. So at that point, I needed somebody to kick me in the ass.

Lesley Logan 25:00
Yeah, he will.

Monica Linda 25:00
He will, he will definitely kick you in the ass. So one thing he said is that when you’re working with higher clientele, you can’t fake the bullshit. You can’t outsmart a, you can’t, you can’t out bullshit, somebody who’s like has a lot of money. So you have to work on the confidence, you have to work on your pricing. Because the people that you’re wanting to work with on the other end are going to see right through it and aren’t going to hire you for that reason, too.

Lesley Logan 25:26
And I also think, like, look, what’s expensive is very subjective. So what’s it what was expensive to me when I was working in retail and had massive student loans that like a tiny little apartment is very different than what’s expensive to me now. Now, I might not be able to afford some of the things that I don’t think are expensive in this current state that we’re talking right now. But they don’t they’re their price feels fair for what they are. And I think that’s an interesting thing. I think sometimes we think when I can’t afford something must be too expensive. No, the price is fair. I just am not able to afford that yet. And we were both in that master you were photography in that mastermind. Remember that woman who came through and Chris and Lori’s very first fast foundation. She was his whole like money mantra. Yeah. Are you there that day was like really it was the in person the second weekend. Okay. And she was from the UK. And she was talking about like, you it’s very important. You never say like, I can’t afford those sheets. And instead saying, I’m not buying those sheets today.

Monica Linda 26:26
Yes. Which is, which is a big difference.

Lesley Logan 26:28
It’s a very big difference. So like, I everyone knows, I want a G-Wagon. You will never hear me say they’re too expensive. You won’t.

Monica Linda 26:37
You just don’t, you’re just not getting one today.

Lesley Logan 26:38
I’m just not getting one today. Yeah, but I’m gonna have one. And it’s not too expensive. It’s just not in. It’s not what I’m spending my money on in this moment. You know?

Monica Linda 26:47
Totally. And I feel like this is an, I don’t where I don’t know where men get this. Because I feel that my confidence in my level of just self-worth is equivalent to kind of what’s happening in my client roster. I feel like what’s different between men and I would love to hear I don’t think

Monica Linda 26:52
Brad will chime in on Thursday.

Monica Linda 27:04
Well, I don’t know how, I want to hear his thoughts, I don’t think they need confidence in order to match price point. I don’t know that because I’m not a dude. But I feel like they learned that earlier. They don’t need like, they don’t need self-worth to charge millions of dollars.

Lesley Logan 27:23
Here’s where it comes from. And this is gonna sound really terrible. But for the moms listening, let’s just stop doing this with your children. Boys are like boys live boys. Oh my God, look what you did. So big. Look at this boy like did that and girls are like, don’t brag shhh. Don’t talk too much in class. Don’t, no, no, no. No one wants you to talk too much. Like, hey, you know, like, I, my parents tell stories all the time about how like, I when, apparently, when I was three years old or four years old, I was taken down to San Diego. It’s an eight-hour drive from where we lived, at least. And apparently I talked to the whole way there. And that’s all they talk about. That’s not all they talk about. But yeah, growing up, that story was so told so much. And the way it was told and this is not, because they’re probably listening, it’s I’m sure they didn’t mean to, but it made me embarrassed. It didn’t feel like oh my God, our daughter talks so much because she’s so articulate has so many creative things to say. Yeah, it felt like wow, she can’t shut up.

Monica Linda 28:25
And she can’t be too much.

Lesley Logan 28:27
Yeah. And so and again, I because I don’t want to (inaudible) mom or dad. Yeah. I don’t know that that was an intentional thing. But I’ve never heard them say my brother talks too much.

Monica Linda 28:38
No, and I’ve never heard my my parents say that my brothers I used to get in trouble all the time from my mom used to say, we shouldn’t have let her be such a free thinker. We we actually let her be that too much. Like I remember hearing, hearing those conversations when I was like talking or I would like come up with ideas where I’d want to do this or I’d want to like, buy like Vogue magazine. My mom would be like, we don’t do that. Like, you shouldn’t want you shouldn’t almost like I shouldn’t want to be more than that.

Lesley Logan 29:09
Yeah. And I mean, like, obviously, they’re coming from the what, however they were raised. What if so, like (inaudible). Yes. Love, love. Hi, guys. Love you. But like also those things, unintentionally, tell your daughters, you’re too much.

Monica Linda 29:27
Too much.

Lesley Logan 29:28
You’re being too much. And if my brother ran to the mud, it was like, oh my God, what a character. If we were to run through the mud, it’s like we told you to stay clean. You have to stay clean. And also, I was raised in a very religious environment where it’s like, don’t show your shoulders because you’re going to make people you know, you’re gonna make boys be distracted and you’re gonna make them stumble and it’s your fault, which is, so I think even even that stuff makes women hide. Yeah, make some overthink of everything Well, if I charge that, what will people think if I wear this? What will people think? And the boys are never told, like pull your pants up? No one wants to see your underwear.

Monica Linda 30:08
That’s right. That’s right. Or, um, don’t be too, you know, sexy or, you know, don’t take your while you’re playing basketball, don’t take your shirt off. Yes, you know, they’re never there. They’re actually never told that. I feel like the the biggest thing that I still struggle with, sometimes with my parents is, can I trust my own thoughts? Because I feel like as a girl, we’re constantly taught to get feedback, to ask your husband to ask your father for advice. Very rarely did I hear anyone say ask your mother for advice. I was told ask your dad for advice. And, um, I feel like even now, that’s something that I have to work on is I am smart enough to make my own decisions with my wife or without her. And I have to like remember that. And that is that, that I think that’s a muscle that I think a lot of women struggle with.

Lesley Logan 31:08
I agree. And also, like, I had a woman on who was talking about the feminine and masculine energies. And I struggle with that, because, you know, I own my own business. That’s a masculine energy. And I’m in a marriage, and I would like to be more feminine energy in that state. But it’s complicated when you work from home. And you work with your partner. So it’s almost like, there’s a trade off who’s been in the feminine energy, who’s been the masculine energy, but there’s part of me as someone who like, was told no so much that I’m like, I want to fucking ask anyone permission, which is not great when you have a business partner. And I like also, I do have 25 people whose like, payrolls are our responsibility. So I do have to do that. And it’s a struggle of like, okay, what am I going to fight for? And like, am I going to, what are some things like, I’m gonna draw a line in the sand here and go, we’re not doing it that way. And so and then also because I’m, and then I find myself saying, is that okay, does that make sense? Does that make sense? And it’s like, not everything has to be a battle pick and choose yours. I’m and I’m pretty good at that. But like, I am really struggling with going okay, like, are you okay with that? Honestly, like, for the things that I’m gonna draw a line, I really don’t care if you’re okay with that. But like, I really struggle just going. I’m good here. So, we’re all going to be good here.

Monica Linda 32:35
Yeah. And, and one of the things I’m training my wife in a loving way, because guys do this effortlessly, and women crawl over it. Is it’s okay for a woman to be powerful to have the biggest dick in the room. There is some strength in being the biggest person in the room, being the smartest person and guys walk in and women are like, oh my god, I just like love him. But when girls do it, we can’t we can’t be that we can’t we can’t be that strong. And what I want my wife and kind of other people to just explore is that when women are strong that sexy.

Monica Linda 33:15
There’s something sexy about it.

Monica Linda 33:15
When we’re masculine that’s sexy.

Lesley Logan 33:16
And also (inaudible) I think so. I think so.

Monica Linda 33:16
Sometimes it’s fun to be masculine.

Lesley Logan 33:18
Um, well, I think we all carry masculine and feminine energy. It’s like, it’s almost it’s like a dimmer switch is really what it is. Like, you can turn it on and like, depending on where what situation you do you want to be the person who receives being cared for or do you want to like, when you are taking action is a masculine energy and when you are receiving that is feminine energy. So when do you want to do that? And obviously, there’s times when you want to be receiving, so but I, I find this really fascinating, I think, like, we I was on a board, where it was like eight women and one dude. And the guy and I like we flew on the flights together. And we talked about, like, what is our goal for the meeting? And I was like, well, I promise you that if I say it first they’re going to deny it. They’re gonna talk a lot about it. But then if you come in and say it with your accent as well on top of being a dude, they’re gonna vote for it. Monica sort of fucking god every single time yep, I would go I want to do this and everyone go oh, can’t do that. Here’s all those and they would debate about it and then he goes well, what if we just do it like this? He would say the exact same thing with a slightly different sentence with an with his amazing accent. And oh, we vote yes on it. And I’m like, it pissed me off. But also once I figured out the game, we just like took it and ran with it.

Lesley Logan 34:48
However, it’s like your point, like when a guy can come in the room like people can shift the energy and like actually ladies, we can shift the energy we can shift the and we can have more power one we have to actually remember, there’s more than there’s more room at the table now, there’s not only one spot for a woman, there’s actually way more room. In fact, many, many companies have like, hey, we have this many people of color of different diversities and genders here at the table. So there’s more of us that are there. And to not say, does that make sense? To say? Do you have any other clarifying questions I can answer. That is a sense that I’m really trying to own, because it really does change the leadership role I have in a room and the way we can have it. And it’s a really hard habit, because we’re like, I want to make sure it makes sense. I want to make sure everyone understands I don’t want to piss anyone off.

Monica Linda 35:40
Because God forbid, we don’t make sense. Oh my God.

Lesley Logan 35:43
God forbid, we also are not liked by everybody.

Monica Linda 35:45
Oh, my God.

Lesley Logan 35:46
Monica. The whole world.

Monica Linda 35:49
God forbid, we don’t make sense.

Lesley Logan 35:51
So okay, so this amazing photographer here, the NFL’s photographer of choice. People are gonna want to know how that happened. Like, you don’t have to say all the details. But what has that been like? And like, did that? I mean, you said, you’re here to help women, like have the media that shows them the work that they are like, when the NFL call we’re like, what? I photograph women.

Monica Linda 36:19
Yeah. You know what, but the but the reason, one of the main reasons why we were even brought into the room was because we were women. And this is where it’s okay to play. That’s I do, like we were brought into this group, because we are gay, because I am a minority, because I am a female. So those are badges of honor. I’m happy to be all three of those happy to be gray. I’m a gay, happy to be Mexican. Happy to be a female. (Inaudible) I’m also great. Yeah, I’m happy to be all those things. So when an opportunity to work for the Superbowl and the NFL came open, because of these opportunities, it would have been crazy to say, oh, I’m not going to do it. Because I didn’t get in just as a woman. These are opportunities that show up. nd they weren’t asking that wasn’t the only reason my portfolio matched it. Right. Right. Right. Right. But it was also the one of the things that helped get into that room.

Lesley Logan 37:22
I actually love that you said this, because the statistics are that if a woman has eight or nine out of 10 qualifications that someone’s asking for, they will say, Oh, I’m not ready, I won’t apply. And a dude could have six out of 10 things. And he’s like I’m applying. And I love that you’re like, yeah, they were looking for these three demographic qualities I happen to fit in. But also your portfolio matches what they were looking for. Yeah. So I think that’s really cool. Because so many people might have, for sure, I have gotten things like, thrive and like, oh, I got picked for that because I lived in L.A. and I was really close to that thing. And yes, but also, I still had to show up at the caliber they were expecting I still had to do that. So yeah, it might be my location, gave me a leg up but you still have to actually show up as what they’re expecting or what they’re needing.

Monica Linda 38:18
And you also have you have to deliver the product. But working for agencies like that has literally changed my life. changed the game, changed my the quality of my work, it leveled me up on levels I didn’t even know. It like, it like catapulted me into a new era of just different clients. The quality of work is faster, the way you engage, the professionalism, the time, the time. I recently saw somebody who I hadn’t seen in four years and was like, oh my God, you almost look like a totally different person. But I’m so used to changing as time goes along on that I hadn’t even noticed you know, the girl who quit her job in 2016 has made all this growth and it’s it hasn’t been it hasn’t been easy. It there are moments that it’s really, really hard. And then, but I continue to continually ask myself, Am I on path? What I think is interesting that’s coming up that I’m going to tell now that I don’t know where this is going. But it’s fascinating to me. The concert series is blowing my effing mind.

Lesley Logan 39:27
Like the Taylor Swift, the Beyonce, that kind of thing.

Monica Linda 39:30
Like the Beyonce. We just did Karol G. She is the first Latina to ever sell out the Pasadena Rose Bowl stadium two nights in a row. No other Latina has ever done that before. We photograph that event. And we were we were here’s where opportunity meets. We were booked by the actual stadium themselves because they needed revenue they needed to build revenue generated media.

Lesley Logan 39:56
Oh, okay. Okay, okay. This is just in total alignment with what you do.

Monica Linda 40:00
Total alignment with what I do. But what’s so interesting is that you have these big, huge companies that are seeing content needs to be built. And they’re reaching out to people. So this is an opportunity for everybody. They’re reaching out to people like us because you think that these big organizations have staff, let me tell you, they do not. I’m consistently constantly surprised at how many of these big agencies do not have on staff people. So it is an opportunity every single time. But the concert series is really interesting, because I don’t I don’t like to photograph celebrities, just because they’re celebrities. I’d really like to do it. Because when you meet them in person, they are bright. Their energy is magnetic. It literally gives me goosebumps, they are so full of their purpose. Do you know how hard it is to get in front of a stage of 300,000 people, 400,000 people and do your thing creatively? Yeah, like the energy of photographing that is just so amazing. And I’m predicting. And I recently said this the beginning of last year, I’m predicting that female entrepreneurs on stages will become rock stars. I am predicting that.

Lesley Logan 41:13
I do agree. I think that’s happening. Especially like the keynote speaker thing is really, really a thing.

Monica Linda 41:19
We’re at the beginning part of it.

Lesley Logan 41:20
I agree. And I also am like, like, love Oprah. Hi, your people can call. But also I’m really excited because there’s so many women of incredible thought concepts coming through that we could have 50 Oprahs instead of a Oprah.

Monica Linda 41:37
That’s right. That’s right.

Lesley Logan 41:38
I feel like there’s over a hundred Oprah’s.

Monica Linda 41:40
I feel like Oprah has led the way. I feel like so many people

Lesley Logan 41:43
Oh she really like forced the path. Thank God.

Monica Linda 41:46
Forced the path, but I can see it, I see it happening in front of my camera all the time, the level, the excitement, the enthusiasm that women entrepreneurs feel when they see their people on stage. I feel like though they’re just going to be I think it’s an opportunity for a lot of just females to become rockstars.

Lesley Logan 42:03
Yeah. And also, ladies, it’s because all these are putting themselves in rooms.

Monica Linda 42:08
That’s right. They’re putting their stuff on stages.

Lesley Logan 42:10
This is the I think the thing that you and I met because we put ourselves in a room. And, hilariously, you have photographs of me putting myself in a room way before we actually like, consciously did it in a coaching group. I love how the world works. But when you put yourself in rooms, it is a game changer. It makes you be it till you see it on another level because you’re in a room of people who don’t know you yet. This is what I think if you were like, I don’t know how to show up as me if you go back to Nikole Mitchell’s episode, where she like literally moved town so she could like be the person she wanted to be because she couldn’t do it at her own town. Because there’s too many people who knew the old version of her that she wasn’t in alignment with and she wasn’t being authentic for. But when you put yourself even if you get like, I can’t move, okay, put yourself in a group of people, you don’t know anyone. And you can really show up as the person that you always wanted to be. And like we did that. And it really does help you because when you leave that room, you you dim your light, you’re like, ooh, this is I’m feeling good because it felt really good yesterday when my light was much brighter, like you kind of it allows you to kind of be in that upper level you’ve always wanted to be in so you could be a rock star someday.

Monica Linda 43:20
Totally. And I feel like that’s something when if I go back to the whole, like, networking thing, what you don’t know if you have not put yourself into rooms like that, that has now happened is you whatever room you put yourself into, no matter what stage you’re at, whether you’re small or big, you actually do rise together. And I think that has been that has been so fun to participate in the people there are people that fall off. But there’s some people that just have elevate at the same time.

Lesley Logan 43:49
Have you seen what Alex Reid is doing? It’s insane. He is coaching some crazy amazing people. And when he was in that room with us, you guys, I think he’s episode five or seven. Yeah, anyways, when he was in that room with us, he you know, he was at a crossroads he was like starting fresh and new and like he owned this like skill set that he didn’t even value at the time he was like, I don’t know, is this a thing and it’s like such a thing and it’s kind of crazy to watch him his star rise and just go (inaudible) star rise and all these different people it’s like really so fun. I mean, I’m watching you and like it’s today during our photoshoot. I was just like in this like moment of like such gratitude I was like, I can’t believe like I’m so grateful that this woman is part of my life. And I then I am like thinking about all the powerful men that are like my girlfriends like my friends. And we’re both friends with Korinne like, oh my God. Like, this girl as a friend of mine, like just amazing women.

Lesley Logan 44:48
I had the opportunity in April to go to a conference, She Who Wins, and it was just all these incredible women and I told the story on the pod months ago but this the keynote speaker I was like, in awe of her when she’s speaking, sharing her part, I was just like, oh my God. And then because I was shining my bright light because I was in the space like, and I could like even shine even brighter because I was like, oh my God, I’m around all these people who don’t even know and I’m like getting filled up, my my cup has been filled even more. And she comes up to the end of the thing. And she’s like, you are like magnetic, I had been watching you all day, I need to know more about you. And I’m like, you want to mark me. You’re the keynote speaker I want I’m like could you be on my podcast? But it’s kind of crazy. When you put yourself in a room. Her bright light made my light, shine brighter. And it’s so crazy. Because sometimes, oh, if I go in this room, there’s been so much competition. There’s me, all these people who do the same thing as me. That’s like, that’s not true.

Monica Linda 45:45
If you walk in thinking that way. Absolutely. That’s going to be true. But if you walk in thinking, like, I just want to meet people who we can, like, hang out together, like just turn down the noise in your head just a little bit and just just walk in the room. Like I heard that quote from I think it was Jim Carrey, Jim Carrey says, when there’s an opportunity, and it presents itself to you, I do not want you to think about what’s on the other side of the door, what I want you to do is walk through the door, just walk through the door, because the universe, all the things on the other side, if they open the door for you are going to take care of you. I feel like the other thing, getting in these rooms really helps is if I see Lesley Logan making a million dollars or more. I can do it too. And I feel like getting yourself into rooms like that where people where it’s for a second, you can see it’s possible that the possible part will take you a long way. If they can do it, I can do it too.

Lesley Logan 46:49
Yeah, you’re in the room when when. Because I’ve been really like this before Brad came on my team. And I was like, you know, he was a reason he’s the first person who told me I could make a million dollars. And I was like, I don’t know how that’s gonna happen. And then like, through life’s obstacles, and just like the slog of him working on his own business, you know, there were some struggles and I it’s not we lost our way at all, but it’s just like it. It just felt like the million dollars is like never gonna happen. And then we put ourselves in that room. And we like we’re doing some things and we’re like, oh my god, we’re gonna make a million dollars. We’re gonna make a million dollars. It’s gonna happen. And not that a million dollars is like you made it. I mean, at this point it’s like nothing, but it’s this like, opportunity of like, oh my god, if I can make a million dollars, that means I’m worth millions of dollars. Like that means I’m like, yeah, it’s just like, it’s this thing. And it does help you aspire to be more than you were yesterday. With Allen Stein Jr. on the beginning, like the first week of January of 2023. And he has a thing is how he ends every day is like, am I 1% closer to the man I want to be each day. And so it’s not like the million dollars is my goal. It’s not my goal. My goal is the impact I’m here to make on this planet. And and I get paid back in money. That’s how energy works. But it’s really like just having the opportunity to like when you put yourself in there you go through the door, you do see what’s possible. And it might, it might not at all equal what you ever dreamed of. It’s rarely ever as worse as you thought it could be. It’s you know, it’s like cement kind of somewhere in the middle and it really points in the next direction. The next hallway to go down where the next door is. But fuck yeah, you got to go through the door. Oh, Jim Carrey.

Monica Linda 48:33
Jim Carrey. There’s a documentary on I can’t remember the documentary on Netflix. But he talks about the whole thing and I just feel like, every time I get a, you know, an inquiry like the Super Bowl or Karol G or Coldplay or Sting or the Hollywood Bowl

Lesley Logan 48:48
Oh my are you doing Sting in Vegas?

Monica Linda 48:50
I’m not confirming or denying

Lesley Logan 48:53
Because I saw him in Vegas. So I’m just gonna say

Monica Linda 48:55
He’s going to the Hollywood Bowl, but I can neither confirm nor deny any of those things. But I’m saying when those things present themselves, I could tell myself I’m this little girl from Texas who grew up in a trailer park I should not be photographing Sting. But there’s also a part of me that says just be so awesome to photograph somebody who’s so creative in his brilliance.

Lesley Logan 49:19
Oh, he’s brilliant.

Monica Linda 49:20
That would just like that’s the reason I don’t I don’t care about all the other stuff, but just the creative part of it.

Lesley Logan 49:26
Oh my God. So the next time you photograph me I’m gonna have Sting’s photographer.

Monica Linda 49:32
I can’t. I’m super superstitious. I wish I could knock on wood has not happened but let’s just say what’s gonna happen.

Lesley Logan 49:41
Yeah, okay, well well we’ll we’ll let you know guys we’ll we’ll we’ll update on the FYF so have Monica do a Fuck Yeah Friday episode. Okay, we have to take a brief break you’ve given us so much I really hope everyone listening to this was like felt like a fly on the wall and was like yelling and screaming and clapping with us. I really hope that this really put some food for thought. But we’re gonna come back. Find out how people can find you, follow you, work with you and your Be It Action Items.

Lesley Logan 50:03
All right, Monica, where do you like to hang out? What are your handles? How can people book a photo shoot with you so they shine fucking brighter?

Monica Linda 50:11
I am not ashamed to say that I’m only on Instagram. Proudly. I do not feel the pressure tobbe on TikTok. Instagram is my home.

Lesley Logan 50:19
I got on TikTok and I haven’t posted anything in a fucking year and it was like you have to relog in I was like, well fuck that. I’m never doing that.

Monica Linda 50:25
Let me be the first to tell you you do not need to have a proper you can not have a only profitable business if you do one social media. Just fucking pick one. Just pick one, everybody? So Instagram is where I live.

Lesley Logan 50:37
She’s on Instagram. As Girl Squad

Monica Linda 50:39
Girl Squad Media.

Lesley Logan 50:40
Yes. And if people want to get a photoshoot with you do they just hit you up there?

Monica Linda 50:45
Yeah, just hit me up on Instagram. You can also go to my website and fill out the the contact information. And my team will get back to you.

Lesley Logan 50:52
Yeah, you’re amazing team. Oh my God love them. And also sometimes you do like little pop up events in different places. So you guys don’t have to be in Vegas or L.A. Like just contact you never know where she could be popping up. I mean, oh my goodness. She goes on tour with like, I don’t know Beyonce or something like that. Maybe she’ll be in your town. I’m just like, we’re just dreaming big over here. So bold, executable, intrinsic, targeted steps people can take what are some action steps people can take who are inspired by our conversation today?

Monica Linda 51:19
Just pick a room that’s a little bigger than you like a little bigger than where you feel like you are and just walk into it. Just do a lot of practice. Just keep doing it over and over. And you’ll surprise yourself. You’ll look back one day and be like, God, I’ve come a long way. Just get into a room that’s a little bigger than you.

Lesley Logan 51:36
I love that. That is the first time we’ve ever had that. Brilliant. Oh my gosh, Monica Linda. Girl Squad Media. I’m so fucking grateful that you’re in my life. I fucking love you. I love I want to say this. Every time I see what you’re doing. I love that I get to celebrate that. Like, I love the end ladies listening like I promise you on your worst day if you see someone doing something that you like, that is like a win or amazing or something that like is just bigger than you’re like and you’re low. You celebrate them, you instantly feel brighter. And you feel you actually take in that opportunity that inspiration because you know it’s possible for you and so every time I see you do it like fucking she’s a fucking (inaudible) doing this fucking thing that’s so amazing. And I like celebrate it and then like good things happen that are big for me too like, it’s not there’s no fucking pie of success ladies, all of us can have exactly the life we want. If your life is not a photographer (inaudible) whatever your biggest dreams are, you can have them and your friends can have theirs. It doesn’t take away from anyone else. So take up all the fucking space. Be it till you see it. Make sure you tag Girl Squad Media and the Be It Pod with your takeaways of this episode. And until next time, Be It Till You See It.

Lesley Logan
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of the Be It Till You See It podcast. One thing that would help both myself and future listeners is for you to rate this show and leave a review. And, follow or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, make sure to introduce yourself over on IG at the @be_it_pod on Instagram. I would love to know more about you. Share this episode with whoever you think needs to hear it. Help us help others to BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT. Have an awesome day!

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